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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: F/f; maid-bots; maid; mind-control; sex; bond; cuffs; toys; mast; cons; X

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Day 3.1 - Morning Wood

Cassy woke early, the computer setting off a timer in her head. She nuzzled back into her husband until he woke, then continued to nuzzle him with her ass until he woke enough to realize that he had a helpless sex toy bound for his use in his bed. It took him quite a while to get hard, but when it was, he pushed it into her and she pushed back. They didn’t move much. Mostly Cassy didn’t move because she was sore from last night from having her wrists bound above her head all night. Sleep would have been rough last night without the house’s help. Eventually his rocking hips slowed and his cock stopped slipping in and out of her as he fell asleep, and so did she. Again the computer woke her. Like a snooze alarm. She knew that she was supposed to get him to unbind her without asking. So, she nuzzled him again, got him hard again, he slipped into her, fucked her a couple more times, then passed out. The third time he woke up he went to get the bean, unbound her arms, smacked her lovingly on the ass, and gave her permission to, “go fuck herself.” He thought he was funny, and she had to admit she did enjoy the pun, he was not being rude to her.

Once free Cassy had no intention to “go fuck herself,” for one, she was tired, and for two, she had business to attend too according to the computer.

Cassy found herself, again, in the maid bedroom. Once there she noticed something in her hand, she had the bean. Cassy moved over to Amy and pulled back her covers gingerly. Amy didn’t seem to notice. Her wrists were apart, one buried between her legs and one resting under her face. Amy must have used the bedposts to pry her wrists apart, maybe more than once. Amy’s ankles though were still bound to each other. Cassy engaged the magnet on Amy’s belt and snapped her wrists to it behind her back. Amy was starting to wake up, having her body manipulated in such a way. Cassy helped the groggy girl sit up, then stand up. Then Cassy made an almighty effort to lift Amy up onto her shoulder like he had done last night. She moved Amy over to the foot of the bed then slowly lowered her down until Amy moaned with surprise and pleasure. The bedpost was now pushing insistently into Amy’s sex. Almost all of Amy’s weight was still on Cassy’s shoulder, but she was slowly letting Amy’s body weight, and the weight of all the metal bondage gear, force the wooden shaft into her. With her ankles bound together and wrist behind her back, there was no way that Amy would be able to get free of the monster on her own.

Once Amy was fully seated with the bed holding her fast, Cassy walked to the bedpost closest to the chip maintenance machine, lifted her ass for the second time, and lowered it down on a bedpost. As it was sliding into her she could only watch her body do it, controlled by Amy’s secret instructions. Once it was filling her to her tolerance she had a very difficult time lifting each leg so that she could engage the magnets on her ankles. Then she lowered them and heard the sickeningly exciting sound of them snapping together below her. She could get up on her tippy toes to relieve some fullness from her gut, but now she could not get free. To add insult to injury and to make her predicament match Amy’s, Cassy engaged the magnets on her wrists and on her back. Lastly, she engaged the magnet on her belly and let the bean snap there for safekeeping. Knowing that she was surely sealing her fate for whatever mad scheme Amy had planned for them next, Cassy let her wrists snap to her back, and noticed how nicely this made her breasts stand out. Amy had been watching the entire process with interest and a naughty smile. Cassy thought the torment was over for now, but as she looked over at Amy and saw the girl’s calves flex, she found herself wanting to copy her. Amy let herself fall down on the shaft buried in her stomach, then lifted herself up again. Cassy was forced to copy her, and was enjoying the building sensations until she remembered that she could not come unless Amy let her. She thought about it and realized that she had been able to come with the other two when he had fucked them. Maybe Cassy could come when Amy came, or maybe Cassy’s orgasm was tied to his pleasure. Or maybe to both of their simultaneous pleasure. Well, if Amy was able to come, Cassy would know if she could come with her. Otherwise, she wondered how long the little bitch would make her fuck herself before she looked deeply into Cassy’s eyes and whispered “Come, Slave.”


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