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My Mistress is my Maidbot

by Gromet

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Part 1

One of the many things that I love to do, that is when I have the time to indulge myself, is to tie myself up, relax and enjoy being tightly bound and gagged, or have someone do it to me. Though these days now, I almost always only do self-bondage, having been disappointed several times when tied up by others, only to be used by them, leaving me unfulfilled, so to speak, or to find that the bondage wasn’t quite right, distracting me from any enjoyment that I would have gained from being bound. 

But I suppose that the main reason I guess that I never really got anything from my bondage sessions with my previous lovers was that I like to be bound in, let’s say, more enclosed situations; some call it encasement bondage; it’s just that I like being tied up and put away in some box or cupboard, it just seems right to me, enclosed within and sealed off from the world, and I find that I enjoy my bondage more when I’m in this predicament.

Over the past few years of my self-bondage indulgence, I have gathered many items or things that help me play out the variety of scenarios that I come up with when bound. The main one that I use, depending on how I feel, is either the large leather-cased luggage trunk that I managed to find in some old antique store, spending many wonderful hours tied up and confined within. Or the other one is the full-sized body sack, that is made from heavy-duty, robust material; I can tie myself up inside and spend many hours enjoying my time bound, completely cut off from the outside world, encased in its lovely cloth interior, a cocoon of delightful enclosure.

Though when using either or sometimes both the sack and the trunk, there always seems to be that little element missing as I’m always in control, I’m the one that put me here, and I know that I can get myself out whenever I want, even with timed cuffs. I don’t get to give myself over to the unknown element, the wondering when I would be getting free, the joy of letting myself go, my fate unknown to me. But I suppose that it’s just one of those things that I have grown to accept, not wanting to face being disappointed again with another bondage partner. 

Living on my own, I started to feel lonely, the nights especially, and it was through chatting one day with a good friend of mine that she suggested to me that I should get myself one of those new android maidbots to have around the apartment. Not that I needed one, as living on my own, I had always managed to keep the place clean, but she said that this would be more of a companion rather than a domestic helper. She told me that she also had lived on her own for some time and had found that the maidbot somehow made her feel less lonely, and although not great company or conversation, it was good to have around her home, she told me.

So, acting on her suggestion, I bought my own maidbot, and my friend was right; it did feel good to have someone else around, even if they were just a robot running on their programmed actions, and after a few weeks I got used to having the maidbot in my home. So much so that I sometimes forgot about the maidbots’ schedule; just like this morning, after having spent the night tightly bound inside of my bondage sack enjoying some special time, I must have worn myself out (as well as my toys batteries), and I overslept and had to quickly rush to get myself ready for the office, leaving my bondage goodies laying on the bed in my haste.

It was only when the maidbot questioned me about the sack being on the bed that I realized my mistake. Normally, I would have everything cleared away before the maidbot entered my bedroom. You see, the maidbots learn by experience, other than their basic programming to function. Using this, they can adapt to their owner’s lifestyle and will ask when they experience anything other than their learned programming. So seeing the sack on the bed, as the maidbot usually started her day cleaning up in the bedroom, it hadn’t any information as to where this item belonged, so it had to ask its owner where it would like the item to be put away.

Slightly embarrassed at the maidbot finding my bondage gear, I quickly told the maidbot that the sack was usually stored away in the trunk at the base of the bed, which it then recorded into its memory so that if it found it again, it knew where it belonged. In my rush to get out, I completely forgot about it and put it out of my mind; happy that the issue had been resolved, and I got on with my day. It was only when a couple of weeks later that I finally had some time off from work, that I decided to indulge my self-bondage itch again and spend some quality time tightly bound and gagged inside of my bondage sack, along with one of my favorite toys merrily buzzing away and finding all the right places, and I spent another blissful night enjoying my bound self.

It wasn’t until I heard the maidbot enter my bedroom did I realise that I had forgotten to make sure that I wasn’t to be disturbed by the android servant carrying out its usual routine. Panicking slightly at being discovered still bound inside of the sack, I didn’t know what to do, and it would take too long to untie myself and get free. But I had managed to spit the cloth gag that I was sporting out of my mouth, just in time as the maidbot had just reached the bed, and upon finding the sack again on the bed, knew from its learned memory that it belonged in the trunk. 

It began picking up the sack to tidy away, effortlessly it seemed, even with the weight of my bound body inside. Having moved furniture around my home, I knew from experience that maidbots could lift heavy things. It was only when I started wriggling inside the sack that I possibly distracted the maidbot’s routine, and then after spitting out the gag, I managed to shout out an order for the maidbot to stop what it was doing and to return to the charging station. The maidbot, without any hesitation, then put the sack back down on the bed, turned and left the bedroom, heading off to follow its last command.

A wave of relief came over me; I would have felt deeply humiliated if the maidbot had found out that I was bound naked inside of the sack, silly I know, after all, it was just a machine, programmed to function as a maidbot, but in my mind, I would have felt guilty that it had found out my dirty little secret. After untying myself, I put everything away back inside the trunk, safely hidden now out of view, and headed out to find where the maidbot currently was; and as expected, I found it in the charging room, standing there waiting for further instructions. I let the maidbot know that it could now continue and then left to get myself some much-needed refreshment after the long night.

It was only later, as I thought about my near escape that I began to wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t managed to stop the maidbot from completing its task in time. I began to imagine the ‘what ifs’ of the situation that I had been found in this morning by the maidbot. The android seemed perfectly capable of lifting my bound body, there was no real effort on its part, and it was just carrying out its duties. Thinking again that I had always felt something missing from my bondage sessions, even when bound inside the trunk, I had placed myself there and always remained in control.

The thought that I had missed an opportunity began to run through my mind, and I began to think of ways that I could utilise the maidbot in my self-bondage scenes. Having imagined myself tightly bound and gagged, toys in place, being found by the maidbot, who without question would then place my tightly bound body, enclosed in the sack into the trunk, as just a part of its cleaning routine, it did seem possible. A few hours later, I had resolved the demons in my fevered mind, the self-doubts were overcome, and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t try to find out if it could work.

So, after some more thoughts had run through my mind, some more evil than others, I knew that I would be willing to try again, but first, I needed to erase the last 24 hours of the maidbots memory. The handy feature for those people that may have been found in a compromising position with someone other than their partner, it was pretty easy to eradicate the maidbots memories. My thinking was that the maidbot would now have learned not to touch the sack on the bed, having been directed by me to leave it where it was and not as it did before and put the sack away.

Happy with my decision, I put my plans into action, and having performed the memory wipe, I knew that when tomorrow morning came, it would again find the sack on the bed and carry out its previous command. I was a very happy bound bunny that night, tightly trussed up inside the sack, and very firmly gagged so that I couldn’t stop what was going to happen to me. I spent the night writhing and squirming, enjoying the way my toys brought me to several orgasms, knowing that soon I would be getting what I had so longed for and desired.

Being bound and totally encased inside the sack, I had no way of knowing what the time was, even if it was daylight outside, such was the total enclosure. It was only when I heard the bedroom door opening did I realise that it was now morning. Usually, I would have been up and out the door on my way to the office, but today I had arranged for a day off, and being a Friday would allow me to indulge myself over the weekend. Still not sure if my plan would work, or that I could still go through with it, but I knew deep down that I wanted, no more like, needed to try.

Trying to remain still inside the sack, I listened as I heard the sound of the maidbots footsteps as they approached the bed, and I wondered what it thought of the package laying there. Did it have any thoughts on the matter, or was this sack just an object to it, and to deal with as per its learned programming? Though I didn’t have long to wait to find out as heavy hands landed on top of the sack, gripping the outside of the heavy-duty material and easily picking up the object in question. The maidbot then carried the sack and placed it down into the trunk at the base of its owners’ bed, closing the lid and then carrying out its other instructions.

Inside the sack, I was trying to remain quiet; the tight gag helped. I could only make muffled sounds when wearing this one; it was one of my best ones that I liked to wear, especially useful when letting myself go when climaxing. Keeping as still as possible in anticipation, that was until I felt the hands of the maidbot on the outside of the sack, I jumped slightly in reaction and let out a little squeak from behind my gag, but the maidbot didn’t seem to notice. It just picked up my bound body contained inside the sack and carried me before placing me down inside of the trunk.

It had to adjust the sack to make the object fit, laying me down inside the trunk on my back. Last night I had prepared myself for this; I had curled up my body as best as I could in the form of a balltie, the ropes binding me into as smaller space as I could manage, my legs folded up and held against my body by ropes tied around my waist, my wrists bound to my ankles. It was one of my more stringent ties, and I figured that it would be easier for the maidbot to fit me into the trunk. Which it did, the maidbot dropped me for the final few inches, and I fell down into the base of the trunk, my breath knocked out as I hit the floor of the trunk.

Then I heard the fantastic sound of the maidbot closing the lid of the trunk down, encasing me inside, bringing out an incredible, prolonged orgasm from deep within my bound body. I lay there deeply satisfied by the experience, the final waves washing over my now exhausted body. I knew that I could get out any time I wanted to; the trunk was old when I bought it, the locks were broken, and there was no way I would be stuck inside, so I could just lay there, relax, and enjoy my situation. Happy that my scheme had worked out so well.

My mind drifted off to having the maidbot as my cruel mistress, binding me up in the sack tighter than I had ever experienced, gagging any complaints that I may have had, and then shoving me into the trunk and locking me away as punishment for not following her commands. Many hours and orgasms later, I eventually managed to untie myself, though I did find it difficult given my limited movement, being tied up in the sack but also within the enclosed space of the trunk, but eventually, I managed to free myself.

Later after I had recovered the use of my hands and legs, after all, I had been tightly bound the entire night, I reflected back on my excellent adventure with my new found mistress maidbot, and I wondered what other ways that I could make use of the maidbot, and knew that I would have to find out how I could involve the maidbot in some future self-bondage sessions, or maybe even finding a way of getting it to tie me up, gag me and abuse my body, giving it total dominance over me.


The story continues in two parts; is where the Maidbot becomes my Mistress and punishes me, and the other is where I continue using the maidbot in my self-bondage. Enjoy.

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