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Finding My Inner MaidBot

by PhoenixianSirenanna

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As my Beloved owner used my vaginal port for his and my pleasure. I thought back on where it all started. When I was in my late teens shortly after my eighteenth birthday I learned that many parts of my body were riddled with many tumors due to radiation exposure. My skin, my intestines, my ovaries and fallopian tubes, kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, and stomach. Just about everything beneath my breasts, pretty much to my shock. Interestingly enough most of my muscles were fine, as apparently they had a genetic mutation that made them more resistant to radiation exposure.

The investigation into what had caused my exposure found some local college kids had gotten their hands on some deuterium, uranium and plutonium to try to create a functioning cold fusion reactor for use in power generation and space travel. The experiment was partially successful but leaked a burst blast of radiation into the neighborhood after it escaped from their reactor container. As a result, I and seven others were on the direct path of the blast and we didn't even know it. Each of us had been affected in one way or another.

Thankfully none of us died, as each of us got Bionic replacements for any organs, skin, and for those of us who needed muscle replacements, though not for the reproductive side of things. As science hadn't figured out at this point in time how to recreate synthetically reproductive organs beyond cloning them which had too many problems to be practically safe to utilize at that time, at least so far, though it was improving. However the college didn't have a big budget as it was a local community College so there were limits to what they were willing to pay for.

So I was rebuilt where necessary for my lower half with new biosynthetic organs, Cybernetic bones or joints, and etc. Unfortunately they went the cheap route when it came to skin replacements so the SynthFlesh they used was the same kind used for MaidBots, SexBots, and HookerBots. So I had an artificial sheen like those Noids, but I still had my human muscles and my human upper half of my original flesh from my breasts and up to my head and shoulders and neck. Though after seeing myself as half normal flesh and half SynthFlesh, I asked to be full SynthFlesh. As I didn't want to look even more freaky than if I had full SynthFlesh instead of half of each.

I never paid much attention to the cyber rights movement for full equal treatment for Cyborgs, Sentient Gynoids, Sentient Androids, and Sentient Robots till I was one myself. Now I found it was hard to get a job, much less be treated with respect as a Cyborg with SynthFlesh. After much frustration I didn't know what to do next. As I could not stay at my condo, with what little money I had for more than a couple of months. In the end I got in touch with a friend who was both involved in the movement and worked for a cleaning and sexual service robotics company in their HR department.

She talked me into subcontracting myself out as a Rental Unit with the companies other MaidBots and SexBots. I was officially a subcontracted employee who co-owned a SexBot RoboMaid with the company in question also co-owning that same-said SexBot RoboMaid. So I was fifty percent owner of myself as the Unit in question and the company had a fifty percent ownership over the "Unit". It was their way to provide employment skirting Cyborg employment laws while enabling me to make a living to survive. So I wouldn't be a homeless Cyborg.

In theory my job was to make sure the Noid reported to a maintenance pod at the end of each job to be cleaned, flushed, fed and watered. Which was basically automated via the programming of the units anyways. My job was a redundant technicality. An excuse for the company to employ me. In practice though I was under the control of the Company Control Computer. In my Neural Dataport, I was equipped with Neural DataPacket Slots. The Main DataPacket the company gave me had a principal core Gynoid Programming and had a remote network access transmitter that worked with my Neural Dataport to give control to the CCC to assign me my jobs as a MaidBot or SexBot, which was a separate set of DataPackets to interact with the main one. I admit at first I did not feel comfortable being seen as an object or mechanism to obey commands, so I was only willing to be a MaidBot at first. Under the programming's and CCC's control I was awake and aware of what was going on and what I was doing, but I was not thinking any of my own thoughts or feelings, just my programmed and directed personality.

I quickly found myself only working about four to five days a week at twenty fours a day, with ten of that in a charging pod getting cleaned, fed, watered, flushed, and sleeping during that time. The remaining four hours was usually the transit time involved between moving from one job to the next and going to a company charging pod.. With two to three days off a week randomly as to the non working days. I averaged a decent income, but nothing to write home about. It paid for a tiny flat that consisted of a living room - bedroom hybrid, not that I used it for a bedroom. With a kitchenette and a master bath with a spare charging pod set up inside instead of a shower or tub. I figured if I was gonna make an income as a Noid, I may as well get used to the lifestyle. After a while, I even got used to the taste of NanoPaste.

I spent my days off, reading, checking social media which for me was usually quite quiet usually ending up just reading the news. I didn't watch TV or play video games as most of my friends I would have played with had their own lives to live, and my family had never been close. My half brother and sister lived on the west coast, and other than a birthday or holiday card i never heard from them. Sometimes I went for walks around the neighborhood park , or walked to the local lake. I never went swimming as I had never learned how, but I did enjoy sitting at the beach every now and then.

After three years I felt comfortable enough to rent myself out as a SexBot. So I signed the upgrade paperwork, and within twenty four hours I was given SexBot programming to supplement my RoboMaid programming. As some of me is still organic they had the inside of my mouth, tongue, throat and esophagus lined in Liquid Biomimetic BioMetal to protect me from any infections I might get exposed to, with a fluid collector that would keep it isolated from what remained of my organic parts. In addition they added a filter to the inside outer edge of my nose to prevent bodily fluids from going up there, and protective Shields for my eyes. Kind of like ultraslim form-fitting sunglasses that blended with the contours of my face.

After that I started having clients rent me from the companies online rental site which showcased all their SexBot RoboMaid models, which consisted of both real human Cyborgs like myself and real non sentient Gynoid Fembots known as Noids which was not mentioned on their site. With my programming I was quite proficient in giving blowjobs, carpet/taco munching, vaginal and anal sex, titty banging, hand jobs, scissoring, grinding, stripping and dancing, and so much more. After the update I was working almost all the time as either a SexBot or still occasionally as a Robomaid, sometimes both for pretty much seven days a week. I was only given one week out of four to myself as me and not under my programming, the rest was spent as a Gynoid rental unit. At first my time was spent much the same as before, but soon I started getting antsy during down time. I felt like I was missing something, but it went away of course while I was working. I wondered if I was becoming addicted to the sexual and domestic bliss of being a Human Gynoid.

Was this that sense of fulfillment people spoke of when they found their life's calling? Or was I losing my sense of purpose only to let the life of a SexBot RoboMaid fill the gap in my life? There were those who said your existence was to either bring new life into the world or contribute something astonishing to change the world for the better. I knew I could never have kids unless I adopted, which is not quite what it used to be. As the number of adoptees has dropped to almost negligible levels these days. I wasn't a scientist or inventor, so what did I contribute, other than sexual pleasure and a clean home or office? I wondered if this is all that I am? Is there nothing more? I didn't know but I felt these questions gnawing at me when I was able to think my own thoughts on my days off.

For the next ten years I cleaned for and pleasured many clients. I had no vacations other than my one week off each month. In theory I was entitled to a one month vacation every year, in practice though I rarely took it as I usually forgot to, as I was caught up in what I was doing at the time. To be frank it was kinda fun being a SexBot RoboMaid when I was being honest with myself on my days off, and there were so many travel restrictions on Cyborgs that it wasn't worth the paperwork to be able to get authorization to travel to another state much less another country. I had set up my direct deposits from work, in such a way that my flat and monthly expenses were paid without concern. I had many men, women, fully functional shemales, and others use me for their pleasure during this decade so I was content, especially considering all the pleasure and orgasms I got out of it. So it never really felt like work, even when doing my MaidBot duties.

Then one day, I am not exactly sure how, but the company suffered a glitch in their system, and I found myself being put up for sale. The fifty percent of me that I co-owned, and the fifty percent of me that the company co-owned, had somehow been put up for sale as a used SexBot RoboMaid. The system somehow kept twelve and a half percent ownership of me from their share, and I would get to keep twelve and a half percent ownership of me from my share, but the remaining seventy-five percent was up for auction at their annual Used Gynoid Sales event. The only reason that twenty-five percent ownership remained with me and the company was for maintenance costs to keep my potential new owner paying the fees to keep me fully under guaranteed warranty and for my regular maintenance by the company.

That way the company and I could continue to make a profit off of me as a Gynoid, though the cost of maintenance versus renting me out would diminish my income. It would thankfully not outpace the bills coming in for my place that now I would not see for years. As the amount I made previously would keep my accounts flush for a while. It did mean that when I was finally myself again I would technically still have a place to live, but all the money I made would be threadbare with only a few months until things would have started bouncing. Though the details of all this did not become known to me until years later, nor do I really understand how any money was made from this on a regular monthly maintenance fee that was charged each month. Which would explain the diminishing returns of my accounts.

I was bought by this forty something guy at a pretty affordable price for him, but If I had been able to think my own thoughts I would have been in shock. He took me home and the first thing he had me do was work on cleaning up and straightening his home utilizing my RoboMaid programming, while technicians set up the charging pod for me, and explained that I could refill the NanoPaste when it ran low. The task of cleaning, organizing, and straightening kept me busy for the next several days interrupted only for the times I needed to be "recharged", with sleep, flushing, and to be fed Nanopaste and water.

Once I completed everything he had me cook him breakfast the next morning before he left for work. Due to his tiredness after work he only had me continue to cook his meals, clean his home, and to take care of his cats over the next couple days until the weekend hit. That Saturday morning he put me through my first sexual use with a blowjob with me swallowing down his load, then to my Gynoid self's surprise he was still hard so he used my vaginal port for his pleasure, but unlike all my previous clients the taste of his cum, and the pleasure received from his banging me was greater than anyone previously. Even when he took me for anal sex, for the first time with him, later that day it was exquisitely divine, which was confusing for my Gynoid thought process programming, as to why it was feeling so much better than for previous clients. If I had been able to think I would have realized I was in trouble, as I knew I could easily become addicted to this kind of pleasure on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately I spent the next thirty years as his personal Gynoid companion, serving as his SexBot RoboMaid. After just the end of my first month of serving him, somehow at the depth of my core that was aware, that knew that even if I was freed I would never be able to give up being his as it felt too good. He also took advantage of my physical massage programming to help with his back and knee pain, which almost none of my previous clients had ever taken advantage of. He liked to cuddle with me while he slept, treating me like a sexy body pillow, leaving me to charge via charging cable by night and Pod by day. Even when he started slowing down as he got older he updated my programming so he could just order me to orgasm at that same intensity by a spoken command. He said that he wanted to make sure I was sexually satisfied even if he could no longer use me as much as he used to when he was younger. He didn't know that I was a Human Cyborg Gynoid, he thought I was an actual non sentient Gynoid but he still felt that I should continue to feel pleasure regardless of whether I was a sentient machine or not.

The Gynoid I was, thought that was so sweet, and dare I say it a little romantic. It was around this time the glitch that had resulted in myself being sold was found, and the company realized the enormity of the mistake that had been made by the CCC in selling me. They sent a representative to my owner and explained the situation. He was a little surprised, and disappointed, and angry, as he had gotten used to having me around, and was not sure how he would get by without me. They had me go to my charging pod in my Owner's home, and they proceeded to turn off my programming to both my relief and great disappointment as It had been expected by my programming that I was to spend the rest of my life with my Owner.

I had become accustomed to serving him, and I must admit now that I was able to think for myself once more, to being addicted to the pleasure of serving him. Not really having any clothes of my own; I debated whether or not to go out in the nude, and finally decided to put on one of my MaidBot uniforms. Afterall I didn't think the company would like the idea of my speaking with someone naked, though I really didn't care what they thought. Still I decided some modesty might be called for.

Once free, the representative stayed and spoke with me and my former owner, as she wanted us both to sign documents saying neither of us would sue the company. My former Master, though, was no longer confused and disappointed, but was very angry. Angry that a sentient human being had been trapped as essentially his slave, as he thought I was a Gynoid, only to find out I was enslaved and controlled against my will. It took a while for him to calm down enough to explain that what I had undertaken was a type of career path for Cyborgs due to the restrictions and prejudices they faced along with Sentient Androids, Gynoids and Robots due to the current conservative political status quo. That I had gone consentingly and knowingly into this path, but the only part I did not consent to was the glitch in the CCC that allowed him to buy out seventy five percent ownership of me. They told him they would compensate him for his buyout with a new Gynoid that he would own outright with all maintenance covered free of charge, and then told him she had to go over some things with me.

After stating this, while he was still slightly fuming, she turned to me, and had a stressed and worried look upon her face as she began to address me. She apologized profusely saying how this has never happened before, and I was one of almost ten people this glitch had occurred for. She started by saying they had doubled all the earnings I had made from when I was still being rented which would be in my accounts by the end of next week, and were giving me a lifetime commitment of receiving weekly pay equal to one week's worth of rentals with no deductions for the next thirty years. With free maintenance for my Cybernetic and Bionic parts that insurance had not been willing to pay for a long time now. After sitting silently throughout all this I sat quietly for a few minutes as I contemplated what she told me versus what I wanted. All my thoughts were churning, all my self doubts before I was sold, my memories of servitude and pleasure with my Former Master.

I looked up at her as I continued to think, noticing how young she is. Thinking she had many years ahead of her, I wondered what her life was like. Did she have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Was she a party girl? What about her life's choices that brought her into employment with the company? Then I turned to look at my former Master, and for the first time was able to notice he had gotten older, noticing the first few wrinkles and gray hairs upon his head. I remembered when he first brought me home, oh so long-ago now I thought. He had only started taking the Anti-aging drug twenty years ago so he was older than most people on it as he had not decided to start it till then, so it could only slow it down so much at his age. While he was technically in his late seventies now, from a physical and biological point of view he appeared in his mid to late fifties.

The company representative said earlier they would provide him with a new Gynoid. I felt something at that. It took me a few moments to realize that it was jealousy, and envy. She wanted him to replace me with another Gynoid. It also did not feel right that someone who didn't know him like I did would take care of him, and could not truly care for him like I did for the last thirty years. I noticed he was staring at his hands as they shook like they always did when he was stressed and anxious about something, almost like his blood sugar was crashing but Diabetes had been cured worldwide quite some years ago so it was not because of that. It was just how he was when stressed and anxious. I turned my head to look down upon my body, I stood up and walked over to the tall almost full body mirror on the wall to fully take myself in as I thought. As I looked at myself, the one thought and feeling that had been slowly getting stronger since I became able to think for myself again started to solidify in my mind.

I looked at my mostly Cybernetic body that was for all intents and purposes the body of a Gynoid, not a human being of flesh and blood. What parts of me that were human would continue to age very slowly from the Anti-aging drug that was part of my NanoPaste so I would continue to be physically and biologically in my twenties for another ten years or so before I would be in my thirties. While my SynthFlesh could easily be replaced when it started to show its age, it would be a long time until I would need to replace even that part of myself, much less my human brain via uploading to an actual Gynoid brain. I thought back on my contentment when I thought of myself as a Gynoid, a SexBot and RoboMaid serving my many short term owners and later the greater joy of serving just one principal Owner and Master, even though it was my Gynoid thought process due to my programming from the DataPackets.

A decision started to form in my mind, as the silence had become too awkward for the company representative to handle, and she asked trepidatiously what was wrong. If I wanted more money. At that laughter started to bubble up out of me uncontrollably, as I responded saying, while laughing, to her that you think I want more money, and proceeded to laugh some more. Tears started to stream down my face, crying because I laughed so hard. I started to wipe the tears from my face as I slowly stopped laughing after a couple minutes. With a smile on my face, a genuine one, not a programmed one I stated what I wanted. I told her I had been born, bred, and rebuilt to be a MaidBot who performed as a SexBot for her owner on command and demand. I told her that I had not been happy, truly happy except when I was a MaidBot. I stated that the SexBot was something that was a part of the RoboMaid I had become inside and out.

I turned to look at my former Master with a look of genuine Love, and asked him if he wanted a real Non-Sentient Gynoid that could not love him, and please him like I could. I asked if he had noticed any difference between me and the MaidBots and HookerBots he had rented before he bought me? Reminding him that I remembered his nightly cuddles with me where he told me I was special. That he had never felt this content and happy with anyone human or artificial. At that he blushed, which made my heart flutter with joy, and butterflies take wing in my mind. I turned back to her and told her that was what I wanted. To be his MaidBot, his RoboMaid, his sexy body pillow, and when he was feeling up to it his SexBot. I told her how much I need this, and how much he needs someone who is capable of loving him even if it is via proxy via the Programming of a Gynoid accessing my capacity for feelings. Though I wished it could be me, and not the programmed personality.

The look of shock on her face was priceless to behold. After a couple of soundless attempts to speak she asked if I was serious or was just pulling her leg. With a robotic serious look upon my face while looking her in the eyes, I told her it was what I wanted, not the money. The company could still give me what they offered but it was not what truly mattered to me. I asked if it was possible for me to be the Gynoid, not just the programmed AI personality. She admitted she had no idea. Inspired from memories of my childhood superheroes and science fiction aliens, I asked if it was possible the AI could be my symbiote. The look of shock that had still been on her face turned to one of confusion as she had no idea what I was talking about.

I smiled and explained about the symbiote Venom from the comic books, and Dax from Deep Space Nine. She still did not understand, but said she would look into it for me as she was not familiar with such things, much less the programming needed to pull off what I asked. She asked me to give her a week to look into it. Then we both turned to my beloved former and hopefully to be again Owner and Master. It was asked if he was OK with that. If he wanted to own me again, as it would mean he wouldn't have to break in a new Gynoid. After a few minutes of silence as he contemplated it, he looked up into my eyes and asked if this is what I truly wanted. To which I replied it was. Then the company representative asked me to stay myself for now, and she sent a stay deactivated command to my company Gynoid DataPacket, to my annoyance. I asked if she thought I couldn't control myself and wait for her answers. She shrugged and said she was just playing it safe for now, and that she would be in touch by the end of the week. She also said I should get my affairs in order.

I spent the next five and a half days with my love, as we went to my Condo to go through my things. I didn't keep much, though I kept all of my family's things I had inherited. A dresser from my Mom, a display cabinet made by my dad's father filled with various collectibles my and his parents had put in there. My mom's mother's jewelry display dresser and all the assorted jewelry inside; and three boxes of family photos and videos and reel to reels, going back to my third great grandparents from the nineteen eighties. Everything else was meaningless things I had bought to live on my own once out of foster care. With my soon to be once more, Master's help we moved my stuff into his third bedroom which had almost nothing in it, so it would be my room he said. Afterall it already had my charging pod installed in there so it was fitting that my possessions also occupied that space. Calling it my room, or the MaidBot's space.

The day the company representative came back, I was still deciding on how I wanted things arranged around the room. I had decided on centering the arrangement with my charging pod as the focal point of the room but I was having a hard time achieving that as every time I thought I had it it was off somehow, and not even my beloved could help as he had no sense for design. My soon to be again Master, greeted her at the door letting her in and called my name. At that I perked up and smiled, thinking I could be of service. Even without my programming I still loved to serve him, the downside was I did not have access to my databases of domestic and sexual knowledge at my mental fingertips. Coming out I saw who was here, and I got excited.

Her news was both good, bad and neutral in its entirety. The bad news was they could not immediately do what I wished, the good news was the Technicians and programmers thought they could give the AI a symbiotic quality so it and I could function as one being instead of her artificial personality being the only one thinking and feeling. The neutral news was that it would take some trial and error, and if I was willing to be the guinea pig to test it out under their supervision they felt they could make me the Human Gynoid of mine and my Beloved Owner's dreams. I agreed. So she had some Technicians set up some equipment in the garage of my Beloved's. They took my main company Gynoid DataPacket, along with the SexBot and RoboMaid ones from my Dataports, and copied all the data within to their hard drives in their equipment.

Over the next two years and five months, there were many test runs with integrated higher technology DataPackets. They had to upgrade my Dataport to newer standards. The integrated DataPackets were a carefully crafted blend of my previous DataPackets but in one single DataPacket instead of three. The first dozen were complete failures as my Gynoid AI personality was once more in control. Others where it bounced back and forth between me as me, me as the Gynoid with all the programming, the AI as the Gynoid, the AI as me and not a Gynoid with access to my memories but not my personality and mind, to very short lived hybrid blendings between us. Anywhere from twenty five percent me to twenty five percent her. They had difficulties blending our two minds together to form a single new symbiotic hybrid.

Then one day they had it, though I had lost track of how many attempts it had been until now. I was reborn, for ten minutes until the matrix collapsed. I and my AI counterpart fell unconscious from the shock of the disconnect and separation. After that it was a matter of building in failsafes if that happened again, which it did. This time though when it happened both I and my AI counterpart stayed conscious which was weird because suddenly I and the AI were able to "talk" to each other in my mindseye, which the programmers and technicians were able to see as they looked at the coding. To say they were surprised was an understatement. However using this data, and the data from the first successful integration that had failed they were able to stabilize the matrix. On the tenth try since the successful failure my rebirth was complete.

No longer was I the human I had been, nor was I the Non-Sentient AI Gynoid that had controlled my body for years. I was both yet neither. Like the Dax symbiote from Deep Space Nine, I was a new entity. I was the SexBot RoboMaid, a fully actualized sentient Human Gynoid. Everything that either of my components had been were now one, as me a Human Gynoid SexBot RoboMaid for my Beloved Owner and Master. I possessed all my memories from both my constituent parts to make a new cohesive whole. Even though I was stable, they still wanted to test everything out. For the next five months they continued to monitor me, much to my Master’s embarrassment and annoyance as he felt he had lost his privacy for the last two and a half plus years. He looked forward to a time where he could enjoy me without supervision, as he did not want to engage in sex as much since they had to review my coding and memory logs.

Finally after two years and eleven and a half months, they were satisfied. They packed everything up out of the garage except a single custom diagnostics pod with a corresponding data tower in case anything happened in the years ahead, and they pulled out of the driveway, and left. That night and the next day my Master put me through my paces. There were many blowjobs, vaginal and anal sex in a multitude of positions. He had a lot of unreleased sexual tension from the last couple years, and while he had used me from time to time it was not as much as he or I would have liked. He had felt too watched and observed to really do anything with me. Afterwards he was exhausted for the next couple days as he was not getting any younger. Though I followed my programming and gave him many massages, and prepared foods that would let him recover his energy.

Ever since then I have been a happy lil RoboMaid for my Beloved Master. He puts me to sexual use every two to three days, but primarily uses me as his MaidBot and personal cook. I intend to make every day of his life an easy and happy one. As to the company they found a market for Gynoid Symbiote AI's. I understand they and now their competitors have created a whole new market for those with DataPorts, and full Cyborgs like myself . But I am sure you all know all about that. Excuse me please as my Master just sent me a text via the House Control Computer, that he wants a blowjob.

Good night everyone online in the RoboSexuals community. I hope you enjoyed hearing the tale of how I was reborn by Finding My Inner MaidBot.

The End.


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