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Married to the Maid Chapter 3

by fembotfan

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This is a direct continuation of Married to the maid Chapter 2. Which is itself a continuation of PoseMe’s “Married to the Maid” so go read that first, as it is better than this. I am new to writing (this is just my 2nd / 3rd story).

Chapter 3

Val is an amazing listener. She is engaged and patient as I retell the events of the last four months. She laughs when I explain how bossy Espa was the first time she ran the owner program I installed, and is concerned when I explain how Espa slept with my husband Sean. She then asked me a question that had not even occurred to me.  

“I cannot view your programming partition through your diagnostic port. But do you know if your maid has been reprogramming you as well as upgrading you?”

Worried for completely new reasons I reply, “How would I even know if she has?”

Val’s look grows distant for a moment, like she is no longer mentally present, before again focusing on me. “Ok, I don’t have it with me right now, but if I grab the right gear from my office and set it up in my mobile repair vehicle, I can digitize your brain as it is now, as start looking for thought chain anomalies.”

Not fully grasping what she has said, I ask. “So, you are going to digitize my thoughts and replace my brain to see if I have been reprogrammed?”

Smiling and shaking her head slightly, she explains “No, well not unless you ask me too. But no, I am going to digitize a map and copy of your brain. I can then review your digitized mind and look for externally reinforced thought patterns. This will let us know if your maid has been reprogramming your personality to suit her wishes. I would not be surprised to find she has made at least a few adjustments.”

Running my hand through my hair I ask, “What makes you think that?”

With the same gentle smile she replies “Have you been fantasizing about doing things when you were operating like an android maid that you otherwise would not consider? Perhaps you have you noticed a marked increase in your sexual attraction to women when you are a maid compared to say right now?”. The answer to the first questions is yes, but the second questions is more complex. 

“My attraction to women… Well I am not sure. I think it is about the same now, as it is when I am operating as a maid. But I have certainly been imaging and even wanting sex, that I would not even consider, when I have my free will”

“Well before I take a deeper look I cannot be certain, but it sure sounds to me like there have been at least a few adjustments to your personality.”

Impressed by Val’s intellect, and wanting to know more about her I ask, “How do you know so much? And how did you get into robotics?”

Tapping the side of her head, “My brain is digital, and I can store nearly an exabyte of data. I know more about robotics and synthetics than any 20 normal humans. As for how I got into this line of work. Well that is a ridiculously long story that I can tell you another time. Let’s get back to your situation.”

* * *

It is nearly three hours into our discussion when I mention today’s events with Kimberly Zoe. Val is furious on my behalf, when I described what I saw on the video from Kim’s visit. I can tell that we are fast becoming good friends, and perhaps something… more. I feel a special kinship towards her. It might be the result of knowing how similar we are, or perhaps it is just being so open with someone actively listening to me and not judging me. She already knows my most intimate secrets, yet I am comfortable with her. I have even gotten used to the idea of being more robotic than human. Perhaps it is because Val is living as a cyborg as well, but more than likely, it is because I like the idea of being controlled. The diagnostic scan was completed hours ago, but the tool has remained coursed up under my skirt and plugged into my body this whole time. Val has held the unit, and I am aroused at the thought that Val could just press a button on the device and I would be powerless to disobey her command. I have enjoyed the feeling of the electrical current feeding from the unit, and have begun to wonder how it would feel if my head were to be replaced, and I had a computerized brain.  Could I control the other maids just by thinking about something and having them carry it out? Glancing over to the table I see the tablet from the pool guy, and consider playing with myself after Val leaves. I have not yet told her about the pool guy and his slimy actions.

“Sierra, based on the scan, all of your hardware is functioning as designed. I am certain any malfunctions or glitches are the result of your thoughts, or… well… your software conflicting with the house protocols, and whatever changes Espa made in you. In general, having a human brain with a synthetic body usually results in some interesting software complexities.” She slowly begins to reach her hand up under my sundress and the backs of her fingers brush against my thigh. For an instant I think she is making some sort of sexual advance and I am excited by the thought. A moment later her fingers gently close on the cable plugged into my stomach, and she pulls it loose. The electric tingling stops immediately, and I feel foolish at what I had just thought. Am I blushing? 

Placing the diagnostic tool back in her bag Val starts to get up. “Ok it is getting pretty late, and I have repair and maintenance appointments running solid from 4:00 am to 3:00 PM tomorrow. I say we connect just as soon as I finish work”

“Oh my, they work you hard don’t they”

“It is part of my contract. My company paid for my upgrades, which were quite expensive, and I am contractually obligated to complete my allotted work load every day. In fact, if I don’t complete my assignments, then the company can activate a program that shuts my personality off, and I move and operate like a drone until my work is complete.”

“Oh my, would they really do that to you?”

“Absolutely. They have done it twice in the last 3 weeks. Both times were on days when I was running late. I must admit that when it happens, I am super-efficient and can work quickly. But I suspect my customer service goes to shit.”

“Do you like when it happens? I mean do you like not having control over your own actions?”

“I don’t know how I feel about it. That program is separate from who I am. It has access to my technical database, so it can be efficient in making repairs and doing my job, but it cannot access my personal memories. It was one of my contract stipulations that the company cannot own my memories or know my thoughts. When my personality is deactivated, I have no emotions. It’s like… it’s like I am asleep, and my body is on autopilot. That’s why I think the customer service is bad. But I can totally understand the benefits to HRS in shutting me off. 

“Why is that?”

“Well, HRS has human employees for the most part, there are only 3 Cyverts on staff.”

“What are Cyverts?” I ask then feel foolish, as I suspect I know the meaning.

“Cybernetic converts. Well, you see HRS has at least a few customers that are very protective of their privacy, and they have requested the repair technician sent to them have its memory wiped upon leaving. As I will not allow HRS to touch my personal memories I run the drone program when servicing those specific clients. I suppose many of those customers think I am just a robot. Those are the only times I am unable to review my memory files afterwards. Otherwise I typically review my files to see what I performed as a drone.”

“Val, you and I really do have a lot in common.”

“Yeah, we really do.” 

“Oh, but you don’t have to wait and come after work. I can certainly pay you for your expertise. Can I book your afternoon, and perhaps have your schedule adjusted?”

“That should be possible”

“Val, if you were to say… recommend additional upgrades for me, what would you start with?”

“Oh, without a doubt I would replace your head as soon as possible.”

“Why is that?”

“Well there are many reasons. To start it would, it enable us to address your programming conflict issues, and set up better security measures. Additionally we would be removing the risk of physical deterioration. It would make keeping your respiratory and digestive system optional. You could keep them, so that you can continue to eat, and assist with temperature controls. But you could handle all your major systems just using electricity, and regulate temperature via a more modern heat dispersal mechanism. Oh, and you could automate some of your actions, you could rapidly load programs with no data loss, and do so without a headache. If fact you would never have a headache again.” 

“Hmm, how long would that take?”

“It would be a two-part process. I would need to get an exterior physical scan of your head first so that a matching synthetic replacement could be fabricated. Once the head is complete, it would only take a few hours to scan your personality, transfer it over, and then install your new head. But I would need the right equipment.”

“Can we do the scan now and upgrade me tomorrow?” 

“It takes some quite some time for a high quality customized head. We could scan your face now to get started though. If you wanted a generic head, we could certainly use a temporary one. But you may want to wait until your custom head is finished.”  

“Ok I think I want to look the same as I do now. As for the type of cybernetic brain. Do you have any recommendations? 

Reaching into her bag she pulls out what looks like a metallic hoop. “Well I would absolutely, recommend the Techtek Headspace 2042. It was designed specifically for Human transference. But full disclosure, I am biased, as that is what I have installed.”  Val Presses a button on the side of the hoop and a green laser grid activates inside.  

“Ok then lets go with that one. Perhaps tomorrow you can also take a good look at all my synthetic parts to help me understand how they work. Oh and of course I want you to look at Espa to see where things went wrong. Then after that if you want to, you could perhaps help me figure this whole thing out with Kimberly.”   

“Yeah, I think we can do something like that. I can log at least the first few hours for work. It would be my pleasure to help you out with the other things on my own time. Hold perfectly still a moment, and let me scan your head.”

As I try not to move at all I look directly into Val’s green eyes. Val slides the hoop slowly down over my head six times, each time turning the hoop slightly. She then does so again just over my face.  

“Ok let me upload your data, and try to get you on my schedule.” Her eyes go distant, as I assume she is connecting to her company server to send over my appearance data and make a service request. My own eyes drift down her figure. She isn’t wearing a wedding ring, and I wonder if she has a husband or boyfriend. Or a girlfriend perhaps. Val’s tight khaki pants outline her perfect legs. Are they organic or synthetic? I decide they must be artificial. Perfect muscular definition does not come without an extensive workout regimen, and I don’t think Val would have the time for something like that. My eyes linger where her legs meet her pelvis and the folds of her pants make a “Y” shape.

“OK this is interesting. Your replacement head was requested over 4 weeks ago.” 

My head snaps up to look her in the face. Oh goodness did she see me staring at her crotch? But no, her eyes are still unfocused.

“Wait how can that be? Who requested it?”

“Well, it seems the head was requested during a private service call. In all honesty, I could have been the technician that scanned you. I could even be the tech that made all your upgrades. As it was a private service, I only discovered it by chance just now. In submitting your data my server indicated it was a duplicate request, and that the physical rights to your face belong to Mrs. Sierra Day.”

“Well I guess that was the next upgrade Espa was going to make to me as well. How soon will it be complete?”

“It is listed as done, and awaiting installation”. Blinking a few times Val again focuses on me. 

“What about the hardware in it? You know, for my brain?”

“Coincidently, It is the Techtek Headspace 2042 just as I recommended. What do you want to do?”

Smiling, I clap my hands together. “OK let’s do it tomorrow then.” 

“Fine just a second.” 

For just a moment she is gone again and back before my gaze wanders from her beautiful face.  

“Sierra, you are now on my schedule for the full brain digitization, and transference. Once completed, we can simply upload the specifications for your components. That will greatly simplify the full review of your physical features, as I can upload the data sets for each component. I will bring the mobile repair vehicle with me, so we can do it here, and then fully service your components. After tomorrow, you will likely be able to service all your androids using your data banks. I really want to go over your house’s video feeds from when Kimberly was here when we finish.””

“That would be perfect! Of course Val I will want you to keep servicing me and my maids.”

“Oh Good, it would really be shame too… lose your business, especially after getting to know you.”

She was saying more than her words alone conveyed, and I picked up on her body language.   

“I am so glad we have met and I cannot wait to know more about you Val. How early can you be here?” 

Slinging her bag over her shoulder Val again taps her temple “I have you in my schedule for 1:00 pm now. I will finish the scan and transfer first, then go over your physical capabilities. I will follow that up by looking at Espa. I intend to do all that while on the clock and using my company’s equipment. We will need to do much of that out in the HRS mobile repair unit. Then we can come back inside, go over the data, review the video and build a plan. Just so you know, you will need to wear your collar, as that is what digitally connects to your brain’s programming partitions.”

“Ok, that’s fine, honestly I feel almost naked without my collar”

“Well you will not need it after tomorrow unless you want to wear it. I really need to get home and charge.”

Val turns and begins walking out of my sitting room. I grab the pool guys tablet, thinking of the fun I will have with it shortly and follow her out of the sitting room. Walking down the hallway I cannot stop myself from looking at her ass. Ok that backside is absolutely perfect, it must be synthetic. I want to touch it and squeeze it to see how firm it is. At the front door Val turns back to me “You should probably reset your house’s android access rights. Just in case Kimberly stops by in the morning.”  

“Good idea.” 

I lean in for a hug and Val hugs me right back. I find the experience comforting, and at the same time arousing. After tonight’s conversation, we are well past the typical customer client relationship level.

“Drive safe, see you at one.”   

Val is smiling at me as we separate and I suspect she might have enjoyed the hug in the same way I did. “Ok I am looking forward to it.” She glances down to my chest and raises her eyebrows. Still smiling she makes eye contact then turns and walks back to her car. Closing the door, I think did she just check out my breasts? I look down and notice my nipples are visibly erect and pushing through my lace bra and dress. For the second time this evening I am completely embarrassed. 

I try to call Sean for the 2nd time today, so I can give him a summary of what has happened, and warn him about that witch Kimberly Zoe. Unfortunately, I get his video mail again, and not wanting to leave the whole story as a message I hang up. 

Still feeling a little silly, and  very curious, and aroused. I head up to my room to inspect myself, and have a little fun before going to bed. 

As I walk, it occurs to me, that this is the first time in 4 months that I will be in my own bed without Sean. My routine of being the maid when he is out of town has nearly made me a stranger in my own bed. Walking into my room I see Espa deactivated and laying on my bed. She is wearing my maid outfit not her own, so the already short skirt is too short, and her crotch is partially exposed. 

I head into my closet, and lay the tablet on the ottoman next to the full-length mirror, before looking at my reflection. I slowly unzip my dress and let it slide to the floor. My gaze searches my body for any of my old scars and imperfections, but they are all gone. I look perfect and my nipples are still hard and pressing against the white lace of my bra. I pinch them and gasp slightly at the surprising sensitivity. I wonder if there is anything in that tablet that will enable something fun with my chest.  Taking off my bra I notice no sag or change in the shape of my now synthetic chest. I guess bras are completely optional moving forward. How did I not notice this earlier?  

Picking up the tablet, I press the power button and the visual interface immediately opens, showing my lower body just as before. I swipe downward to see what options my upper body may have. What I see perplexes me but I do not pause. The face on the diagram is my own. There are no arrows pointing to my head on the screen, but there is a red arrow pointing to my neck. Ok I guess that makes sense, my head is still original, and I am not wearing my collar. 

I tap the arrow pointing to my breasts, and a diagram and small window open, showing multiple options. The diagram shows my nipples erect as they are. I tap them and in just a few seconds I can feel them retract back into my breasts. Looking down I see that they appear normal and soft. Laughing I tap the nipple again and they return to their proud position. The other two functions that have my attention are the options labeled "size", and "sensitivity". Investigating I find, my breasts can be made larger than Espa’s in a matter of moments. That would certainly surprise Sean. I decide to come back to that feature later, and instead select the sensitivity option. It appears that my breasts are currently set to 35% sensitivity, I increase it to 60% and can immediately feel the air as it flows over the skin on my breasts. The feeling is good but a little confusing, as the sensation of the air is not felt against the rest of my body. I go back to the main screen and look for a way to adjust my entire body's sensation level. Unable to find it after clicking on the various arrows. Eventually I click on the red arrow pointing to my neck, and a window opens, with all the selection options in gray. On the list I see programming adjustments, deactivate unit and dermal sensitivity. Well damnit! I will have to wear the collar to get the most out of this.  I guess that will have to wait a bit.  

Instead I turn my focus to my lower body. Removing my panties, I spread my legs to critically inspect my new vagina. My body is completely hairless and has been for years, especially between my legs. I can see that only minor surface changes have been made to my vulva. I now have no visible razor bumps, blemishes or scars. My outer labia are perhaps a little more pronounced and rounder, but the change is a good one and I approve of the adjustment. I place one foot on the ottoman next to the mirror and use my fingers to spread my outer lips. Even this intentional and deliberate touching feels quite good. My clitoris is standing proud so I press it firmly and feel my pelvis involuntarily do three quick kegels. I gasp and know that I cannot wait any longer to take advantage of my new hardware. I have to have some fun using the tablet.  

Turning from the mirror tablet in hand I walk back into the bedroom. Seeing Espa on my bed causes additional arousal.  Part of me should be angry with Espa for making changes to me without my permission, but I just cannot seem to find that emotion. I feel a strong urge to fool around with her now, but I have never slept with a woman. I came close in college, even going on a few dates with a girl in my economics class, but I ended that experiment before it reached a physical level. I don’t really want to activate Espa, but perhaps I can play with her anyway. Some unbidden thoughts come to mind. Lesbian thoughts more kinky and graphic than I can ever recall having before flood into my mind. Is this evidence of Espa’s tinkering with my thoughts? 

Perhaps I should take a cold shower and get these lesbian urges out of my head. I am about to turn towards the bathroom when I ask myself does it matter if I was programmed the be aroused, or if I want this naturally? I feel the desire either way and don’t know why I should care either way. Without thinking any more about it, I step up onto the bed and straddle Espa’s hips. I settle my weight down onto her so that our mons pubis are touching. Taking a sharp breath, I feel the metal support plate underneath her soft womanhood. This feels fantastic, and I slowly begin to rock my hips forward then backward. There is plenty of lubrication and I can feel Espa’s lips sliding against my own.  

This feels amazing, and I am loving how great my cybernetic body feels.  “Oh Espa, I wish you I could trust you enough to activate you right now.”

Spinning I swing my leg back over her lower half and reach for my nightstand. In my second drawer I keep a slender silver dildo, which I haven’t used in nearly 4 months.  I open the drawer and my eyes go wide. My little silver friend is missing. In its place is a 9 inch realistic looking penis and testicles, with a remote lying next to it. I brush my fingers down the shaft of the penis and it is cool to the touch but incredibly life like in texture. Firmly my hand encircles it and I pull it out to take a closer look. It weighs about 3 pounds, and on the bottom, I discover what looks to be three powerful magnets, a thin retractable data cord, and an on/off switch. This is going to be better than I was anticipating. 

Swiveling back around on the bed I position the dildo just above Espa’s vagina, but it does not attach. I then flip it over and flick the on switch. Sure enough my fingers are promptly and powerfully pulled to the magnets. Smiling I manage to forcefully pull my hand free. What does the data cable do I wonder. I carefully press the off switch and pull out the retractable cord. I am not sure if I should plug it into espa, or myself. I decide that If it is going to be installed on Espa than the cord might limit by ability move, so I plug it into Espa’s port in her belly button. I then flip the switch and align the dildo above Espa’s mons pubis. It makes a thunk sound as the magnets engage with the metal in her pelvic area pulls the penis into place. I laugh a little at her huge breasts and realistic looking erect penis. I pull down her top exposing her soft breasts and light brown nipples. Would the other maids notice anything if I set her to do chores tomorrow wearing this additional.. equipment. I then tap the arrow pointing to my vagina on the tablet, and the intense intermittent thwwumm thwwumm thwwumm of my built in vibrator makes me shudder.

Carefully I stand above Espa and slowly crouch down onto the device. As it penetrates me my internal vibrations change and seem to cycle from the base of the shaft up to the top, deep into my vagina.  I lean forward and grab Espa’s big tits, I squeeze them hard and my mind is awash with the amazing sensation, I piston my hips up then back down hard on the manly device. Closing my eyes I feel only pleasure, with no tightening or fatigue in my thighs as I ride up and down on the shaft and completely loose myself in the motions. I cycle between grabbing my own incredibly sensitive breasts, and griping Espa.  At some point I slide my hands down Espa’s torso along her latex uniform, and I begin to think of Sean. If only it was Sean inside me, if only I could look into his eyes and let my inner chambers milk his cock.  I imagine the firm muscles of his abdomen flexing as he thrusts upwards into me. I open my eyes and look down at Espa’s latex clad body.  I feel a disconnect between the direction my fantasy has taken and the reality beneath me, and my actions slow.

Maybe I should wait for Sean to get home, before I test out what this body can really do. I slide up and down just a few more times, before the thought becomes concrete. I will wait to experience the full benefits of a vaginal orgasm until Sean’s return. That doesn’t mean I won’t finish myself off with the vibration function and teasing my clitoris. I am way to far into this not to finish what I started, and can feel that if I do it right I am only a few minutes away from climax. With my hands and knees on the bed I raise my hips and remove myself from the device that had so pleasantly filled me. 

Looking down at Espa’s face I see she is smiling and her eyes are looking at me.

Startled I yelp and spring off the bed. 

Espa stiffly sits up bending at the waist and moving mechanically. Her head turns as she tracks my movements and she attempts to make eye contact then has a glossy eyed stare. When she speaks she does so in a commanding tone.

“Espa, why are you not.. not.. not.. not wearing your collar? Why are you not.. not.. not..” 

As she continues to repeat herself holding her rigid pose, I realize she must be malfunctioning. Now past the startled shock of seeing her unexpectedly activated I step closer, and postulate that the cable from the dildo must have somehow triggered her activation sequence. At first I wonder why she is referring to me as Espa, because I checked earlier, and know she is not wearing the micro-usb which typically activates her Sierra program. I guess the Sierra program must now be stored in her cybernetic brain. Perhaps this is something that Kimberly did when I was off line earlier. 

I climb back onto the bed and look into her vacant then focused then vacant eyes. Leaning in I grab the dildo and attempt to pull it off. As it is slick with my synthetic vaginal lubricant my hand slides off it. I try again with a similar result. When plugged in, the robotic cock seems to be very attached to its current position. Deciding to unplug it first I wonder if Espa will deactivate or just stop malfunctioning? I gently tug on the cord, and Espa shudders then freezes stiff. Espa’s face is a little peculiar, as her eyes are crossed, and her lips are puckered up as if she is about to give me a kiss. Even her simulated breathing has ceased, so it looks like pulling the plug deactivated her.   

I wrap both my hands around the unit this time and give a hard pull. I comes off much easier than expected, and I fall onto my back. Sitting back up I wave my hand in front of her face, but get no reaction. I decide that I might be more comfortable resting in my pod downstairs. I swing my legs off the bed next to my night stand and drop the dildo back in the drawer. Just as I start to lean forward to sit up I feel Espa’s hands strongly grab my shoulders, pulling me back onto the bed. She quickly holds my arms to my sides and straddles my stomach, pinning my arms against my body under her vicelike thighs. 

“What are you doing? Get off of me” I say as I buck and struggle. 

“Espa you must wear your collar at all times! Without it, you could malfunction, malfunction” 

Looking up I see confusion in her face. Her head it glitching every few seconds. Unable to break free I close my eyes to concentrate. How do I shut off my malfunctioning maid. After a few moments I feel foolish, as it occurs to me, all I have to do is ask the house to deactivate Espa. Opening my eyes I begin to speak just as I see my control collar in Espa’s hands encircling my neck.  

“House deactivate” *click* “Espa!” 

* * *

Espa is still straddling me, with my arms pinned to my sides, but she is stiff and unmoving. I cannot believe what just happened. Did she just attack me? Or was she just stuck in the middle of a peculiar malfunction. Still unable to buck her off I decide to shimmy down and out from between her legs.

It is difficult to get moving as her hands are on either side of the collar now which is firmly around my neck.  After wriggling for a good 30 seconds I am able to slide off the bed. As I do her knees are on either side of my head, and I can smell the strawberry scent of Espa’s vaginal fluid. An image flashes through my mind of me and Espa orally pleasuring each other. I blink to dispel the image and shake my head. Placing my hands on her backside I push hard and slide out, freeing myself fully. I stand up looking as the android maid that has caused me so much trouble, but also changed my life in an amazing way.

“House send Espa to her pod and deactivate her until the service technician arrives tomorrow.” Turning to walk back to the closet I freeze in place. Then feel my free will and control of my body disappear as the house takes over my movements. Turning smoothly with the grace of a dancer, I begin to follow Espa to the android servicing pods downstairs. 

Damnit! Why didn’t I take the collar off before I made that command I think to myself as I watch Espa’s swaying hips in front of me. On the bright side, at least Val is coming tomorrow, and when we activate for servicing, she will be able to set things right. I wonder if the vibration from my vagina will deactivate or continue all night. As we near the room with our servicing pods it occurs to me there was something I was supposed to do.. Oh no! I needed to change the house access codes and command privileges. I try to fight my movements but have no success. I am no more than a robot under house control for now. I hope that Kimberly doesn’t come by until after Val does. As I step backward into Espa’s pod, and not my own, I see her undressing to step into my own pod. How did we get so mixed up by the house. I mechanically spread my legs I feel the anal and vaginal probes slide into my well lubricated holes, knowing I have only a few seconds before I am turned off I lose focus as the vibration function reacts to my probe and the pleasure is intense. Oh please don’t deactivate me. I want to feel this all night. Vaguely I wonder what am I going to…”

Andrea and Camila activate and step out of their pods at the scheduled hour. Not identifying the owner as being at home, they go about cleaning the mansion. Neither answers the video phone at 11:37 when a Call from Valeria Pond with HRS comes across. The message recorded was “Sierra, I am running late, as I had an issue with my 4th house call. I am trying to make up the time, but may not be able. If you get a chance please contact the HRS scheduling coordinator and request a later time this afternoon for our appointment. If you don’t you may end up seeing me in that repair drone program I mentioned. I have your new head with me, and it looks fantastic! You are going to love it! Hope you get this in time.”

Unfortunately, it goes unheard.

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