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Robo-Maid Alice

by SparkyMira

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Expecting is a word best used to describe a person’s ability to perceive what might happen around them. So while sitting at my desk for another day working at Thomas’ Technology Firm I was not expecting to have my boss call me in and drop a bomb on me.

“Look Catherine, I know this is a bit weird and pretty out of left field but our R&D department needs someone to model and motion capture for their new Robo-Maid project. Seeing as there are no girls on the team I am assigning you to help them.” Boss said flatly as I sat in front of his large desk. 

I looked at him rather shocked. Why was he assigning me to a group of random guys as basically a glorified test subject? This was not something I wanted to do. 

“In all fairness Boss, I would rather just stay…” I started before he raised a hand up, silencing my argument. 

“Now I know this isn’t fair to you in any sense of the word so I am offering you not only a promotion to my personal assistant but also double your current salary.” 

That stopped my argument in its tracks and I just nodded dumbly as I followed his directions to the R&D portion of the back factory while contemplating this new arrangement. 

I opened the large doors and was greeted with about six men running around with various metal parts and other various technology, all in lab coats talking about something. 

One of them, the shortest of the bunch that was still slightly taller than me, noticed me and walked over with a smile. His short black hair was spiked up and I swear he looked familiar but I couldn’t place his face with those goggles on.

“Hey there Cathy, when I heard the Boss was assigning us a model I would have never guessed he meant you. I haven’t seen you since graduation!” he said moving his goggles to his head and wrapping me in a big hug.

I was about to push him away until realization hit me, this was one of my best friends from back in college, Clark, who had apparently been hired by the same place out of college. 

“Oh my God Clark, it is so good to see you!” I said returning his hug equally as we began chatting about everything from jobs to everyday life.

We were slowly walking as the remaining workers kept doing their thing around us. Finally we arrived at a small cubicle area where there was a briefcase and a needle sitting on a table with one small chair next to it.

Clark sat me down in the chair and picked up the needle. 

“This needle is going to inject you with a few thousand nanites that are going to monitor everything from your basic movements to your brain waves. This way whatever you do in the testing area can be applied to our data and used for the prototype later on.” 

I was a little freaked out about the whole thing but he eventually talked me down from leaving and jabbed my left arm with the needle. It tickled for a moment before a green light flashed on his tablet and he turned it around to show me.

There were multiple graphs showing different areas of my body that the nanites were now monitoring. He helped me up and we walked to different area where a larger man met us and handed Clark a sack.

“Now before we begin the motion capture bit here are the guidelines for the test to be successful. One, you must refer to anyone who approaches you as master and obey any commands that aren’t sexual as if it is your job. Two, you must not break character at all, we will know you are real but while working in the factory all the other workers should believe you are a prototype for our Robo-Maid project. Lastly…” he says handing me the bag.

Looking inside I was a bit miffed. I look back and glare at Clark who just laughs awkwardly and rubs his neck.

“This one wasn’t my idea but it is necessary. The outfit will affect how you move so we need it to collect the proper data.”

I groan but agree to the terms and go to change. When I came back out his eyes widened which caused me to smirk.

“You see something you like Master?” I asked in a sultry tone as I walked up to him.

My blonde hair was tied back in a single long ponytail with a white headpiece around the top. A black choker with a little white tie was around my neck. White frilly gloves almost to my shoulder adorned my arms. 

An even frillier standard black and white maid dress was on my torso, accentuating my c-cup breasts well and curves lower down. It was accentuated by a large white bow on my mid-back. Black stockings were up to my upper thighs and attached to my “undergarments” by garter belt. 

Lastly I was in a pair of moderately sized Mary Jane heels that were clipped around my ankles. I looked like a pretty stereotypical French maids as I teased Clark. 

Not long after my teasing was done Clark gave me my basic duties for the day which consisted of cleaning the breakroom, making sure the work area was clean and when not doing anything I was to stand still in the supplies closet where they had placed a “charging” station for me as a prototype. 

Soon I was out the door and walked to the breakroom with a vacuum cleaner and started tidying up. Only a few of the workers came in and made a comment in my direction but I ignored them and kept working. 

It wasn’t until I was ready to move on to my next assignment did the secretary come in and see me. She smiled as she walked towards the kitchen area.

“Maid make me some tea please” she said before laying down on the sofa.

“Yes Master.” I responded to the lazy ass before I went about making some iced tea for her. I soon handed her a glass of the beverage and left the room.

The work floor was fairly empty while I was cleaning it. A few people looking at me while I mopped up an oil spill was the most attention I got the entire time.

After that stupid oil spill mishap I was beat and decided now would be a good time to “recharge” so I opened the rather large supplies closet and looked for what they were talking about.

In the far left corner next to the large toolbox was a glass box full of wires and gizmos that surrounded a cutout of what I assumed to be my body all behind a glass door with a label that gave charging instructions.

I sighed before opening it up. “This promotion had better be worth it.” I grumbled as I slipped myself into the very snug shape. 

It held me perfectly still and tightly which was perfect as I was supposed to remain immobile during this portion anyways. I slid the door closed and put my hand into place with a tired sigh. This was actually pretty nice.

A slight whirring noise brought me out of my bliss to see the green charging light turn on and a cord attach itself to my mid back, giving me a slight shock. I was worried I might be electrocuted but the cable just sent small amounts of electricity through me in a similar fashion to electro massage. I was soon fast asleep and very relaxed.

This process continued for a month. I would come into work and get changed before continuing my duties as the company Robo-Maid. I got used to it and actually was beginning to enjoy parts of it. 

I had gotten to know each of the researchers pretty well over the last month and after some time they began treating me like a member of the team and not something to look at for enjoyment. We had some fun moments but now it was the end of that process.

Clark told me they deactivated the nanites but they could not remove them. That was fine with me but I made him promise to buy me lunch when we had our off day at the same time. He laughed but agreed as I returned to my normal post.

It wasn’t until a week later that rumors of a problem in development hit my ears and I started to wonder what was wrong. So being the worry wort that I am I decided to go and check on the boys down in the workshop. 

It wasn’t a long walk so I arrived relatively fast and pushed open the large doors. It was a mess on the inside of the lab, papers were everywhere, the guys all looked tired and there was a partially built Robo-Maid in the center of the room that was sparking. 

“So this looks promising.” I joked as I walked up to Clark’s desk and put my hands on his shoulders. He turned to me with a grimace on his face.

“Yeah Cathy, we just haven’t been able to get the programs running right. They keep failing and shorting out the systems of the bot. It is getting seriously frustrating.” He said turning back to his work.

I walked over to the model and looked at it. I was only there for a few seconds before Clark snapped his fingers and said “That’s it!” I turned back to him and he walked over towards me. 

He grabbed me and pulled me into his office area again. His face was a mix of happiness and worry.

“Cathy I need a huge favor from you.” He said seriously as we sat down.

I gulped. “How serious are we talking here Clark? Like hide a dead body serious?” I asked with a good natured smile.

He chuckled a bit at my jab and shook his head. “No, not that bad. We need more data to get the prototype working and there is only one way we can do that and still make our deadline. I need to activate the nanites again but this time the default AI placed inside of them will be turned on and run inside of you. Meaning it will control your basic movements and things of the sort and follow commands we give it. You will be able to override them with a little effort on your part and will always be in control of your mind. We want you to correct the AI when it does something wrong.”

My mind was reeling as I processed the information he was telling me. I would basically be a robot that could override myself during the study. It freaked me out.

“How badly would you be screwed if I said no Clark?” I asked completely seriously.

“Probably would be looking at finding a job in a different department somewhere else” he said staring at me sadly.

I really didn’t want to be the reason Clark and the guys were fired and we had been getting along really well as of late… sighing I grumble a bit.

“Fine, but you owe me big time buddy boy.” I say slapping his arm before he crushes me into a hug.

I could barely understand what he was saying after that. He said something about getting things ready and left me sitting there. I just stayed in his office waiting for him to return.

Around 30 minutes later I was about to go find him until a tingling feeling spread throughout my body and I stood up completely straight at attention. My body walked out of the room and stopped in front of him as he was placing some tools into a large box.

“Ah sorry about the abrupt start up Cathy. We needed to test the program. Anyways, go ahead and get in the box and we can head out.” Clark said moving to another shelf.

I wanted to talk back but before I could my body stepped towards the box and stepped inside. I laid down in the box and curled into a ball to save space.

They toss some other stuff in the box before closing it up and I feel myself “shutting down” so to speak. This would be a long trip.


story continues in Part Two by PoseMe

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