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Rubber Drone #6

by Allatex and Gromet

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Rubber Drone #6

By Gromet & Allatex 

Arriving at the home of Mr. Sloane, Mrs. Cartwright was surprised by the size and layout of the house and extensive gardens, which were very beautifully landscaped. She had known Mr. Sloane through her own store, which sold latex clothing and other items. He had been a particularly good customer of hers, having bought many, many items over the years. She was somewhat surprised to get the invitation to visit his home but looked forward to getting to know more about her very best customer.

Mr. Sloane welcomed her into his home and then gave her a tour of the house and grounds, asking questions about various parts of the home; as the tour continued, she found Mr. Sloane to be very entertaining. The home was immaculate, well laid out, and tidy and she began to wonder how he managed to keep the house so pristine. Asking him how he manages the day-to-day running of the house, Mr. Sloane then introduced her to his staff of robotic house drones, as he called them.

Mrs. Cartwright immediately noticed that the drones are wearing the latex clothing that she sold Mr. Sloane. She had wondered when making the order for these special items what use they were intended for, but she had a rule that she never pried into the customers’ requirements. She remained discreet in all her dealings and had gained a reputation among her clients for her discretion, that was why she was popular with many clients worldwide.

She had thought about trying on one of the outfits at the time; she loved the way that the suits had turned out; they were from a new supplier that she hadn’t used before, and there was something about them that fascinated her. The material was a new softer feeling type of latex, but incredibly strong, but it felt like silk to the touch. Also, because of time restraints between getting the suits from the supplier and delivery to her client, plus the fact that she would never wear the clothing in case she damaged them in fitting them on herself, she had passed on the chance to try one on herself. 

She admired the way that the suits looked on the drones; the suits enhanced the bodies of the robotic drones, who for some reason were all female in appearance; there did not seem to be a male version, well not around the house that she had seen. The black latex covered them from head to toe, the suits were highly polished and reflected the light, and her eyes were drawn to the way that the suits showed off the female bodies of the drones to their best. 

Seeing their breasts held firm by the suits, not that it occurred to wonder why they had them, they were a robot after all, with them displaying their rounded orbs it gave her particular feelings that she hadn’t felt since her college days when she had dabbled in a same-sex relationship. The crotch area of the drones had a removable cover she seemed to recall and had wondered at the time when inspecting the suits what use that would be for in a robotic servant.

After a delightful meal served by the drones, attending to their duties without any hitch, they moved smoothly around the room, the suits they wore again attracting her interest. Eventually, the evening came to a reluctant end; she had enjoyed herself, the food had been excellent, and Mr. Sloane had been the perfect host, plus the spectacle of the rubber drones moving about the room had kept her attention, maybe distracting her from engaging with her host for the evening. 

She headed upstairs to her guest bedroom, shown the way by one of the robotic drones; she could not take her eyes off of the drone as it led the way, the suit moving slightly on the robot’s body, seemingly to tease Mrs. Cartwright. Her first thoughts of Mr. Sloane maybe inviting her to share his own bedroom was now just a distant wishful thought; maybe he was too shy or maybe that he wasn’t attracted to her; either way, she thought that it was his loss.

The drone had shown her to her room, turning down the bed, the drone had bent over many times giving Mrs. Cartwright a wonderful spectacle, something that brought back memories, and she wondered if maybe that the drone would be available for other services. But her thoughts were interrupted when the drone had finished its assigned tasks and had started to make its way to the bedroom door, leaving Mrs. Cartwright alone, her arousal now higher due in part to the drone but also the latex it wore. And as she tried to sleep, her mind kept coming back to the suit that the drone wore, how it looked, and she wondered again what it would feel like to wear something like that.

She wasn’t new to wearing latex; she had an extensive wardrobe of her own, mostly of the items that she stocked and sold in her store, she and her assistants wore the clothing on a daily basis to display the merchandise, and she had found it to be a great tool to market the goods and also add to her own collection, all the while writing off the cost to the store and the taxman. So, win-win there, and she got to indulge her fetish for latex clothing.

But she found that she was unable to sleep, she tossed and turned in the bed, and her thoughts kept coming back to the suit and her lost opportunity to have worn the suit in her storeroom, she had to get her mind off of the suits so she thought to herself that maybe a nightcap might help her sleep. Her mind now more focused on the drink, she headed downstairs to find the cabinet she had seen earlier that contained the beverage that she desired.

But as she passed the room where the drones were stored when not being used, she wanted to see again for herself just how good the suits really looked and maybe just to feel one of the suits, her love of latex was one of the reasons that she got into the business in the first place, and she hadn’t wanted to touch the drones in front of Mr. Sloane. Checking that she wasn’t being observed, she walked into the room and found the drones seemingly peacefully asleep in their recharging pods, still wearing the suits that she so desired to touch and find out how they felt on their bodies.

Reaching up to touch one of the female drones, she hesitates as she did not want to wake up one of them and maybe have the whole house and Mr. Sloane know that she was even in here. She felt that maybe she had intruded on an area of the house that she should not be in. But she had to know what the suit felt like, her desires overcoming her own judgment; that was when she spotted a couple of spare suits laying on a workbench, perfect she thought to herself, just grab one and try it on, and then leave without anyone knowing.

Quickly disrobing her nightgown, she always slept naked; the times that she had worn latex nightwear, she had found herself too turned on and had spent the night wearing herself out, leaving her exhausted the next day in the store. So, having the experience in wearing latex, she knew that having some type of lubricant made putting on the suit much more manageable, and she would be less likely to damage the suit when trying it on.

She looked around and found what looked like a bottle of lube; the clear liquid resembled the stuff that she supplied with her clothing; she started to generously apply it to her legs and then her arms, making sure to cover her entire body in the cold liquid. She now reached for the suit, placing her feet inside the inky blackness; she felt like a giddy schoolgirl, her heartbeat rising at the thought of her wearing this suit, her skin tingling at the touch of the latex.

Now that both feet were covered and she had gotten over the initial rush of wearing the suit, she started to bring the suit up over her legs, and it was going okay up to the point where the suit managed to make contact with her moist sensitive parts, the shock of the suit making contact giving her delightful feelings through her body, waves of pleasure running through her, her skin tingling all over. Once she had recovered from the incredible sensation of her body doing its thing, she continued to dress her upper body inside the suit.

She again felt her body start to enjoy the feel of the suit as it touched her nipples and enclosed her breasts in their remarkable grasp; the suit seemed to wrap itself around her fleshy orbs, her nipples making their presence know when hitting the inner part of the suit that covered them so delightfully. Next, she placed her arms inside the suit and worked her hands down into the gloved area; she made sure that her fingers were in their proper place and that her hands were available should she require them later.

Working the suit over her shoulders, she found that her body fitted inside the suit nicely, like she was meant to wear it, and she thought that maybe she would take it back to her bedroom to explore in private. The last part that she needed to fix was the closure at the rear of the suit; she would have no difficulty in getting her hands behind her; she had always been very flexible, and once encased inside the suit, she would be able to head upstairs to experience what it felt like in a more personal way.

Now that she had managed to close the zipper at the rear of the suit, she was now covered from her neck down to her toes inside the suit and taking one quick look at the drones as they continued to sleep in their pods, their bodies enticing and tempting her to play with them. She resisted her urges to touch them, but her arousal now that the suit covered her own body turned her thoughts to finding some self-pleasure in the private confines of her bedroom.

Mrs. Cartwright made her way back up to the bedroom, the feelings of the suit on her body distracting her, her mind intent on enjoying herself once she was safely back inside the room, she was too lost in her own world even to think that maybe she shouldn’t be doing this. The suit seemed to be getting tighter on her body; it fitted much better and had now begun to feel more like a second skin as she headed back to her room, making her body feel more aroused than she had ever felt before.

Unknown to her, Mr. Sloane had also not been able to sleep and had headed downstairs; an alarm had alerted him to someone in the rubber drone room, and he wondered who it could have been. Not realizing until he saw her that Mrs. Cartwright was the person who had triggered the alarm and wondered what she was doing, he was going to interrupt her to find out what she was doing in the room, but when he saw her disrobe herself, now standing there naked marveling at her body, he decided to watch and see what would happen.

As he watched, he saw her trying on one of the spare suits. He saw her naked form, liked what he saw, and then watched as she worked her magnificent body inside the suit. Watching as she worked the lube over her body, he nearly stopped her at this point, knowing that it was the glue that fixed the suit to the drone bodies, but something made him stop himself from interrupting the unfolding scene, and other thought started to formulate in his mind for Mrs. Cartwright.

When inviting her to his home, he had intended to try to seduce Mrs. Cartwright but had backed out at the last moment; he had doubts about whether she would find him a suitable partner. Mr. Sloane preferred his females to be more compliant to his own needs and had never really found someone who would fit the role that he required. He had thought that maybe Mrs. Cartwright had felt something for him, but during the evening, she hadn’t shown any hint to him that she wanted him other than a client of her store; she was more of a strong independent woman, not someone who would bend to his needs.

Now seeing her dressed as one of his drones, he started to change his plans, and his thoughts of her as his partner were now no longer on his mind; he was now contemplating other things for her future. Following discreetly behind her, he watched as she headed back upstairs now dressed inside one of the rubber drone suits; he presumed that she was headed back to her bedroom, he had to admire the way that the suit looked on her body; she seemed to be made for the suit as it showed her body to perfection, and he knew that she would have to be his.

Mrs. Cartwright had reached the bedroom, her desires to find out what the suit felt like and her arousal, once she had started to wear the suit, were her only consideration at this point, her plans were for her to spend some time getting to play with herself in the suit and work off some of her pent-up awakenings that she felt from just wearing the suit. All thoughts of anything else at this moment in time were now gone.

Mr. Sloane, meanwhile now satisfied with what he had found, now thought that maybe he should take advantage of the situation. Getting ahead of Mrs. Cartwright by slipping through a shortcut, he headed off the latex-clad female in the hallway just as she was entering the bedroom, finding that she looked even better close-up.

“Mrs. Cartwright is that you?” he asked.

Mrs. Cartwright was shocked and surprised at being found dressed this way; she had not expected to be seen wearing this outfit and stood there frozen on the spot, stunned and unable to communicate.

“My dear, you do look wonderful in that suit,” he continued, “even better than the drones, I hesitate to say.” Still shocked, Mrs. Cartwright could only look on like a deer caught in the headlights. “In fact, I’d go as far as to say that you look just like one of my rubber drones,” he stated.

She wondered what he was talking about and then caught sight of herself in a large mirror; she did indeed look just like one of the rubber drones she had witnessed earlier, her body covered by the wonderful latex suit, enhancing her features just like the drones. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Mr. Sloane continue. “I’d even say that you would make a great rubber drone yourself, my dear, like you were born to be one.”

Still distracted by the vision of her body in the mirror, she didn’t see the straps that Mr. Sloane had picked up from nearby; just as quickly, he started to place these around her body, binding her arms to her sides, trapping them in the process. Shocked at the sudden move by Mr. Sloane, Mrs. Cartwright could only try to express her distress at what he had done; and when she started to open her mouth to protest, she found that Mr. Sloane already had a gag ready for her, too shocked at this point, the gag was easy to fix in place, and she now found herself bound and gagged by him.

Mr. Sloane then forcefully made the still stunned Mrs. Cartwright walk down the hallway and back downstairs, heading back to the drone storage room that she had first started out in, she tried to stop him but bound and gagged she was no match for his strength, he seemed to be determined to do whatever he wanted to her, and she could do nothing at this point to stop him.

Once inside the room, Mr. Sloane moved her bound form over towards the rear of the room; there he picked up the missing piece of the rubber drone uniform that she hadn’t worn tonight. The hood part she had left off, she had a dislike of wearing them, she felt them too confining, and she had once had an accident wearing one where she had struggled to breathe. But it seemed that she would soon be wearing this one judging by Mr. Sloane’s actions.

“All of my drones wear these hoods,” he said to the stunned Mrs. Cartwright, “It’s not only that it completes the latex suit but that it is also a way to control them.” Not sure what he meant by what he was saying to her, Mrs. Cartwright continued to struggle; she did not want to wear the hood, much less be controlled by whatever this thing was. “You see, Mrs. Cartwright, all of my rubber drones here were once women like you, but once I had them dressed inside the suits and wearing the hoods, they became my servants, unable to have any self-control, but still knowing that they were once free but now subservient to my desires, just as you will become too.” Mr. Sloane said with a smile on his face.

The disturbing look that he gave her, plus the information that he intended to make her just another one of his rubber drones, gave her the strength to try one last time to get herself out of her predicament, but again bound, gagged, and now in the hands of two of the rubber drones that had been woken up, both of which had a very secure grip on her body, she was unable to get free.

Mr. Sloane then brought the hood down on top of her head, soon it had completely covered her head and face, and he started to secure the rear fastening, the hood getting tighter with each pull of the lacing there. Now covered from head to toe like the other drones, she was moved over to the spare charging pod, the two drones making short work of binding the straps around her body until she was securely fastened inside the machine.

Stuck now and looking around at what her future held for her, she started to despair and wail at what had happened to her; she didn’t want to become another drone, her desires were only to wear the suit not to become one with it, but that it seemed to her was now out of her hands. Try as she might, the straps holding her tightly inside the pod held her body, the gag that was removed when the hood was placed over her head now replaced by another, she was unable to plead for her release and was now trapped in the hands of this madman, who now wanted to enslave her, adding her to his collection of rubber drones.

Attaching a harness around her head, Mr. Sloane then added a few wire attachments; satisfied that the latest drone was now ready for the final process, he took one look at the woman that was bound there before him, admiring the way that her body looked in the suit, he knew that he would soon be enjoying using this drone for his pleasure.

“Well, Mrs. Cartwright, I must say it has been a pleasure doing business with you, and my latest acquisition from you will give me many hours of pleasure in the days to come,” he smiled again as he watched her reaction. “You will make a great addition to my rubber drones.”

“No point in resistance, Number 6,” he said, “Yes, that is your new designation now Number 6, you will no longer be Mrs. Cartwright, you will now become another one of my anonymous rubber drones around the house, seeing to my needs.”

“I know that you sold me the suits, but the hoods were my own design, for you see my dear, they are what controls my drones, you will soon be fully connected to the system that controls them, and you will have no choice but to follow the commands given to you. Normally, I have to either kidnap or drug the females before converting them to my drones, but finding you already willingly dressed like them made up my mind that I should add you to my stable of rubber drones.”

Touching the body of the still struggling female bound before him, he continued, “The suit does feel good, doesn’t it number 6? It’s like a second skin in more ways than one; the liquid you applied before wearing is very special, it’s designed to make the suit and your skin become one, call it a glue if you wish, but once the suit makes contact, it and your flesh become one, so you’re now stuck forever as a rubber drone.”

“Welcome to your new home number 6. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the morning.” He finished up with one last touch of his newly acquired rubber drone, switching on the device to enable the mind control to take place. He headed out of the room, knowing that when he returned, he would have a new rubber drone to take care of his every need, and he would need to find a new supplier of latex-wear.


(Thanks to Allatex for the chance to write and share one of his ideas)

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