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Maidbot Rental Mistake

by Gromet

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; F2sexbot; sexbot; straps; chair; gag; bodymod; climax; mistake; reluct; X

After getting my degree in humanities, I found that the paper that it was printed on was worthless and that I had wasted my time with the three years it took to get my degree. All I had left to show for it was a large student debt that I now needed to pay off on top of my everyday living expenses; that and no real employment prospects in the current climate.

Other than to continue in college to gain my master’s degree and get myself further into debt, with still no idea if I’d be able to find a suitable career at the end, or try to find whatever job that I could now and get myself out of debt that I was in.

So, after looking at my options and not finding anything that I thought of as suitable work for someone like me with my degree, I was talking one afternoon with a couple of female friends of mine, one of whom I had just found out had managed to clear her own student debts within 18 months of her finishing college. I asked her how she had managed it, thinking that maybe she had sold her body; well, she always seemed to have a different boyfriend every day back in college and liked flaunting herself in front of all the boys.

“I worked as a maid,” Vicky told me.

“A maid,” I replied, “but the pay for that is so low, plus that’s a hard job to do.” Thinking of all of the menial tasks that a maid would be expected to do.

“Not with the agency I worked for, Denise,” she said. “It was easy to work 12-14 hours a day or longer, and I didn’t feel tired; and in the end, I felt fitter than I have ever been in my life.”

“Bull, Vicky” I said, “there’s no way that you could have done that many hours without collapsing. I know that I would.”

“It’s true, Denise,” she told me, “The longer hours you work, the more money you get; that’s how I paid off my debt so fast.”

“But working as a maid, how did you manage all of the work without being tired,” I asked Vicky.

“Easy, they have a system that helps you manage not only the workload but also the long hours. So even someone who has no experience, like you, can start on day one,” she smugly replied.

“How? What is their system?” I asked her, thinking that if she could do it, then so could I.

“They transform you into a maidbot, and you’re controlled by the company system, so all of the work is programmed into you, and all of your movements are run from their computer system.”

“What! You’re a maidbot, one of those robot servants that you see everywhere, but you don’t look like you’re an android.” I said, looking at her to see any parts of her that were not human.

“No silly, they only implant a couple of control chips that enable you to retrieve the signals from the system, and using that, they control your body to enable you to work as a maid.” She laughed, then did an exaggerated robotic movement.

“Implant, you mean take over your body? But they could make you do anything, and you’d be unaware of what happened to you, your mind not being your own,” I replied, concerned, “I’ve heard stories of people becoming robots and being used by their owners for other things, not what they wanted.”

“Well, the agency that I worked for was very good, I trusted them to vet their clients before sending out their maidbots, and I’ve never experienced any bad things happen to me while I was under the system’s control.” Vicky told me and continued, “And I believe that those stories are just fiction, someone’s twisted imagination.”

“Still, how would you know if someone did something to your body while you’re under their control?” I asked her.

“You still have full control of your own mind, so while your body is under control by the system, your mind is still free to experience the whole thing, just like you mindlessly doing a pointless task, like humanities, Denise,” she said, teasing me.

After speaking with her further, I decided that having no other choice than to try it; otherwise, I didn’t know what else I could do to clear my debts, other than using my body as I had heard that other female students did to clear their debts, ‘by arrangement’ they had called it, but to me that said paid sex worker, not something that I wanted to do. And using my body this way seemed to me to be the safest option; my other employment prospects either didn’t pay as much or were distasteful to me, not being used to doing menial work.

So, the following day, I contacted what I thought was the agency that Vicky had used. I tried to remember the name of it, but after a few wines last night, I had gotten the names confused. So instead of ringing the “Central Maidbot Rental,” I actually got through to one called “Maid & Bot Rental Center, Inc.” Not realizing my mistake, I did my job interview over a video call, and made an appointment with them that day to start with them the next morning.

Turning up at the supplied address, I joined the other women in the reception area, all waiting to become maidbots I assumed, and felt content that I would soon be clear of my debts, and that if my friend could do it, Vicky being the laziest student I knew on campus, then I could do it too. The other thing that she hadn’t told me was that the agency said that they would immediately clear my debt; as long as I signed up for the full 24 months with options to continue, they would then deduct the debt from the fees that they would charge for hiring me out.

Confident that I had made the right decision, after all I had heard from my friend Vicky the other night, I signed on, but the contract seemed to be very long and complicated, so I didn’t bother to read all of the fine print. I was sure that the agency was trustworthy and would look after me, my friend had recommended it. I did sign another contract when they asked me if I would like to fast-track my way to paying off my debt, so instead of the 24 months, I could just do 12 months or however long it took to cover what I owed. Great I thought at the time, not realising what I had signed up for.

Once all of the paperwork was completed, I was led out of the room and down to the processing area, where I was given a box and told to put all of my clothing and possessions inside; it would be stored away until I had completed my contract. After stripping off, I found the paper robe and put it on, the rear opening had a couple of ties, but when I bent over, I found that I exposed myself to all and sundry. Typical hospital gown, I thought, but then I doubted that I would be wearing it for long.

Now ready, the woman who gave her name as Sheila guided me out of the changing room and down to what looked like a medical examination room, where she asked me to sit myself down on the chair in the center of the room. The coldness of the vinyl chair as it hit my bare rear shocked me, reminding me of the exposed flesh there. But soon, I had myself sat down in the position she wanted from me and got myself comfortable.

“Okay Denise, I’ve just got to get you ready for the next process,” Sheila said to me, her smile disarming. “I need to strap you down to the chair so that you don’t move during the examination and processing.”

I was a bit concerned at her binding me to the chair; just what was going to happen to me? I wondered and felt slightly fearful.

“Don’t be concerned; it’s just standard practice. It wouldn’t help anyone if you were hurt or damaged, so we make sure that you cannot move during this procedure, it’s standard practice now.” Sheila then said, her hand on mine reassuring me.

I must admit that I was concerned at the thought of having some form of control chip implanted in my head, but my friend had reassured me that it would be removed at the end of my contract, though she had told me that she had kept hers, as she still works as a maidbot to make extra money on the side and to keep herself fit without going to the gym every day.

I felt my wrist being bound to the chair's arms with straps by Sheila, then some more around my forearms near my elbows, more straps around my upper arm welded my upper body to the chair. She then moved down to my legs, and my ankles were bound with more straps, plus more across my thighs and around my knees. Then Sheila pulled on the paper robe that I wore and tore it from me; it came off very easily and left me there bound naked to the chair. She added more straps around my tummy and another set that came over the top of my breasts.

“Okay, just one more,” she said and then placed one around my forehead so that my head was now fixed to the headrest. “There, all ready to move on to the next phase.”

“Oh silly me,” Sheila said, “forgot this one.” Then added a strap around my mouth, which had an insert that popped in between my lips. I found myself now gagged and couldn’t speak with the strap pulled tight.

“Okay, ready?” she asked, knowing that I couldn’t say or stop her bound and gagged as I was. All I could do was sit there and look at her; my eyes were the only part of me that I could move.

Sheila walked behind the chair and must have pressed a lever, as the next thing I knew was my legs being forced apart with the chair legs opening, leaving me sitting there with my flower exposed, all dignity now lost. The chair also laid back at the same time, so I ended up on my back with my legs wide apart. I wondered what was going to happen to me next and why they were doing this to me.

Another woman then walked into the room, she was dressed in what you see medical people wear, the scrubs covering her body, giving me some sort of confidence that whatever was going to happen was being done by a medical professional. Well, hopefully, that was the case as she examined my body everywhere, and I do mean everywhere; no inch of my body was left untouched. I guessed that they did things thoroughly here, though I wondered again what this had to do with me being a maid. I had never been touched down there by another woman, this was a first, and though embarrassed, I didn’t find it too bad.

Once they had finished examining my body, I was told that I had passed my medical and that I would now be moved to the next part of my enhancement. I had no idea what that meant but thought that maybe it was time for the insertion of the chip. Which it was, but first I had some other procedures to get me ready for my role, I was told, and that they would see me again when I was improved. The room then went black as the drug they had given me knocked me out.

When I came to, I found myself in a white room, and there were several gurneys with other women laying on them, some with a sheet covering their bodies while others were naked. Each was still strapped down, and all seemed to be unconscious and unmoving. At first, I thought that maybe I’d died and ended up in a mortuary but then realized that I was still breathing and had thoughts in my head.

I could only move my head slightly to look around, and looking from one to the next, I noticed that all of them had no hair on their heads, thinking that was strange, then I noticed that my own hair no longer seemed to be there and that I was now bald just like the rest of them. Moving my eyes around, I looked down as best I could at my own body as I lay there, something felt different, and the sheet that covered my body seemed to rub on my nipples, which seemed more sensitive at the moment.

As I looked down to see what was causing it, I saw that my two small breasts were now much more prominent; typically, when laying down, they seemed to flatten; now they were more erect and seemed to be much rounder than I recall them. I had been enhanced in that area it seemed, and I began to wonder not only why that had happened, I doubted a maid would need large breasts, but what else had they done to me while I was under. I would eventually find out.

Now that I was awake, I started to try moving, and it was then that an attendant who had been out of my view came over and told me to relax; I would be okay. I then felt my gurney being moved from this room and down a corridor to another room, and I was then left still strapped down. The woman who had initially been dealing with me soon returned to the room; Sheila smiled at me and ran her hands over my body.

“You turned out nicely,” she said, then looking at my now exposed breasts, “You’ll certainly be popular.”

I tried to talk but found that I couldn’t say a thing. I looked at her, confused.

“It’s the control chip, dear,” she told me, “It was implanted while you were under being improved and enhanced for your new role.”

Her hands were drifting down my body, over my taut tummy muscles, and down to my enlarged sex; her touch there seemed to be much more intense than usual, sending waves of pleasurable feelings throughout my body. She continued to tease me there, up until the point that I wanted her to take me over the top, my orgasm so near, but Sheila laughed as she suddenly stopped, her hand removed just at the point of crescendo.

What had they done to me? I have never experienced anything like this before, and why didn’t I mind that another woman was touching me in this way? I seemed to enjoy being used like this, my mind divided into wanting more and revulsion at being used by her this way. My whole body wanted more, and I strained at the straps that bound me to the gurney, but she just left me there and got on with other tasks, typing away on some unseen computer.

When Sheila returned to my vision, she said, “Well, you’ve passed all of the tests dear, so now you’re ready for your first client.”

Walking back to the computer, she then said, “Ready or not, here you come.”

My whole body erupted in the most powerful orgasm of my life, my eyes seeing stars as it coursed through my entire being. I blacked out from the sheer intensity of it; and without the straps holding my body down, I would have fallen on to the floor. As I recovered, I lay there spent and still, the last murmurs of the climax rolling around my body, and my mind lost to the winds, all energy drained from my being.

While I was recuperating from the earth-shattering orgasm, my mind now in a state of bliss, the last changes were made to enable my programming to take over the control of my body happened, and I would now no longer be able to move without a command prompt from the system that controlled me.

Coming around, I found myself lying there, and I could only look up at the ceiling, all movement no longer under my control. I could feel the control system inside my mind; it had been adding the final programming for me to fulfill my designated functions. Looking at what was being downloaded into me, I wondered where the cleaning programs were that my friend had told me about, and then I realized that most of my current programming was to satisfy the needs of my clients, and that didn’t include any polishing, well not in the normal sense if you get my meaning.

There seemed to be several ways for me to provide them with pleasure and the various ways that I could please them with different parts of my body. I had never heard of the majority of them and dreaded the prospect of finding out how to achieve some of the things that were placed into my memory. I realized then that I should have read the second contract more thoroughly; I recall the phrase ‘Pleasurebot’ being in there now. I had glossed over that thinking that they knew that I wanted to be a maidbot, but it turns out it was a case of buyer beware on my part.

I had signed up to work for the company for the next 12-24 months, but not as a maid as I initially thought; I was to be rented out as a pleasurebot instead, this was the fast track they had me sign up for. My body had been changed by them to fit into my new role, this is what they had meant by enhancement, my body changed with larger breasts, my pussy now more sensitive and the outer folds seemed to be enlarged, so that my sex now stood out more prominent, judging from the view I caught sight of in a mirror. I looked like a sex doll from my initial viewing of my new body.

My gurney had been stood up now that I was completed; I was still strapped to the surface, but I found that I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. I tried as much as I could to get myself moving, trying to get away, but my limbs didn’t respond to any commands from me; they just rested there not listening to me, betrayed by my own body, I was now stuck.

“I bet that you’re confused, my little one,” Sheila said, “You’ve been changed to suit the role that you signed up for; your body now belongs to the company for the time that you signed up for. Your debt has been cleared and will be deducted from the fees that you earn as one of our pleasurebots.”

“Now let’s move you over to processing, there you’ll be assigned your first client, then made ready and sent out, enjoy your new life my little one.” Sheila said as she smiled at me.

She hadn’t realized that this was not what I had wanted, but there was no way for me to express that to her; Sheila thought that I had willingly signed myself over to become a pleasurebot like the other women. Now there was no way I could get out of this; any resistance on my part was met with more force from the central control system until I complied; it felt like an intense headache and a feeling of sickness in my body, I knew that I didn’t want to experience this again after the first couple of jolts, so I would have to accept my new position.

Placing me into a machine, Sheila departed, leaving the recently transformed pleasurebot to be made ready for delivery. Once inside the machine started to work, it applied make-up to not only my face but more intimate areas as well. A new hairpiece was placed on my head, the pink bangs of which caught my peripheral vision. The clothing was then tightly applied to the parts of my body that the client had required, it felt like two elastic bands around my body, and I doubted that it covered my body in any respectable way.

The machine added long gloves on each arm that covered them entirely, then my legs were molded into boots, I wouldn’t say fitted as they seemed to be wrapped around and seamless; they seemed to be a part of them, the heels of which was way too high in my opinion, but I found that I could move in them. Now that I was ready, the machine opened, and I walked out, at first unsteady in the highest heels I had ever worn, but the system quickly corrected me, and I soon walked in them like a pro.

Walking over as instructed by the system, I entered the waiting container, the door closing behind me, and then the container was loaded onto the transport vehicle. The outer doors closed, blocking out all the light from inside the building. I felt the vehicle moving and could only stand there in my pod as I was whisked off to my first client. I wondered who that would be, and what they required from me.


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