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Maidbot Rental Mistake

by Gromet

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Continues from

Part 2: Three Guys and a Pizza

Now that the machine had prepared me, I was sent out on my first time in my new role as a pleasurebot. My now enhanced body is ready to provide pleasure to whatever the paying customer required of me. My mind was programmed with the knowledge required to fulfil their desires, however perverse they may be, I was here to provide them with a service, and though I may have baulked at whatever they wanted me to do for them as a woman, now that I was a pleasurebot I would have to comply.

I had placed myself inside a delivery capsule after being made ready at the processing facility, and was on my way to being delivered. I found that though my body was controlled, I could still think and feel; my mind, now programmed to conform to my role, still allowed me to freely ponder what my first client would expect from me. I hoped that they were kind and gentle, though I had visions of darker things that could happen to me, judging by some of the things that had been placed in my memory.

The vehicle that was transporting me to my destination had stopped several times, each time thinking that this was my drop-off, only to find that other pleasurebots were on their way to their clients; I would have to wait. Eventually, the vehicle stopped, and my capsule then opened; as I stepped out under the command of the system that controlled me, I found that I was standing on a street, with many people around me all looking at the pleasurebot now standing there.

Judging by the look on their faces, they were shocked and horrified at what stood there before them and then remembered that my clothing barely covered my now enhanced body. I would have curled up and died at this point if it wasn’t for the fact that I could not move unless given a command by the system, so I would have to stand there under their gaze and endure their stares and disdain for what I looked like.

Luckily the system then commanded that I enter the building directly in front of me; at last, I could get away from the judgemental looks of the people on the street, but I would be getting closer to finding out what my new role entailed me to do. I didn’t care at this point, I wanted to be off of the street, and the people looking at me, anywhere would be better than that, I figured.

Entering the elevator, I was taken to the floor where my client was waiting for me; the apartment was down a long corridor, but luckily for me, it was currently empty. I don’t know if I could have taken any more people judging me for what I looked like. Arriving at the door, I knocked and waited for a response, my face looking at the door, not noticing a woman walking out of her apartment opposite, and making a remark about me being dressed like a slut; it was only when I heard her speaking to me behind my back did I realise that someone was there, the barbed comment making me cringe inside again.

Thankfully the door opened, and there stood my client, he was a man in his late twenties I guessed, and I wondered why he would need a pleasurebot for company when he could easily have a real female anytime he wanted to. He went up in my estimation when he told the woman who had insulted me to mind her own business and get back to her own boring life. My face lit up with a smile as he did so; whether this was from the system or deep down inside me, I didn’t know, but I was happy that he was defending me.

He invited me inside and away from the gaze of the woman in the corridor, happy that I was now out of her sight, but then I suddenly realised why I was here, and my fears and doubts were again starting to resurface, I was his pleasurebot for however long he had paid for me. There was only one reason in my mind why this guy had paid for me, and that was to provide him with whatever pleasure that he desired me to perform for him.

As soon as he had closed the door, he walked in front of me and told me to follow him into the main living area of his apartment. I walked dutifully behind, my eyes cast down as the system instructed me to do. Guided by an internal map of the apartment I was now in, I knew the entire layout, which somewhat blew my mind but also, I felt relief that there was no hidden dungeon located anywhere waiting for a female victim to fall prey into. Walking behind my new client, I must admit that I enjoyed looking at his body from behind; he seemed to have kept himself in shape, judging from what I could see. Maybe I would be able to enjoy having sex with him, and I knew that in my former life that I would have.

Entering the main area, I found that it was reasonably furnished, not something to my tastes, but more functional, and it definitely struck me as a male domain and could do with the attention of my friend Vicky in her maidbot role, seeing the mess around the room. But I doubted that I was here to clean the place up; my clothing and appearance made sure that in my mind that I was here for one thing only, and I would soon be finding what that was, and it wasn’t a quick tidy up and polish.

Turning around, he looked me up and down, taking in the vision that stood before him, my enhanced body standing there as he examined every inch of me with his eyes, my body posed for him to enjoy the view. At first, it seemed that he didn’t know what to do with me; that was what it seemed like to me, but he was deciding what service he wanted from me first. Of course, the most obvious choice is what every guy wants from a female – a blow job.

He pulled me towards him as he edged closer to the sofa, sitting himself down with a big smile on his face; he then ordered me to pleasure him with my mouth and to take my time doing so, he stipulated at the last moment. Getting down on my hands and knees, I moved over towards where he sat; my body moving under the system's control seemed to make me move in a more seductive way than I would have thought of, and judging by the look on his face, he liked what I was doing.

I moved closer and began to rub my hands over his thighs, feeling the muscles tighten as I caressed his legs. The system directed me to take my time and tease the client, looking up at him and licking my lips suggestively, my eyes half-closed, and I looked like I was turned on and loving what I was doing to him. My nipples were becoming erect and rubbing against the tight material covering them, giving him apparent signs that I was enjoying myself.

Inside my own thoughts were totally different; I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t know this guy and certainly wouldn’t have wanted to take him in my mouth on the first date, as much as he would have tried to get me to do. But being under the system’s control, I had no choice, and I would have to do whatever the client wanted. The system corrected my thoughts, my mind began to be altered to start enjoying the act.

I found that my hands had involuntarily now moved up to unzip his fly; they were reaching inside to find the required target for my mouth to provide pleasure to. My own hands were going to become the treacherous ministrations of my own demise, but that was just the start. Now free from his pants, his erect member stood there before me, it’s one eye staring at me, expecting me to do something with it.

My lips soon joined in the betrayal as I felt my body bending forwards, my lips parting and taking the offered member inside. My own body was under the control of the system, now making me take his erect member into my waiting mouth, and as much as I felt disgusted with myself inside there was nothing that I could do but to endure the whole process.

As my mouth moved over the hardened member of my new client, I found that my tongue started to join in as well, in ways that I wouldn’t have felt possible. It seemed to flutter on the underside of his penis, obviously to provide him with more pleasure, not something that I had done in the few times I had submitted to doing this for my previous boyfriends. My warm, moist mouth must have been pleasurable to him as I heard him moan as I continued in my ministrations to provide him with his enjoyment of my body.

Though soon it was over, I felt his member get harder inside my mouth and then felt his hands on the back of my head, forcing himself deeper than I would have been able to in my former life, the system allowing me to relax the muscles at the entrance to my throat to take him inside, then using those same muscles to give him a superior oral experience than I could have offered before I was converted to a pleasurebot.

His hands gripped my head, his hands clasping the hair that I wore; I thought that he would tear my wig off, but it held on tight, and I wondered later what actually had been done to me to make it stick on the way it did. I took knowledge in the fact that he was about to climax and prepared myself to take him in my mouth as deeply as I could, the system guiding me to do so at this point and then hold myself there as he shot his load into my throat, swallowing down the liquid that he spurted into me automatically, not choking like I thought I would have done at this point, like in the past, but providing him with a receptacle for him to deposit himself into.

Now sated, he sat there slumped into the furniture, my mouth still around his now softening member, tasting the last spurts of his sperm on my tongue as I kept up my pleasuring of him with my mouth as instructed. His hands now releasing their tight grip on my hair, he relaxed, and his body fell back on the sofa. Moving my head back, I licked the last drops from the head of his penis and sat there on my hunched-up legs as I looked up at my new client; the look on his face was worth the effort I had put into pleasing him.

He looked down his body at me and smiled; he told me that was the best blowjob that he had experienced in his entire life. This seemed to please me inside, and I gained some form of pleasure from providing this for him. It’s always good to know that you’ve done well, I suppose, and it was no different now with me as his sextoy for the day, than being a normal female who had just given her man pleasure. At this point, it didn’t seem so awkward now for me to be here as nothing more than a pleasurebot, the ice had been broken between us, and it wasn’t until what he said next to me broke the spell that I wasn’t anything other than a sex object.

“That was well worth the money I spent hiring you,” he said, “now let's do that again, this time only slower.”

After the second round of oral sex, he was satisfied for the moment and told me to go and wait in his bedroom for him, and he would call me again when he needed to use me again. Dutifully I stood up, and without any further words, I moved myself over to where I knew his bedroom was; I entered the room and closed the door behind me. There was no further interaction between us and none was needed on his part; I had fulfilled my tasks as required by him, and now that I was no longer needed discarded and stored away for later use.

Inside my mind, I was conflicted; I had started to enjoy serving him, some deep-seated need in me wanted to submit to him, but on the other hand, I felt rejected when he dismissed me like an unwanted toy, placed out of sight and ignored until needed again. But I also seemed to get some form of joy from being treated this way. Was I starting to like being a sex toy to be used and discarded? My body, though carried on automatically as instructed by both the client and therefore the system controlling me, I stood to one side of the room, and my body seemed to shut down, leaving me standing there with just my own thoughts.

It was later in the evening, the view from the window letting me know that it was now dark outside, that I woke up from what best could be described as sleep, though I couldn’t move, my mind was still active, at least for part of the time I was standing there. I had received a command from the system to walk back out into the main living area; my client now required my services again.

Walking out of the darkened bedroom and into the bright lights of the lounge, I was at first blinded, but when my vision adjusted, I could see my client waiting there for me, but not only him it seemed as if there were two other men in the room with him. It seemed to me at this moment that I would soon be servicing all three of them very soon. My body started to betray me again, preparing itself for the upcoming sex that I foresaw coming my way. My nipples were again stretching against the tight material, and a warm tingly feeling starting down between my legs let me know that I was ready and wanting them to use me.

They all watched as I entered the room, their eyes taking in the vision of the female before them, the clothing that I wore revealing more than it covered; they seemed to be drooling at the prospect of what they would be doing to the female object that was there waiting for them to use. There was nothing that I could do to stop whatever they wanted to do to me, and they all knew that as they watched me move into the room, like an animal to the slaughter, I was here for their pleasure, a thing to use and abuse, for them to slake their sexual thirst by using my body.

It didn’t take long for me to find out what their desires were. I was soon back down on my knees, head down in one of the unknown men’s laps, my mouth tightly around his hard penis taking in his full length deep into my throat, my tongue again working its magic on the underside of his member. Meanwhile, behind another of them was currently plundering the depths of my womanhood, the clothing doing nothing to stop them from entering into me; I realized that my sex was exposed to whoever wanted to gaze upon me, once I had bent over the scant material moving out of the way.

The man behind pushing himself into my waiting sex, it seemed that my body had again betrayed me and had prepared itself for sex to take place, the lubrication required for sex to not be painful provided by my own treacherous body. My mind now concentrating on pleasing both men, I was here to provide for their pleasure, and I seemed to be getting some delightful feelings of my own from being used this way, whether that was from the system controlling me or my own desire I didn’t know, but at this point, I no longer cared.

I have never had two men, let alone three wanting to use me at the same time; in my previous existence, there was no way I would have ever thought about doing this, something that seemed so wicked and debauched but something that I may have fantasised in my ‘alone’ times, my fingers providing me with the fuel to feed my fantasy. Now here I was living my own fantasy, but not of my own choosing, but in my wickedness I seemed to want to be here, my own initial misgivings having dropped away, and I resigned myself to the fact there was nothing I could do to stop it, so I decided to get whatever enjoyment I could and worry about any guilt later.

I began to get into a rhythm with the man behind me pushing into me; he in turn, made me fall deeper onto the man in my mouth, taking him down further and then pulling back as the man behind moved away. I felt like I was skewered on a barbeque, the meat in the sandwich, as each man pressed even deeper into me. It didn’t take long for them both to climax, the man in my mouth first, taking him in as deeply as I could, swallowing as much as I could, but with the other man still pounding deep into my pussy it made it difficult to maintain contact, some drops spilling out of the corners of my mouth.

Soon I felt the man behind starting to thrust much quicker and harder within me, and then shudder as he too came inside me, what with the one still in my mouth and the other behind it seemed to push me over the edge, and I too climaxed the same time as he did, he must have felt my contractions as I squeezed his member hard in the throes of my own orgasm, my mind lost to the pleasure of the moment.

“Wow!” he said, “it feels like the pleasurebot came just as I did. Amazing what they can do with machines these days.”

So, he thought I was just a machine, a robot programmed for his sexual entertainment, but it didn’t seem to faze me like I thought it would. I seemed to get some form of pleasure from the fact that to him, I was just a machine to fuck and discard. My whole insides seemed to churn, in a warm fuzzy feeling, and I felt delighted at being thought of in this way; it seemed to give me more pleasure than I have ever felt in a weird sort of way. Was I really just a machine waiting to be released on the inside? Did I enjoy being nothing more than an object to be used by others?

The night progressed, and I was taken by all three men; they made use of every feature of my body, and at one point, I was being used by all three at the same time, all my holes filled by their erect manhoods. My body was now naked, my new breasts exposed to their male gaze, driving them to use me even more for their pleasure. At one point, one of them used my breasts to provide me with what he had termed a ‘pearl necklace’, the spending covering my chest and neck.

The only interruption to their using me was when the pizza was delivered, and I think that they were hoping for some young male to be standing there, as they sent me naked out to the door to retrieve the food that they had ordered, only to be disappointed when a delivery droid stood there instead. The other times were when they were too spent to use me and made me put on a display for them, either dancing erotically or playing with myself as they watched and ate their pizza.

I felt more like their plaything in these moments than any other time, the fact that I was masturbating in front of three guys no longer fazed me. I enjoyed putting on the display for their entertainment and gained some inner pleasure from doing so. I seemed to have changed in my own mind. Was it the programming I had received or was the real inner slut coming, literally, out from me, as my fingers brought an earth-shattering orgasm out of me? The hidden exhibitionist in me coming out, putting on a display for my audience and satisfying a deep-seated need in me.

The guys continued to use me right up to the last moment of my rental period, and I felt disappointed that I was having to leave these men; in my mind, I wanted to stay and become their sex slave for however long they wanted me for, but the time that the client had rented me for had now expired. I felt the change come over me as the system told me that my services were no longer required at this location and that I was to return to the street where my transport would pick me up to return me back to the facility.

It seemed at that moment that all of the feelings that I’d had experienced and the enjoyment that I had received up to that point was programmed into me. I began to doubt my own feelings, I knew deep in my own mind that I should not have found any delight, let alone pleasure from being used this way, but I had, and I wanted more. But this was to be denied to me, it seemed, for once the timer had expired on my rental, my mind was flipped off and the only thought left was to return, all joy was now gone from what I had experienced.

Getting dressed in the tiny outfit, adjusting the belt-like clothing to cover my dignity as best as I could, I made my way to the door. The guys that had been using me up to this point, though disappointed that their toy was now leaving, soon started drinking and got back to playing the cards that they were currently occupied with prior to my time expiring, I was just an object on display for them to admire at that point, all now sated and exhausted from the sex they had had with me, now bored they moved on to other things to occupy themselves with.

Out of the street, wearing what little material covered my otherwise naked body, the crowds that had been there this afternoon when I was delivered were thankfully no longer there, just the occasional couple walking home from a night out, the guys looking at me with lust in their eyes and the girls scornfully looking at the whore-bot dressed to tease and distract their men, some commenting while others just held their men closer as they walked on by.

There were also a couple of lonely males, who it seemed had not managed to pick up any female companions tonight; each was taking in the vision before them, some even touching me, some even trying to get me to go with them, but each giving up and walking away when, as instructed by the system, I gave them a price to use me, each man not having the means to pay for my services. I felt like a hooker, standing there waiting on the street for my transport, as I gave each man a price for what they wanted from me. And I felt some wicked inner part of me get enjoyment at the thought of this.

My transport eventually arrived, and I climbed into the safety of the delivery capsule, the outer door closing behind me as I placed myself into position. The vehicle then moved off to collect other pleasurebots from their clients. As the vehicle moved, I seemed to drift off into pleasant dreams of what I had experienced tonight, my mind recalling the events as they unfolded, and though I thought that I should have been repulsed by what had occurred, I found that I gained pleasure from it.

My dreams were interrupted when the vehicle returned to the facility. I was unloaded along with the other pleasurebots. We formed a line; following our instruction from the system, each pleasurebot entered the waiting machine. Inside, when it was my turn, I found that the clothing I wore was removed along with the boots and gloves; I had forgotten that I wore those; they seemed to have become a part of me.

Next to go was the hair; it was sucked away into a chute, leaving me bald again, then jets started spraying my entire body. The machine instructed me to close my eyes at this point, and another wave of liquid started to cover my body. This fluid stung a little and smelt of some form of disinfectant that I recall using in my former life. It seemed odd to me to consider my life before becoming a pleasurebot.

I now seemed to think about myself as nothing more than a pleasurebot and nothing more. My previous life no longer seemed to exist, and I had always been an android to be used by others for their pleasure. And strangely, I liked the thought that I was a machine, an object, nothing more than a sex toy for others to use and play with, to provide them with pleasure. It wasn’t something that had been programmed into me, I later found out, but that is another story.

Once cleaned and processed, I was directed to another part of the facility, where I was examined for any damage by my previous clients, the person looking over my body like something that was not human but a machine. Sending a thrilling tingle down my spine as their hands examined in between my legs, their fingers exploring the holes they found there for any signs of damage. Then moving me on to the next stage without another thought, as they turned to the next pleasurebot in the line.

The system sent me to the next available storage pod, the pleasurebot in front of me taking the one next to mine and the one after the next one. I felt at that moment like nothing more than a machine, controlled and being stored to await my next client. Tubes dropped down and entered into my mouth; a slurry of mush began to enter my mouth. I swallowed the tasteless goop as quickly as it left the tube. Then in between my legs, more tubes snaked their way upwards, entering my rear first and then covering my sex and urethra. I was commanded to dispose of any wastes that my body contained, which it did so without any effort on my part, it seemed.

Now cleaned, fed, and my waste products taken care of, I was placed into a meditative sleep-like state, where my mind felt at ease, and my body rested. Though at this point more programming was downloaded into my mind, now more receptive in my relaxed state, I didn’t at first realize, but later found new directives and instructions to provide even more pleasure to clients who required my services. Finally, exhaustion took over, and I seemed to blackout and shut down, my body contained in my storage pod until the next time I was required.


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