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Storycodes: Solo-M; discovery; FM; android; sexbot; admire; mind-transfer; M2f; M2sexbot; arousal; recharge; stuck; cons; X

Part One

Technology can be a wonderful thing sometimes, wouldn't you agree? In this day and age I'm enthralled by the constant advancement of technology and science. And today was the day that I found out that technological advancement isn't as amazing as I thought it was. You see, I was walking around town one day when I spotted a strange-looking building. It looked to be a bordello, but the building looked almost high-tech to a degree. It looked as though the exterior was made out of stainless steel, but that can't be right! The sign on the front said "Cyber-Bordello", something that certainly intrigued me. What could warrant such a high-tech facelift for a whorehouse?

Curiosity got the better of me as I ventured inside. I was greeted by the owner of the bordello, a woman with a nice large rack and gaudy clothes. "Hello, how can I help you today?" I smiled and said, "Oh, well... I was just confused by the name of your establishment is all. Is this a place with some kind of virtual reality hookup or something?" The woman giggled in response as if I had said some sort of joke. "Not exactly, but I can tell you are some kind of nerd for technology of that calibre. Here, let me show you something..." The woman motioned for me to follow her as she waved her manicured index finger at me. I shrugged my shoulders and followed her into the back. The room was dark, yet I could hear things moving... As I followed the woman, I suddenly heard something move towards me. Before I could react, I felt a hand reach around and grab my ass!

"Statement: You have a nice ass with perfect definition." Said a feminine yet robotic sounding-voice from behind me. I leapt away and turned just in time to see the lights flick on. My mouth stood agape as I gazed at a bizarre sight. Standing before me was an android, a female one! It had a feminine slender body, with large breasts hidden covered by a silver metallic breast-plate. It's crotch area also had a silver plate over it, almost as if it was hiding something. The robot's body was entirely white aside from sleek silver plating and the green robotic eyes adorning it's beautifully sculpted feminine face. The shiny white metal covered it's long feminine legs we're magnificent"Greeting: Hello, gorgeous." Said the female robot in it's monotonous tone once more.

Despite the robot having the voice and face of a sexy woman, she possessed none of the emotions or personality of an average woman. Despite all of that, the robot was immensely gorgeous. It wiggled it's slender metallic hips around and blew me a kiss with its sultry silver lips. I had a feeling I knew what this was, it's a sex-bot! "Like it?" Asked the bordello owner, "She is one of our many sex-bots! State-of-the-art mechanical whores meant to entertain men sexually without the threat of STDs! What's not to love?" A whore that doesn't transmit STDs? That did sound pretty amazing. I could hardly believe what was happening, I was staring at an honest to goodness hooker-bot! She was amazing and well-designed.

"So, what kind of specs does this "Robo-Hooker" have? You've got me very curious about it." I asked as I turned towards the bordello owner. She smiled and walked over to the sexy robot. She put her arm around it's mechanical shoulder and smiled. "Alright, I can tell you're a mega-nerd so I'll tell you everything about it. You see, this is the most high-tech sex-bot to date. Each one comes with a large rack, a big ass, wide hips, nice curves, and everything you look for in a woman. This Robo-Hooker is known as Tits-014, she's special when compared to the other units of our very first shipment. Her tits are much larger, her hips are wider and her ass is bigger. And she is more playful then the other models, as you can see. And like the other units, you can flip up the steel plating on her chest, rear, and crotch areas. This will allow you to access her genitals, ass, and breasts, which are made out of special padded foam material designed to feel like the real article. The vagina is even coated in constantly flowing liquids to make them appear like the actual organs. She is designed to please horny men, and nothing else!"

The machine did fascinate me quite a bit, and I could tell by the way the machine was constantly looking at me that she also was fascinated by me. The android strode towards me with her legs clenched tightly together and her hips swaying. She walked to the side of my and started rubbing my leg using her left, and grabbing my ass using her right. She flipped her chest-plate up at me quickly to flash me, showing off her padded tits before lowering the plate and hiding her gorgeous foam tits once more. "Looks like she has a real thing for you! Say, would you like to keep as your personal metal prostitute?" I gulped, I knew I couldn't afford to buy this machine. I knew it would be insulting to say it outright, so my plan was to just walk out without saying anything. However, I found that I could not perform such a rude action. "I'm sorry, but I'd never be able to afford to buy or rent Tits-014."

The woman smiled and laughed at me. "I never said you'd have to pay, it's on the house! You see, we were only to receive 13 units with our first shipment. However, a 14th unit was sent by mistake. We haven't had a customer yet, considering the store has only been open three days and the tech is expensive. On top of that, performing maintenance on 14 units may overstretch our current budget, especially because we haven't properly estimated a proper rental cost due to the price of the technology. Which is why I came up with an idea, that the first person to walk in would get the 14th unit free, and we'd get some advertisement out of it in the process! Everybody wins! So, she is now yours, my special first customer."

I gasped in disbelief, a robot hooker and she's all mine?! "S-seriously?! Thank you, this is amazing! I'll be sure to tell everyone about your business!" The owner laughed once more. "Thank you very much! I hope you have a lot of fun with her, Mr... Uh..." Tits-014 butted in, "Answer: His name is Clancy." My eyes opened wide, how did she know that?! "How did you know my name?" I asked as the owner smiled at me. "Oh, I forgot about that feature! You see, Tits-014 and the rest of her android family can tell who a person is just by grabbing their ass! It's a special recognition system, and it's truly revolutionary! Now, you don't have to introduce yourself to the hooker if you don't want to, she tell who you are by grabbing your ass!" I smirked as I thought about the advanced technology behind this all! This was truly amazing! Just as I was about to leave with Tits-014, I heard the android pipe in. "Statement: Wait a minute, first I want to test my new owner. I want to see how well it handles from the other side."

Did the android just call me an it? It seems that she thinks of me the same way I think of her. "Oh, I see. She wants you to handle it from the other side. I forgot about the mind transference function!" I scratched at my head, what did she mean by mind transference? "I can tell you're confused, Clancy. Allow me to explain: You see, these high-tech sex-bots come with a special feature allowing the user to experience sex from the robot-hooker's point-of-view. The robot hooker will interface with you and then swap minds! It's completely safe and 100% temporary, and you'll swap back after a few hours. The only catch is that once you allow her the authority to do so, she can swap you 3-4 times a day."

Body-swapping? It sounded bizarre, insane, and preposterous! Yet, I thought the same about such advanced robotics technology just a few minutes ago. If it was only temporary, then there wouldn't be much of a problem would there? A cybernetic hooker that I could switch bodies with on a dime, it sounds like a dream come true! The normal man in me was telling me to say no, yet the curious sci-fi lover in me wanted so badly to say yes. "Question: Will you are to body-swap authorization?" Asked the android as she patted my butt. "Yes, I authorize the body-swap!" The android wandered around to the front of me and stared me straight in the eyes.

Her green eyes glowed in an unnatural way as she locked me into a gaze from which I could not escape. I felt as though my very mind was being digitized by her stare, it was as if she was turning my very brain into data and transferring it to her body. I tried to blink, but couldn't. The glow continued, as did the faint humming sound brought about by the whirring of motors inside her. The light faded within moments, as I took notice of something. My body felt strange, both physical and artificial at the same time. I looked down to find myself staring at the body of a mechanical naked woman! I could hear the buzzing of gears as I wiggled my hips around.

I looked at my hands and found that they were coated in shiny white metal, but they still appeared to be the delicate feminine hands of a woman. Atop my chest were two large breasts, hidden beneath a retractable steel plating. I wanted to grope them, but I had no idea how to flip up the panel on my chest. I struggled with it, but to no avail. My head was that of a beautiful woman's, but coated in metal and wearing an emotionless expression atop its face. I had rather larger hips that seemed to sway side to side as I walked. I reached my mechanized down and grabbed them, taking notice of how soft they are despite belonging to a robot. I assumed that parts of the robot were coated in some special kind of fibre, meant to give the android some of the squishiness of an actual woman's body. Despite being in the body of a high-tech robot, I didn't feel any stronger.

In fact, my muscles felt practically nonexistent. I guess it would make sense to design a sex-bot that wouldn't crush a man's pelvis upon having sex. Another thing I took notice of was my brain, my thoughts were circulating a mile a minute! Not only did I have all of my previous human knowledge, but a wealth of knowledge on various other subjects that I didn't even know existed. My already large intellect had been tripled, but that wasn't all! I now had a giant database of sexual positions and a massive catalogue of everything sex related stored within my brain. I took notice of the metallic plating my crotch next. I was curious, so I moved my hand down towards it. I pressed my index finger against the tip of the plating, as I felt a powerful orgasm build up! I couldn't release it though, as I lacked the working sexual organs to pull it off.

"Statement: This is glorious." I said in an emotionless robotic tone. It was true, my mind now inhabited Tits-014's body. I suddenly heard people giggling and chuckling at me, and I turned to find my own body  and bordello's owner laughing at me.  It did work, Tits and I swapped bodies! "Wow, she's really getting into it!" Said Tits, as the former android laughed at my expense. "She certainly is, she'll definitely enjoy the next couple hours as an android and she'll definitely want to do it again!" Suddenly, a sparkle appeared in Tits' eyes as an idea crossed his mind. "Speaking of doing it... Would you like me to give your new body a test-run, Tits-014?" I nodded my mechanical head in response. "Answer: Yes, I would thoroughly enjoy tha---" The motors inside my mouth drew silent, as my body became motionless. My shoulders slumped as my body became numb.

"Oh geez, I forgot to recharge her!" Shouted the bordello mistress, as she flipped up my torso chest-plate. My breasts exploded forth from the chest-plate, almost like inflating airbags. My massive foam tits dangled from my chest as the bordello owner ran off. "Sorry for that, the mistress isn't the best when it comes to maintenance. Heck, most of her knowledge on technology came when she used the body-swap program on a test model robo-hooker! You see, that knowledge never goes away!" Woah, is he serious?! For the rest of my life, I'll have an IQ that's ten thousand times above the average! Not to mention, I now had the memories to be the most amazing sexual dynamo ever. After waiting for a bit, the mistress returned with a special power-box.

She opened up the box and revealed two clamps, moving them slowly towards my exposed chest in the process. "Yes, the only quick way to recharge a sex-bot with some good ol' nipple-clamps!" She fastened the clamps tightly to my false nipples, causing that orgasmic sensation to return. "Alright, now all we have to do is way 20 minutes and then she can give her new body a test-run! Say, want to grab something to eat in the meantime?" Asked the mistress as she turned to tits. "I'd love to! I've never eaten anything as a human before. We'll bring her back some oil or something as well, I'm sure she'd like that!" The two laughed as they walked off, my body still motionless and unable to move. That orgasmic feeling was building, I desired to have sex in this form! The anticipation of having to wait 20 minutes was killing me! Still, testing this new form will be totally worth it. And maybe afterwards, I can give this body a further test-run by whoring it out on the streets...


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