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Friends with an A.I

by SparkyMira

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Storycodes: Solo-F; shoppingmall; robots; follow; wish; ai; befriend; roleplay; machine; wash; process; metal-plates; suit; earpiece; programmed; pods; stored; encased; cons; X

Friends with an A.I SparkyMira Solo-F; shoppingmall; robots; follow; wish; ai; befriend; roleplay; machine; wash; process; metal-plates; suit; earpiece; programmed; pods; stored; encased; cons; X
Woman to Robot TF

A typical Friday night for a high school senior as pretty as me should probably consist of partying until I pass out or studying for my eventual leap to college education, but I am no normal girl. 

My name is Gwendolyn Taylor, a senior at my local high school. I was quote un quote “a sweet thang” with a plump rear and a decent rack to match the curves that were sported all over my body. This was only accentuated by my long red hair and the attire I was wearing. Currently I was wearing a white blouse that exposed a little bit of my midriff and tight blue jeans.

It was a late night as I walked around the soon to be closing super center just doing some last second browsing. With my shoulder length red hair swishing behind me I walked past a few robots cleaning up the various displays. 

I stopped walking and watched as the fairly human looking machines went about their programming and made sure the entire section of the store was squeaky clean before one by one they began walking off towards the back of the store. This caught my attention and I immediately looked around for any sign that I could be seen doing what I was about to do. 

Ever since I was in middle school I had been fascinated with robotics and I would often fantasize about being a robot myself. As I came into my own I discovered it was a widespread fetish online and began researching it vigorously. I had even seen a few offers for a person to act like a robot for events and I had been contemplating signing up for one. This was a completely different opportunity. 

Seeing no sign of being caught I quickly followed the mechanized movements of the machines ahead of me. It took very little time to reach a set of double doors with a flashing green light that began to open upon the robots approaching it. 

There were at least 12 more robots that came from other areas of the store that approached the doors behind the pair I was following so I fell into line behind the group and snuck past the large frame as it began closing.

Behind the door was a large room that looked like a rather untidy garage. There were various pieces of unfinished or broken bots all over and tools strewn across multiple tables. I giggled as I walked around and lightly touched the head of one of the broken down bots. 

After I scanned the room I turned back towards the now motionless line of machines that were facing my way. They were all stiff as a board and looked to be ready for inspection. 

Each of the dolls had a very human looking face, complete with individual molds, although some looked really similar, and details to make them seem more lifelike. Their bodies however just looked like metal plating screwed together at the joints and covered in a black leotard like fabric and a blue vest with each of their serial numbers on it.

“Oh how I wish I could be a machine for a day…” I sighed setting down the head I was messing with and plopping myself down into the nearest chair. 

As soon as my butt made contact however a small beep followed by a thin rod with a light on the end came out of the seat and scanned me. I jumped a bit but then a flash shook me out of my stupor.

“Who are you? You are not designated to be back here at this time.” Asked a distinctly synthetic female voice that reminded me of a younger Siri. I grinned a bit, I can have some fun with this program.

“Uh, hi there. My name is Gwen Taylor and this is my first assignment as a night shift watchgirl. I just got hired.” I said hoping she would buy my excuse.

“Hello Gwen. My name is Karla, I am the semi-sentient AI that runs the robotic and storage sections of the store. Pleased to make your acquaintance. If it would not trouble you to much I had a question about a statement you made?” the friendly AI asked sweetly as I reclined back.

“Sure thing Karla, what do you want to ask?” I asked looking at the moving stick like appendage.

“You previously said you would like to be a robot for a day? Does this mean you would like to try out being one of the Titus-Mk8 models that we use to clean and service the store?” “she?” asked me seriously. 

My eyes widened at the blinking eye like light and gasped. “You can do that?” I questioned jumping to my feet excitedly. 

She made a motion as if to indicate a nod. “I am in charge of assigning commands and maintenance to these 14 models. I see no harm in adding a 15th to the system temporarily. On one condition.”

I smiled while jumping with joy. “Anything!”

“I know you do not actually work here as of our first encounter but I have just entered you into the database as a technician who is to work directly with me. I wish to become friends with you as you have piqued my interest. Is this acceptable that you will work here with me for now?” she asked with a suddenly skeptical tone.

I just tapped her eye and grinned. “Karla as of the moment I am dressed in that line with those bots you will become my first and best AI friend.”

She made a whirring noise mixed with a laugh before a pair of larger appendages scooped me into the air and started moving me towards the back of the room. A few seconds later I was lowered in front of a large box shaped machine labeled “Maintenance Machine”.

“If you will please strip down and step inside Gwen I will begin the process of making you into a standard Mk8 unit, minus all of the complicated inner wiring. I will place your belongings in the maintenance locker and then return to program you.” She said awaiting my movement. 

With a slight gulp I stripped out of my clothes and handed them and my purse to the appendage and watched as it flew off towards where I came from.

Steadily I turned to face the open machine and grinned sheepishly. “Just me and you now big boy. Be gentle…” I said before stepping in and feeling multiple tiny arms grab me and position me into a frame of cold metal that formed to my body lightly. 

“Frame in place. Meaasuring…” a deep, male voice similar to Karla said as a red beam went up and down my body a few times.

“Chest size C. Dimensions added. Beginning sanitization…” the voice said before I was doused with a fine soapy liquid and I felt something like spinning sponges begin to massage my body all over.

I moaned in pleasure as the sponges assaulted every part of my body with pressure that made me squirm. I was brought just to the edge of climax before another cold blast of water rinsed me clean and I groaned in frustration.

Next the room heated up to a toasty temperature as it dried me in its standard cycle. After the heat died down I looked up and saw some type of breast plate being lowered down.

The machine took no time in jamming it onto my chest and aligning my breasts in the slots that showed them off in a much more metallic way. On my back side I now had metal shoulder plates and back. I could barely see the metal toned stomach I now had before my arms were clamped into metal forms. 

I could barely flex my fingers in the metallic suit but I was distracted from that when my crotch and butt were fit into a very snug and sexy looking piece of metal. “Gwen-bot likey~” I giggled to myself while I inspected my metal ass and the plating that was being fastened to my legs and feet.

After the last piece was clamped down the a small earpiece was set into the very inner-most part of my ear and despite the discomfort I was released and walked stiffly out of the machine. 

Looking down at myself I gasped. Not only was I from the neck down a full robot, I even had a serial number imprinted onto the side of my left breast. I smiled and then adopted a serious face. 

“Model Mk8, designation Gwen-bot activated.” I said in my most robotic voice before bursting out into a fit of giggles.

I stretched my new metallic body before walking back towards Karla until I saw the uniform I was meant to wear. 

Stepping closer to it I grabbed the thin black leotard and started to skillfully slip it on before following it with my unique serial numbered vest. Slipping both on I couldn’t help but be giddy, I was a full-fledged robot now!

It took me a moment to reach the main area again and instead of heading towards the chair I walked up next to the last robot in line and stood in a similar position. “Hey Karla! I can’t be a robot without programming!” I yell and smile.

The familiar appendage of my AI bestie moved over to where I was standing and she nodded with approval. “I see the machine did a wonderful job on making you a Mk8. If I didn’t know you beforehand I would have just passed you on inspection and let you be stored like any other bot.”

Smiling I nodded stiffly. “That’s my plan girl! Gwen-bot is here to stay for at least today.”

A noise akin to worry came from the speakers and Karla lowered herself to a small opening on the backside of my metallic shell and placed a plug of some sort into it.

I heard a beep from down below before a similar beep sounded from the intruder in my ear and it slowly grew louder. Images, phrases and commands were being “uploaded” into my brain via the two mechanical objects attached to me.

In a matter of minutes, I had learned every position, command and protocol that a newly activated Mk8 would know. I had been programmed!

“-en! Are you in there?” Karla broke my stupor and I looked at her. 

“Affirmative. Programming complete. Gwen-bot standing by.” I said with a straight face, hoping she would buy it but she giggled a little.

“Nice try, but if you were actually “re-programmed” you would have said your serial number Mk8 model 7398. So how does it feel being part robot?” she asked me while inspecting the remainder of my body and unhooking the plug.

“Well I feel the same for the most part. My body is stiff and hard to move and I know about a million new things that I didn’t before I met you but it feels amazing! I can keep this info right?” I asked hopeful as I moved my body in the way my programming told me to.

“Of course Gwen. It will help you run maintenance on both me and the machines too, as well as allowing me to explain why you are here so late my little Gwen-bot” she said teasingly.

“Oh that sounds like a plan… Now what though? Do I just act like myself until tomorrow when I start working?” I asked standing at attention again and smiling at the feeling of my joints locking up. 

She seemed to contemplate something for a moment until a green light on the wall lit up and all of the bots to my side stood up straighter. Something about the light triggered something in my mind too and I followed suit just a fraction slower than the others.

“Seems like you have your answer. I will see you tomorrow Gwen. Have fun being a bot.” she said before the appendage disappeared and the robots started walking one by one towards another room. 

I followed directly behind the bot closest to me and entered a room of what appeared to be pods for storing the worker bots. The first pair of machines were already being lifted up and put into the pods on the upper most shelf.

Inside the pods I saw plug like cords attach to multiple parts of their bodies before the eyes closed and the pods rotated out to the next set. Two by two each bot in front of me was lifted and placed into their numbered pod until finally it was just me alone.

For a moment nothing happened and I thought that the machine only recognized the original 14 units but soon enough a pod labeled 15 rolled out and the arms grabbed ahold of me. 

The pod itself was pretty bland but snug enough that I got comfy. The cords popped out of the sides and attached to varying areas of my metallic suit and shot electrical pulses that I thought would only give me a slight jolt, but instead they relaxed all of my muscles causing me to moan in delight.

It was when the pair attached to my temples that I grew a bit worried but soon enough I relaxed and let my programming take over. 

‘Gwen-bot powering down’ I thought to myself as I felt the electrical pull of my eyes shutting and my brain slowly turn off like a computer shutting down.

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