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Weekend Maid 7: Serving her Mistress Gromet Solo-F; F/f; maidbot; latex; catsuit; encased; collar; mind-control; controlled; servant; arousal; desire; embrace; kiss; rom; lesbian; voy; submissive; frottage; oral; climax; cons; X

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Part 7: Serving her Mistress

Jessie continues as the one of the family’s maid-bots, the weekend now concludes and the family go about their daily lives, returning to work – Bruce first, then Sophia leaving Jessie in the house with Valerie. The events of the last few days going through everyone’s minds, Jessie had enjoyed her time over the weekend as the maid-bot, she even grown to like the attention that Bruce had given her, she felt wicked inside that she seemed to have teased him sexually, and then her thoughts drifted to Sophia, their time together seemed to be growing more and more special and she felt that she was developing feelings for her, and she hoped that Sophia felt the same way too.

She prepares breakfast for each of them lost in her own world, both Bruce and then Sophia watch as the maidbot moves about the kitchen, the light reflecting off of her curves and the shiny suit covering her, each transfixed by the movements of the maid-bots body. Each day dreaming of touching the maid-bot, playing with her body and using her for their pleasure. Jessie unaware of their stares continues to move about the kitchen, directed by the system to prepare the breakfast for her owners. When she thinks of them as her owners a delightful tingle creeps up her spine and a she feels wonderful inside, a sense of well-being and contentment comes over her.

Both Bruce and then later Sophia have to interrupt their thoughts about the maid-bot, their desires will have to wait until their return from their work, each one reluctantly leaving and heading to their offices, with images implanted in their minds of the sexy latex clad maid-bot and her moving around the kitchen. Thoughts about the maid-bot would distract them during their daily work routine, their minds drifting off with visions of the maid-bot in a variety of sexual fantasies.

Valerie is the last one down and has plans for today that include being away from the house,  she had arranged to meet her friends at the shopping mall, now everyone has finished high school and on their way to various colleges it may be the final time for some while to catch up and hang out together. Now that her parents are not around she releases Jessie whilst in the kitchen from the control system to give her breakfast, they both sat and ate their meal together making small talk.

Then Valerie offers for Jessie to tag along to hang out with her friends but she declines, she’s happier staying here, she is also feels out of place with all of her friends from school heading off to college, she is no longer part of their lives, everyone will soon move on and leave her behind, so she feels safer hiding here as the maid-bot, being controlled and commanded by the family. Not that she told her friend this, she didn’t think that Valerie would understand, she had a future life out there, whilst Jessie felt that she had none, her world was changing and maybe she wanted to hide from it.

Valerie is pissed off and angry at Jessie’s refusal, the prank was only supposed to be for a short while but it seemed to her becoming permanent, something that she didn’t want to happen, it was all meant to be fun, a way of teasing her friend Jessie but she seems to have lost all control over the situation and cannot understand why. Now furious with Jessie she presses the button on the remote and switches her back on before she had finished her breakfast, she storms off saying, “I’m bored with you and your stupid maid-bot fantasy. Stay that way, see if I care!”

Valerie left shortly thereafter without so much as a look in Jessie’s’ direction, leaving just the four maid-bots alone in the house. Jessie was content, she went about performing the tasks as the system directed her to, she was enjoying her day. Her thoughts on the events of the weekend and her time with Sophia, she had thought about the time she was with Valerie but it didn’t feel the same way that she felt for Sophia, there was a shared spark between them that Jessie hoped would continue to grow.

Sophia returned first, she thought that Valerie had been home to take care of Jessie but she was still out with her friends and had been out all day long. She found the maid-bot upstairs in the main bedroom cleaning, she sat and admired the maidbot in her uniform, taking in the curves of Jessie’s body under the latex suit and feeling her own arousal building, she felt herself thinking wicked thoughts about what she’d like to do with the little maid, her hands moving over her own breasts and then down between her thighs as she continued watching the maid-bot work, her breathing becoming more rapid and her desires taking over as her hand found her sex and her little pleasure button, she played with herself as she watched the maid-bot.

The system picked up on the presence of Sophia and her physical reactions to the maid-bot, it instructed the maid-bot to continue with the same task over and over, Jessie had already finished making the bed and cleaning the floor but she was made to continue her tasks by the system, she had caught glimpses of Sophia sitting there in the chair, she seemed to be playing with herself, something that would have embarrassed the old Jessie, but now it turned her on, she felt excited that Sophia was having these feelings for her and at that moment she wished that Sophia would order her to service her anyway she wanted to.

Sophia brought herself to a delightful little afternoon orgasm whist watching the maid-bot work, the suit and the shiny curves all being fantasy fodder for her desires and sexual climax. Now coming back down to earth and the reality of what she’d just done began to sink in, the sexual endorphins having run their course, a more clear headed Sophia felt embarrassed at her own debased actions, something she would have expected of her husband Bruce.  Taking the moment to switch the maid-bot off from the system Sophia started to talk with Jessie.

“Hello Jessie.” Sophia said as she watched her recover from the systems control.

“Hello Mistress Sophia.” replied Jessie, still feeling the after effects of the control system, but also she felt more comfortable calling her owner Mistress.

“I’ve said before Jessie, you don’t have to call me that.” Sophia said, though she did feel somewhat more sexually powerful when Jessie called her that.

“Sorry Mistress...” Jessie began, “Sorry Sophia, it just feels normal to me.”

“Okay, you can call me Mistress.” Sophia replied, feeling somewhat better having Jessie under her command.

“Thank you Mistress.” Jessie said as she curtseyed.

“So what’s happened today?” Sophia asked, “And where’s Valerie?”

“Valerie went to the mall this morning to meet her friends; the house has been empty other than the maid-bots.” Jessie said.

“Why didn’t you go too?” Sophia asked.

“Oh, I was happier to stay here, I’m not really friends with the same people as Valerie and soon they will be leaving for college, so it’s better for Valerie to meet them on her own.” Jessie said, not revealing her inner thoughts.

“But you need to get out of the house, mix with people your own age and have fun.” Sophia said, remembering her own days before college and the boys.

“I feel more comfortable here being a maid-bot, enclosed inside this suit and under the control of the system and following your commands Mistress.” Jessie said as submissively as she could, her eyes drifting down to the floor when she spoke.

“Why?” Sophia said, “What is it all about that you like to stay this way?”

“The suit keeps me anonymous, just another maid-bot, it also gives me incredible feelings, it’s comforting and reassuring, and then being under the system’s control gives me purpose, I am something, I’m a useful maid-bot around the house following your orders Mistress.” Jessie blushed.

“So without it you feel that you’re not useful, have no purpose in life, but I suspect that you’re also afraid of the impending changes that are happening in your life, everyone goes through those feelings of loss and fear the changes that are imposed on them.” Sophia said, her hands holding onto Jessie’s hands, stroking them softly.

“I know that things will be changing now that high school is over, my friends will be gone, moved away to college, and I’ll be stuck here left behind.” Jessie replied with tears in her eyes.

“You can’t hide yourself away from it, being a maid-bot doesn’t stop these changes happening, things move on over time and changes happen.” Sophia said, “Maybe keeping you as our maid-bot was a mistake. Maybe we should end this.”

“No, No... Mistress, it’s not a mistake, I love being your maid-bot, I know that things change but I don’t feel ready yet. And I think that I’m feeling something else too.” Jessie blushed.

“What would those feelings be?” Sophia now beginning to realise her own feelings for Jessie.

“I think I’m falling in love…” Jessie said looking Sophia in the eyes.

“Oh! I’m…” Sophia now blushed herself, “Well yes I do admit that I am developing feelings for you Jessie, or is it the maid-bot. I’m not sure…” Her eyes taking in the latex clad form of Jessie, dressed as one of the maid-bots.

Jessie watched as Sophia drank in the outline of her body, the curves of her breasts and her hips enhanced by the shiny outer skin of the latex suit, she knew that she should use this to her advantage if she wanted to stay here as the maid-bot. ‘I have to make Sophia fall in love with me, otherwise she’ll just turn me off and leave me that way, no longer a maid-bot.’ she thought.

Jessie moved her body seductively, each minor movement amplified by the latex suit, Sophia sat there taking in the vision before her, she knew that this was wrong but she couldn’t stop herself, she wanted this maid-bot even though she knew that Jessie was that maid-bot, ‘No I can’t’, she thought to herself, she felt confused but strangely aroused, ‘This is wrong.’ But her hands were now being guided by Jessie to touch the offered body in front of her.

The touch was electric to both women, for Jessie the suit continued to enhance the feelings she had when someone ran their hands over her body. For Sophia it was like forbidden fruit, to her this was a ripe plum or peach, something to be savoured, to cherish and to taste. The feel of the suit against her hands was wonderful, addictive even, she ran her hands over the latex covering taking in the softness, the warmth and the wonderful soft curves it contained.

For both women their sexual arousal was building within their bodies and minds. Physical changes were occurring on their bodies, both flushed with arousal, their nipples standing out and their breasts feeling tight, a nice fuzzy warm glow was spreading out from their bellies and the body’s own chemical reactions were coming to the fore. Both were now breathing rapidly, their hot breaths on each other’s faces as they closed in to kiss, their lips meeting tenderly and then turning to more passionate kissing, each other’s tongues now exploring the others mouths.

Sophia lead Jessie over to the newly made bed and they both fell onto the covers lost in their own arousal and desires for each other, their hands feeling up each other’s bodies, breasts tender and nipples harder now, as both women's hands ran over each other’s bodies, squeezing, teasing and rubbing. For Jessie inside the suit felt wonderful, for Sophia the suit enhanced her own feelings for the maid-bot, she was beginning to feel her attraction to the maid-bot and not Jessie it seemed, though both came as a package, maybe it was the suit, she was too lost in the heat of the passion of the moment to continue to wonder what caused these feelings.

Both women continued to play with the other’s bodies, Sophia lay on top of Jessie/maid-bot, her hands were rubbing and caressing the latex clad body under her, feeling the soft, warm flesh the suit contained. Jessie now content to let Sophia take the lead lay back and enjoyed the feelings she was experiencing, though her own hands continued to play with Sophia’s body, one hand drifting down to caress the soft, round globes of Sophia’s rear, the other pulling Sophia's face in for more passionate kissing. Both were too lost in their own world to notice a pair of eyes watching the scene unfold on the bed.

Bruce had returned home earlier than normal, expecting to find the maid-bot on her own and maybe taking advantage of the sexy maid-bot for his own pleasure, but this was the stuff of his own dreams and fantasies, here was his wife in bed with the maid-bot, the stuff of many of his own masturbatory dreams. At first he was shocked at this discovery, and then he continued to watch the events unfold before his eyes, taking in the scene before him.

Jessie now rolled Sophia over on the bed and was now on top herself, she took this as an opportunity to really get Sophia to love her and keep her around as her sexual plaything. Having undone the buttons of Sophia’s blouse, the sides of which now lay on the bed, her breasts held tightly inside her bra, Jessie moved her hands and pulled one breast out, she then moved her head down and took the erect nipple in her hot mouth, running her tongue over it and teasing the hard fleshy nub and sending wonderful sensations through Sophia’s body.

Working her way south after playing with both breasts, Jessie ran her tongue over the soft, naked flesh of Sophia’s belly, causing her to have goosebumps and small electrical shocks run up her body to her brain. Sophia lay there on the bed lost in her own world of desire as she felt Jessie’s tongue and mouth exploring her, her eyes remained closed as she took in the delightful feelings she was experiencing from the maid-bot.

Now moving her body down Jessie felt herself slide off of the bed, her knees touching the floor and she knew that she was in the ideal position to give her Mistress pleasure. Her hands reaching each side of Sophia’s hips and grabbing hold of the flimsy underwear she pulled them down the smooth, silky legs of her Mistress. Her mouth then sought out and found the treasure she was looking for, pressing out her tongue she found the little nubbin piece of flesh near the top of her Mistress's vaginal lips, her tongue now pressing in and she began to tease and swirl her soft, moist tongue against the tender flesh she found there, the taste was wonderful for Jessie, she savoured the slightly salty taste of her Mistress.

As soon as she felt the maid-bots tongue on her sexual centre the whole world seemed to no longer exist, all that now mattered was the pleasure she was feeling from the tender ministrations of the maid-bot. She was lost in her world of passion to even consider opening her eyes, if she had she would have seen the wide eyed look of her husband standing there taking in the scene, his mind could not work out how the maid-bot was functioning this way, she seemed to have her own programming but she just seemed too real for this to be true.

Confused he continued to watch from the doorway, his eyes going from the maid-bot and back to his wife, keeping a watchful eye in case he should be discovered. Jessie was happy that she was pleasing her Mistress, this is what she wanted, to serve her Mistress is whatever way pleased her, it gave her great feelings of happiness inside and contentment that she was able to do this for her, far more than just the sexual side of things, she seem to gain satisfaction that she was serving her owner. She continued her efforts, her tongue working the soft fleshy lips od Sophia’s sex, the outer labia parting to reveal the inner treasures inside.

Jessie continued playing with the flesh she found there, her fingers now began rubbing the hard little fleshy part, the pearl in Sophia’s oyster, the clitoris of her Mistress, something that she would wish to worship everyday of her life if allowed to. Her fingers and her tongue switching places, placing two fingers inside the soft folds of Sophia’s vagina and her tongue now back working the little pearl, she felt her Mistress start to tease up, the inside walls of her vagina pressing tightly against Jessie’s fingers, she pressed on to give her the inevitable climax of their passion, pleased with herself to have done this for her Mistress/Owner. It began to cement more in Jessie's mind that she was owned by Sophia, she was her maid-bot to serve her anyway that she was required to do.

Sophia continued to lay there loving the attention she was getting from the maid-bot, her husband Bruce hadn’t pleasured her like this for a good number of years, indeed their sex life seemed diminished nowadays, Bruce seemed to enjoy masturbating more than having sex with her, she’d caught him several times in front of the computer watching porn and knowing that he’d been playing with himself. She couldn’t understand where their sexual passion had gone to, but here she was loving the feelings she was getting from the maid-bot, she felt her arousal start to intensify and felt the first throes of her climax start to come from deep inside her body, she knew that soon she would be experiencing a full-blown orgasm but began to feel guilt at the way she was using the maid-bot.

Jessie could sense the change in Sophia, she doubled down in her efforts to get her to achieve her goal, her tongue pressed tighter against the soft flesh, her fingers pressed in further and finding Sophia’s g-spot began to rub her fingers in a circular motion, her other hand reaching up to play with one of Sophia’s exposed breasts, finding the soft round globe and squeezing it like the ripe fruit it was. Redoubling her efforts to please her Mistress, this also sent delightful waves of pleasure through Jessie, even though she would not orgasm herself she found contentment in the act of pleasing her Mistress.

Now Sophia was lost in her passion, the battle was over in her mind, her sexual being now winning against the guilt she had previously felt, her mind awash with conflicting emotions no more she was now on a one-way street to climaxville, letting her body relax and take over, she went along for the ride and soon the first flush of her orgasm began to course through her body, she arched her back on the bed as the first hard waves crashed against her. A cry echoed around the room as she felt the pent up release of all that sexual energy, her body now no longer allowing her mind to fight the inevitable release she was now feeling. The first waves crashing over her overwhelming her senses and her mind now overloaded with stimulation, her body stiffened and arched, she lost now to the orgasm coursing through her.

Jessie felt Sophia’s body stiffen and then felt her Mistress’s thighs tighten against the sides of her head, crushing her in the process and pulling her face even closer to her Mistress’s sex, the musky taste and smell was her whole world at this moment, there was nothing beyond the firm, meaty thighs of her Mistress, all sound seemed to cease other than the rubbing of flesh on flesh. It felt hot in between her Mistress’s thighs and the air was getting thin too. She continued to press on in pleasing her Mistress, delighting in the fact that she had brought her to orgasm, having served her Mistress and pleased her made Jessie feel wonderful inside.

Sophia continued in the throes of her orgasm, her head pressing back into the soft bed coverings, her eyes tightly shut, her whole focus on the pleasure that she was receiving from the maid-bot between her thighs and inside her body. Wave after wave ran over Sophia’s body, each sending wonderful feelings though her entire being, she felt as one with the climax, her whole body was at that moment more alive than it had been in a long while.

It was only when the last of the powerful waves of her climax had run their course did Sophia relax her body, there were more aftershocks that continued to rock her world but the initial earth shattering climax had run through her. Now that her Mistress’s thighs were no longer holding her head in their vice-like grip Jessie could at last attempt to breathe again, the air had grown thin in between her Mistress’s thighs and she felt light headed.

Once she was no longer held by those powerful thighs Jessie dropped onto the floor in a heap, she was spent and lay there recovering. She opened her eyes to catch a fleeting glimpse of her Master Bruce moving from the doorway, she saw him disappear further down the hallway outside the bedroom, this pleased Jessie in some perverted way, she had pleased both Mistress & Master at the same time. She felt her insides warm and she felt content that she had performed for them both.

Sophia now coming back to earth was beginning to have those feelings of guilt again, she felt remorseful that she allowed the maid-bot/Jessie to be used in this way by her, she should know better at her age. But then she remembered the wonderful sensations she’d just felt,  she hadn’t felt that way for a long time and she reasoned with herself why she should deny herself of whatever pleasure comes her way, be it from this maid-bot or Jessie inside.

“Jessie?” Sophia called out, wondering where she was.

“Yes Mistress.” Jessie called out from the floor, still recovering her breath.

“Ah there you are, I wondered where you’d gone.” Sophia said whilst sitting up.

“No Mistress I’m still here.” Jessie smiled.

“You’re a very naughty maid Jessie, taking advantage of your Mistress like that.” Sophia laughed, “What if my husband had walked in?”

“Well he would have seen a maid-bot pleasing her Owner, Mistress.” Jessie said, not sure if she should let on that Bruce had indeed walked in on their lovemaking.

“Yes well lucky for both of us that one of his long held fantasies has just happened in this bedroom. I wouldn’t want to give him the satisfaction, even if he offered a million dollars.” Sophia laughed.

“Yes Mistress. It would be interesting…” Jessie pondered, her thoughts of being discovered whilst she pleased her Mistress sending those wonderful feelings through her body again.

“No it would make life hell, he’d want to join in on our special relationship.” Sophia said, “This is between you and me, no one else need know.”

“Yes Mistress, this maid-bot will not reveal it to anyone.” Jessie said, knowing that their secret was already out and also pleased that Sophia had mentioned their special relationship, she liked the sound of that.

“Mmm, maid-bot…” Sophia mused, “I’m not sure that we should continue with you being the maid-bot.”

“Why Mistress, have I displeased you?” Jessie asked, her thoughts now confused, her plan to continue as the maid-bot by seducing Sophia seemed to have backfired.

“No, no way… that was.. something else.” Sophia said, “But surely you can’t want to continue, what happens after Valerie leaves for college? Do you stay as a maid-bot even after she has gone, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please Mistress, I want to remain here as your personal maid-bot, to please you and serve you in whatever way you wish.” Jessie pleaded. “I love being your maid-bot and serving you, I find great contentment in being a maid-bot, being under your control and the under the house maid-bots control system. I have grown to feel more at home here than anywhere else in the world, and being close to you gives me great comfort.”

“That’s all well and good, but you have a life to live out there, don’t you want to go off and explore?” Sophia asked.

“I’d end up as a waitress in a diner in some grease trap, it’s where my mother was all her life, the same with my sister. I have no prospects other than to serve and I’d rather serve you than some fat, over-weight slobs for minimum wages and lousy tips, being groped by their dirty hands as I walk past. Been there and done that, I had to work whilst in high school every evening and weekend.” Jessie said, remembering the horrid things that she’d gone through working in the local truck stop.

“Yes that would be hell, but surely there are other jobs out there?” Sophia asked.

“Most of the factory jobs are now done by androids, employees who used to work there no longer needed as they’ve been replaced by robots who work every day without slacking off, taking sick days or coming in drunk.” Jessie said, knowing what the local factories are now like, “Even the janitor jobs are taken by bots, what chance do I have?”

“Oh, yes.. well…” Sophia, now feeling guilty because the company she works for is supplying these android workers to replace the manual labourers. “Yes I can see your point. But…”

“Sorry I have disappointed you Mistress, I’ll go downstairs and get changed…” Jessie said dejectedly, knowing that she soon be back as a waitress.

“No wait Jessie, I didn’t say I was disappointed, it’s just like I feel I’m taking advantage of you.” Sophia blushed.

“I’m happy when you take advantage of me Mistress; it gives me great pleasure to serve you.” Jessie smiled, “But I’m happiest doing that whilst also serving as your maid-bot.”

“I suppose we could continue for a while, I do like having you around the house…”

Both women burst out laughing at that comment.

“I like you ‘having me’ around the house too, Mistress.” Jessie giggled.

“Okay, but if you feel like changing at any time, please let me know, I won’t hold you here any longer than you want to.” Sophia said, “Plus the thought of you working in the truck stop makes my heart bleed, I can’t see you like that.”

Jessie burst out crying, “Thank you Mistress, I won’t let you down.”

Sophie gave Jessie a hug to comfort her, Jessie’s tears still lingering on her face, their faces closer now, Sophia couldn’t resist the temptation to lean closer and press her lips against the soft, moist lips of Jessie, she responded in kind and joined in on the kiss, but both now happy that a decision had been made on Jessie’s future for the time being.

“Now best get you back into being a maid-bot before Bruce & Valerie return.” Sophia smiled, picking up the remote, her finger holding over the button to switch the maid-bot control back on.

“Thank you Mistress, it’s a pleasure to serve you.” Jessie winked and smiled.

“The pleasures all mine.” Sophia said and pressed the button, watching Jessie turn back into a maid-bot. Knowing that at any time she could get the little maid-bot to pleasure her in the future, she began to formulate plans for her and the maid-bot. Bruce was due to go overseas on a business trip, Valerie was off to college leaving her alone with the maid-bot.

Jessie, now back as a maid-bot was content again, she’d pleased her Mistress and felt good inside, the system had now reconnected to her mind and took control of her body, she always loved this bit, now she no longer had to think, feel or be concerned with the outside world, she was in her own little maid-bot heaven.

The maid-bot then began to prepare a bath for her Mistress, whilst Sophia languished in the bed in the afterglow of her recent mind-blowing orgasm, now no longer guilty at taking pleasure off of the maid-bot or Jessie, she could keep the maid-bot around a lot longer than originally planned and make good use of her…


Story continues in Part 8: Service Guy

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