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Four Astronauts Enslaved

by Papa Palpatine

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© Copyright 2019 - Papa Palpatine - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+; other/f+; scifi; captives; spaceship; scan; process; conveyor; strip; spray; rubber; coated; assimilate; mindwipe; program; enslave; cons/nc; X

Inspired by works by bvknotty:

The four female astronauts were being led through the corridors of the massive spaceship by guard robots. Their arms were bound behind their backs in handcuffs, and their blaster pistols had been confiscated. Only minutes before, the small exploratory ship they had traveled the galaxy in was caught in a powerful tractor beam by the larger, unidentified craft they assumed to be an old derelict. The tractor beam drew them into an empty hanger bay, where a squad of mechanical soldiers awaited to take them captive. They had only been allowed a brief glance back at their ship before being taken away. Arcs from plasma cutters could already be seen carving up the tiny craft like a roast, most likely for metal salvage and parts.

A heavy bulkhead door slammed shut with finality behind them. Their footsteps echoed ominously as they were prodded to move onward. Some environmental systems aboard the cavernous vessel were clearly functioning, though the air tasted stale and metallic and had the chill of a meat freezer. The corridors and what few rooms they had the opportunity to peer into were dark; a persistent, foreboding gloom like not a single light switch had been touched in God only knows how long. Most disconcertingly, they saw not a single hint of any other people on board; only the robotic guards seemed to be moving about.

"We were on a peaceful mission of exploration," The lithe blonde mission commander, Kate, pleaded with their captors. "Why have you taken us prisoner? What are you going to do with us? I want to speak with someone in charge."

None of the robots responded, not even one of them turned its head to acknowledge her.

"I don't think they give a damn what you want, Kate." Julia, the buxom auburn haired second-in-command said in a grim tone of voice.

"Where in the hell is everyone? You'd think a ship this size would be bustling with life, but all we've seen are these damned machines."

"Whatever," groused Deborah, the voluptuous dark brown haired security specialist. "We might've had a fighting chance against these tuna cans if you'd listened to me about bringing some heavier weapons on this outing."

"What's going to happen to us?" The nubile Japanese science officer, Narumi, asked with an ashen countenance.

"I don't think we really want to know." Julia replied.

They were brought to a round chamber with a small, circular platform in the center of the room. All around the room, standing at various work stations, were female humanoid figures clad head to toe in skin-tight, silver suits that looked like they were made of a metallic latex. It was hard to say for certain if they were human, robot, or something else altogether; as they were hooded and any faces they might have had were hidden away behind oval-shaped, mirrored face plates. None of these beings seemed to pay attention to the new arrivals, they continued their work like they were locked in a mindless trance.

The four astronauts were herded towards the platform, which was just large enough for one person to stand on.

"Put the first of our new acquisitions on the scanner." A booming male voice from a loudspeaker in the ceiling ordered.

Two guard robots seized Kate by the arms. One curtly said, "You will comply, it is pointless to resist."

Kate stood on the platform which then lit up a bright green as glowing green grid lines danced over her form. One by one, Julia, Deborah, and then Narumi were also scanned.

"These subjects are perfect for our needs," The mysterious voice said. "Begin processing them."

Before any of the women could question what that meant or protest, a hatch opened in the opposite wall and the start of a conveyor belt extended toward them. The guards picked each of them up and laid them on the conveyor. They were soon being carried quickly forward through a narrow tunnel, lit only by tiny LED lighting panels at intervals.

They emerged in a large, open room that looked like a factory floor; lots of heavy machinery and control consoles, all manned by the strange female figures in silver. The four women bucked and thrashed, trying to get off the conveyor; but some kind of force fields held them in place on the ever moving rubber surface.

They were headed towards the first of the machines, a large cylindrical device roughly two meters long with enough room inside for one person. Kate was the first to be taken into the machine and immediately some kind of laser beams began cutting and disintegrating her white uniform. The beams made quick work of her bra and panties as well, leaving her naked as she was moved on down the conveyor. Exposure to the cold air in the room made her flesh goose-pimple and her nipples erect. She would've attempted to cover herself for modesty's sake, but her hands were restrained by both the handcuffs and the force field. She couldn't even cross her legs to protect her vagina. What little remained of her clothes was soon vacuumed up by snaking suction tubes. One by one, the machine stripped Julia, Deborah, and Narumi just like it did Kate as the conveyor fed them in.

Up ahead of them was another strange device, a metal ring with eight nozzles pointing inward. Kate was the first to go through the ring, and barely contained a scream of terror as a metallic silver goo was sprayed onto her body. The goo stretched out and sheathed from her head to toe, leaving only her face uncovered. The metallic goo became a rubbery, firm cocoon that greatly restricted her movements, despite her best efforts. Though some part of her was slightly relieved to no longer be naked and shivering, it was quickly overruled by the overwhelming majority of her consciousness that was terrified beyond what words could express. The others were cocooned in the same manner, and then the conveyor belt carried them onward again.

They came to another cylindrical machine, though this one was significantly larger than the first. Once inside this third machine, Kate watched as black bands were assembled in the air all around her and then tightened to add to her bondage. They became like an outer framework or harness, and prevented her from doing much more than wiggle her feet. Julia, Deborah, and Narumi were each in turn shackled in the same fashion.

Several of the female figures in silver suits waited at the end of the line as the now completely helpless women emerged from the machine. They inspected the four captives and then one of them gestured to eight guard robots nearby. The robots paired off and each pair lifted one of the women from the conveyor belt by her shoulders and ankles. The same female figure then approached an intercom panel.

"Phases one through three of processing complete, Captain." It said laconically into the intercom.

"Excellent," The mysterious male voice on the other end replied. "Proceed with the final phase of their assimilation."

"Please stop! Please don't do this!" Kate pleaded, but neither the guard robots nor the females in silver suits took heed.

The four women were carried to a rotating ring with one of the female figures at a console in the center. The ring was divided into eight segments, and in the surface of each segment was a shallow slot roughly the size and shape of their cocooned forms. The women were placed in four of the slots as the figure at the controls pressed buttons.

As Kate lay there staring straight up, resigned to the inevitable, another device descended from the ceiling. The ring stopped rotating as her head was directly beneath it. Tiny, wiry arms extended toward her face, grabbing hold of her eyelids and holding them firmly open while padded clamps held her head still. Two beams of green light were projected into her eyes. She felt a strange tingling flow through her optic nerves and then cascade all throughout her brain. Her mind was slowly dissolving to nothing; everything from her earliest memories, to that very moment in time was fading to blackness. Even if she still had the will to resist at this point, it was already too late.

New information, programming, was being fed directly into her now blank brain. She was being programmed to serve a wide range of functions; from operating and maintaining the ship's systems and equipment, to sexually pleasuring her new master; the ship's mysterious captain. When the programming was complete, a mirrored oval face plate was lowered down and locked into place.

It was then that Kate's silvery cocoon changed its shape, becoming a skin-tight suit much like those of the other space slaves. The suit could not be removed; the only zipper was in the crotch, both to allow the slave to use the toilet and to allow her master access to her orifices whenever he wanted. The lower half of the face plate had a mechanism by which it could open, allowing the slave to both eat and drink, and to orally service the captain on demand.

The machine soon erased the minds of Julia, Deborah, and Narumi, reprogramming their brains and completing their transformation into slaves. Just before her face plate locked in place and her suit took shape, a single tear ran down Narumi's face.

With their assimilation complete, the new slaves were helped to their feet and their handcuffs and restraining harnesses removed. They were now part of the ship's crew and part of its captain's harem. On orders received via a loudspeaker, the four of them exited the room and stepped into a lift that would take them up to the captain's living quarters...


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