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The Skin She's In

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; gag; hood; planning; revenge; factory; robots; trap; capture; machine/f; paralyze; encase; suit; pain; shocks; sex-bot; F/f; switch; torment; punish; bond; maid; transform; mindless; stuck; dream; cons/nc; XX

The company had been making personal robots for over twenty years, Susan had been working there for about two years ever since she graduated high school. Will had hired her and helped her learn the company so she had moved up and was now his administrative assistant who secretly loved him. Susan spent almost every night bound tightly to her bed with the large gag filling her mouth and the leather hood sealed tight around her head keeping her blind and deaf while she fantasized the large vibrating cock strapped deep in her pussy was his. When Will introduced his fiancé to her she was crushed and immediately knew she had to get rid of the woman developing a plan in her head.

Susan had access to all the computers in the company and started formulating a plan to make the “scank” disappear using the very machines he claimed to love against him. During her plans she found herself dreaming to be the one she would ensnare in the trap loving the idea of total helplessness. During her many visits to the office Susan had scanned the woman’s body getting a very good digital image of her for the computer to use. It only took Susan a few weeks to make the needed modifications to the computers designs that would enable her to complete her plan. Susan couldn’t believe how easy programming the computer was since it did most of the work all she had to do was add the items she had let her lust filled mind add that would be used to keep the scank in constant arousal and the punishments that would guarantee she would never be able to orgasm or communicate that she was inside her new skin.

The company had recently added special features so their new models could be used to satisfy their owner’s sexual desires even giving the robots vibrating orifices and the ability to apply suction when needed. When Susan was finished with the modifications she made a plan to ensnare her enemy and noticed that Will had placed an order for a new robot and had added all the new options the company had offered. Susan wondered why someone that was engaged would order what was essentially a sex robot and studied his order finding it was shaped like the scank even had the same size breasts and the basic facial features of his fiancé. Susan added her modifications to his ordered bot and went to the assembly line to watch it getting built.

Susan spent several hours during the next few days watching the components of the robot being constructed noticing the permanent latches the computer had designed and thought about how scary it was to even think about being trapped inside for the rest of her life. As her pussy tingled at the thought of being inside the metal skin wishing she wasn’t so much bigger than the petite scank so she might try on the suit before using it against her foe. Susan left the assembly line feeling for the first time in weeks the desire to restrain herself racing home and quickly restraining herself to the bed dreaming of Will fucking her for hours. Two days later the robot was finished so Susan entered the program she would use to trap the woman she had grown to hate making sure the area would be clear where she would have to stand to be trapped.

For days Susan waited for the scank to visit the office again carrying the electronic marker she had planned to slip onto her before inviting her to see the assembly line. During a particularly busy day Susan had to deliver some new spec sheets to the foreman and absent mindedly walked into the area with the marker in her pocket. She had walked by too quickly so the computer could not start the procedure so its programming took over and when she walked much slower by the spot reading the old manual she was suddenly grabbed by several large clamps. Susan didn’t understand what was happening only feeling the pressure the machine was applying to her and within seconds she felt the piercing pain of the electronic stimulator control unit being pressed on the back of her neck. She knew the unit would render her paralyzed and tried to scream out but as soon as it was applied she could no longer move any part of her body. Susan felt her clothes being ripped off her body and the computer scanned her, realizing the different dimensions it stopped with the assembly procedure sending an e-mail to Susan’s computer.

Susan stood motionless inside the machine while it waited for a command that would never come so after a few hours the computer needed to either abort the assembly or complete it so it could continue with the next project. Susan had hoped someone had stopped the machine because of her and stood gasping waiting to be lifted outside struggling with her desires of being afraid of what was happening and wanting it to continue. The machine started moving again and when Susan felt her feet being forced into the incredibly tight boots she knew the machine had her and she would now become a sex robot that could never be freed even if someone found out she was in it. Susan had designed the boots to force the scank to remain on her toes giving the boots very tall thin wedge heels designing them to be incredibly tight to reshape her feet.

As each piece was closed around her body Susan could feel how tight they were and desperately tried to fight but each time she tried to move and electrical pulse countermanded her own leaving her motionless and another stinging pulse was sent to different parts of her body as punishment. Susan was getting more powerful shocks through her body as she continued to try a break free but as the shocks increased the computer adjusted where she would feel them and when they got to her nipples she froze. Susan had stopped fighting for only a few seconds when she felt the incredibly tight “shorts” being clamped over her pussy and ass knowing what was coming next. She was screaming inside herself as she felt the machine squeeze the steel tightly over her smashing her inside it getting massive shocks to her nipples before feeling the computer roughly insert the large phalluses into her pussy and ass just as she had programmed it to do.

As soon as she felt them turn inside her feeling the fateful clicks Susan stopped fighting knowing by her own design once the phalluses were installed the lower part of the suit could never be removed. As the machine continued to close the metal pieces around Susan’s body she thought about how the robots were made deliberately hollow since the early days when no one wanted the frail looking “thin” robots and that once sealed there was no reason to ever open the inner cavity to service the robot unless a limb had to be replaced. As she thought about having an arm or leg ripped off she screamed again as the machine placed the first of three plates around her waist and chest. All the plates were too small for her and she could hear the machine whine as it squeezed them onto her feeling the menacing “clicks” of the metal that could never be opened.

Susan was about to pass out from the tension of the steel around her waist when she felt her breasts being pushed roughly into the small cone shaped orifices she had designed to be torments for her perceived enemy. The machine strained again as it pulled a vacuum on each cup sucking her much larger breasts into the cones then forced the plates together locking them around her chest. When Susan woke up she tried to whine and gasped for air and could tell her hands and arms had already been encased. When the collar was clamped around her neck she could feel in stretching it before blacking out again from it being so tight. Susan opened her eyes again only to see she was staring through the tiny holes over her eyes, she had designed the helmet this way so the scank would be able to see her and Will living their lives together but never be able to anything about it. Susan whined internally at how far her mouth was stretched open feeling the tube she had programmed the machine to force down her throat. Suddenly Susan felt relieved knowing her torture would only last a few days since no one knew she needed to be watered or fed she would die quickly instead of being forced to spend the rest of her life watching her dreams be lived out by someone else.

While she had been unconscious the computer had finished connecting to all her nervous system and could now stimulate and punish her in any part of her body and controlled her muscles completely. The robot didn’t need the occupant to move it but the program didn’t want her to be able to fight the suit so it would force her body to move inside the suit like it wanted her to. Susan was standing staring straight ahead gasping for what little air she could get wondering how long it would take before she was loaded up for shipment when suddenly she could see the scank standing in front of her. “Well don’t you look wonderful” she said to the robot. Susan tried to reach out and grab her but nothing moved and thought she was talking to just another robot when she said. “You thought you could trap me in there didn’t you”. Susan could see the scank staring into the tiny openings over her eyes and knew she was talking to her!

Susan listened as the scank explained how she had found her programs and her plans in the main computer and decided to make a few changes in her plans. “I know I’m a bit smaller than you so I hope it’s not too tight” she said with a grin on her face. “I especially liked how you made the latches so they could never be opened” Susan was freaking out as she listened to the scank tell her about how she erased all her programming and designs so none would ever be able to free her having also written the letter of resignation that she had sent the moment she was taken into the machine. As Susan realized she would never be free again the scank explained how ironic it was going to be having her personal robot help her move her things out of Susan’s apartment so there would be no record of where Susan had gone.

Susan was hers, the scank had her trapped and used the control pad to walk her around the warehouse stopping her in front of a large steel panel letting Susan see herself for the first time. Susan gasped at her tiny waist and long neck, the tall heels made her legs look much longer and the rough features covering her face would never make anyone think she might be inside the machine. Susan was made to help pack her own apartment helplessly watching the bitch give her things away keeping only her fetish wear and gear saying “These might come in handy later”.

Susan bot was forced to help the bitch into her fetish clothes then was forced to watch her use them to seduce Will even being used to bind the bitch so Will could find her helpless and have sex with her while Susan watched. During her “down” times the suit would be programmed to torment and tease Susan for hours and sometimes days making her gasp as she hoped “Maybe this time I will cum” then being shocked mercilessly stopping her orgasm. Susan would fight the suits control finding once her new mistress had turned off computer control letting her move on her own and all Susan could do was grope around desperately trying to feel anything through the thick steel covering her body.

As the scank continued to torment Susan she reprogrammed her so once the large phallus was strapped on tight over her gaping mouth Susan was forced to kneel and fuck the bitch with it. Susan would fight against the suit getting multiple shocks never able to stop it from making her to anything the scank ordered her to do. The days turned into months and now Susan bot was often left bound and gagged in the corner for days on end, the scank had become enamored by dressing her robot in tight leather binding her arms behind her back making the of the few parts of Susan’s body that didn’t hurt, her shoulders ache terribly. For the first year Susan was used regularly but as with most things the fascination died out and by the beginning of the second year and the Susan bot spent most of her time dressed as a maid cleaning and serving the couple. On rare occasions Will would be alone with Susan using her to satisfy himself with her talented mouth often talking to her like he knew Susan was inside the suit.

After eighteen months Susan bot was taken to the factory giving the slowly disappearing woman a glimmer of hope she might be freed. At the factory her programming was updated and she could feel something was different when she left unable to tell what it was until she got home and the scank squealed loudly when she walked in the door. Susan was led to the long mirror she had been forced to stand in front of so many times staring at her own reflection of the prison she had created and gasped when she saw they had added new skin to her steel body making her look almost human. She didn’t know but Will had designed a silicone covering that felt like skin and now was offering it all robot owners to make their equipment look more human. Now when Susan was dressed she looked like the scank wearing whatever skin tight outfit she was forced into.

By the end of the second year Susan’s mind had all but collapsed making her more docile than ever allowing her mistress to program the suit to grip the handles on the tread mill but let Susan’s own body power it while she walked. Susan had been told she didn’t want her to get too lazy inside there so she was forced to walk and jog in the tight high heels for miles on end whenever the couple would leave her alone being punished brutally if she slowed down or stopped. Susan’s body had thinned considerably inside her shell but the suit was still crushing her and the only time she even remembered not being in the suit was when the bitch would shackle her ankles then cuff her hands behind her back and turn off all computer controls. Susan would then be led her around the large house on a leash while she was talked to like she was a dog. This was the only time Susan fought her mistress and after the third year even that no longer bothered her and she did as she was ordered. Susan had forgotten everything accepting she was now her mistress’s toy and was to do only what she was told or made to do without exception no longer remembering why or how she became her servant.     

Susan bot stood in the corner dressed in the tight PVC French maid outfit she had been placed into months ago. Her tanned skin shining brightly from under the short skirt unable to move unless ordered to.  It had been months since anyone had asked her to do anything but get them drinks or clean up and her programming had changed so only if she was ordered to do something did she move. Susan’s once bright eyes stared blankly out the tiny holes at the same spot on the wall across from her occasionally seeing someone walk passed her each time giving her hope she would be able to serve them in some way. Susan bot was never allowed to work out of service anyone anymore, just stand on her permanently aching feet and stare straight ahead forgotten by her master and mistress even her feeding became less and less regular. The transformation was complete Susan was gone and only the robot remained, she had become less than human more than helpless she was now just occupying the inner suit with no hopes or dreams. Since the stimulations and torments no longer affected her mistress had lost interest in playing with her no longer finding it interesting. Mistress had watched the graphics on her computer of her brainwaves and heart beat for the entire time until they went almost completely flat and knew Susan was no longer and no amount of punishment or stimulation would change that now. The bitch even tried to increase the shocks well beyond the safe levels getting very little response so she had turned off all stimulations.


Jerking herself awake the young woman sat up staring blankly at the computer screen seeing the design she had created and sat back rubbing her face and stretching. As soon as her mind cleared she commanded the computer to erase all files and folders attached to the “scank” program and hit yes when asked if she was sure. The woman carefully typed an e-mail to the lucky couple sincerely wishing them the best in their life together sending it before dragging herself to her bed. Susan slipped under her covers thinking about a new project making herself a robot suit that would be able to open and close. She was not going to use it on anyone except herself and wondered how long it would take for her to save up enough to purchase the robot. Smiling as she drifted off to sleep about the add-on’s she would create remembering how good the ones in her dream had felt but also remembering how the real torture had been not being able to come and to be ignored and thought about how long she could really survive in the suit by herself.                  

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