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Special Delivery

by MaidToWrite

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Kirsty got back from her day at work; she reaches into her coat pocket and pulls out her house keys. She placed them into the slot, and unlocked it, taking a step forward; she kicked her foot on a box. Kirsty raised an eyebrow, and looked at the address: "Miss K.Sing". Her eyes widened: "Has it finally arrived?" She asked rhetorically to herself. She knelt down and picked the box up.

"Bloody hell this is heavy!" She exclaimed, as she took it through to the hallway, upstairs and into the bedroom. She found a knife and cut up the tape: "This is going to be so worth the wait!"

The box opened to reveal indeed what Kirsty ordered, on top of it was the manual. She picked it up and read aloud: "Thank you for your purchase of the MA10 Sexbot Suit. You're now just a few short moments away from the ultimate sex-bot experience. Please take care to read and follow the instructions carefully blah blah blah, thank you, but I know how to wear clothes." Kirsty tossed the manual to the side of the bed, and delved further into the box.

She looked upon her phone, a diagram of the assembled suit. Kirsty needed to strip first: she kicked off her high heels, slithered her stockings off her legs, unzipped and pulled her skirt off, unbuttoned and removed her blouse, shuffling her panties off and finally unhooking and removing her bra; she was completely naked in front of her mirror.

Kirsty first pulled out what looked like to be two pieces of a knee-high boot, one part that would cover her shin and the top of her foot, and the other covering the back, with a 7' heel attached. The material was sturdy: definitely metal, but quite light. She slid her foot into the first back part of the boot, her foot elevated by the high heel; Kirsty hovered the second piece nearby, and a powerful magnet seemed to take effect, as the second piece was pulled onto her shin, connecting the pieces together and forming the first boot. Kirsty lifted her foot up and down, finding the metal nearly weightless on her shin. Kirsty reached through the box and found the second boot, putting it on in the same way she did with the first. She noticed a similar pattern when putting on pieces over her knee joints, and over her thighs.

Kirsty took out a metal plate which looked to fit over her rear; it is given away by the shape of two metal ass cheeks. She found the corresponding piece to cover her front, her crotch, and she grinned devilishly. Out from the inside of the crotch metal piece was a firm phallic metal rod, pointing inwards. Kirsty braced as she put the pieces on, chills running down her spine as it penetrated her. She eventually got used to the feeling, and said under her breath: "I really hope this has a vibrate function."

The rest of the metallic costume fit over Kirsty perfectly, almost too perfectly, but she was too enthralled by the thought of what she would do with the costume; She knew about her beloved Tina’s fetish, and knew she was one of the only people who did. 'What a better surprise for when she comes home from work?' She thought. She finally finished suiting up, moving her hair out of the way as she put the robotic mask on. She could see out through two eye holes with relative ease. She admired herself in the mirror, playing with a strand of hair in between her fingers, as she practised for when Nina came home: "I'm ready to begin." She said seductively to herself in the mirror.

"Host, recognised" A robotic voice came from the suit. "Sealing suit."

"What!?" Kirsty replied surprised. Air in the suit was ejected with a large hiss, and the magnets are holding them together clamped together even tighter. Kirsty felt various sensors and wires push up against her naked body.

"Establishing interface with host." The suit added. Wires from the mask plunged themselves into Kirsty's head, connecting to her brain, and wires buried into the back of her neck, connecting with her spine.

"No-! No Ahh!" Kirsty shrieked in pain, as she lost the feeling in all her limbs, and felt spiking pain as wires dug into her body. The eye slits turned green, and ones and zeroes began flooding them on the inside. Kirsty could not blink and was forced to read them, the wires in her brain translating them into commands which began to burn themselves into her mind.

"Please! Abort! Stop this!" She cried out. "I'm not a robot!-...I'm not a!-...I'm!...I'm...a robot... Free will suppressed, Systems online and running, download complete. Awaiting Master to pleasure."


Hours later, Kirsty's beloved Tina arrived home. She rushed upstairs to get changed out of her walk clothes and recoiled in shock. She saw the sex-bot Kirsty had become, lying on the bed, eyes fixed on the door, and now on her. "Master?" Kirsty asked.

"What... who are you?" Tina replied, in quite an understanding surprise, though finding herself looking up and down at the perfect body of the metallic beauty.

"I am a sexbot... master; I live to pleasure you..." Kirsty replied, all her free will gone after the hours of the suits brainwashing.

"Sexbot? Unless... Kirsty, you're the best!" She grinned and sat down next to the sex-bot, running her hand through its hair: "Now, sexbot... since my amazing girlfriend is yet to come home... you and I are going to have some fun." Tina bought the metallic lips closer to her own, kissing them. She unbuttoned her blouse and lay on the bed as the sex-bot began to ravish her, completely oblivious to Kirsty’s abandoned work clothes on the floor on the other side of the bed, just out of view.

Part 2

Tina slowly pulled her lips from the sexbots'. She peered each side, finding the box the suit came in, and the instruction manual that her late-girlfriend had tossed aside. She reached into the box and pulled out the suits final piece, the remote control. She peered at it curiously, flicking the switch from "Online" to "Offline".

The sexbot took a deep breath as Kirsty regained her mind, she began to pant, shouting: "Tina!? Where am I?"

Tina's eyes widened: "Kirsty!? Babe, what happened to you?"

Kirsty wept from under the metal mask: "I bought this suit... to surprise you... take it off me, please."

Tina held her girlfriend's hand, saying reassuringly: "Don't worry babe, everything will be fine."

She flicked through the instruction manual, under 'Activation/Deactivation'. She read the manual to herself:

"The initial automatic programming of the host is temporary, and can be reversed once the sexbot is turned off..." Tina continued to read but paid particular attention to instructions to permanent programming. Tina looked between the instructions and the sexbot. She could not deny, it excited her incredibly, the concept of a totally obedient sex slave, and a sexbot! It was like a dream.

Tina slowly turned the sexbot back on, and pushed the button to activate voice commands.

"I think I've found it!" Tina announced "Suit... scan for host."

Kirsty waited with held breath, the robotic voice conversed with Tina: "Host recognised."

"Scan for suit status."

"Suit sealed, systems on stand-by."

A silence fell, Tina made her choice, and took a deep breath: "Establish interface with host."

"Tina, what are you d- Ah!" Kirsty shrieked as the wires already plugged into a body gave her an electric shock. She fell back and lay on the bed, unable to move herself.

"Increase interface with host to maximum." Tina's voice turned neutral.

Kirsty screamed as the mask plunged more implants into her, mapping her brain completely. "Tina! It hurts!"

"Quiet sexbot!" Tina's voice was dark and full of lust: "Prepare permanent re-education... execute."

"Tina, I -Aeyyy!"Kirsty howled in pain as the sexbot once again reprogrammed her mind. "Error." The suits AI took control of Kirsty's body, and spoke through her: "Re-education halted, free will detected, suppressing."

The electric shocks reduced Kirsty's mind and brain to an irreparable mess, the implants in her brain began to feed information, re-educating her, preparing her for service, with Tina as her master, who she could never refuse orders from.

"Life supports functioning." Kirsty grunted, "Master registered. Re-educating this host to serve and please the Master..."

Tina watched as her girlfriend was transformed. When it was done, Kirsty spoke with the suits robotic voice.

"Re-education complete, I'm ready for you Master."

Tina rubbed her hands in glee. She sat on the bed and read through the manual eagerly, her ex-girlfriend and new sexbot lay on the bed next to her, waiting for commands.

Part 3

Tina's sexbot had been serving and pleasuring her for over six months. It started off tough, with Tina having to orchestrate her girlfriends 'disappearance'. But she pulled it off, eventually. The matter of Kirsty's old clothes also sorted itself quickly, with Tina being able to sell them to second-hand shops, charity shops, or friends, all of which didn't raise any questions.

Tina never regretted the decision she made, in choosing between her girlfriend and a lifelong sexbot: it's cold silicon embrace on her naked body after a night of intimacy, and the chill of its metal lips pushed against her own warm fleshy pair both gave her shivers at the mere thought.

Tina was relaxing on her sofa, her sexbot draped over her in a comfortable embrace, one Friday evening when an advert from (suit maker) came onto the screen: a slick well-groomed man began his pitch in a booming and earnest sales pitch:

"Hi there, I'm Ray Scot. People always ask me: 'Hey Ray, buddy, my sexbot's losing its charm! What do I do?' Well, I'm here to answer your prayers, beloved customer. Introducing the MA11 sexbot suit! This lovely piece of hardware does things the MA10 would find impossible! Give your sexbot that super model figure, regardless of the wearer, and personalise her with new adjustable personalities and voices, and who could forget about her amazing three, yes I said three, input holes. Don't accept dissatisfaction, and with the MA11 sexbot suit, you won't need to! Order now!"

Tina could not pause the TV fast enough. She reached over for the phone and dialled the number on the screen.

"Err, hello?" She asked.

"Good evening, welcome to (suit maker) ordering system. How may I help you?" An AI, the same voice that spoke through Kirsty replied.

"I'd like to order an MA11 sexbot suit, but I'd like it on my current sexbot, is that possible?" Tina looked over at Kirsty; she would not tolerate or stand to lose her even more than she has.

"Please hold while we transfer to a Specialist in your area." The AI calling machine was followed by the most cliché of elevator music.

"Hello?" A young man interrupted the music.

"Hi there, I have a MA10, and I'd like to get a MA11, but worn by the same person, is that possible?" Tina fidgeted nervously.

"An upgrade? Sure, I don't see why not. I'll need you to bring her down to the shop, I need to take a look at her, sometimes certain models and hosts aren't applicable, but that's rare. Come down tomorrow?"

Tina agreed and set the phone down. She sat down next to Kirsty and wrapped her arm around her, smiling: "Hear that sexbot? You're getting an upgrade soon."

The metallic head turned to Tina, and repeated back: "Upgrade?" The meaning not stored in the tiny amount of memory.

"Yeah, you'll be more beautiful, more pleasing to me, and I think more pleasing to you too." Tina ran her hands over the sexbot's crotch and nipples, the smooth surfaces not giving any methods by which to pleasure the remnants of Kirsty inside.

The next day was the first time that Tina took her sexbot out in public, even after giving her a trench coat to cover most of her body, those who saw the metal woman shot them both strange looks.

They both entered the shop, where a spectacled young man went from behind the counter, extending his hand.

"Hi! We spoke on the phone yesterday? I'm Nick."

Tina shook his hand, and greeted: "Tina."

"And this must be your MA10?" He turned to the robotised Kirsty, who stared blankly back at him.

"Right...” Nick shuffled nervously "They weren't the most talkative models. Bring her through to the back, and I'll take a look at her, you can watch if you want?"

Tina agreed, and all three went into the back room, filled with various scrapped models and spare parts, not all sexbots, though Tina didn't want to buy anything else from them.

Kirsty lay on an operating table of sorts, while Nick fiddled with his laptop to the side. A hiss sounded as the suits airtight sealed was broken, and the magnets holding together the suit were disengaged. He removed the metal body piece by piece, until Tina looked upon the naked Kirsty, covered and penetrated by hundreds of wires, cables and circuits.

Nick spent a few minutes looking over Kirsty, though Tina wasn't sure what for. He asked, "Girlfriend?"

Tina folded her arms, "It was her idea, to surprise me when I got home."

Nick smiled, "That's mighty sweet of her in my books."

Before Tina could develop an ounce of regret, she asked, "So can you upgrade her or not?"

The technician responded, "Sure, now we have talk price. Retail price of a MA11 is £600."

Tina shirked, "600? Even as she is now all programmed and robotic already? That should at least bring it down to 500."

"550" Nick began to haggle.

"400!" Tina sensed her success and drove the price lower.

"£400 and you leave me with the MA10 for scrap."

"Deal!" Tina quickly extended her hand, and they shook on the deal.

Nick bought out the suit and went to work, while Tina watched. He bought out the mask first; the metal used was shinier, thinner, more glistening silver than the grey of the old model. It maintained the green eyes and red lips of the previous model. He connected four wires; one coming out of each of Kirsty's ears, and one coming out of each temple, to the new mask and slotted it into position onto Kirsty's face.

Second, came a black metal collar which covered Kirsty's entire neck, which provided a hub for the wires in the rest of her body to connect to her brain. 

Thirdly, was a spinal column, a tiny thin sheet of metal, bendy, modulus and with hundreds of inputs. The top of the spinal column was bolted to Kirsty's neck at the collar, a more firm but painful version of securing the pieces to the host, even Tina flinched a bit. Nick then had to spend the next ten minutes connecting the wires all around Kirsty's body to the spine.

Kirsty was then fitted with the silicon exoskeleton around her torso, on the push of a button from Nicks laptop, the metal corset around her waist compressed and reshaped it into a perfect hour-glass figure.

Nick then fitted the arms, equally as slender as last time, but with the new shinier metal. This was much to Tina's delight; she wanted the overall robotic aesthetic of her sexbot to be maintained, wanting it still in the Uncanny Valley, so she would always feel like she was making love to a robot, and not just a silver human. Tina watched the unwavering Nick bolting the pieces together onto Kirsty, unsure how he developed the stomach for such a thing.

Next came the metal piece just below the waist, and before the legs, which Tina watched with bated breath. It once again came in two pieces, but both came with a ringed inward pointing tube. Nick seemed to struggle and moved around a bit as he had to lift up Kirsty's legs and lodge the tube up her ass firmly. On both tubes were dozens of special sensors and implants, showing the sexbots elegant design, and innovations to pleasure both the master and the sexbot. The second piece slotted in easier, the tube penetrating Kirsty's vagina and lodging both it and her ass open in waiting.

Kirsty's suit was nearly finished: The technician fitted the slender thigh plates, bolting them in, the knee joints, bolting those in and testing the hinge, and finally the shin and foot plates, which came pre-fitted with 9'' stiletto heels, and bolting those beauties onto the sexbots feet.

Nick temporarily plugged a large cable into the back of Kirsty's neck, which fed information into her brain and programming the new sexbots AI, finding no resistance after her permanent re-education while wearing the MA10.

After a few minutes of downloading, Kirsty's upgrade was complete. The £400 exchanged hands for a job well done, and the MA10 suit left to the side for scrap.

Tina booted the Kirsty-bot back up, using the remote control to cycle through the hundred voices given, settling on 'sultry.'

"Good day Mistress." The sexbot spoke through a voice box at the back of her masks tube. "I am ready to please you."

Tina, wide eyes and excited took the MA11's hands and stood her up, standing taller in the 9'' heels. She put the trench coat back on her metallic body and rushed home.

It was money well spent after Tina bought a strap-on phallus from the towns more mainstream sex shop.

Tina's afternoon was filled with her making love to her new sexbot. Tina swiftly found her preferred personality, which affected how the sexbot posed and walked, 'Stripper/Pole Dancer', which had the sexbot assume slutty positions, all of them inviting her master to enter her through one hole below the belt or the other.


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