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Willingly Transformed into Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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© Copyright 2019 - Robowomanbot - Used by kind permission

Storycodes: FM; transwoman; suit; fembot; strip; naked; prepare; encase; transform; M2fembot; cons; X

I had been sitting on my couch working on a new book on the history of the transgender community. I was in the editing stage of it so my mind was naturally wandering. I had been told by my doctor that we would have to delay hormone therapy because they needed to do more checks, though it was clear I would be able to get them once that had passed. It was just another tough step in the process of being transgender. I so wanted to see myself as female but even when I went all out I still was bugged by the fact that I looked like a man. My partner understood that, though she wasn’t transgender. She was an engineer, working at big time job at the nearby aerospace place.

Lately I had been noticed her sneaking around a bit but thought nothing of it, we had an open relationship that we were both fine with and I figured she would tell me when she was ready. Currently she was over in the bedroom having just brought two boxes, not telling me what they were on account that it was apparently a birthday present. Suddenly as I was completing one of the final edits I noticed a strange form walk into the room. It was suffice to say a bit of a shock, as I found myself looking at a chrome fembot, with proportions that I had long dreamed for my own body. I backed up in my seat but before I could ask what was going on the bot took off her facemask and revealed that Sarah, my partner, was in fact in the suit. She struck a pose and asked how she looked.

“Stunning, just whoa! Where in the world did you find one of these?”

She looped fingers around her hair “I found it via a friend at work. They mentioned how they had seen these and thought I would like to know about it. It feels so technical and comfortable, plus its got some pretty nice features.”

“Its utterly brilliant, you look amazing! I wish I could look that good!”

“Thank you dear, and funny you should mention it. Remember how I was hiding two boxes?”

I shook my head yes

“Well this company not only makes suits for cis women, but they just introduced a line for transwomen as well. It can be adjusted so that while wearing it, you’ll look like a 100 percent female robot, you’ll even get a body like this” She said as she gestured to her suit. “Plus it keeps the user in full control, so you can get to enjoy being fully female, though there are optional setting changes that only the person in the suit can activate.”

“Wicked, so If I put one of these I’ll look and feel female then? Are you serious?” I said with a gleam of excitement in my eyes at the thought of being able to look and feel like that.

She smiled, “I figured you would like that, so do you want to do it?

I checked to make sure there was nothing on my calendar for the rest of the night and then proceeded to agree to be transformed. She put back on her faceplate and grabbed my hand. I could feel the cool metal of her fingers as she lead me into the bedroom.

“Ok dear, you’ll need to remove your clothing first”

As I took off my leggings, leather jacket, shirt and undergarments she took out the parts of my suit and laid the pieces on the bed. After I removed my clothing I looked at pieces first, realizing that the inside would fit my current body but the outside would make me look at feminine as her. 

“Ready? Sit down on the bed so I can put the boots on you”

I sat down in my nude form as she hovered the two pieces that comprised the boot. She explained that the boot had a retractable heel, so the suit could be more comfortable. She connected them to my feet and I felt them connect, feeling how light they were once on. She then asked me to stand up and applied the lower leg pieces. I was already becoming so excited but was worried in the back of my mind that my male parts would get in the way. She then attached the knee joints and then the thigh pieces on as well. I looked across to our mirror and was amazed that my legs already looked like they would be natural on a woman, except for the chrome look.

She then handed me a pill and explained that as a part of the tech, it would control the sex drive as it related to my lower regions, keeping it smaller even when I might get excited. I took it and felt it go back to resting position. She then held up two pieces. The first obviously went into the back and had some sensors that she said would make it feel a bit more fun. The other piece looked a lot more complicated, and she explained that it functioned as an artificial vagina, allowing me to do all the things a cis woman could with a real one. I closed my eyes and felt her attach both pieces, making me realize that I was now fembot from the waist down. I so wanted to reach down and see that my male part was gone but I just decided to wait until the suit had been completed.

She then reached behind me and wrapped my waist in the metallic corset, which was made up of a less solid form of the metal but still looked the same. I looked in glee as my flat male chest became curvy as she finished placing it on. She then took my arms, gliding her fingers along as she did and assembled my arm pieces. I felt the metal wrap around my fingers as she placed the gloves on. I found I had as much dexterity with them on as without. After then placing arm pieces up to my shoulder, she then began to work on the upper chest piece. The back was pretty simple, with some markings and stuff. The front showed a fully formed globes that were of around C-Cup size.

As she placed the two half pieces on a felt I could feel the weight in my upper chest. It was what I had always dreamed of feeling and as I felt it connect I opened my eyes. Standing there before me was about the most perfect thing I could imagine. I looked so female, so real that I began to cry out of joy for loving my body for once, even if that body was fake. Sarah came around and wiped my eyes with a tissue.

“How are you feeling?”

“So wonderful, thank you so much!”

She smiled and caressed my cheek, “You are so welcome dear, lets finish you up then!”

She wrapped the smaller corset around my neck and then handed me my faceplate. I realized that the lips were made to attach to mine and that is what allowed them to move. I brushed my long hair out of the way and put it on. Suddenly I felt the suit become tighter, as all of the air was expelled out. I also found that while I could still feel my body, I was now more aware of my female body. Everything any other woman felt I could now feel. I was in pure heaven, and as my partner left me to go wait for me on the couch, I realized that, even though this was knowing artifical, it was still so real to me. I then struck a pose, said, “Bree the WOMAN is ready to go”, and then left the bedroom to join my partner on couch, where we could sit in our suits and do whatever we wanted to together.


story continues in A box from Fembot Inc
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