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Sophie Maid to be a Maidbot

by PoseMe

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Story continues from Part 1: Saturdays were Maid for Me & Part 2: Saturdays were Maid for You & Part 3: Maidbots are Maid to Clean

This should be the last official commission for Sophie from tfmonkey. You will note there is a short epilogue with a happy ending. I will be adding am alternate twist ending to this. I have not started it yet, but tfmonkey and I have some ideas. I will post it some day...who knows when. Enjoy!

imageWow, Sophie thinks to herself, I thought it would be harder to quit my job, but evidently, they were ready for me to move on. Sophie had walked into her boss' office, expecting to have to fight for her resignation, but her boss gave it to her easily, even going so far as saying she did not need to wait 2 weeks to clean out her office.

Confused but somewhat relieved, Sophie heads down a couple of flights to see Evan. When she explains what happened, he nods his head and replies, “I heard some of the guys in the breakroom talking about your former boss. It seems your department's results over the past 5 quarters have been in the red, so he needs to either cut spending or lose his job.” Sophie nods her head as well, saying, “So I did him a real favor by quitting?” Evan grins and shrugs, causing Sophie to add, “Great” with some amount of sarcasm.

As she moves to leave, Evan asks, “So, are you free Saturday night? I was thinking we might go to dinner.” Sophie stops and turns around, “As long as I have time to get myself ready, sure!” Evan smiles and says something about 6, and she says something about 7, so they leave smiling with a 6:30 time.

That afternoon, Sophie comes home with her items from her office. “I did not realize how much I had,” she says to her maidbot, handing her a box to carry upstairs. Grabbing a fruit water from the fridge, she heads back to get another. Standing by the car, she takes a long swig from her bottle, “Maybe I will just let...” She feels a tingling sensation come over her. Oh great, she moans to herself, I lost track of time.

Frozen in place until the house system switches her over to maid-mode, the fruit water she was drinking pours out of her full mouth and down her clothes. She can feel her top and bra being soaked with each second. When the bottle is nearly empty, it reaches her skirt and panties. Come on, she thinks to herself, activate me or something already.

Several minutes later, Sophie-maidbot walks in and screams, “Oh no, you silly maidbot, what are you doing?” Sophie-maidbot walks over and examines the mess. “My top and skirt are ruined, and there is a huge puddle on the floor.” She turns and addresses the house system speaker/camera on the wall. “House, is there a cleaning bot in the neighborhood?” There is a pause, then it replies, “Yes, mistress. I have contacted them and they say they can be here in 30 minutes. However, their route will take them to the main android cleaner on the north side of town.” She nods and says, “Hmmm, it will take longer, but at least I will not have to clean you up, along with the floor.”

Sophie stands there like a statue, the last of the fruit water emptying onto her. You could of at least taken the water bottle away from me, she complains to Sophie-maidbot. And while it was only supposed to be 30 minutes, it was closer to an hour. She can hear the van doors opening and Sophie-maidbot answering the front door. She can hear some muffled talking, and then finally they come into the garage.

“See,” Sophie-maidbot says, “This android has made quite the mess.” The service guy and his partner whistle in unison. One of them replies, “It will definitely be easier to take it back to the washer to have it cleaned and buffed there. They might could salvage the clothes, too.” Sophie-maidbot is excited about that, but she is not too keen on losing her maidbot for the night.

The service man says, “I wish we could offer you a replacement droid for the night, but we are all out. I'm sure corporate will make it worth your time, figuring you will not have your maid back until late this evening.” Sophie-maidbot agrees, making sure that her maidbot will be back before she goes to bed.

One of them pulls out a large, nearly-clear bag and drapes it over Sophie's frozen form. Tipping her over, she falls into one of their arms, while the other zips up the bottom. Her breathing might have suffocated her, but for the serviceman not zipping it up all the way. With most of the mess in the bag with her, the men carry her out and dump her into the back of the van. She expected to be laying on a flat surface, but instead, it feels very bumpy.

Sophie-maidbot signs a few pages of paperwork, then goes inside. “I can still make myself Ramen noodles for dinner,” she says to herself as they pull away, unaware of the gourmet chef-skills she has in her database. Sophie remains as they placed her in the back of the van. 

After a couple more stops, Sophie realizes what she is laying on: a pile of androids. They add a couple more to the van, as she is now wedged in amongst them all. Like a box of Barbie dolls being carried, they are transported to the main hub of all androids in the city for maintenance, or in her case, a good cleaning.

At the main factory, the van pulls to the back and aligns itself with a large rectangular hole in the ground. The back of the van tips up and Sophie along with all her powered-down androids are dumped into a chute and sent to the processing center. Sophie feels light headed as she falls down and then stops then falls again and then finally stops. She feels nervous at how fast she falls, but the trip ends with a soft landing.

She is pulled out of the bag and scanned. Her clothes are removed carefully by robotic arms. Her body is then sprayed with a foaming soap then scrubbed with bristles that irritate her skin slightly. She is washed again with a different foaming soap then sent to make-up. Her face, finger nails, and toe nails are given a light but near permanent base coat before waxing. She watches carefully as the robotic arms seem to fly all around her.

At waxing, she is dipped then polished with rotating brushes...3 times. She is finally buffed to a high sheen and sent to programming. Up until now, she has been conscious and enjoying the waxing (feels like a spa day, she giggles to herself). At programming, her entire database is downloaded and backed-up. Each program is updated, except for her personality mode, as there is no suitable upgrade.

With her software running at peak efficiency, she is sent onto packaging. She is unaware of her surroundings now, as her personality mode was not rebooted with programming updates. She is currently in maid-mode and in a sleep cycle until activated by her owner.

At packaging, she is placed in a box with her ankles, wrists, waist, and neck strapped to the backing. The clothes she wore in were cleaned and placed in accessory bin #1 next to her. Accessory bin #2 has a new sexy maid outfit for her updated software. Accessory bin #3 has her intruders, also updated. And finally, accessory bin #4 has an expansion pack that can be added to her so that she looks like a butlerbot (her current operating system was incompatible with this download, so it was left out).

At about 10pm, she is loaded in the back of a different van with 4 other maidbots in boxes. Each of them looks like they just stepped off the showroom floor. The driver never touches the wheel as the auto-driver pulls the van onto the road, five pristine maidbots in the rear. At almost 11pm, Sophie is delivered home, with Sophie-maidbot in her nightgown waiting.

Admittedly, Sophie-maidbot was really excited at her “new” maidbot in the box, but she knew she had to get to bed. Tomorrow, she was taking her maidbot and going house to house, selling her new company: Maid to Clean. Seeing that her maidbot is perfectly ready for viewing, she leaves her by the front door and goes to bed (not before taking a few pics of her for the website and social media). The house system knows that Sophie is not in her bed like she should be, but her levels of health are above minimum, so it chooses not to force a switch at this time.

In the morning, Sophie is awakened by Sophie-maidbot and sent to the MaBOI with a new outfit to put on. Sophie complies, feeling a little hungry and thirsty from the night before. The house system, senses her levels are low, and sends her on a detour of the recharging pod, where she is given some vitamin pills and electrolyte water. Refreshed, she heads to get changed.

Her new outfit is anything but what she would wear. It basically looks like shiny rope that is wrapped around her. Her new intruders barely get covered, her breasts are all but hanging out (top and bottom), her arms and legs have a spiral look now with the “rope” wrapped around her, and to top it all off, she has to wear shoes without a heel. She has seen these before, but never liked the way they felt. Her foot is forced into a high-arch, much like a Barbie doll. Her foot is encased tightly by the shiny, white ankle-boot. Hopefully, she thinks, I'll never have to run in these, cuz I can barely walk in is more like a graceful shuffle.

Dressed (if you can call it that, Sophie complains), the two of them head out to get some more customers. Sophie had this idea weeks ago, but had not gotten around to doing it. Of course, she thinks to herself, I had planned on taking the maidbot around the neighborhood, and not the other way around...and definitely not in this outfit.

Stopping at each door, Sophie-maidbot talks to each homeowner that answers. Sometimes they get invited in, sometimes there is no one home, and sometimes Sophie has to show off her programming. One house needs to see her wash dishes, another house wants the kitchen mopped, and the list goes on. By lunch time, she has fixed 2 toasters (thanks to her Servicebot program), cleaned 4 kitchens (by her Maidbot program), and given 2 men and 1 college student a lovely ride with her lubricated-latex hands (the accursed Sexbot program that was activated while Sophie-maidbot was on the phone in the other room). Sophie-maidbot has made several notes, making sure she knows each house to be cleaned. She has allowed the house systems of each new customer to download their floor plan into Sophie. This is good, Sophie thinks, except that each customer can choose what mode she is defaulted into when she enters. No surprise, she groans to herself, the Sexbot mode is primary with Maidbot secondary for the houses with men at home. I have got to make sure the Maidbot comes out here instead of me each weekend.

The only other glitch was her memories, or database as a maidbot would have it. Most customers have asked that after the maidbot leaves, her memories of her time there is to be deleted. There have been reports of people using maidbot memory files in court and for burglaries, so Sophie-maidbot agrees, as she has no need of what happens to the maidbot while cleaning.

So even though Sophie knows she has been to a dozen houses today, she only remembers 2 of them. She tries to access the other memories, but they are just gone. She feels like something happened in them that she should remember, but she cannot place her finger on it. One thing for sure she knows: she hates these shoes. Oh, she moans, my feet are killing me. How do ladies walk in these all day?

With the last house checked off the list, Sophie and her mistress head back home. Sophie's legs and feet ache, her head hurts, and she feels exhausted. Reaching home, the house system recognizes her health levels are low as soon as they walk in the garage door. Immediately, the house switches their modes, sending the maidbot into the kitchen to make some food and prepare an energy drink for Sophie. “Mistress,” the house says, “You will need to eat and drink something soon. Suggestion: do so before changing clothes.” 

Sophie nods her agreement and collapses on the couch in the formal living room (which she rarely goes in nowadays). She lays on the couch in her uncomfortable but revealing maid outfit, breathing shallowly. In a few moments, the maidbot, still dressed in Sophie's clothes, walks in stiffly with food and drink. Bending over unnaturally, the maidbot starts to feed Sophie, while helping her drink as well. In between bites, she remarks, “Well, this day was a successful failure.”

After an hour or so, she feels well enough to go upstairs and take a shower. “Maidbot, tidy up the kitchen then go recharge for the night.” The maidbot replies, “Yes, mistress,” bowing deeply before turning and walking to the charging pod. With the accursed shoes in hand, she limps up the stairs to the shower. After starting the water, she steps in the MaBOI to get this “wrap-around-rope” off her. With herself free of it, she goes to the shower. Looking in the mirror, she can see lines where the outfit had begun to dig into her. I'm gonna have that outfit returned to the store in the morning, she decides to herself.

While in the shower, an urgent message is received by the house system. “Due to an upgrade glitch, maidbots will be rebooted at 9pm. Please return them to their charging stations prior to this. They should be out of service for just a few minutes.” The house system reports the message, but Sophie cannot hear it over the shower noise.

At 9pm, the maidbot, who is tucked tightly into the charging station, is rebooted and a new operating system is downloaded within a few minutes. Sophie, on the other hand, finds her body stiffening up while the shower water sprays on her. Wait, wha? She starts to think, before her body freezes all together. As she processes what is going on, her maidbot part of her mind is rebooted. Once the new operating system is installed, it begins updating the whole system. Unfortunately for Sophie, the main maidbot server is in control, so the house system cannot protect her from what happens next.

As a basic protocol, all maidbot modes must be upgraded, even though she just had them upgraded last night. Her servicebot mode is deleted, then reinstalled with a brand new one, which includes improved car maintenance protocols. Her sexbot mode is deleted, then reinstalled with a brand new one, which includes an entire male version (which will require accessories for her to wear...which she has in the box she was delivered in last night) for those male or female owners that might want that. She is missing the securitybot mode, which is designed for home security (accessories are in transit to be delivered tomorrow). 

Finally, it comes to her personality mode, which has no replacement (too bad it does not check for that before deleting it). After deleting her personality, it cannot find a suitable replacement. Required to fill the slot, a generic Asian-female personality is uploaded, limiting her vocabulary in that mode to Japanese only. From start to finish, the process takes 4 hours over WiFi.

During the entire time, Sophie, who is now known as Shoku, has stood still in the shower, the water just running down her. With the new operating system loaded, the main maidbot server attempts to return Shoku to the regular program. However, that personality mode is missing, and her new one is not sophisticated enough to run the home as mistress. The house system recognizes this and keeps Shoku in a paused mode. With her muscles locked up, the house system does not believe she can move on her own. Activating the maidbot, it comes upstairs and turns off the shower water.

The maidbot carries Shoku to the MaBOI, where it does a refresh cycle on her skin due to the hours of hot water hitting it. It then completes a deep wax and polish cycle. To maintain the new personality, Shoku's black hair is trimmed into a bob and styled straight. The facial wax cycle pulls her eyes and mouth slightly, giving her a more Asian look. The wax is also tinted slightly, to change her deeper Hispanic-skin-tone to a more softer Asian-skin-tone.

With the wax and polish complete, the maidbot takes her downstairs and puts her into the charging pod. Once the recharge cycle begins, the house system activates the personality mode on the maidbot. Fortunately, the charging pod has a back-up of Sophie's database (it is a week old, but at least all of her old/important memories will still be there). “Wow,” Sophie-maidbot says, “It is so late. Why am I still up?” She yawns loudly and goes upstairs to bed, wondering why she is still in her clothes so late at night.

Sophie-maidbot puts on some comfortable pajamas, brushes her teeth, combs her hair, and then gets into bed. After watching a little TV, she turns over and drifts into a peaceful rest (just as her programming is supposed to do). All the while, Shoku is in the recharging pod, her muscles loosening as the electrical currents fire repeatedly through her and her fluids are replenished. By morning, her body will be restored to normal, ready for a full day of cleaning.

It has been nearly three days, and Sophie's personality has not been activated. Sophie-maidbot thought the Shoku personality was cute, so she has let that run with the maidbot program. Sophie-maidbot has been managing the business side of their new business, including the website and social media posts. Sophie, or rather Shoku, has been cleaning houses, fixing cars, and taking care of men who have taken the afternoon off from work. The house system has not interfered, as Sophie's health is good, even if she is not fully aware of it.

It is now Tuesday night, and there is a familiar car parked across the street from her house, but Sophie-maidbot does not process who owns it. Sophie would have known that sports car anywhere: it's her ex-husband, spying on them. From the front seat he mumbles, “So she does have a maidbot, but it does not look exactly like her. No wonder she thought I was crazy that night when I thought I saw Sophie in that android store.”

Pulling out his phone as they enter the garage door, he calls Sophie-maidbot. The conversation is very awkward, but Sophie-maidbot cannot help but be nice to him, even she knows he is not welcome in her house anymore. He asks about renting her maidbot for his apartment, and she reluctantly agrees (her programming and personality were in conflict over this decision), knowing that she can charge him twice as much as anyone else.

She tells him a technician is coming over in the morning, and that she has had a cancellation, so how does tomorrow afternoon sound? He agrees with a grin, then hangs up. Finally, he thinks, I'm gonna have me an android to taste. His girlfriend left him (no surprise after what happened), so he has been rather angry all the time with the world.

The next morning, the technician comes over while Shoku is in the MaBOI getting cleaned. Sophie-maidbot had just got off the phone, so she greets him at the door. She explains the maidbot is actually in the MaBOI and moves to show him up the stairs. He knows she is a maidbot, as her circuitry pinged his tablet as soon as he walked in the door, so he shuts her down once she turns around.

Plugging in his flashdrive to her control chip, he does a simple refresh program on her. He also removes her intruders and changes out the batteries. While she is bent over, he grinds her until he is satisfied. He places the intruders in her hand and turns her back on, sending her to get cleaned up.

Straightening his pants, he follows her up the stairs, as she is in maidbot mode now. Seeing another maidbot in the MaBOI, he pauses it. Plugging his tablet through the window in the back of the MaBOI into Sophie, he runs the same refresh program. He gets an error message, saying that this maidbot is not running at peak efficiency. Checking her modes, he sees that her current personality is lacking, but her back-up one is not. Switching them on his tablet, he reboots her, and for the first time in almost a week, Sophie is aware of her surroundings.

She can see that she is in the MaBOI, and that a strange man is accessing her control chip. She feels refreshed and content, so she does not question it. She trusts the house system to take care of her. She can feel that her “software” has been upgraded and everything feels right with the world. And now that I am aware, she giggles, I can enjoy this cleaning I'm getting.

Letting the MaBOI finish, the technician heads downstairs to check on the house system, leaving the maidbot waiting her turn in the MaBOI. Sophie has her wax removed, as she is the mistress now, which returns her face to its normal look. She steps out naked, her intruders waiting for her in a bin on the side of the MaBOI. Throwing on a matching set of pink panties and bra, she grabs a bathrobe and walks downstairs. Realizing the technician might need the intruders, she turns back around to grab them.

While in her bedroom, she picks up her cellphone the maidbot had left and retrieves the intruders from the side of the MaBOI. As the maidbot gets a good cleaning and waxing, she heads downstairs, checking her calendar. Halfway down the stairs, she says more than a few curse words when she reads whose house the maidbot is to go to this afternoon.

The technician, fearing he has screwed something up, comes quickly around the corner. He sees Sophie, with an obvious distasteful look on her face, standing on the stairs with phone in hand. She is distracted by her phone, so she does not notice her bathrobe has come open a bit, giving the technician a nice peak. He tries not to look, but he cannot help himself.

Regaining her composure, she pulls the robe tighter and looks down at him. “Sorry, did not mean to startle you,” she begins, “I got a nasty surprise from my ex-husband.” He nods his head and smiles slightly, “Yeah, men who don't know how to treat a woman are jerks.” She smiles warmly at him, true statement there. “So, enough about me, what else do you need?”

He replies that he needs just a few more minutes to finish checking her house system. She holds out her intruders and asks him if he needs to see them. He says he already replaced the batteries, but she told him that these are an extra pair from upstairs. He shrugs his shoulders and replaces the batteries in them, too. While he finishes working, they make casual small talk. It's weird, she thinks, I never get to talk to people anymore. It just feels like all I am is a robot-pretender.

“So, can I get you a drink or something? My maidbot is being cleaned, but I still know where the refrigerator is.” They chuckle at that and he replies, “Well, I left my water bottle at work, so if you have some ice water, that would be great.” She nods her head, “That I can do.”

While in the kitchen, she fixes him a glass of water, but finds herself making a sandwich as well. Before she realizes it, she has made a quick lunch and set the table. As she begins to question what she has done, the technician walks in and stops, staring at the table. “Uh, sorry,” he begins, “I did not realize you were expecting someone.” She holds up her hands and stammers, trying to explain herself, “No, no, I'm not. I, uh, just thought you might be hungry?” I don't even know this lady, he wonders, how desperate must she be?

Over the next 30 minutes, the two strangers enjoy a nice lunch. It was nothing fancy, she thinks, but it was nice to be a woman again. She is not sure why, but it feels like it has been forever since she has been. The technician really did not know what she wanted, as they made casual conversation while eating sandwiches and chips. He had not fully recovered yet from the maidbot earlier, so he kept their conversation sex-free, which made Sophie like him all the more.

Eventually, they finished eating and their schedules required them both to leave. He thanked her (genuinely) for the lunch, and she thanks him (genuinely) for staying for lunch. He made a joke about having his work number, so they laughed about it and parted ways. He wished she had made a move, so that he could make one in return, but he knows how strict the company is on relationships with customers. He can always wipe a maidbots memory if need be, but he hated to take that chance unless he knew for sure what she wanted.

As she watched him go, she had a thought...a way to get back at her ex-husband. Time to make use of a new program that maidbot has, and then thinking to herself with a groan, and that I have as well. Walking over to the box in the living room that she was transported from the factory days ago, she opens one of the accessory bins. She grins devilishly as she takes it upstairs to the MaBOI.

Putting the ButlerBot accessories into the MaBOI, she makes a few changes to its settings. She has the maidbot exit the MaBOI before getting dressed. In a few minutes, she sees a man step out of the MaBOI. Looking at her maidbot, she has to do a double take. 

The accessories turn a base female model into a base male model. It has items that wrap around the waist (making in fuller), the chest (reducing the breasts to pecks), the face (heavier wax to make the face more blocky), the hair (a nice slick look), and below the waist (intruders replaced with a very realistic dildo). As Sophie stares at him, she cannot help herself but to reach out and touch him. 

She runs her hands along his well-built chest, six-pack abs, and the rather-impressive unit hanging down. “Wow, you look pretty handsome, maidbot.” “Correction,” the maidbot says in a masculine voice, “This unit is now a ButlerBot.” Sophie nods her head and replies, “Ah, yes, my bad...ButlerBot.” 

Grinning again, she has ButlerBot get dressed as she modifies his programming. She almost feels sorry for her ex-husband, but not really. This is going to be great, and I wish I could be there to see it, she thinks, but realistically, she will be happy to just know he got what was coming to him.

Side short story: Sophie's ex-husband is quite surprised when a Butlerbot shows up instead of a maibot. He says his usual string of cuss words, then makes the mistake of saying he wanted a sexbot. The ButlerBot changes programming for that, forcing the apartment's owner to run from the sex-implying words and actions of the ButlerBot. He can only get so far (bathroom door does not lock anymore, which did not seem important since he lives alone), and becomes a participant in the ButlerBot's programs. By the end of the day, the apartment is clean, the ButlerBot is shipped home, and the owner is left in a puddle of over-stimulation on the couch. His friends find him later that night, still in the same spot, when they came over to watch the game. No one seems to know what happened to him, but they can attest that he was never the same after that day.

Coming back to Sophie, Thursday night is always busy around Sophie's house. Her and her maidbot have to get her house cleaned before they start their weekend of cleaning other houses. Truth be told, her house is not really that dirty, with it being just her there, but she just enjoys the mind-calming work. Admittedly, it has been fun the last several weeks teaming up with her maidbot-twin on the duties.

Tonight, they are both wearing the exact same costume, as it makes it easier for the MaBOI to dress and clean them, so they look identical now (the ButlerBot accessories safely stored in the MaBOI). While the maidbot is off in another room, Sophie is cleaning the kitchen floor when the doorbell rings. Unsure of who that could be, she goes and answers it. As she opens the door, she sees Evan standing there. Covering her surprise, she says, “Good evening, sir. How may this unit assist you?” Evan smiles at her and replies, “Is your mistress home?” Sophie nods, giggling to herself, and replies, “Yes, sir. Please come in.”

As he walks by her, she thinks, ok, just put him in another room, then I can get the maidbot to serve him a drink, and then I can change clothes quickly. She leads him to the sunroom near the back of the house, but as they come up to it, the maidbot rounds the corner and says, “Good evening, sir. How may this unit assist you?” Oh snap, Sophie groans, now what do I do?

Evan is obviously confused now, looking back and forth between the two of them. They look identical, but why would Sophie have two maidbots that look like her? He tries to figure this out in his head, while Sophie tries to figure a way out of this situation. Can I claim two maidbots? Can I plead the 5th amendment? Can I just shutdown and let the maidbot take over?

Repeating his earlier question, he asks, “Is your mistress at home?” The maidbot turns to Sophie and says, “Yes, she is standing next to you.” Sophie can only put her hand to her face and groan out loud. “Well,” she mumbles, “That saves me the trouble of telling a lie.” Evan whips his head around and says in a whisper, “Sophie? Is that you?”

She can only nod her head and say weakly, “Surprise.” He starts to say something, but then nothing comes out, so she begins, “Before you freak out, let me tell you the story from the beginning, and if you don't ever want to see me again, I'll understand.” Pointing to the sunroom, she adds, “Let's sit in here. Maidbot, get us something strong to drink. Thank you.” The maidbot curtsies and replies, “At once, mistress.”

For the next 30 minutes, Sophie starts with her marriage falling apart and takes Evan to today. He has heard parts of this story before, but now he hears how her outlet of dressing and acting as a maidbot have played out. He says nothing, letting her unload everything that she has kept from him, and finally telling this story that no one has ever heard before. When she mentions their date to the football game, he stops her cold. “Wait, are you saying I took an android on a date and did not know it?!”

She can tell she hit a nerve there, so she nods her head slowly. He replies, “There is no way I could have spent the evening talking and hanging out with an android and not know it.” Sophie decides she has to show him. “Maidbot, please come in here.” The maidbot walks in stiffly. “Ok, now, don't freak out,” Sophie says to Evan, then says to the house system, “Maid switch for 5 minutes, house.” 

Evan watches as Sophie starts to stand up straighter, her expression leaving her face, while the maidbot seems to take on a more human look. “Oh, maidbot,” Sophie-maidbot says, “Where are our drinks? Hurry along now.” Sophie replies in her monotone, “Yes, mistress.” Sophie walks stiffly out of the room, while Sophie-maidbot sits next to a stunned Evan.

“I'm so sorry about that,” Sophie-maidbot says, “Now, where were we?” Evan looks at her, knowing she is a maidbot, but then the facial expressions, the sound of her all sounds real. Evan asks, “Sophie? Is that you?” Sophie-maidbot laughs, “Of course, silly, I'm just dressed as a maidbot. I'm real.” Evan is now even more confused, asking again, “So, I have been talking to a maidbot this whole time?” Sophie-maidbot laughs, “Yes, you have. I have been pretending to be a maidbot, well, not really pretending, as I have programming in my head to control me.” She turns her head slightly to show him the control chip in her neck.

Evan is completely at a loss now. He was sure he was talking to Sophie earlier, but now, he is sure he is talking to Sophie, even after the switch. At that point, Sophie walks in like a maidbot to serve them drinks. Performing to her programming, she is flawless in her execution. Sophie-maidbot notes, “Do you think I could have done that so perfectly? No way, I'm too clumsy.” Evan nods his head, but then shakes it, and then decides he should change the subject. “So, this is your new job then,” he begins. She stands up to stand next to Sophie, “Yep, I will hire out my maidbot or myself for house cleanings, it...” Sophie-maidbot stops speaking, as the 5 minutes are up, causing her to revert to maid-mode and stand at attention. Sophie picks up where the maidbot left off, in a more human and relaxed way, “helps me relax and I really enjoy it.” She giggles as Evan does a double take, for what seems like the tenth time tonight.

Trying to help him out, Sophie says, “Maidbot, return to your charging pod until the morning.” Maidbot confirms and leaves the room, allowing Sophie to sit down again next to Evan. He looks her up and down, reaching out to touch her face gently. She smiles warmly, “It is okay, Evan. I get it. It's too much. I knew it would be, and I guess I hoped you would never find out, yet I wanted to tell you earlier.” She tries to sound positive, but she realizes this could be the end of them.

Evan frowns and leans closer, “But, I want to know everything about you,” as he leans further, she leans closer to him. His eyes drawing her into him. Their lips meet tenderly, causing a new tingling sensation to come over Sophie. “Mmm, you taste good,” she says softly. He chuckles and replies, “Have I ever told you I love the smell and taste of latex?” They laugh and kiss again.

What happens next is unclear of how it came about. As they are kissing, Sophie notes another tingling sensation in her. She states, “Your testosterone levels have increased and the pressure in your pants has doubled, according to the house system. It is about to activate components of my sexbot programming. Would you like that?” Sophie is not sure if she likes that, but the house system is being rather pushy to run that program, but Sophie has not actually used it before (or so she thinks), so she is a little nervous.

Evan pulls away and says seriously, “Wait, are you saying that the house is scanning me? It wants to know...I mean, it's asking...,” he pauses trying to complete his thought but says sarcastically, “Like I need a sexbot.” The house system does not know sarcasm, so it immediately runs the sexbot program inside of her personality mode. 

Before he can react, her hands have opened his pants as she moans loudly. His unit pops out and while he moves to cover himself, he can only get a handful of hair as she is already down on him. Her rotating technique has him writhing on the couch and finishing within 4.2 seconds. His scream was sudden, and she pulls off him softly when he finishes unloading. As he lays there breathing heavy, she stands up and goes to the kitchen to flush her mouth and its contents down the sink.

She returns, swaying her hips from side to side. “So, honeybun,” she asks in a sultry way, “Was that sweet enough for you?” He tries to respond but cannot from the shock. The house system misinterprets that. Sending another signal to Sophie, she thinks, oh now I get to do him for real, mmmm I'm not sure I have wanted anything so badly as this. Wait, is that me or the programming?

She gets down on all fours and crawls up onto the couch with Evan. “So, that was not to your full liking? Then perhaps, you need something more from this sexy sexbot.” Sophie goes through a series of foreplay programs, forcing Evan to try and keep up. The sights and sounds of the squeaking latex is all he can handle. Within 12.6 seconds, he is hard again, and she quickly inserts him into herself. Normally, she wears her intruders, but her maidbot actually has them on at the moment (batteries are dead in the other pair). Oscillating as her programming demands, she forces Evan into an orgasm in 8.4 seconds. The program has her orgasm as well, knowing some men like that. As they both laying panting on the couch, she notes the time: in less than 30 seconds, we went from casual kissing to finishing full body sex. She whispers, now in control of herself, “I think our relationship has moved onto the next step.” He chuckles breathlessly, “You think?” And they both laugh in each other's arms. 

Epilogue (happy ending)
Evan proposes to Sophie-maidbot, thinking it was Sophie. Sophie-maidbot says yes, and the actual Sophie marries Evan within the year. He moves in with her, and she adds him as admin to the house system. He knows she likes to be controlled, but he knows that her husband abused that privilege, so he is much more careful in using it. He enjoys all her modes, and lately, he has been accessing her 'Shoku' personality, as he needs to learn Japanese for work.


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