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Married to the Maid Chapter 2

by fembotfan

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This is a continuation of PoseMe's fantastic "Married to the Maid"

My eyes snap open as programmed at 7:00 am. My pod door opens, and my cleaning and lubrication probes retract and fold into my servicing pod. Directly in front of me, my android maid Angela is sliding on her grey latex maid uniform, with red fringe and highlights. It is my fourth month since I began living as one of the maids. I smoothly step from the pod, with perfect balance. I always move gracefully when the house is controlling my movements through my control collar. Without it I would wobble and risk falling when wearing my platform high heels. 

My programming indicates I will be working to clean the sitting area and master bedroom. As my husband Sean will be out of town on business for the next three days, I will be running the Maid program he installed in me until then.  When he is traveling and away, I live as our android maid Espa, and our maid Espa lives as me Sierra. When Sean returns, he removes the Micro-USB in Espa’s neck, and the house will note that Sean removed it, and the house will deactivate my control collar. Well, usually he does so.  Two weeks back he returned from a trip to Brazil, and took our Android Espa to a company party and passed her off as me. Our maid Espa, looks almost exactly like Sofia Vergara after her later career plastic surgeries, so she is taller than me by a few inches, and she has larger breasts. My husband indicated I could upgrade my physical appearance as I choose, so who knows, I may someday look nearly identical to Espa. I have not yet decided. 

I get dressed as my programming dictates. Wearing my beige above the knee latex stockings, and past the elbow latex gloves. My outfit is a bit drafty going commando as I am.  I complete my beige outfit with a self-tightening corset, and micro-skirt. Then step into my blue high heal platform shoes. I have to remember to order myself some panties when I am next Sierra. I mean next time I have full control of myself that is. When I am running the maid program, I am along for the ride. I can think and I have my internal monolog, but I cannot control my bodies actions. At first if felt peculiar, but I have grown to love the feeling. As soon as I am turned on in the morning, I actually get “turned on”. I can think about whatever interests me, as long as it does not conflict with my programming. If I think of trying to do something other than my programming, I get an error log from the house. Too many errors, and I can easily end up back in my pod. Being in the pod is a lot like sleeping, but only rarely with dreams. But when I do dream they are almost always sexual.  

Angela heads off to make breakfast for Mrs. Sierra and I set to cleaning as I am programmed. When I first experimented as a maid the house uploaded information and schematics into my brain, but as I am human. My memory files seem to fade. To account for my fading memories, the house uploads my activities now on a regular basis, along with how to conduct my programmed tasks. Perhaps I should consider getting a solid state cybernetic brain like one of my androids. The thought begins to arouse me. Hmmm, what would that be like.  

It is as I am thinking about the benefits of a cybernetic brain and polishing the sitting room fireplace, that I hear the door chimes ring. I check the days schedule, and the pool guys are not supposed to arrive until 10:30 am, so they are either early or this is an unscheduled visit. I go back to cleaning as the house shows me that our third maid Camila was closest to the door and has gone to answer it. A few minutes later I can faintly hear a conversation getting louder. Sierra is bringing the guest to the sitting area. I continue to clean wondering who has arrived, but unable to control my body. 

“Well Kimberly I am certainly glad you have stopped by” Sierra says in a very cheerful tone. 

My back is turned as they approach the room, but I stand and turn when they enter as the house protocols command me. 

“I really enjoyed our conversation at the company social, and I wanted to see just how well your androids manage your home.” 

Neither woman has looked towards me or acknowledged my presence so I remain stationary. 

“Well as you can see, Espa here is certainly keeping my sitting room tidy”

“Oh! … Well indeed she is” 

The visitor is a tall athletic white woman in a black and gold pantsuit, and black heals. Her dark brown hair is dressed atop her head in an intricate braided pattern, and she has a very expensive oversized handbag. Her bright blue eyes have gotten wide as she stares at my face.

She knows me… and I know her. This beast of a woman is Kimberly Zoe from Sean’s office. She made a pass at him last year at their holiday party and with me only 20’ away. I had made a point to remember that face and those blue eyes, with the intent of somehow getting even. Kimberly is much taller than I remembered, taller than her 4” heels would account for, so she must have had some surgery or augmentation done in the last 8 months.   

Sierra, who is wearing white tights, a sleeveless white shirt and a black belt, tells me to continue, and the two women take seats and carry on their conversation. As I clean I listen and try to determine if Kimberly really recognized me. After some small chat, and some treats that Camila had brought up from the kitchen, Kimberly steers the conversation back to the android maids. 

“So would it be ok if could command your maids for a little bit? I only have one at home and would love to see how well yours react to complex commands.”

“Certainly” Sierra replied, “it is quite fun sending them about on various tasks.  House, identify Kimberly Zoe as a system command user” 

“Oh thank you, there is something here that has truly piqued my curiosity, and I want to look into it further.” 

I want to run from the room I want to pull of my control collar and kick this woman out of my house. Instead I bend at the waist directly in front of Kimberly and polish the coffee table. In mid-motion I hear Kimberly speak.

“House freeze all maid activities” I stop and hold my position as the command enters my brain and my motor controls cease to function. Unable to move I remain bent at the waist and I can feel Kimberly’s eyes on my back side. Her hand soon follows her eyes and I feel her finger tips gently sliding up my inner thigh and only just stopping below my skirt. The sensation is like tingling warm liquid.  Another two inches and she would touch my labia. She then slowly curls back her middle finger and the tip of her finger brushes against the hood of my clitoris. I feel my womanhood engorge in an instant. Her finger continues motion back just a little and stops a half inch between my labia. A deep part of me wishes for her to thrust her perfectly manicured finger in, but my higher conscious pushes back and I get an error message as I strain to lash out. 

“These thighs don’t feel very realistic. How old is she? I mean there are no bumps or blemishes.” 

Sierra with mirth in her voice replies “I guess she is around 7 years old. Even though she is the oldest and seems to malfunction on a regular basis, there is something about her that I just cannot put into words. Any time I feel…. lonely, she is my droid of choice “.

“Well you two do look a bit similar. Perhaps you feel a kinship”

Kimberly thankfully removes her hot hand from between legs and turns her attention back to Sierra. “Now don’t get me wrong. Your body is way sexier than this outdated appliance. Would you perhaps consider selling her?

“Espa here is actually my favorite maid. I couldn’t dream of selling her” Oh thank goodness, I think. That is something I should have thought about and programmed into her as some sort of failsafe. Then I realize Espa’s tone. I have not heard her use it before. It almost sounded, lustful.  I can tell she is looking at me even though I can only see the table I was polishing.  

“Oh I get it! She is your personal maid. so to speak.” Kimberly suggestively says, leaving no doubt as to her meaning. 

“Well… Yes. When Sean is away, I sometimes use her as my personal maid. Sean doesn’t even know I use her for pleasure. Nor does he know that I purchased more than a few upgrades and features to make her more fun for me in bed.”

Wait what! I have never had sex with any of my maids, I may dream about it on occasion, or fantasize about it when feeling particularly aroused, but the wife program Espa is running has certainly taken some imaginative license. And what is all this upgrade nonsense. Sean and I have discussed me getting some cybernetic enhancements, but we are waiting for those until just before we take our winter vacation. Kind of as a holiday gift for us both. 

“oh really, you will have to tell me all about them some time. Once we know each other a bit better. I just love your hair by the way.”

“oh thanks, I was thinking about having it done before Sean gets home on Friday.” 

“Have you ever styled it to keep it out of your face like mine?”

Sierra unsuspectingly replies, “I never have, yours looks lovely but difficult” 

“Here let me show you how easy it is. You have such a lovely neck, you should be showing it” 

Kimberly grabs my hips and turns me a little as she gets up and walks around the couch to stand behind Sierra.  I suspect I know what is about to happen, and out of the corner of my vision I can just see Kimberly reaching to the back of Sierra’s neck to unplug the….

My systems shut down and I de-activate. Everything goes black so my eyes must be closed. My mind is still active but my senses are muted and my body remains unresponsive. Neither I, nor Sean have removed the Mirco-USB, so the house did not switch me back to myself and relinquish its control over me. 

“Espa stand at attention.” 

My eyes open and sound returns as my hips move forward, my shoulders pull back and I stand thrusting out my latex clad chest. I can see the real Espa is also standing at attention now in front of the couch. Apparently, we are both Espa to the house at the moment. 

Kimberly ignores Espa and walks around me, with a devious look on her face.

"State designation." 

Staring forward I reply, at the same instant Espa does "This unit is designated Espa, maid to Sierra, the owner."

Kimberly glances back at Espa, before bringing her full attention back to me and pinching my nipple “Oh, but you are Sierra. We have met on numerous occasions, and I know you.” She slowly raises her hand and smells her middle finger then licks it with just the tip of her tongue. “I even know what you are.”

Unable to react I can only hope that the house resets me soon.  Kimberly walks behind me and I can hear her open and search through her purse. I know I am in trouble now, and it comes as no surprise when I feel her connect a cable to my control collar. I can suddenly see my mind in three partitions or folders. The first is me “Sierra Day”, the second is my “Maid Complete Program” and the third says “Upgrade Project”. I am shocked to see this third partition. Why was I unaware of it?  I try to look inside the partition, to learn something about it. When suddenly I can feel my mind being pulled, and filtered. As if it is being copied. It is difficult to think as my memories are flashing in and out of my stream of consciousness. It feels like hours but it was likely only a few minutes when the process stops, and I am able to focus on the partitions again. Almost immediately Kimberly begins talking.   

“Ok Sierra, I have you now. Right here in this little device. Do you even remember me?” Kimberly is standing directly in front of me, and I can see a small hard drive, which she is slipping back into her purse. I can also plainly see that her nipples are erect. “I now have your access codes. I can control you. Ha! In just a moment I am going to clear your memory for today, but first, I want you to know”. She steps in close pressing her smaller but very firm breasts against my own, before putting her lips next to my ear. “I intend to fuck your husband. I am going to review your memory files and make my move in a way he cannot resist. Then maybe you will remember who I am.”

She leans back and looks at my blank face, and staring eyes. Hoping for some reaction. Indeed, if I could react I would slap this witch across the face, grab her hair, and sling her through the window into my rose bushes. Instead my violent thoughts just keep returning error notifications from the house, as I strain against my unmoving body.

“Ok since that didn’t get a reaction, let’s try this other program for a little bit shall we?” She begins to unbutton her shirt with one hand hits a button on the device which is still connected to my collar and again my world goes to black.

* * *

Ouch my butt hurts. I open my eyes and discover that I am bent over the couch and Camila is standing with her hand raised as if to spank my exposed bottom. My latex dress is pulled up to my midriff. and the door chimes are ringing.  I think what time is it? Why am I here? Where is Espa, did she do this to me? 

“Camila go get the door.” 

“Yes Mrs. Sierra”

She turns and silkily walks out of the room headed for the front door. Straining to think about how I got here, I pull my skirt back to the proper position and decide to review the camera logs later. I then head to my room to change into my proper clothes. 

I pick a soft green sundress, and am just about to change when Camila arrives at the master bedroom door.  

“Mrs. Sierra, the pool cleaners are here and have asked for your direction.” 

A few months back, one of the pool cleaning personnel, thinking I was an android, had misused me, and I had been forced to assist him in the bathroom. I had not brought the incident up to Sean, as I wanted to take care of the fellow in my own way. Now was a perfect time to handle it, as I was dressed as one of the androids and in full control of my body. Thinking that, I again wonder, where is Espa?  

“Go tell them that they will be given their directions shorlty, and then ask them to wait. Then go ensure that Espa is in her pod.”

“Yes Mrs. Sierra”

I check my makeup and gracefully began walking toward the front area. On the way I realize, I am walking smoothly in my high heels without the aid of the house to control my legs and movements. Perhaps my balance has improved as a side effect of moving long enough like one of the maids, some sort of muscle memory. What a pleasant benefit.  Placing my best cheerful android expression on my face I enter the foyer. Finding only two pools guys this time, I am pleased to see, one of them is the culprit from the previous visit. 

“Gentlemen, I have been directed to provide you access to the pool area, and assist you after completion of your duties.”

I turn and begin the long walk to the pool. Along the way I catch reflections of the pair following me and watching my booty every step of the way. This arouses me a little, knowing that they both want me, and that if I had been under the control of the house something sexual might have happened. Something completely outside of my control. That thought made me even hotter. I can remember how large the pool guy was, how big would he be erect. But then I think of Sean’s smiling face, and that changes my mood completely, right as I get to the pool. I turn efficiently, with no wobbles, and again marvel at how my balance has improved. 

“Gentlemen, please perform all duties prescribed by your contract, and knock at the back door upon completion.” 

Walking with my hips swaying side to side I manage to catch a glimpse of the pool man and sure enough, he has taken the bait. I know it won’t be long before he comes looking for me. 

I walk into the house and head over to check on the androids, just to be sure they are there, and that Camila found Espa alright. I peak in and Espa is standing deactivated in my pod. I am about to move her to her own when I hear a loud knock on the back door. 

Well that didn’t take long I think as I briskly walk to the back door closest to the pool area.  When I get there, I can see the pool guy is swiping on a small tablet as he waits. I unlock the door and open it.

“Is there something I can assist you with sir?”

“Yes, I need to use the restroom, can you take me to it, and help me?”

“Right this way” I reply in my most robotic sounding tone. This is exactly as I had expected and as I turn to show him the way. I begin my planned speech. 

“It has come to the attention of the house, that your previous visits were not of a professional nature. Should something similar occur in the future, legal action will be taken to enforce the property rights of my husba.. owner. Furthermore if you”

Thwuummm.. thwuuummm.. thwuuumm.. I slow then stop walking and halt my speech mid word, as I feel a pulsating vibration in my vagina.  

I spin around to look at the pool guy holding his table close to his chest with a big grin on his face. The vibration is strong, and I change both my facial expression and my tone as I drop the planed speech. No longer intending to take him to the bathroom. 

“Listen up you perverted jerk! If you so much as look sideways at me or any of my maids again, I will have you fired, and your company sued! Are you seriously trying to hack me? Have you tried that on any of my maids? You have got to be one of the dumbest pool guys in history, and that is saying something”.

His smile is now gone, and I grab the tablet out of his surprised hands. “Get out of the house right now! I am keeping this!”.

He turns and practically runs to the back door. I stand holding the tablet as the rhythmic vibration continues. The vibration feels really quite good, but also odd. There is nothing inside of me, well nothing I could feel until the vibrations started. I look at the tablet and see a menu bar at the top of the application running, it reads (C.R.C.M) below it is the outline of the lower half of a feminine body. It is an outline of my body, as near as I can tell. There are multiple yellow arrows pointing to my feet, calves, knees, thighs, and one green arrow pointing to my pelvis. I tap the green arrow and the pulsing stops. I also see that the arrow has now turned yellow. I take a deep breath and call out to Angela. “Angela, show our pool guests out when they are done, and send Espa up to my room”. I have some video to review and some questions to get answered. 

About 2 hours later, I have gone over this morning’s video, right up to where the pool guy made my vagina vibrate. Wow what an interesting day. I was shocked when I saw Kimberly V. at our front door, and I was livid when I watched her take command of me and molest me. After some time it got freaky and I fast forwarded to her departure with me bent over the couch and Camila spanking my bottom every 20 seconds. There are multiple items that have me concerned. But at the top of my list are how do I get back at Kimberly, how did my vagina vibrate, and what was Espa talking about when she said she had upgraded me.  I decide it is time to call a professional. 

Using the house I request that the same tech company that worked on me the first time around be invited back, but that only the female tech is needed. For an extra fee they schedule her for later in the day. I take a long shower and get dressed in soft white lace cotton panties and a matching bra, then don the green sundress I had set out earlier. It has been a few days since I ate real food, so I also have the maids make me something to eat. I have left Espa laying flat on the bed deactivated this whole time. Her micro-usb is missing and I suspect there is something wrong with her. I don’t want to risk being turned back into her before I get things figured out.  To that same end, my control collar is sitting atop my nightstand.

The Tech that arrives around 4:45 PM is indeed the tall brunet woman that had visited a few months earlier. She is in a reflective black slim cut polo shirt and tight khaki pants. I notice that she has nice legs and perky breasts when Angela brings her into the sitting room where I am waiting on the couch with the tablet from the pool man on the table.    

“Please have a seat Mrs?”

“Valleria Pond, but you can call me Val, thank you.”

Taking a spot on the couch right next to me, she sets down a backpack and glances at my neck then slowly down my body. I realize she thinks I am an android maid dressed up as the owner, so I decide to start at the beginning. 

“Well Val, let me start by saying, I am not what you may think I am. I am Sierra Day, and this is my home. I am not an android maid, as you may have believed from your previous visit. Your short coworker did not do his due diligence at that time.”  I can see almost immediately that she is humoring me, and thinking of how to turn me off so she can fix me and finish up her day. “Mrs. Pond you appear distracted, is there any way I can simply demonstrate I am what I claim to be so that we can proceed?”

“Well that would save us both some time.” She says with a fake smile. “I can see you no longer have a control collar access point, but would you mind if I checked your neck and belly button for a diagnostic connection location? Let us agree that an android maid would have connection points, and the owner would not. Does that sound reasonable?”

“Certainly” I agree and turn so that she can see there is no cleverly hidden micro- usb plug hidden on the back of my neck. She is not yet looking as she is unzipping her bag and grabbing a diagnostic tablet and cable. I wait for her to finish and bring her attention to my neck. “As you can see there is no connection point” Smiling she nods and looks at my stomach. 

“And now your belly button please.” 

“Oh yes well just a moment” I stand up and am grateful that I had the free will to wear panties, as I lift up my skirt to expose my belly button. I then look down into her pack as she starts to take a close look at my belly button.  In doing so I notice that she certainly come prepared, as there is a wide array a wires, gadgets, tools and probes in it. Then I shudder as if a slight electrical jolt has gone through me.  My eyes go wide as I see Valleria has plugged a cable from her diagnostic tool into my belly button. “What are you d..” I start to say when she hits a button and I cannot move or speak. I can feel electrical currents making my toes, and fingers tingle. The tingling spreads up my legs and arms before it gathers around my genitals and breasts.

“In answer to what I assume you were asking. I have connected to your diagnostic connection port. You have certainly had upgrades since my last visit, so I will scan you and see what components are new. Perhaps that will tell me what hardware is giving your wife personality programming issues. In a little bit, you will be back to being the happy android wife and maid your husband ex..pects…. Oh Hold on.. Ok I spoke a bit too soon there. It appears that you are in fact…. 26% human. I am so sorry for my earlier statement”

She looks up into my eyes with an apologetic look. “I am a cyborg too, and know I would hate to be confused for an android. Here let me reactivate your movements, but please don’t unplug the cord. I am still in the middle of the diagnostic test.” 

With that she hits a button and I can once again freely move. I am too shocked to move much though, and my hands are still holding up my skirt, so I decide to just sit down. I am 26% human? That means I am 74% cybernetic. I am more android than I am human. What the Hell has Espa been up too. I slowly turn my head to look into Val’s warm brown eyes. She has a look of concern on her face and her head is tilted slightly to the side. I take a deep breath and ask.

“When did this happen?”

Glancing down at her device she replies “when did what happen?”

“When did these.. I guess.. upgrades take place?” After saying it I realized I did think of them as upgrades.

“It looks like they have taken place incrementally over the last few months. Your skin replacement and access port were done a little less than four months ago.” 

I hold up one of my hands for her to pause and I think, it was only four months ago that I started living as the maid full time when Sean was away. Has Espa been augmenting me since then. 

“Ok so Skin, and port, what other parts of me are synthetic?”

“Well it would be easier to just say that all of your head, digestive, and respiratory systems, are organic. Just about all the rest is synthetic. Are you just now finding out?” 

This is quite a shock, and I don’t immediately reply as I think about how I feel about what I have just heard.  I have truly become robotic, I really am a machine like the maid. The knowledge sinks in and I realize. I am fine with it.  

“Yes, I am only now finding out that I have been upgraded. How long is the diagnostic going to take?”

“Only another 5 minutes or so.”

“Well I am going to need more of your time than that, because I have a long story to tell you, and I am definitely going to need your help when I get to the end.”

story continued in part three

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