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“Look, you are my best friend and all, but there is no way I am doing this,” the tall mid-20s guy says while standing outside a Venn Machine. “Come on, man,” the other well-dresses, mid-20s guy says next to him, “This is the only way to fix it... we have to do it... no matter what our pride might think.” The two handsome, young men face each other, knowing there is no way they can go back, but they are not sure they can actually go forward. Maybe you need to understand the situation...

Chance and Joel have been best friends since they were 10, so going to the same college, after high school, seemed obvious. Since Chance's family was excessively rich, they lived at his house. They have changed their major a dozen times, at least, in the first 3 years and hope to pull another 3 more years out of college before they are 30. Chance's parents are mostly disengaged, as they both have high paying salaries doing things that Chance has never asked about. For him, life is just one big party, which usually takes place at his house and his parent's maidbots clean-up. He can stay at home so long as he is in college, but on graduation day, he is out into the real world, and they are trying to milk the good life for as long as they can.

So, when his parents were away, he does not do anything different, except that he knows his dad will check all the house data logs upon his return. In those data logs are all in entrances and exits of people coming and going around the house, as well as all the digital footprints of any mobile devices. He has learned that he can be grounded if he breaks anything that costs real money, which is essentially just the maidbots. Therefore, he is more careful with them during those times.

However, this last party, things got out of hand and well, both were broken beyond his repair (one word: pretzel). He can delete the error logs for that night, so long as the maidbots boot up normally the next day. But, there is no way the repair store can have them running until the end of the week. So, that bad decision has led to this night, which might be another bad decision... 

Chance, dragging a maidbot in his arms, says, “Look, it will work. We will become maidbots for the week. Our girl friends will drop off the broken ones at the shop.” Joel holds up his hand, balancing the maidbot he is dragging on one arm, and asks, “But why do we need our girlfriends to be us?” Repositioning the heavier-than-it-looks maidbot in his arms, Chance replies, “Mom and dad will be home the day before the maidbots are ready. So, our girlfriends need to be us for one day. Once the real maidbots are ready, they can Venn us all back to normal.” Joel nods his head, thinking he has the plan in his mind, but it still seems risky.

Finally at the Venn machine on the other side of town (“no one should recognize us here,” Chance assures), they set up their maidbots in the machine. “Ok, so I will make a copy of this maidbot to become you, and you make the other maidbot a copy for me.” Joel frowns, “Why do I have to be the red head? I wanna be blonde.” Joel makes the obvious observation that the maidbots are not exactly the same. 

Looking at their outfits, they both wear the standard latex maid uniforms: black microskirt, black corset, elbow-length gloves, knee-length stockings, neck-covering choker, 3-inch heels, and hair pull back. Each of the items have a white latex edge that looks frilly, but it is not. Each with hourglass figures, large chests, wide hips, and long legs, makes them every guy's fantasy come true. The difference between them is their heads. One has blonde hair just past her shoulders with wide, beautiful face, and the other has red hair that bobs above her shoulders with a more narrow, gorgeous face.

Chance rolls his eyes and consents, “Fine! Trade me for the blonde...” They swap maidbots clumsily, stepping closer to the Venn machine. Several people have already gone through, so they are just waiting for their moment to step in. Joel looks around as they wait, “Where's your girlfriend? We are next!” Noticing the slight panic in his voice, Chance replies coolly, “Don't worry, she will be here soon. And even if she isn't, we can find a place to hang around afterwards. We might look like maidbots then, but it is not like we have to do what people say.” They both laugh at that thought.

As they step up to the machine with their respective robots, Chance gets a text from his girlfriend. Relaying the message, he tells Joel, “They are finding a parking space then coming in, so we are good to go!” And with that, they step into the Venn machine.

Now Chance has been researching this, knowing that you cannot just make a perfect maidbot from a Venn. Evidently, the Venn circuitry will not interface properly with actual circuitry. The work around is to use real circuitry with Venn circuitry to sort of “trick” the technological world into believing a Venn robot is an actual robot. Chance knew that a Venn robot would not be good enough to fool the security systems of their home, or the dozen other security systems installed in stores and public buildings (you would be surprised how many have tried to pretend to be a robot and get away with it). So, Chance thinks he has a way to make it work, by taking the maidbots in with them, they can copy the basic systems onto each other and hope that the proximity of them during the transformation will “reboot” the system, fooling itself into thinking that Chance and Joel are actual maidbots.

He had tried to explain it to Joel, but his eyes kept glazing over. “Man,” Joel would say, “Just tell it is safe and we won't get caught, and I'm fine.” Chance is assured by the Venn manuals (and lots of people on the Internet) that this will be perfectly safe. They will live the lives of maidbots for a week, then be turned back into their original human forms without any consequences. Still, Chance admits only to himself as they stand ready to step in, I'm a little nervous.

At the point of no return, they step in and enter all the proper sequences of buttons, as stated by the Venn forums online. With it all ready, the machine does its thing, flashes some lights, makes some hissing noises, and out the other side steps two newly-made maidbots, each carrying a broken maidbot.

The red headed maidbot looks down at herself and says in a monotone, “Amazing! I look just like a sexy maidbot.” The blonde haired maidbot after looking at herself then looks over at the red-headed maidbot, “You do...and so do I!” They can hear men whistling at them as they look each other over, touching places they probably should not be touching in public. Realizing this, the red-head says, “Let's get over to the side.”

Moving easily now, their new found strength in their Venn-robot bodies, they carry the other maidbots over near a closed store and prop them up against the glass. They chatter back and forth, until they both straighten up at the same time. “Hey,” one says flatly, “Do we need to register with the mall's database?” The other replies flatly, “It says we need an update to comply. I don't know...should we?” As they stand at attention discussing it, their girlfriends walk up.

Chance has been dating Chloe for months, and she is everything he wants: sexy and more sexy. Her curves and hair and outfit and skin tone and... well, pretty much everything are amazing. She has jet black hair, light brown skin, enough chest to fill a hand but not overly so, and a bubble butt. He has not thought of marriage, but he has thought he wants to keep her around for as long as possible.

Joel, on the other hand, is dating Chloe's best friend: Kiera. To be honest, she is only dating Joel because she can spend more time with Chloe and Chance's money. Now, do not judge her harshly, as she comes from an average family and her average looks are not going to snag a Chance. However, she has one thing that none of her friends have: the largest chest size of anybody in the state (literally, she won a state fair contest with them a few years back). So her average looks and body might be just that, but she is a nice person with plenty to show off the guys.

Chloe walks up to Chance and Joel, still standing at attention, and says, “Hey Kiera, what do we have here? A couple of sexbots?” Chance tries to chuckle at that, but instead says, “Voice key confirmed: owner.” Over the noise, they do not hear him say it, as Kiera replies, “Oh girl, ya know it. Two latex robots to do whateva we want.” Joel tries to make a smart comment, but instead says, “Voice key confirmed: owner.” 

Since neither replied to their joke, Chloe says, “Oh right, they gotta keep up the act.” Nodding to each other, Kiera adds, “You need to do anything before we go?” Chance and Joel reply in unison, “Download updates and register with system?” Chloe and Kiera look at each other. “I don't know,” they admit, “I mean, you did mention something about fooling the system, so... uh, yes... do that.” Chance and Joel feel something change inside them, like someone else was in their head. At first, it was like an intruder, but then they noticed quite quickly, they just became visitors in their own heads.

“Well, if you two are done, grab the broken bots and lets go.” The red-head maidbot says, “Maidbot #172 running latest operating system. Compliant to Owner: Chloe.” Moving more mechanically than before, Maidbot #172 picks up the real maidbot and follows her. Kiera, noticing her boyfriend did not comply, says, “Same for you, sexybot. Grab that toaster and let's go.” The blonde maidbot says, “Maidbot #173 running latest operating system. Compliant to Owner: Kiera.” And just like the other Venn-made robot, it grabs the broken maidbot and follows them to the car.

The trip home is quiet, as the girls try to get the “boys” to break character. They pull into Chance's mansion and have them go inside, leaving the broken maidbots in the car for delivery tomorrow morning. Once inside, the house questions about the new maidbots. “Home system, enter these two maidbots as rentals for the week. Maid #172 is to be called Bunny, while Maid #173 is to be called SpankMe.” Kiera and Chloe both laugh at the names, as they had worked them out already. Chance and Joel could feel their identities being closed off from them while in the house, as it told them they are now “Bunny” and “SpankMe”. They would roll their eyes if they could, but instead they state, “Compliant. Unit name change confirmed.”

“Ok, then, get to work,” Chloe commands, “House, get these maidbots cleaning.” And as she ordered, since she was given temporary authority from Chance earlier that day, the house system sets the two new maidbots to work. Chance and Joel can only watch now as their maidbot bodies begin cleaning up the messes they had made as men. They take out garbage bag after garbage bag, they mop floors, clean windows, and dust furniture. Chloe and Kiera had been enjoying a nice chat and figure its time for dinner.

“Bunny,” she yells, “Get that latex butt in here and bring me a sandwich!” Both ladies laugh at that. Kiera says the same, along with an added order of drinks, salads, and silverware. Both Bunny and SpankMe follow their new programming and begin making dinner for them. Chance watches himself cut carrots and tomatoes for the salad like a real chef. Joel sees himself make the best sandwich he has ever seen, except that he is not hungry or thirsty.

“You know,” Chloe adds as the maidbots bring in the dinner, “I'm feeling exhausted from my day.” Chance reels at that, exhausted? But I have done all this work that you ordered me to. “I think you should feed me, Bunny... one bite at a time.” Kiera smiles and agrees, “Ooo, I like that sound of that.” And so the maidbots do just that, feeding the ladies their sandwiches and salads and drinks. Joel thinks to think it could not get any worse than this.

“Hey, let's watch a movie,” Chloe suggests, “There's that love and romance movie on Hallmark at 9 tonight that Chance has never wanted to watch.” Kiera nods her head, “I'm sure Joel has never seen it either.” Smiling outwardly as all maidbots should, Chance and Joel scream internally: nooooooooo! Ordering them to sit and watch, the four ladies lounge on the large couch in the giant living room containing the wall-sized TV and watch 2 hours of romantic drama. Chloe and Kiera tear up from the movie, while Chance and Joel would like to scratch their eyes out, but they cannot stop watching the movie (in fact, they can't even blink to miss even a fraction of a second).

After its over, Chloe and Kiera send the maidbots to their charging pods, while they leave. “Ok, meet back here in the morning, so we can get them started on their day. Then, we can go to the Venn machine before dropping off the real robots.” Kiera asks, “But why are we changing into the guys so early in the week? His parents don't come back until Friday, right?” Chloe waits until the maidbots are out of the room to answer, “Yeah, but my last class I care about for the week is done, so I'm gonna spend the week as Chance. I figure you are skipping classes all week anyway, so you would want to try out being Joel.” Kiera finds the whole Venn thing creepy and would not do it, except for her friendship with Chloe. “Oh, uh, yeah, right, I'm in,” she agrees finally.

The next morning, Chloe and Kiera order Bunny and SpankMe out of their pods and into the house to continue their work. Bunny and SpankMe do just as ordered with no complaints or hesitations. “Wow, these guys are really pretending well,” Chloe mutters. They hop in Chance's SUV with the real robots and head to the Venn machine. By lunch time, the new Chance and Joel walk back to the car. “Woah,” Chloe, who is now Chance, remarks, “This is really weird and cool at the same time.” Kiera, still staring down at her flat chest and slight pudge stomach, adds, “Yeah, this is like something out of a horror flick.” As they walk, they have to keep telling themselves not to swing their hips so much, and stop adjusting their underwear. Chloe thinks to herself, I would like to box whoever came up with boxers.

They drive over to the robot shop and get the maidbots out. The clerk is an android, so it processes their request and verifies Chance's drivers license. Checking all the boxes, “Chance” and “Joel” leave without issue. “No one suspects us,” Kiera states surprisingly. Chloe replies, “And why should they? I'm guy, and so are you!” Giggling more girl-than-guy like, they hop back in the car to head home to check on the maidbots.

As Chloe-Chance walks in the door, Bunny and SpankMe stop cleaning the floors to walk over to him. They kneel down in front of him and say in unison, “Oh Master, keeper of our hearts, thank you for coming home to command us!” Both of the guys nearly fall over in laughter. They cannot believe Chance has the maidbots do that everytime he comes home. To test it, they step back outside, count to ten, and come back in the front door. The maidbots, who had just stood up, kneel down and repeat their mantra. “Oh, he ain't never livin' this one down!”

The next couple of days go by smoothly, as Bunny and SpankMe clean and clean and clean. Chloe-Chance and Kiera-Joel spend their days swimming and cruising in cars and hanging out and eating whatever they want (the Venn machine shouldn't be keeping track of calories, Kiera reasons, right?) is like their best vacation ever! The only hiccup was Wednesday night. Chloe-Chance and Kiera-Joel were enjoying some beers in the pool room (it's what guys do when women aren't around, Chloe tried to explain to Kiera why they were doing this), while SpankMe was cleaning the leather couch. The maidbot was bent completely over as it cleaned the couch's lower surfaces. “Uh, hey, Chance,” Kiera-Joel asks, practicing using their fake names, “I feel a little funny watching SpankMe there.” Chloe-Chance walks over with the cue stick and watches SpankMe's butt shake as it cleans the couch. “Woah, I feel it, too... like a pressure below my belt and a skip in my heartbeat.”

They both stand mesmerized as SpankMe shimmies her latex-covered butt, unaware of what they are talking about. “You don't think we are... uh, you know,” Kiera-Joel asks uncertainly. Tearing his eyes away, Chloe-Chance says with a snicker, “Well, you got something trying to grow out of your boxers.” Kiera-Joel looks down in time to see his unit pop out of his boxers. He squeals uncontrollably, experiencing this for the first time as a man. His reaction causes SpankMe to stand up, turn around, and walk towards him.

The maidbot squeaks slightly with each walk, making his unit jump even more. Kiera-Joel mumbles something but cannot get over what his body is doing now. SpankMe kneels down in front of him and asks, “Master, need I relieve you of your package?” Kiera-Joel can only say, “What?!” SpankMe repeats the question and opens its mouth. Chloe-Chance realizes what it is doing and says, “I bet that perv Chance has them programmed to do this whenever he gets a hard on, and since you got one, the house system is just doing its thing.” 

Kiera-Joel states, “I realize that I have done this plenty, and Joel has felt it plenty more, but I'm not sure I want it from him... or anyone. I mean, I'm not really a guy here.” Chloe-Chance looks down and then back up, “I don't know about that. You look like a guy.” Kiera-Joel is conflicted and in that fear, the moment passes and he relaxes. In fact, with the sexual stimulation gone, he relaxes back into his boxers. This causes SpankMe to get up and resume cleaning. Kiera-Joel murmurs, “That was close,” and Chloe-Chance adds, “And really weird.”

Friday finally comes, and Chloe-Chance calls Chance's parents. He asks if he needs to pick them up at the airport. He can hear murmuring in the background, but then his mom says, “Sure, dear, that would be just lovely.” So, Chloe-Chance drives his freshly cleaned SUV (thanks, Bunny, for scrubbing every surface with a soft toothbrush) to the airport to get “his” parents. Kiera-Joel had to handle a personal situation at her apartment, but he will be around later.

Chloe-Chance has been enjoying the new strength, as he is able to easily lift up the suitcases for each of “his” parents. He gets them in the car and back home with little to no conversation. He tries to make small talk, but they seem preoccupied, so he leaves it alone. Back at the house, he again easily unloads the suitcases and gets them in the front door. The maidbots walk up and greet their owners as normal.

Chance's mom hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek whispering, “So proud of you, son.” As they pull apart, his mom follows Bunny up the stairs to unload their suitcases, not realizing her real son is actually in front of her. Chance's dad turns back to him and states, “I was sure you had screwed up again, boy.” Chloe-Chance makes a shocked expression, as “his” dad continues. “I figure you wanted to pick us up to get on our good side since you left the house in a wreck, but I can see from here: the house is clean and the bots are working fine.” Chloe-Chance breathes a sigh of relief, as he adds, “I even checked the house system logs already, so I know you have been keeping the place in good shape since we have been gone.” Chloe-Chance can only smile as “his” dad claps him on the shoulder and walks to the bar, ordering SpankMe to make him a drink. Whew, Chloe-Chance thinks with a grin, we might actually pull this off.

At dinner, his parents discuss their vacation off-handedly, but then ask a question that sets the conversation down a different road. “So, Chance,” his mom starts, “Where's your latest girl friend?” Chloe-Chance notices the tone in her voice and does not like it, but he cannot let up on his ruse. “Uh, she had to take care of something tonight for school,” he says weakly. “School?” his dad says with a frown, “I thought you said she doesn't care about school. I mean, she is just dating you for the money.” Chloe-Chance had to really bite her tongue on that one, fighting back an emotional tear. How dare they say that to me? 

“Well, I'm sure she enjoys the way I spoil her, but...” he does not finish as his mom cuts in.

“Son, that is no way to know if she loves you, and clearly she does not. I mean, the way she dresses and how her best friend always hangs on her.” That is now how we are, Chloe-Chance nearly busts out of her chair screaming, we have been best friends since we were little girls. His silence allows his dad to add, “Yeah, Joel's chick always seems to be eyeing yours, not that Joel is much of a catch.” With that, Chloe-Chance knew he could not keep up his pretending, as this had gotten way too personal. Have they always been like this? Do they know I'm not their son? 

Standing up, pushing the chair back more than he cared to, Chloe-Chance states flatly, “You know, I'm not hungry after all, just tired... really tired. Good night, glad your home.” Leaving his plates behind, he storms upstairs, let Bunny clean up after his parents. Chance's parents smile at each other, as if they got what they wanted from him.

The next morning, Chloe-Chance stays locked in his room until his parents leave, then he calls Kiera-Joel, who he had texted to stay away last night. “Ready?” Chloe-Chance asks. The long pause on the other line makes him worry, but then Kiera-Joel replies, “Uh, yeah, coming to pick me up?” “On my way,” he replies and goes downstairs. He orders the maidbots into the car, and then unloads his anger. For the 20 minute car ride, he retells the whole story to Bunny and SpankMe, who continue to smile in the back seat. On the inside, Chance is utterly mortified at his parents. He knew they did not approve of his girl friends, but he had no idea it was that bad.

At Kiera's apartment, Chloe-Chance can see Kiera-Joel talking to someone then coming out to the car. After getting in, he asks, “Who were you talking to?” Kiera-Joel replies slowly, “Oh, uh, that was one of my neighbors from down the hall. You don't know her.” Noticing the strange way his friend was acting, Chloe-Chance asks, “Do you know her now?” His friend nods his head. “Do you know her really well, now?” Chloe-Chance asks with a suggestive tone. Finally, Kiera-Joel starts speaking really fast, “Look, I did not want it to happen, I mean I was not trying to do anything like what we did. I was just trying to help a friend yesterday and my actions might have been misunderstood and then my comments only made it worse and then there was the moment in her apartment, then my apartment, and then... oh no, I've said too much.” And with that, he crosses his arms and looks out the window.

Chloe-Chance laughs out loud as he drives to the Venn machine. “And you were terrified the other night, and now, you are just as bad as the guys in the back.” Kiera-Joel makes no comment at that. Eventually, Chloe-Chance asks, “Seriously though, did you have a good time? I mean, what was it like?” He turns halfway and says with his head down, “Well, if you must know, she screamed... loudly... twice.” And again, Chloe-Chance just laughs at that, so Kiera-Joel starts to pout again, but then he chuckles, “So, is this what guys do after a night like that?” Chloe-Chance shrugs her shoulders and pulls into a parking space.

In thirty minutes, Bunny is now Chance, Chance is now Chloe, SpankMe is now Joel, Joel is now Kiera, and two freshly repaired maidbots are stored in the back. Chance and Joel are somewhat disoriented after leaving the machine, as their Venn circuits had been misused by actual circuits. Chloe and Kiera are relieved to be back in their own bodies, but they are elated to know that Chance and Joel really do not know what happened after Tuesday. They think it was the charging pod's circuitry kept messing with their Venn circuitry. It was like the technology could talk to each other, but it was a strange dialect where some things were not “translated” correctly. For now though, everyone seems to be back to normal, with their mission fulfilled. And though Chance's parents were suspicious, they never figured out what really happened that week.

Unfortunately, the happy ending could not last. Chloe could not continue to date Chance, knowing how much his parents did not like her, so she broke up with him. Chance took the news horribly, as it was his “right” to break up with a woman and not the other way. Kiera did the same for Joel, as she did not really love him anyway. However, she did find something she loved: Venn machines. She decided to become a Venn-man for a year, and has recently started dating Chloe, so they can spend all kinds of time together. Their relationship has spurred them both on to finish their degrees (Kiera doing most of hers online) and get on with life. As to Chance and Joel, they never used the Venn machine again, but their maidbot experience taught them something, as they both have become more responsible in their actions towards women and their dealings with finances and work. They are still thinking of changing their majors again, but this time, it will be something they can get a job in and graduate within the next year.

Moral of the story
Be careful what you Venn for, because you just might get it.


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