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Storycodes: M/f; laboratory; table; bond; bodymod; surgery; process; machines; reskin; tank; dipped; absorb; latex-skin; transform; F2cyborg; mind-control; condition; enslave; sex-object; super-maid; reluct/nc; X

ULTI-MAI-DEN: Ultimate Maid Guardian


“My dear Mai, I believe it’s time for you to wake up… ”

“What… what is this… why am I… who… ”

“So many questions, and yet you barely have the energy to stay awake. I’m afraid that won’t do, Miss Mai.”

“Who are you? And… why can’t I remember my name… ?”

“Oh but you can… just try.”

“My name is… Mai… Mai Mai Oppai… ”

“That is correct… I’m glad you can remember as much.”

“But… but… that can’t possibly be my name! Why in the world would I have a first and middle name that are exactly the same!?”

“Oh but you do, because you’re special. First name: Mai, Middle name: Mai, Last name: Oppai. Do you know why you’ve been given that name?”

“Why… why is it my brain can only think that that’s my real name??? I can’t… can’t remember… ”

“Your last name means “A Lot” in Japanese, and I simply decided to give you the same middle name as your first name because it sounded so cute!”

“You… you gave me my name?!”

“Well, while it is true you once had another name, I deleted it from your memory and from our records… from now on you’ll be known as Mai Mai Oppai… but of course that’s not the only reason I gave you that name.”

“Not the… only reason… ” Mai was getting seriously groggy.

“Mai is actually short for Maid, in your case, Ultimaiden… but of course we’ve scarcely begun with the project!”

“Who… who are you?”

“Oh dear…  it must have slipped my mind… I am Dr. Charles Bevels. I’m your doctor, battle technician, business liaison, as well as your foster father…  but for your purposes, you can simply call me Charlie…  I’m your partner and we’ll be doing quite a bit of work together from now on.”

“Charlie… what… what is this place?”

“Oh my, still curious are we? This is your own personal maintenance garage. Here is where we’ll be working on turning you into the ultimate maid!”

“Maid? But… I’m no maid… I’m… ” Mai muttered feebly.

“Can’t remember that part, can you?” Charlie pushed his glasses up his nose. “The truth is, Mai, you were just about killed… in fact you were declared dead according to the coroners… truth is, you were on death row.”

“I was… executed?!?”

“Now, now… don’t get your pulse rate up… it affects the monitors… yes, you were put to death by the state of Texas (they kill a lot of their wards, so I hear). You had quite the record on you, death by lethal injection… you had quite the mouth on you too… said some awful things to the judge and witnesses before you were put under… ”

“But… I’m… back?”

“In a matter of speaking… yes, of course, I had to reconstruct your cerebral cortex and how it functions, you’ll be a lot more docile from now on. And I’m still working on modifying a few aspects of your body so that your performance output is enhanced.”

“Performance… what?”

“For starters, Mai, let’s just say you’re no longer human… even if you feel like it, think of yourself as the million dollar woman for all intents and purposes… ”

“Million dollar… woman?”

“Never saw that show, eh? Okay, well, first things first… because I had to bring you back from your nasty experience with the law, I had to literally change your personality, the way you think, act, and even your own personal habits… everything… you might as well be a completely different woman from what you were.”

“I’m… Mai… now… ” Mai shook her head… no matter what she said or did, her mind felt dizzy, almost drunk. She felt like giggling uncontrollably.

“You’ll have to get used to being a little ditzy, Mai, it’s part of your personality program. But don’t worry, it won’t affect you during the missions.”


“Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself, you’ve still got a long ways to go before you’re combat ready.”

Charlie pressed a switch on a panel next to Mai which made a holographic docket appear in front of her.

“You’ve been chosen for the ULTIMAIDEN project. As such you’ll be working under the government as a freelance bodyguard and anti-terrorist unit. But of course, your job entails much more than that… you’re a pleasure unit too. It’ll take some time to modify you, but we’ve already resuscitated you, so the hard part is already over.”

Charlie continued, “The first set of modifications to your body involve skeletal modification and reinforcement, effectively you’ll be a re-animated cyborg, but also the reinforcement will serve as a means of improving your overall performance in the field. Things like your organs will be replaced with synthetic high impact materials, or moved around to a different section of your body to improve efficiency and maintenance. Other things include a high-impact energy resistant smart-skin, a repairing system that helps to prevent further damage if any is incurred… and also I’ll be training you for combat and… ahem… menial performance.”

Mai nodded, but it was obvious she didn’t have a clue what he had just said. She was also falling asleep again.

“Don’t worry, this was just the initial acquaintance module… I needed to activate your loyalty program so that you mark me as your master… at least till we get a client.”

The Next Day… 

Mai found herself no longer on that strange metal table with the blinking lights that she had awoken to… but instead found herself floating in a rather large looking glass tube filled with fluid… she was wearing some sort of breather mask.

“Good to see you’ve woken up, Mai… here’s where it all begins… ”

Mai turned and twisted her body around in the fluid but realized she could barely move her joints… strange metal bars had been attached to her arms, legs, shoulders, even her elbows and knees could barely move. Even a large metal plate seemed to have been attached in fragments to various points on her skull, and her feet appeared to be pinned down by some barred mechanism.

“I hate to say this, but this might hurt for a bit, Mai, it may feel like your being boiled alive but… bear with it for now, as it’s needed to improve your skeletal structure.”

A strange humming noise came from underneath the tube she was in, and slowly bubbles began to rise up from the floor.

At first nothing seemed apparent until her skin began to feel itchy… and then the burning sensation began.

It felt as if every square inch of her body was submerged in acid, and she began to writhe around the tube in pain. She wanted to hate Charlie for doing this… she wanted to kill him, in fact… to punch through the tube and pour this burning stuff down his throat… but something inside her told her to be good… so she did… despite the pain.

She could feel her whole body shudder as the pain began to make her head go fuzzy. But something caught her eye during the process that seemed to help her ignore the pain.

The strange metal bars and plates attached to her skin were beginning to melt. Not just simply melt however, but they began to seep into the pores of her skin! She watched with morbid fixation as the metal seeped deeper into her skin until she could no longer see any more of it.

The fluid in the tube began to change color once again, and just as soon as the pain had started, it was all over. Mai felt on the verge of passing out, but her eyes continued to watch Charlie.

“Good… very good… you hate me, don’t you? That hate will keep you alive… for now. Just rest and let the polymer bond itself to your bone structure… ”

When Mai finally did go back to sleep, she awoke to find herself in a strange suspension chamber. Her arms and legs were stretched almost to their very limits, and there was no trace of the burning sensation on her skin. She discovered her feet were suspended en point via a strange foot mold device. It wrapped around the entirety of the back of her heels in a sort of high-density steel. There was no point in moving her feet since the mechanism appeared to be bolted to the floor of the chamber.

Even without the limb-stretching apparatus her arms and legs felt heavy and stiff. It was somewhat cold in this chamber, and the fact she was buck naked didn’t help matters.

“On to the next phase of your “development”, Mai… ” Charlie smiled, “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt… well maybe it’ll hurt your pride more than anything.”

Mai continued to glare at Charlie as he pressed a switch.

A swishing mechanism came to life and Mai was now being drenched with some strange watery substance, apparently designed for two functions, the first being to clean her, the second being to remove all stray hairs off her body. When the machine stopped a huge collective of her hair was now straining around the drain at her feet… leaving nothing but cold bare skin for her to look at, but despite this she never took her eyes off Charlie.

A mouthpiece dropped from the ceiling and forcefully inserted itself into Mai’s mouth, and using some sort of internal pinching device, locked itself to her face. She struggled to spit out the device but realizing it was just another breathing apparatus she sighed through the tube and waited for the inevitable.

A vacuum device drifted between her legs and sucked away any loose hairs that may have remained on her skin or on the floor of the chamber. After cleaning the chamber of loose hairs it efficiently left the chamber.

“This will hurt, but not as badly as your trip in the polymer chamber. Just don’t flinch and it’ll end quickly.”

Mai stood motionless in the chamber, while breathing heavily in her mouthpiece. Several needles containing a strange green fluid appeared from a hole in the chamber and began to snake themselves to various points around her body.

Like some sort of strange metallic squid, the metal tentacles wrapped themselves around her body and prepared to inject the sharp looking needles into her skin.

All at once, like a set of jaws biting into her body, the needles pieced through and forcefully injected the fluid.

Mai was soon surprised to find that the injections had been directly into pores on her skin and did not once break through the skin’s surface, so no bleeding took place. The needles retreated back to their hole and Mai was left to stand in the chamber and wait.

Five minutes, ten minutes, an hour… Mai stood stock still and glared at Charlie, who simply monitored his devices.

“The mutation should be starting in three… two… one… ”

It started in little black patches, but bit by bit her skin was turning colors, not simply color, however, but texture as well… from the soft pink smoothness of her normal skin to a jet black frictionless substance.

Slowly, over the course of an hour, her skin changed from pink to an almost plastic black. The process was painless, but it was definitely a new experience. She continued to breathe in her mouthpiece as the skin of her lips turned glossy black.

“It looks almost like latex, doesn’t it?” Charlie grinned, “It’s only half the treatment but, that ‘skin’ of yours is designed to be resistant to a variety of substances… fireproof, bullet resistant… you name it, in a few minutes though I’ll be adding a second coating over that layer.”

Charlie pressed yet another switch that caused another shower-like device to hum to life, but this time two tubes jutted from the base of the chamber and began to slowly dump fluid into it.

After several minutes, the chamber was beginning to get filled with black sticky substance eventually reaching Mai’s neck and face.

“The stuff is designed to interact with like-substance, namely your skin, so don’t worry about it affecting your eyes or the inside of your mouth or anything like that.”

The fluid eventually dipped up past her head and all she could see out of the chamber was blackness. The fluid remained around her for a time, but then was slowly drained away… leaving her to stand motionless again and watch Charlie observe her.

Mai had expected the fluid to drip off of her, but no trace of left over fluid that hadn’t stuck to her skin had remained. Not only that, but the strange fluid had created a thick molding substance around the toes of her feet, almost like naturally molded boots… none of her toes would be seen ever again.

Mai closed her eyes to rest, but discovered her body, even when motionless was acting on its own. She could hear a strange ‘stretching noise’ around her joints as fragments of her new skin began to harden and tighten. The pulling sensation she felt began to coat her entire body until even her stomach felt like it was under a strange natural pressure.

She could feel her mons stretched taut under her new rubber skin and it felt as though she had been wrapped in a plastic mold and left to sit as a mannequin to dry.

A gas sprayed itself into her mouth piece and in an instant she was knocked out cold.

When Mai awoke again she found herself once again clamped tightly to the metal table she first woke up on. A mirror was placed in front of her, allowing her to see the changes made.

Much to her surprise, all the hair she had lost earlier appeared to have been replaced by a strange fiber optic like material. And not a hair out of place, either.

“Of course, that hair isn’t real, but it’s designed to take the shape and texture of natural hair, as well as become different color types of hair, for the purpose of any ‘secret’ missions that may come up.” Charlie smiled.

From head to pointed heel, it was obvious to Mai Mai Oppai that she was now coated in rubbery latex… or whatever the stuff was. Even if she could move her hands slightly, they were still naturally stiff. Even her breasts were now featureless round orbs that had no sort of texture to them.

“You’ve probably realized this but your body is stiff, this is only a temporary stopgap for what augmentations will be added. The new ‘skin’ you have is actually an extension of your muscular system, and, combined with your reinforced bone structure, will enhance your physical movement to at least 50 times that of a normal human being. Of course, training you is going to take time, but we’re still far from done.”

Charlie turned in his chair and looked up at his newest creation, somewhat proud, somewhat frightened, but mostly curious.

“I bet you’re wondering if you’ll ever be treated as a human ever again. The answer varies depending on my mood, but if you behave I might reward you.”

“I woke you up to see if your body is trying to remember what its like to be human… I rewired some of your vitals internally while you slept. It seems our organization finds the normal human body to be inefficient for processing the task we have planned with the Ultimaiden project. So, let me ask you this, are you hungry at all? You haven’t eaten in a while I bet… just a simple nod will suffice.”

Mai nodded, but the funny thing was, not a single trace of surgical incision appeared to be made on her body.

“Looking for the surgical scars on your body, I see… you won’t see them because your new skin “healed” immediately after the incision/modification. And the same goes from now on… your body now has a rapid healing factor.”

“For the mission… ” Mai stated coldly.

“Well, there’s more to it than that… it saves us time and money, but your ‘skin’ doubles as a disguise. It’s designed to change colors and pigments based on location and the nature of your insertion into various missions. While this may not seem apparent, you’ll eventually be trained to adjust the color and texture of that skin with your own thoughts, eventually learning how to treat it like a chameleon’s skin, blending into the background easily. While its normal texture is like black rubber, the morphing process is nearly instant based on your environment coupled with your conscious thought.”

“What about my feet? There’s no disguising the fact my toes are no longer there.” Mai stated with venom.

“I see you’re not too happy I bound them in the heel molds, eh? Well that’s another aspect of the job I’ve yet to describe to you. Mai, because of the nature of our clientele, you’re a highly valuable sex object. It may not seem like much to you, but men desire that appearance, not only does it improve soldier morale, but it also gives us a reason to do business. Not all your missions will involve military action you know.”

“So I’m stuck like this for life?”

“For life you say? Hah! Hahaha… that’s a good one! Mai, you probably aren’t aware of this, but even if someone were strong enough to kill you… assuming that’s even possible short of using nuclear weaponry… I have the means of rebuilding you from scratch right here in this garage. You’re not human anymore, and death is just a minor setback to you from now on.”

“So I’m just a thing to you? I’m no longer human? How do you expect me to do this? To do what I’m told!?”

“Sigh… here we go again… all the prior models said the same thing as you Mai, it isn’t that you’re given any choice in the matter, you’re programmed to do what you’re told. Nothing more, nothing less, the only reason you’re complaining about it now is because I haven’t activated your servitude brain chip yet. Do you want me to do that? I hate doing it as it not only ends the conversation but kills my creative mood, plus it eliminates your potential to ‘live’ in the truest sense, the rest just end up being sex toys and dolls… that and I really do hate talking to myself all the time in this stuffy cold place… ”

Mai looked at the man in glasses staring up at her with his finger hovering over a button he apparently didn’t want to push. From the look on his face, Charlie had eliminated all arguments prior to theirs and it was always a hassle for him having to interact with the girls he ‘rebuilt’. Ironic that she would be thinking this, but she must’ve thought he was quite lonely.

“Fine… Charlie, I’ll stop complaining… but you better be nicer to me.”

“Mai… you’re the first girl to ever say those words to me… I really hope you mean that.”

“Okay, but just explain to me one more time what I’m supposed to be doing?”

“You’re going to be an ULTIMAIDEN, Mai… the very first successful model. A super maid; and the ultimate line of defense weaponry. When I’m done with you, Mai, every girl on the block will want your action figure!”

“Why do I suddenly get the feeling it won’t be little girls wanting my action figure but horny young guys… ”

“Oh my… sarcasm won’t do Mai… you’ll have to act a little cuter from now on! Don’t worry, I’ll coach you. I have big hopes for you, you know!”



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