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The Professional Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; fembot; suit; strip; naked; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; sealed; program; latex; catsuit; climax; cons; X

For the most part, I typically ignore popup ads. Often they are scams trying to sell you something that you really don’t want. This one was different, however, as it showed what could only be described as a fembot with the words “Become One Today!” Intrigued at the possibility, I clicked on the link and was lead onto the website for Fembot Inc, a company specializing in making fembot dreams a reality. The testimonials dropped massive praise on it, with one saying, “Three of us all got suits and they were all perfect, I’ll never regret my purchase. Fembot Love forever”. By this point, I was beyond convinced and promptly ordered a suit for myself, including a selection of leather and latex clothing to go with it. I clicked rush delivery and waited for my order, excited to become a fembot at last. 

Two weeks later I stood on my front porch as the delivery van arrived. Having been custom made, it took a while but once it was done it was sent to me. I eagerly signed the form and brought the package into the living room. Opening the box with my keys, I took each component out and laid them on the couch, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before me lay the pieces of my suit, metallic but also black in color as I had requested. As I held one of the pieces in my hand, I felt the coolness of the metal and the padded interior, making sure it would fit me perfectly. I read through the instructions carefully, noting how each piece went on. I then proceeded to close all of the shades and strip down, leaving my naked body ready to be transformed.

I took one of the boots and carefully placed the two parts across from one other. These ran up to the knee and would form a seal, encasing my body within. It also had a wicked heel, one that could be adjusted even higher. The magnets connected and I groaned as I felt the boot encasing my leg in its metallic glory. I did the same for the other leg and found that I was limited in motion on account of the lack of power. The knee joints came on next, followed by the upper thigh pieces. I now had my legs encased in metal, and got very excited when I saw the next part coming. 

I lifted up the pelvis section and giggled when I saw the interior. The outside was clearly a mechanical version of my private parts but on the inside lay a rod that would penetrate my body. It was the same on the rear part, just a bit smaller. I held my breath as I slid the pieces in, hoping that the vibrations would be everything the company had promised. It felt a bit strange to have it in, but I quickly got used to it as the corset came on. While it did fit me, it didn’t provide the kind of waist I was hoping to get. However, the instructions said that it would come once the unit was done being assembled.

I giggled at the word unit, it made me feel so artificial and mechanical.

Next up came the arms, which clamped on very similar to the legs. The gloves were one piece and as I slid them on I could feel the metal in my fingers. It made me feel so sexy and I couldn’t wait to complete the suit. The back piece was held on by the corset, which also contained the brain portion of my suit. The instructions online said that due to a revolutionary battery invention, a Fembot Inc unit could be online for a full week after only 15 minutes worth of charging. Since they come already charged, I luckily wouldn’t have to worry about that for a while.

Next up came the breastplate, and as I used my new robotic arms to attach it in place I could feel my boobs coming in contact with various sensors inside, making sure that I would feel every action in my body. It clamped on and I gasped. I was now encased in a robotic fembot suit, and soon my designation would be that of a fembot. The neck corset came on next, and I was now at the stage of putting on the headpiece.

It came in three parts, a lower part that attached to the neck corset, a dome component that covered up my hair, leaving an artificial version in its place, and most importantly the faceplate. The first two came on easily, and I could feel my head surrounded by the metal. I lifted the faceplate up and realized that it would copy my mouth expressions but leave my face otherwise robotic. The eyes were a deep red color, removing any indication that there might be a woman inside. I pressed it against my face and felt it click, completing my suit.

Suddenly the suit began to power up and as the air was expelled from my body, I could feel the whole suit get tighter around my body, I could only notice this for a minute as every sensor went off in sequence, giving me pleasure like nobody ever had before. It only lasted a short time but I enjoyed every single second of it. As it stopped I saw various words flash across my view, “Please List Designation and occupation”

I spoke, now in a robotic tone, “Designation Emilybot. Job, Professional Dominatrix”

“Excellent, suit is now active”

I strutted around for a little bit, enjoying how my suit made me feel. It was like walking on air, an experience I would never forget. I turned towards the other box and lifted up some of my new clothing. I quickly put on the black latex catsuit and matching corset, pleased that they fit me so well. I knew it was time to fully test this beautiful machine, so I sat down and prepared myself. I set the heels to their highest level. I then picked up the remote to my suit and pressed the button labeled “Hardcore Mode”

“Hardcore Mode Activated, set for one Hour”

I let the sensation take over me, thinking about all of the fun that this suit will provide me and my clients with.


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