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Service Bot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Machine/f; process; transform; nanobots; mind-control; sexbot; brothel; object; owned; bodymod; sex; cons/nc; X

The world had radically changed at the end of the last century; the corporations had now taken over from world governments; employment was hard to come by with everyone competing for the limited number of positions. It didn’t help me that I had a minor conviction for theft, I had been kept in the comfortable corporate enclave for most of my childhood years, we had not wanted for anything, the estate we lived in was secluded from the real world, and my early education was done in the corporations own schools. It wasn’t until my father died and we had to leave the corporate supplied accommodation that I had any experience of the outside world. It was there that I got myself tangled up in the wrong crowd and we were caught when a couple of them stole some items from a local store, the judge took a dim view of what we’d done and though I only received a community service order, where I had to clean the streets for two weeks, I now had a conviction recorded against my name.

Therefore I couldn’t apply for most occupations, they simply refused anyone with any sort of criminal record, and even the military declined my application, as all companies now had a staggering number of applicants to choose from when they had any vacancies, they could pick and choose who they wanted and in the first round of refusals were generally the ones who had any record or bad marks against their character. By now though most of my social credits, these replaced currency a long time ago, had dried up and I desperately needed to find some form of work to pay my rent and feed myself. I was currently living in capsule accommodation, the rent was cheap, but the conditions were very poor, with very limited space in my capsule with only room for the bed and little else, most of my possessions had been sold and I had no access to any other funds.

Looking at the online employment options one day I came across an advert for people wanted as service bots, androids were still expensive to buy and maintain, and a few companies had come up with the idea of using the pool of unemployed as a cheaper alternative, they were controlled just like any other android service bot, but they were less expensive to hire and the maintenance was virtually zero. More of the middle classes were turning to the human service bots to save on credits as the cost of having their own android version was becoming more out of their reach; they could own or hire one of the human service bots for much less. Having looked at the advert for some time, and doubted whether I could do this to myself, I put off the idea. 

That was until I bumped into an old friend and she told me that she had just spent a year as a maid-bot, she had been hired out to a family and had served as their maid-bot looking after the family, cooking, cleaning and doing chores around the house, she said that she had found the work hard at first, but it got easier as she went along. She didn’t mind the control aspect of it; in fact, it made it easier to complete whatever task that she was assigned to do, the system taking control of her body to assist her in doing said task. In fact she told me that she was only here to clear her belongings and she was going back to become a maid-bot for the family for another 5 years, she had made enough credits in her first year to wipe her debts completely, and as such she had signed up for another 5 years plus an option to increase to 10 years so that her convictions would be expunged from her social records, she would be free and clear by the end of it all.

She seemed very happy with the way things were turning out for her and I began to wonder if it would be the same for me, could I do this? After much thought and talking with others who had done the same thing, I decided to apply and was stunned when I got back a reply within the hour that my application had been accepted, I was used to just getting rejections from the jobs I had applied for. The message stated that I was to report to the company’s local office in town the next day, where I would be further interviewed and examined to see if I was acceptable for the program. I read through some of the terms and conditions but they all seemed to be in legal-speak and I soon lost interest in reading them, I would just have to accept what they had offered, it was basically my last chance at any form of employment and getting out from under the debts I had built up.

Turning up the next day at the address they had given me, I saw several other people waiting outside, it seemed that they were all here for the same thing and there was an air of nervousness and anticipation in the air, the conversation between them was short and came down to acknowledging the presence of others by nods and gestures. Soon though we were ushered inside, there were over 30 people in the room, and I thought that my chances were going to be slim to be picked for the program. We sat there as a presentation was played on the screen in front of the room, it showed what the program entailed and there were several images of the different service bots that the company hired out, from maids, carers, service and maintenance bots. After the display we were told by a company representative about the program in general terms and that if we were accepted that we could choose the duration that we would be the company’s property to be hired out.

After that we each filed individually into side rooms for our final interview and to sign contracts of employment. It seemed that everyone who had entered into the rooms was accepted so far, as none had re-emerged from the rooms, and I held out hopes that I would be as well as this would be the last chance for me at any form of job. It was soon my turn, my nerves were heightened as I walked slowly towards my fate, inside the room I was told to sit and the company employee went over my social records, I had to explain to her about my conviction after she asked me about it, I told her that I had been in the wrong place with the wrong people and had been caught even though I had stolen nothing, but having been arrested I was grouped in with all the others and was sentenced to my community service term. 

I was amazed that I was offered a position as a service bot by her, she said that she had looked through my history and that as I hadn’t been in further trouble that she could offer me a position, though I would only be able to sign for a 5-year term as a minimum, the one-year options would not be available to me. But then she told me that if I signed up for the 10-year option that I would have my conviction dropped from my social records at the completion of the contract and that I could then resume a normal life. After hearing my friend talking to me the other day and now from the company rep I had decided already to go for the 10-year option, this would be my chance to regain my life, little did I know at the time what that 10 years would entail. I signed the contracts without any further thought and committed myself to become company property for the next 10 years.

She congratulated me on my choice, she told me that any property at my capsule would be packaged and stored by the company, and then bade me walk through another door to the processing facility. I didn’t think that it would happen so soon, but I had no choice now, so I stepped forward and entered through the door. I found myself inside another room, here stood a company service bot who told me to strip myself of all clothing and jewellery and place them in a storage box, reluctantly I took my clothes off in front of the bot, embarrassed at her seeing me naked but she was just another human-bot like I would be soon, so it didn’t seem so humiliating as if she were a normal human being. Now naked and covering the parts of my body I didn’t want to expose to the world I stood there waiting for further instructions. 

I was then directed through another door, this time it seemed more factory-like and the sounds of machinery could be heard. I looked around and saw others naked like me waiting to enter the machines in front of them, the green light bade them enter once the previous person had been processed by the machine. I waited my turn and soon the light was green for me to enter the dark depths of the machine in front of me, this was it once inside I couldn’t turn back and I would be committed to the next 10 years as a service bot, I only hoped that the family I would be serving as their maid would be kind. But unknown to me the contract that I had signed allowed the company to assign me as any one of their service bot roles, not necessarily as a maid bot, and as it turned out with my criminal record of theft it was deemed by the company that I couldn’t become a maid, that was their policy but I hadn’t read that part in the terms and conditions.

Stepping into the machine, the darkness enveloped my naked body, I followed the lighting in the floor and soon came to a spot where I was directed to stop, standing there the machine then scanned my body from top to toe, once done I was then moved forwards and then stopped again, this time a frame dropped from above me and pressed up against my back, I was instructed to place my feet in the step and metal cuffs clamped over my ankles holding me in place, my wrist were also fastened by more metal and another one encompassed my neck, I was now held securely to the frame. Several probes then began to examine my body, some finding more intimate places, entering into me and several samples were taken from me, the frame adjusting my trapped body to allow access to my whole body. One tube then entered my mouth, pushing its way down to the back of my throat and I felt a cold liquid being squirted in my mouth, I had to swallow to allow myself to breathe. The tube in my lower parts also now seemed to be doing the same, the cold liquid making me jump against the frame that held me, the restraints tightening to hold me firmly against the frame.

I’d never had an enema before but now I had found out just how effective they were, my insides felt empty and clean of all wastes, I felt light-headed and dizzy at this point, overcome with the machine doing it’s thing with me cleaning every part of me from the inside out. Soon the machine started to spray jets of cleaning fluid onto my body, it was time to clean my body it seemed to me, I quickly closed my eyes as the fluid that the machine was spraying seemed to sting my flesh on contact, not realising at this point that it was a permanent hair removal as well as cleaning agent, that soon became apparent when the rinse started up and I felt my hair dropping from my head down onto my shoulders and them slip down my naked and now sensitive flesh down to the drainage system below me. I was now even more naked from head to toe, with all of my hair from my body now gone.

The machine again scanned my body and seemingly satisfied with the work done to my body moved my frame onto the next section. Here I felt more probes attached themselves to my body, I was injected with nanobots that would not only keep me healthy but also change my appearance. All service bots had a silver sheen to their skin to distinguish them from normal humans, service bots were considered non-human according to the law and they had to be distinguished from the general population by some means, hence the silver-like appearance of the service bots, they were made to look more like the machines we were destined to become. I couldn’t see this at this point but felt the effects of the nanobots as they went to work converting me, the warmth from their actions on my body becoming more intense as the changes took place. I also felt incredibly horny as they went to work on my sex, the heat down there as it changed me causing my arousal to rise, the same heat was generated in my rear and I wondered why a maidbot would need these types of changes.

The machine changed probes and I felt a lot of heat at the back of my neck and that was followed by the probes pushing their way into my body, they were implanting my control chips, this would enable the system to control me when I was hired out as a service bot, I would be connected to the mainframe and follow the command prompts that I was given, all of my free will would be gone though I would be left with my own thoughts and my mind would be mostly my own, so I could experience the time I was a service bot and not be some mindless drone, which some more serious criminals had been sentenced to for the rest of their lives. Once the control chips were in place the nanobots made short work of making the connections to my nervous system, the implant taking control from me of my body. The final part was to print a barcode to my body along with the company logo and this was printed just above my left breast and again at the lower part of my spine, I was now just company property.

My frame was then moved to some form of storage facility, and there were several others in here all still attached to the frames binding them, their bodies changing as I watched and assumed that my body was doing the same as theirs, the skin tone changing from flesh coloured to take on the silver sheen required to become a service bot. None of the other hanging here in their frames had any hair, we all looked like robotic blanks waiting to be assigned out future roles, which we basically are, and our initial programming told us we were. During our time in storage the nanobots completed their work of converting us from humans to service bots, the skin colouring changing to a silver-tone, I didn’t know it at the time but even my eyes changed colour from blue to silver to match my skin, this would be how I would remain for the next 10 years, hopefully they also knew how to reverse the process I thought.

My hopes of becoming a maidbot in the care of some nice family was soon to be dispelled, as the room I was in began to clear, each of the now robotic blanks as we were now referred to, individually were then assigned to their future role and moved to different parts of the facility to be dressed in suitable clothing. I soon found myself headed towards the final processing machines where I thought I would be equipped as a maidbot, but my frame bypassed that line I was directed to another machine, this line seemed to be made solely of female blanks like me, the males destined to become service and maintenance bots, whilst some females were directed down what I now knew was the maidbot line, others like me were chosen for something else. As I entered the machine, I caught a glimpse of the blank in front of me she seemed to be dressed in some sort of fetish wear, the clothing, if you could call it that, was more revealing than covering her body. 

Soon I felt several mechanical arms move and adjust my body as I was dressed ready for my future role, the clothing felt cold at first as it was placed on my naked body, I didn’t know what latex was as I had never worn it before, but this was what I was being dressed in and again like the blank before me it revealed more than it covered. I didn’t have time to have a proper look before I found myself in another machine, this time it seemed to connect into my body at the rear of my neck where the probes had placed my control chip, this was an access port that would enable me to be programmed and allow me to be updated in the future should the need arise. Soon I felt a flow of thoughts enter into my mind, each one quickly replaced with another, all seemed to be on sexual matters, different positions, poses and ways to please any partner when instructed to do so by them. I was to become a sex-bot I suddenly realised, a pleasure bot to please and service other people’s needs.

This was not what I had signed up for, I began to try to reject the programming but the flow continued and each time I tried to resist I felt a shock through my brain, the system would not allow me to rebel against the program, I was reminded that I was now company property and they could do whatever they wanted to do with me for the contracted period. Once the programming was completed I knew more about sexual desires and fetishes than I ever thought that I wanted to know or desired, this was to be my future it seemed, destined to become somebody’s pleasure bot, having no choice in the matter now, I was just something to be used and discarded when they had finished with me. Again, my mind hoped that my owner or renter would be kind but knowing what I now do about some forms of deviant sexual preferences I doubted that very much.

As it was my hopes were soon to be dashed again, I was assigned to be shipped to a remote space mining colony, as I had signed up for the full 10 years it was deemed by the company that this was the best use of their asset, as the shipping costs would be easily recovered from the time I would be spent pleasuring the miners on the colony. I was soon packaged and sealed inside a transport pod, ready for my transport to the far-flung and remote mining colony, thankfully I would be in stasis for the journey. Even though the journey would take months, this time didn’t come off of my contracted time, the fine print that I hadn’t read mention that travel time to and from my assigned posting would not come out of the time I was a company asset.

Once at the mining colony I was first assigned to service the manager level, the accommodation here was plusher than the normal miners’ quarters and I was to be used exclusively by the upper management which included the company directors and visiting dignitaries. It seemed that having a proper female pleasure bot like me was rare in the outer colonies, most of the pleasure bots where old android service types converted for sexual purposes and that having me here to service them was done as a favour between a couple of managers from both companies. So, my days were spent entertaining the various managers and others, I was assigned to quarters on one of the lower levels and was kept very busy by several visitors each day. I never seemed to feel tired, I thought I would have been worn out if it wasn’t for the program controlling me and the nanobots continuing to service my body.

Each day started with a thorough cleaning program where I was cleaned inside and out by a machine, the probes entering deep within me and cleaning out just like the enema I had received back on Earth, then I would be dressed in some form of intimate latex wear, my makeup was permanently applied back at the conversion facility so thankfully that didn’t need to be done for each client I saw. Once ready the computer would then assign the first person who wanted the services of a pleasure bot, my day was then taken care of by the system and each visitor would enter and I would service their needs, they would then leave and the system would direct me through the cleaning program again, though not as intense as the initial morning one, then I would be dressed to the next clients specifications and made ready. 

I did find it easier as the days went on, my initial times that I had tried to rebel against my programming had got me nowhere, in fact I had been punished by the system and time had been added to my contract for my non-compliance, now I would have to work longer to fulfil my contract. Because I still had the freedom in my own mind I began to find some situations stimulating, my arousal at the things that I was doing to the client or that they were doing to me, I found that I was rewarded with an orgasm for my good performance, and endeavoured to seek out more as the mundane existence of being confined to my room as just a pleasure bot became the norm, the climaxes were a highlight of my day.

After the first year I found that I no longer was being used by some of the upper management, this should have concerned me but at the time I didn’t know what was happening outside of my little room on the colony. I now seemed to have several new faces and other parts to service with my body, they took great delight in having a female to use for their pleasure, not having any female contact for a long time being so far from Earth, the only sexual gratification was with the old converted robot service bots. I was now being used by the lower managers and some of the mining foremen, the upper management had now procured another female pleasure bot and I had been replaced in their schedule and moved to another location to service those lower down the management chain.

I was now working 12-16 hour days, seeing several clients in that time, each allocated from one hour to less depending on their needs and status within the company, it seemed that I was very popular and my days were filled with seeing several men filing through my quarters, some took very little time in using me while others took longer, and there were those that used my body more than once in their allocated time, using each of my available holes for their pleasure. Even though I was well used by the men, the nanobots seemed to be able to repair my body back to normal functionality, I thought that I would have been damaged by the way the men had used me but the nanobots protected me from disease and also repaired any damaged tissue to maintain my body.

It was during the third or fourth year that I had been on the colony, having lost track of time I had been here, I found myself being moved from the corporate suites that I had been kept in whilst here, for the first time since I had arrived here outside to another building on the far side of the mining compound. The building was brightly lit on the outside and there seemed to be many men coming and going from the facility, which turned out to be a brothel used by the rest of the miners during their downtime, I was now assigned to service any of the men that required my sexual services. Inside I was reprogrammed by the system though still a pleasure bot, I was tasked to please the men that would use me in a quicker fashion, the faster that I processed the clients though, the more money the brothel could make and my hours were increased and I now rarely got more than 4 hours downtime, sometimes less. 

The brothel though controlled by the mining corporation was run independently, the profit shared between the brothel owners and the mining corporation, this lead to them cutting corners to make more credits from the visiting miners or clients, and as such my cleaning program was cut back and I saw several clients before I was assigned to the cleaning machine, as time taken in the machine could better be used to service even more clients, but this machine not only cleaned my body inside and out but also topped up the nanobots used to keep my body in shape and safe from disease. The nanobots were deemed by the brothel owners to be an expensive luxury and pleasure bots would only require them every few days or even weekly, to maximise the profit margin they made from each female pleasure bot. And they now had several like me available to the miners and visitors from other planets and colonies, each moving down the line as I had from the management levels to end up their days in the brothel, so the cost of the nanobots for several female pleasure bots was deemed to be an expense that the owners could cut back on.

By the end of the 6th year my body had begun to show the signs of wear from the near-constant use by the miners and others, I felt sick inside and even any pleasure that I had initially found when having sex with clients was now gone, my mind seemed numb and I was basically being controlled by the system, my own ability to move had long since ceased and I lay there between clients not wishing to move, I have lost count of the days and there was no way that I could estimate the number of men that had used me. The lack of the nanobots to repair my body had taken its toll and I soon felt so ill that I could only lay there as I was being used, there being no interaction between myself and the client using my body, this turned off the men using me and they asked for others pleasure bots and my use was cut back to the few drunks who didn’t know or care that they were effectively using a dummy or sexdoll for their sexual needs.

The brothel management saw me as a liability and I was sold to another company, I was then transported off-planet to another colony, whilst on the ship for the journey I was injected with some black market nanobots to repair and reformat my body. The process was incredibly painful, the nanobots seemed to be burning my entire body from the inside out, luckily I was heavily sedated and restrained otherwise I would have probably hurt myself or others. My arms and legs had atrophied whilst I lay still in the brothel and these were replaced by bio-synthetic versions, the operation to remove my limbs done whilst the nanobots were working throughout my body. Several organs were also replaced due to disease or the company deemed that I no longer needed them, and now I would no longer require to eat, the bio-robotic replacements would be recharged along with my limbs. My mind had been numb for some time now and this was the spark that reignited my mind, for the first time in ages I felt alive, though I probably would wish that I wasn’t for what my future held for me.

By the time the ship arrived at my final destination my body had been fully repaired and I was now more biomechanical than human, the only parts not replaced being my head and sexual organs, though I would no longer be able to reproduce, not that I would be concerned with that now, my mind had been reprogrammed again and all memories of my former life were now wiped from my mind, I now only thought of myself as a pleasure bot, to be owned and used to service clients, all thoughts of returning back to Earth now gone. I was resold again to another brothel on the outer edges of known space, the colonies on the planet were much rougher and rugged than the previous mining colony, I was now just a sexual slave to be used by the brothels paying customers, there was no way that I would be returned to the original corporation that I had signed my contract with, this would be my life from now on.


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