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Winter Maid

by Tigerstretch

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Storycodes: M/f; maid-bot; mind-control; maid; costume; latex; tease; denial; spank; sex; oral; cons; X

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Chapter 4 - The Queen of Squirrels


"Aaaah, stop running, Mia! You love the SusceptGear, and you know it!"

"I do! But I don't know how you programmed it... It's not the same anymore!"

"Oh, as if I could do worse than what you did to yourself while I was away! I had to rescue you, remember?"

"You will turn me into a chicken or something!"

"A chicken? That would be funny."

"Stay away!"

Brian chased me around the kitchen table, trying to make me wear the SusceptGear that he had programmed earlier. He wouldn't tell me what the device would do to me, and once it would be on my head, I knew my freewill would vanish; it would force me to do random stuff.

Spending a full week by myself demonstrated that my curiosity was strong enough to turn me into a sex doll without really thinking it would happen, which was not necessarily the best thing ever even if it had been a fun thing to experience. So, Brian and I agreed that I would have to be more careful in the future and that for now, he should be the one programming the device for me to prevent further incidents. I may have scared him a little.

That said, it meant that he would push me toward HIS fantasies... not mine. Maybe... Yes, making him happy sexually by giving him what he wanted was what I loved the most, what turned me on, but this desire came from me, hence the reason why I decided to experience the device by myself at first. This time around, my desires would come from HIM! And God only knows what his twisted brain would come up with.

"Mia, I love you! I want you to have amazing romantic experiences."

"AH! Do you really expect me to believe that?"

"No, but it made you smile."

"Hehe. You are an idiot. Tell me how you programmed the SusceptGear first! Then I'll consider it."

"No. It's a surprise! Come on. It's going to be fun. I promise."

"At least, give me a hint!"

"A hint? Mmm... Oh, I know. One sec!"

I couldn't believe that worked. Brian, who had refused to give me any information whatsoever about how he programmed my headgear, was now willing to provide me with some details. I considered that a small victory under the circumstances.

Smiling a bit too much for my taste, he walked to the kitchen, opened a cabinet door just to pull out a peanuts bag. He walked back to me and placed it in my hands, leaving me confused.

"Peanuts? What do you want me to do with peanuts? I don't even like peanuts..."

"Yes, you do..."

"Not those... They have shells... and cracking them involves effort."

"Oh, my God, Mia. You are so lazy! Is that why you are never eating those?"

"Yes! But anyway... Why peanuts? This is not helping me to understand what you are going to do to me!"

"I said I was going to give you a hint. I never said it was going to be a good one. Alright, let me put the device on your head. I promise it won't turn you into a chicken."

I groaned and pressed my forehead on his chest. The truth was that I was dying to wear the SusceptGear again, and I knew Brian would never do anything harmful to me or turn me into a permanent porn star. He made it clear that he was more in love with me as Mia than anything else... He just wanted me to have fun.

"... Okay... But I still don't get the peanut thing..."

"You'll get it soon enough."

Brian kissed me on the forehead and carefully placed the high tech tiara on my head. Once he flipped the switch on, a blue light appeared in the middle of the band; the SusceptGear was armed. Remote in hand, he looked at me in the eyes.

"Alright? Ready? Last chance to change your mind. It will start right away with a short thirty minutes conditioning session. Do you want to sleep here on the couch, or do you prefer our bed?"

"Here is fine... Just do it..."

"See you in a bit, Mia... Queen of Squirrels!"

"Wait... Queen of what!?"

Before I could get an answer to his super weird comment, he pressed the button, and a beep interrupted my questioning. Immediately, the amazing relaxing feeling invaded my soul. I had missed that a lot since the last time I used the device. Kinks or not, the induced calming effect was the best part of the experience. All my worries and tensions just vanished magically.

The first thing I noticed was that Brian was my Master again. I knew I'd need to obey his every command, but I was also getting very tired.

"M... Master? I'm... so... tired..."

"Go to the couch, Mia... Just rest for a bit."

"Yes... So... tired."

I wobbled to the couch, laid down on it, and as I was drifting away, the last thing I saw was my Master gently placing a cushion under my head. Then everything went dark.


"Welcome back, Mia."


"Yes, how was your nap?"

"I don't know... Can... Can I hug you."

"Sure, come here."

When controlled by the SusceptGear, I was always so confused. For some reason, I felt like I needed a hug, and everything else was like a strange dream.

I stood up and went to Brian to wrap my hands around his waist. He gave me a reassuring squeeze, and then he kissed me tenderly, which filled my mind with a satisfying feeling that I was making him happy.

Then he directed my attention elsewhere.

"Mia, you should look outside, there is something you might want to see?"

"Outside? Yes, Master."

I walked to the large living room window and tried to find what he was talking about. It looked like a freezing day again; some light snowflakes were falling from the grey sky, making everything look pretty. The ground was all white, and the fir trees held as much snow as their branches could carry. Our leafless maple tree seemed beautifully dead but was just asleep for the next few months. Winter was as beautiful as ever.

Then something caught my attention; two squirrels chasing each other bolted out of the woods, jumping around, just for fun. A powerful sensation exploded inside of me, something so overwhelming that I couldn't contain it.


"Yes, Mia... They are outside..."

"I MUST go to them... I HAVE to feed them!"

"Pfff... Haha... Good idea. Why don't you grab the peanuts and put your boots and coat on! They are waiting for you."

"YES! I have to feed them now!"

"Even if it's very cold outside?"

I paused for an instant, trying to process what Brian just told me. Cold? Deep inside me, there was a sudden conflict. Thinking about that word made me feel uneasy, but I wasn't too sure why. Despite that, my focus quickly returned to the squirrels; I had this vital responsibility to go out and feed them.

As I walked to the entryway closet, it was not clear to me what I had to wear, but Brian, my Master, provided me with well-needed assistance. He pulled out my winter boots, my fluffy coat, a scarf, and a tuque, and he helped me to dress up.

Soon enough, I was ready to accomplish my mission. He placed the bag of peanuts in my hands and opened the front door for me.

An icy wind hit my body, which set off all the alarms in my head... something was off, but still couldn't tell what it was. There was something about winter that I was not supposed to enjoy...

But Brian brought back my attention to my important obligation.

"Mia? What are you doing!? Are you going to let your children STARVE?"



I bolted out and ran to the area where I saw the squirrels last. The fresh snow was crunching under my footsteps, and the cold air I was breathing was painful, but nothing could stop me now.

Arriving at my destination, I crouched down and frantically ripped the peanut bag open. I plunged my hand in it, grabbed a handful of peanuts, and tossed them next to the trees. A long silence followed...

Then, it happened... Two little creatures of the woods came out, sniffing around, and discovering their unexpected treats.

"My... My children... Eat! Eat! It's important!"

Quickly, the rodents attacked the shells and liberated the chewable content. For them, it was an unexpected treasure during a season where they usually struggled to find food. This was why my role as Queen of the Squirrels was so important. They depended on me for their survival; I just couldn't let them down.

For the next few minutes, I sent more peanuts flying their way, but gradually, the squirrels came closer and closer, to the point where they were getting them directly from my hand. It was the coolest thing in the entire universe, and I was so proud of myself, so happy.

Then I heard a beep and slowly began to remember what had happened... Brian had turned off the SusceptGear and was standing right next to me; him and his sarcasm...

"So, Mia? How are your children doing now?"


I stood up right away and turned to him. His smile was unmistakable... He had tricked me into going outside, making me believe I was some sort of squirrel lover. I took a deep breath to insult him, but the freezing air entering my lungs made me panic. I attempted to run to the house, but he intercepted me.

"Aaaah! Let me go! Let me gooo!"

"Ah, come on. Calm down, Mia! See, you are outside, and you are enjoying it."

"No! No! Let me go! It's too cold!"

"No, it's not, and you are fine. See, winter is nice. You can feed squirrels, and it's fun."

"No! You just made me think it was!"

"Is that the truth? Don't you want to feed them some more? I know you love squirrels. You are ALWAYS looking at them through the window."

"... I do... but... my fingers... they hurt."

"Yeah, they do, but it's not dangerous if we don't stay out for too long. Look at them, Mia... They want more food."

Somehow, my panic was a bit unjustified, and I knew it. Of course, I wouldn't tell Brian, but the time I spent outside while hypnotized was enough for my body to somewhat adapt to the cold temperature. Yes, my fingers were tingling a bit, but it was because I had no gloves... the rest of my body was fine.

I turned around to look at the fluffy black rodents, and they were still sniffing around, trying to find uneaten peanuts unsuccessfully. I crouched down, without adding a word and grabbed some from the bag before presenting my hand to them. They quickly bounced in my direction and took them from my fingers, which made me smile.

"Brian, add another word, and it's you that I will feed to them."

"Yes, Queen of the Squirrels."

"... You are dead!"

"Aaaah! Curse you!"

"What? Did you think I'd turn you into a squirrel lover and just leave it at that? I want my kinky maid back!"

I should have known. After spending some more time outside feeding the cute squirrels, we got back inside the house, I took off my winter gear, and that was when I realized that Brian had enabled the setting preventing me from taking the SusceptGear off my forehead. I tried hard, but my hands just wouldn't do it.

Mentioning that he wanted his maid back was not a surprise, but to me, it meant that I had no idea what was coming next. All he had to do was press a button, and I'd be at his mercy again... which was not an idea I hated.

I was making a fuss about him controlling me mostly to be funny. This kind of adventure he was putting me through was something we talked about after my intense solo experience with the device. He was not forcing me to do anything. I was simply a willing candidate. Of course, I had not expected the Queen of the Squirrels curveball, but it aligned with what he told me he would do; surprise me with fun and different experiences and adventures.

Brian told me that he was not interested in turning me into a brainless slave; that was more my fetish than his to some from a certain point of view. I wanted to please him sexually as much as possible, but he just didn't need much to be happy. I think he just liked having a charming Latino girl at his side who was entertaining and supportive. Without my normal brain, he would undoubtedly lose interest, but that didn't prevent him from trying things that he knew would make me happy.

"So, Mia. Didn't you have fun with the squirrels?"

"Yeah... Maybe... I kind of expected something more... kinky. You failed me!"

"Failed you? Ah, that's harsh. You loved feeding the squirrels! It was a great idea."

"Mmm... Okay, it was fun. But now I need something more adult."

"Oh, we are not done yet. Phase two is already programmed in the SusceptGear. You're going to love it."

"Am I? What will it be?"

"Something more for myself this time. But I know you. You're going to love it too."

"Does it involve latex again?"

"Yep! I told you, I want my maid back. You'll need to wear your uniform for me."

Well, I didn't expect Brian to answer my question. He has been very secretive since we decided to play with the device. He refused to discuss today's plan with me until now. I should have been happy that he provided me with some sort of answers, but I couldn't help but find this suspicious.

"What else?"

"You are going to go for a little nap... and you'll feel very good when you wake up... and probably a bit more clingy."

"Heeey... I'm already clingy! Why are you even telling me everything anyway? What are you hiding from me? "

"I'm not hiding anything, Mia... I swear. You'll want to wear your uniform, you'll go for a little nap, and then you'll be very attracted to me."

"Will I be able to think by myself?"


"Okay... Now I know you are hiding something! You are too honest!"

"Maaaaybe. Shall we begin?"

"If there is no sex this time, I'll be super mad at you."

"You'll see... I'm sure you're going to like it."

Brian pressed the button on the remote, and I immediately fell into my pleasant trance. All my little muscles relaxed, and my worries vanished. I was semi-conscious about what was happening to me, but I learned that letting things happen without resisting would provide me with a much more enjoyable experience.

Then I felt it... Brian didn't lie to me. I looked down at my clothes and understood that something was wrong. Why was I dressed up like this? Where was my latex maid uniform? The urge to wear it was real and powerful.

Without overthinking this, I trotted upstairs and went to my closet. There, on the shelf, was what I needed. I grabbed the pile of latex and brought it to the bed and stripped naked.

Of course, the real me didn't go anywhere even while hypnotized; I dropped my clothes on the floor, not caring the slightest if it was appropriate to do so. Brian, who had followed me, commented on my poor behavior.

"Aaah, Mia! You are such a slob."

"Mmm? Master? I... I don't know. Did I do something wrong?"

"Nah, it's fine... Keep going. I like what I see."


Of course, he liked what he saw. I was naked in front of him and bending to pick up my latex panties from the pile.

I slid my legs through the holes and pulled the stretchy underwear up to my crotch. To feel the rubber brushing against my clean shaved pussy sent a wave of pleasure through my entire body.


I needed more. The stockings were next. Sitting on the bed's edge, it took me a long time to squeeze my smooth legs in the long socks. But all this work was quickly forgotten as I really loved what I was becoming.

The latex bra was a formality, and then, the piece of resistance, the cute rubber dress. I hugged it for a while, rubbing it on my naked skin, and then began to put it on. I wasn't too sure why I loved it so much, but it felt right. It made me feel so good all over.

"Let me help you with this, Mia."

My Master approached and assisted with the long back zipper. Having the tight latex gripping all around my torso made me feel so safe and warm. The last little things to go on was my cute white apron and headband.

Brian turned me around to face him, and out of the blue, he gave me a long and tender kiss. Naturally, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body against his. As a maid, I had this deep desire to please my Master; it was my duty.

It didn't take long for us to end up on the bed. We made out for a while, it was so good, but I felt really tired at some point.

"M... Master... I'm... so tired."

"I know you are... just lie down on my chest and close your eyes. I love watching you while you are sleeping. You are so cute, Mia."

"O... okay."

I rested my head on his chest, and it was so comfy. I could hear his slow heartbeat and soothing breathing. My lips curled up, and I just let myself drift away; I was so happy right now.

"Mmm... That was a good nap! Wait... Am I... still hypnotized?"

When I woke up, Brian was no longer at my side. I rolled to my back on the large empty bed and tried to understand what he had done to me. My mind was clear, but I was quite turned on; I suspected it was partly because of what I was wearing. I definitely loved latex way more than usual and was conscious enough to acknowledge it; this didn't come as a surprise; it was totally the SusceptGear talking. He undoubtedly conditioned me to like it so that I wouldn't be annoyed by the stretchy material until further notice.

But what else? I remembered we made out before I fell asleep, but I kind of expected more. Did we have sex, and I forgot about it? It didn't seem very plausible.


The right thing to do was to go find him and get some answers. I tiptoed out of bed and headed downstairs. I hoped he wouldn't be outside because there was no way I would set foot outdoors in the cold dressed up like this.

Fortunately, I found him reading a book in the living room. He looked at me with a smile and opened his arms as I climbed on him.

"There you are. How are you feeling, Mia?"

"Turned on... I see that you conditioned me to like latex a bit more."

"Sure did... I love it when you wear your uniform. You expected that, I'm sure."

"Yes, but... Now I want you... badly."

"Do you? Do you want to kiss me?"

"Yes... and more."

"More? Like what?"

"... Well... I'll show you."

I leaned forward to kiss him, making sure my boobs were as close as possible to his face. I was ready, but I needed him to be fired up as well for what was coming next. I was not exactly sure what he had done to me, but I had this urge to take care of him very well. It looked like he would let me take the lead and do whatever I wanted, so it was even better.

Kissing wasn't enough, so I got off the couch and knelt in front of him. It took me only a second to unbuckle his pants and pull them down along with his boxers; I met no resistance from his part. And then it was there, in front of me... my reward, and my opportunity to tease him back.

"Mmm... Do you want me to suck on it?"

"You do whatever you want, Mia..."

"Heeey... You are supposed to say yes to make me feel desired."

"I don't know, Mia... What do YOU want to do?"

"I... I want to suck your cock... badly."

"So, what are you waiting for?"

"... I..."

That was the part where I was supposed to give him a blowjob... It was there in front of me... just the sight of his erect member turned me on like crazy... but... I couldn't grab it ... My hands tried to reach it, but they just wouldn't... Same thing with my mouth. I had a strong urge to lick it, but every time I tried to get too close, I couldn't go any further...

"B... Brian!?"

"What's wrong, Mia... don't you want to pleasure me?"

"I... I really do... But... I can't..."

"Oh? Really?"

"What... what did you do to me?"

"I don't know... try again. Hehe."

I REALLY wanted to give him a blowjob, and that was turning me on so much, but I just couldn't get to it. I started to understand what he may have done to me, and it made me fearful.

"Sorry, Mia. I thought you were turned on and wanted to have sex with me. Ah, well, another time, maybe."

"Wait! ... Why can't I touch your cock. This is abnormal."

"Hehe. Maybe you are just not turned on enough. We can try again later."

"NO! I want it now... I'll try something else..."

As Brian was about to stand up, I pushed him back to his couch. Then I climbed back on him and pulled my panties aside. If my hands and mouth couldn't reach him, surely I would still be able to sit on him... To take him inside me.

Lowering my hips, I aligned my wet slit with his cock head... but just as they were about to meet, once more, an invisible force blocked me. Seeing my pleasure so close, yet unreachable, sent a big wave of sexual pleasure down my spine, making me moan involuntarily...

"Aaanh! Brian! What is happening?"

"I don't know... You seem very turned on. It's adorable."

"But... I can't fuck you... I need to fuck you now, or else I will lose my mind."

"It's not like I'm preventing you from doing so. You are super hot, and I'd love it if you gave me a good time."

"... Why can't I? How did you program the SusceptGear? Tell me! AAaaanh!"

Brian reached my crotch with his hand and slid a finger over my clit. I rushed to grab his wrists, but I didn't want him to stop.

"See, I can touch you. It's easy. Can you touch yourself?"

"T... Touch myself!?"

"Yeah, try it. I like it when you play with yourself in front of me. It's sexy."

Brian removed his hand from my burning crotch, inviting me to give him a little show. His idea was not that bad. If I couldn't provide him with pleasure, at least I could satisfy myself. That said, I suspected he proposed that to me for a reason; it sounded like another trap.

I tried to reach my crotch, but outside being able to tug on my panties, I couldn't go any further. The thought of masturbating in front of Brian increased my arousal, but there was nothing I could do to get some relief.

"What? Mia? You don't even want to play with yourself for me. That is just ungrateful."

"Brian... Stop it! Tell me what you have done!"

"Haha! Okay, okay! I programmed your headgear so you couldn't pleasure yourself or pleasure me. Outside kissing me, there is not much else you can do. The more you will try, the more you will think about it, the more your arousal will increase."


"Don't make that face. There is a way out for you."

"... Is there?"

"Yes, this block should vanish after you get an orgasm. So you just have to cum hard one time, then you'll be back to normal and be able to do whatever you desire."

"... But... How am I supposed to do that if I can't even touch myself."

"You have to convince me to fuck you. Hehe. I can make you cum all I want. You are the conditioned one, not me."

"Fuck me now! For I am Mia, and this I command!"

"No. Not until you convince me that you really want me to."

"That's terrible! Hehe. You are a monster! Fuck me now! Stop teasing me."

Brian got off the couch and walked toward the kitchen while pulling his pants up. I had to admit that his twisted idea was pretty good; I was impressed by his creativity level. I think he remembered what turned me on last time, and he used that to create this little challenge for me. He knew that I had loved being unable to cum when I had painted myself in a corner during his business trip, and he decided to give me more of that.

As he walked away, I caught up to him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Wait! Wait! You... You were hard and excited... Sooo... You can make love to me now. Right? You were just joking, right?"

"Mmm... No... You didn't seem motivated enough. What do you want for lunch? We have some leftover tacos."

"Briaaan! Please... I'll let you take me the way you want, and I won't complain."

"Noted. Maybe after lunch, then."


What was that? His rejection turned me on even more. He did say that the more I would try, the more excited I would get. If I attempted to convince him too much, I would turn into a miserable ball of sexual energy. I remembered that feeling from last time.

"Aaah! Brian... I'll cook your dinner too if you fuck me now!"

"No, you don't even know how to cook!"

"I know... but... I can try!"

"You'll need to find something better, Mia. Threatening to poison me won't help your case."


This is going to be more complicated than I thought. I tried to reach the SusceptGear with my hands, but of course, he had not changed that setting. The device was a prison preventing me from escaping his evil mind so he could torture me. I would need to find a way out of this.


"Yes, Mia?"

"... What if I promise to wear my uniform all week? Would you make love to me right now?"

"Mmm... No."

"Aww... Why? Don't you like it when I wear it?"

"Oh, it's not that. I just think you can offer something better. I feel greedy. I have to make you work a bit more, or else it's not fun."

"But I'm so turned on right now... It doesn't go away."

"I know, and it's only going to get worse. You better come up with something fun soon, or by dinner time, you'll be in bad shape."

Groaning was pretty much my only option. Another attempt to get fucked, another rejection, and another spike of arousal. I wasn't too sure what he expected from me, but I would need to find it soon.

I retreated to the bedroom with my tablet to watch some cat videos. At least baby cats didn't turn me on. And maybe watching some of those fuzzy felines playing around would give me an idea for an offer he wouldn't be able to turn down. Sadly for me, Brian was not the demanding type and never tried to transform me into a more slutty sexual partner; he was just good at accepting most of the stuff I was throwing at him.

I could tell him that I would give him a blowjob every morning for a month or that I would swallow every drop every time, but that was not what he was after, and it wasn't that far from what I was already doing anyway.

So what could I offer him to convince him to fuck me?

I turned on my tablet and started watching some videos. My hand kept going down to my crotch, very close to the sensitive spot, but I couldn't pleasure myself. I was barely able to tug on my panties but only in a way that it wouldn't stimulate me. My brain was determined not to let me do anything sexual.

After a good thirty minutes, Brian met me in the bedroom. He sat next to me without a word and placed his hand on my inner thigh. That caught my attention. Was he unable to wait any longer? Maybe it was because I ignored him?

"B... Brian?"

"You aren't trying very hard? Watching cat videos won't help."

"Well, if I try too much, I'll get even more aroused."

"True, but I really want to have sex with you, in case you didn't notice. I don't want to wait a full week."

"I'm trying to think of something... it was your idea to do this. It's your fault for being so picky."

"Oh, I have no regret. But I'm just here to give you a good reason to think harder."

"... AAAH!"

Brian placed his left hand on my chest to keep me down in my pillow pile, and his other went right inside my latex panties. There was nothing I could do to stop him... anyway, I didn't want to do that. Hell yeah, I wanted more of this.

It was so odd; he rubbed my clit as much as he wanted, but I couldn't even push my hips up to participate. The only pleasure I was getting was the one he chose to give me.

"Aaaah! This feels so good... Go faster!"

"Faster? Alright... How does this feel?"

"AaAAH! Yes! Yes! That's it! That's it!"

The context of this whole activity completely escaped my mind, and I forgot that he was probably just teasing me. My arousal spiked like crazy, and I was getting closer and closer to the edge. Finally, Brian would release me from my curse, and I would be able to reward him with an amazing Mia lovemaking session.

Unfortunately, if I had been more focused, I would have seen that this was just another one of his tricks.

"Alright, I think you are warmed up enough. I have to go to the store, I will come back in about an hour to see if you came up with better arguments to make me believe you deserve that orgasm."

"... Aaanh! B... Brian.... You... you can't... do that!? I am so close!"

"I sure can! See you in a bit, little maid. Think hard. I want something special when I'm back."

He waved at me, holding the remote in his hand, then just walked away from the bedroom. I couldn't believe it... All of that was just to tease me and increase my arousal level. It was so not fair!

"Brian! Come back now, you monster!"

No reply. When I heard the front door opening and closing, I rushed to the window and saw him driving away in the snow.

"B... Brian... No..."

My body was in agony from the device that prevented my arousal from going down. It was as pleasurable that it was distressing. Not being able to cum was one thing, but not being able to play with myself or to fuck anything was a whole new level of mental pain.

I returned to my bedroom and tried everything I could to no avail. Touching myself was impossible, using a vibrator didn't work either, and even humping a pillow was not a viable solution. If I consciously tried to pleasure myself, I just couldn't get myself to do it no matter what technique I employed.

It made me realize once more all the potential contained in this little headband called SusceptGear. It was so powerful. It could make me do anything and everything. As I tried to calm my breathing, I laid flat on my back and thought about that for a minute.

I wanted this whole situation to happen. I kept whining that I didn't want Brian to control me, that I wanted him to free me now, that I wanted him to make me cum. But no, that's not what I really wanted. And I knew deep inside of me that I just had to ask him in a serious tone that I wanted this to end, and he would turn it off right away. I trusted Brian with my life.

He knew me very well. When I was joking and saying harsh things that had the opposite meaning, he knew it and naturally played along. This sense of humor was part of why he loved me; I entertained him daily with my childish attitude and overreactions. I loved acting like this even though it often bit me in the ass... like today. I liked being bit in the ass.

I stared at the ceiling, and a smile appeared on my face. I remembered the last baby cat video I watched, the one where it got all tangled in yarn.

"Alright, Master Brian... Challenge accepted. Wait till you come back! I guarantee you that you are going to fuck your maid."

"Mia! I'm back! So, did you think of... What the hell?"

Ah! He finally got home. And as per his reaction, he saw what I did, and now he was climbing up the stairs. The first phase of my plan worked. Lure him to me in a shocking way.

My goal was to wait for him in our bedroom. At first, I thought I would leave a trail of rose petals from our house's front door to the bedroom, but it was minus fifteen Celsius outside, obviously not too flower friendly. So I grabbed my massive pile of sexy panties and bras and sprinkled them around to make a path leading upstairs.

His footsteps got closer; I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Mia? Why did you throw your panties everywhere and... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!"

"M... Master... W... welcome home!"


His crotch zipper almost busted open because of his instant hard-on. What he was looking at was too much for his little reptilian brain to handle. I was wearing my latex maid uniform, I had no choice, but I decided to make him admire it from a different angle.

I was kneeling on the bed, face down, butt up in the air. My hands were tied together and attached to the headboard, and my ankles were secured to the corner of the bed, forcing my legs open. I looked at him with my head sideway; there was no doubt that my extreme arousal and flushed cheeks made me look super attractive. I also made sure my tongue was out just slightly, so my mouth would look extra appetizing.

My voice tone matched my look. I wanted to show him how submissive I could be, in a way that, even if he never really cared about that kind of behavior, he wouldn't be able to resist this time. I gave him something that even the most egalitarian male wouldn't be able to ignore.

But it was not enough. I also left a wooden paddle that we never really used; I think we got it from a stupid gift exchange. There was also a paper note for him to read.

His shaky hands grabbed it.

"Master Brian, I've been a very naughty maid. I broke the rules and got sexually aroused during your absence and tried to play with myself. Please punish me and use me as you see fit."

If this didn't work, I didn't know what would. But I think things were going my way now as Brian caressed my barely covered ass.

"Indeed, you've been a bad little maid, Mia. I think you deserve at least ten paddle hits... Mmm... No... Let's make it twenty-five because you left all those panties on the floor. What kind of maid does that?"

"I'm... I'm sorry Master. Please, spank me as hard as you'd like, I need to learn to be better."



I didn't see that one coming... How did I not notice that Brian had grabbed the paddle already? I knew he mentioned in the past that he would like to try this kind of game, but now I saw that he wouldn't take any chance to miss this golden opportunity; he got right into it.

"Is there a problem, Mia?"

"No... No Master... I love it, Master!"

I guess that was his way to check if it was too much for me.


"AAaah! It... It hurts... a lot... but... It makes you happy, right?"

"Very much so. I love spanking my pretty maid. More than I thought I would."

"Pleasing you always feels so good, Master."

It was cheesy acting, it hurt quite a bit, but I'd not want it any other way. I could tell Brian was enjoying himself a great deal. Spanking me was probably the last thing he had expected today. For sure, using the device to force me to do something different was his goal, but he certainly didn't think I'd push things this far.

The spanking continued for a while until I received my full twenty-five well-deserved smacks on the butt, which would undoubtedly leave some marks. I'd probably have told him to be more gentle in any other circumstances, but it was important to me to let him do it his way this time around.

Now that the punishment was out of the way, it was the moment of truth. I needed him to fuck me right here and right now until I get that liberating orgasm. It was time to crank up the heat a bit more.

"Master Brian... Thank you! You can punish me further if that is what you would like. I will try not to complain as much this time."

"No, I think we spanked you enough. We can do it again later if you keep misbehaving."

"Yes, Master... my only wish is to be useful and learn... I'm happy that you teach me how to do things better."

"Talking about useful..."

"Aaaah! M... Master!!!"

YES! Brian just plunged his fingers inside of me, and since I was already pretty much on the edge, it felt extra good. My first reflex was to push back against his hand, but of course, the stupid SusceptGear prevented me from doing so. The only thing I could do was to beg for more.

"Aaanh! Please... Teach your maid how to be useful... very useful. Aaanh! Fuck!"

"How can I resist such a great educational opportunity?"

Yep, he won't back out now. I won! He moved behind me after taking off his pants and then grabbed my hips. When his cock entered me, it was evident that he liked what I had done for him; it felt as if he went just a bit deeper than usual.

When he started moving in and out, it felt so good. The hypnosis was no longer relevant; I enjoyed this so much after being denied all day; it reminded me of the last time I played with the device. I had not been able to cum for one full week until Brian returned from his business trip and fucked me while I was in sex doll mode.

"AAaah! I'm close... I'm so close... Master... Can... Can I cum."

'As much as you want, Mia... you deserve it!"

"Aaah! I'm... I'M CUMMING! AAAAH!"

Holy fuck! That was a powerful one! I tugged hard on my bonds while mentally exploding, and while Brian kept pounding me. Then something happened... I was now able to push against him...

"I... I can move..."

"Hehe... Yes, you can. I told you the truth. Cumming hard would free you. Here... let me take those cuffs out so you can have more fun."

"Y... yes, Master."

"Still Master, uh? You like that?"

"I love it... and RAWR!"

As soon as he opened my cuffs, I turned around and jumped on him. Faster than lightning, I was the one on top, kissing him deeply. I sat on his cock and started fucking him harder!

"Aaaah! It's so good! Please, cum inside of me, Master!"

"You are such a dirty maid... You'll have to work hard for it."

"Yes, Master!"

For the next few minutes, I alternated between fucking him and sucking him. I acted as if I wanted to make him cum quickly but managed the session so that he didn't cum TOO soon. He deserved to have a lot of fun because of the creative way he used the SusceptGear today.

I loved it when we did this sixty-nine for a while. It allowed me to deepthroat him all the way while he was licking me. I'm pretty sure I came again while we were doing that. But right after, I rode him again, this time aiming for the grand finale.

"Aaaah! AAah! Master Brian! Please, cum inside me... I want you to cum inside my womb! Please fill it up as much as you can!"

"Aaah! Mia! You are so hot!"

His facial expression couldn't hide anything... He was having an orgasm of a lifetime. I felt his warm semen pouring inside me, which I usually don't feel; that was pretty cool.

As his orgasm died down, I laid down on top of him, panting because of the strenuous workout, and just started giggling.

"Haha! That was so good! I love you so much!"

"Damn, Mia! I love you too... but... your womb? Fill up your womb? That was so dirty!"

"I think you did fill up my womb this time. You must have ejaculated a gallon."

"You are one twisted maid. You know that?"

"Yep, and you love me for it."

"Indeed... This was hot as hell. Let me take that thing off your head now."

"At least! Freedom! Freedom!"

"Yep, it only took a little spanking session to get free. Simple, uh?"

"I know... but I loved it. I didn't think I would enjoy getting spanked that much. It was a good experience."

Brian laughed and gave me a couple of small slaps on the butt.

"You probably wouldn't have without the device! Hehe."


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