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My Mistress is my Maidbot

by Gromet

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Part 2b

Well, after my last adventure involving the maidbot in my self-bondage scenario, I had come up with other ways to make more use of the programming that ran my maidbot. Having found out that the sack thing worked, I had used this several times since, each time tightly bound and gagged, stuffed inside my bondage sack and awaiting the maidbot to enter the bedroom in the morning. It subsequently placed my bound, bagged body inside the trunk and then got on with its day.

I had later found out that if I moved the trunk into the large walk-in closet that the maidbot would still follow my original command, and carry the sack with me inside it into the closet and place me into the trunk, then close the door of the closet leaving me in the total darkness of not only the trunk but also the inside of the closet, just something that needed to be cleared away, so the place looked tidy.

Tying myself up inside the trunk, naked and gagged, but leaving the sack in place on the bed, I found out that the maidbot didn’t take any notice of its owner being bound inside of the trunk, and just placed the sack inside and again closed the lid, sealing me inside. The first time I tried this, I felt embarrassed at the maidbot seeing me naked like this, it played to something deep within me, but when I found out that the maidbot just ignored me and carried on with its task, I felt more like an object than a woman with thoughts and feelings.

After a while, I found that I needed more, like a drug, I guess. Once the bug had bitten me, I knew that I had to push to find out more. I couldn’t get the maidbot to tie me, the programming didn’t go that far in the way it learned how to do things, and I wasn’t sure if I should mention it when the service technician turned up for the regular service of the maidbot. Finding little joy on the front of reprogramming the maidbot for my devious mind, I figured that I would have to accept the things that I could get it to do.

While surfing several fetish sites, I came across a device that, while used by others to be bound to, I figured that I could make a way to use it in my self-bondage. I had studied electrical engineering design back in college, so I could easily come up with some form of locking mechanism. I just needed someone with the required skills to make it. My searches eventually led me to a guy called Bob; he specialized in what people wanted to be made for their bedroom fun or for unique clients that ran their own dungeons. Mostly he created bondage devices made from metal, which was what I was looking for. 

Sending him some thoughts and ideas, including some diagrams that I had made, along with some of my more specific requirements for electronic locking, we eventually agreed on the final design, and I commissioned him to start work on the project. He told me that I would need to visit his workshop for measurements and to make any necessary adjustments to the design, and it was a very nervous, slightly embarrassed female that ventured into his lair. 

But he seemed lovely, making me feel welcome, and it wasn’t at all creepy. He told me that he was used to making unusual devices for clients; in fact, he welcomed the challenge and assured me that my requests were not that strange. The time came for the final measuring, and he told me to strip down to my underwear; then he was all professional and took down the dimensions of my body, my leg length, my neck to crotch measurement, etc. All the while that he was doing this, I stood there feeling like an object, which is something that I love to feel, and I wouldn’t have objected to him taking advantage of me at this moment.

Alas, he was all work and no play; once he had what he wanted, he told me to get dressed. I felt used, but in a good way; deep down, I had enjoyed the way I had been used and then dismissed. We discussed terms and delivery times over coffee; I agreed to his proposals and the price, though more expensive than I had thought it would be, I knew that I would be getting something that I would treasure and use for many years to come, literally, I would have many fun times using it.

Before leaving, he said that when ready I would have to come in for the final fitting to make sure that everything went as designed. He said that if I had a problem being naked with him alone that I should bring my partner with me to allow me to feel safe. I told him that I had no partner, that I had found to meet with my own desires and wants. He said that it was sad that I had experienced disappointment in the past, and that he hoped that the device would enable me to enjoy and hopefully find what I was looking for.

The couple of weeks went by frustratingly slowly; I knew that perfection took time and that he had other projects on at the same time as mine. I would have to wait and content myself with some more sack bondage. But finally, the day arrived; I had a message from him to meet at his workshop, and to bring along someone if I felt the need. Which I didn’t, as I felt okay but mostly wanted to get my hands, or should that be other parts of my body on the device.

Anyway, I made it over to his workshop, and once he had pulled the cover off of the bondage device, I could see it in all of its deviant glory. The chrome pole was reflecting the light from the ceiling, the attached metal cuffs for my ankles gleaming in the light, all brilliantly polished and looking fantastic. I couldn’t wait to try it out. And my first time on it would be in front of this man. I thought that it would have been a full-on run-through, but he told me that all he needed to make sure that I was happy was to check the sizing.

Disappointed that I would not be using every feature of the device, I managed to hide that from him, again I stripped down to my underwear. I had worn some very sexy lingerie hoping to get more than a chance to try some bondage at his hand, but again he was very professional and made sure only to touch the parts of my body that he needed to touch to adjust the cuffs and collar. The main pole would have to wait until I got the device home for me to try.

He tested the electronic locking device that we had come up with, the metal cuffs that would lock me to the frame closed with a slight click. In testing them, I knew that once locked and secure, I couldn’t escape them until the timer allowed my release. Next, he turned off the power to the cuffs and they opened; the hinges allowed me to move them, and I really wanted to try them on my wrists at that point, but he said that he had other clients coming very soon, so we would have to complete this so that I could take it with me.

Once the paperwork and payment were out of the way, he helped me pack the bondage device into a carrying case that he had made for me, just in case he told me that I found someone to share my desires with and wanted to take with me. Disappointed that I couldn’t tempt him into binding me in his workshop, keeping me around when the next clients showed up and having me on a display of his handy work, I made my way home carrying the case with me, and working out the ways that I could get my maidbot incorporated into me playing with this new toy.

By the time I returned, it was already evening, and I knew that the maidbot would soon be returning to its charging point. I wouldn’t have a chance to play tonight but figured that in the morning, I could get the maidbot programmed to be helpful in my bondage scene that I had in mind. And of course, I still had the night to indulge the itch that I currently had between my legs, the fact that I was turned on when being touched and manipulated by Bob in the workshop, but left hanging high and dry, I knew that I just had to use the device tonight.

Carrying the case into my bedroom, I had an idea that may work; it would be some short way of getting something similar from the maidbot when bound in the sack, or the trunk, and the maidbot already knew that it needed to tidy the bedroom as it expected to find it. I cleared out some space inside one of the large wall cupboards; this would fit the apparatus nicely. Grabbing the base of the bondage device, I started to assemble it. The chrome pole screwed into the large base, and once attached firmly in place, it felt very solid and strong. Next came the adjustable leg cuffs; each cuff was separated by a metal pole which could then be fastened to the main pole of the device, or even used in some other bondage that I may have wanted to use it for. 

Then I moved the second part of the pole and attached it to the lower pole, this would extend out from somewhere between my knees and head north along my back up to the metal collar that fitted in place. Along with another metal pole that fitted crossways across the upper part of the device, with metal cuffs for my wrists. Happy with the way the device had gone together, all that was now needed was for me to get myself ready. A quick strip off of all my clothing, leaving them lying on the floor for the maidbot to clean them up.

I knew I would need to use the toilet; I faced another long night in bondage and knew that once set, I couldn’t get myself free until the timer released the metal cuffs and allowed me my freedom again. Once all of my bathroom needs were done, I could put it off no longer and knew that I really needed to get myself ready. Reaching into one of my bondage boxes, I pulled out the ballgag that I wanted to wear tonight; once firmly strapped and locked, I tried to make some sound but found that only a small whimper could be heard, so no shouting for help would be happening here.

Attaching the final piece of the device, the large phallus object would soon impale my inner being, and the soft folds of my flower would soon be giving way to the brutal non-forgiving solid lump of rubber. Attaching the wire to power the thing, I knew that I was in for a good long ride. Adding some much-needed lube to the thing, it was time to get on, literally. Standing on the base plate, I adjusted the rubber insert until it was in the right spot; pulling upwards, I heard the pole start clicking; the locking mechanism would force me to remain standing with the thing thrust deep inside me.

But before I went too far, I had to engage the metal cuffs around my ankles, and I had nearly forgotten them in my rush to find some relief. Much to the painful realisation that I should have done the ankles first, and it was with some tears in my eyes that I managed to fight off the feelings from the probe inside of me and get the damn ankle cuffs fastened. Now locked in place, it was a relief to stand up again; lesson learned, next time, I needed to think first and not allow my libido to take over.

Now I could make the final adjustments to the lower pole, pulling up the final few notches, now the rubber phallus was even deeper inside of me, and there was now no way to get free. I was stuck for the duration until the timer released me. Luckily I had not managed to forget that part and had set it until well after sunrise and the day routines had started. That was my plan to use the maidbot to finish my bondage, but I would have to wait for now.

Reaching up to my neck, I closed the metal collar holding my head in place, and I could only look forward and out to the mirror on the opposite wall. There stood a vision of a naked female, shiny metal collar visible in the half-light of the room; looking down at the reflection, I could see the pole rising up from the floor stand, the metal cuffs attached to my ankles, and the pole disappearing between my legs, I knew just exactly the pole went and soon would be feeling more than just the solid rubber inside of me, once the timer started.

All I had left to do was to attach the cuffs to my wrists; even if I didn’t do that now, I was at this point stuck anyway, so the wrist cuffs just added to my feelings of helplessness, and soon my wrists felt the cold unforgiving encirclement, caught in their grasp, and stuck like the rest of this poor, bound female. My imagination began to run riot. I was a kidnap victim, held here for ransom by some evil men; they would soon be returning and would be using my body for their needs. Just as I got to the more interesting parts of my fantasy, the rubber sextoy finally sprung to life. 

I spent the night in between blissful joy, being bound and being used, if only by the sextoy running and bringing out various orgasms of some degree or other from my weakening female body, and then, on the other hand, there was the pain from being kept rigid in position for many hours, sometimes I longed for release and then at other times craved to continue my suffering, getting pleasure from the pain. I knew that I would be here for some time to come, the darkness of the room letting me know that I was stuck until well after sunrise.

Eventually, the sun rose outside, letting light into my bedroom. I was completely wasted at this point, I had climaxed that many times I had lost count, and now each one was becoming painful; the rigid member stuck deep within me was an unforgiving master, bringing pain and pleasure to this captive slave-girl. For that’s what I felt like I had become, a slave to my own bondage and desires. But seeing the sunlight gave me some hope that I would soon be free.

But there was one final thing to happen, and as if on cue, the maidbot entered the bedroom. It headed over to the bed and, finding that I had not slept in it last night, went on with some of its other programmed tasks. I watched from my position as it began to clean away my clothing from the floor, it would eventually take these to the laundry for cleaning. Once satisfied that everything in the room was cleaned and tidied away, it turned and looked in my direction; the open door of the cupboard was out of place, and it walked over towards the door and my naked and bound body inside.

I felt humiliation and embarrassment at the maidbot seeing me like this, but knew that this was what I wanted and desired, she was my mistress after all, and this felt right to me. But I would be disappointed if I thought she would release or engage with me. No to the maidbot, I was just a thing inside the cupboard, and I wondered if she even saw me as her owner at this point. I thought I saw a look of disgust in her eyes, but there really was no emotion on her face; it was just my imagination running wild.

The final act was now about to happen, and this was in my plan all along. The maidbot seeing the cupboard door open, would simply close it, sealing me inside, still bound to the bondage device, gagged and now enclosed within. The darkness returned now that the maidbot had closed the door. I had been treated like the object that I so wanted to be, pleased that, even though stiff and sore from my long night in bondage, I had managed to find another way to involve my mistress maidbot in my deviant desires.


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