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Niamh's New Shell

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; fpov; maid-bots; F2maidbot; transform; bodymod; latex; catsuit; mask; mind-control; slave; cons; nc; X

Niamh was a stunning 18 year old girl. Born into wealth, she didn't need anything, and to date her life had been a catalogue of "I want" and getting it. She was an only child and had inherited her parents' money young. They had passed away and there was just her and her butler.

She spent a lot of time browsing kinky websites and she fantasised about some of the things she'd read about, particularly stories of dolls and maidbots. She stumbled upon the website of a company that offered to turn real women into dolls of themselves as easily as putting on a new skin.

She watched videos and the process looked like dressing up in a special thick rubbery suit that hugged the body, then some sort of power was applied that turned the suit's flexible material rigid and plastic in all the right places.

There was also a custom headpiece which required moulds of the head to be taken. Again watching videos, it appeared once worn, the wearer's face became rigid plastic. The woman on the demonstration now appeared to look like a mannequin of herself, and to an onlooker there was no clue there was a human beneath. Niamh was fingering herself watching this and wanted to experience it.

She filled in the forms online and didn't flinch at the cost of this process. A few days later a package arrived from the company which required her to mould her face and head.

She completed the plaster cast of her head, but this required her to shave all her hair off in order to get the perfect fit. Once done she posted this back to the company along with a photograph of herself.

Another requirement was to visit a clinic to undergo an operation on her vocal cords, so that a small control chip could enable and disable them as part of the transformation. Who ever heard of a talking mannequin? She visited as required and on completion, and after an overnight stay, she was given a control device which she could use to instantly mute and unmute her own voice.

She left the clinic and decided to try it out. She pressed the mute button and tried to speak, and nothing happened. She cleared her throat and tried again. Nothing. She pressed the mute button again and suddenly her sweet voice was working again. There was also another mode she hadn't been told about where her voice emulated a robot. She spoke to herself in this voice and she sounded like an android or a robot might. She decided to subject herself to being mute for a while and enabled that mode again, placing the control device in the car, and heading into town to do some shopping. She had to be creative when people talked to her, gesturing that she couldn't speak. This was strangely fun and she managed everything she needed without uttering a word.

She also needed another clinic visit to make some other changes to her body. She had an operation at the base of her neck to implant a control chip. The company said it's purpose would become clear, and having the chip under the skin would give maximum discretion whilst not wearing the suit. Niamh agreed and didn't think anything of the implications.

They also had her consent to modifications to her private areas to have permanent receptacles fitted allowing waste to be captured when the suit was fitted. Whilst not wearing the suit things would work normally, and from the outside, looked as they always had. But internally, she'd been fitted with implants and various bits of plumbing rewired. With the suit connected, they would help manage things, making the suit's application plug and play.

Niamh was warned however that the modifications essentially would make her pussy impenetrable through intercourse; the equipment being medically installed needed space inside her and this required her pussy hole as storage. She would be sealed up permanently. She could orgasm from her clit still, though, they assured her. However they also said the suit would control that too, and they installed another chip near her clit, with another controller that enabled and disabled her ability to orgasm.

Niamh was in a state of kinky arousal and happily agreed to all these changes. As long as she had the controllers, what did it matter? This was an adventure she was taking herself on. They told her to be careful with the controllers, because they were uniquely paired to the chips, couldn't be replaced, and the chips were tamper proof once installed and couldn't be removed without an electric discharge to the nerves that would permanently render the voice or sensitive pussy region numb.

There was a third and final operation needed and she would need to be kept in for a week or so and sedated for it. Niamh was told that the suit was only as thin and seamless as it was as it relied on magnetic locking in places. Essentially this meant that they would install really strong magnets under her skin, screwed into various bones permanently all linked to a power source and a control chip that enabled and disabled the magnets. They'd be under her skin and using advanced techniques they promised not to leave scars. However they needed to be placed in about 50 locations, from her head to her toes, so they suggested she remain sedated whilst they worked on her and she healed.

Niamh agreed and when she awoke she looked a little bruised in places, but whatever they had done wasn't visible to the naked eye.

It then took a few weeks of waiting, over which time she played with the remotes, muting herself and denying herself orgasms. She had a time locked safe and set it to a week, turning off her pussy, and locking the remote away. No matter how much she tried to rub her clit there was no feeling there at all. She felt where her pussy hole used to be and it was now sealed shut. Her vibrator was useless. When the safe unlocked she pounced on the remote and as feeling returned to her pussy she had the most amazing orgasm.

Finally the item arrived.

By this point she had healed and looked like her normal self.

She opened the package and the first thing she found inside was a plastic head that looked exactly like hers. It was in two halves that looked like they clicked together. She held the front up to her face and placed her face into it. It was a perfect fit. She could see through the eyes but from the outside they looked painted. There were tubes that would go up her nose and a small hole where her lips would part. She poked the tubes into place and held the mask loosely in place.

She took the back of the head with her spare hand and placed it. Pushing the two halves together, she felt a click, and the mask magnetized into place. She pulled it and it wouldn't move. It was attached solidly to the magnetic anchors that had been placed around her skull.

Unconcerned for now, she studied herself in the mirror, admiring her mannequin-like face. It was uncanny that she looked like a version of herself trapped in plastic. Underneath she made expressions but the mask remained expressionless.

She held up a thick rubbery skin coloured suit. It had a neck entry and no other way to get in. Inside the package was some lubrication.

She noticed built into the arse of the rubber suit was a USB charging port and she could feel there were some batteries amongst the padding in the cheeks. Down below there were also connectors that would attach to her new modifications she'd recently had. In the bottom of the box was a remote control for the suit. It was like a mega remote that covered the functions of the individual ones she'd been given too.

The suit also appeared to have metal rings at the wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, neck, and around the waist. She assumed these were magnetic.

Niamh was getting horny and wanted to try on her suit. She glanced at the quick start instructions and nothing concerned her.

She fully undressed and took the lube and applied it all over. Once she was slick, she laid the suit on the floor and placed her feet toes first into the neck hole. Slowly she wriggled into the suit, consuming her inch by inch. She placed her legs in the suit's legs until each toe fitted into place. She fed her arms into the suits arms until each finger felt like it was in a glove, and eventually once she placed both arms, it enveloped her snapping firmly around her neck, stopping at her chin. The suit matched her every contour. She fiddled with her crotch, feeling a click as the suit mated with her modified mound. Similarly, feeling behind the suit it clicked as it mated with her modified arsehole.

Her magnetic bands were not yet secured. She looked at them and realised they were in two parts, explaining why she had been able to slip into the suit. She tried a wrist band first, as she brought both halves together, there was a magnetic click, both securing the band to itself, and magnetising to the magnets under her skin. She didn't hesitate to lock all the other bands. Click, click. Her left leg was sealed. Click, click. Now her right leg. Click click. Her left arm. Click. The remaining band on her right arm. Click. Her hourglass waist was now secure.

Each click felt like the suit was anchoring itself to her bones. She felt part of the suit.

Finally her neck. Click. And it felt like a slave collar attaching. This band was much wider than the others. She felt something buzz in her neck and for about ten seconds she lost control of her body as information flowed into her brain. She didn't understand any of it. The control returned to her, which she felt relieved about, but she spoke aloud in her own voice "Core operating system installed. Ready." She realized the suit was using her own voice to relay its status.

She grabbed the quick start manual and this was all going to plan. Next up she could enable the mode she really wanted - mannequin mode.

Before she did this, she admired herself in the mirror. She had a sheen to her like a mannequin. She rubbed herself through the suit enjoying the feelings, stimulating her clit. Mmm, this feels good, she told herself.

She stood in front of the mirror, tapping her head, which made a hard plastic sound.

Wow, I look amazing!

Next she took the mega remote in the box and it had various timers but essentially it was a case of "Enable" or "Disable", and buttons for different durations, as well as some modes she would need to consult the manual on, as well as options to enable and disable her voice and pussy.

She had charged the suit up whilst admiring herself.

She firstly enabled Mute and disabled her pussy. She was horny but the sensations below calmed down. She tried to speak but couldn't. Brilliant, she thought to herself, smiling beneath her mask.

She made sure her bedroom door was locked so that the butler wouldn't disturb her and walked around the room posing and stretching and generally trying to see what she looked like from every angle.

She grabbed a wig and popped it on her bald head, and grabbed some lingerie which she slipped on. She felt this was as dressy as she wanted to be.

Next she took the suit control and pressed "1 hour" then "Enable". She'd read in the instructions that there was a five second delay. She tossed the remote onto her bed and quickly struck a mannequin pose facing the mirror. In her own voice she said "Mannequin mode for one hour enabled in five, four, three, two, one..." and suddenly the rubbery material in her suit hardened and became rock solid. She tried to move but was stuck fast. She could blink and breathe but was otherwise rigid.

She stared out at herself in the mirror admiring her gorgeous form. She lacked her human details, her body was a uniform colour from head to toe. Her face was hers, unmistakably she was the mannequin version of a spoiled rich kid, but her features were simpler. Her lips were smooth and painted on. She had no texture. She was perfectly smooth. Glistening in the light coming in through the window.

Time stood still. She could only breathe. She watched as the sun began to set, casting a warm glow on her. She'd turned herself into an inanimate object. She loved it.

After what felt like an eternity she spoke "Mannequin mode ending in five, four, three, two, one ..." and as quickly as she'd frozen, she could move again. She fingered herself and remembered she'd disabled her pussy. She grabbed the remote and enabled it. In mere seconds she came her brains out. Mute screams of orgasm washed over her. Silent pleasure. As she calmed down she considered what she wanted to do next with the suit.

She decided to head to bed for the night and she pressed a few buttons on the remote as she tucked herself into bed. "Mannequin mode enabled until sunrise in five, four three, two one ..." as she snuggled up into her pillow and curled into a ball under her bedsheets. She froze in place, an inanimate Niamh, frustrated and immobile. She quickly drifted off and dreamed amazing dreams of her new predicament.

As sunrise came, she announced to herself, "Mannequin mode ending in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" ... and she was able to stretch and yawn.

She climbed out of bed and looked in the little mirror, she looked perfect. She decided to get dressed and slipped on a dress and some leggings, and some shoes. Her mannequin-like skin was still showing on her face and arms, but she didn't care. She was hungry and thirsty.

Heading down to the kitchen she made herself a coffee and, knowing her face was frozen in it's plastic shell, she used a food processor to blend some milk and cereals into a runny paste. She took a straw from the kitchen drawer and passed it through her slightly parted lips, and proceeded to sip her coffee and liquefied breakfast.

She didn't realise, but the butler came in as she was enjoying her breakfast. She jumped a little. The butler said "Good morning miss", before doing a double take. "Is miss feeling okay? She looks a little pasty this morning". Niamh tried to reply but her voice was still disabled, she couldn't even say, "Mmm hmm". She nodded, grabbed her breakfast, and scurried off back to her bedroom to finish up.

She decided to let her best friend Rachel in on her new found secret, inviting her round for some lunch later that day. When she arrived, she had the butler bring her to her room. Niamh had left the suit on, but had removed the headpiece.

They exchanged greetings and talked briefly before Rachel asked what she was wearing. "I'm glad you asked! I've got a new toy!"

Rachel looked perplexed. "I don't understand, what is it?"

Niamh threw the quick start guide and remote control towards Rachel and said, "Take a look, meanwhile I'll just put this headpiece on."

As she magnetised the headpiece to her head and it locked in place, Rachel couldn't believe what she was reading. "You went through all sorts of surgery to make yourself into a mannequin of yourself?"

Niamh nodded. "Yeah. I saw it online, it cost me a small fortune, but it feels so amazing and the moment I saw it I knew I wanted to try it. With permission I'm able to remove everything and be myself. But with the suit on and locked I'm at the mercy of whoever has the controller. So far it's just been me."

She removed her dress and other clothes to reveal her shiny mannequin skin, locked into place by the magnetic bands. Her pussy was smooth. "You've control of my pussy, voice, whether I can move or not. Not sure if there's anything else. I'd like to give you my controllers for a while to experience being under the control of someone else if that's okay? I'm yours to experiment with."

Rachel nodded, "Well, unexpected, but could be fun to control my millionaire best friend for a while!"

There was a voice imprint button on the master controller. She pressed it and told Rachel to follow the prompts.

Niamh spoke in a monotone fashion, "transfer of ownership in progress." The controller beeped then Niamh spoke again, "I now require a voice print from my new owner. Please state your name and that you are the new owner."

"My name is Rachel and I am the new owner of Niamh."

Niamh now spoke again, "New owner confirmed. All controls for Niamh now transferred and locked to Rachel."

Returning to her usual self, Niamh said "There we go. You're now my owner! You have full control of me. I've not got into the main manual and what you can do with me but please knock yourself out!"

Rachel wasn't sure what to do next. She pressed the button to disable Niamh’s pussy. "How does that feel?"

Niamh touched herself through her suit. "Can't feel a thing."

Rachel then pressed a button that looked like a microphone and spoke into it "Enable Mannequin mode and mute for 13 hours."

Niamh confirmed and suddenly was locked solid in place. Rachel tapped Niamh's skin and it was hard. Her friend was solid as a rock. "I'll be back tomorrow when I've read your manual cover to cover. There's more to this than the quick start guide..." Rachel left Niamh standing, staring into space, with only her own thoughts for company.

Time passed slowly for Niamh and when Rachel returned the next morning she had a wicked look in her eyes. Rachel pressed a button and unmuted Niamh. "How was your night?"

Niamh replied, "I had a lot of time to think!"

"I've read your manual cover to cover and it looks like you do more than just mannequin. Did you ask about the chip in your neck?"

"No, they just said it was part of the suit. They didn't elaborate."

"Well, I've a surprise for you. It's a control chip for your central nervous system. It can control your brain and in turn the chip can be programmed to do anything really. Watch this." Rachel pressed a button and said, "Jump up and down for 10 seconds." Niamh confirmed then jumped on the spot for ten seconds without any control over it.

Rachel then commanded, "Kneel before me and worship me." Niamh got down on her knees in front of Rachel and began to bow down in front of her.

"Woah I didn't expect you to be able to do this,” Niamh said, “I thought I was just giving you the power to mannequin me."

"Seems I have total control over you! Oh I have some ideas! I can't believe you didn't know what you were doing to your body and that you transferred your ownership to me!" Rachel laughed. "All this time you've been the spoiled little rich girl, and you paid to put yourself in this position. Paid to have your slit surgically closed up forever. Paid to have chips embedded that would give someone else total control of you."

"Hey that's not nice, you're my best friend,” Niamh replied, “Transfer my control back!" Rachel hit the mute button and Niamh could no longer speak.

"Oh it's amazing to be able to shut you up. To the untrained eye you look just like a mannequin or statue of your old self. Even without the mannequin suit I can control you with the chip implants."

Rachel commanded Niamh to remove her headpiece. The magnets unlocked and she removed it revealing her face below. "Now kiss my feet. Worship me."

Niamh complied, against every fibre in her being. Her mind suddenly filled with information from the control chip, she was compelled to do it, and to do it without question and with enthusiasm as best she could. She fought it but she was now just a passenger. Her face gave the impression she couldn't wait to service her owner but inside she was mortified.

She kissed Rachel's patent leather shoes. She licked the tops clean. They glistened with her saliva as she sloppily ran her tongue and lips over them, lubricating them as she went. Rachel showed the soles of her shoes to Niamh, they were filthy. Niamh licked at them enthusiastically, sucking on the heel, spending several minutes cleaning the soles thoroughly, removing mud and dirt from each tread.

Moving on, Rachel twirled her hair thinking what else to ask. She told Niamh to lick the floor clean, starting in one corner, working across to the other, and when finished, to replace her mask and stand in the corner awaiting instructions. Rachel said she would be back in a few hours. Niamh walked to the corner of the room and got on all fours, placing her face millimetres from the floor. The chip implant seemed to be making her drool, and her stomach rumbled. She couldn't work out why licking the floor clean seemed as appealing now as eating a big juicy steak.

As she hovered there, she dribbled on the floor, saliva in full flow. She dropped her face now to the floor, tongue and lips now circulating on the floor much like a floor cleaning machine would, as she practically french kissed the floor slowly and methodically, back and forth, her taste buds somehow overridden as though she was lapping up something tasty. Hours passed and eventually she finished her task. Automatically her chip made her take a drink to rehydrate and she then returned to her corner waiting for Rachel.

Rachel returned shortly after and looking at the floor could see the saliva trails where Niamh had been and that every inch had been done. Impressed, Rachel told Niamh she would remain her owner, but when she didn't need or want her, she would allow her to continue her life.

Next Rachel dropped her skirt and panties and commanded Niamh to lick her, as she was dripping wet. Niamh complied and tongued her new owner to orgasm.

Rachel commanded that she replace her headpiece, which magnetised back in place.

"I command you to remove your ability to ask me anything, ever, about having your life back under your control. You will lose the ability for the words to ever leave your lips. Now, tell me the PIN for your credit card."

"7290," Niamh responded.

"Great. Now you know your place, go and stand facing that wall and engage mannequin mode." With that Niamh complied and went rock solid. She had no idea what was yet to come. She could still taste whatever was on Rachel's shoes and had her pussy juice all over her face.

She felt stupid being so naive about handing her life over to her friend, but equally she felt turned on deep inside. Where might this lead... she wondered.


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