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Winter Maid

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 6 - Give love a good time (Final)

"Bwahaha! You are kidding me, right?"

"Nope! Someone had cleaned the coffee machine with vinegar, and after that, Chad brewed his coffee, and the milk he put in it curled right away."

"Eewww! Could he not smell the vinegar?"

"Apparently not. But I'm glad he didn't. It was hilarious to see his coffee turn into cheese."

I was in such a good mood today. For the first time in weeks, the temperature went up well above freezing point, and the snow had started to melt. There wasn't a cloud in the blue sky, which made things even better. Although Brian had helped me get over my hate of winter by giving me a great time with the help of the SusceptGear, I was beyond thrilled to finally see spring at our doorstep.

For the occasion, Brian offered me to spend the day in the big city instead of staying at the house. With this warmer weather, I wouldn't have missed the opportunity, knowing very well that the cold temperature could return for a bit longer before spring truly installs itself in the region.

That said, Brian put one condition on our spontaneous date. The SusceptGear had to stay inside the drawer today. No hypnosis, no mind control, no turning me into a brainless rubber maid. I agreed but imposed a demand in return. If we were to leave the house all day for some fun without me being brainwashed by the infamous headgear, he would have to fuck me before we returned home. I didn't care how, where, or when he would do it, but that was my rule. Of course, he accepted it.

I loved our house in the forest, but I missed the big city quite a bit as well. I lived in Los Angeles for so long, surrounded by millions of people… I missed people… Not that I liked them, I just missed them. Mostly a lifelong habit. No matter what people might think about my past behavior, I had loved going to big nightclubs and having all these men flirt with me. Sure, some of them treated me like fresh meat, but the vast majority of guys just wanted to have fun and felt happy around the sexy little me twisting and turning her body on the dance floor. I felt good around cute guys too, so I totally got where they were coming from.

But now, Brian was MY guy, and I was HIS girl. How did that happen? Who knew? I could have stayed in LA and fuck all the men who would have approached me, but I didn't want to anymore. After I met Brian, that was it. It was like every other guy became uninteresting. It was an odd feeling for sure because my previous personality wasn't shy to sleep around with multiple men within any given week. The worst thing was that Brian wasn't even the man I was looking for… Was I even looking for one? I found him cute, but he wasn't ‘magazine cover’ cute. He wasn't nearly as outgoing as I was, and his personality wasn't outstanding either. So what was it? Why did I fall for him?

It took me a little while to figure it out, and the answer was so boring. Brian loved me for who I was. That was all there was to it. Love. Brute love. All those men who had been attracted to me or that I had been attracted to never really conveyed that emotion. Brian… He didn't even try, and his love ensnared me like a bunch of tentacles. I felt it so strongly. It was so genuine and comfortable, and when I decided to offer mine in return, he took it effortlessly, never making me doubt for a single moment if he had really wanted it. Between us, the energy was flowing without the slightest impediments.

"Mia, you look happy today."

"Yeees! The snow is melting, and we are visiting the city. It's great."

"See, we have to go out more often. It's good."

"No! Not during winter! During winter, it's cold, and I prefer to stay home and watch cat videos."

"Or playing maid…"

"Or playing maid, yes."

"You suck at it, Mia."

"Bahaha! I know! Whatever. I'm still fuckable as a maid, right?"

"You sure are."

This piece of chicken on his plate was calling me, so I extended my arm and poked it with my fork before bringing it back to my mouth. What belonged to him belonged to me. Brian could have done the same, but he didn't like sharing food that much. Whatever. More for me.

"So, Mia, what do you want to do today?"

"We stay in the city until midnight!"

"Until midnight? Even if we have to drive an hour to get back to the house?"


"Alright, then. So what are we going to do until midnight?"

"You are going to make love to me. You promised."

"I did. But it's only 11:30 am… We won't have sex during the next twelve hours. What else would you like to do?"

"Something fun."

"Like what?"

"Let's go shopping. I haven't bought anything in a long time."

"So, you want to spend my money?"

"Yes! You wasted all our money on the SusceptGear and latex maid uniforms, which means I can treat myself with whatever I want."

"I would like to remind you that you are the one getting the most pleasure out of the things you listed."

He knew I was teasing him, but it was also clear that he would let me do whatever I wanted to do. This false argument between us was just how we liked to have fun. It was entertaining to act like a spoiled princess, and I knew Brian enjoyed it too.

"Let's go to a sex shop and buy something kinky."

"Sure. A collar and a leash would look good on you, Mia."


"What? I was just kidding."

"I don't care, Brian. That's what we are going to buy."

"Then, what if I say, a Catwoman outfit?"

"Okay. We will buy that too."

My direct answer affected him. It was great fun to stab him in the chest like that with something unexpected. I didn't know why I was doing it, but my strangely playful mood made me feel gutsy. Bring it on, Brian… Do your worst.

"And we are going to go to a kinky club to show off your costume?"


"You are going to act like a nymphomaniac too?"

"Suuure… maybe."

"Then we are going to rent a hotel room, tie you up to the bed and find a couple of males willing to pay to fuck you… maybe 200$ each to cover our expenses?"

"… Catwoman will slash your face with her claws."

"So aggressive. Alright, let's forget about the last part, but what about just a nice hotel room with a nice hot tub."

"Catwoman would love that and would postpone the face slashing."

"So, that's it? We have a deal?"


"Just like that?"


"HEY! Stop eating all my chicken, Mia! You have your own plate!"

It was not my fault if his food was better than mine.


After our meal, we browsed the local map to figure out where in the world we could possibly find a Catwoman costume. It was doubtful that we would find a full latex catsuit or a shiny PVC attire, but all we really needed was the famous Catwoman mask and maybe a tail. We located a giant sex shop about fifteen minutes walking distance from where we were, and I was willing to bet that we would find what we were looking for over there. I couldn't remotely imagine a sex shop staying in business without selling the classics. Plus, I knew Brian hated to go to those places, so I would enjoy torturing him during our visit.

Hand in hand, we slowly walked to that sex shop while taking the time to look around in case we found other fun things to do. It was such a beautiful day, and more than ever, I was happy to share it with Brian.

There were many nice clothing stores with big windows in the city, allowing us to see examples of what they were selling. All styles were permitted here, from punk outfits to Victorian dresses. One of the stores, in particular, featured some sexy french maid uniforms similar to mine, just not made of latex. They were the real deal. Looking at them from across the street made me feel a bit… confused…

"Master, I'm going to put my uniform on."

"Uh? Mia? Where are you going?"

"I really want to wear it right now. Would that be okay, Master?"

"Mia? Come back… MIA! CAR!"

As I began crossing the street to put on my maid uniform, someone grabbed me by my jacket's collar and strongly yanked me back. At the same time, an angry driver honked at me. And then my Master scolded me.

"MIA! ARE YOU INSANE!? You almost got hit."

"I… I don't know Master… Did… did I do something wrong?"

"HEY! It's not funny! Drop the acting. What's wrong with you? If I had not stopped you, you would have ended up in the hospital!"

I was so confused. Shaking my head allowed me to regain some sense of where I was. Brian stood in front of me, angry.

"I'm… I'm sorry…"

"Don't make that kind of joke anymore, okay. You scared the hell out of me, Mia."

"I'm sorry… I think… I got distracted…"

"Yeah, well… I know you are all happy today, but be careful. There is a lot more traffic here than back in our little town. Alright, let's go. People are staring at us."


How strange… I wasn't too sure what I had done, but Brian was not happy with me at all. Maybe I should stay quiet for a bit instead of joking around as always.

As we kept walking, I tried to remember why I wanted to cross the street, but I couldn't find an answer. It was as if the stress of the event had wiped my memory for a short time. Mia, the distracted girl. Pretty much the same thing happened every time I started watching cat videos. I forgot about everything else I had to do.

Despite my silence, we reached the sex shop we were looking for. At least that store was on our side of the street, so I wouldn't get run over by a vehicle.

"Alright, we're here."

"Ah! I'm sure we will find a cute outfit for me to wear!"

As I was about to enter the shop, Brian held my arm and turned me around.

"Mia… I'm sorry I yelled at you. You just scared me."

"I know. I'm sorry too. Forget about it, and let's have some fun."

"Sounds good to me."

"But kiss me first… if you don't, I'll make your life miserable inside the sex shop."


It was mean, but I got a very nice kiss out of this threat, so it was well worth it. But then, I bolted into the store.

"Aaaah! Sex stuff everywhere!"

"Mia! You just said you wouldn't make my life miserable."

I knew what I said, but after seeing all the fun and kinky stuff on the shelves, I would have no other choice but to tease him anyway. Because he was shy, he followed me very closely, which allowed me to make him hold embarrassing items.

Dildos, anal sex toys, edible underwear, bondage gears… Touching those in public made him cringe, but it also made me smile. At the same time, I tried to keep an eye open for what we came here for, a potential Catwoman mask.

Tired of all the odd objects I placed in his hands, Brian finally decided to go explore the store on his own while I entered the clothing sections. What was cool about big sex shops was that we could find interesting clothes that were not necessarily erotic but still too underground for regular stores, like those shredded black pants that would mold my legs nicely while showing some skin. It would be a good start for a sexy cat outfit. A bit farther, I found a nice provocative black bra that would match the pants nicely. It would hide just enough boobs while allowing everyone around to see a lot of my delicious Latina tan.

"Hey! Mia… Look!"

"What is it?"

"Look… it's you."

"Me? What are you talking ab…!"

Brian brought a big box up to my face and forced me to stare at a girl's face who creepily looked like me. I took the box in my hands and checked it out; it was quite heavy.

"Mia, the Latina sex doll? You must be shitting me, right?"

"Yes, she has many orifices."

"BRIAN! It's terrible! It cannot be."

"Well, Mia is a common name, and guys like cute tanned girls, sooo… It sucks for you. This company decided to design a doll that looks just like you and give it your name. You are officially a sex doll."

"Shut your mouth! Put that back where you found it. It cannot exist!"

"Oh, no. I'm buying it. So, next time you have a headache, I will just fuck your copy. I'm sure she will be less sarcastic than you."

"Out of the question! You are not buying Mia! I mean… that thing!"

"Oh yes. I'm buying it."

"It's 150$ … are you nuts!"

"I'm buying it."


"Hahaha! Payback time!"

That was so unfair and humiliating. There was no way he would buy it. He was just teasing me, taking revenge because I had eaten all his chicken earlier. I groaned and went to the costume section to resume my shopping. Ignoring him would make that sex doll go away. He would see that it was not affecting me, and he would put it back on its shelf where it belonged. Why did they have to name this inflatable creature Mia? It was so unfair!

As expected, I quickly found what I was looking for, a perfect PVC Catwoman mask, the one with the white stitches, and it came with a fuzzy black tail too. Okay, Catwoman had no tail in the movie, but whatever. Brian could tug on it in case I tried to cross the street again.

"Brian, I got my stuff… I just need some black boots and… aAAAH!"

When I turned around, Mia, the sex doll encased in her plastic box, stared at me straight in the eyes. I was going to murder a certain boyfriend.

"BRIAN! Return that thing back on its shelf."

"Not a chance. You'll have to accept that Mia the sex doll will be part of your life from now on. She is your twin sister."

"Raaaaah! I need boots. Come help me choose!"

It wouldn't have been that bad if she had not looked so much like me on top of having stolen my cute name. Stupid doll.

While enduring Brian's mental assault, I managed to find a cheap pair of black boots. They were not high-heels, but whatever. They still looked sexy and would complete my outfit quite nicely.

Sadly, the sex doll was going home with us. Brian was way too happy with his finding to let it go, and he even made me pay for it along with my other items. My face was beet red when the cashier scanned it, and her big smile worried me.

"Oooh. Mia the sex doll. She is a cute one. Very high quality too. 150$ is more than half-price, you know."


"Wow… she looks a lot like you too. I can see why you selected her. You are both very pretty."

"Can we just pay?"

"Of course, can I see your ID?"

"My ID? Why?"

"Hum… This is an adult store. We need to verify your age."

OF COURSE! I was cursed. I handed my driver's license over to her, and she burst into laughter.

"Hahaha. Your name is MIA too … That's so awesome!"

"Someone! Kill me now!"

After paying, we collected our bags and walked out of the store.

"Well played, Mr. Brian. Today, I tried to be very cool with you and make you happy by giving you everything you wanted, and you totally abused the situation."

"Does that mean you don't want to go to the club and sleep at the hotel anymore?"

"Pfff… Of course, I still want to. But I will find a way to exact my revenge."

"Oh, I'm sure you will. Let's go get a room first. It's still early. Then we will decide where we will go out tonight."

"There is a hotel over there. It looks fine."

"Yep. Let's go, Mia the doll."

"If you call me that again, I'll murder you. I swear!"


"Woah! What a nice room!"

"Yeah… But there is no hot tub."

"I don't care. Look at the shower, Brian! It's giant!"

"Not bad at all."

"Let's take a shower now! I want you to play with my soapy body."

"We have plenty of time before going out, so why not."

The shower was so nice. There was even a small wooden bench on which we sat and cuddled for a loooong time. Brian was hard as a rock, and I impaled myself on him, but we didn't want to cum. We just wanted to feel good and connected.

I forgave him for the sex doll, and he forgave me for having jumped in front of a car. He told me that I had really scared the hell out of him, and as stupid as it sounded, it made me feel precious; and it fueled my sex drive.

Those languorous kisses were as good as when we had met in LA for the first time. Through this kind of affection, we had rediscovered how much we liked each other and, in my case, that moving to another country had been the right decision. I couldn't see myself living without Brian anymore. I wanted to see where we could go together. Who knew… maybe we would even have children one day. Of course, only the ones looking like me would be cute.

We finished the shower and returned to the room. I sat on the corner sofa, naked, and grabbed a random magazine from the pile. Brian, on his side, did the unthinkable. He pulled out Mia the doll from its box and placed her on the bed.

"Brian! Seriously!?"

"Read your magazine. I'm just taking a look."

"Sooo creepy!"

"Nooo… She is cute. Give her a chance. You might become lovers."

"Never in a hundred years!"

"Haha. I'm just too curious. That's all."

He laid her flat on the bed and began the long process of inflating it. Using the small cheap pump, he tried to give her life.

Of course, I kept my nose in my magazine but occasionally took a look at the progress. Her tanned skin was like mine, her long black hair was like mine, her eyes, color and shape, were like mine, and she was about my size too. It was so unfair. I would never be able to find a copy of Brian's body.

"Look, Mia… It truly is your twin."


I flipped a magazine page, and a picture of a cute French maid, on an advert for a cleaning product, caught my attention.

My Master…

My Master loved it when I dressed up as a maid. I loved my Master so much.


I felt so confused and didn't really know where I was. My magazine fell to the floor, and I noticed my Master near this woman on the bed. I didn't know who she was, but my Master looked at her with a smile. I was a bit jealous, so I went to see him.

After walking to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed my boobs on his chest.


"Mia? I swear… I was just taking a look for fun. Don't murder me."

"I don't know, Master. I'm your maid, and I love you."

"Oookay… You know you don't have the SusceptGear on, right?"

"I don't know what that is, but okay."

"Aaaah, feeling like roleplaying? Practicing your nymphomaniac persona for tonight?"

"Yes, Master, if you say so. Can we have sex now?"

"No, we just talked about it. We are going to have sex when we come back from the club, not before."

"Okay… But I really want sex right now."

"Sure, you can sleep with Mia the doll. She is all ready for you."

"Mia the doll?"

"Yes, she would love it if you made her cum."

"Yes, master."

I turned to the bed and crawled on it. The woman lying on there was so beautiful, and my Master wanted me to have sex with her. When I touched her skin with my hand for the first time, I realized how soft she was and how much I desired her.

Kissing her was not hard. She let me do all the work. Her soft lips received mine, and she even let me slide my tongue inside her mouth.

"M… Mia? Are you… okay?"

"Aaanh hmmm… Master… Mia is so hot… Please, watch me have sex with her. It would make me happy!"


My Master sat in the chair next to the bed as I was making out with Mia, my new friend. She looked at me in the eyes and wanted more, so I began massaging her breasts. I could do everything I wanted to her, and she didn't complain. I thought I heard her moan too, but I wasn't sure if it was her voice or mine. It was confusing to be so alike.

As I crawled down on her body, licking her everywhere, I murmured some soft words in her ear to make her feel at ease.

"Oh, Mia. You taste so good. My Master would love it if you were to have sex with him and me at the same time. But he just asked me to make you feel good. Are you okay with it? Yes? Good."

When I reached her crotch, it was so delicious. Her pussy was soft and warm, and her little clit was so fun to lick. For the next fifteen minutes, I worked hard to give her pleasure, hoping my Master would be happy with my performance. He allowed me to have sex with someone else, so I didn't want to disappoint him.

But I was so warm now, Mia had turned me on so much, but she didn't play with me a lot, so I started playing with myself while I licked her. However, that wasn't enough either. I needed more.

I climbed back on her soft naked body until my crotch reached her mouth. I gripped her headboard and began rubbing my pussy on her lips while she licked me.

"Aaaaanh! MIA! You are so good at it! Aaah! Keep going!"

For a long moment, she didn't complain at all and made me feel good. The more she licked me, the closer I was from the edge. I had never experienced something this good. It was my first time with a beautiful woman, and I intended to enjoy it as much as possible. My Master would be happy if I were to make Mia and myself cum hard.

So before I exploded, I finally got off her face to let her breathe and positioned myself in a way that we could have real sex, meaning we would rub our sex together until we came for our Master.

Mia was on the light side, so it was easy to move her to the right position. When our pussy touched, it was incredible. More than ever, I wanted to cum with her, so we began scissoring each other like this and just let our pleasure flow. Our loud moans didn't need to be restrained. Master loved it when I was loud and horny anyway.

"Aaaaah! Aaaan! Hmmm! Mia! Mia! I love you, Mia! Let's cum hard for our Master. HAaaa! Yes… Just like that. Hmmm!"

She was good, so good. Even if I were to have a desire to stop, Mia wouldn't let me go until I came. Her pussy pressed firmly on mine to help me reach my orgasm. I was so close, ready to explode. Waiting was no longer an option.


Our two sexy bodies thrashed on top of the bed as we lost all control and experienced euphoria. Was it possible… Was it possible that I had the best sex in my entire life just now? With my new friend, Mia? She was so beautiful. I laid down next to her and hugged her small body tightly.

"Miaaa… Miaaa… I love you so much! As much as my Master!"

For a while longer, we kissed until we drifted to sleep for a well-deserved nap. I was so happy.



"Oh, my little lesbian is awake?"

"Uh? What? Lesbian?"

"We have to eat before going to the club. Put your clothes on. And as a reward for the incredible show you gave me, I'll take great care of you tonight. That was so unexpected. Alright, I'll wait for you in the lobby. I have to talk to reception. We need more towels. See you in a bit."

"What… are…?"

Brian left the room, leaving me alone with my ultimate confusion. I did fall asleep, but… Why was I naked, and why was I… cuddling with Brian's creepy sex doll.

My arms were tightly wrapped around the inflatable Mia, and my face was not even an inch away from hers. For an unknown reason, this unexpected physical contact… turned me on like crazy. A big sexual wave traveled throughout my body, making me moan.

"aAaaan! Wha… what the fuck happened!?"

I immediately sat on my knees and stared at the doll, and then, the worst thing ever happened. All the memories flooded back to my mind… I had hot sex with the doll… really hot sex… Incredible sex. But… I thought she was real. How was that even possible? How could she have gone from creepy as fuck to attractive like I was?

Slowly, I started putting the dots together. After our showers, I had weirdly turned into my maid character, and my Master made me sleep with Mia… the doll. And then I fell in love with her, kind of.

I quickly reached my head, but the SusceptGear was not there… and I knew Brian had not brought it on this trip because I was the one who had put it back in its box before leaving the house, and I was the last person to leave the house too… I was even the one who had locked the front door.

What was going on? And what about that little scene I had caused on our way to the sex shop when I had jumped in the middle of the street for no reason, wanting to put on my maid uniform. Was it possible that I had entered a spontaneous trance without the SusceptGear's influence?

I got off the bed and fetched my clothes. My body was still tingling from that mind-shattering orgasm that Mia the doll gave me… It was ridiculous.

After dressing up, I walked to the door and paused… I turned around, trotted back to the bed, and gave Mia the doll a long deep kiss, which made my pussy throb again.

"Why… Why are you so attractive now? What the hell?"

I ran out of the room. It was just too weird.


Our diner was nice. My emotions had returned to a somewhat acceptable level, but I refused to discuss what had happened earlier. Brian told me he had a blast watching me have sex with a synthetic copy of myself, even though he was shocked that I had dared to do that in front of him. Apparently, he had caressed me while I did it, but to me, it had felt like Mia the doll had been the one doing it.

No, even if it worried me a little, I preferred not to tell him about my weird trance because I knew he would worry too much and perhaps cancel our night out and maybe even send me to the hospital to have my head checked. Instead, I just smiled and said that we would talk about it later. Changing topics was the best way to put this behind us.

"So, where are we going clubbing tonight?"

"While you were napping with Mia the doll, I looked at our options. But only one really stood out to me."

"What is it? It has to be a place where sexiness is allowed, or else Catwoman will feel a bit odd."

"Well, I wouldn't worry about that. It's a fetish club called Fox & Spice. It's two blocks away from here."

"What? A place where everybody has sex with each other and smells like cum?"

"Mia! Come on! No. That club is for adults, but sex is not allowed. The site says it's a friendly place where kinksters can express themselves in a safe environment. Look at the pictures. What a beautiful lounge and dance floor! You love to dance, right?"

Brian turned his phone to me, I swiped through the pictures, and I had to agree. It really looked nice. I also had a soft spot for that cute waitress wearing fox ears. That was adorable.

"Sounds good. Let's finish our meal, and let's go. Oh, I want this!"

"MIA! Stop stealing food from my plate. You have yours."

"Pfff… You are mine. Therefore your food belongs to me!"

"Silly lesbian!"



After our very romantic dinner filled with sarcasm and friendly insults, we headed to the fetish club. As advertised on the website, there was a changing room where I could put on my costume, so I didn't have to walk outside looking like a perv. The things I saw in that room were pretty interesting, so much that playing maid at home didn't feel that special anymore. 

Those three girls near me seemed to have a lot of fun. One was wearing this transparent smokey latex suit with some sort of Egyptian mask, the Asian girl with big boobs had a very cute rubber maid uniform, and the third girl was geared up like a dog. From what I understood, she was the Egyptian-looking girl's sister and would serve her as a guide dog. I had not even set foot into the club itself and I was already overwhelmed by the weirdness level.

I felt a bit cheap all by myself, wearing my shredded black pants, my black top, and my little Catwoman mask covering my upper face and head. Everybody seemed to have a better outfit than me.

The Asian latex maid, feeling my gaze, turned to me and tried to be nice.

"Hey! Cute Catwoman costume!"

"… Nah… not really. Yours are much better."

"It's because Alex is rich and spoiled us!"

"MEI! Stop saying that to random people. I'm not rich!"

"Haha! Sorry. Anyway, I have a soft spot for Catwoman. So I like your costume a lot. That's the end of it. Plus, you are very very pretty."

"Aww… Thanks. You make me feel better about it."

"I'm Mei, by the way. What's your name?"


"Haha. Our names are both three letters long. Hey… Can… Can I give you a hug?"

"S… sure!?"

This excessive friendliness was a bit unusual to me, but I gladly accepted the hug. Mei was warm, her big boobs pressed on mine, and her latex maid outfit smelled not-so-strangely familiar. But… Why was I feeling sleepy all of a sudden? Was I… falling back into trance? Oh no! I had to stop it from happening… It couldn't happen here.

Thankfully, an authoritative voice pulled me out of my sinking mental state.

"MEI! Let her go. Can't you see you are embarrassing her?"

"How can you know that, Alex? You are blind."

"I have ears. She began to breathe all funny. Don't forget why we came here in the first place anyway. Go, doggy. To the club."


The three rubbery girls walked out of the changing room, but just as the door was about to shut close, it reopened. And Mei trotted back to me.


"Shhh… I just had to do this. I'm sorry."

"… Had to do what?"

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her whole body on mine, pinning me to the wall, and pressed her lips on mine. Why… Why was she kissing me? And why was I answering positively instead of pushing her away? Her tongue rubbed mine most exquisitely. She was so good at it… It was like when I kissed Mia and… wait… I was Mia… the doll wasn't Mia… Aaaah! So confusing!

"Woooow! Mia! I'm in looove! I love Catwoman, and you are so freaking pretty! I have to go, now, or else they are going to murder me. But I hope I'll see you around tonight. Okay?"

"… O… okay."

And she was gone, leaving me puzzled like never before. It was the first time a girl did something like that to me—an unsolicited yet non-threatening delicious kiss.

I shook my head out of confusion, finished lacing my boots, and ran out of the room to seek refuge in Brian's strong arms. He was there, waiting near the club entrance, and when he saw me, the pretty smile that grew on his face made me feel all better. I threw myself in his arms.

"Oww! Calm down, Mia. What's with you?"

"I'm so happy to see you!"

"Uh? We spent the whole day together."

"Yes, but I missed you. A pretty girl just French kissed me and said she was in love with me."

"Hahaha! Seriously?"

"Yes. Her tongue went deep inside my mouth and… and…"

"And what? She fingered you?"

"NO! And I liked it!"

"Oooh! So you ARE a lesbian after all!"

"HEY! I'm not! Kiss me. I want to check something."


In a very manly fashion, he grabbed me by my waist and pulled me on him. He said he loved me, and we engaged in a very long deep kiss. There was a lot more power in his kiss than the one I had received from Mei, and that was a very good thing. When HE let me go, because that was not for the little me who liked being handled that way to decide, I felt reassured.

"Okay. I decided that I still like you."

"I know you do. And I still like my Mia, particularly when you are wearing this sexy outfit. I'm a fortunate guy."

"Meow! Let's go dance! This place is PHENOMENAL!"

"I'm Brian, and I approve this message."

Arm in arm, Brian and I headed to the crowded dance floor where we could unleash our dancing skills. Mine were amazing, but his were deficient. Seeing him trying so hard made me love him just a bit more.


From a darker corner, near the dance floor, a certain Asian girl wearing a cute latex maid uniform felt a bit of pain in her heart while observing her perfect Latina crush dancing like a Goddess next to a guy who couldn't move to save his life. She seemed so happy with him, though. It looked like true love.

A tear rolled down her cheek, which she wiped using the back of her hand, but then a smile grew back on her face.

"Aaah! At least I got to kiss the prettiest girl ever."


This club, the Fox & Spice, was the best thing ever. I felt safe and loved. The people were beautiful, and I even got to meet the adorable waitress I had spotted on the website's pictures. Her name was Trish, and she gave me a little bracelet because I was new here. Oh, and a free drink too. Okay, Brian paid for it, but it was free for me.

I got to distort my entire body for hours on the dance floor, and Brian was a good sport and accompanied me for most of that time. He was actually getting better toward the end. We also briefly visited the play area but decided it was not for us, at least not this time around. But the lounge was an excellent place to chill, though. They permitted us to cuddle and kiss but not have sex, which was perfect for what we wanted tonight.

The club was packed, but we managed to find one available sofa. Brian sat on it, and I climbed on him, my knees on each side of his hips, relaxing my sexy Catwoman butt on his lap. Being face to face with the man I loved was always so much fun. I sipped my girly drink with a straw while he drank his whiskey in a manly manner.

"Brian! We will come back here, right?"

"Absolutely, yes. I love it."

"I have a question for you, though."

"What is it, Mia? You want milk?"

"Pfff.. No. Did you bring the SusceptGear with us?"

"Uh? No. You know it was my idea to leave it at home. Why would I have brought it? Weren't you the one who put it back in its box anyway?"

"Oh, yeah. I just asked out of curiosity."

"Miaaa… I know you. What's going on?"

"Nothing… It's just…"

"Just what? Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm fine. I just… experienced some weird things today. And… you know…"

"You thought I hypnotized you without telling you?"

"No… well… I don't know. Maybe… but I know you didn't bring the device… I put it in its box and left it home. So I know it's not that."

"Okay, stop being cryptic and tell me what's going on."

"Well… I don't know… There was that little street crossing incident."

"That was scary…"

"I know. But then… when I had sex with Mia the doll… I think… I think I lost it. I really thought she was a real girl at some point."

"Maybe you just really liked it? It was fucking hot."

"Haha. I bet it was… but… I don't know. Just keep an eye on me tonight. Okay?"

"Mia, I always keep an eye on you at all times. You are my very precious girl."

"I love you, Brian!"

I leaned forward and licked his nose.

"Aaaah! Mia! Don't do that!"

"Whaaat? I don't want to kiss your whiskey breath."


We stuck around the Fox & Spice until around midnight. When we left, I didn't even bother changing back to my normal clothes. Since Brian was here to protect me, we walked back to the hotel with me as a sexy Catwoman. It was a long walk because we often stopped to kiss and caress each other. He fondled my boobs and ass, and I squeezed his cock through his pants. We had been waiting for this moment all day, and we were so close to making it happen. My manly man would take me and get pleasure out of me, and I would certainly not say no to that.

Under the amused gaze of the city people, we finally made it back to our hotel, and he pinned to the elevator wall as it was going up; I may have had a small orgasm when he did that.

"Brian, I want you to destroy my hips!"

"Haha… so romantic."

"Shatter them… make sure I can never walk again!"

"Mia… too much…"

"… make sure they have to amputate my two legs, and…"

"Okay, Mia… that's enough. I'll make sure you have a good time… but stop the craziness."

"Haha… no sense of humor!"

"Let's take a shower first. We danced a lot."

"Yes, go in first. I'll take my outfit off and join you, and then you can crush my pelvic bones to powder!"



It was always the same, and he loved me for it. My strange sense of humor kept things interesting, even if sometimes it ended up with me receiving a firm slap on the butt for going too far.

As he disappeared into the bathroom, I went to sit on the sofa to unlace my boots.

"Oww… cheap boots. I'll get blisters for sure. Ah well, it was worth it."

As I leaned forward to reach my laces, I noticed the magazine I was reading earlier before I changed into my maid persona. Back then, I wasn't doing anything other than reading, so I wondered if it could have had something to do with my spontaneous trance.

I picked it up and inspected it. Nothing special. A girl magazine like any other, and looking at it didn't make me feel strange at all.

"It's all in my head… Maybe I just had a bit too much fun with his creepy Mia doll after all. She is kind of cute and gave me a very good time."

Rapidly turning the pages to find the article I was reading last led me to the same ad in the corner, the one with the maid… The maid… She was pretty… Master liked me when I was a maid. Why was I feeling confused all of a sudden? It was odd.

I stood up and looked around.

"Master? Where are you?"

I heard the shower running, but I couldn't see him. As I approached the bed, my eyes landed on Mia, who rested peacefully on the mattress. Maybe she knew.

"Mia? Where is Master?"

She didn't respond, but I kind of knew what she meant. Since my Master wasn't around, she wanted me to take care of her, so I crawled on the bed and ran my fingers through her jet black hair.

"Mmm… You are so pretty, Mia."

I couldn't resist. I lowered my body on top of hers and started kissing her lips. She was so good at it. My tongue went very deep inside her mouth, and we moaned together. Rubbing my crotch on her thigh made me feel fantastic too.

For many long minutes, we pleasured each other. Nothing else seemed important at that point. I wanted her, and she wanted me.

"Hey, Mia? You coming or what? OH MY GOD!"

"… Master?… Can… can I have sex with Mia again."

"Mia! Did you fall back in a trance? Get off her right now!"

"Nooo… I want to make Mia cum again… Please, Master!"

"Oh boy… Now we are in trouble…"


"Okay… I just spoke with them."

"So, it was the right phone number then?"

"Yes… and now I have the full story. And I'm not sure you are going to like it."

"Why? Am I broken permanently?"

After I ruined Brian's evening in the city by accidentally falling back in a trance without even wearing the SusceptGear, we understood that there was a more serious problem with me. What had happened to me was nowhere near normal, and we didn't really know what to do about it. The only way he found to take me out of trance had been to let me make love to Mia the doll as I so desired. Apparently, I was at it for a full hour until I finally fell asleep, which returned me to my normal state. At least he said it had not been something unpleasant to watch.

But now we were back at home in our little village. The snow was melting, and spring was really on its way. The first thing Brian did this morning was to figure out how to contact the company that had designed the SusceptGear to get some intel and a possible explanation. One thing we knew for sure was that he had fully reset me after each of our fun sessions with the hypno-device. So why was I still falling in trances for no reason?

Brian sat next to me and took me in his arms.

"Okay, so here is the thing, Mia. We are going to put the device back in its box and return it to the company."

"Oh, they are going to return us a new one?"

"No, Mia. Forever."

"What? No! Why? It's my favorite toy."

"I know… but it's very powerful, and you know that. Do you remember when I told you it was the last one on the shelf when I bought it?"


"It was because they recalled them all and discontinued the product. People overused them as we did, and they started to experience spontaneous trances like the ones you had."

"Awww… but I liked it a lot."

"I know. But it's harmful. So, we are not keeping it. It's not worth it."

"Okay… but… About those spontaneous trances, will they keep happening?"

"Yes. Based on what they said, you are just conditioned to certain weird triggers. But after a few weeks or months, they will gradually fade, and you'll return to your normal self."

"Awww… I'm so disappointed."

"I know. But you know what. You remember all your experiences with the SusceptGear. Why don't you just pretend next time? Pretend you are hypnotized and be a maid. Pretend that you love latex so much that you must wear it. Pretend that you are in love with Mia the doll."

"AH! I don't need to pretend THAT. Mia the doll is my new lover. She is way better than you in bed. And only I can fuck her."

"Haha. You are messed up, Mia. You aren't going to make me jealous."

"No?… Alright… So, you won't mind if I go upstairs, get naked, and make love to her for an hour or two while you are watching, and you won't be allowed to touch us. Would that work?"

"You are so cruel sometimes."

"Okay. We will let you masturbate and cum on our face, then."

"Mia! Seriously! So raw!"

"Mmmm… but you would love it… shooting your load on Mia and her twin's face."

"You are a sex monster!"


It was not the end of the world to lose the SusceptGear, but it made me sad. I had so much fun with it, and it pushed me in all kinds of slutty directions. I had learned to open my mind to new experiences and to love some things I wasn't sure of, and it brought me even closer to Brian. He, too, had learned to explore the kink world a bit more and open up to what I liked. 

But, somehow, I was confident that this was not the end of our kink exploration. I had plenty of ideas of weird things to try, here at home and certainly at the Fox & Spice club as well. The SusceptGear had only triggered something in us that allowed us to move forward and experiment with new things.

Even after we returned the SusceptGear to the company, I knew we could use another tool to make each other happy and force us to try crazy scenarios. It was a device thousand times more powerful than the headgear. And they called this incredible tool…


The End.


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