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My Mistress is my Maidbot

by Gromet

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Continues from (not 2a)

Part 3

Sadly, since the last time I wrote about my adventures with my maidbot as my mistress, she has been upgraded; the last maidbot broke down; I must have worn it out! And it had to be replaced with a newer version, though I did get a reasonable trade-in price, so that was okay. But the new maidbot now has the added features to respond and be more interactive when seeing its owner, so being bound up in the cupboard as I was with the last one is now no longer possible; believe me, I tried. The new maidbot saw me bound to my bondage stand, as I now called it, and immediately reacted, seeking confirmation that I was okay and did I need help.

Luckily it didn’t alert the authorities to come to my rescue; that would have been very embarrassing. So now, when the new maidbot sees its owner, it will converse with them and will ask if I require anything while going about its scheduled routines. So having the maidbot closing the cupboard door while I was bound inside was now no longer an enjoyable option. And well, there are only so many times that you could do that anyway before, either pushing it too far and getting stuck, or just grow bored with it and seeking other alternatives.

Which I did, well, you can’t keep a good (or should that be a bad) girl down, though if bound and gagged, there’s not much that I would want to do to stop you anyway. But I’m getting sidetracked here; what I came up with to replace my old idea came from seeing more online images and, I must admit, plenty of videos of females riding what they called a Sybian. The women using them seemed to be having a wonderful time, and I knew that I needed to get one of these for myself.

It was a frustrating few days waiting for it to be delivered, but the day finally arrived, and I could try out my latest toy, with the help of the maidbot, but without its knowledge, so not having it physically involved this time. In my bedroom and along one wall are in-built cupboards, one of which I’d used before in my bondage fun. I’d need to clear this and make some slight modifications, but that wouldn’t take too long and I’d be set to go the next day.

The next day I knew that the maidbot would be doing laundry, changing the bedding and cleaning all of my clothing that I left out for it to wash. So, I knew that the maidbot would be going in and out of the bedroom several times while it carried out its tasks. Knowing that the bed linen will be changed first, I best get myself in place before the maidbot starts her day.

Inside the cupboard, I had laid out what I wanted to use in my session this morning, but centre stage was the new sybian, sitting there waiting for me to climb onboard and work out my pent-up sexual frustrations, yes, I do sometimes have them. Stripping off the pyjamas that I’d worn, I added them to the pile of clothing waiting for the maidbot, and there were going to be plenty of things for it to wash this morning.

First thought, before I got too far and I would be unable to do anything, I had to check the setup that I would be using to play with the new device. I had made an electronic trip mechanism using an infrared light beam directed across the doorway, I’m so nerdy sometimes, so each time that the maidbot entered or exited the room, it would trip the system and either turn on or off the sybian inside the cupboard, genius I know, well my time in college was not wasted after all.

The testing worked fine, so I now needed to get myself ready, so I went back to the cupboard and my new toy. Being my first time, I thought I would go all out and use the largest implement that came with the sybian; there were a couple to choose from, but I thought bigger would be better, being a greedy girl. So putting any concern that maybe I should ease myself into using this new device, I threw caution to the wind and, after applying some lube, gently eased myself down onto the fake rubber penis. It was not as big as the one on my bondage stand, but it still felt nice as my insides gave in and allowed it entry. Once fully impaled on the phallus, I wriggled around to get comfortable. I knew that I would be on here for some time to come, yes insert pun here.

With my crotch now firmly nestled on top of the sybian, the little nubs lined up perfectly with my own little nub, now peeking out from its hooded position to see what was going on. To make things more interesting, I had also decided to try a bit of sensory deprivation, so I had bought a new leather hood to wear. Picking up the soft earplugs that I bought a while ago to try to sleep with the noise outside, I eased them in place and as they expanded, the sound decreased.

Placing the leather hood over my head, I placed my face first into the confining enclosure; the smell of the new leather was really nice. I then pulled it down over the rear of my head, stuffing my hair inside and pulled the zipper down, gradually working my way down and encasing my head inside. Adjusting the hood to be comfortable, I was happy with the fit and feel of it, and now it was time to turn to other things. 

But first, I thought that I had better lock the cupboard door. I had installed a locking bolt inside of the cupboard door, just in case the maidbot for some reason went to open the door while I was tightly trussed up inside, and discovered that its owner was a kinky bitch. Now safely locked away from detection, I placed the new penis gag into my mouth; while it wasn’t an unpleasant taste, it was not something that I would expect a real one to taste like. Tightening the straps and forcing the insert deeper into my mouth, I was satisfied that I couldn’t make too much noise and attract attention.

Next on the menu were the metal cuffs from my trusted, well-made bondage device; when I had designed them, I made sure that they could be used for more than just being attached to the display stand, and that I could use them in my other self-bondage escapades. I had added a hook on the rear wall of the cupboard, well, a couple really; it’s well to be prepared. I locked a padlock to the chains that connected both my wrist and ankles cuffs, so now they were attached to the wall behind me. I didn’t need to have the key handy; I would be free of the cuffs before I would need to unlock it.

Placing the metal collar around my neck, the chain attached to the other hook higher up in the cupboard, the gentle click sound that the collar made as I closed it letting me know that it was locked. The chain was not too tight but reminded me that it was there and restricted my movements, not that I could move much impaled on my new toy, but it added to my bondage. Placing the metal cuffs around my ankles; again the soft click as they closed, sending goosebumps through my naked body.

Adding the blindfold to cut off my vision completed my sensory deprivation; I would not be able to see, hear or speak. And even though I was now stuck inside of the bedroom cupboard and I wouldn’t know when the maidbot would enter or exit the bedroom, closed in as I was, I wanted to make sure that there was no way of knowing when that would be, except of course when it triggered the light beam and set things in motion, or turned them off.

Doing the final checks, I knew that it was now time to commit myself, switching on the timer for the cuffs and collar. I’d set it for four hours, so once locked, the metal cuffs would hold me until the power switched off and released me. I had figured on four hours after working out the timing of when the maidbot would enter and exit the bedroom, and this would allow me plenty of time to enjoy myself on my new toy. I had guessed that would be enough time for the maidbot to finish its laundry duties and then progress onto other things.

Sitting there now fully secured on the new sybian, enclosed inside the cupboard, I could only wait for the maidbot to start its duties for the day. Happily, locked away, secured by the metal cuffs and collar, sealed off from the outside world with the hood, earplugs, gag and blindfold making sure that I could neither see, nor hear or speak. I could safely enjoy my time on the new device.

I ran through my plan again, once the maidbot enters the bedroom, it activates the sybian, which is on its second lowest setting by the way, as I wanted to tease myself for a while and not climax straight away, and draw out the teasing and torment that I so longed for. The maidbot enters, starts stripping the bed, then leaves and takes the dirty bedding to the laundry, and then returns with clean bedding and makes the bed. All the while setting off the triggering system.

Once the bed is done, the dirty clothing is then sorted by maidbot. I knew that each colour needed to be washed separately, so I had made a pile of different coloured clothing for the maidbot to sort. But also, I knew that having to wash most of them in different batches that the maidbot would need to make several trips between the bedroom and the laundry. The washing machine, I estimated, takes about twenty minutes per wash, and that includes drying them as well; such was the advance these days in technology, very little water was now used when washing.

The first time the sybian activated shocked me; I was just getting used to being bound in this position, my thoughts drifting off to being some maiden captive, kidnapped by sex slavers and tied up for ransom or sold to some foreign prince, who would tease and torment this young woman. The maidbot must have started its day, the sybian sprung to life between my thighs, the inner part nicely triggering all the right spots. Yes, this was going to be a great day.

I really liked the way the sybian worked on me; it felt really good in all of the right spots, the bondage adding to my helplessness, that and the hood disconnecting me from the outside. I started to grind myself on the machine as I began to feel the first flushes of an impending orgasm, I knew that it wouldn’t take much longer and I would experience my first climax courtesy of my new toy, and my maidbot mistress, who had started me down this sexual pathway.

Just as I neared my impending orgasm, the damn thing stopped, shit, bugger, I was so close, it then dawned on me that the maidbot must have left the bedroom, turning off the device between my thighs and leaving me panting for more. Just like a real mistress I thought, teasing and tormenting her bound slavegirl. I could only sit and wait, my sexual energy cooling between waiting for the next time my mistress would enable or allow me to continue.

Feeling the device spring back to life, I knew that the maidbot had returned, I wondered how long it would be before it departed again, but out of my sight, the maidbot started to make my bed, adding fresh sheets and pillows, then clean blankets and tucking each in turn, the bed would be made to perfection, something that I would never have bothered with, but that’s what the programming installed inside it made it carry out. 

By the time it had finished, so had I. After leaving me hanging for the few minutes that it had taken to carry out the dirty bedding, add them to the machine and start the wash and then return with clean bedding was moments for the maidbot, but for me, inside the cupboard seemed like an hour. 

But once the machine had started again, I was soon climbing back to my original high, and while the maidbot carried on making the bed, I finally got into that sweet spot that I so longed for, my orgasm shuddered through my bound body, the chains holding me in place as I pulled them in the throes of the overwhelming climax.

Luckily the gag kept any noise that I made in that moment to a minimum, my bindings holding me down in place, firmly bound to the sybian between my thighs, my knees grinding against the floor, the carpet burn to later remind me just how much I had enjoyed myself. 

The machine kept on going, even after I had started to come back down to earth, and while it was a pleasant feeling, it was also slightly uncomfortable, for once I cum I usually want to take a break as the pleasure turns to pain, but I was stuck and I would have to endure.

Eventually I got the sweet relief; the maidbot must have left the room again and switched off the sybian, now I could rest and regain my strength. I knew that I would be needing it today, and slightly regretted setting myself up for four hours of this torment. 

The maidbot continued with its duties, carrying dirty laundry out and then bringing the clean stuff back in and placing it away, each time either turning on or off the sybian that I was currently secured to. All the while either driving its owner wild with excitement or panting with frustration that the pending climax was just out of reach. After my first orgasm of the morning, it took a frustratingly long time to get to my next one, as each time that I got near to experiencing my next nirvana moment, the thing would switch off.

I didn’t know just how long that I had been on here, I had lost all track of time, my mind was feeling like mush, the overwhelming sexual delights that I was experiencing driving out all rational thought. My only desire, it seemed, was to get to the next wave of sexual delight, out of my mind with the pleasure that I was having from my maidbot, and totally at its mercy, a cruel mistress to the slavegirl that she had bound in the cupboard, locked away from the outside. And I was a very willing, and naughty slave-girl, who needed to be thoroughly punished.

It was a very long four hour session that first morning, but I’m already planning my next ride courtesy of my maidbot mistress.


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