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The Sex Dolly Factory

by Vleight

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© Copyright 2018 - Vleight - Used by permission

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Part 1: The Special Order

Sylvia was excited for the first time in almost six months. She has been unemployed for that whole time, but it really wasn’t her fault. She was working as a secretary for a stock broker for two years, and she loved doing it, but the man took early retirement and she was transferred to a senior vice president for the company. He was married and in his mid-fifties, and a complete pig. From the first day she started, he was making advances toward her. She had to keep telling him no in a very polite manner, but he persisted nonetheless. As the days went by, he began making lewder and more crude comments, going so far as to offering her a raise for a blowjob on a regular basis. Besides the fact that she believes blowjobs are degrading to women and refuses to do them for any of the boyfriends she’s had in the past, there’s no way she was going to be treated as a whore. After three weeks of putting up with his advances, she quit and got a lawyer the next day. It’s the $15 million dollar lawsuit that is pending against the pig is what’s preventing her from getting another job.

This leads her to today. She had placed her resume all over the internet, on every job searching website, and any place else that would take it. Finally, she received a phone call yesterday afternoon from an Abigail Gillen, owner of the Exclusive Products Company, a factory that made custom dolls and mannequins. Ms. Gillen asked her if she would like to come in for an interview as a customer service representative and personal assistant. Sylvia didn’t hesitate and jumped at the offer! She was told to be at the offices the next morning at 9 AM, and not to bring any cell phones or recording equipment. The explanation was that all of Exclusive Products items and manufacturing processes were proprietary, and there would be no interview if she even had one of them with her.

The directions to the offices weren’t that hard to follow. It was a simple but long bus ride to the end of the line at an industrial complex, then a 20 minute walk to the correct building. She didn’t mind the travel, or the walk, because it was such a beautiful day. Besides, the exercise will be her reason not to go to the gym tomorrow. She did miscalculate the travel time however and still arrived almost 30 minutes early.

The building looked about 30 years old, and had what looked like four floors. There were no windows anywhere to be seen with the exception of the glass front double doors, and even those were heavily tinted. She strained her eyes trying to look through the tint, but she couldn‘t make out anything inside. ‘Exclusive Products Co.’ was written in white block letters on the left door. The parking lot was rather small, with about 15 spaces available plus one that was reserved for the owner. A sign to the right of the doors read ‘Deliveries & Pickups’ with an arrow pointing around the right side of the building.

She didn’t have to wait long though. About 10 minutes later, an older model Mercedes in near sale floor condition rolled up and parked in the ‘Reserved For Ms. Gillen’ spot by the door where she was standing. The engine stopped, and out climbed an attractive slender woman who looked in her mid-forties. She stood around five foot eight inches, had shapely hips, thin waist, and about a 34DD breast size. She was wearing a blue business suit, white blouse, and shoes with low heels. Her light brown hair was wrapped up in a bun on the top of her head. She reached into the back seat and pulled out a briefcase. She hit the fob alarm for her car then turned to Sylvia.

Sylvia was thinking that her own looks might intimidate this older woman, for she was five foot six inches tall, long natural blonde hair, 38DD breast size, a soft but athletic build, flawless skin, and was wearing 4 inch heels to accentuate her build, but that made her appear taller. She really needed this job, and she decided to be as humble as possible, as well as some very minor self degrading for effect. She also quickly turned away and tried to button her own blouse all the way up to cover her cleavage.

“Hello!,” Ms. Gillen said warmly as Sylvia turned back around to face her. She extended her hand in friendship and asked, “I’m guessing you’re Sylvia Farrel, am I correct?”

“Um, yes, hi!,” Sylvia meekly replied, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m early do you? I like to be at all of my appointments a little early.” She reached out and took the other woman’s hand and weakly shook it. It gave the appearance that she was nervous, although she wasn’t in the least. Another ‘humble’ tactic.

“No, not at all. I don’t see another car here. Did you get a ride?,” Ms. Gillen asked, as she simultaneously looked around the parking lot while she walked towards the front doors with the key extended.

Sylvia turned to follow her and replied, “I took the bus. I had to sell my car a month ago to pay the rent on my apartment, and I didn’t have enough time to set up a ride for today.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, dear,” Ms. Gillen said as she unlocked the right door. “Hopefully we can remedy that in short order.” She opened the door only wide enough for herself to squeeze through.

“Would you mind waiting out here for a minute, Ms. Farrel, while I turn off the alarm?”

“Sure. Like I said, I’m the one who’s here early.”

Ms. Gillen smiled then slipped pass the door, quickly closed and locked it behind herself. It took five minutes for her to return and let Sylvia in.

“My apologies, Ms. Farrel” Ms. Gillen said as she let Sylvia in. “The sensor on the factory floor keeps going bonkers, and it makes it difficult to disarm the alarm. The alarm company is supposed to be here on Monday to fix it.”

“That’s okay, and please call me Sylvie.” Another tactic. Allowing a supervisor to call you by your childhood nickname gives them a false sense of authority.

“All right, Sylvie it is! Please, call me Abigail,” Ms. Gillen replied. She held the glass door open wide so Sylvia could enter. She did a quick-step past her soon to be boss before she could change her mind.

Beyond the door was a small white painted waiting room with four chairs and a coffee table. The carpet was dark black and was wall to wall. On the opposite side of the room was another door made of metal with a heavy deadbolt lock on it. Next to that door was a buzzer on the wall with a sign reading ‘Ring For Assistance.’ There was a clipboard with some papers attached to it and a pen sitting on the coffee table.

“Now, Sylvie,” Abigail said as she locked the front door and walked around Sylvia, “I’m going to have you sign these confidentiality papers and liability forms. This is both a warehouse and a factory, so I need temporary medical coverage in case anything should happen to you here today during the interview. Also, there’s the agreement that you will not divulge anything you see here today to any outside party. Strictly legal documents to protect my company. Also, I’ll need you to empty out your purse and all of your pockets onto the table.”


“To see if you have any cell phones or cameras on you.”

“Oh, yeah, right. You did say that.” Sylvia proceeded to empty her purse. None of her clothes had any pockets. She picked up the clip board and filled them all out as Abigail searched her belongings.

She handed over the clipboard with the completed forms and started to refill her purse.

“One moment, please,” Abigail said in an authoritative tone. “I need to frisk you.”

“Excuse me?” Sylvia looked at her with surprise.

“Part of the confidentiality agreement you just signed. I need to check to see if you have any hidden cameras or microphones on you. Please lift your arms out parallel and spread your legs.”

With a puzzled look on her face, Sylvia slowly did what she was told. She understood what the older woman meant, but why didn’t she just use a metal detector? It could only mean one of two things: Either their current metal detector is not working or this lady is a lesbian. Either way, she needed a job, any job, no matter how humiliating the interview is, and that this isn’t done on a regular basis.

Abigail swiftly touched every inch of Sylvia’s body through her clothes, including her groin, butt crack and breasts. She used a gentle but firm hand, and didn’t seem to enjoy doing it at all. While down around her ankles, she asked Sylvia to step out of her shoes so she could inspect them as well. She didn’t stop at any particular body part for too long, and was complete in under a minute.

“Thank you, Sylvie,” Abigail said as she stood back up. She took her keys out of her pocket and headed towards the metal door across the room. “Once you get your things together, we’ll go to my office.”

Sylvia eagerly scooped all of her things back into her purse without any order. She headed over to where Abigail was, and, as she unlocked the door and held it open, the young blonde walked in with a spring in her step and smile on her face. The heavy metal door slammed shut behind both of them.


The two women walked down a short but wide hallway that had two single doors on the left side and one set of plastic swinging doors at the other end. The hallway was also white with black carpet. A light humming noise could be heard coming from the fluorescent lights.

Abigail led Sylvia to the first door on the left. “In here, please,” she asked as she opened the door to let Sylvia in. The room was roughly 12 feet wide and 15 feet long. There was a desk with a computer monitor on the far wall. A large backed chair sat behind it and two upholstered chairs in front of it. The wall across from the door had a row of filing cabinets. In the middle of the room was a small wooden table with four matching chairs. A couple of binders were on the table, all labeled ‘Product Line’ with various years on them. All around the rooms were plastic floor plants, and on the walls hung framed prints of kittens.

“Have a seat,” Abigail motioned to one of the upholstered chairs. Sylvia took to the chair in rapid fashion, trying to exude eagerness. She sat upright with her knees together and her purse on her lap across her legs, trying to hide her breasts and hips. She tried to keep a smile on her face that wasn’t over the top but not looking forced.

Abigail went around the desk and sat down. She opened up a folder and started skimming the papers inside. Peeking up, Sylvia noticed that it was a copy of her resume that she uploaded on one of the job sites. Abigail picked up a pen and jotted down some notes on the various pages as she went along. After a few minutes, she looked up at Sylvia.

“Why did you leave your last job?”

“Oh, boy,” Sylvia replied as the smile disappeared from her face. “I’m going to tell you the truth. My previous employer kept making unwanted sexual advances at me. He wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer.”

“Oh, My!”

“When he demanded oral sex from me, I left and hired a lawyer.”


“Yes. And a good thing too. The lawyer found another secretary that he did the same thing to, and if we can get her to testify, we’ll have an open and shut case. The thing is, until the lawsuit is settled, I have no income to live on.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Sylvie,” Abigail said with a sigh as she slumped back in her chair with disgust. “Between you and me, I hope you nail his tush to the wall.” She flashed the younger woman a devilish smile.

Sylvia gave a light chuckle “I will!”

“Well, your resume looks great. You have everything I’m looking for as a personal assistant. You have a pleasantly lilting voice, so that will be an advantage when talking with clients on the phone.” Abigail took a small notepad from the top drawer of her desk and pulled off a sheet of paper. She wrote something down on it, folded it in half, and slid it over to Sylvia across the desk.

“Here’s what I can offer you in the form of a salary,” She said, but she didn’t remove her hand from the slip of paper. “However, before you look at this, I have to let you know something. Here at Exclusive Products, our main source of income is the manufacturing and selling of sexual devices. More specifically, sex dolls. We import them from overseas as well as having our own factory. The ones we make here are considered some of the best in the world, and they fetch incredibly high prices. Our methods in making them are a well guarded secret. We also make mannequins, but there are more horny perverts in the world than there are stores. I have to ask you right now: Would selling such items make you uncomfortable?”

Sylvia sat there with a blank look on her face. Could she really sell sex toys? She wouldn’t even be here if she was able handle one old perverted pig, so how would she manage with them on a daily basis? Then she thought for a moment. Her body could work to her advantage this way. She could wear the most revealing business attire she could find. The perverts would be so turned on by just looking at her, they’ll have to buy a doll just to get their rocks off! An extremely wide grin ran across her face.

“Yes, I think I can do that.”

“Good!” Abigail let go of the paper and Sylvia opened it. The number written down there shocked her. Her eyes got as big as saucers and her mouth hung agape.

“Seventy Five Thousand Dollars?!?,” she exclaimed. “Just to help you sell sex toys?!?”

“Yes,” Abigail replied as she sat back down in her chair. “Plus a percentage commission when you help close a sale. Interested?”

“When Can I Start?!?”

“Tomorrow, but first I’ll give you a tour of our operation. Do you have time for that today?”

Sylvia jumped out of the chair like she was sitting on a spring. She was smiling so hard that her cheeks turned red and started hurting a little. “I would be delighted! The more I learn today, the easier the transition is tomorrow!”

“That’s the spirit!,” Abigail replied with a grin of her own as she stood up. She reached out her hand again as she walked around the desk to Sylvia, who was literally bouncing with excitement. They shook hands again, but this time Sylvia lost her composure and shook Abigail’s hand vigorously. She winced a little as her wrist was wrenched in more ways than it was supposed to, and, upon noticing the discomfort, Sylvia let go abruptly.

“Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!,” She quickly said in succession, “Please excuse my excitement! Oh, wow! This is triple my last job paid me! I feel a little light headed!”

“That’s understandable, dear,” Abigail said as she shook the pain from her wrist. “You jumped up a little too fast. Breathe a little bit and compose yourself. I’ll take you to the break room. I keep the fridge stocked with assorted flavored waters for the employees.”

Sylvia came to her senses in short order and, with a little help with balance from Abigail, walked out of her office. They turned left and went to the next door over. Inside was a well lit room with three round tables, about two dozen chairs, a table with two microwaves, and an industrial size refrigerator.

“Here we go,” Abigail said as she helped Sylvia to a chair. “By the way, I can’t help noticing your blouse. It’s beautiful. ‘Vera Wang‘?”

“Versace. Real silk. I made my last boyfriend get it for me two years ago. I think he’s still paying for it.”

Abigail nodded, smiled, then walked over to the fridge. She opened both doors wide so all of the contents were displayed. There were a few brown bags, clear containers of liquid, and thermal lunch boxes on the left side and the right side was stocked with sealed 20 ounce plastic bottles of flavored water.

“What flavor would you like?”

“ Cherry, if you don’t mind.”

Abigail pulled out a cherry, closed up the fridge, then walked it over to Sylvia. She made short order of the bottle’s seal and gulped down one quarter of it’s contents. She lowered the bottle from her lips with a gasp of air.

“Mmmm,’ She said, “This stuff is good. If I can have this every day, I’ll consider it a major perk!” She lifted the bottle up again and took another swig.

“Now, if you’re ready, we can star the tour. You can bring your drink if you want. The warehouse can get hot during the day.”

“I’m ready when you are!,” Sylvia replied without hesitating. She stood up and walked over to Abigail. Both women then walked out of the break room, turned left, and went through the plastic double doors.


The warehouse looked like a big room with a 10 foot ceiling. Following along the wall to the left there was what looked like a freight elevator, and across from where they were along the same wall was another set of plastic double doors. There were two truck bays on the far wall to the right. Next to that were a bunch of tables with boxes and rolls of tape. Behind those were rows and rows of shelves. Those shelves were stocked with various sized colorful boxes with several different languages printed on them. Most of them had clear plastic windows on them with the faces of sex dolls pressed up against them. There had to be several thousand of them here.

“These are what you make here?,” Sylvia asked.

“Oh, no,” Abigail replied. “These are the lower end vinyl dolls we import. Mostly from China and Germany. They range in price from $30 to $150 each. We carry them for two reasons. Some people can’t afford the better ones, and some people are allergic to latex and rubber. The higher end models are made of those materials.”

Abigail started walking to the other set of double doors. Sylvia was close behind, but her eyes were still focused on the colorful boxes. As she walked along, two things popped into her mind.

“Abigail, can I ask you something?”

“Ask away.”

“First, where are the other employees?”

“The warehouse and factory employees don’t come in until 1 PM. I only have twenty employees…well, twenty-one now…and they preferred to work in the afternoons. You and I will start at 9 AM every day, so I’ll introduce you to everyone tomorrow.”

“Another question, if you don’t mind. I only see girl dolls here. Don’t you sell male dolls?”

“Not too often. We only do those as a special request item. We make them here for the most part. We do not import them from other places. The cost versus the turnover isn’t worth it.”

They made it through the other set of double doors, and there was a flight of metal steps going up. Sylvia looked up the stairwell and noticed two more floors above her. The thought she had of this building having four floors was her mind playing tricks on her. Also, she noticed the steps weren’t very compatible with her heels, but she toughed it out as they climbed. She knew that she would be wearing flats tomorrow, if her sore feet would let her.

At the first flight landing, Sylvia stopped and held onto the railing. She felt a little out of breath. The excitement over the amount she was being paid must’ve really shocked her system! She removed the cap from the water bottle and took another gulp. It tasted great, and it refreshed her a little.

Abigail didn’t notice this incident, thankfully, Sylvia thought. Her new boss was headed through another set of double doors and she quickly caught up with her. They went through to the new room, and inside here the room was half the size of the warehouse below and not as tall. There was a large heavy metal door on the other side of the room with three different locks on it about fifteen feet from the right wall. 20 feet on the right wall before that was the doors for the freight elevator.

The far corner of this room was obscured by tall shelves filled with large moving boxes that took up the back part of the room. The front part of the room was filled with rows of pews, and on those pews sat what looked like naked women wrapped in clear heavy plastic bags. The sight made Sylvia gasp in horror for a second, but then she remembered that they were all just more elaborate sex dolls. Abigail picked up on this right away.

“You’re not the first person to react that way,” she said with a chuckle.

Sylvia walked over for a closer inspection. She pressed her hand against the plastic of the closest one near her and pushed into the doll’s cheek.

“They seem so real…,” she said softly as she ran her hand across it’s shoulders. “These are the ones you make here?”

“No, but they’re close. We sell four different grades of sex dolls. Downstairs was the first grade. These are grade two. They’re imported from Japan, and range between $800 dollars and $5000 dollars, depending on the texture of the body parts.”

Sylvia looked her with a confused look on her face.

“The breasts, the oral cavity, vagina, tush, anus…the more realistic, the more they go for. Try not to be a prude, dear.”

Abigail started walking towards the heavy metal door. Sylvia noticed that she was walking away so she hurried to catch up with her. She was feeling a little lightheaded again, so she drank more water. The bottle was now only 1/3 full.

When they reached the heavy metal door, Abigail turned left and headed along the wall towards the back corner. As they walked, Sylvia was looking at the boxes on the shelves and noticed they all were heavy cardboard with Japanese writing on them.

“These are the boxes that those dolls come in?,” she asked.

Abigail turned to look at the boxes as she walked. Nodding her head, she said, “Yes. This is the way they arrive here. They’re crammed into these boxes like old potatoes. We take them out and check them for imperfections and damages, as well as letting the latex breathe for a bit. Latex can dry out if not taken care of. We keep the empty boxes in case of emergencies, and we ship these dolls out in our own boxes.”

At the end of the wall was an open door. Inside this room, there were rows and rows of standing naked female mannequins in all different heights, hair styles, and skin colors.

“Here’s our mannequin storage room,” Abigail announced. “These are made on an order basis alone. Most of these will be shipped out in two weeks, however some were ordered and the owners either never paid for them or their businesses closed before they could be picked up.”

Sylvia walked over to the closest one to get a good look at it. It had black hair on it’s head, had eyebrows (Not painted on lines), holes in it’s ears for earrings, and, for some odd reason, nipples. She touched it and found it to be made of cold, hard plastic. There were separation lines at both wrists, both ankles, thighs, armpits, waist and neck for posing. The crotch appeared to have a labia as well, but she didn’t want to appear weird by feeling it to be sure.

“The nipples are on here because…,” Sylvia asked as she turned back towards Abigail.

“Bikinis and lingerie. I don’t know about you, but I would like to see how well a bathing suit or underwear covers up those parts on me.”

Sylvia gave a polite nod of agreement. Doing so almost made her lose her balance. She held onto the mannequin for support as she regained it. Again, Abigail didn’t notice because she was already halfway out of the room. Maybe it’s the dust or air quality in the building causing these episodes with her. Nah, it’s the excitement mixed with the shocking nature of the products she’s going to help sell doing it. She quickly took another gulp of the water, got her balance, then went after her boss.

They walked back up towards the heavy metal door, and, again, they walked past it. Sylvia stopped while Abigail appeared to not even notice it.

“Aren’t we going in there?,” she asked, as she stopped to catch her breath again. “What’s inside?”

Abigail stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to face Sylvia. She had a stern, almost angry look on her face. She walked back towards her newest employee and grabbed her arm firmly.

“That’s the lab,” she replied tersely. “No one goes inside there except for me and Dr. Evers, our chief scientist.”

Abigail tugged on Sylvia’s arm, motioning her to come along. Sylvia had not yet caught her breath, and this move by the older woman seemed unwarranted. She wasn’t being hurt, but it was making her skin tingle in the area.

“You’re hurting me,” Sylvia said in a calm voice. It wasn’t true at all, but she wasn’t about to be dragged anywhere by anybody. She had a higher self esteem that would ever let that happen.

“I apologize,” Abigail said, but still in a terse tone. She gently let go of Sylvia’s arm and put her hands on the young blonde’s shoulders. “You have to remember that I am very protective of my secrets. When anyone wants access to that room, I instinctively become defensive. Please try to understand.” She gave a weak smile, trying to diffuse the situation.

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“Thank you,” Abigail whispered. She gingerly placed one of her hands on Sylvia’s cheek, and the girl noticed that this also caused her skin to tingle. “Come along now. We have one more floor to go through, and these are the highest quality dolls in the world!”

Abigail turned and headed back to the double doors across the room. Sylvia started after her, but her legs felt a little weak. She tried her best to keep up with her, but it was like someone put lead weights in the bottom of her shoes. She tried to take the cap off of the water bottle, but was fumbling with it, like her fingers didn’t want to do what they were told. She finally got the cap off and finished off the remainder of the cherry water.

“Hurry up, Sylvie!,” Abigail urged her along while waiting at the double doors. “Don’t tell me you want a vacation already!”

Having the water inside her gave her new found energy to go on. She finally caught up with Abigail and they proceeded to the next floor. At the third floor landing, there were another set of double doors. Abigail wasted no time and went right through them, although Sylvia had to stop again. This time, she was having tingling all over her skin, still short of breath, and all of her limbs felt tired.

She gathered herself yet again, then went through the double doors to catch up with her boss. This room was identical to the room on the second floor but for two exceptions. There were no shelves in this outer room, only rows of pews, and there was only one set of double doors on the far wall.

On the pews were various women dolls seated with shiny latex skin and incredibly realistic features on them. All of their mouths were open, as if they were preparing to perform oral sex at any given minute with full, luscious lips. They all had their upper arms close to their bodies with their forearms and hands facing outward as if to give a hug. Each one had their legs opened to roughly a ninety degree angle, with their legs in what looked like a seated position.

“These are our grade three dolls,” Abigail said triumphantly. “Made right here in our own little factory. They are so realistic that most people mistake them for real at first glance.”

Sylvia half walked, half staggered over to the nearest one to get a better look. If it wasn’t for the shine of the latex and the vacant plastic unmoving eyes, she would’ve sworn on a stack of bibles that it was a real woman. The creamy white skin was pliable to the touch. Her arm knocked into the doll’s breast, and that moved like her own breast does. She even ran her fingers through it’s hair, and that felt better than her own when it’s professionally done.

“How do you make…these so real?,” She asked. She realized that she had to stop in mid sentence to take a breath. She started to become concerned for her health. She sat down next to the one she was looking at. Across from her was an African American woman with the same vacant eyes and complexion, but with totally different features. She looked at all of the faces of the dolls in this room, and they all had different faces and ethnic backgrounds.

“That’s not all!”

Abigail walked over to where Sylvia was sitting. She took Sylvia’s hand and placed three of the blonde’s fingers into the mouth of the doll she was sitting next to. Suddenly, the doll started sucking on them! She heard the noise and watched the doll’s cheeks go in and out in rhythm to the sucking noises, but she couldn’t really feel anything because her entire body was now tingling like a light electric shock was going through her skin.

“Cool, huh?” Abigail was giggling. “Our Dr. Evers is a genius, and I was lucky to hire her. These dolls can be posed into any position and left there up to twelve hours. If they’re not used, they automatically go back to this pose! They weigh about ½ the weight of a regular woman the same size and shape. They’re easy to clean and can be stored anywhere with proper ventilation. The mouth performs oral sex, and both the vagina and anus squeeze the penis constantly like real orifices! These sell regularly for $10 thousand dollars up to $50 thousand! Thank God for perverts!”

Abigail had stood up and started walking over towards the other set of double doors. She looked back over her shoulder to where Sylvia was sitting while still walking.

“It’s time to visit the actual factory and see the grade four dolls,” She quipped with a giggle in her voice. “C’mon, don’t dwaddle, dear!”

Sylvia felt like she spent ten hours on an exercise bike. She was having shortness of breath, dizziness, her skin was tingling all over, and all of her muscles felt like spaghetti.

“Abigail, please…,” She started, then caught her breath. “I don’t’ feel good…I need to rest…for a few minutes.”

“Oh, what kind of person did I hire?,” Abigail asked. “Your resume gave me the impression that you weren’t a quitter.” She walked back over to where Sylvia was still sitting. She stooped down to look eye to eye with her.

“I’ll tell you what. Let’s go over to the factory. There’s a cushioned chair in the controller’s office, instead of sitting on this hard bench. You can sit there while I get you some more water or a candy bar. Your sugar is probably just low. Okay?”

Sylvia nodded her head in agreement. Abigail took her arm and helped her up, and both women walked over to the double doors. As they got closer, she noticed the doors were solid metal with no windows to see inside, and there was a keyhole in the doorknob. There was also a metal plate on the door to protect the latch from being forced open. Sylvia was leaned up against the wall as Abigail reached for her keys.

“Can you keep your balance while I unlock this? This door is constantly locked on both sides, and you can only get in or out with a key.”

The ill woman gently nodded in agreement again as she forced all of her weight against the wall. Abigail opened the door and put her keys back inside her pocket. While holding the door open with her foot, she reached over to be a leaning post for Sylvia. Together, they walked into the factory.


Sylvia’s head now felt like it was on a slinky. Her chin was against her chest as she was helped into the factory. Abigail was half dragging the poor girl into the room as her legs were barely holding her up. Her skin was almost on fire, yet she realized she wasn’t sweating. She used all of her effort to lift her head while saying, “I don’t feel good at…”

She stopped in mid sentence not because she was out of breath, but because of what the factory looked like. There wasn’t a piece of machinery to be found at all. No drums of latex or chemicals, no body molds, no boxes of doll parts, no skeletal frames for posing. The room had one pew against the left wall next to the door they came in through, and there were four naked dolls sitting there, all reminiscent of the dolls in the outer room. There was a rolling cart about three feet tall, 3 feet long and two feet wide to the right of the door with a computer monitor and keyboard on the top shelf and a large server that took up the whole second shelf. A heavy duty extension chord was on the floor rolled up next to it. Next to the keyboard was something that looked like a meat thermometer with a wire at the one end that hooked into the server. The other three walls were lined with mirrors, as well as the entire ceiling. Two thirds of the floor was covered with thick cloth gymnastic padding. Down past he pew was a stack of boxes that looked like coffins.

“What…?,” Sylvia gasped as she looked around the room.

“Please…help me!”

She heard a whisper come from her left. It sounded like a recording made on a child’s tape recorder. She turned her head with some effort and only saw the four dolls. It must be whatever’s wrong with her playing with her mind, like an audio hallucination.

“Do you want to look at the grade four dolls?,” Abigail asked, almost mockingly. She started carrying Sylvia over to the padded area of the floor. She placed the girl almost into the center of the room and let her fall to her knees. “Well, unfortunately, you can’t. These are all special orders. Just like you.”

Sylvia’s face contorted to abject horror. She wasn’t excited, tired, or even sick. This twisted woman did something to her!

“You…you…you drugged me…,” she said, in almost a waiflike voice.

“Don’t leave me like this!”

Sylvia heard the whisper coming from the dolls again. She looked over and saw that Abigail was looking that way as well. She heard it too! That’s when she felt like she was being stabbed in the chest.

“AAAAHHHHHGGHH!!!!,” she yelled as she crumpled up into a ball on the padded floor.

“No, I didn’t drug you,” Abigail said as she stood up and took a step back. “I’m making a custom latex fuck doll for a high paying client. That water you were drinking was full of nanites. Do you even know what a nanite is, you greedy little whore? It’s a microscopic machine used to repair cells or alter atoms. Right now, there are billions of them swimming through your bloodstream, transforming your living tissue into half machine-half plastic cum catcher.”

Sylvia, through the pain and tears now pouring down her face, asked the simplest of questions, “Why?” She could no longer feel her fingers. She looked at her right hand, and it was now covered with immovable latex up to her wrist.

“Simple. I was offered an obscenely large amount of money to do this. You’re going to be my greatest creation yet. Your new owner will be quite pleased with you.”

“Please…stop this…don’t do this…”

“I love it when they beg. Like it’s going to change anything.” Abigail walked over to the red haired doll on the far left of the bench. “This one offered me $100 thousand dollars to let her go, but its owner is paying $250 thousand for the construction. We ship it out in two days, after the reprogramming of the voice modulator is completed.”

She ran her fingers through the thick locks of curly red hair. “Don’t touch me, whore!,” the doll exclaimed in a filtered, recorded sounding voice.

‘OH MY GOD!!!,’ Sylvia thought, ‘These are real girls! She’s turning living people into toys!’

“I don’t…wanna…be…a…toy…,” Sylvia plead with all the breath she had left in her.

“Oh, it’s way too late for that,” Abigail replied as she walked back over to where Sylvia was writhing in pain. “Once it starts, it can’t be stopped. There is one thing I can do.” She knelt down on the floor next to Sylvia and started unbuttoning her blouse. The young girl didn’t have the strength nor ability to stop her. The pain of her transformation was too great.

“You won’t be needing this blouse anymore, and it looks like it will fit me, so let’s get it off before your body becomes too rigid to get off in one piece. Hell, you won’t need any clothes, come to think of it.”

“Leave…me…alone….youAAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!” Sylvia’s legs shot out straight then pulled back in to the fetal position. She never felt pain like this before!

Abigail slipped Sylvia’s arms, which were now covered in latex almost to her armpits, out of the blouse and gently pulled it out from underneath her gyrating body. She stood up and shook the blouse out, then carried it over and hung it on the doorknob. She then walked over to the computer cart and picked up a pair of large tailor’s shears. She held them up in the air and squeezed them a few times so Sylvia could see, then began walking back over to her.

“You’ll…never…get…away…~KOFF~KOFF~KOFF!” Sylvia started coughing. It felt like her windpipe was closing off. She was barely breathing! She tried wiglling her body back towards the door, but she was unable to do anything but rock back and forth now.

“Right now, one of my associates is at your house using your computer buying a plane ticket to Cancun with money in your bank account. Someone who will be disguised as you will take your seat in that plane. After landing and leaving the airport, the disguise comes off, you will disappear, and no one will be the wiser. So, yes, I will get away with it.”

Abigail knelt back down on the floor next to Sylvia again and deftly and quickly cut off the rest of her clothes. The latex was now across her shoulders and started spreading up her neck and down her chest. Her legs were almost completely latex, and it was spreading towards her groin.

Sylvia felt her mouth being forced open into an “O” like formation. She looked at the mirror in the ceiling and saw that her lips had tripled in size, more full and changed a lighter color. She also saw that she was now falling out of a bra that was too loose for her this morning and now the elastic was straining.

Abigail snipped the straps and Sylvia’s latex breasts fell all over the place. She then cut off Sylvia’s panties. Then she leaned back on her haunches to admire her handiwork.

“I’ve been told that when your cunt turns to latex, you’ll cum so hard you’ll wish it would never end, so brace yourself, it’s about to happen.”

The latex hit Sylvia’s clitoris and she had the orgasm of a lifetime. The bitch was right, she never wanted it to end. However, the pain in her chest had spread to her stomach and throat. All the pleasure she just had rocketed away faster than it arrived. She felt her asshole stretch out then contract again as it changed. Her breathing had become incredibly shallow, and her throat began to stretch backwards toward her spine. The roof of her mouth felt like something was digging it’s way out through her sinuses, but her tongue wouldn’t move anymore to explore the area. Her arms were now at her side, with her forearms standing straight out in front of her. Her legs were spreading apart uncontrollably, and her knees were being drawn up towards her chest. She was taking on the pose of the other dolls!

She was laying on her back, looking at herself in the ceiling mirror. She watched in horror as the last portion of skin on her belly became latex. All of the hair had fallen off of her body except for on her head, her eyebrows, eyelashes, and a new bikini wax style pubic area. She could no longer move at all, but she could still see and think. Why?

“Okay, you’re almost done, so let me explain what you now are” Abigail said as she stood back up again. “The pain in your chest was your heart and lungs being transformed into a miniature Holtzmann Apparatus and pumping system. A Holtzmann Apparatus is a machine that separates water into it’s basic elements: oxygen and hydrogen. The nanites will use both gasses as fuel to work all of your new functions. The pump will sent unused water to a heater, then send it to your three fuck holes to better please your owner.

“As you can tell, your eyes still work, however they’ll stay forever facing forward. A small speaker is growing inside where your sinuses used to be, so you can communicate with your owner. You can still think your own thoughts, but your voice modulator will be programmed to only say what your owner wants to hear, like ‘Please fuck me, Master,’ or ‘Cum on my face,” or ‘I’m a greedy little whore.’

“Your latex skin still needs the nerve endings to come through, so most of your body will feel numb for about another hour. After that, you’ll feel everything like before. Well, not exactly like before. Your sensitivity has been amped up a bit. All of your pain and pleasure tolerances have gone up five fold.”

With that, Abigail reached out and squeezed Sylvia’s breast sensuously. The pleasure this caused almost made Sylvia have another orgasm immediately, but Abigail quickly grabbed hold of the nipple with her thumb and forefinger and twisted.

“Aaaahhhhh!!!,” Sylvia painfully whispered in a raspy, recorded sounding voice.

“There’s your voice!”

“Go fuck yourself, dyke bitch!”

“Sorry, I’m too old to play with dolls.” Just then, a loud bell sounded from outside the factory room. “Ah, my next appointment is here already. Come along, dolly. Time to meet your new owner.”

Abigail picked up the now lighter Sylvia like she was a child. She walked over to the double doors, unlocked them, and took the naked doll over to the freight elevator. The doors slid open, and they went all the way down to the first floor warehouse area.

Sylvia was carried over to the packaging table, but was sat on the floor in front of it. Her head was leaning against the edge of the table, and her blonde hair was enough resistance to keep her from sliding to either side. Behind her, she heard the truck bay’s door being opened.

“You’re here early,” Abigail said to whomever it was, “I just finished. It’s right over here, waiting for your inspection.”

Sylvia heard two sets of footsteps headed towards her. She couldn’t turn her head nor move her eyes in the direction to see who it was. Her mind raced in panicked abandon, finally realizing the situation she was in. She was going to spend the rest of her life being raped on a daily basis, and no being able to stop it. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The real horror happened when the two people came around the corner of the table.

Standing in front of her Was her supposedly new boss, Abigail Gillen, and her old boss, the old perverted pig! He was carrying a large briefcase.

“Oh, God, No!”

“Good, you remember me!,” the old pig said laughingly. “I really didn’t appreciate the lawsuit, bitch, so consider this an out of court settlement.” He then turned to Abigail.

“You really do excellent work. Her tits turned out just the way I wanted them.” He stooped down to get a better look at his new doll. “Amazing. Is it fully functional?”

“I didn’t have time to test it, but all three holes should be working.”

The pig Started moving his hand towards Sylvia’s face.

“Don’t touch me, faggot!”

“Ah, there’s that fire I love,” he laughed, as he stuck two of his fat fingers down Sylvia’s throat. Sylvia desperately tried with all of her might to move away, but instead, she started sucking. She tried to scream, curse, or even yell, but nothing came out of her speaker.

“Cat got your tongue, spitfire?”

“While it’s sucking, the speaker is disengaged to prevent the owner from being shocked,” Abigail answered. “Also, once you select it’s voice replies, we can reprogram it’s voice modulator to say whatever you want it to say.”

“No leave it as it is. It’s perfect. I believe I owe you some money for services rendered?”

“Five hundred thousand, cash.”

“Don’t do this to me! I don’t want to go with him!”

“Quiet, or I’ll remove the voice modulator altogether,” Abigail angrily said to Sylvia. She then turned to the pig. “Would you like a receipt for your purchase?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind,” he replied, as he handed her the briefcase.

“Of course. Writing it up can take twenty or thirty minutes. Come to my office when you’re ready to leave.” Abigail turned and headed to the doors that led to her office, briefcase in hand.

“Please, for God’s sake, help me!” Sylvia’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

The pig started walking slowly towards his new sex dolly. He unzipped his pants as he got closer.

“Now, Ms. Farrel, about that blowjob…”



story continues in part two


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