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The Sex Game Gone Wrong

by Gromet

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Part 1

To spice up our sex life, my husband suggested that we try one of those sexbot kits that used to be available, and maybe still obtainable if you knew the right person. The original kits were banned from public sale after it was found that some unscrupulous people were misusing them to trap women into a life of robotic sexual slavery. So while I was willing to give it a try, I like sex and would try anything once (or twice), I knew that it would be nearly impossible to find one of those kits nowadays.

But unknown to me, my hubby had already reached out to several contacts he knew, and they had managed to find one on some dark part of the interweb; though it wasn't one of the original kits, this one was apparently a cloned copy made in some basement somewhere, probably overseas, with some parts overwritten to allow the wearer to enjoy her time as a sexbot, and allow for limited movement should the users require.

I should have known better; whatever he buys, either cheaply or through some dodgy contact, that things wouldn't go as planned, but more of that later.

With the look of triumph on his damn face when he finally arrived home with the package in tow, I had only agreed to try this with the almost certain knowledge that he would be unable to find one of the kits, but seeing the look on his face, I knew that very soon I would be wearing the entire kit and becoming a sexbot for him to play with for whatever amount of time that he desired. It was a stupid bet, I know, but I thought that I would win, and I made it thinking that it would never happen.

But now he had called my bluff, and I wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of him gloating that he had won and that I had reneged on our bet. So to get it over with as soon as possible, I agreed that I would wear the kit the following evening, which would allow him to have me as his sexbot for the weekend if he wished, thinking that I would be too much for him to handle for the entire weekend, but it would get it out of his system, and we could move on to something else.

But the smile on his face made me realize that I had walked into his trap; he had wanted me to be his sexbot for the entire weekend; although I doubted that he would be able to use me the entire weekend, he would have me at his beck and call, to provide pleasure to him when he so wished and discard me when he had finished with me, this tickled part of my inner sexual being at the thought of being nothing more than a sex toy to be used, well a girl has to have some dark secrets.

Arriving home early the next evening, I knew that the upcoming weekend plans that I had had were now no longer happening, and I thought that I had best get on and get myself ready, knowing that when my hubby and soon to be the master of my robotic self arrived home that he would not be expecting to see me already in sexbot mode. Part of me desired what was about to happen and another part dreaded what he would ask of me while under his control.

After a quick shower to refresh my body, I grabbed the kit that he had brought home, along with the instruction manual, what there was of it, basically said to dress myself in the sexy attire that had come with the kit, and then apply the metallic patch to the back of my neck, the nanobots would then adhere themselves to my body and allow for the computer program that was already loaded into the house system, that most people have these days, to take control of my mind and body.

In reality, what happened was after I had gotten dressed in the all too small underwear, which barely covered the female parts of my body, and definitely shouldn’t be worn in public without being arrested for lewd behaviour, I felt somewhat stupid standing there wearing the outfit, and wondered if I could go through with this. But after checking my reflection in the mirror, I thought that I would make for one very sexy sexbot, well I thought so, and I’m sure that I would get no complaints from my partner. The underwear had a metallic feel to them, and looked like it was made from some silver-like metal when worn but it was flexible like cloth would be.

Now it just came down to adding the final part, the control patch. I had expected some form of collar like the maidbot kits I’d read about, but this patch looked like nothing more than a piece of smooth round metal, and not something that would be able to control me for the weekend. Thinking that the thing was a dud, I reached behind with my hands to attach it to where the instructions stated, placing it on the rear of my neck and covering the spine, the patch stuck to my skin as I pressed it against my neck; but I didn’t feel any different.

Maybe it was a dud after all, and he had wasted his money on something else that didn’t work, typical I thought, but then thinking that maybe I should just act the part when he gets home, so as not to disappoint him. But then, the patch suddenly started to heat up, the warmth of my own body must have activated the inner workings of the patch. The patch then got hotter and hotter, and I reached around to try and remove the thing from my neck, only to receive a shock when my fingers made a connection to the patch. It seemed like the patch had some form of warning system to prevent its removal by the host.

Still feeling the heat build-up against my skin, the initial shock and discomfort now gone and seemingly unable to remove the thing, all I could do was wait for it to finish. Though as it turned out that wasn’t too long as I felt my mind start to be taken control of, there seemed to be some form of a connection that was made between the patch on my neck and the house system. Surprised, I now found that my ability to move had been taken away from me, and I could only stand there helpless as the system took over control of not only my mind but of my body too.

As I stood there unable to move I could only see out of the corner of my eye the reflection in the mirror of me standing there, but what shocked me even more was that the stupid outfit that had come with the kit, which had appeared too small to cover anything, had now started to blend in with my body, and my skin seemed to be taking on a silvery sheen, the underwear now attached to me somehow and becoming part of my body.

The nanobots now released from their metallic prison soon started to enter into my body, attaching fine micro wires from the metal patch to various parts of my spine and into my brain, connecting the patch to my mind and body. All of this was unseen by me except for the skin changes, but I felt slight moments of pain in parts of my body and head as the connections were made. I could only hope that my husband, when he gets home, would be able to reverse this change in my body, or would he want to keep me like this. After all, I’m sure that he would love to have his own personal sextoy around the house.

My mind was then flooded with information on the various ways that I could pleasure someone, some I’d never thought possible and others I just would never have done in my own mind and body. Along with those were various protocols and instructions that would enslave me to my owner, whoever that would be. This part worried me, and I wondered if he had realised when he bought the kit that this would make these extreme changes to my mind and body, I guess I would have to wait and find out. In the meantime, more and more pieces of information continued to be downloaded into me, and all I could do was stand there and absorb whatever was placed into my brain.

By the time he returned home I had been converted into a sexbot, and though I still had the human body my skin was more silver coloured than flesh toned, and my mind was now fully functioning as a sexbot, awaiting orders and input from my master and owner. Inside I still had my own thoughts, and could still feel any touch to my skin, the slight breeze from an open window blowing across my skin made me realise that my flesh felt more sensitive to touch, and it seemed that while I was being controlled by the system that I would still be able to gain some form of pleasure from my situation.

I watched as he walked into our bedroom, all he could see was the newly minted sexbot standing there waiting for him, I tried to speak but the system wouldn’t allow it, so there was no way of letting him know about the dramatic changes made to my mind and body, though blind freddy could have seen that my body was now silver-like, and that I now more closely resembled a pleasure bot than a normal human female, I didn’t like the term sexbot, I was here for his pleasure and that sounded nicer in my head.

“Well, what do we have here then?” he said, looking at me standing there. “Do I see a sexbot waiting for her master?”

“Yes Master,” came my reply; the sound of my voice had changed as well.

Trying harder now to try to speak to him and let him know that something had gone wrong, only made the system punish me for trying, shutting down any attempts I made to speak and also stopping any thoughts other than pleasing and obeying my owner. Each time I tried to think of him as my husband only made me experience more punishment by the control system, though on the outside he couldn’t see that I was being shocked, I was just a perfect sexbot waiting for his instructions.

After suffering the shocks, I could see that there was no longer any point in trying to communicate and let the system take over what little control I had left, I would have to go along with whatever it wanted or face whatever unknown punishment that it could inflict upon me, and I did receive a warning that further attempted outbursts would result in some form of reprogramming to ensure compliance. I was stuck.

“Okay sexbot, what do we do now?” he asked, thinking that maybe I was just role-playing my part.

“Owner needs to identify himself to sexbot,” I said in my monotone voice, cringing deep inside of me as I heard those words exit my own mouth.

“Okay sexbot, I’m your owner.” He laughed, not too sure if he should take this seriously.

“Owner needs to state his name for the record and register himself as the owner of this sexbot with the system,” I replied, my face remaining still and robotic as I stated this.

“Okay sexbot, my name is Jeff, and I’m the owner of this sexbot.” He said, still unsure as to what was happening, if this was real or not.

“Owner Jeff, registered owner of this sexbot, recorded and acknowledged,” I stated.

“Okay sexbot, now what do I call you?” he asked.

“Owner Jeff can name this sexbot whatever he chooses.” I replied, thinking and wishing that he would at least acknowledge my own real name at this point.

“Okay sexbot, I will call you… let’s see… Jackie, that sounds good.” He said proudly, knowing full well my name is Denise, and that Jackie was a former girlfriend of his, thinking that this would break the act that he thought that I was playing.

“Owner Jeff, this sexbot is now registered as Jackie.” I said in reply, while inside cursing the day that he was born, but receiving another warning from the system about my abhorrent thoughts to my owner. I knew that I best play along, for now.

“Well sexbot, sorry Jackie, what can you do for me?” he asked, shocked that his ploy hadn’t worked on me.

“Whatever my owner desires, I am programmed in a variety of ways to provide pleasure for my owner, would you like me to list them for you?” I started to say.

“No Jackiebot, I think I know what I want first, could you get me a beer from the kitchen?” he ordered.

Well, I would have thought the first thing he would have asked for was oral, but I was surprised and taken aback with his first order, but my body dutifully complied and I turned and headed towards the kitchen. Reaching into the refrigerator I grabbed the brand that he enjoyed the most, which pleased the system controlling me and it gave me a brief moment of pleasure as a reward. Which came as a bit of a surprise, but enjoyable, nonetheless.

Walking back with his beer, holding it on a tray along with a glass for him to drink from, after all I was here to serve and this is what I was doing. My thoughts were again rewarded by the system, and I knew that if I played along that I may just get some form of pleasure out of this whole event, though I doubted whether I would reach a climactic stage, I was here to serve my owner, not myself.

“Here is your beer as requested, Owner Jeff.” I said.

“Thank you jackiebot, and please call me Master.” He said with a smug smile on his face, knowing that if I were playing my part that I wouldn’t ever call him master.

As soon as the words left my mouth, I could see the look of disbelief on his face, “Yes Master.” Was my reply.

Accepting the beer from the tray, but rejecting the offered glass, he looked again at his wife standing there, for all intents now a fully functioning sexbot and under his control, he still couldn’t believe it had happened and was still unsure as to what had happened to me, but for the moment his male brain took over, and I was soon ordered to get on my knees and give him the pleasure that I first thought he would have asked for.

He was amazed that I had instantly, and without any resistance on my part, had got down as he had ordered me and was currently working my mouth on his now erect member, even going so far as to take him further into the back of my throat than I had ever taken him before. Which surprised the both of us, he on the receiving end and me stunned that I was easily able to facilitate this action, just another function of my duties as his sexbot.

In my mind at the moment, it seemed right and proper that I should be providing this service to my Master, and it seemed that again the system would reward me when I was compliant to my commands and followed through without any objection on my part, even in my own thoughts. At this point I was just along for the ride, most of the work while using my body was being done by the system controlling me. And once he had finished, and I had cleaned up the mess with what it seemed I could only use, my mouth and tongue, he seemed to be sated for now.

I knew that for the amount of effort that I had put in, or that the system had, and the fact that he had come so hard, that his poor weak male brain would be mushed up at this moment, and he would be unable to think straight for a short time while he recovered his faculties. In the meantime, I sat there on my knees, the last of his spending finally cleaned up, and waited for further instruction. The control system seemed to be pleased with me and gave me some pleasant sensations inside my body, but not to the point of orgasm, just enough to reward me.

Eventually he started to stir, he’d drifted off to sleep from both the sexual activity that I had performed on him and after his long day at work, but now recovered enough he started to wonder what had happened to his wife, she looked different and he knew that deep down that she would never have been able to take him that way in her mouth, gagging when they had attempted it in the past.

“Okay Denise, you can stop playing now!” he said, thinking that I was still acting.

“Sorry Master, but this sexbot only responds to the name Jackie, did you wish to change my name?” I said, again my own voice sounded weird, the monotone way that I now spoke made me even more robotic, not only in looks but in my behaviour too.

“No, sorry jackiebot, please keep the name,” he said, confused. “State your designation?” Thinking that all of the robotic stories that he had read online had used this line somewhere in the story.

“Master, this sexbot is registered as owned by Master Jeff, my designation number is SXB-98476-TR7.” I replied. “I am named by my Master as Jackie, is that still acceptable Master?” There was some other information concerning my status that I couldn’t see, I knew it was there but I was not able to access it.

Stunned at the information I had relayed to him, which he didn’t know what to do with, he said, “Jackie is acceptable.”

“Thank you Master, Jackie is pleased to provide pleasure for her master, is there something that you would like me to do for you? I have many forms of ways that I can provide pleasure and satisfaction for you Master, is there something you would wish Jackie to do for you?” The words as they left my own mouth stunned me, but it felt deep down inside something proper for me to say to my Master and felt another reward from the system for my compliance.

“Well Jackiebot, I don’t suppose that you know how to perform a lap dance for me, do you?” he smiled as he said it, this he thought would break the spell and that I would refuse his request.

“Yes Master, Jackie knows several routines that would be able to provide a desirable lap dance, would you like me to list them or would you like me to choose a random one?” I replied.

Again stunned at my response, he could only mutter, “Random please.”

Quickly getting up off of my knees, I had been kneeling the entire time, but felt no pain from my prolonged position, I soon found my body moving to music that began playing in the house control system, my body gyrated to the flowing music, my movements perfectly matching the rhythm and I could see from the look in his eyes that he was enjoying seeing me dance this way for him. I had no clothing to strip off, the underwear that I had originally worn now part of my body, opening up and revealing the parts of my female anatomy to my Master as I danced for him.

It was as I got closer and began to brush myself against his lap did I realise that he was indeed enjoying having me dance for him, the feeling of his erection as I danced my body against his letting me know just how much it was turning him on. His hands then began to run over the offered female flesh that was being paraded for his pleasure, the touch of his hands was like electricity to my body, and I gave in to the pleasure that I gained from his exploration of my body. My skin was indeed much more sensitive now, the mere touch from his hands on my body sending delightful feelings though me and I began to enjoy myself, my mind lost to both the music and the feeling that I was getting from both the system and my Master.

Unknown to me, as I continued to rub myself over his lap and body, he tried to examine my own body, especially looking for the metallic patch that would let him know that I was indeed being controlled and not just playing my part, to his perfection at the moment, and if I could have wondered or had independent thought at that moment I would have assumed that it was obvious to him at this point that I was no longer myself but being controlled by the kit and the system.

After pleasing him for a while with my lap dance, I reached behind and sought out the desired part of his body, I felt that I needed him inside of me, was this me or the system at this point, and knowing that my Master would like me to finish off the dance with his ultimate pleasure, I soon had his little man freed from the clothing that contained it and without any further delay soon had him plunged deep into my own sex. My dance moves now restricted to slight swaying and grinding movements, it didn’t take me long to bring him to his own climax, though mine was nowhere in sight, I did gain some pleasure in pleasing my Master, and achieve my goal in providing that for him.

He had by now lost interest in looking for the metallic disk by this point and just sat back and enjoyed the dance I had provided for him, with the final ending of his own orgasm held deeply inside of his former wife, now sexbot, who seemed to be able to use her muscles down there to pull him further into her pleasure centre than he thought possible. It had really spun me out when I found out that I was able to do that, never before had I even tried something like that, it would have been impossible if I had not been converted I thought to myself.

The thought that I had been converted at first seemed to trouble me, somewhere deep down I knew that this was wrong, but I had allowed the system to take over more control of my mind and body each time that I had received some form of pleasure from it, giving away more parts of myself to the system, allowing my mind to become more compliant, my body’s actions taken away from me. I had fallen deeper down into the rabbit hole of my conversion it seemed, and now not only did I look more like a sexbot but acted like one too.

Later when he had recovered enough, he summoned me to him and began to explore my body again but finding no evidence or remains of the patch that I had attached on the back of my neck, nor nothing but the faint outlines of the underwear that he knew had come with the kit, but had seemingly now merged with his wife’s body. He noticed that my skin had turned a slight silvery tone, more robotic than human, and though he looked as hard as he could he still could find no trace of the patch that came with the kit.

“Jackiebot, where is the sexbot kit that I purchased?” he asked, frustrated at not finding it.

“The sexbot is currently using them, Master, as you wished.” I replied.

“Where is the patch?” he asked.

“The patch has been absorbed as the specifications required, master.” I informed him.

“And the outfit that came with the kit?” he queried, still seeing little evidence that I was wearing it.

“Jackie is wearing the outfit, Master would you like to see?” I said, and took a pose for him, the outlines of the costumes were now clearer, but still part of my body now.

“How did this happen?” he asked.

“Jackie was directed by Master to be wearing the outfit for his return, the suit and the patch are now part of this sexbot master, they are one and the same.” I said, to his confusion.

“How?” was all he could say, not sure what had gone on.

“The suit and the patch are part of the kit that converts the wearer into a fully functioning sexbot for her Master, Jackie is the result of that merger,” I stated.

He looked stunned, and stared in disbelief.

“Is there anything further my Master desires of this sexbot?” I asked, not knowing what else I could say in the matter.

“I think I need to sleep on it,” he said.

“Would Master like Jackie to provide him with more pleasure in the bedroom?” I asked.

Thinking that this would give him some more answers, or at least take his mind off the fact his wife has been converted into a sexbot. And he still didn’t know if the changes were permanent, after all the game was only supposed to last the weekend, he didn’t know what else to do other than to accept the sexbot Jackie’s offer. Maybe in the morning things will be clearer, he thought.

After riding his body for quite some time, I felt the eventual climax overwhelm him, I had managed to keep him going longer by adjusting my pace and rhythm, and the muscles in my sexual entertainment device located between my legs, I didn’t even seem to wonder why I had termed my sex as that, it just seemed what it was called now, as opposed to my rear SED. I leave that one to your imagination.

After pleasing my Master to the point where he was now soundly asleep, I noticed that it was really late, I had been a sexbot for several hours now, and while I had not had any form of climax myself I was pleased that I had provided that for my master, and the system had rewarded me again, though not an actual orgasm, it was pretty close. The system then informed me that while the Master was sleeping that it would now be updating some of its own systems, so while that was happening I found that I had gained some of my own functioning brain back at the moment, so I finally had some form of clarity and I had started to realise that the changes that had been made to my body were possibly going to be permanent.

Recalling that the system had told my Master that the metallic control patch had been absorbed into my own body, along with that skimpy underwear, it seemed that I was destined to remain this way for the foreseeable future. Looking down at my former husband, now Master, I could see that he was now fast asleep, and as usual after sex I knew that he would be out for the rest of the night. The system informed me that it was time for me to recharge my systems and purge my body of any unwanted material.

Heading towards the bathroom, I found myself sitting on the toilet, the ‘purging’ then began, that was my new term for it, and once complete I was directed to the shower cubicle where I cleaning not only the waste products left from my Master using me, but my own bodily fluids as well. I was assured that this was normal for now, but the system told me that changes would be made to enable me to be more efficient in the future. Finally and thankfully, I was allowed to recharge, while the patch revealed itself enough to open a charging portal, I was also allowed to refresh my own bodily systems with regular, though liquidised food and fluids.

Assured by the feeding of nutrients that I wasn’t fully a functioning robot yet, I knew that given time the system would convert more of me to suit its own ends, my future as a human being was soon to be something from the past. And I was worried for my own safety, and my sanity, that I would eventually become more machine than human one day soon. Suddenly feeling tired I fell asleep where I sat, sitting upright in the kitchen chair, my face blank and eyes closed. The end of an eventful and transforming day.

And that was how my husband/Master found me during the night when he walked into the kitchen, turning on the light he got the shock of his life when he saw me sat there as still as could be. The charging cord still plugged into my neck, the faint outline of the patch now visible to him, and now he was sure that I had done this for him and that I was indeed just his sexbot for the weekend as promised.

Part 2

In the morning, I found myself still sitting as I had been directed by the system for my overnight charging. The sun had just started to shine through the window so I assumed that it was still very early, much too early for me usually. But now I was receiving a message from the control system to walk to the front door of our home, and once there to expect to receive a parcel delivery. Sure enough by the time I opened the door, there stood a delivery drone with a box in their hands.

There were no words of greeting exchanged between us, the drone stood there waiting, then I felt myself being scanned, the acknowledgement by the drone that I was the correct sexbot for the offered parcel appeared in my own mind. It shocked me that the drone only saw me as a sexbot, another service droid like itself, it made me feel less like a human and more like an object, and in my own thoughts wondered if I liked it or not.

No sooner had the drone handed me the parcel, holding it firmly in my hands, the door closed behind me automatically, as usual these days with home automation, I headed back towards the kitchen. Opening the box I found some more silver coloured material inside, and I would have wondered what it was in my previous existence, but now already knew that this was clothing that I was expected to wear.

The dress would just cover the more essential parts of my body, the hem would hang just far enough down to be decent, should I not bend over or some form of other activity, overwise I would reveal parts of me to the world that I would normally like to reserve for the bedroom.

Stepping into my new outfit, the dress seemed to be made for me, and to my exact size, but at no point did I wonder who had sent it to me, I assumed it would have been ordered by my Master.

The matching boots, also silver, fitted perfectly in fact they were very snug on my feet and lower legs, but seemed to adjust when I put them on. At this point I wondered what I looked like wearing the new outfit, so the system as a reward for further compliance allowed me to check my own reflection in the mirror in a spare bedroom. What I saw at first shocked me, it seemed that my body had been altered while I slept and recharged.

The nanobots I was told by the system had been working away during the night, strengthening parts of my body so that my muscles, bones and flesh were more resilient to injury, and parts of my body had been adjusted to enhance it. My breasts now looked larger and firmer, not that they sagged as such, but nature was starting to take effect, now they stood out there proudly showing themselves to the world it seemed. My hips seemed to be wider or was that my waist being smaller, either way my bodily curves had been altered, more to please my Master I had been informed.

The dress just made sure that the changes were more noticeable now, and as I watched both the dress and the boots looked like they merged with my own skin, just like the skimpy underwear that I had originally put on. Though the dress was still there it now felt like a part of me, but the boots then brought me to focus on them as they demonstrated their functionality, the heels grew a few inches, making me stand ‘en-pointe’ on my toes like a ballerina, but I felt no pain or discomfort, it just amazed me.

The system then handed over control to my own mind, and allowed me to experiment with the boots and clothing, I could by mere thought alone make changes to the outfit I was now wearing, my uniform it had told me. Making the boots more relaxed and less pointy, I eased myself down to a lesser height and more practical level, that extreme setting would be more useful in the bedroom I thought. Somehow, I just seem to accept that this was normal for me, and that thoughts of wearing boots while having sex was perfectly okay, where was the prim and proper housewife I used to be, gone it seemed and replaced by a sexbot.

I tired to adjust the length of the hem of the dress, but found out that it was not permitted, and although I expected some form of punishment from the system for my attempts, I was informed that during my trial fitting period that I was allowed to experiment, but only to find out the features of the uniform and nothing else, I could not nor would be allowed to change the sizing. The system took charge at that moment, it informed me that my master was waking and that I should attend to his needs now.

Walking as directed towards my Master’s bedroom, it was no longer ‘our bedroom’ just my Master’s and any thought otherwise I knew would be punished, I knocked on the door and entered. I could see that he had just woken from a deep sleep and he must have been having some erotic dream. The covers of the bed were off of his body and I could see his erection standing there loud and proud. A sudden desire overtook me and I made my way to the bed, crawling on all fours when I climbed on the bed. I soon had my Master’s member safely in the warmth of my mouth.

Finding out at that moment that I was deriving pleasure from my actions, not only stirred me on, but pleased me that I behaved this way, my inner self seemed to get gratification from servicing my master like this. It was with great delight that he seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to him. He was at first shocked and surprised at waking to find his new sexbot performing oral on him, but relaxing at letting the sexbot do its job, he thought at that moment that he had died and gone to heaven.

Meanwhile my own thoughts were on the decadence of my carnality, here I was performing an act of sexual indulgence on the man I now referred to as my Master, a whole world away from my previous being, it seemed as my new life as a robotic sexual device had opened my whole outlook, all inhibitions now gone, there didn’t seem to be anything that I would not be doing to enable me to please my owner.

He was completely satisfied with my performance by the way, he even thanked me thinking that I was still his wife, not some robotic companion as I now seemed to be. Eventually his mind clicked back into gear and he realised that he had a sexbot wife for the weekend and many hours to find out more things to do to me.

“Thank you Jackiebot, that was a wonderful way to wake up in the morning, please add it to your list of daily duties from now on.” He said, now that his mind was more focused.

“Yes Master, Jackie has added it to your daily routine.” I replied, my voice even more robotic than yesterday. “Is there anything Master would like me to do?”

“Yes Jackiebot, I would love a cooked breakfast and coffee if you please.” He said.

Every time he called me Jackiebot or just Jackie hurt me a little inside, but I knew that I would have to accept that name, even though I knew that he chose it to annoy me, the system had directed me to accept this name from him, and over time my own name seemed to fade from my memory, and all I could recall was that I had always been Jackie.

Leaving him to shower and do other things in the bathroom, I headed out to the kitchen, where I sought out the ingredients and made my Master his breakfast. Once done I carried it out to the dining area where he was waiting, as I was serving him his food he noticed the new dress that I was wearing. The powers of male observation are not that astounding at the best of times and I’ve worn plenty of new clothes that he has never taken notice of before.

But this time he made a comment about the dress, telling me that he liked it and it looked great on my body. I thanked him for his comments, but what he said next shocked me slightly.

“Where did you get the dress?” he asked.

“I thought that Master had it made and delivered,” I replied.

He asked me to turn around and display the dress to him, “No I don’t recall ordering that dress.” He said, and then continued, “Nor the boots either. When did they arrive?”

“They were delivered this morning by a robotic delivery drone Master,” I informed him.

“They must have been part of the kit, delayed I suspect in some way, but it looks good.” He replied.

“Thank you Master, I’m pleased to make you happy.” I said with a smile, feeling deep down happy to have pleased him but also concerned as to where the dress came from.

“It makes you look different, somehow.” He asked, unsure as to the changes made to my body. “What is it that makes you look much sexier?”

“Master the conversion of this unit is ongoing, the changes made to my body were to enhance it for your visual and sexual pleasure, the nanobots worked throughout the night to continue to change the body of this sexbot to please my master.” I stated, “I have been adjusted in various parts of my body to be able to bring joy and happiness to my owner.”

He just looked at me with an open mouth, he was shocked as he heard these words, and I don’t think that it fully registered in his brain that I had been converted from a fun loving wife and partner to this sex toy for his amusement, satisfaction and delight. Even I couldn’t fathom out all of the changes that had been made to me, and the permanence of them. Unless he knew of some way back from all of this, it seemed to me at this point that I would be remaining as his sexbot for the foreseeable future.

Again I don’t think he realised what I had told him, to him it was still a game that we were playing this weekend, come Sunday night I would change back, though he hoped that the now larger breasts that he had finally noticed would remain. Along with the sexy outfit, and that we could play some more on other days. Leaving me to clean up after him, something that I was used to even in my old life, he headed off to check his emails and try to figure out if he had ordered the new outfit.

During the day I mainly performed as his maid, fetching things for him and cleaning, when not polishing a certain part of his anatomy with various parts of my body, especially my mouth, that is. And at one point the system reminded me that I could alter the colouring of my dress to suit my current role, hence the next time he saw me that my dress was now black and not silver as before, much more fitting for a maidbot I thought. Even the boots were changed to match the dress, the only thing missing was the bonnet and the apron, which when I thought about adding the system informed me that the items had now been ordered and would be delivered soon. Seems that the system is all knowing and supportive of my desire to please my owner.

By the time I had made and I was ready to serve his lunch the delivery had arrived, another delivery drone, another impersonal scan to check that I was the correct bot to accept and record receipt, feeling just the same as the delivery bot, just two service droids briefly meeting and not having the usual acknowledgement that I would have with a normal delivery person. It left me feeling more like an object, a possession, something that is owned, even part of the furniture of my former home, now just my Master’s residence as it registered in what was left of my own thoughts.

Now serving him in the full attire of a maidbot, which at first he didn’t acknowledge my presence, engrossed as he was in some sports thing on the video-screen, it was only when he directed me to hand him something that he noticed the maid’s outfit. Directing me to stand there and let him look at what I was now wearing, he asked where it had come from?

“Master, the system recognised my desire to serve you and allowed me to change the dress to suit my current duties, it was then that I thought that I needed an apron and bonnet that the system ordered it, it was delivered just now, I hope that it pleases you Master.” I answered.

“Yes, Jackiebot, it does, we’ll have to keep this for our playtime later.” He added, “And maybe in the future you could continue to serve me dressed like this.”

“That would please me Master, I am here to serve you.” I informed him in my robotic voice.

“Is there anything else Master?”

“No, not at the moment Jackiebot, please return to your duties.” He dismissed me as though I was his servant, which I guess I now was.

Later in the day I was summoned to the bedroom and once there had to satisfy my Master’s desires, before being dismissed again to return to work. In one way it made me feel used, maybe even abused, and taken advantage of, but another side of me seemed to gain enjoyment in serving and being treated this way, was I always like this or had the changes made to both my mind and body made me feel this way.

And after clearing away the dishes from his dinner, which I was not permitted by the system to indulge in any of the delicious food that I had prepared for him, and without the assistance of the control system would have never been able to prepare, throwing the leftovers into the waste compactor. I was again called to come to my Master’s bedroom. Upon arrival I saw him laying there naked on the bed, and his eyes had never looked at me this hungrily before, it seemed that I was to be the next course on the menu.

“Tell me Jackiebot, can you change the dress you’re wearing?” he asked.

“Yes Master, as you can see I’m currently in my maid’s outfit.” I advised him, “Or I can change back to the default silver dress, should you desire.”

“I was thinking more along the lines of something pink, and maybe frilly, like that old nightie that you used to wear.” Master informed me.

“Sorry Master but that item of clothing was thrown away some time ago, but would this please you?” I said, and changed the colour of the dress to pink, the maid’s apron still worn by me remained white, but the bonnet changed to pink to match.

I had thrown out the nightie after a particular night of sex with him, we had tried something that he had been asking for, something that I was reluctant to do but gave in to try to please him. It hurt to try but I endured through the initial pain of allowing him to use me that way and I had felt dirty after he had used me like that, so had thrown out the nightie that I wore during this in the trash and vowed never to do this again. But now it seemed to me that he was venturing to ask for the same thing, I had not worn pink in bed after that night.

What happened after that I won’t go into too many details, but my Master kept me dressed in pink for the entire night and used not only my rear SED (sexual entertainment device) and waste port several times, but also my other access points that were available for his pleasure. And as I was under the system’s control I had no say, but had to accept every desire that my Master wished from me, there wasn’t any pain or discomfort like the last time, the system made sure of that and ensured that I received some pleasure and my first orgasm.

Part 3

The following day, and after another session of recharging/waste disposal, I was ready for when my master woke up. I knew that even after last night’s events that my first order of the day was to perform oral on my Master, that was from the request the previous day. I had also had more instructions downloaded into my now opened mind, I had now given myself over to accepting that the changes were now permanent, and that there was nothing that I could do, other than to accept my current situation.

Overnight and while in shutdown/recharge mode the nanobots had not only repaired any aches and pains that my body already had or recently suffered, I also found that a knee injury from long ago was one that caused some irritating discomfort, but was now gone. So, I not only felt refreshed and more alive than ever, I felt renewed and it was strange that becoming a sexbot I felt more healthy than ever before.

Now my dress was back in the maidbot mode, changed from the pink of last night to the black colour, my memories from last night now forgotten as I prepared to please my Master on this new day. After breakfast my Master got on with other things around the home, occasionally he would call on me for some items, drink or food, but otherwise I was left alone, I think that he may have felt guilty after last night, though the system had wiped most of the details from my mind, I knew deep down that he had done something that I wouldn’t have liked, in my former self that is, but now as his sextoy it was perfectly okay to use me as his sexual appliance.

It wasn’t until late in the afternoon did he try to use me sexually again, I had been cleaning up some spilled items and had either forgotten or was distracted, but I bent over and of course the hem of my dress rose up, though it may have been the system controlling me and making me do this for my master, but whatever it was I froze in place when as I remained bent over I felt my Master’s hands on my rear, shortly followed by the feeling of his hard member probing my available parts for his pleasure.

After he had finished and had his way, I was directed to clean up the mess, including his now softening member after he had pulled out of me. Then after to return to my duties that I was engaged in beforehand, and then later getting my Master’s dinner ready, it seemed that was just how things were now, now that I was rebuilt and programmed for service, to be available for whatever my Master desired, and I was along for the ride now in my own body. And unless there was some way out of this that I didn’t know about would be remaining as a sexual device for the rest of my days.

I think he grew concerned as the day ended, this was supposed to be where the games stops and we return back to our normal life, but I remained as my Master’s sexbot, and even after I had serviced him in his bedroom, he still thought or hoped that the changes would son be gone, though deep down I suspect that he would have loved to keep me this way, it was just too impractical and anyway I did have my own life to lead, a job to keep and we had bills that needed paying.

My routine continued and after cleaning, making sure that the place was spotless, and long after my Master had used my body for his pleasure, I found myself back in the kitchen, sitting in the chair with the recharging cord plugged in. I didn’t know why I needed this, I was supposed to be human after all and all they needed was sustenance of some kind, water food etc, not electrons flowing through a cable connected to my body.

It then dawned on me that the nanobots would require powering up, for them to continue my conversion, and if I was able to let my Master former husband know he may have been able to reverse the change or at least stop them progressing any further, but alas the system would not allow me to communicate to him. I was stuck, there was no way out of this for me it seemed, but things would be changing even more soon, but more on that later.

In the morning I woke my Master as I had been instructed, and after finishing in the bedroom he joined me in the kitchen, he could see that I was still dressed as the maidbot, the silver that I was dressed in for his morning glory had changed colour back to black for serving his meal. He had hoped that the game that he thought we were playing had finished and that I would have returned back to my former self, but that hadn’t happened.

And it still hadn’t happened by the time he had to leave for work, thinking that maybe the changes would be occurring later, possibly because I had started late on Friday evening, that the kit still had a few hours left before I would change back. He hoped that he would find out later that I had enjoyed my weekend as his sexbot, and that he was forgiven for taking advantage of my body, and that maybe we would be playing again in the future. As it turned out he would be wrong on so many levels, but that would have been hard for him to comprehend, not realising the extent of the changes that had happened to me.

Left at home I could only wait, alone except for the occasional command prompt from the system. I too had thought that maybe the change back would occur as he had thought, but deep down I knew that without outside help I was stuck. And part of me wanted this, I would have no cares or worries, no responsibilities, just a life of service to my Master, he would have to take charge of everything, and my concerns would be non-existent, my only function was in pleasing my Master. I loved reading the stories where females willingly gave themselves over and became submissive to their Master or Mistress, and here I was now living one of my own fantasies, serving another.

Part 4

Well, I didn’t know it at the time but my life was going to change even more than I thought possible. It wasn’t until around lunchtime that day that I received instructions from the control system that I would soon be greeting a visitor to my Master’s home. It was strange, the system hadn’t informed me before about anything from outside of the home other than the delivery droids, now it seemed that there was someone arriving shortly, who that was I was not told but I was expected to entertain them and welcome them to the home.

Opening the door when instructed by the system, I had been made to wait by the door for the last 30 minutes, standing there waiting for the visitor to arrive. Upon seeing the face, I thought that maybe my Master had sent him over to check up on me, or that maybe he knew some way of changing me back, but I was sadly to be disappointed.

Standing there appraising me was a friend of my Master, Steve, he had been friends with my husband from before the marriage, and had always had a thing for me, I’d catch him looking at me when he thought no one was watching, he looked like that he had thought going through his head as to what he wanted to do to me, at first I found it amusing, his friend wanting me sexually, and dismissed it in my head as the fantasies of some guy who wished to be in my husbands place.

But the watching continued, even to the point where I felt uncomfortable around him and tried as best I could to stay away from him, or at least always have someone there with me when he was around. But now he was standing at the entrance to our home, and I wondered what he was doing there. He knew that my Master would be away working, in fact I didn’t expect to see him for the next couple of days; the contractor he worked for had requested an on site meeting.

Looking at Steve standing there I watched as his eyes took in the vision before him, and I knew that dressed as I was, I would be very tempting for him, would I be able to fend off any advance that he may have made, I felt very vulnerable at this moment. His smile told me that he knew something about what had happened to me. I suspected that maybe he had supplied the kit that we had used to change me into a sexbot for our game, only for me to be stuck in my role.

But then the more compassionate side of my mind came to the fore and I thought that maybe my Master had contacted him to come over and make sure that I was changed back, after all if he supplied the kit then surely he knew how to reverse the changes, that was my hope at that point. That all changed when without further response from me he entered the home and instructed me to follow him into the main living area. When we got there, he promptly sat down and looked me up and down again, taking in the vision before him. The same look that he always gave me.

“Well what do we have here then?” Steve asked, “You look good as a maidbot.”

I stood there on the spot and remained mute, for now, other than to express my thanks for the compliment.

“But I think that you’ll look better, in… let me think… I know, how about a see-through nightie?” he said confidently.

There was no way that I would dress in that outfit especially for him, but when he instructed me to look at myself in the mirror, I could see that my dress was now see-through, I was naked underneath, even the boots had gone. How had this happened? I was shocked and tried to change my dress back, but repeatedly found my attempts thwarted by the control system. Even trying to move my hands to attempt to cover my sex was stopped by a command, he seemed to know exactly what to do with the system, and the kit that I had been modified with.

“Now dance for me,” he smiled, confidently in the knowledge that I would comply.

Standing there I began to sway and then the music started, and I began to gyrate my body to the rhythm, dancing for his entertainment with no regard for my own desires, that was to get away from this guy before he manages to make me do something that I didn’t want to. The dance turned into a lapdance upon his command, and I found my body obeying his instructions, and gave a near similar sexy lap dance that I had given my own Master not so long ago. It too ended with a similar ending, with my hands seeking out the rigid member that I could feel in his pants when my thighs rubbed against his lap, it was as if I could no longer deny what this guy wanted to do to me.

Afterwards, I felt dirty and used but the system rewarded me for the show I had performed and also the sexual pleasure I had provided to Steve, not a full orgasm, but enough to think of it as compensation for my efforts. When I stood, I was again commanded to present my body to him, to parade myself still dressed in the see-through clothing, betrayed by my dress, and exposed to his gaze, there was nothing that I could do to stop this from happening.

“Well done slave,” he said to me, “your training has progressed well.”

“Yes Master.” I said to him, stunned that I referred to him that way.

He could see that there was some confusion, maybe I looked different, but he sensed that I was troubled in calling him Master.

“No point in delaying things, you are now my slave, a sexbot for me to control and use. And yes, I did supply the kit to your husband. But I also made and rewrote the code so that the changes would be permanent. That kit was like the ones that I have used in the past to enslave women like you into becoming sexbots for me to control, and eventually either sell-on, or rent out to my customers.” He gloated as he thought of those women.

“So, for the time being you will be remaining as your former Master’s sextoy, but in the very near future, once the final changes have taken place you will join my band of sexbots and accept that you will be servicing my many clients, I may even loan you out to another to use in their stable of female sexbots.” He informed me, “But for now you can show me some more techniques that you have been instructed in.”

The rest of the day was spent either in the bedroom, kitchen or main room in a variety of positions, and he used every part of my body for his pleasure. Eventually I think that I wore him out and he left, leaving me to clean up after him. Now I knew for certain that this was indeed my life from now on, we had been betrayed by someone we thought was a friend only to find out that he had other plans for me. I felt numb inside at the prospect of being his sex slave, being rented out to others, and I felt more of my mind shutting down, trying to keep the bad thoughts out of my head, allowing the system more access to reprogram me.

The next day I woke up in my usual position, the previous day had been a bad dream surely, I could still think clearly but didn’t have any control of my movements as usual, the system would enable that when required, for now all I could do was wait. My Master was away, so there was no need to provide any oral service to him, and neither was there a requirement to serve breakfast. My own liquidised food had been processed into my body while I recharged.

Another droid delivered a box, and upon opening I found a smallish jacket inside, made from the same silver material, a gift I thought from my Master, but not the Master I was thinking about. The system instructed me to wear the jacket, while at the same time my dress was changed from maid back to the default sexbot colour. The boots changed also, and the bonnet and apron were left on the table. Following on from this I received instruction that I would leave the home that I shared with my Master and wait outside, which I did, even though several people stared at me, it was unusual to see a sexbot in our neighbourhood, and especially at this time of day.

That’s all the people who were our neighbours saw: another sexbot leaving our home, and then waiting to be picked up. I doubt that they would have thought that it was me, transformed into my current being, I looked like a sexbot, therefore must be one of them I guess they thought. My own thoughts and embarrassment at being outside dressed like this were of no concern to the control system, and luckily for me the transport arrived shortly after my arrival at the kerbside.

Climbing inside I could see other sexbots, some dressed like me while others appeared to be naked, but I knew that looks can be deceiving, my own outfit was changeable to make me look anyway my user wanted me to look. ‘User’ that was a new phrase for me, was I to be used by other, I thought that Steve had told me that I would remain at home for now, clearly that had changed no and it seemed that I was destined to make my way into his posse of sexbots earlier than expected.

Receiving instructions to place myself against the wall of the vehicle, soon I was like the others with straps holding me in place, the vehicle fully automated had fastened me in place and was now on its way to somewhere unknown. I wondered if I’d ever get to see my husband – Master again, unless he rented me of course. Now underway my gaze was fixed facing forwards like the others, except that I could move my eyes to look around and observe the other sexbots in the vehicle with me.

All of them seemed to be in some form of stasis or asleep at this moment, I suppose that there was no need to see anything when travelling between clients, the blank walls of the transporter and the other sexbots were the only things visible, as there was no windows in the rear of the vehicle. So it seemed that this was for a reason or maybe that I wasn’t as converted as much as these women, that was if they were once women and not just sexbots after all, it was very hard to tell the difference, that was the way they were made.

Eventually after a couple more pick-ups and one drop off, the transporter came to a stop and the doors opened along with the straps holding the sexbots on board, each then moved off and I followed suit. It was some form of process facility, there were a few other sexbots, the lighting was bright and the place looked clinical, more of a factory than the brothel I expected to see. This must be where they cleaned and prepared the sexbots between clients I guessed, and watched as the fellow sexbots that I shared a journey with walked off.

Standing there taking in the whole thing, it was a completely other world from my own perspective, not something that I would have ever imagined seeing, let alone taking part in. Receiving instructions, this time from a different source, I was directed to follow the group of sexbots and I joined in at the end of the line. Each one moved forward into a booth, I couldn’t see what was happening inside, but knew that soon I would be finding out first hand just went on here.

Indeed my turn eventually came, it didn’t take long to process the line up of sexbots before me, soon I stepped into the booth like the others, there my clothing seem to disappear, the dress fell to the floor along with the jacket, and my skimpy undies that I had been wearing since I had started this whole things just seem to be absorbed into my body. Finding myself naked and inside a booth, I was shocked when several streams of liquid seemed to fly out of every part of the booth, this is what they use for cleaning I guessed correctly. And clean they did, and I mean everywhere, but then I reckoned that after being used the sexbots would require a deep clean after whatever they had been put through.

I had never felt this clean in my entire life, and as I emerged on the other side I was again instructed to get into line behind the other sexbots. After cleaning, came the clear protective coating, some form of antibacterial agent. It was only when I passed by a reflective surface did I notice that I not only looked like the other sexbots now, I was also bald like them, not a hair on my body, well I didn’t have much to begin with. I didn’t see the more silver tone in my body until much later that day.

The next part was not one I needed but had to endure anyway, the charging area where some of the sexbots were connected up via cables and others, who I guessed were the same as me to a feed station, the tube soon took care of the required amount of nutrients, it wasted no time in delivery either, the tube pushed hard at the back of my throat and upon instruction I willing accepted it, the foodstuff was then quickly passed into my body, luckily I couldn’t taste it, the smell was bad enough.

Now the sexbots shuffled in line to a waiting area, this is where they waited between clients, all the sexbots appeared to be naked, and I would find out that clothing would be added when they were required to visit or service a client. Clothing was not needed here, there was no modesty required here, the facility seemed to be entirely automated, so no prying eyes to see the nakedness of the sexbots, not that they would or could have minded, they were under instruction just like me.

During the day a few of the sexbots left, obviously off to see the person who had hired them, I found it pretty boring just standing there, the others seemed to be powered down or switched off, whichever term you used they were not there, just me getting to go through the whole experience fully awake and aware, that was his purpose, I had to experience the whole thing it turned out, he wanted me to see my future and give up hope that I would ever be free again.

This I found out when it was my turn to visit a client, I was processed and dressed back in the same type of silver dress and jacket like I had worn here, though this smelt fresh, so the clothing must be cleaned as well. Moving on from there I held my head as a hair piece was placed on top of my head. Now dressed and ready I thought that I was on my way to see my first customer, but when I was delivered, I found myself outside a familiar building: Steve's place.

From the outside it looked drab and boring, not something that you’d expect a man with a stable of rental sexbots that would be making him a fortune would have, this was no mansion, but a modest two story building. I had been here before a few times with my husband, but always felt uncomfortable in Steve’s presence, so stopped coming by. Now it seemed that I had no choice in the matter, I had been instructed, or ordered to be more precise, to be here, it seems that my first client would be Steve, but he had already sampled my wares back at my home.

So I wondered why I was here, guess I would be finding out soon enough, my legs betraying me and began walking towards the front door, I was unable to stop myself from moving, I would be inside his home soon. The door opened as I approached, there was no sign of anyone inside as I entered, walking on into the house I was directed to climb the stairs, and then to walk to one of the bedrooms.

Opening the door I found a large four-poster bed inside, it dominated the room, something I had recalled seeing once before. Steve walked out of the ensuite bathroom as I entered, the smile on his face telling me that I was here for a reason, and that I wouldn’t like what that was, but there was nothing that I could do to stop myself.

“Ah, there you are Denise, or should I say Jackie?” he laughed, clearly he knew what had happened in our home between me and my Master.

“Yes Jackiebot, I have the entire record of your weekend with your former Master, even down to the pink dress and what happened next.” He smirked.

I felt highly embarrassed at him telling me about knowing what we had done at the weekend, that should have been private between me and my Master. Then it struck me, he said ‘former’ master, and I wondered what he meant by that. Not that I could express my concerns or feelings at this point, my body was under command of the system that he had set up, and I had fallen into his trap.

“Former Master yes Jackiebot, he will no longer be able to command you, you are now mine, I am your Master.” He said, with an evil laugh like one of those villains you see in movies. “Sorry, I’ve always wanted to try that, but yes you are mine now.”

Stunned, all I could do was stand there, no instruction had allowed me to move, I was expected to accept the information and await my new Master’s commands. I was bewildered, feeling betrayed by him, thinking that maybe this was some form of joke on his part, but what happened next dissolved any allusions to gaining my freedom back any time soon.

My night was spent in his bed, in a variety of positions, and if wasn’t so sleazy when eyeing me up previously I would have said that he was a very attentive, gentle lover, and the fact that I was allowed to finally experience a fully blown orgasm fulfilled the end of my night. Waking up next to him, I again followed my previous instruction and wormed my way under the covers to service my Master.

Whoever my Master was at this point didn’t matter, the instruction that I had been given was still programmed into my schedule, so he happened to wake up with his hard member experiencing the moist, warm environment of my mouth, and using the skills that I had learned soon had him releasing himself into me. This was followed up with the cleaning routine, well a sexbot has standards to maintain it seems.

My day then revolved around his, I was expected to be on call to provide my services as his sexbot for the rest of the day and into the night, and it wasn’t until the next morning did I find myself back in the transport and heading back to the cleaning facility. Though this time once processed I was directed back to the dressing station, again made ready and instructed to make my way to the waiting vehicle. Delivery was swift, I was the only sexbot on board, and once the door opened I found myself back in familiar surroundings, my former home.

Again there were several stares as I exited the transport, this was a nice neighbourhood, and sexbots were not supposed to be seen here. In fact if I didn’t get off of the street straight away I’m sure someone would have complained and I would have been seized by the authorities. Luckily my instructions were to head inside quickly, there I was to assume the role again of maidbot and wait for my Master to return.

In my mind I was confused, which Master would this be, the former one or the new one? I guessed that maybe since I was home that it would be the former, which it turned out to be I found out when he returned home from work. Seeing me still dressed as the maidbot shocked him, he had thought that maybe that I would have returned to normal, whatever that was, that was a distant memory for me now, I knew that I would remain a sexbot, available to be used by whoever wanted my services.

What he didn’t know was that his friend Steve, my actual owner and Master, had betrayed him, and had turned his wife into the vision that he saw before him. Steve had informed me when he outlaid his plans for my future over the past couple of nights, was that I would remain here with Jeff for now, but when he was away working that I would be picked up and transported back to the facility, there I would be processed like the others and either join Steve at his home or office, or be hired out to exclusive customers who wanted a female trapped inside a sexbot, knowing that I was unable to reject their wishes, whatever they be.

And one final piece of the puzzle was that Steve was actually my husband’s boss, which Jeff didn’t know and I couldn’t tell him, so he knew that he would be spending a lot more time away from home, in fact a promotion was due to happen which would involve him spending much more time away. Leaving me available to Steve and his exclusive bunch of perverts, who I would be soon finding out just what those desires would be.

And that is how my game ended, tricked by my new Master and owner, stuck as a sexbot and plaything to be hired out, the neighbours soon ignored the sexbot standing on the street, they didn’t know to this day that it was me, I was something that was often spoken about, but never included in anything locally. Except one time when I was hired by one of my neighbours, but he didn’t realise that it was me, the changes to my body fooled anyone who thought they recognized me.

The more time that my husband, former master spent away, the longer my sessions as a sexbot for hire seemed to be, sometimes weeks on end and I wondered if he knew that I was gone from our home when he was not there. It seems that eventually he gave up on me, thinking that I would remain a sexbot forever. He found someone else, but for a while kept up the pretence that he still cared for me. It was only when Steve gave me some divorce papers did I realise my former life was now ended.

The house was sold, and I moved full time to being one of my master’s sexbots. I never again saw my former, now ex-husband, just a never-ending stream of clients wanting to take advantage of my body, my mind controlled and available for whatever commands that they gave me. Luckily the nanobots were still inside me and repaired the damage caused by some of the, let’s say, more careless clients on Steve’s list, more likely they got enjoyment from inflicting pain on the poor helpless female they had for the night.

My body now bore the markings of one of his sexbots, I was company property, and soon found myself servicing regular clients as well, the more exclusive ones now more interested in newer, younger models, not that I seemed to age, the nanobots took care of that, that and the silver skin tone, and the adjustable clothing, but after seeing the clients they wanted other models, and I ended up with the regular sexbots. That was when I was kept at Steve’s home, where he used me for his own needs, and I looked forward to those times, some light at the end of a tunnel.

Thank you for reading my story, and if you wish to hire this sexbot for the weekend or overnight, please feel free to contact my owners, I am available 24/7 for your own personal needs, and sometimes you’ll find me in one of those malls, along with my sister sexbots, please feel free to come and examine the goods, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


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