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by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; lesbian; strapon; arousal; desire; kiss; FF/f; clinic; inspection; surgery; bodymod; voy; oral; climax; cons; X

Weekend Maid 10: Changes Gromet F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; programmed; servant; submissive; lesbian; strapon; arousal; desire; kiss; FF/f; clinic; inspection; surgery; bodymod; voy; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 10: Changes

Sophia continued the week enjoying having and using her own personal maidbot for her own sexual pleasure, each night getting her maidbot to service her orally until she was satisfied and then dismissing her as just another servant, whilst afterwards she slept peacefully and in sexual bliss from the ministrations of her maidbot. Jessie had loved being able to devote herself solely to her Mistress, her owner as she thought of her now, without the distractions and intrusions of the other family members, this was how she had imagined her life to be as a maidbot.

During the day, now sated with her sexual feelings for her maidbot, Sophia explored the new features of the maidbot program that had been installed in Jessie’s mind. One of the things that she found frustrating was not being able to have access to her maidbots/Jessie’s’ sex; the current suit didn’t allow that. This she solved by ordering a new suit, which was delivered that day from the factory, they now able to make clothing in one of their machines. And that night Jessie found that she was ordered to change into a new suit by the control system. She didn’t mind, but thought it strange, but she wanted to please her owner, so complied without question.

The next morning Jessie was commanded by her Mistress to attend to her in her bedroom, she eagerly walked up the stairs leaving whatever mundane task she was currently assigned to, that job was taken over by another maidbot, Jessie had more pressing duties to perform. Upon entering the bedroom she saw her mistress laying waiting for her, naked and relaxing in bed. Jessie was always overwhelmed by her physical attraction to Sophia, her body was perfect in every way she thought, she loved her more than anything in the whole world, and she hoped that Sophia felt the same way too.

As usual she was given instructions to orally pleasure her mistress, something she would have done without the control of the house system that ran the maidbots and controlled Jessie too. The command given to her by Sophia, as if she was just another maidbot, which delighted Jessie even more, and gave her a delightful warm, tingly sensation in her belly. She took great pleasure in bringing her mistress to as many orgasms as she would allow, sometimes she had to be commanded to stop, her mistress was too worn out by the pleasure that she received from her maidbot.

This time though was different, once Sophia had climaxed once she ordered Jessie to stop, Jessie felt disappointed at this order and wondered in her mind if she had done anything wrong to displease her mistress. Her mistress then ordered Jessie to lay down on the bed, which she instantly did, she was still under the systems control, currently set at 90% and could only comply at this point with her Mistress’s commands. It did feel strange to Jessie though, this wasn’t the usual routine, it was her place to provide pleasure for her mistress, and she felt conflicted in her thoughts.

Sophia meanwhile had started to secure Jessie’s ankles to cuffs that she’d pre-prepared for what she wanted to do to her maidbot. Once both ankles were fastened in the leather cuffs, Sophia did the same to Jessie’s wrists; this forced Jessie into a spreadeagle position on the bed, the chains holding her limbs to the four corners of the bed, she was helpless now to whatever her Mistress was going to do to her. Not that she would have stopped her; she would do anything for her Mistress after all.

Jessie wasn’t that sure what was happening here, she was more than willing to do anything that her Mistress desired, she had done whatever had been asked of her or commanded, though she would have no hesitation in doing what her Mistress asked of her, even without the control system.  She found herself now secured to the bed, the cuffs holding her limbs stretched out to the four corners of the bed, she had never experienced bondage before, so didn’t know what to do next. She looked up at her Mistress, who had looked like the cat who had caught the canary; she looked at Jessie as her prey.

Sophia having secured her victim, she then left the room to prepare herself for the next part of her plan. She headed downstairs and into the maids’ room, here she sought out what she was after.  She grabbed hold of one of the spare suits that she had ordered, this was one of the new ones with the opening in the crotch that had just arrived and Jessie was currently wearing, bound to the bed upstairs. Already naked from her session with her maidbot, she picked up the suit and soon had first her left leg inside, followed shortly by her right foot. Both feet now covered in the tight latex, Sophia pulled the suit up her legs, covering them in the inky blackness of the shiny suit.

Next Sophia pulled the suit up over her legs towards her own crotch, the coolness of the latex brushing the delicate outer folds of her sex, sending delightful shock waves through her sensitive body.  Driving herself to continue without giving into the pleasure of the suit against her flesh, Sophia pulled the suit up and over her hips, sealing them inside the black, glossy material. Her arms were next, soon they too were covered, her head had to be next, and it would be easier to put on this way before closing the suit.

Her body now completely covered in the latex suit, the only thing left to do was to seal the opening of the suit. She ordered one of the other maidbots to do this task, as the seal needed a special tool to enclose her body inside. Once done, she admired the way she looked in the mirror, her curves standing out, just like her maidbot Jessie, her breasts held firmly in the grasp of the inner workings of the suit made them stand out more, in her eye. She quickly placed the maidbots corset around her waist, walking back to the lacing machine, she was soon secured in the corset, her breathing now more restricted, and she wondered how Jessie managed to work around the house wearing this.

Finally she sat down and tried to put on the boots, this was something she thought would have been easier before wearing the corset. But she eventually managed, with some help of the maidbot, now standing up she again approached the mirror and was blown away at how different she looked now, the suit now warmed to her body, clung to her skin, giving her the look of having a second skin of latex. The corset brought her waist in by several inches, not that she was big in that area, but like all women thought that she could lose a few pounds around her waist.

Now Sophia looked like one of the maidbots in the house, she was ready to continue with her plans. She exited the maids room, passing the other maidbots around the house, she looked just like them she thought, no wonder Jessie likes this so much, the anonymity the suit provided, just another servant in the house. Sophia made her way upstairs, she headed directly to her bedroom and the delightful prize that awaited her bound to her bed, this was going to be fun, she thought.

The door to the bedroom opened and as Jessie looked to see who it was, hoping to see her Mistress return, she was, at first, disappointed to see just another maidbot, then she took a second glance just as her Mistress spoke to her. She couldn’t believe her Mistress was now dressed like she and the other maidbots, she certainly looked wonderful, the suit bringing out the delightful curves that she so admired in her Mistress.

Standing there looking at her bound servant, Sophia took in the sight before her, here was an object of desire, one that she craved daily, more so now that she was bound to her bed and couldn’t stop whatever she want to do to her. Moving over to her walk-in wardrobe, Sophia was seeking out the one thing she required to complete this scene. She soon found what she was after, this was her strapon dildo that she’d purchased to use on her pathetic husband one year ago, a sought of revenge for the times he had fucked her in the rear, she recalled his horror when she had him bound, much the same way that Jessie was now, and walked out wearing the beast between her legs. It brought a happy smile to her face at the memory.

Putting her legs through the straps that fastened it to her body, she soon pulled it up to her crotch, she unzipped the crotch of the suit ready to insert the other end of the large dildo inside her. Why shouldn’t she get some pleasure herself when offered the chance, the other option was a single dildo, but she wanted to feel something too. Taking some lube, she smeared this onto the part that was about to enter her, not that she needed that, as she was wet from thinking about what she was going to do.

After making sure the straps were tight, the inner parts was settled comfortably inside her, Sophia was ready to show her maidbot her inner Mistress, her dominant side, something that she only had just found in the home, but at work she was known to be ruthless and to be avoided. Now she stepped out of the wardrobe, her eyes feasting on the bound, latex covered maidbot, Jessie’s body glistening in the light that reflected from her own suit.

Jessie looked up when she saw her Mistress walk out of the wardrobe, something was different about her, not just the latex maidbot suit, but she was more powerful in Jessie’s eyes, she seemed to exude this power from her very core. And then she looked down and saw the black penis-like thing sticking out from where it shouldn’t be, well not on a female anyway. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it, it looked so strange, but also mesmerising, the thing moved as her Mistress walked, Jessie found it hypnotic to watch.

Sophia looked down on her helpless, bound servant, she took great delight in the vision of Jessie bound the way she was, waiting for whatever Sophia wanted to do to her. She had no say in the matter, this seemed to bring great satisfaction to Sophia, she had her own bound plaything, something she could tease, torment or even torture, though she thought not the last one, this time at least.

She reached for her phone and turned down the maidbot control setting for Jessie to just 10%, something that enabled Jessie to feel more human than maidbot, something that she hasn’t felt like in a while, not that she wanted to feel this way, she had no desire to feel anything less than her owners maidbot, and at first felt distress at being given this much control over her own body. Jessie struggled against the cuffs that held her down.

To Sophia, this was seen by her as Jessie’s attempted move to escape the cuffs that held her down, like she was trying to free herself from the cuffs that held her tied to the bed, something that delighted the inner dominatrix in Sophia, she had a wicked smile form on her face as she watched Jessie struggle. It was perfect and she drank in the vision of poor Jessie, bound and struggling on her bed, unable to stop her wicked Mistress from ravaging her.

She climbed up on the bed between Jessie’s legs, she looked like a panther stalking its prey, the look on her face pure sex, this was what she had been planning for and now she was going to use Jessie for her own sexual needs. Jessie herself could only lay there and watch as Sophia crawled up the bed slowly towards her, she could not take her eyes off of the face of the woman she loved, though she did when distracted by the dildo moving closer to her own sex.

Sophia now face to face with Jessie, she bent her face closer to hers and placed a kiss on the soft lips of Jessie, this was a gentle prelude to her plundering the inner depths of her maidbot. The kissing became more frenzied, more passionate and Jessie at times was struggling to gain a breath, her Mistress’s hands were exploring the soft mounds of her breasts, this was sending wonderful feelings to both her brain and her sex, now getting wetter by the second. She hadn’t felt this was in some time; usually it was just getting delight at giving pleasure, now she was on the receiving end. Bound as she was there was nothing that she could do.

Now her Mistress moved down her preys restrained body, heading down to where Jessie was feeling very hot and wanting by now. Soon Sophia had the crotch zipper opened on Jessie’s suit and her fingers began seeking out the soft, outer folds of her maidbots sex. This was soon followed by Sophia’s tongue, seeking out the delicate flower that was Jessie’s sex, the outer folds giving way to the pressure of her tongue as it sought out the hidden pearl beneath.

Jessie by now was pulling at her bounds, the cuffs holding her in place as she thrashed around on the bed in the sheer pleasure that she was receiving from her Mistress. Even when she had shared the bed with her friend Valerie it was never this intense, that now seemed to be like two girls playing at pleasing each other, this was the full adult version and she loved the way she was being teased, tormented and denied, she had come close a couple of times, each time her Mistress had backed away, giving her time to recover.

Now it was time, Jessie felt the soft, warm lips of her Mistress’s tongue leave her epicentre of sexual bliss, her face now coming into view, their eyes meeting at that moment expressed the pure love and joy each was getting from this moment. But then Jessie felt the hard member probing at her own sex, the strapon seemingly forgotten in the head rush of sexual delight she had been experiencing. But now she knew that soon her Mistress would take her as she wanted.

Sophia looked into the eyes of the bound girl, she had taken great delight in teasing her and denying several orgasms, whilst pleasuring her orally, now it was time to take her own pleasure. She never took her eyes from Jessie as she pressed the hard member of the fake penis that she wore between her legs, the look as she conquered the poor wretch beneath her, one of sheer delight and she wondered if all men felt this way when taking a girl.

She pushed her crotch further forward, sending the dildo into the inner parts of the girl below her, her vagina stretching around the phallus now soundly embedded deep inside her. The initial pain of entry now forgotten as Jessie felt her Mistress pull the member back out, before plundering the depths of her womanhood again with great delight. All the time Sophia continued to watch as the girl at first winced at the initial entry of the beast between her legs, followed by the shock as she withdrew and then pushed the thing even deeper into her.

Now it was just Sophia pushing the dildo into the bound girl, who was now in the deep, longing stage of her sexual need. They moved on the bed as one, each time Sophia pulled backwards, the bound girl tried to follow suit, but was held back by the restraints that held her firmly to the bed. Sophia took her time, she brought Jessie to a couple of orgasms and then thrust herself much harder, causing Jessie to cry out in pain as the phallus was rammed deep into her, this then sent Sophia over the edge and she spasmed in her own throes of orgasm that seemed to overwhelm her whole body.

Sophia recovered her senses, her sexual needs now sated. Sophia turned towards one of the hidden cameras and said, “Happy Birthday, I hope that you enjoyed the show Bruce?”

Bruce was currently still halfway around the world on his business trip; he had set up the hidden cameras to spy on his wife, suspecting that she was going to be sexually playing with the maidbot whilst he was away. He had enjoyed watching and had recorded every session that Sophia had used the maidbot for her pleasure, afterwards he made good use to the company pleasurebot that was provided to him.

Sophia had found the cameras a couple of days ago and had played up for her husband to excite him, taunting him that she was playing with the maidbot they both desired, but he couldn’t be there to join in. She also knew that this was his ultimate fantasy of her dressed as a maidbot, having sex with another maidbot, especially Jessie, who seemed to bring out the inner desires in both of them, she had thought up the whole scenario to torment her husband, and took great delight in doing so.

The Next Day

Jessie was busy in the kitchen, her owner had just departed for her work leaving the maidbot to clear away the breakfast things, but Jessie’s day was about to change. She received a command to return to the maids room, something out of the ordinary for this time of day, but being back under the full control of the system meant that Jessie had to comply. Upon entering she saw two techbots waiting for her, they were here to transport her to the maidbot service facility, an open crate waiting for her. Jessie followed their commands and stepped into the transport crate, she lay back down and the techbots fastened straps to secure her for her journey.

Once satisfied the maidbot was ready, they placed the lid on the crate and carried it outside to their waiting vehicle. Normally when a maidbot is transported, it is switched off, but since Jessie is not your standard maidbot, that option wasn’t available, so she was fully aware for the entire journey. Jessie didn’t mind this, she in fact delighted in the fact that she was being transported just like any other maidbot, to her she was now nothing more than a maidbot, so this was the way she was meant to be moved.

Once at the factory, Jessie was removed from the crate by the techbots, they then left her in an area reserved for returned maidbots. Jessie looked around by just moving her eyes, something that she was still able to do even under 100% control, she saw a sign that said ‘Receiving’ and thought, ‘Cool, this is where they drop off the maidbots for their services.’ She looked around as best she could; she saw other maidbots, these dressed in the standard maids uniform, unlike her in her latex catsuit. Other bots attracted her eye, these were dressed in skimpy clothing, and some just standing there in their underwear, what was the word she wondered, ‘Lingerie, that’s what they are wearing. I wonder if they are pleasurebots?’  she thought. ‘They certainly look like it. I wonder what I’d look like dressed like that?’

Her thoughts were interrupted by a command she received in her mind, she was to report to room 23 for examination. She didn’t know where this room was but followed the command prompts she received via the system, which directed her and all of the other bots whilst in the facility. She walked down a long corridor, passing many other maidbots and some pleasurebots on the way, when she found herself facing the door marked ‘23’. She automatically knocked, this was something she would have done, but was commanded to do so and wait.

She heard a voice on the other side of the door say, “Enter.” Jessie opened the door and walked into the room, not knowing what she would find on the other side. As she entered she caught sight of a female figure, she was totally covered from the neck down in a white suit, the lights of the room shining in the gloss of the material the person was wearing. ‘It must be latex like mine.’ Jessie thought, she watched as the person moved around the room, her body was in great shape Jessie thought.

“Hello Jessie.” She said, “Please come in and sit here.” Patting a padded chair that was in the middle of the room. Which Jessie complied with.

“I’m Doctor White, I look after maidbots like you, humans who want or desire to experience being a maidbot or sexbot. For longer term users like yourself it is required that you have a physical examination to make sure that things are all in order, don’t want our maidbots getting sick now do we.” The Doctor said with a smile.

“I’m going to run some test on you to see if everything is okay, so I need you to get undressed. If you enter that booth over there it will remove your clothing, which by the way shows off your wonderful body, much like my own suit I suppose.” She laughed. Jessie walked over as commanded and stepped inside the booth, the door closing behind her. The machine whirred to life and soon the suit was cut from Jessie’s body, leaving her naked, something that she hadn’t been in a while. 

Jessie felt very uncomfortable without the suit covering her body; she would not have left the confines of the booth if not commanded to by the Doctor. As she left the booth she could see the look change on the Doctors face, Jessie knew that she had no hair left on her body, she didn’t mind that as long as she got to serve her owner. But she didn’t know that her own skin was very grey in color, and looked awful, and needed urgent attention. She’d been in the suit too long it seemed.

The Doctor quickly picked up the phone and called Sophia, she explained the she needed to get over here quickly as there is a major problem. Jessie couldn’t understand, she felt fine, but her skin was suffering from lack of sunlight, plus the chemicals in the cleaning fluid that she bathed in every night in her cleaning station had taken a toll on her skin. Sophia was quick to arrive and was shocked when she saw a naked Jessie standing there, her skin pale, grey, wrinkled and looking very sickly.

“Oh my dear, what have I done?” Sophia cried, “Your skin…” 

“Seems like she has been too long inside the suit, the others who play at being maidbots only spend their time in the maids outfit allowing air to circulate. Plus the cleaning fluids must have remained inside the suit whist she was wearing it, not draining away as it would if she was cleaned naked like the other maidbots.” The Doctor explained.

Jessie stood mute, she had been ordered to stand there by the Doctor, she couldn’t speak for herself as she was still under the systems command and was unable to express her own thoughts on what had happened to her. Her mind was in turmoil, she was worried that she was too sick to continue being her owners maidbot, she would feel, like she does now, naked outside of her suit, she had loved the whole overall feeling she had when covered up by the tight latex suit, she loved the way it made her feel.

“Command override.” Sophia said, “You may speak now Jessie.”

Jessie felt the system being switched off, she no longer felt connected to her safe, welcoming command system, she had grown reliant on it and had felt very comfortable being told what to do and how to do it by the maidbot system. It took her several moments before she could recover herself before she spoke.
“Hello Mistress.” She smiled at Sophia, “I feel fine, I’m okay, I want to stay as your maidbot please…”

“No Jessie, this has gone too far, look at what we’ve done to you.” Sophia said, pointing to Jessie’s body.

“I’m okay Mistress, I knew that my hair was gone a long time ago, I saw it being washed away and felt the tingling of the hair remover as it removed the last remaining stubble of my hair. I would do anything to please you Mistress, you must be aware of that.” Jessie pleaded.

“But you can’t wish to remain looking like this, what of your future?” Sophia asked.

“I couldn’t wish for anything more than to serve you Mistress, I love to serve you in whatever way you want me to. I have loved every second of my experience as your personal maidbot and would not wish to change that for anything.” Jessie replied, smiling at Sophia.

“But…” Sophia started to say, but was interrupted by The Doctor.

“Seems like she loves you Sophia, she would do anything to please you.” The Doctor said, “Maybe you feel the same way about Jessie too?”

“Well, yes, I suppose, I’m…” Sophia was lost for words, she was overwhelmed by the fact that after everything she had done to Jessie, that she still wanted to continue, indeed would love to continue as her personal maidbot and it seemed lover.

The Doctor called Sophia over for a private discussion, meanwhile Jessie stood there as before, even though she was no longer under the systems command, she remained where she was until she was commanded by her Mistress. The conversation seemed to heat up at one point between the Doctor and Sophia but in the end they had come to an agreement it seemed to Jessie.

“The Doctor has a suggestion that she wants you to listen to, it’s up to you Jessie, I don’t want to influence you but you need to seriously think about it.” Sophia said, a stern look on her face.

The Doctor then invited Jessie to sit on a chair. “As you’ve seen your skin is deteriorating, the chemicals in the wash process have affected your skin cells turning them this color, but they have also made your skin thin and weak, up to the point that if you were to continue your skin cells would break down, leaving you with severe problems in the future. Your hair will never grow back, know that, but your skin is supposed to regrow, unfortunately the chemicals have stopped that process in you.”

Jessie sat there and took in what the Doctor said; looking from the Doctor and back to Sophia, as she listened to what she was told. All that was going through her mind at the moment was a desire to continue as Sophia’s maidbot, she wanted nothing else in the world, but she was beginning to understand that what the Doctor was saying, she would no longer be able to continue to serve her owner, this made Jessie much sadder than the news the Doctor was giving her.

“But I want to continue as your maid…” Jessie pleaded with Sophia, tears forming in her eyes, a look of despair on her face, not from the things the Doctor was telling her, but the fact that she may have to stop.

“Surely, not after this?” Sophia questioned, “Look at you, what we’ve done to you.”

“I don’t care, I love you Mistress, I don’t care if I only live for a short time, as long as I can serve you.” Jessie cried.

“Well you’re not going to die, just yet anyway.” The Doctor interrupted, “But we need to do something with your skin.”

“Anything, please fix me so I can serve my owner, please…” Jessie pleaded with the Doctor.

The Doctor was taken aback by Jessie calling Sophia her owner, something that she only saw rarely in some of her patients who spend a long time under the system as a maidbot. She looked at Sophia with a questioning look.

“Well Doctor, seems like Jessie is determined to continue, even though it affects her health.” Sophia said, “But I must admit I do like having her as my personal maidbot. I would even go as far to say I love having her. So let’s do what you suggested.”

“What?” Jessie stopped crying for a second on hearing her Mistress speak, “What are you going to do?

“We have a process where we can replace dead skin with artificial flesh, it’s still experimental at this stage, and it’s been used on burns victims in a clinical trial at the moment. But we haven’t done a full body reconstruction like you require, you’d be the first, that’s if you agree?” The Doctor asked.

“Please Mistress; I would do anything for you.” Jessie said to Sophia.

Jessie was taken from the examination room to a clinical room, here she was prepared by techbots, her skin cleaned and then she was wheeled in on a gurney to an operating room, here the Doctor was waiting with Sophia, who insisted she remain with her. Jessie was put under anesthetic so she would feel no pain, then her body was placed inside a chamber. The Doctor pressed a button to start the process and the machine whirled to life, it began by examining Jessie’s body, the after the scan several needles pierced Jessie’s flesh, a fluid was injected into her until her entire body both front and back was a mass of needles connected to the machine.

Several hours pass as the machine did its job, the Doctor monitored the whole procedure, whilst Sophia watched on, praying and hoping that Jessie was okay. Several times the machine ran its functions, changing fluids and applying electrical charges to Jessie’s body, she still under the anaesthetic was blissfully unaware of what was happening to her. After 6 hours the machine stopped, it had finished its task and Jessie was removed from the chamber.

Jessie woke up later, she found herself lying in bed back at Sophia’s home, she was in her Mistress own bed, she’d been transported here after her surgery to recover from her operation and Sophia had never left her side, being attentive and taking great care of Jessie whilst she slept. As she looked up into the eyes of her Mistress, she said, still under the effects of the anesthetic, “I love you Mistress Sophia.”

“I love you too, Jessie.” Sophia replied.

The Doctor walked over to check on Jessie, “She seems fine, it’s just the anesthetic talking, and she’ll soon be back as your maidbot.” 

Once she had recovered enough, the Doctor pulled back the covers to reveal to Jessie the results of the operation. Jessie was lying naked under the bedcovers, she at first felt embarrassed at being seen like this, but then she looked down at her body.

“Oh, my…” Jessie exclaimed, “My skin…”

“Yes that’s your new skin.” The Doctor said as a way of explanation, pleased with the results.

“It’s plastic!” Jessie said.

“No, not plastic, but synthetic flesh.” The Doctor said.

“I look like a maidbot.” Jessie smiled, “I’m a maidbot!!”

“Yes you share similar skin with the other bots we make,” the Doctor said, “But yours is more flexible due to the under laying muscle structure.” 

“I look…” Jessie started to say, Sophia had a worried look on her face, waiting to see Jessie’s reaction to her new body. “I look great, I feel wonderful, all new and shiny.”

“That’s the new skin.” Doctor said. “Sorry it’s only one color though, we haven’t developed a way of offering different pigmentation for different areas of your body. We could paint it I suppose.”

“I look like a maidbot, no I’m very happy with how I look, and I’m pleased that I can continue to serve you Mistress, I don’t know what I would have done…”
“That’s okay Jessie, I’m pleased that you’re happy.” Sophia said.

“We made some other changes to you whilst you were in our care, you don’t need the collar anymore, we have implanted a control chip in your brain that will enable you to remain as a maidbot or whatever you want to be in the future. You just need to be reprogrammed if required. As you were already registered as a maidbot, owned by your Mistress, that is now official, you are a registered maidbot, you no longer have human rights, but are a servant of your Mistress. But are also property of Maidbot, Inc.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful news Doctor, thank you so much, I couldn’t have wished for anything better, I’m so happy that I get to continue to serve my owner.” Jessie smiled, her face lighting up after receiving the news.

“But, no more latex suit, at least for a while until the new skin heals.” The Doctor warned.

Just then one of the house maidbots walked in, she was dressed now as a maid, her latex suit no longer covered her from head to toe. In her hand was a fresh maid outfit for Jessie to wear, the other maidbot hung toe clothing up and left.

“I don’t mind Doctor, I look just like the other maidbots now, even naked!” Jessie laughed. “So I still blend in.”

“That you will do Jessica.” Sophia said, “Now when you’re ready it’s time to get you back to work. No maidbot of mine is going to lay in bed all day, unless she’s bound to the bed!”

Jessie was soon up and dressed in her new uniform, though it was still made from latex, the maid outfit fitted her perfectly, her curves enhanced by the pleats in the dress. The frills of the apron matching those on the knickers, that she now wore, she would certainly tease Bruce when he returned by bending over to reveal the white, frilly underwear that she now wore.

She was soon back under the control of the house system and heading back to her spot in the kitchen to prepare lunch for the Doctor and Sophia. Jessie was happy inside again, she no longer feared that she would be cast out and not be her owners maidbot, something that she would enjoy for many years to come.


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