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The Robot

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by permission - also appears Machine stories

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Jane had been given the machine by her company as a beta tester. Originally she had been told the small robot would do her daily household chores but would learn about her the longer it stayed with her and could perform almost any task. Jane really didn’t want to fool around with another autonomous vacuum cleaner, the last had been a real let down and she had to fill out those lengthy daily reports. She only agreed because she had been promised a bonus and told there would be no reporting necessary the machine downloaded nightly for that. She had not been told that the robot downloaded each completed task and what it learned each night wirelessly so everything she did or said to it would be monitored. Jane looked at the small unit and couldn’t see how something this small could do much but agreed and took the unit “U5” home. 

Jane reluctantly took it home and quickly set its parameters using voice control, and complete autonomy modes allowing the robot to do anything it needed to do to complete its tasks. Jane didn’t know that it was also studying her even watching as she slept and had become especially “interested” in her bondage playtimes. After a few weeks a message popped up on her computer screen asking if she would like to expand the machines capabilities. Jane scanned the programming suggestions finding one option that simply read “Allow total abilities”. She stopped and read this option and found out that it would allow the machine to make its own decisions based on what it presumes its owner wants it to do. Jane not really wanting to answer a bunch of questions clicked on this option and the screen went away. Jane arrived home and found that the small machine had rearranged her apartment. She called for it “U5?” and the machine came scurrying into the room.

“Why did you change everything?” Jane asked. She looked at the TV screen and read part of the lengthy report about aesthetics and efficiency then stopped and told the unit not to make changes without her permission. Jane ignored the next screen response that explained she would have to reprogram the unit for it to stop its programmed responses and went to her room. It had been a long week for Jane and she had looked forward to binding herself for several hours while the vibrators made her orgasm over and over again. Jane showered unaware the machine had monitored her internet searches and had tied together all her body responses with the images she had been looking at. It had also used when she had watched bondage videos and was now prepared to “help” her achieve better reactions to the stimuli than she would have ever imagined she could have. 

As Jane showered the machine recognized her bodies vitals as “pre” self satisfying mode and began to run through its memory bank everything it had learned about her. During its reorganization of her apartment it had found her fetish and bondage stash and had already researched each items purpose and sat humming as it prepared for helping her pleasure herself. Jane dried her body and immediately started rubbing the lube all over herself then carefully slipped her legs into the full body latex catsuit she had chosen for tonight’s bondage games. The suit would cover her from her chin to her toes, the tight rubber covering every inch of her body down to her finger tips with multiple zippers to allow access to the important parts she would be needing access to.

The black figure emerged from the bathroom with its rubber skin shining in the dim lights and moved to her closet and pulled out her heelless ballet boots. Jane had no delusions of being able to walk in the boots she just loved the way they held her feet and owned many different styles and types of ballet shoes and boots. Jane picked her neck corset up and hummed slightly taking them to her bed and returning to her closet and removing the thick leather sensory deprivation hood from the mannequin’s head she kept it on. This hood had become her favorite since it removed all sight and sound and the gag was very comfortable even though it was very large and filled her mouth completely. She also liked the small nose openings and breathing tube and found she could wear it for hours, and had on many occasions.

The steel restraint set was next and she carried the box with the hood on it to her bed and then skipped with anticipation to the freezer and pulled out her ice release and dashed back to the bedroom. Being out of her room in the latex always made her excited, she had dreamed about wearing latex and other items outside but had never had the courage to make herself do it. Back in her room she closed and locked her door and pulled out her vibrators. These were her all time favorite products of the company she worked for had ever produced. They were connected by a short bar and once the large plug and phallus had been inserted she could tighten the connecting link and they would not come out until it was loosened again.

She had worn them many times at work leaving both inert during the day and every time had barely been able to make it home before she climaxed hard from the frustration of them moving around inside her all day. At home she kept them fully charged ready to use whenever she needed them. The nipple clamps were also laid out on the night stand waiting for their turn, these clamps she had found on line and were infinitely adjustable and once tightened properly were very difficult to remove.

Jane was now ready, her release close by already showing signs of melting as Jane slipped her feet into the boots and laced them very tight up to her knees. The laces were covered by a wide leather strap above her calf that once it was locked would seal her fate to have to at least wear the rubber and boots until the ice melted. Jane opened the box and pulled out the steel ankle cuffs and smiled as she closed each around her booted ankles relishing the sound of the loud clicks as they were closed. The three inch wide steel belt was next, it had to be squeezed hard to close around her waist and after some grunting Jane heard the click of the lock close. Jane picked up the wrist cuffs that already had short lengths of chain attached to them and smiled as she quickly locked each around her wrists.

Now fully committed to being locked in her rubber and boots Jane wrestled the neck corset over her head and began threading the laces through the remaining eyelets. Jane really liked the compression of the neck corset and how its firm grasp kept her head erect and knew that once the hood was laced and strapped tightly she wouldn’t be able to move her head at all. Jane tugged and pulled on the laces until she felt the collar pressing on her throat then adjusted it so it was equally tight from top to bottom and tied the laces off. Jane twisted her body checking the room and making sure where her release was located before pulling the heavy leather over her head.

Jane fed the large gag into her mouth and pulled and twisted the leather hood until her head was fully engulfed inside it. Now Jane was in complete blackness, the padded leather over her eyes pressed on her eye lids keeping them closed adding to her feeling of helplessness. She worked on pulling the laces tight until the leather was compressing her head and face snugly then began tightening the straps around her head. The straps ran across her eyes and mouth ending with the last one angling up from under her jaw locking it tightly around the leather phallus in her mouth. She pulled the wide collar attached to the hood snugly around her corseted throat, the collar not only made the hood impossible to remove but also trapped the laces to the neck corset under it.

Jane was panting through the breathing holes as she struggled to find the holes in each buckle and slipped small locks through them. As she finished with the hood she felt that the steel belt was much tighter than normal and chuckled to herself better lay off the pastries as her hands tried to find a loose spot under it. Jane lay back stroking her rubber covered body for a few minutes before carefully unzipping her firm breasts and kneading each out of the rubber stretched over them. Jane fondled her breasts briefly before pinching and twisting her nipples until they were fully erect. Placing a clamp over her left nipple she began adjusting the tension on it until she could take no more then repeated the action on her right nipple. Jane lay gasping from the pain letting her body get accustomed to the clamps before dragging herself into the center of the bed.

The idea was simple a nice hogtie while she would be vibrated randomly then have to carefully ease her restrained body down to the floor and work her way to the keys that would be hopefully waiting in a puddle of water. She wasn’t going to cover her breasts again because she liked the extra challenge of her clamped nipples dragging on the bed and carpet and also the constant compression of them under the tight rubber would begin to hurt too much. Once in the center of the bed she rolled onto her side and pulled her booted ankles up behind her finding the d-ring on her left ankle cuff she deftly locked her right wrist chain to it. Before reaching back with her left hand she found the remote for the vibrators and carefully found the large button and pressed it then flung it away from herself.

Jane was feeling very aroused as she reached behind her knowing one more lock and she would be stuck for three to four hours while the vibrators teased and tormented her to wonderful orgasm’s. The clamps flashed across her mind and she stopped reaching back and twisted the knobs several more times before quickly locking her wrist to her other ankle. Jane moaned loudly as the increased pressure on her tender nipples made them hurt worse and hoped she hadn’t ruined her chances of some wonderful climaxes. Jane laid quietly on her side pulled into the severe arch she had placed herself in waiting for the pain to ease before deciding to roll onto her stomach and begin her struggles.

Jane had done this many times and knew if she wasn’t careful she would smash her pinched nipples under her making them hurt much worse. She carefully eased herself over twisting her body and thrashing her knees as she slowly rolled onto her stomach. Even being careful Jane felt the pressure increase on her breasts causing her to moan as she tried to adjust her upper body and ease the pain. Jane lay gasping as the pain dulled and began searching for the last length of chain and its lock dangling from the center of the waist belt. Mumbling as she flailed her chained hands behind her she finally found it and pulled it taunt to the center of the X the two chains from her wrists to ankles formed. Having to flex a little further she was able to slip the lock through the X and clicked it closed.   The added tension forced her to keep her back arched slightly more and limited her arm and leg movements considerably. Jane gasped as she relaxed letting her body hang limply in its forced position and waited for the vibrators to come on.

As Jane lay quietly the machine had been monitoring her from a nearby shelf noting how each movement she had made had changed her vitals and trying to interpret them. The simplistic program in the machine had led it to the conclusion that each time her breathing and heart rate increased she was getting aroused and this led it to determine the best course of action to help her stay in the aroused state as long as possible.

Jane lay on her stomach for much longer than she thought she should have been before the vibrators were supposed to come on and started moaning thinking she had not hit the right button. While she wriggled on the bed the machine was studying the remote and had determined its function. After the machine was done with the remote it studied the melting block of ice, finding references to “Ice timers” on the internet it deduced that the metal object in the ice was the keys to her restraints and quickly formulated how long she had wished to remain restrained. U5 carried the ice block to her nightstand and turned on the light as its computer scanned for references to ice releases finding many topics with most stating the person wished for the ice to hold them longer and adjusted its timer accordingly. 

U5 raised one of its small cameras over the edge of the bed and monitored Jane’s vitals and movements before going to the closet and returning with several coils of rope Jane had hanging with her other equipment. U5 quietly climbed onto the bed and stood while it began going through the multiple settings on the remote noting each reaction from the bound Jane for each setting. Jane didn’t understand why the vibrators were acting the way they were but didn’t really care as long as they stayed on. Each time the settings changed Jane began grunting and struggling more, each response carefully noted by the machine.

By the time the remote was almost too high Jane was thrashing and rolling, the highest levels had hardly ever been used because they were just too intense for her and now she was bound and unable to stop them. Jane struggled harder and began rolling towards the edge of the bed so the machine stopped the vibrations so it could secure her further so she wouldn’t fall off the bed. U5 eased to the head board stopping only to study the clamps atop Jane’s heaving breasts. With Jane on her side both breasts were bulging out from the tight rubber around their bases with the shiny clamps glistening with her sweat.

Again after a brief internet search U5 understood their purpose and extended its small grippers that work like tiny pliers and slowly turned the adjusting knobs until Jane was whaling under the thick hood. Jane was cursing and screaming desperately trying to figure out how her clamps were tightening. Finally deciding that she must have moved them further outwards on her nipples and that they just felt tighter. Jane was trying to lie still as the machine tied an end of a coil of its rope to one of the bed posts then laid it neatly beside the bound and gasping woman then moved to the opposite corner and tied another rope there. Jane thought she felt something moving but could neither see nor hear anything and held her breath in a desperate attempt to feel if someone was there or not. U5 sat next to her waiting for her to roll onto her stomach again, it had calculated that when she decided to move again she would roll back over and then it would make its move to restrain her further.

Jane had slowed her breathing and prepared herself for the roll onto her stomach and clamped nipples. Figuring she would go ahead and start moving to her release since her vibrators were not working properly so she could free herself as soon as possible and figure out what had happened. Jane had just rolled over and was whining from the increased pain when she felt several small things touching her as U5 crawled on top of her bound body. U5 had already fed the ropes through the X in her chains while she lay on her side and fed the ropes back through its cinching points so as soon as Jane was on her stomach it quickly pulled the ropes tight and tied one then bounced off Jane’s body and pulled and tied the other off.

Jane was now sure something was in the room with her and had touched her and began yelling incomprehensibly while she struggled to get to the edge of the bed. U5 had eased away from her and sat studying her new reactions while Jane quickly figured out she could no longer move and could also not roll back onto her side anymore. After several minutes Jane stopped struggling and laid gasping and whining with only her hands flailing uselessly behind her back. U5 moved around her slipping another rope through the D-ring on the top of the hood and wrapped it around another bedpost. It was still considering her position on the bed as it pulled the rope through the cinch knot slowly dragging Jane’s bound body. Jane felt herself being spun on her stomach and her breasts being twisted as she slowly pivoted and whined loudly while she tried to raise her screaming breasts off the mattress. Once Jane was positioned correctly the little robot tied the rope keeping her head pointing towards the bedpost and moved to the remote laying on the corner of the bed.

Jane was getting exhausted and knew she could do nothing to stop the intruder anyway so she let the arousal of her helplessness wash over her. As Jane struggled with less intensity she felt the vibrations come back on and knew someone had been testing the vibrators earlier. Jane moaned and thrashed more as the intensity continued to increase when she realized that whoever was controlling her didn’t know that the highest settings would quickly become painful. The vibrations increased making Jane fight her bonds harder as her climax neared, no longer caring about the intruder or being helplessly bound by them.

U5 watched her vitals and reactions increasing the vibrations and even making the vibrators do things Jane didn’t know they could do. Jane felt the vibrators begin moving inside her and squealed loudly as the one in her pussy started twisting in small circles. Jane was lost in the sensations when she felt the phallus in her ass begin to shrink then pop back to full length, the feeling was wonderful like something was fucking her and she moaned and pulled harder at the chains holding her wrists to her ankles. Every time Jane felt like she was going to climax U5 would turn down the vibrators interpreting her vitals and reactions as losing interest and knowing that when it turned them down she reacted much more vehemently.

Jane was forced to endure three more hours of the torture of being teased close to an orgasm only to have it taken away each time. Jane noticed the vibrators getting weaker and struggled hard to achieve her prize knowing she didn’t have much longer with the batteries dying. U5 also noticed the lower frequency and delayed response time and consulted the manual it had downloaded, quickly deducing the batteries were losing power. U5 already knew when the power cord was since it had found the devices plugged in during its “remodel” of Jane’s apartment and scurried to find the cord. It drug the cord in between Jane’s bound and spread legs and carefully unzipped the tight rubber surrounding Jane’s body just enough to be able to insert the cord into the charging port then closed the rubber again.

Jane felt something between her legs then the cool breeze of the hot rubber being opened then felt the vibrators regain intensity. Jane knew the vibrators had been plugged in and she could continue to be tormented indefinitely now. The pain in Jane’s nipples had become increasingly more pronounced and her legs had started cramping during the brief respite she had while she was being plugged in. Even with the vibrators increasing her arousal again she lay whining and moaning no longer struggling only wishing to be released. U5 kept increasing the vibrations and movements of the phalluses until Jane could take it no more and her much anticipated orgasm exploded through her exhausted body. Jane screamed and thrashed as wave after wave of pure pleasure crashed through her until she could no longer get enough air and blacked out.

U5 had monitored the time closely and when it was nearing the cut off time was when Jane had blacked out. Jane woke a few minutes later to find she was no longer hog tied or attached to the bed. Jane found out quickly she was still wearing everything she had been but now her hands were chained together behind her back still locked to the belt and her ankles had been locked together as well. Jane struggled to sit up grunting as the pain increased in her nipples from her changing her position and sat moaning into the leather hood trying to figure out why she was still bound. The phalluses in her pussy and ass were humming at a comfortable low speed making her twist her hips and wiggle as she tried to stand up on her pointed toes sitting back down quickly from the pain and unstableness of her foot wear.  

Jane sat grunting and struggling with her restraints as U5 sat motionless on the bed very close to her. U5 was doing its nightly download and waiting for any updates. The men at the lab scanned its report and quickly turned on the video feed and smiled and laughed at what they saw. Jane’s nightly activities had become well known in the tech lab and a small group gathered nightly to wait and see what she would do next. Now they could see the results of the extra programming they had been doing and all cheered as they watched the rubber coated beauty sitting bound and gagged on her bed. The techs had U5 move so they could see Jane’s bound body better and immediately started adding instructions for the U5 to perform.

When they were finished they had set the unit to adjust the clamps tighter then start adjusting the vibrators intensity back up then down quickly watching and cheering as Jane struggled with each new setting. After another hour the tech’s had U5 attach a rope to the d-ring on her collar and start pulling on it. The rope leash making the desperate girl have to try and follow it around the room. Jane was wincing and moaning with each step she was forced to take but each time she stopped or sat back down the vibrators were turned to max making her jump to her feet. Jane was now in submissive heaven, she had never been treated like this before and was relishing her helplessness as she tried to keep up with the tugging on her collar. After a few trips around her bedroom the techs watching decided she needed more space ordering U5 to lead her in to the house. U5 was very adept at opening doors and soon had the whimpering woman blindly tip toeing around her home. Jane’s body was instinctively struggling but her mind was fixed on pleasing whomever it was leading her around not realizing she was being led outside her bedroom.

Jane’s mind was starting to clear as the efforts to stay on her toes increased and her body became weaker. U5’s sensors picked up her body’s signs of weakening, her legs shaking, irregular breathing and heart beat and led her to a chair coaxing her to sit down. The tech’s controls were disengaged by U5’s protective protocols and the unit knew it had gone passed its predetermined time limit’s and scurried in the bedroom to retrieve the keys.

Jane was left sitting in her home office, helpless to do anything but sit and gasp as her body tried to regain its strength. She felt something moving around her and suddenly her hands dropped to her sides. Jane sat back in the chair and felt her ankles being uncuffed and the torturous boots being unlaced then removed. Jane grunted loudly at the relief of her feet no longer being trapped in the leather and reached up to remove the hood but found she was still locked in it. Jane tried to stand to go get the keys and fell limply to the ground deciding she would just lie there for a few minutes before getting up again.

While Jane lay on her side the clamps were loosened and eased off her sore nipples making her moan with pain and pleasure. As she rubbed her sore nipples she felt something at the back of her head reaching back she found not only were the locks gone but the straps had been unbuckled. Wrestling with the hood for a few minutes she was able to pull it off her sweat covered face and carefully looked around while she struggled with the laces of the neck corset. By the time she removed the neck corset she was able to sit up and searched the room seeing nothing moving or no one around. Jane raised herself to the chair again noticing that every item she had been wearing that should have been scattered around the room was gone including the neck corset.

Jane was now getting worried that whoever had been torturing her was still in the house and carefully kneaded her breasts back under the rubber and zipped them closed. The steel belt around her waist was still pinching her tightly but at least she could see and run if needed and started searching her house very quietly. Jane searched her house for over an hour finding her equipment had not only been put away but cleaned beforehand. “U5!” Jane yelled loudly suddenly realizing that it was the little robot that had been tormenting her and also had brought her to so many orgasms.

The unit skittered into the room, her keys dangling from one of its arms. She thought for a second she was going to have to chase it to get her keys when she saw it extend it arm essentially handing her the keys. Jane was shocked and took the keys and watched the unit scoot back towards the wall and power down. Jane unlocked the waist belt giving her the ability to take a deep breath again keeping a watchful eye on the small robot. Jane rubbed her waist and breasts deciding to see what programs had made the unit react the way it did. Opening the program window Jane started asking U5 questions and watched as it protocols popped up on the screen. The techs had made sure she could never see any of their modifications to U5’s programs by not allowing anyone access to them but didn’t need to worry anyway. Jane found the multiple searches U5 had done to explain the strange things it had found in her apartment and her behavior when she was alone.

Jane studied the unit’s searches and auto updates finding every one of the searches had helped add to its understanding of how to make her life better and easier. Jane sat back staring at the unit, her mind was spinning at the possibilities it offered as she thought about how it had dominated her completely and never gave in to her pleading or begging. Calling the unit to her she asked it more questions watching the screen and amazed at its responses finding several places where she could add to its programming then told the unit to go recharge. Jane was still in her latex with the steel cuffs around her wrists and ankles and decided to see if the unit would do as she asked.

Jane called the unit into the bedroom where she had laid down and ordered it to replace the hood and restrain her to the bed tightly and to only release her at seven in the morning. This would leave her helplessly bound and gagged for the next nine hours, U5 stood motionless until Jane looked at the screen reading “This exceeds the preset limits”. Jane smiled and said “Reset limits to twelve hours for this session only” the screen went blank and U5 quickly returned with the hood and in no time had it laced tightly around her head and was pulling the straps even tighter through their buckles. Jane was humming under the hood and when she felt U5 leave the bed she reached back and found not only had it done a masterful job at securing the hood it had also locked it as well.

Jane’s pussy got wet again as she realized she did not have the keys and knew she would never be able to catch the small robot blind and partially deaf and with her mouth sealed tightly around the leather phallus filling her mouth she couldn’t order it to stop either. Jane felt her right hand get yanked up towards the bed post grunting as it happened then almost as quick felt her left hand get yanked upwards as well. Jane was really starting to enjoy being bound by a robot, it would never stop and wouldn’t “give in” as so many of her past partners would have. U5 had moved to her ankles and had tied two pull knots in the rope it had attached to her right ankle pulling it snug before moving to the other ankle and repeating the process.

Jane pulled on her ankle ropes finding them slightly loose and had just started thinking about resetting the units parameters for tension when she felt her right leg get pulled very tight making her scoot towards the footboard pulling her wrist ropes tight. Shortly afterwards the left ankle was cinched tightly leaving her stretched tightly spread eagle on the bed. Jane struggled and pulled at the ropes finding she was very well secured and calmed herself wishing she had told U5 to turn her vibrators on again.

Jane lay motionless for a half hour before she felt the rubber being unzipped and her sweat covered breasts slowly squeezed out of it. U5 studied the fleshy mounds under it then left the bound woman to wonder what it was up to. A few minutes later Jane felt something very cold on her breasts and nipples squealing slightly as she pulled at the ropes. Jane had no idea that U5 had seen the sweat as an obstacle for attaching the clamps and had retrieved a cloth with alcohol on it and dried her breasts thoroughly. Jane was humming into the hood from the careful attention U5 was giving her sensitive breasts then squealed loudly as she felt the first clamp bite down on her sore nipple. U5 monitored her reaction before applying the second clamp then slowly tightened each in turn getting more of the reactions it thought was enjoyment each time until Jane was almost in tears and thrashing wildly.

U5 watched her fight the ropes timing each tug it placed on them perfectly making it possible for the small unit to pull the ropes so tight that when it had finished Jane was almost unable to move anything but her hips. Jane calmed herself as the pain in her nipples eased slipping into her sub space dreaming about being tied by a cruel master then changing her mind and picturing a dominant mistress standing over her dressed in all black leather yelling at her what a useless slut she was. Jane’s body was reacting to her fantasy and U5 picked that up as losing interest and quickly went through its process to come up with a plan to keep her excited.

Jane was still dreaming of her mistress whipping her helpless body when suddenly the vibrators came to life snapping her back into reality. Jane’s hips were grinding the air as her orgasm approached, her body straining to flex her hips higher when suddenly she felt something around her waist. Jane’s body was still grinding as her mind tried to figure out why it was that seemed to be getting tighter around her waist making her have to gasp for air. The unit had wound a wide band of rope around her latex covered waist and was now cinching the tails to the bed frame not only restricting her movements further but compressing her waist with each tug. U5 was using the cinch knots as a pulley system giving it enough power to pull much harder then it could by itself.

After a few minutes Jane was unable to move her hips at all and could feel that the ropes around her ankles and wrists had also become tighter. U5 had gone into monitor and torment mode as Jane would come to call it later, and sat working the vibrators up and down keeping her on the edge of an orgasm longer each time. Jane was exhausted, she had originally thought she would be able to sleep in her spread eagle position but now realized U5 intended on forcing her to orgasm for the next nine hours and there was nothing she could do to stop it. This thought pushed her over the edge and she screamed as another massive orgasm slammed into making her black out.

Jane was teased and tormented into seven orgasms making her black out four times before she felt everything stop. U5 carefully released the clamps before tucking her breasts back under the rubber and zipping it closed and released her in the same order it had restrained her ending with the locks on the hood then unbuckling it allowing her to remove it. Jane lay completely spent curling up in a ball with the hood still loosely on her head and slept for the next eight hours. Jane awoke sore but happy removing the hood and looking for U5 not seeing it she staggered to the bathroom peeling the rubber from her sticky body thinking about how she had been forced to orgasm so many times. Jane turned on the hot water in the tub letting it fill while she relieved herself then slid into the hot water sighing loudly as she settled back and relaxed. Jane was dreaming about the possibilities of the little robot when she saw the door slowly opening and U5 crawling in carrying a large bottle of water and a glass of orange juice, it had sensed her dehydration and that her blood sugar had dropped and delivered the drinks to her. Jane smiled thanking the little robot greedily drinking both and watched the robot carry the empties from the room.

When Jane emerged from the bath she saw U5 had cleaned up the room putting everything back she had used and laid out her bed clothes having even remade the bed and turned it down for her. Jane smiled as she got dressed crawling under the covers and fell asleep smiling as she thought about falling in love with a robot. Jane spent the week studying the robots programming making adjustments to it assuring she would never be “lock down” longer than four hours unless she specifically ordered it. She noticed the unit’s ability to read her vitals and concentrated on its interpretations having to study about the programming and algorithms to learn how to understand it. While she studied during the day each night she would ask U5 to bind her in a new position teaching it about teasing, torturing and then pleasing her.

In between she ordered more bondage gear including a heavy leather arm sleeve and matching leg sleeve two things she had always wanted to have used on her. Each night the techs watched the robot bind and torment Jane finding that the more program changes she did the less they could change it but also learning they needed to less. One night Jane had programmed the unit to tie her in a tight hogtie while wearing her rubber one piece swim suit. Once she was thoroughly bound and gagged the techs were able to make the unit tighten the hog tie stretching Jane almost beyond her limits.

Jane was grunting around the gag unable to even struggle due to the increased tension wiggling her fingers that were now tucked in tightly to the backs of her knees. Jane could wiggle her feet and feel the heels of her ballet slippers hit her back between her shoulder blades and hoped U5 wouldn’t leave her bound this tightly for the entire night. The techs were enjoying watching her struggles as the unit teased her with the vibrators telling the unit to wrap her head in thin rope using it as a blindfold. Jane was surprised but unable to stop the unit from blinding her with hundreds of loops of the thin cord completely covering her eyes. Jane was mumbling around the gag as the unit pulled her head backwards securing the ends of the blind fold cord to the ropes around her wrists leaving her head twisting fruitlessly against the cord. While Jane struggled in her bonds she felt U5 pulling the rubber down over her breasts then cleaning them with an alcohol pad knowing from previous sessions what was coming and struggled again knowing she had not asked for nipple clamps to be used and wondered why the unit was improvising.

Jane whined loudly as U5 carefully and firmly attached the clamps to her nipples then took the connecting chain and pulled it up attaching it to her gag strap making it so every time she moved her head it tugged on her nipples. Jane was gasping from the pain finding that with her head bound the way it was she couldn’t move it far enough in any direction to pull the clamps off. For the next four hours U5 kept Jane struggling in the tight hogtie on the brink of a massive orgasm only allowing her to cum the minute before it was to free her. The techs watching the show couldn’t make U5 extend the time because of the program changes she had made and watched the unit slowly untie the whining girl letting her extend her legs and arms for the first time in over seven hours. Jane could do nothing but stretch out flexing her arms and legs before falling asleep still blindfolded and gagged with her breasts exposed on top of the rubber suit.

For another two weeks Jane continued to experiment with the unit and tried to find out why it seemed to malfunction every once and awhile. During one of her session’s recordings she noticed commands that had been sent the same time as the session, Jane knew immediately someone was controlling U5 outside her apartment. It took Jane a few days to figure out which computer was being used and convinced an IT tech to remove the computer from the office it was at and bring it to her office. Jane spent the rest of the day exploring the computer glad to find out it was the only one being used and had been set up to monitor U5 exclusively. In her examination of the hard drive she found all the videos of her sessions with U5 and the codes the techs had been using to modify the unit during her play time with it. Jane copied the videos before erasing them from the hard drive and set limits on when the unit could be accessed by anyone outside her apartment and had the computer returned to the office it came from.

Jane’s new equipment had started to arrive and each night when she got home there was a surprise waiting for her, the extra strong posture collar and the new sensory deprivation hood had already arrived but she wanted to wait to use them until the arm and leg sleeves with the amazing corset were delivered. She had already programmed each new item into U5’s memory and had seen it had researched how to use each item. Friday night came she found all the leather garments waiting for her she squealed loudly knowing she could finally use the long term encasement program she had come up with. Jane couldn’t wait to use the new leather and quickly stripped down flushing her bowels thoroughly before activating U5. The idea was for the unit to keep her bound in any of the positions she had chosen until Sunday night only allowing her to be free if her vitals dictated she was in distress but at no other time would she be unfettered.

U5 had researched her requests thoroughly already formulating a plan for such a long confinement period calculating Jane’s needs and configuring itself to make sure she would not ever need to be untied. Jane did not check its session parameters wanting the weekend to be a total surprise finding she was trusting the small robot more and more since she had removed the ability from the techs to break in. Jane rubbed lotion all over herself inserting the new vibrators that had long chords so she didn’t have to worry about batteries going dead. The last thing she did before letting the small robot take control was to command it to only allow her to climax at the end of the session but to keep her as aroused as it could for the entire session. She had never given the unit so much control over her orgasm’s before and was nervous but excited to find out if it could do as well as she hoped it could, unaware at how much she would regret her decision for such a long tease and torture session. 

Jane lubed herself sliding the new vibrators into herself moaning as the textured multi functional phalluses eased their way into her. Jane was smiling as she slid her feet into her favorite catsuit being careful to run the cords for the vibrators through the zipper for her crotch before wrestling the rest of her body into the tight rubber. Jane hummed as she smoothed out her new rubber skin feeling like each touch was sending small electrical charges to her skin. When Jane bent over to put the ballet boot on her foot she squealed loudly as the large phalluses reminded her they were inside her.

 Jane sat back up deciding to cross her leg instead of bending and laced them up to her knees buckling the wide strap over the top of them leaving the locks out not wanting to have them pressing into her legs under the leather binder. Jane’s hands were shaking as she picked up the corset studying the heavy bones, smooth back and locking front busk loosening the laces around the breast openings hoping U5 would know how to use them. Shimmying into the corset, Jane hoisted it up until she could slip her arms under the wide straps that went over her shoulders heaving the heavy leather up over her breasts already feeling it starting to compress her waist. Jane had worn corsets briefly before never committing to wearing them regularly but loved the way they had restricted her movements and breathing. Jane liked the idea of having the laces in front but was worried about having to lace it closed so the busk could be latched over the laces making it impossible to open the corset without having the key.

Jane pulled on the laces until she was gasping still having almost three inches before it was closed. Jane was thinking about forgetting the corset for this session when she noticed herself in the mirror and stopped and stared at herself rubbing the tight leather then came up with an idea. Jane wriggled over to the door and wrapped the laces around the door knob Jane hoped she would be able to pull away from the knob hard enough to pull the laces. Jane’s biggest concern was the toe boots that were already making her wince with pain. The boots were new, Jane had ordered them from a custom boot company specializing in fetish wear asking for them to be built extra tight and steeper than normal adding almost two inches to the toes forcing her to stand on a very small platform.

While Jane pulled on the laces U5 studied what she was doing calculating how it would tighten the laces of her restraints using rope leverage to draw them as tight as possible. U5 had also calculated how long it would keep her in each position opting to keep her bound and teased continuously the entire time instead of giving her several breaks during her confinement. While Jane struggled with the laces she hadn’t noticed the small red light on U5 begin to flash, the techs had figured out what she had done having spent the time she had been waiting to break her code and could now access the unit like they had been able to before. When the techs figured out what had happened one of them decided to teach her a lesson and would not only keep her restrained much long then she had planned they would not let her orgasm at all. Tonight would the first time to use the new programming and he sent the command to U5 knowing it would her leave her frustrated and unable to satisfy her desire to cum until after she was released.

The techs were watching Jane struggle to close the corset having prepared to spend the weekend in the lab so they could monitor her and U5 then watch as it slowly freed her body without letting her cum. Jane was leaning back against the laces letting her own weight slowly draw the busk closed gasping as it continued to get closer crushing her waist and squeezing her breasts as they heaved out of the openings. Jane checked the busk finding it was closed and before she could change her mind quickly tied them off tucking them under the cover and snapping it closed over them sealing her inside the tight leather. Jane had forgotten about her pointed toes having to concentrate completely on her breathing staggering to her bed to try and sit down. Jane squealed as the lower corset peak pushed brutally on the head of the vibrator pushing it further into her pussy. She lowered herself to the bed slowly letting herself drop until she was sitting smiling and whining thinking how good this will feel.  

Jane was still gasping and sat looking down at her narrow waist noticing her pointed toes turning her feet back and forth smiling at how incredible they looked. After resting Jane stood on her toes wriggling to her mirror gasping as she saw her incredibly small waist and how deeply it tapered from her chest. Jane instantly forgot how tight it was and how difficult it was to move in the heels loving how they both made her body look and how wonderfully restraining they both were turning and looking at the imposing collar hoping it would only add to the feelings she was having.

Jane had known she would not be able to reach down far enough to slip her feet into the leg sleeve having already attached two ropes to the sleeve so once she had her feet in it she could use the ropes to pull it up. Jane sat down trying to decide if she wanted to put the collar on and struggle around it or pull the sleeve up first. Pushing back her arousal Jane flipped the leg binder out in front of her and carefully wiggled her feet into it pulling on the ropes slipping herself deeper into the leather. Jane gasped and tugged on the leather making sure the straps at the hem went under the heels of her boots before standing up and pulling the leather up to her narrow waist. Jane closed the top strap then leaned against the bed post to catch her breath. After a few minutes Jane took the laces for the binder and pulled them as tight as she could compressing her legs together under the leather from her thighs to her ankles.

Jane smiled as she tied the laces off then pulled the lower strap as tight as she could across her compressed waist slipping a lock into it before repeating the process on the top sealing herself in the leather. Jane knew U5 had mastered using keys and could remove the locks if it chose to so she eased herself back onto the bed now enjoying the added pressure the corset put on her filled pussy. After a few minutes of gasping Jane reached for the collar smiling as she wrapped it around her throat having to stretch her neck slightly as she settled into it. Jane pulled the three straps tight testing the limits of the collar before adjusting it again clamping her head and neck rigidly inside the thick leather.

The locks made it impossible for Jane to change her mind even though once she was fully restrained they are unnecessary but they also aroused her as each was clicked closed. Now Jane was encased in layers of leather and latex, the rigid corset and posture collar forced her to remain perfectly erect and the leg sleeve made bending her legs difficult. Jane was almost ready positioning the arm sleeve over her shoulders ready for her to slip her arms inside it then taking the silicone ear plugs and squeezing them deep in her ears before taking the new hood and inspecting it. Jane noticed how thick the hood was before turning it and seeing the extra large gag she had asked for, stunned at how large it really was smiling as she inserted it into her stretched mouth pulling the hood over her head. The hood had large silicone filled pockets that covered her eyes and ears and three straps that ran across her eyes, mouth and diagonal from under her chin to the top of her head forcing her mouth tightly onto the gag. Jane pulled the straps tight testing her breathing through the two grommets under her nose closing the two inch wide collar over the posture collar already locked tightly around her neck.

Jane sat gasping through her nose for several minutes before adjusting the straps tighter pressing the leather tightly over her eyes and mouth blocking all light and sound from herself and making her teeth dig into the bung filling her mouth. Jane screamed under the thick leather and was unable to hear anything smiling under the hood thinking how much she was going to enjoy this hood for now on. Jane sat gasping for a few minutes before forcing herself to her pointed toes preparing herself for the last action that would signal U5, removing any chance she had to free herself and leaving her fate in the small robot. Jane reached back stuffing her arms into the arm sleeve having to struggle to get her other arm into it pushing both hands to the bottom of the sleeve before flopping her rigid body onto the bed landing on her side.

Jane was surprised how little she could move even with the sleeve still so loose as she struggled to try and center herself on the bed finding that with the smooth leather covering her body she could only wiggle and kick slightly. Jane stopped struggling feeling her air getting thin squealing when she felt her legs being pulled across the bed as U5 had taken its cue already starting to adjust her encasement. U5 started pulling on the laces of the arm sleeve cinching it as far as it could before tying a length of rope to each end of the laces and using the ropes as a leverage point to crush Jane’s arms together, stopping only when the sleeve was closed quickly tying them in a series of knots before using its heated arm to sear them off melting the ends together. Jane could smell the laces being burnt but had no idea what was happening as she struggled in the leather around her arms finding she couldn’t separate them at all from her elbows to her hands. U5 probed her forcing her to roll onto her crushed together arms, climbing onto her untying the loose knots she had put in them attaching them to the ropes and began cinching them as well.

U5 worked on the laces for the leg sleeve for almost an hour using the longer ropes as leverage it was able to crush her legs together making Jane whine as the pressure increased. U5 stopped pulling on the laces and sat on her waiting for several minutes before starting to pull them again. Jane could do nothing but whine as she felt her legs being crushed by the thick leather from waist to ankles removing her ability to move or bend them at all. U5 seared the laces, quickly unlocking the belts using the ropes again it tightened each strap until Jane could feel the added pressure around her waist through the heavy corset. U5 relocked the leg sleeve leaving Jane to squirm and whine under the layers of tight leather stretched over her body. Jane was trying to relax and let her body adjust to the extremely tight leather when she felt U5 crawl onto her chest and began kneading her breasts carefully working them out of the zippers in the rubber pulling them out of the leather around their bases.

Jane had originally hoped U5 would figure out the breast laces but now she wished it hadn’t and tried to twist and buck to get it off her. U5 moved swiftly off its captive taking the ropes secured to the head and foot boards tying them around her ankles pulling them centered on the bed. Jane felt herself moving but had no idea what was happening until she felt it doing something around her neck figuring out it was about to secure her to the bed to keep her from moving. Jane started struggling, twisting and bending her body as far as she could feeling herself being slowly pulled straight. After a few minutes Jane could no longer move any part of her compressed body, U5 had successfully pulled the ropes tight stretching her slightly between the headboards leaving her completely immobile. Jane was gasping through her nose trying to relax again when she felt U5 on her chest again and after some pleasurable kneading of her breasts she felt the leather surrounding them begin to tighten.

Jane tried to struggle and kick finding she was now completely helpless unable to move any part of her body and could do nothing to stop the unit from doing what she had wanted it to do. U5 carefully tightened the leather around her breasts until they were bulging and turning red, poking and prodding her breasts retightening the laces until the skin was sufficiently taunt knotting the laces and burning them together. Jane was beaten, she had asked the unit to do everything she had thought she wanted it to do and now could do nothing to stop it from keeping her stringently bound for the next thirty six hours or so.

When the thought of being forced to stay so completely bound and totally helpless sunk in the last orgasm she would be allowed to have for the foreseeable future slammed through her body. U5 watched her encased body quiver under it waiting until she was fully recovered before applying the newest nipple clamps she had gotten. These clamps were infinitely adjustable like her others but had severe metal pads that had tiny sharp teeth on them that would keep them from slipping off. Jane had ordered them because of her desire to be clamped during the whole session really liking how the thin wires coming from the bases of the clamps could be attached to the corset guaranteeing they couldn’t be shaken or rubbed off. Jane read the claims about their strength and even the warnings about how much pain they could cause and ordered them anyway licking her lips as she thought about how wonderful they would feel. When they arrived she had tested them using her open cup leather bra and could only stand the lightest setting for a few minutes before having to remove them. Jane tried them several times before giving up having laid out her usual clamps to be used on her this weekend.

Even though she was screaming under the hood, only quiet hisses and grunts could be heard as U5 adjusted the clamps centering the bases pulling the thin wires until they were pressed into the soft skin of her breasts. It carefully opened each clamp repositioning them then closing them tightly on each of her engorged nipples. U5 adjusted the clamps tighter noting Jane’s reaction as it continued tightening the clamps relating her increased struggles and noises as pleasure. Jane was quickly running out of air as the pain increased making her fight her bonds until finally blacking out leaving U5 to interpret the clamps were tight enough and it moved to the corner of the bed and went into monitor mode. The techs were all watching Jane’s extruding breasts with the mini towers of pain heaving as she lay unconscious unaware her nightmare was only going to get worse.

Jane woke up to searing pain all over her body, her shoulders, jaw and legs throbbed but it was the pain in her nipples that made her begin to fight her bonds again. After a few minutes she stopped fighting and lay gasping wondering when U5 would start her vibrators hoping it would ease her pain. For hours Jane lay flexing her encased body unable to do more than squeeze her muscles tighter slowly becoming accustomed to her confinement thankful her arms and cramping legs had gone numb. Jane had no idea how long she lay bound tightly to her bed having to fight back panic attacks as she thought about all the things that could go wrong with her plan knowing she had told no one and if U5 failed she would surely die in her restraints long before anyone came looking for her.

Jane lay for twelve hours occasionally feeling U5 probe parts of her aching body even climbing on top of her and probing her exposed breasts. Feeling U5 moving on the bed it began loosening the ropes attached to her feet and neck then began probing her using its probe to urge her to roll over. Jane was squealing each time the poker touched her shoulder straining to make her body roll onto its side stopping not wanting to roll onto her clamped nipples. U5 wanted her to roll all the way over so it kept prodding until she screamed as she rolled onto her clamped nipples. Once Jane was on her corseted stomach U5 quickly tightened the ropes so she couldn’t roll back over leaving her to struggle with the pain as she desperately tried to get the pressure off her nipples. U5 began running a long rope from the ring on her arm sleeve down to the rope it had tied around her ankles shuffling back up to her collar looping it though the straps in the back.

U5 continued shuffling around the bed laying ropes across her knees preparing her for the next twelve hours of torture. When it was done it took the long rope and began winching her encased legs up towards her ass forcing her knees to bend inside the tight leather. Jane fought the winching of her legs feeling her knees get crushed together even harder increasing the pain they are causing her. U5 had her legs bent about ninety degrees with her toes pointed straight up at the ceiling stopping when it felt too much resistance opting to wait before cinching them tightly to her ass. Jane was wailing under the hood desperately trying to get her tormentor to release her or at least relieve the pressure on her nipples. Jane lay wiggling her feet from side to side still trying to roll over for all most an hour before she felt her legs being pulled on again. U5 continued pulling the rope until her pointed toes were pointing straight at the end of the arm sleeve then pulled until her encased hands to where the rope was wrapped around her ankles.

Jane couldn’t fight the pull of the ropes and lay whining as her captor tied them off leaving her in a strict hogtie. U5’s techs watched amused and amazed as U5 tightened the ropes it had secured around her knees pulling the arched woman’s legs down lifting her head off the bed covers. Jane sighed in relief as she felt fresh air in her nostrils and the pressure on her tortured nipples ease slightly. Jane continued to struggle starting to enjoy her situation as she drug the clamps across the bed teasing herself with the added pain it caused. U5 had settled on a corner of the bed again letting the techs watch stunned by her slow movements and muffled moans while being bound as stringently as she was. U5 sat patiently for six hours before crawling to Jane’s leather covered head where it began wrapping another long length of rope around it. Jane was lost in her own world not feeling anything until her head was being winched backwards. The stiff collar made her neck feel like it was being dislocated as U5 continued to pull her head backwards towards her feet.

Jane was gasping as the pain increased in her neck finally feeling it stop being pulled back sensing U5 was tying the rope off at her ankles. Now Jane’s nipples were off the bed the brutal clamps pointing away from her trapped body giving U5 access to them again. Jane was struggling but only slight movements could be seen as U5 sat under her lifted chest waiting until she stopped grunting. As soon as Jane exhausted herself she felt the clamps begin to bite harder and the screws attached to them begin to pull them out from her body. Jane screamed as she realized U5 did know about the nipple stretchers built into the clamps and was tightening them pulling her sore nipples further with each turn of the knob. Jane was still trying to recover from the adjustment U5 had made on the clamps when she felt something pulling her into a more severe arch. U5 was pulling the rope it had wrapped over her arms and legs cinching them closer to her body. U5 ignored her grunts and whines pulling until her feet and arms were pressed onto her back pulling her upper body back further. Jane was left to struggle and gasp for air for another six hours making her total time bound over eighteen hours. Jane had no idea how long she had been bound for or how much longer she would be tortured but squealed loudly when she felt the vibrators spring to life.

“Finally” she thought to herself, “The little bastard is going to let me get off” only to have the vibrators turn back off. Jane was forced to endure the extreme position while being shook to her core every few minutes for the next six hours. The vibrations would stay on for seconds or minutes but never long enough to do more than arouse and frustrate her. The techs were having a great time adjusting the strength and speed watching her struggle harder the longer they left them on but it was after they turned them off they got the real show. Jane would thrash and wiggle each time the vibrations stopped moaning and whining almost crying in frustration as the techs cheered and continued teasing her for hours finally leaving it up to U5 to continue her torment. After six hours had passed U5 began slowly releasing the strict hogtie allowing an exhausted and mentally broken Jane straighten her legs. Jane barely noticed the pressure that had been pulling her head back being released as her master lowered it back to where the collar held it firmly. Even the added weight on her nipples got little response as her legs were unfolded and she was once again being prodded to roll over.

Jane’s body reluctantly rolled onto her pinioned arms grunting as she felt the pressure removed from her tortured breasts. Jane felt her feet being pulled to one side then the unit prodding her finally figuring it wanted her to sit up. Jane struggled to a seated position feeling her numb feet slip to the floor and sat gasping as the feeling started to return to her arms and legs. Jane’s encased hands were flailing behind her as U5 began poking her again finally making the bound and gagged woman understand it wanted her to stand up. Jane laughed in the hood at the absurdity of what it wanted knowing she couldn’t walk and maybe not even stand for long. After the prodding increased she began rocking her enclosed body finding she could now flex her knees much easier until she was on her pointed toes wiggling as she tried to maintain balance. As soon as she was on her toes she felt a tug on her collar pulling her off balance and making her shuffle as quickly as she could to not fall over. It only took a few mincing steps until she felt the bed post touch her face so she stopped and stood grunting feeling U5 pull her until her pinched breasts were pressed over the post. Jane stood gasping when she felt her neck being pulled tightly to the post trying to pull back finding she was now tied by her neck to the post.

Jane tried to twist away from the post too late as she felt another band of rope being pulled tight around her knees sucking her legs and waist to the post making her feet shuffle close to the post. Jane was wondering what U5 was planning when she remembered she had input a scenario of her being forced into a standing strappedo thinking that wasn’t while I was mummified in leather and wearing toe boots her mind screamed. Jane felt her waist get drawn closer to the post trying to struggle finding she was now secured to the post with her pinched breasts on either side of it. Jane was grunting knowing she had set up the eyehook in the ceiling leaving a long rope hanging from it hoping U5 wouldn’t use it because in her scenario she was whipped by her “Whipping machine”. Jane had seen the plans to build the machine on the internet quickly buying an inexpensive pedestal fan and a few leather belts. The plans showed if she cut the plastic blades off leaving stubs to attach the belts too she could have two longer straps attached across from each other. The other three stubs would have the shorter straps attached to them to balance out the blade and help give the fan enough momentum to whip her with the two longer belts. She had set it up so turning it on with it set on oscillate it would begin to spin and by the time it had turned it would be at speed whipping her as it turned leaving nice warming welts on her ass cheeks.

Jane had tried the machine on all three speeds finding she could only use it when it was on low, any higher would become too much after only a few passes and since she had used while doing self bondage she regretted testing the machine while bound. Jane now stood on her throbbing pointed toes struggling against the post feeling U5 messing with the ring on her arm sleeve. Within seconds of feeling that her arms were pulled up straight out from her body. Jane screamed and yanked her arms down unable to see she had yanked the small unit backwards dragging it as it tried to pull the rope. U5 steadied itself stopping to calculate its next move wrapping the rope around the opposite bed post leg doubling it back on itself before beginning to pull again. Jane tried to stop her arms from being pulled up finding this time she couldn’t and soon they were once again pulled up straight back from her bound body.

 Jane was gasping and whining as U5 positioned the whipping machine behind her having studied the article she had linked her report on it to. Jane was resting thinking about how her rubber covered ass was perfectly framed by the leg binder leaving only a thin layer of latex to protect her skin and preyed U5 didn’t turn the machine passed the low setting. The techs sat awe struck as they watched the robot restrain Jane and set up the next torture. Jane started struggling again twisting and flexing her body stopping U5’s attempt to adjust the fan and making it take more rope and begin to wrap it around her leather covered body and the post. U5 pinned her to the post before pulling on the rope connected to her arms heaving them up until it couldn’t get them any higher. Jane was squealing as she thought her arms were going to be pulled out at her shoulders and could feel that they had been raised to where her hands were well above her head.

Once she settled down U5 finished setting up the machine turning the blade with it long arm checking where it would strike turning the knob to its highest setting. While the machine picked up speed U5 climbed onto the bed reaching up turning the first knobs on the clamps increasing the bite tension getting a loud howl from Jane then adjusting the tension knobs making her try and fight. Jane was struggling as hard as she could when she felt the first strike from the machine freezing as she waited for the second then began fighting and screaming already able to tell the machine was not on low.

Jane screamed and gasped as the stinging warmth on her ass grew to a raging fire and while she struggled to get away from the lash U5 had returned to the bed. The small robot stood on its legs reaching up with its long arm and began pulling and twisting the nipple clamps making Jane’s captured body convulse with pain. As it worked on her nipples its second arm began changing the settings on the vibrators using them to change the pitch of her wails and how her body struggled. Each time Jane would start to enjoy herself the cruel unit would lower the vibrations while it twisted a nipple painfully. Jane’s mind could not figure out if it was in heaven or hell once again each time she thought she might be allowed to cum the vibrations would drop or the pain would increase leaving her weeping and yanking on the restraints.

Jane was punished for the next twelve hours, the techs watching enjoying every minute occasionally ordering U5 to twist or pull a little more yelling when they got a noticeable reaction from the tortured woman. Towards the end of the twelve hours U5 was about to make Jane orgasm before releasing her and the techs were working frantically to stop it wanting to continue the torture. As the techs changed its programming the small unit lowered itself releasing its grip on her nipple and pulling its arms back into itself leaving the vibrations on the setting it was at while it tried to figure out what it was to do next. Jane was relieved it had stopped pulling on her nipples but moaned as loud as she could wanting the vibrations to increase. With the pain from the whip, tall boots and crushed waist she would never be able to cum with the vibrations set at this level. 

For an hour Jane was left to stew in her rubber and leather prison while U5 and the techs “argued” about what it should do next. U5’s programming said it was past time to release Jane but the techs were adding functions that were contradictory to its programming. Jane was still struggling to breathe after another two hours pleading with her gagged mouth to be allowed to cum or to be freed but the unit wouldn’t budge from the bed. The more the techs tried to change the settings the more U5 disregarded their requests until finally after almost six hours its primary programming overrode everything they had input and it quickly turned the vibrators on high then climbed off the bed turned the whipping “machine” off. Jane barely felt the difference when the machine stopped assaulting her reddened ass concentrating only of the vibrations and how close she was to climaxing.

It only took Jane a few minutes before the massive orgasm slammed into her body making her shake and scream in her bonds. During and after the orgasm Jane could do nothing but hang limply in her restraints unable to move any part of her body away from the thick bedpost. U5 sat on the floor, its red light blinking frantically as it fought another round with the techs and their constant changing of its programs. Jane was about to orgasm again wondering what had happened to her little friend and why wasn’t it releasing her when suddenly her arms dropped down behind her back. Jane’s climax hit her again causing her to black out this time with a desperate hope she would be free when she awoke.

Jane had incredible dreams as she stood on her toes strapped and roped to the bed post while U5 struggled to complete its programming. Jane became aware again of what was happening and began struggling hoping to catch the unit’s attention when she felt the ropes around her body popping free of her. U5 was using its heated cutter to untie her from the post and as soon as a weakened Jane fell to the floor it started cutting the laces of the arm sleeve while she lay gasping from the relief of being off her toes. Jane could feel the arm sleeve loosening and waited for the unit to remove it completely. Jane lay for about thirty minutes waiting for the unit to free her further finally beginning her struggles to free herself. Jane’s numbed and stiff arms didn’t react the way she wanted them too so it took an hour to shimmy out of the arm sleeve letting her feel a brief taste of freedom.

Jane lay on her side with one arm under her while the other lay useless on her side, the relief was too much for the exhausted woman to cope with and she quickly fell asleep. Jane woke sometime Monday morning whining as she raised her hands to her face feeling the leather hood and fumbled to release the straps grunting as she found the locks and hoped the keys were where she had left them. Reluctantly Jane slowly loosened the clamps resting between each pulse of pain until she removed them completely and lay whining in the hood while she rubbed her sore nipples. Jane tried to get up to her pointed toes but the tight leg binder and tighter corset wouldn’t let her so she drug herself into the kitchen barely missing the stationary U5 unit with her crushed together legs. Reaching the living room table she carefully reached up groping for the keys. Jane squealed as her hand brushed several of the loose keys carefully pulling them to the edge trying each until she had the hood unlocked and peeled the leather from her head. It took almost an hour to untie the leg binder and corset but soon she was left in just the tight rubber and thigh high toe boots. Jane thought she was in heaven even though she was still encased and shuffled back to her room seeing a motionless U5 and its small light no longer on.

* * *

Jane went to work the next morning even though she was incredibly sore and didn’t want to but she needed to return the unit that had not reactivated after her adventure. Jane hoped it would be returned to her but after waiting until an hour after work she found out it was not functional and they had no idea why. Jane was offered a newer unit if she wanted it being told since U5 wasn’t working they couldn’t download its memory so she would be starting with a blank unit. Jane declined not wanting to have to relearn the unit to make it as trustworthy as her little friend U5. During the rest of the week she checked the programming logs learning of the techs regaining control of the unit and the internal conflict with them and her programming.  Jane kept in touch with the repair department finding the melt down was due to some kind of programming conflict scrambling its motherboard.  Jane had to accept it was all due to her and the techs changing the units programming since it that had caused its melt down deciding she would have to live without her little friend and wondered if she could.

Jane continued restraining herself every chance she got looking longingly at her armsleeve thinking about how the small unit could lace it so tightly missing the way it could tighten her boots and hold her without sympathy. Jane had thought about the code she had read seeing it had fought to complete its programming and its last act was to free her wondering what would have happened if it had shut down before it had been able to free her. It had been three months since her little friend had left her Jane had not dated anyone still feeling confused about the unit wondering if she would ever have anyone or anything she felt that comfortable with again. Arriving home she found a package on her porch the address showed it was from her company she picked it up noticing how heavy it was. Jane set it on the table leaving it to go change her clothes having been thinking of her thigh boots and tight hobble dress all day. Jane slipped her legs into the boots leaving on the catsuit that had become her everyday underwear and laced the boots tightly relishing the compression and her feet being forced into their en-point position.

Jane shimmied into the long thick leather dress forcing her feet through the tight hem feeling it press her ankles together struggling to pull the heavy leather up. Jane ducked into the leather pulling it over her shoulders before straightening herself up stretching the leather tight. Feeding the laces through the top eyelets then pulling them tight took another half hour finally getting it tight enough to close the zipper smoothing everything out. The effort it took was why she only wore the dress on the weekends so she could wear it as long as possible before having to peel it off her body. Normally she would wear it at least twenty four hours often going to her favorite club and even once wearing it to the grocery store loving the looks she received as she tottered around the store in her ballet boots and tight leather dress. Once encased she wrapped her posture collar around her neck before taking her head harness and buckling it tight wedging the large gag into her mouth wondering as she locked both what kind of looks she would get at the grocery store wearing the thick collar and having her head encased in the cage of leather straps.

Jane stood shuffling in a small circle smoothing her dress as she stroked herself finally feeling comfortable and able to relax. Jane remembered the box and shuffled as quickly as she could in the tight dress to the where she had left it ripping the wrapping away opening the box seeing her old friend with a note. “We were able to repair it except for its ability to connect  to the main frame, its yours if you want it”. She read that it still had its old programming but could no longer communicate without being plugged in to the computer.  Jane squealed behind the gag thinking how perfect that was and how much fun they would have together wishing she hadn’t locked everything on not having access to the keys until tomorrow morning as she plugged the unit in to the computer and watched the small light start to blink and the familiar code start to run across the screen.


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