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The Perfect Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-F; store; fembot; display; suit; strip; naked; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; sealed; program; stand; sexbot; climax; cons; X

I stepped off the metro and headed into town, intending to do a bit of shopping with the bonus I got from my promotion. I was giddy with excitement, just wanting to find that perfect item. As I cruised down the street, a few shops caught my attention but none of them had the items that I was searching for. Suddenly I came across a very futuristic looking shop, with what I presumed were naked mannequins in the window. Upon closer inspection however, I came to realize that these were Fembot, and beautiful ones at that. Already getting excited, I moved into the store. Inside were numerous models of Fembot suits, in all sorts of dazzling colors and uses. One of them came up to me and said, “Welcome to the first Fembot Inc. store, how can I assist you today?

I looked her over, noting the perfectness of her red metallic body. She had the body any girl would dream of, and exactly the kind of thing I was looking for to spice up my life. I asked her, “Are you a robot, or someone wearing a suit?”

She smiled and with a hiss, removed her faceplate. Her face was so perfect and you could see how much she loved being in the suit. She explained how the suit functioned, and how only the user could set the amount of control they had over it, with other various safety features included. She took my hand as we walked through the store. I could feel the coolness of her hand, and knew that this would be utterly perfect. We picked out the newest version of the suit, and a selection of latex clothing items as well as a special Fembot stand. We went up to the front checkout and I happily paid for my suit, ready to feel like a powerful metallic woman. She told me that my customized suit would be delivered in a number of days, and that if I had any problems to come back at any time. As I walked back to the metro, I marveled at the Fembot women I passed along the street, ready to become one of them.

A few days later I was sitting at home, watching one of my favorite films when the doorbell rang. I opened it up and there stood a Fembot, holding out a form for me to sign. I eagerly signed it as she brought the boxes in and left in on the living room floor. With a quick smile and a kind gesture she left to go make more deliveries as I turned off the tv and turned my attention to the boxes in front of me. Grabbing a pair of scissors, I cut open the boxes and laid the different items on the ground.

The first contained the latex clothing made to fit the Fembot skin. It included a few cat suits, dresses, corsets and boots. All of it would only serve to enhance the suit and make the person inside feel so wonderful. The next one contained the stand, which would prop up the person wearing the suit into the ultimate pleasure setup. Next was the suit, made to fit my body in chrome perfection. Mine was pink in color with dark blue eyes, looking extremely feminine. The metal was cool to the touch, and I quickly stripped down to prepare myself to become the perfect Fembot.

I lifted up the boot, which had a wicket heel. It would completely cover my foot and lower leg, with the joints built in. I lifted the two halves and felt them connect around my leg. It felt so tight and I could only imagine how it would feel once the suit powered up. After attaching the knee and upper leg components, noticing how immediately they became significantly shapelier. I ran my hand down then and felt the formed metal. I next lifted up the two private part sections. The front half had a robotic version of the vagina, along with a piece that would enter through me. The back piece also had a penetrating piece, along with a butt piece that would make it look bigger in size. I giggled at the thought of me becoming what was essentially a sexbot, and calmly inserted both halves, gasping as they entered. Next up came the corset piece, which hugged my body while being put on but would compress slightly once the air was all gone.

The back piece contained the computer and battery charge, allowing the user to stay online for two weeks with only an hour long charge. The front half had two domes that would make my boobs significantly larger and sexier. I attached the back half and then carefully lifted the boob plate into place, feeling them slot into their respective slots. I felt them, loving how metallic and smooth they felt. Next came the gloves which, when put on, made my fingers disappear, leaving only the pink hands of a sexbot. The rest of the arms came on easily and soon I was a beautiful Fembot from the neck down.

Attaching the neck corset came easily with the dexterity from my new robotic hands. It was made to cover rather than shape so I felt very comfortable in it. The helmet came in two pieces, the faceplate and the helmet which covered the rest. As I lower the helmet onto my head I could tell I was in for a ride. It covered my ears, leaving me without sound until the startup. I ran my hand over the top of my head, feeling the cool metal and smoothness of it. I examined the faceplate, noting that my eyes would just look like blue lights from the outside, and the mouth would move with my own. I used both hands to attach it into place, knowing that I was to be known by my Fembot name as Emmabot, or Emma the Sexbot. 

Once it was attached everything started at once. I fell to the couch as the air was expelled and my body was compressed into the suit. Every sensor went off, giving my loads of pleasure. Once it had completed I stood up and walked to the mirror. I smiled as I looked at my body. Not only was it beautiful in pink, but I had the dimensions of a super model. I stood there staring for a while before walking over to the stand. I situated myself on it, with my arms resting on the rests, my head back against the headrest, my lower regions resting on the special platform, and my boots on platforms of their own. I lowered the front piece that attached to my boobs and said, “Stand activate for two hours”

Suddenly pieces attached themselves to my Fembot body, leaving me immobile. The suit became filled with energy and the lower region platform activated. The pleasure was immense, orgasm after orgasm began to flow. Before I passed out from it, I told the suit “Suit, set user control to zero for the next two hours.” I felt my mind disappear as it was replaced by the mind of a sexbot. All my mind could think about was enjoying the pleasure, and for the next two hours Emma the Sexbot thought only about pleasure and sex, what a dream!


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