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How I became a Maid-bot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; FM+/f; roleplay; caught; maid; uniform; servant; college; project; collar; mindcontrol; transform; F2maidbot; programming; controlled; pod; recharge; experiment; cons; X

How I became a Maid-bot Gromet Solo-F; F/f; FM+/f; roleplay; caught; maid; uniform; servant; college; project; collar; mindcontrol; transform; F2maidbot; programming; controlled; pod; recharge; experiment; cons; X

Part One: Maid-bot 001

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a fascination with maids, I used to dress up as one and follow our two maids around the house as they went about their chores, they would get me to give them a hand with small tasks, I eventually was given a maid outfit in my size by my mother, who at this point had given up trying to dissuade me from ‘pestering the maids’ as she stated and let them get on with their work.

The two maids didn’t mind, they were both middle aged and thought I looked cute in my maids outfit, I sometimes even ate with them down in the kitchen. People who came by the house soon got used to seeing me in my maids outfit; I was a regular serving guests at parties and family gatherings at the house, though I was sent off to bed by early evening, much to my disappointment.

My parents thought it was just a phase I was going through and ‘entertained’ their little girl with the thought that she was just like the other maids in the house, although my Dad did have some reservations about the outfit but my Mother overcame those, saying that I would soon grow tired of being a maid and all of the work involved, plus they thought that as I grew up I would eventually grow out of this phase.

During my early teens I was more obsessed with study and found boys, so the maid in me took a back seat and the times that I would wear a maid outfit became less and less over time, much to my parents relief. But I still played maid whenever I could, even if it was just in my bedroom studying, I would find comfort in wearing the outfit.

Mum would come in to check on me as I studied, bring me a snack or drink and find me dressed in the maid outfit, she didn’t really mind as I explained to her that it relaxes me and helps me study. In times of stress I would wear the outfit and become a maid in my mind, even if I was not doing the tasks normally associated with being a maid, it helped me to find an inner peace.

I eventually moved out of the house to my own apartment near to where my college was located, I was far from home and on my own for the first time in my life. It was a time of great stress but also a time when I could find myself as a young woman of the world. I made friends with several other students, mostly girls of my own age and we ventured out as all young adults do to explore and enjoy our time in college.

When I was back on my own in my apartment I often wore my maid outfits, which I now had several of, mostly just to do the chores like cleaning, vacuuming etc, which I had done back at home as one of the housemaids, it just seemed natural for me to wear this outfit when performing these tasks. Then one day a friend of mine called around unannounced and unexpectedly just as I was mid-cleaning, I just forgot what I was wearing and answered the door as I normally would.

The look on her face as she saw me brought back the fact that I was still in my maids outfit, “Oh… umm…. Hi Jean…” I stammered.

“Hi Tracy, going to a costume party?” she asked as she looked me up and down.

“Ummm… No.” I replied

“Then why are you dressed up as a maid?” she enquired.

My secret was now out; I’d been caught by one of my friends whilst dressed as a maid.

“You’d best come in and I’ll tell you”. I said.

Jean entered and I closed the door, she just stood there looking at my outfit, we had both come from fairly wealthy families and both had had maids in the house looking after things. She sat down on one of the chairs and looked to me for an explanation.

“I usually dress like this when doing my housework,” I explained, “I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl, it just seems a natural to me when cleaning.”

“You dressed as a maid as a child?” she asked, “and your parents were okay with that!”

“Yes,” I replied, “at first they tried to discourage me but I would continue to follow the maids and help with their tasks, eventually Mum bought me a maid outfit of my own.”

“And you enjoy being a maid?” she asked.

“Why yes of course, as I said I have been dressing this way since I was a small child, I used to serve at family gatherings and everyone thought that I looked cute dressed as a mini-maid.”

“So you now dress this way when home?” she asked.

“Usually yes, but mostly when I’m performing household tasks like cleaning.”

“Wow!” she said, “my parents would have freaked out, maybe even sent me to some child psychiatrist to get me checked out. I think they would have thought it beneath my status to become one of the maids.” Jean said.

“Mmm, well my Dad was against the idea, especially the maid outfit but my Mum brought him around, saying that I would grow out of it eventually.”

“Well seems like your Mother was wrong then,” she laughed, “seeing as you’re still dressing up as the maid as a fully grown woman.”

“Yes it seems that way doesn’t it.” I laughed, now relaxed in her presence.

“So maid, you’d better go fix me a drink.” She stated.

Without thinking I dutifully performed my task, just like a real maid would do, I didn’t seem shocked that she’d just ordered me to get her a drink. I returned with a coke on a tray, with ice in a separate glass as I had seen the other maids do, and had done so at home myself.

“Thank you, maid.” She said. A smirk appearing on her face.

I curtsied and said, “Thank you Madam.” In my best maid voice.

We both burst out laughing, me standing there in my maids outfit holding the tray and her sitting with the glass in her hand.

“So why are you here?” I asked. As I hadn’t expected her visiting me today.

“Well,” she replied, “I have a huge favour to ask of you.”

“Go ahead, ask,” I said now sitting down next to her.

“My apartment is in dire need of major repairs and the landlord has told me that everyone will need to move out whilst the builders renovate the property. And I wanted to ask you if I could move into your spare bedroom whilst this is going on.” She asked.

“Sure no problem,” I said, “It’ll be great to have some company.”

“Wonderful!” Jean replied, “It would be a great help to me.”

“That’s okay, glad I could be of service to you, Madam” I said again in my maid voice laughing.

Not long after that Jean moved her things into the apartment, seeing as she had more things than me especially clothes I suggested that she take the main bedroom because it had more cupboard and storage space than the spare room. So I moved my things into the spare room and Jean settled herself into the main bedroom.

I made some dinner whist she was unpacking, cooking was something I enjoy doing, I used to watch the maids back home and they taught me how to cook. Once dinner was nearly ready I thought that I would play a little game with Jean and went to my room and dressed myself up in one of my maid outfits, I returned to the kitchen without Jean seeing me.

I called out from the kitchen that dinner was ready and would be served in the dining room, well a table and chairs that were behind the sofa near to the kitchen. Jean emerged from her bedroom and sat at the table waiting for me to bring the food from the kitchen. Her mouth opened when I walked out in my maid outfit carrying her dinner on a tray, I walked over to her and presented her meal just as a normal maid would have done.

“There you are Madam,” I said. “Dinner is served.” Whilst laying her plate from the tray on the table in front of her.

Jean looked from me to the food and then back to me, “Thank you maid, could you get me a glass of wine to accompany this delightful meal.” She said.

I dutifully curtsied and returned to the kitchen without another thought, found the wine and a glass and poured it, then returned and presented the wine to her. We both burst out laughing again, me still standing there in my outfit.

“You’d best join me before the food gets cold.” Jean said.

“Yes Madam,” I replied, and turned and walked into the kitchen to get my own meal.

Cleaning up after the meal, with me still dressed as a maid, Jean asked me if I really liked being a maid.

I replied, “Yes, I do like the way it frees me from too many other things that are going on in my life, I find it relaxing and comforting to be like this.”

“Well don’t let me being here stop you from your maid duties,” she said, “it would be nice to be looked after like back home, I’d find it relaxing too.”

So from that day on I assumed the role of maid, served her and cleaned the apartment, my mind calmer when in ‘maid-mode’ as I called it, I accepted my role in the household and performed any tasks that Jean had me do. She never treated me badly or looked down on me as she may have done when she was back at her family home. We still hang out as friends when outside the apartment and spent many hours having fun and enjoying our lives.

Then one day we were at home with Jean relaxing and me performing my maid duties, I had just served her a drink when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” I asked not expecting any visitors.

“Well you best answer the door so we can both find out.” Jean stated.

I just walked over to the front door as if it was normal for me being the maid to answer the door, upon opening it there stood a couple of friends from college.

“Hi Steve, Hi Valerie”, I said, “what are you doing…”

Before I could finish what I was about to say Jean said impatiently, “Well don’t just stand there maid, let them in!”

I curtsied and bade them to enter the apartment as instructed.

“Sorry about that,” Jean said, “my maid needs more training!”

Steve & Valerie laughed as they walked passed me and over to where Jean was now standing, giving them hugs as she greeted her guests.

At that moment I realised that I was still dressed in my maid outfit and became embarrassed at them seeing me like this, but Jean took over and ordered drinks for her friends.

I complied without hesitation, one to get out of sight and the other my ‘maid-mode’ kicking in and following my instructions. I walked quickly into the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief, but then began to look for some cold drinks to take back out to Jean’s guests.

Placing the items on a tray, ice separate in a bucket and glasses chilled as Jean had instructed them to be kept like, I return to face my new audience.

“Here’s your drinks madam.” I said in my best maid voice.

“Thank you maid, please serve my guests first.” She stated.

I walked over to Valerie and offered her the tray I was carrying; she took her drink all the while observing me. The same with Steve, he took his drink from the tray and said, “Thanks.”

I then served Jean and she took her time getting ice from the bucket, keeping me bent over slightly whilst I served her, prolonging the time I was in full view of Steve & Valerie. My face going several shades of red in the process.

“My guests would like some snacks maid, please go and fetch them.” Jean said.

I again complied and returned to the kitchen, my ‘maid mode’ taking over my body and mind, I quickly found some snacks and returned this time less embarrassed and more like a maid of the house complying with her Mistresses instructions. I again served the guests first and then attended to Jean. I stood there next to her waiting further instructions.

“Well Jean” said Valerie, “I like your new apartment, very spacious and even better it comes with its own servant!”

“Yes, it’s very handy having a maid here to perform the mundane tasks.” Jean replied.

“Yes she looks very good in that uniform!” Steve exclaimed not taking his eyes off of me.

Today Jean had asked me to wear my French Maid’s outfit; I didn’t think anything of it at the time and dutifully wore what she had requested. I had been enjoying being her maid for the past few weeks that she had been here, it just seemed to fit naturally that I assumed this role as her servant.

“Oh yes,” Jean said, “she does look good in this one.” Her eyes looking from my legs upward as I stood there.

“So,” said Valerie, “how long have you had this maid?”

“Oh not long, but she has been a maid all her life, trained from an early age to accept her role in the household.” Jean said expecting me to say something to contradict her.

“Does she speak?” asked Steve.

“Why yes,” said Jean, “Maid why don’t you say something.”

“I’m not sure what to say Madam.” I replied blushing.

“Well why don’t you tell them your history and why you like being a maid.” She said.

So I told them the whole story of how I’d been fascinated with being a maid since a young girl, dressing up as one whenever I could and how I found it relaxing. All the while standing there in my French maid outfit, just as if I was another servant being told what to do. I hadn’t been instructed to sit by my Mistress, so it never entered my head to actually sit down.

Once I was finished Steve & Valerie asked me many questions, I gave honest answers to them, my previous embarrassment seemed to have evaporated and they seem to accept me as just a maid in the house.

“Well maid,” Jean said, “I think that my guests could use some more drinks, why don’t you fetch us some.”

Whilst I was gone in the kitchen the three of them spoke and whilst there was some laughter most of the conversation was more serious.

When I returned they stopped speaking, I served them all drinks and again waited by Mistress’s side for further instruction.

“You see I think that she would be perfect for your project,” Jean said. “She’s already fairly compliant with her maid duties and would be great for what you have in mind.”

I was curious at what Jean had just said but kept quiet, it wasn’t my place to speak out of turn.

“Yes, I think that maybe you’re right,” said Steve.

“Maybe,” Valerie replied, “but what does Tracy, our maid think?”

I didn’t know what they were talking about, they had kept the conversation to themselves, it wasn’t until Jean spoke that I actually asked them what their project was.

“They want to use you for their college project,” Jean said, “they are working on a robotics project that would enable android maids to be used in people’s homes.”

“Yes,” said Valerie, “we need a test subject that we can use to evaluate our work, someone who already knows all about a maid’s duties and is willing to perform them for our study.”

Steve interrupted, “We can’t pay you for it, we have limited funds and are unable to hire someone…”

“And anyway they would not be suitable for the project to work,” said Valerie, “they may corrupt the study because they are lazy or unwilling to perform tasks given to them.”

“And my maid, Tracy, is probably your best chance of success in your project.” Jean said.

“Well yes Tracy would be ideal,” said Steve again eyeing my French Maid outfit.

“Yes I think that it would work, but only if Tracy, your maid and you of course Jean agree.” Valerie said.

“Well I’m sure that maid here would love to help you out, though I want her back here when you’re done with her, someone has to keep this place clean!” Jean laughed.

“We could run some of the study from here, after all it’s mostly domestic duties that Tracy will be performing, and this could be a controlled environment that your maid already is familiar and comfortable with.” said Valerie.

“We’d have to move some of our equipment here to facilitate the project,” said Steve, “and maybe stay over to run the tests and observe her reactions.”

“Sure not a problem,” said Jean, “from what you told me my maid here doesn’t need much space and we can fit you in quite easily, she can even cook and clean for you.”

“Well that would also be part of the test phase anyway,” said Valerie.

“Well that’s agreed then,” said Jean, “when do you want to start? We have plenty of time before we return to college and I’m sure my maid would love to help.”

I of course said nothing, my mind was awash with different thoughts, here I was about to embark of some unknown project, all the while now becoming a servant to not only Jen, but Steve & Valerie as well.

“What do you think?” Valerie asked me.

“Whatever Madam wishes…” was all I could reply.

They soon moved all of their gear into the apartment, taking over my bedroom and spreading their stuff all over the place. ‘More to dust’ I thought.

Steve & Valerie were soon settled in and I continued with my maid duties, cooking for them and cleaning, getting drinks when commanded and generally running around after them.

A knock on the door, broke my chain of thought.

“Could you get that?” asked Valerie, I curtsied and headed towards the door as natural as can be for a maid of the house.

I opened the door, “Welcome,” I said to the two standing there.

“Wow!” one of the men exclaimed.

They then walked passed me into the apartment that seemingly was no longer mine, I had given up my bedroom first to Jean when she moved in and now to Steve & Valerie for their project.

Steve & Valerie welcomed the two like long lost friends, hugging each other, they then turned to me as I had finished closing the door and was walking back towards them.

“This is our test subject!” Steve exclaimed, “isn’t she great!”

“Yes she seems perfect, looks good too!” one said.

“I think that she fits the bill,” said the other.

Valerie walked over to me and said, “Tracy, this is Charles and Vincent, they are the brains behind this project, they were excited to meet you in the flesh.”

“Welcome Charles, welcome Vincent, nice to meet you.” I said in my maid voice, “Can I get you any refreshments?”

“I would love a cup of tea, please” said Charles in his English accent.

“Coffee for me,” said Vincent.

“Tea & Coffee it is then.” I said and headed off to the kitchen.

They talked amongst themselves whilst I was preparing Tea & Coffee for our new guests, pottering about the kitchen I didn’t realise that they were discussing me, but then I was the main focus of their project, which I still had no ideas about.

I served them all their drinks and they carried on talking as if I wasn’t there, “Thank you maid, you may return to your duties now.” Said Valerie, understanding that I was standing there waiting for further instructions.

“See she’s perfect, follows direction, almost as if she was a robot already!” said Steve to the others.

They all agreed and that the project should progress immediately, they then started talking about the project but by that time I was busy elsewhere in the apartment performing my maid duties.

The next day, after sleeping on a camp bed in the laundry sharing my space with the washing machine, I awoke before everyone and began dressed as a maid again to cook breakfast for everyone. Once ready I woke them up with a cup of coffee and informed them that breakfast would be served in five minutes.

They emerged still in their nightwear as I exited the kitchen with platefuls of food prepared for them, Jean joined them too and they seemed to be in bright spirits today, it was to be the first day of testing their new project.

During the day I went about my duties, cleaning, washing and preparing drinks when requested by them all, they were observing my actions and reactions to their commands and requests; each was dutifully carried out by me as their maid as if this was a normal everyday thing.

On the third day I was sat down by Valerie and she began to explain the project to me. They were developing a new type of android servant, one that was programmed to perform menial tasks just like a maid. I was going to be their guinea pig, their test subject, they were going to use certain things to enable me to perform my tasks easier, and would enable others to enjoy the benefits of having a maid around the house.

“But,” she said, “you would be under our direct control, we will be monitoring you and giving you inputs that enable you to be a servant.”

“So a sort of mind control then?” I asked.

“Well yes, you’d be wearing a control device that connects to the main computer that will enable us to program your maid functions and also monitor your responses.” Valerie explained.

“I’d be under your control,” I said, “like a robot.”

“Yes, you’d be functioning like a robot maid, following set commands and enabling us to change and reprogram the system, you, to follow what parameters we set out.”

“What is the control device like?” I asked Valerie.

“It’s a collar that you wear; it’ll connect to your neural network and enable us to control you via the computer and through voice commands, all the while collecting valuable data that will enable our project to move forward.”

“Okay, sounds a bit scary,” I said, “so when do we start?”

“Now if you want to, we have everything set up and waiting to go, we just needed to let you know what it is that you’ll be going through.”

“Well I enjoy being a maid anyway, so what’s the difference, I might even enjoy it.” I said.

“Okay, Steve can you come out here and bring the others with you.” Valerie said.

Steve, Vincent & Charles came out of my former bedroom carrying some equipment with them, they all had smiles on their faces and I felt like a rabbit about to be dissected by them.

“Now this may hurt a little whilst it makes the connection.” Charles said concerned for me.

The collar was brought up to my neck and Valerie helped fasten it around me, checking that it wasn’t too tight or loose, “Have to make sure we get a good connection.” she explained.

Once fastened, they began connecting the collar up to a laptop computer; I could see some sort of program on the screen, lots of numbers and such, it was well beyond me. Jean by this time had also joined us and I asked her to hold my hand as a friend would when about to undergo something scary.

Jean said, “No problem Tracy.” That was the first time that she’d used my name in a while and I smiled at her.

“Okay here we go” said Vincent as he pressed a button on the keyboard.

I felt a slight tingling of electricity from the back of the collar on my neck, “It tickles!” I said.

“That’s good,” said Valerie, “it means that the connection is being made, just bear with us whilst we download the information.”

‘Download!’ I thought.

Just then it hit me, my brain seem to open up and allow them access, all of my memories flooded though my mind, the little girl as a maid, serving people at parties, growing up dressing and behaving like a maid, to when I moved into the apartment and became Jean’s maid. I was always a maid it seems, my only memories are of me being a maid.

I felt more information flow into me, my eyes were open but I could not see anything but the information that was downloading into me. Several routines, programs and other things concerning my duties as a maid-bot were sent via the computer into my brain and I came to accept them as my own thoughts.

It was several hours before I awoke, my mind now completely transformed into that of a maid-bot. There were several people looking at me as I opened my eyes, some showing concern on their faces others just watching me observing my reactions.

“Maid, wake up!” Jean said.

“No,” said Valerie, “maid start operations, state your designation and function.”

“We have to conform to standard protocols,” said Steve, “otherwise it will throw the programming.”

“Oh my” said Jean, “well you best teach me how to use this maid then.”

“We will,” said Valerie.

“Maid, what is your designation and function?” Valerie repeated, not sure if the programming had worked.

“Maid-bot 001, madam, my function is that of a domestic maid-bot, my duties include..”

“Okay Maid-bot 001, tell me how you feel?” she interrupted.

“Feel madam, maid-bot is not programmed to feel, just to carry out set functions and perform to your commands.” I replied, unable to say anything else, but in my mind I was still a bit wobbly still coming to terms with the mass of information dumped into my brain. I wanted to say that I was okay, but I couldn’t answer.

“Are you okay?” Jean asked concerned.

“I’m fine madam, awaiting your command.” The maid-bot in me replied.

“Okay”, said Charles, “let me run some tests to check that everything went aright and didn’t damage the subject in any way.”

“Subject, that’s Tracy, my best friend…” Jean exclaimed. I would have hugged her if I could but it wasn’t in my programming to allow for me to do so.

“Yes okay,” said Valerie, getting hold of Jean’s shoulders and moving her away, “we need to let the boys see what is going on, let’s go in the kitchen for a drink shall we.”

I was left with the three boys as Valerie called them, they ran several tests, some involving my movements and responses, others I couldn’t see but they fiddled about on their computers checking and rechecking their data. Satisfied with all of their results, they started to pack up their computers and other devices.

“She seems to be acting under normal parameters.” Said Charles, “Let’s see how she works.”

“Maid-bot 001, walk to the kitchen.” Steve commanded.

I tried to stand up, my legs were a bit wobbly, but soon I stood straight, “Maid obeys.” I said and walked unsteady to the kitchen. Jean & Valerie were sitting there as I walked in, they both looked at me.

“Maid-bot get me a drink of water.” Steve commanded.

I walked over to the cupboard and picked up a glass, then to the sink where I turned on the tap to fill the glass with water. Then I turned and walked back to where Steve was standing.

“Here is your water, Sir” I said, amazed that I did this without any effort of my part, I seemed to be doing this remotely under someone else’s control.

“Maid-bot, can you get me a drink too.” Jean said.

“Yes, Madam, what drink do you wish for?” I answered.

“Oh, she doesn’t seem to remember what I like.” said Jean.

“She just needs clear and concise instructions in the learning phase.” Valerie said. “Maid-bot get Jean a drink of coke from the fridge.”

I followed my command and walked to the fridge, ‘Cool I thought this is going to be fun being under the control of someone else, just like a real maid’. I returned with the drink in my hand and poured it as instructed by my programming.

They had me perform several more tests, observing my movements and reactions as they did so, I was enjoying the freedom to let them take over my body for their project, I found it to very relaxing to go along with whatever they wanted me to do. ‘Great’ I thought, ‘I’m now a robot-maid.’

It was late into the night before they all grew tired and decided that it was time to get to bed, during the time that I had been put through my initial testing one of the boys had set up a recharging station in the laundry, well I was just another machine around the house after all I thought. I was shown into the pod and how to connect up to recharge as they put it. It would monitor my programming but also feed a small current into my body which they said would feed me; I wouldn’t be needing to eat as much.

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