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Fembot Roles

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: FM; store; purchase; fembot; suit; prepare; encase; insert; transform; F2fembot; M2fembot; sealed; program; mindcontrol; femdom; pleasure; cons; X

It was a lovely day as I was out with my girlfriend enjoying the first nice day we had had in a long time. The sky was bright and full of light as we walked around the downtown area. We were celebrating her promotion to a full professorship and my beginning of hormone therapy. It had been a tough road for both of us but we had stood by one another and as a result our relationship was stronger than ever. I wrapped my hand around her waist as we continued to walk along the sun kissed streets when we came across an ultra-modern storefront. Inside we could see many beautiful Fembot bodies.

“OOOO lets check it out” My girlfriend Sophia said, “I know that you have a particular kink for this sort of thing”

Blushing slightly, I agreed and we made our way inside. Before us sat countless Fembot models of all different kinds, and I could tell that she was just as interested as I was. One couldn’t help but admire the models on display, with heir perfect proportions and the o so feminine body. Before I had a chance to look any closer one of the Fembot walked up to us. It was clear that she worked here, and as she spoke her voice had the slightest sense of being that of a robot.

“Welcome to the Fembot Inc. retail store, my name is jessbot, how may I help you?”

I smiled at her, “We are just looking thanks, we’ll let you know if we see something.”

“Excellent, then I’ll leave you be.”

As she left my girlfriend pulled me aside, “You know, I never thought about this before but getting myself inside of one of those suits would be a dream. I can understand your interest now.”

I kissed her on the forehead, “Glad you like them too, what do you think?”

“I think they are beautiful, and we deserve a little something to celebrate don’t you think?”

I shook my head yes, and after looking over the models we approached Jessbot.

“Hello, we were wondering if we could place an order for two suits.”

Jessbot’s metallic faceplate smiled, “Excellent, I can get you set up right over here.”

We moved over to the counter, gave her our sizes and ordered some clothing to go with it. She told us that they would arrive within a week and to be ready for them to arrive. With a spring in our steps we walked outside, ready for our suits to arrive and become beautiful fembots.

One week later

We were sitting at home when I saw a truck approach the front of our house. Before I had the chance my girlfriend launched off the couch and ran towards the door, leaving me enjoying how excited she had become. She opened the door and welcomed the two delivery bots inside, who were directed to the room and proceeded to set up the various components. Soon after, with a quick wave, they exited our house, leaving us with the room of Fembot. Together we entered the room and were amazed at how pretty everything was. Our two suits were set up on stands, her’s in black and mine in pink, ready to be put on. Before I had the chance to begin changing she stopped me.

“You know, these have optional dominate and submissive forms. What about I dress you after I program myself to be a dominate Fembot? That way we can start the fun early.”

I thought about it, and then agreed, leaving her to change into her suit while I went to wait on the couch. About a half an hour later I heard footsteps so I proceeded to stand up and turn. What I saw before me made me gasp. She had been transformed into a picture perfect Fembot, and her green eyes glowed like fire. She wore a latex corset as a way of heightening the power of her new Fembot self. Her body was beyond that of a supermodel, and I stood there as she came up to me and latched me into a bear hug.

“O this feels unbelievable; I never want to take it off. How do I look?” She asked turning around, her heels clicking on the floor.

“Amazing, and perfect. Have you begun to programming yet?”

She smiled, “Yep, just got to activate it.”

She stood tall and proceeded to say the line, “Sophiabot dominate mode activate for 12 hours.”

She became stiff as her whole body was programmed. I could tell she was enjoying it, and within a few minutes she rebooted, her programming now operating.

“You, time to lose that body and submit yourself to me. As of now you will refer to me as mistress, and you are my subject.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She grabbed my arm and lead me into the room. On the bed was my suit laid out, it’s pink exterior shining bright.

“Subject remove all clothing.”

I did as I was told, admittedly enjoying being bossed around by the Fembot. After I finished I resumed my pose.

“Completed Mistress, Subject ready for transformation.”

She picked me up and laid me onto the part of the bed without the pieces on it. She then anchored my arms and chest to the bed as she began the process. They were set up so I was elevated off of it, allowing her to put the back pieces on as well. She lifted up the heels, showing how my feet would fit into them. With a click she had the first boot on and in a moment another click left my feet enclosed in pink perfection. I also found that magnets were keeping them in place, and wires attached to the bottom of the heels leading to a computer. I had begun the process, and was enjoying the way she was being dominant but controlled. Next she attached the lower leg and knee joints, locking them in place until power could be run through the suit. As she attached the thigh components I continued to be excited by the possibilities. 

Now she picked up the vagina piece, as well as giving me a special injection that would prevent any issues with my male part. My butt component was rounded oh so perfectly, and as she pressed them into place I let out a gasp at how cold the metal felt against my skin. I knew that I now had a fully functioning artificial vagina, and was looking more and more feminine by the minute. She stopped for a moment and spoke.

“Subject Gia, status update.”

“Subject Gia fine, ready for next stage mistress.”

With that she placed the corset around me after removing the support. It fit a bit loose now but once the air was expelled it would become o so tight. Next she added a block under me, to support me while my arms were transformed. As each piece came on, I looked up and smiled at her but only saw the expressionless face of a Fembot at work. My arms were soon covered and she carefully covered my hands in the slick Fembot glove. I was already feeling powerful, and was ready to continue.

I felt her attach my back part, which contained an extra spinal cord to protect the user while the suit was worn. She then lifted up my breastplate, showing the massive boobs that I would soon be able to call my own. With a click the two halves connected and I could see the two beautiful orbs in front of me, a reminder that I was a beautiful Fembot, with beautiful proportions. The neck corset came on next along with the shoulder guards, leaving me a Fembot from the neck down. Before she finished me, she removed the block from below me, leaving my stuff body supported by the magnets at my feet and arms. She then carefully gathered my hair together, and stuck the back half of my on.

I knew that it was now smooth and gleaming, making me look o so feminine. I opened my mouth as my faceplate came on. With a click my construction was done. However, I was not done yet, as I could feel her attaching wires all over my body, preparing me to be programmed into a submissive bot. Suddenly everything got tight, and I could feel my programming come through. I was a submissive Fembot. I would be that way as long as my mistress was dominating. I would be a good Fembot. Every sensor went off as well, making it easy to program me. After a few minutes I regained my sight and stood up. Before me stood my mistress, who asked of my vital signs. I could now only think like a Fembot, and any other thoughts simply didn’t exist.

‘Giabot user 0% control, Programming in full, User is Submissive mode. Subject is ready mistress.”

I felt better than I ever had before, and I saw how beautiful I looked in the mirror. She pushed me down and began to kiss me like I had never been kissed before. I would be a good subject for my mistress, and in a few hours when we swapped roles I would be a good mistress as well. These suits were wonderful, and I would never regret the purchase.


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