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Furrious Mistake

by Maio Tigress

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© Copyright 2020 - Maio Tigress - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/f; maid-bot; furry; collar; bodymod; accident; machine; fem; M2f; transform; nc; XX

Derrick the wolf thought he was being clever sneaking into the maid’s room at the hotel thinking he could have some fun with the robot maids. However when he entered the room none of them were in there, it seemed as if they were all busy doing their tasks for the day. Sighing he looked around perhaps it wouldn't be a total loss if he could find some panties or something. Disappointed when he opened the clothing cupboard only to find it empty. Turning around he almost tripped on the bin knocking it over. A Maid’s control collar rolled out looking a little beaten up but still in one piece. Tilting his head he picked it up tidying the bin up so as to not leave evidence he was here before taking the collar and slipping out of the room.

A few days later as he was holding the collar in his hands looking it over when he noticed a loose wire. Plugging it back in nothing happened. “Huh, must be a dud.” he said to himself. “No wonder it was in the garbage.” Smiling to himself and looking it over he had an idea. Lifting the collar he slipped it around his neck, making sure not to close it just in case. He stood in his room doing the robot dance and pretending to be the maid. Yawning he sat down to watch some TV. Drifting off a little he didn't notice the maid enter as it started cleaning. The maid, reaching the napping wolf, saw the collar around his neck start to slip off. “Excuse me sir your collar is slipping.” The robot maid reached out and closed the collar around his neck. He awoke with a start “Hey, what the heck!” he growled out “Sorry sir, your collar was slipping so I closed it for you” the maid said. Derrick felt the collar around his neck and was seeing if he could find the release.

It had been a few hours since the collar had closed around Derricks neck. He was still in his room. He had been searching online for how to remove the collar to no success yet. The company that makes them would not give out that info to prevent people messing with the robots and most of the dodgy sites he went to mentioned power tools and the like that he did not have access to in his hotel room. At that moment a light blinked on the collar before staying on. His arms went limp as his body froze. The Hotel’s mainframe was running a bot update and routine check found a previously active collar was active again. It connected and while running a diagnostic on the collar the mainframe determined it was faulty and booked a service for it and the maid it was attached to from the vendor The mainframe also commanded the maid to return to the maintenance room to wait for the service people to arrive. Derrick having lost control of his body stood up and left his room walking under the control of the collar to the room where he found it.

Thinking he was about to get caught and how to get out of the situation he was struggling internally against the control of the collar to no avail. Derrick stood in the room for a few hours completely still when a pair of maintenance robots entered, scanned the collar and escorted him out of the back of the hotel to a waiting van. The van took the wolf to a factory presumably where the robots were made. He was unloaded into a fully automated maintenance area. The control computer scanned him and the collar as it connected to run diagnostics. It determined that the collar was broken and that the maid did not meet specifications. It sent a replacement maid to the hotel and sent the one it had to be reworked. Derrick was starting to worry now hoping that a person would come along and see the problem and free him, it was wishful thinking though as the factory was fully automated. Suddenly everything went black for him as the collar switched him off.

Groggily he woke up again touching his face “I'm back” he said attempting to jump up realising he was strapped into a frame. He looked around as best he could a screen nearby with a diagnostic script on it read 'Faulty collar removed' underneath it read 'control chip insertion in progress'. Struggling and calling out the wolf growled loudly no one hearing him as a robotic arm inserted a control chip into an opening in the back of his neck. Instantly he lost control again as the chip took over from the collar another line of text appeared on the screen before his frame started moving 'transfer maid to redesigning pod'. Derrick was lowered into a glass tube. It sealed above him as soon as the frame released him. It started to fill with liquid as the new control chip held him still.

The tube filled up fast as he panicked inside his head, his body remaining perfectly still and calm. The liquid reached his mouth and nose, the control chip keeping him breathing. As the fluid fills his lungs he starts to breath the liquid. Calming down inside his head he realised he is not drowning, however he is still under the control of the chip. Unsure how long he was inside the tube, it felt like months but it could have been days, weeks or worse. Derrick's mind flooded with information about everything he will need to be a maid. His muzzle in view but not in focus he swears it appears different to him but he can't be sure. Eventually the tube emptied allowing him to breath air again after a few coughs. Stepping out of the tube his body walked into a room where some clothing was fitted to him. He didn't get a good look at it before it went on but he was sure it was black and white in colour.

The wolf's body under the control walks into a room full of crates entering one as it is sealed around him. While in the crate the chip was downloading stuff into his mind including the designation MB6795. MB6795? No wait Derrick, that's right that's your name, he still trying to hold onto his identity as his head is filled with information. His crate moves as he is being shipped. Eventually the movement stopped and the crate was opened. He stepped out into the entry of a large house, a very tall Tiger. “Hello MB6795 I am your new master Mr Swiftpaw '' Derrick seeming to bow in a weird fashion replied “Thank you master. MB6795 ready for service”. The tiger smiled “begin your duties, maid and I will think of a name for you.” He walked away. “Yes sir” The maid replied, Derrick hearing the voice but was sure it was not his or coming from him it sounded too high. Starting to clean the house as its programming told it to the maid moved about the grand home.

Derrick noticed everything seemed a little bigger as his body went about cleaning. Shelves he would normally have reached easily were a slight struggle for his controlled body. Eventually the cleaning moved upstairs to the bedrooms, there in one of them was a full sized mirror. His mind numb from the constant access about cleaning methods that had been uploaded he didn't notice at first as his body cleaned the mirror. Then it hit the wolf in a flash “wait a second in the mirror I only see a small female sheep maid” he said inside his controlled head. Indeed as his or should I say her body cleaned the mirror it was reflecting the changes that had happened at the factory. The changes of being turned from a male wolf into a female sheep his mind worried and confused. Through all the confusion the chip controlling the maids body continued to clean. Derrick lost in his own mind unsure if he would be trapped like this forever or if there was a chance he could be returned to normal.

It was only a few days after her purchase that the tiger called her to his room. Standing almost a third taller than her and naked she entered. “Yes master how can I be of service?” she said standing before him. “I wish to use the special mode I ordered, please strip and make yourself ready on the bed” he pointed to the bed as the maid started to strip out of her tight maid outfit. Laying down on the bed facing the tiger her legs spread showing her vagina, the chip controlling her body enticing a form of heat in her body making her slit grow moist. Mr Swiftpaw did not hold back; he had been waiting to try this for a long time, ever since he placed his order. Pressing his hard cock into her easily as she moaned out her pussy perfectly sized for his maximum pleasure as ordered. He gripped her, almost lifting her off the bed as he drove home deep. It would not be long before he blew his load deep inside her smiling with pleasure and the knowledge that there is no chance of pregnancy, as all maids are sterile.

Derrick screaming out inside his own head unable to control what just happened and the feeling he just had, he almost shut down. After the tiger extracted himself from his maid. She stood, put her outfit back on and walked down to the small room (formally a closet) where her maintenance pod was and entered it. A tube snaking down her throat to pump in a week's worth of nanopaste food and some water to keep her going as the pod cleaned out her lower ports. Derrick, realising the predicament he was now in was most likely permanent ,as the knowledge that the maids must all be controlled flesh sinks in. This is true however the maids are grown specifically for the purpose with no consciousness of their own. He however had to live out the rest of his life stuck in the modified body of a female sheep maid. A body that would age but would never show it, a body capable of being repaired at the factory during services every year.

Many years later Barb the sheep maid was called to the entry by her current owner Mr Swiftpaw jr. She had raised him as a maid and nanny and now he was all grown up with a family of his own, three now adult children. When she arrived there was a crate there, and she was ordered to open it which she did without hesitation. Inside was another sheep maid identical to her in almost every way, stepping free of the crate. “Hello MB2677952 I am your new owner Mr Swiftpaw you will be replacing the retiring MB6795 also known as Barb. please transfer all necessary knowledge and take her name before beginning your duties.” He said to her as she curtsied “Update complete Barb ready to serve master” she responded. MB6795 entered the crate as Barb closed it back up and a maintenance bot came back in to pick up the crate to return it to the factory. Derrick had long ago gone quiet inside his own head.

As the crate arrived at the factory it entered through a door with a sign above 'retired models'. Sitting at a desk, reading the scans of each retired bot entered, a wolf with similar markings to Derrick - before his mishap - spotted something he had been waiting for. He jumped up, catching the crate before it entered the incinerator. Using a control he cobbled together with old parts and discontinued circuits he commanded the bot to exit the crate after he opened it. Taking her to a maintenance room, there he used his control to turn off the chip inside her. “Hello can you tell me who you are” he spoke to her knowing that normal bots when the chip is disabled are not able to speak. “I am MB6795 formally known as Barb. How may I serve you” she responded. The wolf smiled knowing what he had found “and before that?” he asked. She stood there silently for a bit before responding in an entirely new tone of voice “b...before that this maid was a wolf known as Derrick”. He had done it; he had found his great grand uncle that had disappeared mysteriously eighty years earlier.

Of course being over one hundred years old at this point Derrick did not have long to celebrate her regained freedom.

The end


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