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Weekend Maid

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; arousal; desire; kiss; lesbian; voy; oral; climax; cons; X

Weekend Maid 9: The New Collar Gromet F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; arousal; desire; kiss; lesbian; voy; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 9: The New Collar

The conditioning is taking more control of Jessie

Now Jessie felt she was more like a maidbot just like the others in the house under the systems command and control after seeing the technician and her reprogramming. Jessie continued her day performing her assigned tasks with more precision and ease of movement, now freed of some of her more human memories and traits, she was much happier inside now with the recent upgrade to her programming, she could now service her owners better she thought, something that sent delightful frissons of pleasure through her body.

The techbots from the maidbots service company arrived a few hours after the kindly technician left and installed the new charging pod for Jessie to use, they were quick and efficient and soon left, Jessie even thought they were cute for androids, she fantasized about the two of them interfacing with her, she didn’t think that they would have sex, just connect on some level. ‘What a strange thought to have!’ she wondered, ‘Sex between androids.’

After the techbots had completed their tasks Jessie then felt the system informing her via her thoughts on what she needed to do to use the new pod, how she should place herself in the pod and what connections to make for feeding and waste disposal, she looked forward to trying it out later this evening when the family had retired for the night and no longer required her services.

Later Sophia returned home to find the maidbots lined up as usual waiting for her just beside the front door to the home, each looked shiny and clean in their suits, she couldn’t tell the difference between Jessie and the other maidbots at first glance, but knew that Jessie would be last in line and when studied closer she could see a slightly curvier outline in her from the other maidbots, the gentle rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed, something that set Sophia’s pulse beating at a faster rate.

She was pleased to return home to find Jessie standing there as her maidbot, something she had looked forward to all day, even more so now that she had the maidbot to herself for the next couple of weeks, with Valerie now away at college and her husband Bruce also away overseas on business she could indulge her fantasies about Jessie the maidbot and now for the next few weeks her own personal servant. She had some thoughts and desires that she wished to entertain whilst she had the house and Jessie to herself.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the maidbots moved to return to their original functions, continuing to clean and wash, whilst Jessie-bot headed to the kitchen to begin preparing the evening meal for Sophia. Sophia headed upstairs to get changed out of her work clothes and then returned to the kitchen to get a drink, she began to watch Jessie-bot move about the kitchen and enjoyed what she saw so she decided to sit and continue watching the maidbot as she continued her chores.

She loved the way the suit clung to the maidbots body revealing the curves underneath for Sophia to appreciate and savour whilst she sipped at her glass of wine, she had all the time she wanted now to indulge herself without fear of being caught out by her husband whilst perving on her maidbot. The latex catsuit covered the maid’s entire body in skin tight black, shiny latex, leaving only the eyes and mouth uncovered, with small holes in the nose for breathing. The suits were made for humans to wear not maid-bots so come with these feature already built in.

She then noticed the new collar, surprised at not noticing at first, but then she was distracted by the latex clad body of her maidbot, she stood up for closer look.
“Maidbot stop.” She commanded.

Immediately Jessie felt her body freeze up, still holding the pan she was about to use in her hand, she could do nothing but stand there as commanded by her owner. She watched as Sophia moved closer, looking at her, she felt herself melting inside, a nice tingly feeling spreading out from her belly as she was inspected by Sophia, she could feel the warm breath against her face as her owner came closer to look at the collar.

“Is that a new collar?” she asked the maidbot Jessie. “You may speak.”

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Jessie, in her new monotone voice.

“What happened to your voice? And when did you get the collar?” Sophia stunned at hearing the new voice asked.

“I was visited by the service technician today and he upgraded me to perform more perfectly for you Mistress.” Jessie said pleased within herself.

“Upgraded…? What?” Sophia was somewhat shocked to hear this news. “What did he do?”

“He replaced my older outdated collar with this new one; it has more control features that make me more useful to my owners, Mistress.” Jessie replied, “And he also updated my old programming to enhance me to be more like the other maidbots and serve you Mistress.”

Sophia was stunned and confused at first, but she needed to know more and reached for her phone to call the service company for the maidbots, they were another division of her own parent company Maidbots, Inc., though she now worked as an executive director for the industrial robots side of things, she had started out in the Maidbots section of the company and still knew many of the people who worked there.

“Hello Jim, Sophia here.” She said on the call being answered. “How’s things?”

She listened to Jim as he spoke about various things over the phone, she’d worked with Jim in the past and knew that he could be long winded; she didn’t really want or desire to hear his thoughts and knew that she needed to shortcut the conversation.

“That’s good Jim, now the reason I’m ringing is that my maidbots were serviced today at my home, and changes were made to one model in particular.” She stated.

“Oh that’s okay,” she said on hearing Jim’s reply, “Nothing wrong I just wanted to speak to the technician who performed the changes so I can understand what they were.” 

“Okay, have him call me when he’s free.” Sophia said to Jim’s response.

Turning to Jessie still standing there as commanded, she said, “Return to your normal functions maidbot.” 

Jessie immediately felt her body move and she continued as instructed to prepare the meal. Sophia meanwhile thought that this might be to her advantage, she’d been having wicked thoughts about controlling the maidbot for her own pleasure, she wasn’t sure if she wanted the real Jessie or the maidbot Jessie, the suit came with both versions at the moment but she desired to have greater control over her, Sophia’s more dominant side coming out in her, a ruthless streak that had seen her rapid rise in the company.

The phone ringing brought her out of her wicked thoughts of using Jessie-bot, “Hello.” She said.

“Hello,” said the technician, unsure if he was in trouble with one of the powerful higher ups in the company for doing what he’d done to the female he found playing at being a maidbot.

“Ah, yes I believe you serviced my maidbots today and made some changes to their programming?” she asked.

“Only one, that was reprogrammed” he said, “the others were functioning normally. And the girl begged to remain as a maidbot as she said for her ‘owners’, she seemed desperate to stay to serve you. What was I to do?”

“Oh no, it’s okay I know that Jessie wants to remain a maidbot, so don’t worry about that, I was just wondering about the changes that you made to her programming.” Sophia asked.

“Just a standard upgrade to her collar and the new program that it requires to run, she seemed to be functioning normally when I finished, is there a problem?” he asked.

“No, she works just fine, my maidbot states that the new program has more control features, what are they exactly?” she asked, intrigued to find out more.

“The system can be controlled via an app on your phone rather than just the remote like the older collars used, it can be changed to allow different levels of control so your maidbot can be more or less like the other maidbots, she can even have some motor or bodily functions independent of the system controlling her if you or she wish. Just set the level via the app.” The technician now more freely speaking realising he wasn’t in trouble. “I’ll send you the details and the online book that explains more of the functions and features that you can add to enhance your maidbot and her experiences.”

“Thank you, that seems to about cover it.” Sophia said.

“Oh and one last thing,” he said, “ to save any hassle in future I’ve registered you as her owner and chipped and barcoded her, so she’s now officially a maidbot for all intents and purposes and I also included in the scheduled servicing.”

“Thank you again for your help and efficiency, I’m sure my maidbot would like to thank you herself if she were able to.” Sophia laughed. 

“No need madam, all part of the service.” He said and hung up.

Turning to Jessie who was still cooking, “Well Jessie it seems that I now own you, you’re officially my own personal maidbot, I’ll have to read up the instructions that come with your upgrade and see what I can play with.” Sophia said with a wicked smile on her face and walked out eager to start reading about Jessie’s new features and upgrades.

After dinner Sophia summoned Jessie-bot to her bedroom, upon walking in Jessie saw her Mistress laying on the bed, dressed in a sheer nightgown and playing with her phone. Jessie was delighted to see her Mistress dressed like this and felt her own pleasure and arousal start to stir deep within her, her belly and breasts started to feel tender, and delightful goosebumps covered her body from the neck down. Unaware that her programming made her find females attractive and get great pleasure from serving their female owners especially sexually.

“Ah Maidbot Jessie, come in.” Sophia said looking up at the latex clad maidbot. “Sit here.” She said patting the side of the bed close to her.

Jessie sat down as commanded by her Mistress, she felt a wave of pleasure run through her body at the way she was spoken to and her own body following her Mistress’s orders.

“Now Jessie, it seems that you have some interesting features I’d like to explore, let’s try some of them out shall we?” Sophia said to Jessie, who couldn’t do anything other than follow her owners’ instructions at the moment, not that she would have objected anyway, she loved her Mistress. She watched as Sophia did some things with her phone and then felt some changes occur in her mind, she felt an overwhelming desire to pleasure her Mistress.

Sophia had made the changes she wanted via the app on her phone and watched as Jessie began to follow the new commands given; she was eager to see how this worked and was pleased to see that she would be able to have more control over Jessie in future to suit her own needs. Jessie moved up onto the bed and sat back on her knees between Sophia’s parted legs, she then moved her hands to start to caress her Mistress’s body.

Her hands ran up her Mistress’s thighs, the soft flesh there felt wonderful to Jessie even though she wore the suit that covered her entire body including her hands, she still managed to have more enhance feeling through the latex covering her own skin. The fleshy thighs of her Mistress felt warm to her touch, the soft skin sending delightful pleasure signals back to Jessie’s own mind, something that seemed to her to be a new experience. ‘Maybe it’s the new programming.’ She thought, but she was enjoying the sensations.

Sophia laid back and let the maidbot Jessie play with her body, she allowed herself to revel in the indulgent pleasure she was experiencing at the hands of her own maidbot, her own arousal growing more so with the knowledge that she had ultimate control over Jessie now, something she now knew that she desired in her relationships, to be the dominant partner something that Bruce could never be. Though he was submissive to her desires, their sex life was now no longer interesting to her; this was something she could easily grow to enjoy more of.

The maidbot remained under the control of her new programming, she was receiving several images and instructions in her mind on how to please her Mistress, she didn’t know there were that many ways to pleasure a female but as they entered her mind they were stored in her memory for future use. Her only desire at present to please her owner.

She continued to explore her Mistress’s body; following the command prompts her hands had moved from the meaty thighs of her Mistress upwards over to the soft flesh of her tummy and now centered on the round globes that formed her owners’ breasts, the nipples standing hard against the latex hands that played with them, her hands caressed the soft pliable flesh she found there. 

Sophia felt the hands covering her breasts and sending delicious shivers of pleasure throughout her body, her nipples begin to ache and hum, and her breasts get heavier and warm, more sensitive and receptive to being touched. This also started the floodgates down below and a feeling of wetness as her body responded to the sexual stimuli from the maidbot under her control.

Jessie followed her next command even though she would have done the same without the instructions from the control system, her head moving between her Mistress’s thighs parting them with her cheeks, the soft, warm sex of her Mistress awaited her maid’s attentions and soon Jessie pushed her tongue against the soft folds of flesh she found there. She loved the aroma of her Mistress and the taste of her sex, she took great delight in tasting the flesh, the slight sweet tang and salty taste sent more pleasure through Jessie’s body.

Sophia cried out with pleasure as she felt the soft, warm tongue of her maidbot  as she attended to her girly bits, the flesh there sending sudden wonderful shocks through Sophia’s body in reaction to her being stimulated there. Sophia now didn’t have to hold back, they were both alone in the house and nothing would interrupt their time together.

Jessie now moved closer to her Mistress’s sex, her tongue now pressed firmly into the soft folds, parting them to reveal the secrets within, seeking out the hidden pearl of her Mistress, something Jessie took great delight in finding and rolling around with her tongue. Sophia felt the first touch and the initial spasms of pleasure coursed through her body, her cries of pleasure echoing around the room as Jessie continued to plunder the hidden depths like a person possessed, her desire to pleased her Mistress overwhelming her.

Fingers soon entered into the now hot and wet flesh of Sophia’s vagina, Jessie continued following the commands of the system to bring her Mistress pleasure, she found instructions on finding the g-spot and several diagrams filled her mind to educate her and enhance her perform in satisfying her owner. One finger was followed by two, then three, all rhythmically moving to garner maximum pleasure for her owner by Jessie, all the while her tongue continued to dance with the hardened bud she had found at the apex of the female sex before her.

Both participants were now lost to the pleasures of the flesh, Sophia laying back her legs now wide as she wallowed in the pampering her sex was receiving from her maidbot, her mind in a state of euphoria. Jessie was lost in her own thoughts in pleasing her owner/Mistress, finding new and interesting ways of giving herself more, making Sophia’s body tense up as the first intense waves of her orgasm crashed over her, her voice no longer constrained cried out with bliss.

Jessie continued to use her tongue and her fingers to provide delightful pleasure to her Mistress, pleased that she’d brought her owner to orgasm she set about bringing another one out of her without stopping. Sophia was too lost in the wild throes to even care that Jessie was continuing and soon would have her gripping the bed-sheets again and crying out as the second climax of the night crashed through her.  

It seemed that the maidbot wouldn’t stop, it was intent of bringing out yet another climax out of her worn and used body, Sophia’s mind was awash with joyous satisfaction and was vaguely aware that the maidbot was now starting to work on the third orgasm, something that Sophia had never experienced and was loving every moment, though too much pleasure can sometimes turn to pain and she began to realize that maybe enough was enough, though she was now too close to her third to be too concerned about that, maybe after she thought.

As she recovered from the third orgasm of the night Sophia began to come to her senses and realised that the maidbot wouldn’t be stopping unless she order it to do so, her pussy was now becoming tender from the ministrations of her maidbot and knew that any more would cause her to be very sore in the morning. She cried out, “MaidSTOP!” the words blending with her sexual addled mind.

Suddenly Jessie felt the command in her mind to stop, she ceased all actions as instructed and sat there on her knees, straightening her back and adopting a pose with her hands folded over each other in her latex covered lap. She was pleased that she’d managed to pleasure her owner and felt content in herself that she’d given her owner/mistress what she desired, even though she had not come anywhere close to having an orgasm of her own she took greater pleasure in the act of service.

Sophia now felt overwhelmed after the three orgasms, she didn’t know how long the maidbot had been performing on her but it felt that her sex was well used and was throbbing for the over-attention it had received. Satiated in her desires Sophia felt herself drift off into peaceful slumber, the tension of the office and work leaving her, the long day and the pleasurable sex now took its toll and rolling over in the bed she fell into a deep sleep.

Jessie still in her maidbot form remained stationed where she was commanded to be, that was at the side of her Mistress’s bed after giving her pleasure, she was instructed to stop and wait further commands, which is where Sophia found her still in the morning standing beside the bed from last night, she’d only moved to allow her Mistress more room on the bed and system had commanded her to stand and wait.

Meanwhile several thousand miles away Bruce sat in his hotel room, his hand wrapped around his hard member stroking it as he watched the view unfolding in the bedroom back home, he’d installed several cameras hidden from view to observe his wife playing with the maidbot. After coming home and watching for the doorway as the maidbot went down on his wife he knew that whilst he was away Sophia would probably indulge herself more with the maidbot and he wanted to watch and record it.

Behind him in the hotel room was a sexbot laying on the bed waiting for him to use again once he’d finished watching the events unfolding on the screen, he would be putting it to good use after seeing the vision of his wife Sophia and the maidbot together.

Story continues in Part 10: Changes

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