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The Latex Fembot

by Robowomanbot

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© Copyright 2019 - Robowomanbot - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; pod; Machine/f; prepare; suit; latex; encase; corset; transform; F2fembot; insert; arousal; F/f; domme; resuit; rubber; doll; collar; vibe; cons; X

Working from home one day, I was sitting at my desk writing my latest cyberpunk novel. Recently, one of my stories had been adapted into a film that had received significant acclaim, and finally I was in the position that most writers can only dream about. After a significant number of hours with study progress I decided to reward myself with a spot of Jeopardy, so as to take my mind off of the work for a bit. As I was watching it an advertisement came up for a company called Fembot Inc. I had heard about them before, and watched the commercial with great interest. Quickly grabbing a pen and paper, I wrote down the address and got into my car.

Parking downtown, I made my way into the store where I was greeted by the smell of metal and latex. It was extremely intoxicating, and I almost didn’t notice the fembot who came put to me.

“Greetings” She said in a sultry robotic voice “How may I help you today?”

“Looking to buy a suit”

“Excellent, right this way”

She took me to the counter where we perused the options. Picking one and some accessories, I paid with my card and was soon on my way, with delivery secluded for later that week. 


I was sitting on my couch surrounded by research when the doorbell rang. Excavating myself from my seat, I opened the door to find two fembots standing there. I let them inside and directed them to the bedroom. I quickly texted my friend, telling her to use the key I gave her to let herself in. Someone I met through the fembot Inc. social media, she was going to be my mistress for my first day in the suit. She responded that she was on her way. After a few minutes they waved goodbye and headed out, leaving me giddy with excitement. I wandered into the bedroom to find a tall box like item had been installed on the side of my room and an erotic looking charging station positioned next to it. I could smell the fresh metal as I placed my hand onto the unlock button. 

Suddenly the doors opened and I was pulled inside by a set of metal arms. Lifted up, I was held in place as it confirmed that I was ready for assembly. Shaking in excitement, I replied yes and the machine took hold of me even more tightly. I was suspended in the air as it commenced the process. I had chosen a suit with a latex under layer, for extra sensations. The machine began to dress me, lubing up me entire body with an ice cold liquid. I was shaking in the air as the machine kept me in place, my body dripping from the liquid. I was soon being slid into the suit, the latex being made specifically for my body. It was a special latex formula, with lots of sensors in key areas. The black latex felt so tight around my body, and my head was soon covered in the material. I could just feel the cool air in my private regions, nipples, lips and eyes, while everything else was covered in that slick sexy material. 

The machine, still holding me in place, began its second round of lubing, preparing my body for the next phase of its evolution. The latex heightened any feelings that had been there before, and the machine was very deliberate in its application of the lube. I was straining from the feelings of pleasure, and I had not gotten to experience the best part of it yet. 

The machine began the process of robotification, starting with my legs. The machine encased them in the sleek chrome, the wicked heel adding five inches to my height. As the metal pieces were locked into place, the arms were replaced by magnets that held my body in place. No matter what I wanted I couldn’t move, and had to accept the machine on my body.

The joints and upper leg components were put into place, followed shortly by my arms and hands. The encasement of my latex fingers under both a layer of latex and now the metal of my new hands excited me to no end. The magnets held out my arms and legs, firmly placing me in the control of the machine. 

Next came the most exciting part. As rods were shoved into my private regions, I shook from the cold feelings the metal gave me insides, caressing every inch of pleasure. I could feel myself getting wet down there, which helped to warm up the rods. As the corset was wrapped around me, the combined pressures were amazing. I had never felt pleasure like this before. The metal also made my butt much larger, and my hips shaped me in a way I never thought possible. My back was shoved into place, and my breasts were carefully slotted into their respective places. Once again everything was made bigger, my b cups becoming much larger Ds. I could see them, amazed at how much bigger they had become. I was now almost complete. My neck was covered in metal, and the latex of my head soon met a match of its own. All that was left was for my faceplate to be put into place.

Opening wide, I allowed the faceplate to clasp into place. With a sharp click the machine expelled all of the air from my supple body. It got tighter and tighter, and the machine began to test every component fully. If I wasn’t magnetized to the machine, I could have easily curled up from the levels of pleasure being imparted on every part of my body. The machine asked if I was ready to be released.

“User Designation GarnetBot. Unit to be released only with the permission of Crystalbot”

“Affirmed. Unit will charge until Crystalbot appears”

The machine inserted all sorts of probes into my body, and I patiently waited for her to arrive. I didn’t have to wait long, as soon the doors opened and a beautiful fembot stood before me, wearing a leather harness and jacket over her fembot suit. She approached me, and caressed my breasts.

“My my Garnet bot, quite a nice bot we’ve got here. Ready to engage in a bit of fun?”

“Yes Crystalbot. I’m ready. Garnetbot, activate user power Crystalbot”

The machine affirmed my choice and I felt my mind go blank. I was now a passenger in my own body. I felt so alive, allowing myself to be given up to the machine.

“Machine, activate hard latex mode Garnetbot”


The doors closed again and I felt the machine go to work. First another round of lubing occurred, this time preparing the suit for another layer. I was slipped into another cat suit, this one also black but made to fit the suit. It hugged every single layer, and accentuated my new curves. It also included a special hood, one that covered every feature except for a rubber insert into the mouth. As I was zipped up, I was vaguely aware of losing all connection to place, feeling only metal and latex. Special shoes, made to fit over the boots, were tied and locked into place. Another corset was put into place, sealing me tightly into my new rubber doll body. Lastly a collar was placed around my neck, with a leash so that my mistress could lead me around.  

At last I was released into the hands of my waiting Crystal, who lead me onto the bed with a firm yank of my leash. She ordered me to lay down, and as soon as I did she applied a vibrator that went deep inside of me. Turning it up to maximum and ordering the suit to do the same, my whole body began to vibrate. I felt her hands massaging my breasts, and her lips licking the inside of my metal mouth. In my trapped state I was in absolute bliss. I was a latex fembot doll, and for the next day I would do anything my mistress wanted, as she continued to dominate my every motion to my ultimate pleasure and want.


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