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The New Normal

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; maid; maid-bot; bond; latex; cuffs; chastity; catsuit; hood; gag; bodymod; permanent; electro; collar; reluct; cons; XX

Kylie was shuffling down the sidewalk admiring the woman in front of her walking perfectly in the platform ballet boots. The rubber the woman was wearing hugged her perfectly shining like it was black glass. Kylie fought the chains her sister kept her locked into, wishing she hadn’t agreed to be under her full control.

The year was 2043; fetish of all kinds were now fully accepted by society, bondage fetish had become the most popular. Now you see more people in public bound and gagged than not, almost everyone wears something fetish.

Kylie had lost another job, having to move in with her older sister Krystal who had appointed herself her new mistress until she could move out again. Kylie had no choice but to agree, enjoying being under someone else’s control anyway, and hoping her sister could keep up with her desires.

Krystal used Kylie’s situation and submissive desires to please herself and practice her dominance. When Kylie had agreed Krystal had immediately locked heavy steel shackles around her ankles and wrists.

The shackles had only a few links of chain between each, leaving Kylie to have to learn how to function with the restrictions. Krystal had appointments everyday and most evenings she had clients that came to her home.

When her clients would come over Kylie was bound normally in a tight hogtie with her mouth stuffed with a large gag. Krystal would lace the thick leather hood so tight that Kylie could only concentrate on her breathing while Krystal serviced her clients.

Krystal enjoyed tormenting her sister and each time she bound her she made it tighter and eventually she would bind her every night just because she enjoyed it so much. Kylie would fight her bonds for an hour or so before accepting she was bound for the night only being able to hope her sister would release her the next day.

Krystal made sure Kylie never had the option to have an orgasm wanting her desires to grow knowing that when she became desperate enough Kylie would do anything she wanted. Kylie spent her days shuffling around town trying to find a job fighting the chains and the steel plate that had been locked over her pussy.

Kylie had an appointment that afternoon with a real estate company in hopes they might have a service job for her. Service jobs were coveted by everyone who enjoyed being a servant and paid well especially if you agreed to live as a in house slave. 

Today you can buy houses or apartments fully set up with whatever fetish gear you want, some even come with in house slaves. Her desires to serve and be controlled had almost ruined her life forcing her to accept she needed to find full time master or mistress or she would be living in one of the clubs that had become known for mistreating their slaves.

The agent had an almost finished house up for sale looking for an in-house slave to complete the setup, the house was brand new built especially for bondage fetish. Kylie was going to the interview in full bondage gear showing her being totally submissive planning on handing keys to the interviewer so they could remove anything they wanted. 

Kylie had worn her thickest rubber catsuit, Krystal had locked the steel belt over it adding her shackles to make sure she couldn’t remove it. Kylie loved the tight rubber but had wished her sister had not locked the tall high heels on.

Before Kylie had left Krystal had contacted the agent and asked if speaking was required for the interview. Krystal had been told “No,” so once Kylie was dressed she pulled the head harness over her rubber coated head stuffing Kylie’s mouth with a huge cock gag.

Kylie could only moan knowing that wearing the harness could actually help her get the position figuring she could remove it if needed. Once the harness was buckled as tight as possible Krystal brushed out Kylie’s long ponytail then locked each buckle. 

Kylie struggled in her chains and heels to get on and off the three buses she had to take to the agent’s office. By the time she arrived she was extremely horny and exhausted, slowly walking into the office and plopping down in a chair.

The agent inspected her for a moment before ordering her to stand, making her walk in circles, bend and stretch before taking her into another room. She was asked a bunch of yes or no questions then asked about her chastity belt suddenly remembering her keys holding out her trembling hand. 

The agent smiled as she took the keys and continued asking Kylie questions only having to remove the gag to explain she loved the idea of chastity but never had the money to buy a full set and that the one she was wearing was her sisters. 

The gag was put back in, the tall woman removed her belt and unzipped the thick rubber catsuit she had worn. The agent inspected Kyle’s body before pulling her hands towards the ceiling attaching them there leaving her alone to wonder what was happening. 

The agent returned with a chastity set; she explained it wasn’t Kylie’s size but should be ok for the test. The agent locked the belt around her waist squeezing it substantially before locking the thigh cuffs around her legs.

Kylie could only watch as the agent locked the matching bra around her chest whimpering quietly as it was squeezed almost as hard. With the steel locked on over the catsuit Kylie was told the house would be finished in three months.

The agent explained “I’ll call you when it’s finished, if you are still interested, we’ll meet to finish the paperwork and get you suited for the job.” Kylie stood gasping from the overly tight steel nodding in agreement.

The agent continued “If you call me before that I’ll remove the belt and continue looking, you are number three so we’ll hope one of you makes it.” “Now go home and practice cleaning and cooking while being bound and gagged and I would suggest, if you are serious, practice wearing ballet boots.” 

The agent had already told Krystal her expectations so when Kylie arrived home still gagged and bound she would only help her when she needed to be fed or go to the bathroom. For the first two weeks Kylie was left completely bound and gagged serving her sister in every way.

Krystal used her emergency keys to remove the gag and let Kylie tell the story, closely inspecting the belt and bra telling her how lucky she would be if she got the job. Krystal closed everything back up, only opening the suit once a month to clean her body.

Krystal never let Kylie spend more than an hour ungagged and keeping her bound every day and hogties at night. It took a few weeks before Kylie became comfortable in her bonds, handing Krystal a pair of ballet boots watching helplessly as they were laced onto her feet and knowing they would be there from now on.

After a few more weeks Kylie wanted to forget the whole thing, her body aches had eased considerably but the constant frustration was really troubling her. Krystal kept her bound and gagged so she couldn’t ask for anything and by the end of the third month she was actually looking forward to living away from her sister.

Krystal dropped Kylie off still bound and gagged like her first visit with the added ballet boots. The agent was impressed that she hadn’t called and was still fully bound, apologized for keeping her keys and offered her the job. 

Kylie was told she would be paid $1,000,000 per year if she commited to being a total submissive/slave for three years. Kylie was ready to sign the contracts giving up all her rights to be treated as a human right then.

The agent explained if she quits before one year she gets nothing, after two years she gets only a small part. If she stays for all three she gets a bonus. Lastly if she re-ups for three more years the salary doubles, but that would be per her new owner’s request. 

Kylie immediately signed the contracts, mumbling that it was everything she had hoped for and sat waiting for the agent to free her planning on going home to pack and bring herself to an orgasm before starting her new job.

The agent already had a purchaser for the home who wanted a slave/maid that agreed to no sexual contact and absolutely no speaking of any kind. They wanted a slave that would just be able to move enough to clean house and must enjoy being punished since that will be her only contact with the owner.

The house had the latest computer controls so the slave would be just another thing to be controlled by the house. Everything she did would be controlled by an in-house computer that would command her by “stimulating” her with the suit she would be sealed into. 

The suit Kylie would be encased in was top of the line made from the newest crystal-clear material that mimicked the look and feel of thick plastic that would stay mostly flexible. The buyer had requested the electro stim pads in the suit changed to be able to punish in the most sensitive areas.

The pads would be used to punish as well as keep Kylie’s muscles stimulated when she was in long term storage. The buyer had added to their request the slave must have a miniscule waist, long neck and be able to function permanently en-point. 

The agent had been looking for almost a year and needed someone now to complete the deal so once Kylie had agreed and signed the contract she was excited. Kylie had signed without reading the contract making the agent not obliged to explain anything further to her.

The agent took Kylie to be fitted leaving her bound and gagged just clipping a leash to her collar and leading her out to her car. Kylie was taken to be fitted directly from her office so she could become accustomed to the new uniform. 

The agent had some time as the final touches were finished on the new construction wanting to get Kylie prepped and accustomed to her new life. Kylie was freed from all her restraints and clothing being left standing naked in a little room.

If Kylie had known this would be the last time she would be able to feel her own skin she wouldn’t have stood idly waiting for the next step. Kylie’s wrists, ankles, waist and neck were clamped tightly into a stand to keep her perfectly still. The scan took three hours leaving her incredibly horny and still hoping she would be allowed to go home after the fitting.

Kylie was immediately taken to another room still locked rigidly to the stand and scrubbed roughly. Her hair color was permanently changed to a dark red while all hair on her body was permanently removed leaving her itching and trying to wiggle to scratch.

By the time she was in the suit room, the company had completed preparations, inserting multiple tubes inside her and down her throat. She felt the odd sensation of her stomach being pulled in unaware they were applying vacuum inside her to draw her waist down to a more appropriate size. 

Kylie was whimpering before she was suddenly engulfed in something feeling it wrapping around her entire body. She felt her bonds being released then instantly reapplied over it until they reached her neck.

A very tall collar was clamped around her neck before the suit was placed over it and her neck re-clamped by the stand. Kylie was struggling from the strange sensations as she struggled against the rack finally passing out from all of the compression.

Kylie woke several hours later at the agent's home, she was standing on her pointed toes with her arms bound behind her back and her waist and neck clamped firmly. She had a strange feeling all over her body slowly becoming aware she was encased in the new suit.

The suit was sealed from the opening where her ponytail erupted from the top of her head to the tips of her pointed feet. It was constantly squeezing her body, the thickness of the material would make bending her arms and legs possible but difficult. 

The suit was thickened and set hard around her body from her crotch to the top of her head making it impossible to bend or twist. She could open her eyes but could only hear when allowed, through the headphones embedded into her ears.

The tubes that had been fed into her controlled her body functions and assisted her breathing making it impossible for her to make a sound of any kind. She didn’t have any openings to the outside world with even her nostrils being sealed by the suit.

Kylie slowly realized she was fully under the control of the suit and anyone that had access to the computer program. Kylie stood for hours flexing her encased body, learning how to control her breathing in the tight bodice and collar.

Kylie spent two weeks getting over being suited up learning to control her breathing and walk in the much stiffer ballet boots made into the suit. The constant tingling of the electrodes frightened her but she started to like it but the hard plastic helmet and bodice scared her. 

She had thought the slave suits were left flexible all over being told by the agent that only her legs and arms were flexible and even those were limited. She couldn’t feel hardly anything, barely able to feel her crotch and the hard plastic over it typing out her questions when allowed. 

The wide steel cuffs were locked on her wrists and ankles and a tall steel collar locked around her neck. Kylie asked “Why cuffed? When will the suit come off?”

The agent looked at her and smiled, telling her, “Cuffs are for your new owner’s amusement and the suit might come off in three years.”

Kylie was shocked, she had been sure that she would be freed at least for cleanings and sex; she desperately typed this to the agent. The agent just shook her head, explaining that she would not be released from plastic until her contract was up.

The agent left out that was only if her new owner allowed it, if not then she would never be freed. Another month at the agent’s house passed, Kylie had learned to accept her situation making herself believe her new owner would want to have sex with her forcing them to release her.

Kylie was performing her daily duties very well, pleasing the agent, being told that she would be going to her new home tomorrow. The next day two large men came in, the men positioned her squatting with her arms straight down before lifting her into a small box and slamming the lid. 

She was trucked to the new house several hours away with her box being left in a small closet leaving her desperate for air as the small unit inside the box limited her air while she was sealed inside it. When the box was finally opened, she was ordered to stand, seeing the agent next to a large woman dressed in head-to-toe latex. 

Kylie noticed the woman’s towering high heels and stiff posture collar around her neck hearing, “Well she’s a little fat” the tall woman said.

“Oh, that can be fixed,” the agent said, taking a light from her purse and running it around Kylie’s waist line. 

Immediately the plastic began constricting, squeezing the air from Kylie’s already restricted lungs. Kylie watched in horror as the agent handed the light to the woman telling her she could make it as small as she wanted.

The agent advised her to do it in stages, “We don’t offer a warranty if she’s damaged.”

The woman snorted, “can it at least walk?” Kylie had already been conditioned to obey, but after two months with the agent encased and helpless she immediately followed her orders. 

The tall woman said, “Deal. I have already examined the contracts including the house slave, you were lucky to find such a young one willing to sign her life away to be a servant.”

The agent smiled and said “No you’re the lucky one.” 

Kylie stood letting what she heard sink in realizing she had sold herself, no GIVEN, herself into permanent slavery encased in thick plastic essentially making herself an object not even a sex toy! 

She hung on the verge of an orgasm for an hour sweating profusely as the suit wicked it away from her skin. She hoped she would be able to enjoy her new life, deciding it wouldn’t matter anyway. 

Since the hard plastic had been set this long, cutting it off wasn’t an option anymore unless she had a lot of money. Kylie had read a recent story of a slave wanting to be freed but had been left encased in a similar suit but more flexible. 

Kylie had already been made rigid so it would cost much more to remove the suit so she was stuck, her only hope was to befriend her new owner and hope someday she might free her. 

Before the two walked away her owner told her to return to her room so she walked into the small room and before she could even turn around the woman closed the door.

Kylie’s new owner whispered, “Don’t think you will ever be more than a slave/maid to me.” She left Kylie trapped in the tighter suit, unable to even weep as she realized she would be captive for the rest of her life fighting the tension of the suit. 

These thoughts were running though slave Kylie’s head as her biggest and probably, final orgasm slammed though her body.


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