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Shouldn't have Maid Her

by Baubleheadz

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Day 2.1 - Her Turn

Cassy woke up feeling fairly rested. She had been so tired that she had slept curled up, only turning occasionally. Each movement would remind her that she was a very happy sex slave, chained to her masters’ bed with a boat lock. The chain’s thickness was almost ridiculous, but it was in line with the extra massive metal collar she also wore. As she blinked her eyes open, trying to adjust to the beam of light that seemed focused just on her place on the floor, she saw two eyes blinking back at her. Amy looked like a kid in a candy store, or a kid waiting ‘patiently’ by their parent’s bed on Christmas morning. The amount of excitement in her eyes was almost ludicrous. 

“Hey,” Amy whispered. “He is still sleeping, the dog... guess we wore him out. How about we play a bit, just us girls? Would you mind washing me in the shower? I’d be happy to do you back.”

Cassy sat up. A rush of guilt re-entered her mind from last night. Amy didn’t seem too bothered by her reduced libido, but her reduced sensitivity would continue to be a problem. Cassy didn’t want to come off as a bad lover, or give Amy reason to believe that lesbianism “just didn’t do it for her.” She needed to find a way to fix Amy’s profile first, but her mind was still slow.

“What if...” Cassy thought fast and spoke faster. “What if we go down to my maid room, and we dress you up as a maid... no... what if you got stark naked.” Cassy looked more carefully at Amy. “Ok, well, stayed naked, and we had you stand in the chip maintenance pod. I could call your husband down and tell him that we got him a second maid and that he needed to ‘break her in,’ then he could fuck you on your bed... errrrr, my bed, then we could come up upstairs and the two of us maids could wash him in the shower. Once we finished him off we could work on each other?” Amy didn’t seem convinced. 

“That way your first time playing with me today would be together, as a couple.” That excuse had done it. Amy pondered, then smiled, and Cassy continued. “Good, but first I need to stop at the server room for my morning check-in, it will take me a few minutes.” Cassy had found her last sentence very difficult to say, it seemed that lying was allowed, but she had to really mean it, and focus on it, to pull it off. It helped that she was lying for what felt like Amy’s own good.

Amy entered the numerical code into the lock that held the chain to Cassy’s collar, opened it, then locked it back on the end of the chain. Cassy thought she knew the code, but could not be sure that Amy had not changed it when she had gotten it from the garage, and Cassy didn’t want to get caught ‘trying to escape,’ not just yet.

Amy had stood up first, reached down, and helped Cassy up. The collar seemed so much heavier when she was standing up, the weight of it was pleasantly oppressive. 

When they got to the basement, Amy stepped directly into the maid quarters, and Cassy walked to the next door to the server room and punched in the code to the keypad. Cassandra pulled herself up and out of Cassy’s mind, it was her User_2(admin) persona that had admin privileges to make edits to user profiles. First, she lowered her own libido, sensitivity, and all of the other sliders she had fucked with yesterday. Where she had been at about 80% she lowered them all to about 65%. Still elevated, but more manageable. She knew that her settings would not actually change, yet. She needed to get into the chip maintenance machine, and she would have to get this collar off first. But this way, if she ended up in the machine without the collar, she would be fixed. Then she copied these settings and only these settings over to the wife_1 profile. Now Cassy would have no problem showing Amy just how much pleasure a woman could give. Before she closed the window she added a scriptlet that was usually used for the privacy of the employers. If a maid became aware of their employer's personal information, they were allowed to use a limited erasure that removed a short amount of memory from the maid. Cassy set the erasure on wife_2 to 20 minutes. Once Amy was in the chip maintenance machine, Amy would not remember their plan to invite her husband down with Amy pretending to be a new maid. This should free up Cassy to get on with whatever else she needed to do to fix this mess.

When Cassy entered the maid’s bedroom, it was to find Amy absentmindedly sliding a finger across the tip of the overly phallic bedpost. It was almost as if she were reminiscing about a former lover that had been spectacular. She jumped slightly when Cassy entered the room. 

Amy spoke first, “Have you ever thought of fucking one of these... I’ve always kind of wondered.” Cassy felt that the question was rhetorical, but the computer decided that it was a direct question.

“Yes,” Cassy said simply. Amy looked up, sort of surprised. She must have expected a different answer. Cassy could see the obvious next question surfacing and thought she might have to explain that she had just fucked the bed yesterday, but Amy seemed to repress the question.

“I’ve always wondered...” As Amy spoke, she pressed the smooth, bare skin of her belly up against the wooden shaft. It was clear that it would be about as deep inside of her as was possible to tolerate if she were flat-footed. “What if I were standing there?” Cassy understood ‘with it shoved up into my pussy’ as being left out. “And, what if someone tied my big toes up to my ankles. They wouldn’t even have to be pulled up hard. Just pulled enough where I could not get on my tippy toes... How would it feel to know that there was nothing holding you there but your own cunt?” Almost under her breath, as if she were speaking to herself, Amy added. “Of course, you’d have to tie my ankles together also, with the bed there to get purchase on. A one bar prison.” Amy’s eyes went unfocused for a moment as if thinking that this might be just the way she’d like to ‘get broken in by her husband as the new maid.’ Then her dazed look was gone and she was looking piercingly at Cassy, who was afraid, for just a fleeting second, that Amy somehow knew, somehow remembered who she really was, but there was no way. Then the moment was gone.

Shaken, Cassy helped Amy into the chip maintenance machine without a further word. She closed the door and watched the glow of it go from blue, then green, yellow, and green again. The door opened and Amy stepped out. There was no look of wonder on her face, as in “how the fuck did I get down here? Wasn’t I just in bed?” The software handled that kind of discrepancy, especially when doing erasures. 

Amy looked around and saw Cassy, her expression changed from blank, to curious, to remembering something, then slightly determined. At the end of this emotional rollercoaster, Amy spoke. “You know, I thought it might be an easy way to tell if you’ve been honest with us, you know... if you wouldn’t mind... I don’t know how I would feel if someone ordered me into a chip maintenance pod to test my mind.” It took Amy a moment to continue. “Well, I’m responsible for you, aren’t I, so I guess I have to, don’t I? Please step in. I want to be sure, since we are already down here, that you are on board with our plans for the week. It really shouldn’t take more than a few minutes of your time, and you can punish me later... if you feel that I’ve overstepped my bounds asking this of you. I feel responsible for you though. Woman to woman. Employer to maid. And, as friends. To make sure... Please. Step in.”

Cassy’s heart skipped a beat for a moment. This was it! She would be found out. What would Amy do with her once she found out that she had been upgraded from house maid to house wife? Would Amy take over Cassy’s role permanently as punishment? Would Cassy be forced to be a slave to the couple for years, while the two women knew the truth? She realized almost immediately that not only would she deserve that, she would enjoy every minute of it! How could she get out of this? 

Scared and excited, she stepped into the machine. The lights turned blue, then red, but the door did not open. The machine had not been able to read her chip. The collar! The collar had saved her.

There was a beeping noise coming from the outside. Cassy didn’t know what was showing on the machine’s touch screen, but she had to assume that it was complaining about not being able to read or even detect her chip. Cassy wondered if Amy’s profile even had a high enough level to let Cassy out of the machine, but she was not worried. Amy was smart, and she would simply go get her husband to let Cassy out if Amy couldn’t. The beeping continued, and Cassy realized that Amy was interacting with the touch screen, possibly answering questions that the machine was posing.

Something brushed down between her ass cheeks. Almost like a credit card being slipped through a credit card reader. What an odd feeling! Then it happened again. The machine beeped again, and Cassy could hear Amy tapping on the touch screen some more. The house computer forced her to reposition her body by leaning forward. Now her breasts were being pleasantly cooled on the inside of the door of the machine while her hips rotated back as if she were presenting her sex to a lover behind her. Two bumpers collided with her sides above her hip bones. Then a bumper pressed on her lower back and another pressed on her thighs just below her clit. Two more soft bumpers pressed in on her ass-cheeks from the inside, then pulled them apart. This was as if a lover with 10 hands was positioning her for a massive trust of cock. 

Then something more unexpected happened. Cassy would have screamed in pain, but the computer told her not to. As suddenly as the pain had come it was gone. She could smell something warm and her ass crack felt hot from top to bottom on the inside of her right cheek. Then the pain came again, but on the inside of her left cheek. If she had not been prepared for the first pain, she surely had not been ready for the second pain. Something soothing and cold was slathered into her ass crack, then the bumpers released her, and the computer relaxed her odd posture. The machine lights turned green then turned off as the door opened. As she stepped out Cassy looked at the screen. She was a bit surprised to see her name, rank as maid, and a “house automation ID” and some other number on the screen. She didn’t recognise this number, this was not Amy’s house automation ID number, this was a new one!

Cassy now knew what had happened. She had just been tattooed. Branded as a house maid. She was now marked as a ward of the house, an employee, and probably as a maid. She wondered if her serial number reflected the same type of number that was tattooed between Amy’s ass cheeks. Had the machine assumed—not being able to read her chip—that she was Amy, and that her tattoo had faded, needing to be re-done. Or had Amy accepted a few screens that registered Cassy as a new employee. Was her tattoo indicating that she was another maid? She knew that the serial numbers reflected the starting position of the employee. Maids were given one set of starter numbers if they were simply house maids, but maids that wanted to be maid/odalisque status got a different number. They could always change their minds in the future, but their tattoos and serial numbers would always reflect that they had started as a concubine unless they had the tattoos removed. Did her ass now indicate that she was open and willing to be a fuck toy? It would change nothing really, and the tattoos were easily removed by the chipping machine, but for now, she didn’t know what her ass indicated about her and it was a wonderful mystery that would have to wait. She couldn’t even ask her husband to compare her tattoo with Amy’s because Amy and her husband were temporarily programmed to ignore that Amy even had the tattoos. Cassy could, however, somehow find a way to ask her husband to read her tattoo out loud while Cassy inspected Amy’s under the pretext of eating her out. 

Every time this wild game turned on its head, Cassy was finding herself becoming more and more the thing she had planned to pretend to be. Was it just that the control system was so invasive? Was it just her luck that the game was going so wonderfully wrong? Or was she just seeing it from the confused perspective of accidentally becoming a willing participant in a three-way fuck triangle where she was possibly a newly registered and tattooed fuck toy? 

Cassy stood there staring at Amy, who seemed oblivious to how significant the last few minutes had been to Cassy. Amy stepped forward and spoke softly.

“Just so you know, now that I know you want to play with us, I tweaked some of your personality traits. So, expect to feel a little dumber, and a little hornier, and a lot more interested in fucking. I could tell by the look in your eyes that you’d fuck my husband any time, but I wanted to make sure you don’t lose interest in me. Also, I wanted to make sure you would have the stamina to handle me. Then handle my husband. And then me with my husband. You know, since I expect you’ll be fucking a few times a day until everyone has explored your pussabilitys to their fullest.”

Cassy was thankful for the collar. It seemed to have cost her an ass tattoo but saved her from Amy tinkering in her mind. Exactly what had Amy changed? Had it been worse than what she had already done to herself? Depending on how Amy had entered them, the effects could have been cumulative! Cassy, thankfully, wouldn’t need to find out, just yet. Then Cassy smiled at her own hypocrisy. 

Amy walked out of the room without another word. As she did so though, she ran a finger lovingly over the tip of the bedpost as if teasing a lover that she would visit again.

Cassy didn’t know what to do. Should she wait here to be summoned? Should she be chained to the master bed again? She was wearing her slave collar still. Should she be cleaning the house? Surely not naked? Then she remembered Amy’s request, and even though Amy didn’t remember it anymore it had still been made. 

Even though Amy didn’t remember asking Cassy to shower with her, it seemed as though her newly increased libido had made her come to the same conclusion again. She was standing in the master bedroom door as if she knew Cassy would follow her up. Amy was holding out one hand as if to take one of Cassys in hers and lead her somewhere. Amy was using her other hand to indicate that Cassy should be quiet so as not to wake her husband. It was clear that Amy wanted Cassy all to herself, and Cassy was giddy with excitement. She had started the day yesterday with only one goal. Fuck her husband. But, this alteration to the plan was more than okay with her! 

Amy led Cassy directly into the bathroom, the pads of her feet landing impossibly softly on the floor, making no sound. Cassy followed, trying her best to be silent as they moved past the master bed and her sleeping husband.

Once in the bathroom it was clear that they could move directly to the shower, and if there were some danger with getting the collar wet, Cassy had to assume Amy would have the forethought to warn her. 

The house was slipping suggestions to Cassy. This was the first time she had not been instructed during a sex act, and the house seemed to think that she might need some help. Cassy didn’t hear, or see the detailed instructions, she just suddenly knew them as if she had always known them. It was a little odd to remember something you didn’t remember, but it was even odder how her body seemed to pick one subconsciously and just get to it like Cassy was a passenger in her own body. Even as she thought about thinking, she was already turning the water to just the right temperature and wetting herself down, ready for Amy to join her. Amy seemed shy for only a moment. She too was probably being fed much of the same information from the house. Cassy wondered how Amy’s list of sex acts might differ from her own, as Cassy was supposed to be a maid/odalisque, and Amy was a maid/wife_1. Cassy was surprised how Amy’s desires seemed to flip flop so quickly between Cuck Queen and submissive maid, and she was curious to see what would happen next.

Amy padded into the shower, as if her feet could be heard over the rushing water, and slipped softly into Cassy’s ready embrace. Amy didn’t have to reach her head up, or down to land her lips softly onto Cassy. Their body types and heights were so closely matched, especially when barefooted. They each turned their heads to the side and simply melted into each other’s arms. Cassy was having a difficult time telling where each of their bodies touched with the water caressing them, adhering their bodies together even tighter. The kiss was bliss, and it lasted and lasted. The house had a seemingly unending supply of hot water, and Cassy wondered if this kiss could outlast it. Then Cassy felt Amy’s arms start sliding along her body, as her hands began exploring. This kiss continued, but it was clear that Amy was no longer completely distracted by it and was ready to do more. 

Cassy wanted to wash Amy, not because she wanted to take command, not because she had been told too earlier, but mostly because she had not followed one of the house computer driven requirements of her job yet this morning, “check on the well being and mental state of the residents.” She could check on her husband later, of course. Washing Amy’s body, inch by inch, then checking for cleanliness with tiny little kisses and tiny licks seemed the best way to “check on the well being and mental state of Amy.” Amy didn’t protest. Her lips had stretched out longingly when Cassy had broken away to grab some shampoo and seemed lost in the moment with her eyes shut as she waited for Cassy to do whatever she was about to do to her. 

Cassy massaged the shampoo into Amy’s hair and scalp. The girl’s entire body seemed to be putty in her hands as she massaged deeply. Amy seemed about to topple over at any moment, but Cassy was able to manage Amy’s body by managing her head while she worked. Cassy even came around the front to kiss Amy during parts of it, but Amy didn’t even kiss back, seeming to be blissed out of her mind by the careful manipulation. Cassy wondered for a moment if she had overdone the tinkering with Amy’s increased sensitivity. Cassy thought to herself, “If you think that’s good, just you wait.” Cassy carefully controlled Amy’s body and slowly moved her under the flowing water, then carefully rinsed her hair clean.

Cassy watched Amy carefully, to make sure she didn’t crumple to her knees without the emotional support and pleasure provided by Cassy’s careful hands. She filled one hand with body wash, set the bottle back, split the liquid between her two hands then laid it out on the girl’s shoulders. Amy wavered slightly as the cool liquid trickled driblets of thickness down her front toward her nipples. Amy’s nipples were slightly puffy though, so the body wash split around disappointingly. Cassy moved behind Amy to support her against her own body, to feel the warmth of her touch again, and to begin massaging the body wash into every inch of skin she could reach. Amy drew sharp intakes of air the first time Cassy’s fingers slipped softly over her nipples. She moved her fingers from bottom to top, letting the larger knuckles of each slip softly over the hard nubs, and Amy clearly enjoyed it. Whenever Cassy came close to Amy’s sex, she slipped around, feeling Amy’s entire body tighten with disappointment each and every time. Cassy didn’t do it more than necessary, but she did enjoy how reactive Amy was to everything that she did to her. 

Cassy pulled away long enough to grab more body wash to start on Amy’s front, but as she turned around with a handful of the thick liquid, she found herself face to face with Amy who looked intensely and deeply into Cassy’s eyes. It was not a questioning look, it was a look of steely determination and hot steamy shower lust. 

Amy moved back in for another kiss and full-body hug, just as she had when she had entered the shower, but now their bodies were slick against each other from the body wash, no longer adhering to each other as before. It is now easy to tell where their bodies ended and began as Amy’s hands roamed Cassy’s back and ass. Every little movement had their nipples slipping past each others’. Amy was forcing Cassy’s legs further apart with an exploring knee. Soon, the pressure of Amy’s leg pressing up into Cassy’s sex with her still heightened sensitivity, and the slickness of the tight skin and fit muscles was having a strong effect. 

Cassy found herself absentmindedly grinding her hips to press herself down repeatedly into Amy’s thigh as it slid around below her. Cassy reached behind her own ass and scrabbled to get purchase below Amy’s knee to pull it up harder into her sex, but she could not get a grip with her slippery hand. Amy seemed to know what Cassy wanted and lifted her leg even higher for Cassy to grind her sex into. Cassy finally got a bit of a grip under the knee, but she could not pull up much without losing it. This position made her twist her body slightly, bringing her head lower than Amy’s, yet she was desperate not to break the kiss. While lifting up on Amy’s leg, Cassy reached behind Amy’s neck and pulled the woman’s head down to Cassy’s. Her body continued to grind madly. The slippery texture was difficult to take enough pleasure from, plus her inability to pull the leg harder up into her sex and her desire to keep her head elevated enough to continue kissing Amy had her riding a fine line just below her unobtainable release.

Amy’s knee dropped away without warning. Cassy wanted to cry out in desperation, but was distracted by Amy aggressively grabbing her shoulders and pushing her roughly against the cold tile of the shower wall. As suddenly as the leg was gone it was back, but this time it was pressed harshly into her clit instead of up from below her lips. Amy kissed passionately while pushing her body into Cassy to pin her to the wall. Amy used her now free hands to pinch and tease Cassy’s breasts and nipples. Cassy did her best to return the favor, but she could hardly concentrate on keeping a grip on the slippery soft globes in front of her. The pressure of Amy’s body against hers, and Amy continuing to grope and pleasure Cassy’s breasts kept pushing her hands out of the way until she gave up and let her arms drop limp to her side. This was the same moment her entire body seemed to go mostly limp. It was all she could do to stand, but Amy was not going to let her fall as the most powerful orgasm of her life sprang upon her. The orgasm was not a surprise, the fact that this was her first lesbian experience did not surprise her, it was the overwhelming intensity of the orgasm that came as a surprise. She really needed to get her profile settings fixed as soon as possible.

Cassy’s body was still under the influence of a lasting rolling orgasm as she ‘snapped out of it,’ grabbed Amy, pulled her around, and pushed Amy against the same cold tile wall. Cassy dropped to her knees and pulled up insistently on one of Amy’s ankles. Amy, confused, rotated her hips to take the weight off of that leg and allowed Cassy to drape it over her shoulder so that Amy’s foot and ankle were resting on her back.

Cassy wasted no time pressing her advantage, and by the time her tongue was splitting Amy’s lips, Amy’s hands were on the back of Cassy’s head providing an encouraging pressure. Cassy used her hand that was under Amy’s lifted leg to cup the girl’s ass and pull it even closer to her face, opening up her sex even more. Her other hand found its way up where it could just reach and play with Amy’s breasts. 

In this position, standing on one leg, with her hips turned so far, and Cassy’s face forging its way deep between her lips, Amy could hardly move, but it was clear to Cassy that she was trying, pointlessly, to grind her sex into Cassy’s face. That, and the fact that Amy was pulling Cassy’s head as forcefully into her sex as she could made it clear what Amy wanted, and it wasn’t for Cassy to slow down. Cassy loved the taste of Amy’s sex, and it felt wonderful to stretch her tongue out as far as it would go, and press it up into Amy as if it were a tiny dick. Clearly Amy would rather have her clit licked, but clearly Amy was enjoying this treatment as well. Cassy didn’t want this to end too quickly, but she knew Amy would not be able to stand much more of this. She could lay the women down in the shower, but the strain of standing was part of what Cassy was relying on to slow Amy’s approach down.

Amy moaned loudly. It seemed that she had been trying to stay quiet for a while, but her will had been broken. She moaned gutturally, it was simultaneously sexy and a little terrifying. Amy’s voice was cracking under the strain, and Cassy had never heard anything so wonderful and gratifying in her life. If a man made this sound when he came, Cassy would have wondered what was wrong with him, but when Amy did it, it was the highest compliment. Cassy’s back suddenly took on the entire weight of Amy’s body as Amy came. She could hardly breathe with Amy’s pussy resting on her face, but she didn’t want to stop. Her nose was full of the scent of clean showered women’s sex as it slipped into the folds of Amy’s lips and pressed on her clit. Cassy’s tongue was still fucking in and out, as best she could, under the weight of Amy’s orgasm.

A few moments later, Amy rotated her hips enough to put pressure back on her foot and lift her leg gingerly, almost apologetically from Cassy’s back. Cassy, very pleased with herself, let Amy extract herself from the strained sex position in as dignified a way as she could. Before Cassy could stand, Amy knelt down on the floor with her, hugged her, kissed her, and the taste of tears were added to their passion.

The girls jumped in surprise and looked out of the shower, bedraggled hair, still partly slathered with body wash, and not expecting the sudden loud slap of skin on skin that had scared them out of their deeply emotional kiss. The two of them must have been a sight to be seen. Then their husband clapped again just as loudly, then his clapping increased in speed but lessened in intensity until he was clapping as if giving a standing ovation to his most favorite musical performer. Cassy felt her skin turn scarlet if it wasn’t already. She was sure her chest was spotted pink with the receding evidence of recent lust and pleasure.

He stopped clapping and turned toward the sink as if the two women were not huddled naked in a running shower still holding each other as lovers, and began shaving. This was Cassy’s cue that it was time to finish their shower and get on with the day, and Amy seemed to feel the same way. Amy pulled Cassy’s head toward her for another nice kiss, less passionate than before, but clearly it was the only form of silent thanks that Amy could give. The women stood and began helping each other rinse off the body wash. Occasionally their eyes would meet, and they would give each other a naughty smile. Amy was probably thinking about what her husband must think about her fucking the help without him, or wondering if he was sad that he missed out. 

Cassy though, was thinking about how wonderful her total and complete failure was turning out. Now she had another entire day until night when she would get another chance to end this game. Another chance to see if she even wanted to. The game would end automatically in six more days if there was an occasion that Amy and her husband were both asleep at the same time. Cassy would get her life back with almost certainty. Part of her was wondering though if she should go to the computer and change the game up a bit. What if she made the computer make Amy and her husband calm, believing, and truthful. Then she could sit them both down, tell them the truth about what was happening to them, and ask them if they would like to remember it when it was all over. Would Amy be pissed at her for taking advantage or would she realize what a wonderful gift she had been given and want to keep this memory? Would her husband scorn her for her desire for drama? What if he demanded that she stay the maid? Cassy knew he loved her, but what if he felt that she deserved a severe lesson? Cassy also knew that these wishful thoughts were her own mind getting away from her. Was she so quick to desire her total domination by the new couple that she could imagine her own husband keeping her as a pet/slave/maid/odalisque/toy/slut/concubine?

Maybe Cassy could find a way to return Amy’s mind to normal with all of the memories of what happened. Then let her decide if she wanted to remember, or if she even wanted to continue as more than a maid in the future. Then maybe she could let her husband wake up, turned back to normal, with all of his memories, surprised to find himself held tight in the embrace of two loving women. Did Cassy want this for her own life? She obviously wanted some excitement and drama. The thought of including Amy was exciting, and the drama of letting each of them remember would be intense... They might punish her for months after, if she were truly lucky.


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