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Winter Maid

by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 3 - Too Much

"Aaaah! Come on! I want to cum!"

As soon as Brian left for work, I grabbed my vibrator and pressed it skillfully on my clit. I was too turned on to sleep last night, and I didn't manage to cum once. This morning wasn't any more successful.

"I want to cum so badly now! Masturbating just makes it worse."

I sank a bit more under my bedsheets, bringing the duvet up to my nose, hiding my smile. I still wasn't convinced the SusceptGear was responsible for my inability to climax, but I could say that... I liked it.

Why was this making sense? I was not too sure, but instead of getting angry or frustrated, being increasingly turned on without the possibility of relief was a pretty cool thing. When Brian and I fucked, it turned me into a slut trying to orgasm, which gave us a great experience.

Brian didn't know about the conditioning sessions; he merely thought that I was playing maid and acted sexy while he was away, similar to what he saw me do when he was around. I would probably tell him eventually, but I was not ready to share that kind of detail just yet. I had too much to explore and discover first, and I wished to do that by myself before I let him jump in.

My mind kept drifting to either my latex maid uniform, my SusceptGear, or my conditioning sessions. I felt a bit obsessed. Brian was right; it was a new cool toy, and I was very excited about it. It was the same feeling as getting a shiny new vehicle and going crazy about the new car smell.

I sprang out of bed and went to the closet. A whiff of latex reached my nose as soon as I slid the door open. Wearing this uniform right away was what I unquestionably needed, so I brought it back to the bed and began dressing up.

There was no doubt anymore that the latex conditioning I had been subjecting myself to was working. I enjoyed the material more and more. The headgear's suggestions modified my perception, which inverted my feeling toward what I disliked only a few days ago.

Instead of acting as a scary deterrent, this manipulation of my mind just made me understand that no matter what kink I would try, the device could end up making me easily love it; this was somewhat reassuring. I would be able to add all the kinks I wanted and end up naturally loving them over time without second thoughts.

I poked my puff sleeves with my fingers; this dress was so cute. It was time to have fun, so I fetched my laptop, brought it back to my bedroom, and installed myself on the bed surrounded by my many pillows.

"So, what am I doing today? The problem is that I'm so darn tired. I barely slept last night. I wasn't used to being turned on this much, and it kept me awake. Maybe I could start with a long conditioning session to rest for a while."

I wanted to go deeper into my love of latex. It worked for me so far, and increasing that feeling was just very appealing to me. Brian would get what he loved, and I didn't mind at all. I went to my conditioning menu and selected my latex kink.

I scheduled my session for 8am and set it for four hours to give myself a morning off work. Walking around the house all day yesterday tired my legs; I wasn't used to doing that much housework. I also knew I would feel like a million bucks after such a deep and long conditioning. For some reason, I didn't fear setting up a lengthier session anymore. After all, my three hours experiment the other day had not caused me any harm.

The next stop for my mouse was my behavior menu, where I had previously set activation desire, conditioning desire, and orgasm denial. I questioned myself as to whether or not I should leave those enabled.

Activation and conditioning desires were not an issue. I didn't feel anything unusual related to that. Sure, I was impatient to start my session, and I was looking forward to doing this long latex conditioning, but I didn't think those minor settings had driven my desire. It was just me loving what I was doing, and there was nothing wrong about that.

The only item that concerned me a bit was the orgasm denial. I wasn't sure if it was the reason I had not been able to cum since yesterday, but I didn't think so. Some light conditioning while I was awake as a maid couldn't have worked that fast; could it?

No matter what the truth was, I admitted to myself earlier that I had loved being unable to cum and that it was not a bad thing to be more and more aroused. Being in a high state of sexual excitement made me want to be fucked harder by Brian. It was certainly not a con in my book.

"I'm leaving them all on. I even want to add more."

Searching the list to find the one that had caught my eye yesterday, I scrolled down and finally found it. Breast desire; while not wearing the SusceptGear, the subject's breasts will become increasingly sensitive. I LOVED it when Brian was playing with my boobs, so that was a must-have, plus it would go hand in hand with orgasm denial. It would just be a little nudge to entice me to wear the device again.

While I enabled it, I spotted another one named Wet desire; while not wearing the SusceptGear, the subject vagina will become wetter and wetter.

"WHAT? No way! That's not even possible. Now, this is bullshit. The programmer of this software must have added all his twisted fantasies thinking women were meant to be juicy toys and prayed they would work. Hehe. You know what? ENABLED! I swear, if this works, I'll put all the available kinks in a hat and pick a random one to condition myself for a full day."

That behavior section related to the SusceptGear was by far the most entertaining one I played with so far, and there were still tons of features I could enable in it. It would take a very long time to try them all.

"Now, what will I do in the afternoon? Brian said he would come back early, so I don't want him to see me during my conditioning, else he will ask questions, but I want to try more of it. Maybe I'll do a quick session right after lunch..."

I wanted to try a new deep conditioning today. Because I was doing so well with the latex one already, there was no need to push it further. So I went to the enormous list and started browsing, perhaps looking for something that would go well with what I already had programmed.

As expected, I didn't know what I was looking for, and fisting was not a kink I dreamed of.

"Needle play, no thank you... diaper... not for me... Pet play? Well, that's very cute, but that is not what I'm looking for... I would have to check with Brian on that one, though. Why is it so hard to decide?"

I didn't want to select the two ideas Brian had suggested either, I planned to enforce those while he was away, so I could be all ready for him when he came back. No, today I needed something fun, like... Self Nipple play?

"The subject will not be able to resist playing with her own nipples. Hey! That could turn Brian on; it sounds slutty enough and will go along well with breast desire. `I had ever done such a thing in front of him. That could be very hot."

I added a two hours session from 1pm to 3pm for this new kink. It would be hilarious if it were to work. Maybe I was slowly becoming the perfect erotic and kinky girlfriend that everybody was dreaming of.

As usual, making a mistake was not something I wanted, so I carefully reviewed my final list to make sure I had not made a typo somewhere.

"Removal of the device, disabled."

"Four hours of latex conditioning at 8 am."

"Two hours of self nipple play conditioning at 1 pm."

"Activation desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Conditioning desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Orgasm denial, ongoing conditioning."

"Breast desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Wet desire, ongoing conditioning."

"I feel like this is not enough... I kind of want more... Ah well, I will have all week by myself after today, I will be able to try whatever else I want."

I uploaded my settings to the SusceptGear and put my laptop aside. It was just past 8am, so as soon as I would activate the device, I would fall asleep for the next four hours. I was so tired from my difficult night that I was really looking forward to being conditioned.

I placed the remote on the nightstand, laid down comfortably in my pillows, and I pressed the button. All the tension in my muscles magically vanished, my mind calmed down, and I was a maid again.

"So... So tired... Hehe... I wonder... if... if I can resist..."

And I failed. My eyes closed, and I was sent deep into slumber.

Four hours later, the SusceptGear revived me from my deep latex conditioning. This time around the effect was powerful; this longer session just turned me into an uncontrollable latex lover. I was rolling around on the bed, more than enamored by the stretchy material covering my body.

Again, while I was a maid, I was not smart enough to understand that I could have masturbated to get an amazing orgasm out of this. Instead, I was just enduring and loving my skyrocketed libido. This time it took me a good thirty minutes before being able to move on with something more productive, and even after that much time trying to get out of it, I was still in ecstasy.

Being a maid made me slow as usual, so I didn't have much time left to go to the kitchen and fix myself a snack. It was not an easy thing to confection a sandwich while assaulted by sexual waves.

I maybe had time to take two bites when my eyelids started to feel heavy again. I couldn't help but smile, knowing it was probably 1pm already, and I would need to find a place to sit for my second deep conditioning session. I was so looking forward to it.

I hurried to the couch and laid down on it.

"This... is... so awesome... What is this one? I... I can't remember..."

That was pretty much the extent of my mental capacity. The SusceptGear pushed me down to dreamland, effortlessly. I was such a willing candidate.

“AAaanh! Oh, my God! Mmmm.”

As soon as I had woken up, my hands went to my breast, not understanding why. I had been pinching and rubbing my nipples for the past ten minutes, which brought me so close to orgasm. I tried to do some work as a maid, but I had difficulties using my hands for anything else than playing with my tits.

It didn't sound as absurd as it was since the confusion didn't abandon my head once. I didn't remember much of what had happened today. I just knew I was so proud to feel like this, and so happy.

I worked aimlessly for a little longer. Thankfully, the nipple play died down significantly, but before I could achieve anything noticeable in the house, the front door opened and closed. My Master was back.

"Mia, come pick up the groceries and put them in the kitchen."

"Yes, Master."

"Oh, I see my little maid is still under. Having fun?"

"Yes, I feel amazing..."

"See, that is what happens when you do something else than watching cat videos, hehe."

"I don't know... I just feel great."

I didn't understand jokes; I was too mixed up in my head and too focused on what my Master had asked me to do. I brought the grocery bags one by one to the kitchen, slowly and inefficiently.

"Mia, I'm starting to understand why you are not making any good progress on your cleaning. You are so slow."

"I don't know, Master. Am I not doing things correctly?"

"Hehe, no. You are doing just fine. You are just funny."


"Come here for a sec."

All his commands were bypassing the work I was doing; Brian had top priority over everything. I got close to him, and he took me upstairs to the bedroom. He laid down first and made me climb on top of him and pulled me into a nice makeout session.

“Mmmm... I love you, Master. Aannh!”

"I love you too, Mia. I'll miss my little nymphomaniac this week."

"Mmm... why?"

"I told you I'd be away for a week."


I didn't care one bit. I didn't even know what Brian was talking about. I was his maid, and his hands ran everywhere on my uniform, which made me feel more than amazing. We kept kissing and cuddling for a long while, and my hands regularly went to my breast for some nipple pinching. This just felt so right.

Then I heard a beep. I stared at Brian while the events of my entire day were coming back to me. I turned beet red when I realized I was fondling my boobs in front of him.

"B... Brian?"

"Mia? Hehe."

"Oh, my God. What a rush! Why didn't you fuck me as a maid? I am so horny!"

"Well, when you are a maid, you are so confused. It is super cute and sexy, but you do a better job in bed when you have all your head. So, now that you are back to your whiny self, let's get to it!"


He was always doing this to me; he flipped me around like a crepe and ended up on my back. There was nothing I could do to prevent him from doing what he wanted with me, not that I had a problem with that.

He quickly removed my panties and began fingering me.

"Darn, Mia... talk about wet."

"What.. What did you say?"

"It's like a lake between your legs. I guess you are happy to see me."

"I... I am a bit turned on right now... Yes."

That was the understatement of the century; I needed to have sex right now, or I would lose my mind. What Brian said about me being wet was not something I ever heard from him before. I tried to remember the list of ongoing conditioning I had selected, but I was too busy moaning and pushing my hips up.


Brian put a hand on my breast... That sent an electric shock down my spine, almost making my heart explode.

"Hehe, Mia. I didn't know you liked to be touched there that much."

"MMmmm... I always loved it when you played with my boobs, but for some reason, it feels so much better today... must be the latex uniform, I love it so much."

I was in absolute denial. I knew exactly what was going on, and I didn't dare to believe it. I was wet like a river, my chest was so sensitive, refraining from playing with my nipples was nearly impossible, and the latex covering my skin felt fantastic.


"Brian... Please... Fuck me as hard as you can. I need to cum so badly."

"I'm really going to miss you this week. What did I do to deserve a girl like you?"

"I know! You are a lucky one, so don't make me regret it! Get to work!"

"Yes, Ma'am!"

The rodeo started. First, Brian licked me for an eternity. I quickly got to the edge but was stuck there, unable to go over. The pleasure I was receiving was indescribable and uncontrollable. Since this was going nowhere, he moved me to a doggy-style position, which was quite entertaining because my boobs were rubbing on the duvet; they were so sensitive.

Every single time Brian was slowing down, not to cum too fast, he massaged my boobs and kissed me deeply. I was literally losing my mind. I wasn't sure what the conditioning did to my breasts, but it was working.

"Aaannh! Mmm!"

"Still can't cum today?"

"N... No... aaah... but it's okay... I love it this way. Don't worry about me. just use me as you want."

"Okay, but if you don't cum today, you'll have to wait for a full week unless you are doing it yourself."

"It's... It's fine... aaaanh! I can wait... Can... Can you play with my nipples while you are fucking me?"

"Oh, special requests now? What if I do this...?"


Brian pinched my two nipples at the same time and rubbed them hard between his fingers. I think I squirted a little when he did that. He wouldn't let them go either. I was one millimeter away from a massive orgasm.... But it didn't happen.

Seeing me in that pathetic state, Brian took a long break just to play some more with my chest. There was some licking, massaging, pinching, and the O so amazing nibling. I was even rewarded with some gentle slapping. I was in heaven.

It was not easy to give him a blowjob while being stuck on the edge, but again, I didn't want him to find out about the reason for my blockage, so I tried to act as if I was just ordinarily excited, but inside, I was boiling.

We had fun for about two hours. Brian had filled me up well and left me in sex juice to go cooking our diner. I remained flat on my back, playing with myself and enjoying the moment.

"Aaanh... I'm so wet... This is crazy. And my boobs are on fire. It's going to be another long night..."

As I tried to calm down unsuccessfully, I noticed my SusceptGear remote sitting on the nightstand next to me. If I were to activate the device, it would allow me to calm down a little. I knew there were no more deep conditioning sessions programmed for today, so I could just try to chill on the bed until Brian called me for dinner. I really wanted to press that button... and I did.

A beep later, a wave of good feeling invaded me, and right away, my sexual tension diminished.

"Oooh... that feels so much better..."

I tried to stay still on the bed for a while but eventually lost focus and forgot why I was doing that. The first thing I noticed after getting up was that my uniform was incomplete, so I grabbed my latex panties and put them back on.

Finding something useful to do was my next mission. I walked out of the room and went downstairs. What my headgear decided based on what I was seeing was to do some more of the dishes. But of course, Brian was already cooking in the kitchen, staring at me and my odd behavior.


"Yes, Master?"

"You activated your nymphomaniac maid again?"

"I don't know. I would like to do the dishes?"

"No, I'm in the kitchen already ... Go kneel in the living room with your hands behind your back until I go get you."

"Yes, Master."

Obediently, I trotted back to the living room, knelt, and placed my hands behind my lower back. I was a little bit confused about the purpose of this, but I couldn't even consider disobeying.

For the next 20 minutes, I stayed there in silence on the soft carpet until Brian came to see me. He sat on the comfy couch and made me crawl closer to him so he could switch off my device.

"You really like being my maid, don't you?"

"Mmm... sorry. I meant to activate it only for a few minutes... but..."

"It's okay. As I said, you are super cute when you are a confused maid. But are you going to be okay all week by yourself?"

"Oh, yeah. It's not the first time you leave for that long."

"I know, but there was a sandwich on the counter with only two bites in it. It worries me a little bit if you can't feed yourself properly while I'm away."

"Ah... no, no. I... I just wasn't hungry... that's all."

"Mia... I'm not dumb. You were playing maid, and for some reason, you forgot to eat."

Oops! He easily saw through my lie. There was nothing else to do but admit things didn't go according to plan.

"Okay, okay. Yes, I got distracted by the device. But it was just bad luck. I didn't leave enough time between two tasks I had programmed. You saw me go. I'm pretty slow. Don't worry. It was just an accident. I learned my lesson."

"It's very true that you are turtle-slow when you are a maid... So, do you know what to do to avoid repeating this problem?"

"Oh yeah... That's easy. I was just testing some things, that's all, and it bit me in the ass."

"Alright then... Come here."

He made me climb on the couch and started kissing me... and my arousal went to the roof again. There was no way I could control it; it was absurd.

The rest of the evening was more of the same. We had dinner, watched another movie and we made love another time. Before going to bed, he undressed me so we could have our shower together, but that was also when I realized how latex addicted I had become; being naked felt strange.

Just before going to sleep, I put on my latex panties, bra, and stockings and joined him under the blankets. Of course, he laughed at me for being so into the rubbery material, but he didn't know how much I needed it now.

We cuddled for a while and fell asleep in each other's arms.

Curiously, I slept reasonably well. Perhaps I was getting used to this insane arousal. Brian left earlier, around 5 am, and I didn't even notice.

As soon as I opened my eyes, though, a big wave of sexual energy flooded my body. Talk about a wake-up call. The first thing I did was to rush my hands to my breasts.

"Aaaaanh! This is crazy... they are so sensitive!"

I turned around in my bed and discovered that my sheets were all wet.

"Oh, no! Don't tell me..."

When I pulled my rubber panties aside, a splash of warm liquid poured out. I couldn't believe it; my crotch was drenched in pussy juice. Wet desire and breast desire were what I had enabled in the program last time, and I couldn't deny it anymore; all the conditionings were working as advertised.

Maybe I should have been worried about this realization, but instead, it made me smile. It was the coolest thing I have ever experienced. How could this little device have turned me into this special horny creature? It was amazing.

I limped out of bed, trying to keep myself together and aimed for breakfast. Brian was right; I needed to make sure I was eating enough, even though it was fun to be a maid. It was not a good idea to skip meals as I did by mistake yesterday, and I would have to be mindful of that.

After fixing myself a small plate of food to nibble on, I sat at the kitchen table with my laptop, ready to program my day. Taking a break from the SusceptGear was not even something worth considering anymore. There was no way I could survive the day enduring this high level of arousal, and there was nothing wrong with doing what I liked to do anyway.

This time, I wanted to review my ongoing behaviors first.

"Activation desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Conditioning desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Orgasm denial, ongoing conditioning."

"Breast desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Wet desire, ongoing conditioning."

"All of those are making me feel really good. I'm not sure I want to remove any of them. I enabled them to entice me to play maid, and it's working, so why would I stop now? Let's see if there are any more cool ones."

As I was unconsciously playing with my sensitive nipple, I browsed the list of SusceptGear behaviors. I didn't feel as picky today for some reason, and I kind of wanted to try them all.

One of them caught my attention. Wearing desire; when the SusceptGear is not activated, the subject won't be able to take off or switch off the device.

When I imagined what I could do with this, I thought it was very cool. If it were to work, I could program the device to auto-activate and auto-deactivate at certain times, and I wouldn't be able to prevent it from happening, whether I changed my mind or not. I enabled that one.

"Oh? Enabling it unlocked another one. Sleeping desire; The subject will fall asleep for a period of time if she attempts to take off or switch off the device. I guess it would make it harder to remove it if there is a risk that I fall asleep. Why not. Another small challenge."

Another conditioning from the list that seemed like a lot of fun was Masturbation desire; while the SusceptGear is not activated, the subject will be compelled to masturbate.

I had spotted that one earlier because it would go hand in hand with Orgasm denial. Masturbating all the time would drive me nuts, particularly if I can't find a way to cum. The only way to escape it would be to activate my headgear. I hoped this one would work well.

"Hehe. That's enough for today, let's get out of that menu before I lose control..."

That was definitely enough for now, and probably too much to be honest. I knew that, so far, all the different conditionings had worked well and quickly. A little voice inside of me told me that I was screwing myself up, yet another voice was just convincing me that it was just good fun, and it was not working as well as my perception led me to believe. The latter kept winning.

After enabling that last feature, I exited the menu and started to think about how I would manage my sessions during the upcoming week while Brian was away. Playing all day without restriction was now a possibility, and I was looking for it.

"I kind of want to do something hot based on wearing desire conditioning... It inspired me a lot."

I could do something normal today, and then if I couldn't manage to remove the device from my forehead before it auto-activated the next morning, it would force me to go through a more intense day. Then every following day would be a bit more extreme until I managed to take it off.

This little plan was quite a turn on for some reason. I mean, it was low-risk since Brian would come back eventually and would stop the loop for me. Anyway, the chances that I wouldn't be able to stop were low. I had some difficulties in resisting so far just because I had not tried hard enough or didn't want to. Knowing myself, I would probably get bored of playing maid after a few days, and then the device would just stop having it's persuading effects on me.

At least, that was my logic.

I spent the next two hours programming my week while being a victim of bad judgment due to my high arousal and strong desire to go through with this. The task was even more difficult because I wanted to start right now; I was wet like a sponge, I couldn't keep my hands off my chest, and my arousal got even higher. It wasn't too bad until I programmed the last few days, which I rushed because I wanted to be done with it.

I roughly looked at my overview to make sure there were no obvious mistakes that would interrupt my fun.

First, there was the list of ongoing conditioning that would run every single day.

"Activation desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Conditioning desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Orgasm denial, ongoing conditioning."

"Breast desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Wet desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Wearing desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Sleeping desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Masturbation desire, ongoing conditioning."

"Removal of the device, disabled."

"Oh, my... that's a long list... Ah, well, it looks worse than it is. They are only minor options, so it's really not that bad. The schedule is really what matters the most."

Saturday (Today):

"Activation at 10 am."

"One hour of latex conditioning at 10 am."

"Two hours of self nipple play conditioning at 1 pm."

"Two hours of enhanced breast sensitivity conditioning at 6 pm."

"Deactivation at 9 pm."


"Activation at 8 am."

"Two hours of latex conditioning at 9 am."

"Three hours of oral conditioning at 1 pm."

"Two hours of blowjob training at 6 pm."

"Deactivation at 9 pm."


"Activation at 8 am."

"Two hours of oral conditioning at 8 am."

"One hour of blowjob training at 10 am."

"Two hours of enhanced clitoris sensitivity conditioning at 2 pm."

"One hour of blowjob training at 6 pm."

"One hour of deepthroat conditioning at 7 pm."

"One hour of deepthroat training at 8 pm."

"Deactivation at 9 pm."


"Activation at 6 am."

"Four hours of latex conditioning at 6 am."

"One hour of deepthroat training at 10 am."

"Three hours of enhanced clitoris sensitivity conditioning at 1 am."

"Three hours of enhanced breast sensitivity conditioning at 6 pm."

"One hour of deepthroat training at 9 pm."

"Deactivation at 10 pm."


"Activation at 6 am."

"Deactivation at 10 pm."


"Activation at 6 am."

"Two hours of deepthroat conditioning at 6 am."

"Two hours of deepthroat training at 8 am."

"Two hours of anal conditioning at 10 am."

"Two hours of enhanced anal sensitivity conditioning at 2 pm."

"Two hours of enhanced vaginal sensitivity conditioning at 4 pm."

"Three hours of latex conditioning at 6 pm."

"Deactivation at 10 pm."


"Activation at 5 am."

"Six hours of enhanced vaginal sensitivity conditioning at 5 am."

"Four hours of enhanced clitoris sensitivity conditioning at 1 pm."

"Five hours of enhanced breast sensitivity conditioning at 6 pm."

"Deactivation at 11 pm."


"Activation at 4 am."

"Sex doll mode."

I uploaded the schedule to the SusceptGear and placed it on my head. The battery was fully charged, and the packaging claimed that the lifetime was up to twenty-one days. Since seven days was way below that, I was confident that it wouldn't die on me in the middle of my adventure.

That said, I didn't quite believe it to be honest. I was pretty convinced that, at some point along the run, I would simply tire and stop the experience. I placed my bet on Wednesday; I reserved that full day to be a regular maid and clean the whole house as much as possible. I didn't want Brian to come back home after his trip and think I did nothing useful. After that full day of cleaning, I would surely be so drained that I would just shut down the device and just appreciate what had happened to me.

I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if I didn't manage to stop it. Up to Wednesday, it would be somewhat fun. I even added some blowjob training and conditioning; the former is supposed to compel me to practice on a dildo, and the latter was going to take me deep into trance and force me to like it more. The rest was to make me even more sensitive and sexual than I already was. All of this sounded crazy fun to me.

But if I didn't manage to stop by Thursday, things would get noticeably more intense. Thursday would be demanding on my brain, but what turned me on the most was what I had programmed for Friday and Saturday.

I found this sex doll mode in the list of features, and it made me fantasize like crazy. Once engaged, it was supposed to incapacitate me completely. I would be lying on the bed, or elsewhere, motionless, with my arousal supposedly through the roof. Brian was going to be back on Saturday morning, and he would find me like this, all available for him to use as he saw fit. I would just need to leave him a note so he wouldn't freak out because I looked dead.

In preparation for that final day, Friday was going to be all conditioning to make my body as sensitive as possible to enjoy whatever he would do to me. It was all fantasy, of course...but daydreaming was half of the battle.

"It's almost 10 am... I have to get ready..."

I went to the closet and grabbed my latex maid outfit. The desire I had to start this was unreal; I wanted to wear my uniform, the device, and begin my conditioning as soon as possible. I've been turned on like a nymphomaniac since yesterday without being able to get any relief. My inability to orgasm was great in the sense that it made me feel so sexual, but it was starting to get harder. Turning into a maid would calm me down a bit and make it more bearable... hopefully.

I merely had time to zip my dress up before I heard the beeping from the SusceptGear. I had anticipated the good relaxing feelings, and it didn't disappoint one bit. It would be great if everybody felt that way all the time; the planet would be a more peaceful place.

"Mmm... So tired... What... what was the first con... conditioning?"

I returned to my bed, curled on it like a cat, and my eyes closed.

"AAaanh! I... I love latex so much... mmm!"

When I woke up, my hands rushed to my uniform. It felt so incredibly arousing. I rolled around on my bed, trying to get more of that sensation. Not comprehending what I was doing or why, I wanted more of it. I was in this heightened state for a good fifteen minutes before I finally managed to do some useful work.

As usual, the first thing I did was to make my bed, and then I started walking around aimlessly, finding small things to do here and there, such as pinching a dust bunny with my fingers and walking to the nearest garbage bin to throw it out, or dusting a window frame. It would take me years to clean up the whole house at that rhythm, but it was so fun to do those little meaningful things.

Around lunchtime, I went to the kitchen to get some food. This time around, I had allocated enough time to prepare a random meal and eat it comfortably. Brian would be happy that I didn't forget to do this; he wouldn't have to scold me a second time for leaving an uneaten sandwich on the countertop.

I only had time to restart working for a few minutes when the SusceptGear initiated the next conditioning session. Because I had set up so many of those this morning, I couldn't remember what this one was going to be, but it made me so happy to let it happen. This time around, I selected the couch as my location of choice.

When I emerged from slumber, two hours later, my breasts were on fire. I had this uncontrollable desire to massage them. The combination of that, along with the feeling of the warm, stretchy latex covering them was too much. For the first few minutes, I seriously thought I was going to cum from my boobs.

"Aaaah! This... This is amazing... M... More..."

This time around, I really had a hard time going back to work. I could feel the SusceptGear screaming suggestion to go clean up the kitchen, but I was too deep into bliss to react efficiently. Of course, it was not obvious to me at that moment that I was being artificially manipulated, which made me extremely confused. But I didn't care about any of that; I just let the flow of suggestions carry me as they were coming.

After a good thirty minutes of this madness, I finally got enough willpower to do what I had to do. I dragged my aroused maid carcass off the couch and roamed around in search of more small tasks.

Before I knew it, it was 5 pm, and my SusceptGear wanted me to eat something again. It was not very easy to cook one-handed, but I didn't want to stop massaging my chest; it felt too darn good.

Once more, almost immediately after I ate, my evening conditioning session was about to start. I entirely gave up trying to remember how I had set up my week; I just surrendered to whatever the device was throwing at me. What was happening mixed me up too much to consider there could be an issue.

I ended up on the couch again and passed out.

"Oh,God! Oh, God! What the ... AAANH!"

This time it was no joke... I woke up after two long hours of deep conditioning, and as soon as I reached my breasts with my hands, a massive surge of sexual pleasure hit me like a ton of bricks. This feeling was beyond comprehending, and I had no clue why it was happening to me... but I LOVED IT!

This time, the SusceptGear had no chance to get me back to work... I just laid there immersed in a world of indescribable pleasure, trying to push myself over the edge, which didn't happen.

At 9 am when the device finally deactivated, I felt a mixture of amazement mixed with embarrassment. Pussy juice covered my legs, and all the memories of my nymphomaniac latex behavior rushed back to me.

As it was not enough emotions already, I had an immediate urge to start masturbating. My right hand went down inside my panties and began rubbing my clit.

"AAah! Don't... Don't tell me that worked too..."

If I were correct, my desire to play with myself had something to do with the ‘Masturbation Desire’ ongoing conditioning that I had added to my program. It didn't feel unpleasant at all, but now that I had some of my rationality back, I attempted to stop.

"Okay, okay... Calm down, Mia. One thing at the time... First, I have to call Brian to let him know I'm still alive. He probably knows that I played with my SusceptGear all day. Where is my phone?"

I went up to my bedroom and found my phone sitting on the nightstand. I only had one message that I received around 6 pm. Poor Brian, those teaching classes are always so demanding. He probably was swamped all day while I was having fun. I could tell in his voice tone when he broke the news to me that he didn't want to go.

His message made me laugh, though. "Where are my maid pictures?"

"Right, I kind of promised. Alright, Mia, time to look sexy."

I decided to pose for a sexy selfie while lying on the bed, but when my hand reached my boob, a lighting bolt hit my brain, turning it into oatmeal.

"Aaah! What the...! AAAanh!"

My breasts were so sensitive; it was not even funny... But it was feeling so darn good, though.

"Holy shit! Is that what Enhanced breast sensitivity conditioning is all about? How is that even possible. How can this device play with my brain so easily? Mmm... In the next few days, I am supposed to do the same with my clitoris and vagina... Maybe it's a bit too much too soon."

Yeah, I reminded myself that everything I put in my weekly schedule was mostly fantasy. It was just for the thrill of programming it and had no firm intention of going through with it. I didn't sign a contract stipulating that I couldn't change my mind.

I posed sexy again, enduring the delightful feeling of my hands on the latex, and sent a couple of selfies to Brian. That should cheer him up.

My phone buzzed almost immediately with a message from him. "Good little maid! You look so turned on. Good night, Mia. I'm dead tired. I'll chat with you tomorrow!"

I texted him a bunch of hearts and put my phone aside. That's when I realized that my free hand was back inside my panties.

"Geez... that's going to be challenging. I want to touch myself everywhere now."

I went to fetch my laptop and brought it back to my bed. Even though today was very nice and all, the result I got from breast sensitivity made me realize that perhaps I should ease into things a bit slower. I would cancel my weekly schedule and just continue programming the gear daily instead. I had no intention to stop, but I wanted to keep some sort of control; this was the reason, in the first place, why I didn't allow Brian to program anything for me.

I opened the laptop cover, which welcomed me with my lock screen.

"Mmm... Wait... What's my password? Heee... what?"

That was odd. I knew my password by heart. I have had the same one since I was little... It was the name of an animal... but... which one was it?

"The hell? Duck? ... No. Pony?... No. Llama?... No... Llama reminds me of WinAmp, not my password. Pigeon?... No, that's not it either..."

Freaked out was the appropriate expression to describe my current state of mind. There was no way I couldn't remember my password. I knew it, and I knew I didn't forget it, else I would not remember it was an animal.

For the next 15 minutes, while masturbating, I tried all the animals I knew, none of them worked, not even red panda, which was like the most adorable creature that existed on the surface of the Earth. Mmm! Cute red pandas. I wanted one.

"Well, that sucks... What did I even program for tomorrow? I think I had my first blowjob training session planned. That's not too bad, I could do that, but I would have loved to confirm. I guess I have no choice then... I'll put the device aside until I can figure out that laptop bullshit... It sucks. My fun week alone is turning into a boring one. Bleh!"

I reached my head to take off the SusceptGear and...

"What ... why ... I'm...

I collapsed; everything went black.

"Mmm? Wait... did I just fall asleep? What time is it?"

I stretched my arm and grabbed my phone.

"What? 1 am? Oops... not sure what happened there. I was trying to remember my password and... Aaaah! I'm so turned on again..."

The tight rubber panties held my hand to my crotch while I napped, and I had pruney fingers so much it was wet down there. How convenient! Since I had nothing better to do, I tried to get myself off. I rubbed my clit energetically while I squeezed my boobs with the other hand.

This combo got me to the edge very quickly... but the same as usual, I was blocked there; I just couldn't have an orgasm. I did this for about an hour without success and eventually fell asleep out of exhaustion.

A faint, beeping noise woke me up the next morning. I felt very relaxed, and the first thing I wanted to make sure of was that I was wearing my uniform. I rubbed my hands all over my body and, satisfied that I was cute and rubbery, I got off the bed and started to make it.

"Mmm... So many wrinkles..."

Several days later, on Saturday morning, I was lying down on my bed, unable to move a finger. My arousal was insanely high, and there was nothing I could do about it. Thinking was difficult, and I wasn't too sure what was happening to me, but I loved it so much.



I wanted to say "master," but no sound could escape my mouth. I could breathe, and that was about it. From the corner of my vision, I saw Brian, my Master, standing next to my bed, holding a paper note. I had no clue what it was.

"Hehe, looks like my little maid went a bit crazy with her new toy. Sex doll mode, uh? I will have to fix her mess. But since she didn't manage to do all her house chores, I guess that will have to wait a little bit. I'll have some fun with you before putting an end to your amusing little situation. I'm curious to find out what you've done to yourself exactly while I was away."

What ensued was absolute insanity. Brian got naked and started to play with my incapacitated body. His first move was to play with my breasts; The sensation was beyond heavenly. I was losing my mind. Why was I unable to or even make a sound, even during something so pleasurable? Why was I on the verge of a phenomenal orgasm?

When his hand went down to my soaked crotch and entered my panties, it triggered the most powerful orgasm of my life, and this time I moved. My doll-like encasement couldn't contain the orgasmic spasms. It was the first time in over a week that I came, and there were no words to describe it. There was no plausible explanation that I could come up with to validate why such a light touch made me explode in such a powerful manner.

The same thing happened several times when he licked me. The same thing happened several times when he fucked me. The same thing even happened when he stripped me naked and sucked and nibbled my overly sensitive tits. Yet... I just laid there like a puppet, unable to escape this alternate reality of bliss.

He must have played with me for a good two hours, not bad for a guy that claimed that he preferred me as Mia and not as a hypnotized maid; he really had a blast using what I offered him this morning.

"So, Mia? Have you had enough yet? I'm satisfied, so I hope you are too. Let's turn that thing off."


I wasn't too sure what he was talking about, but he reached my head and heard a little beep. My hand shot down to my crotch, and I started masturbating right away while I was getting flooded by memories of the past week.

"Aaaah! Mmmm... Brian! ... Aaaanh! You're back!"

"Went a bit overboard, haven't you?"

"I... I... It feels so good... Can... can you turn the SusceptGear back on... I... I would really like it."

"I will... Just stay here for a few minutes, I'll be right back with it..."

"AAaanh! But... why? Turn it back on now, please! AAAAH! Don't touch my breasts. They are too sensitive!"

"Hehe. Amazing... Stay here, Mia. Everything will be alright. I'll be back in a sec, I promise. Just play with yourself a bit more."

I was so confused... Brian pulled the device off my head and left the room. What was he going to do with it? It was hard to find answers while being so sexually fired up. Why was I still so turned on even though I came countless times since he came back?

It almost took ten minutes before he came back, but it felt like hours. I was stuck on the edge, unable to cum, and was losing my mind. I wanted my device back right now because I knew it was the only thing that could calm me down.

"Alright, you want it back, right?"

"Give it to me, before my heart explodes."

"Oh... You are so bossy when you are desperate. Stop moving for a sec! Let me put it back on you."


"There... I'm going to turn it back on now. Goodnight, Mia."

"Wait... what? Why, goodnight?"

"You'll see... don't worry about anything."

He pressed the button of the remote before I could even utter another word. My favorite relaxing feeling invaded my body, and I started to smile.

"Aaah! It feels so much better... but ... why... Why am I so tired?"

"I'll see you in twelve hours, Mia. Just rest."

My eyes closed and my head rolled sideways... gone to dreamland.

"Mmm? Where... where am I?"

My eyes opened slowly. I felt unusually peaceful, a bit lost, though. My body was heavy on the bed as if I had the best sleep of my life. I pulled myself up and rested my back on the headboard. A weird smell entered my nose.

"Ugh! What's that smell..."

I brought my hand to my face to cover my airways, but it just made it worse... That's when my eyes landed on the source of this pestilence; I was wearing latex.

"Oooh, that's right. I was playing maid all week... but... Hey... Why don't I like that smell now? I remember loving it. What... Brian?... HEY BRIAN? WHERE ARE YOU?"

A voice came from downstairs.

"Ah, you're back. Stay on the bed. I'm coming."

"What's going on?"

"Give me a sec, Mia. I'll tell you."

As I was waiting for him to arrive, I carefully touched my boobs. And nothing happened. The sensitivity was gone. I reached my crotch and rubbed my clit a little bit, it felt so... normal.

"You are playing with yourself again?"

Bad timing. Brian showed up in the doorway, and I turned beet red.

"No! No! I... I just... tested..."

"Tested, right? Hehe. Move aside a bit. I want to sit next to you. We need to talk."

"What's happening? It's like I woke up from a long dream."

"You are not entirely wrong about that."

Brian sat next to me, and I immediately wrapped my arm around his, searching reassuring affection. He placed my laptop on top of his legs.

"Hey, that's mine. Why aren't you using yours?"

"What's your password, Mia?"

"I forgot what it was... wait... no... I know what it is. It's Alligator."

"Alright, let's take a look at your program. I'm sure it will be fascinating."

"My... program..."

When he said that, everything came back to me, clear as water. The past week's events were now all detailed inside my skull, and I attempted to close my laptop cover to save my honor, but Brian prevented me.

"No, Mia! Stop. We need to look at this together, okay?"

"But... You'll see... things I've done... It's... private?"

"Oh, come on, tiny girl! We are a couple. since when are you hiding what you do from me."

"I don't... but..."

"Aaah... Interesting overview."

I rolled to my side, not to look at my own schedule. I was so embarrassed.

"Hehe... That explains a lot... You really did paint yourself in a corner. You are such a pervert, Mia."

"Aaaah! Kill me now!"

"Nooo, it is super cute. Look at everything you tried while I was away. You must have a sore throat now."

"Shut it... But... Why... Why am I not feeling my conditioning anymore?"

"Ah! That was my little secret. My little lie. There was something I didn't want you to know."

"Hey? What secret?"

"I reset you."

"You... reset me?"

What Brian was talking about was not something I thought possible or even considered. Humans couldn't be reset. They were not like computers or smartphones.

"The hell are you talking about?"

"Hehe. You are so cute, Mia. All the conditioning done by the SusceptGear has a specific signature. It is possible to undo everything it has done to you. Did you really think I would let you turn your brain to mashed potatoes? When you turned into a maid for the first time, it was crystal clear that you were going to abuse it. You are a perv."

"And... You didn't tell me?"

"No, I didn't know you were going to go that far... Look at your schedule. It's nuts. You did everything you could to put yourself in an infinite loop of sexual bliss and render yourself unable to escape it. You closed all the doors that would have allowed you to return to normal or, at least, resist a little bit."

Once more, my face turned all red. I quickly grabbed a pillow and wrapped it around my head. But it didn't work, Brian was still there, and he kept going.

"You even added a special condition to make you forget your laptop password... That's why you couldn't remember it."

"Eep! I didn't remember that."

"No, because you even specified that you would not remember doing this."

"So... now... I'm like... normal?"

"You seem to be... Let's take a few days off that device, just to make sure. Okay?"

"Yes... I'm sorry."

"Sorry? What for?"

"I got myself in trouble."

"Yes, but did you have fun? As far as I can tell, it was harmless."

"I... loved it."

"All of it?"

"... Yes... I just didn't realize I went that far."

"And that's why I'll be the one controlling your little hobby from now on. I want to have fun with you."

I wrapped my head inside the pillow again, hoping that it would make Brian vanish this time. I knew what he was saying was justified, but I didn't want to admit it.

"Are you still there?"

"Yes, take that pillow off your face, and let me take off that device from your head. This weekend I want Mia, not a nymphomaniac maid. And you have skipped some meals today during your twelve hours reset. Let's go eat something. Then we can go to bed. How does that sound?"

"Good... I'll take that uniform off, and I'll meet you downstairs after a good shower."

"Good luck with that!"

"Hey, why did you say that? Did you program something inside my brain while I was asleep?"

"Nope, I swear. Your brain is as weird as it was before you massacred it with the SusceptGear. Just meet me in the kitchen when you are ready."

"Mmm... Okay... But you are still suspicious!"

Brian smirked and left the bedroom, taking my laptop and the headgear with him. I guess he didn't want to take any risk that I would put it back on today.

I got off the bed and hesitated before attempting to take off my uniform. He said he didn't tamper with my brain, but I didn't fully believe him, else he wouldn't have made such a sneaky comment.

I slowly brought my hands to the back of my neck to reach the zipper, so far so good. Then as soon as I tried to pull it down, I understood what he had done. My rubber maid uniform was lockable... that was an option Brian added when we ordered it... I had forgotten about it, and now there was a padlock preventing me from moving the zipper.



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