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The Fembot Friend

by Robowomanbot

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Storycodes: Solo-M; transwoman; fembot; suit; strip; prepare; corset; encase; insert; sealed; M2fembot; cons; X

As a transwoman, I was constantly trying to find new ways of looking and feeling feminine. No matter what I tried, I kept looking in the mirror and seeing a man looking back at me. After a therapy session, in which my therapist still wanted to wait on hormones due to some medical red flags, I left to go meet a friend for lunch. The waiting period was driving me crazy, but I knew that I had to wait. I soon reached the restaurant where I was to have lunch with an old transgender friend of mine Bree. It was a lovely little place that we had been going to for years. After sitting down and talking for a bit, the conversation soon turned to hormones.

Bree, “I just got approved for them, I’m so excited! What about you?”

“I’m still waiting, I just wish there was a way to become a woman faster, even just look like one.”

Bree got a look in her eye, “Ever heard of Fembot Inc.?”

“A little bit” I recognized the name from a building I passed on my way to the record label I own each day.

“Well they’ve actually created a Fembot suit specifically for transwomen that haven’t transitioned yet. It gives you all of the feelings of womanhood while making you look like a really hot Fembot as well. I should know, I bought one”

“Sounds awesome, maybe I should order one then.”

“You totally should! My partner got one also. Let me know when you do!”

As we finished up, we separated and I walked to my downtown loft. The minute I got in the door I rushed up to my computer and typed it in. I was amazed at the features of the suit, and knew that ordering one would be the best idea ever. I went through the ordering process and soon had one shipped and on the way.

A month later Bree and her partner were sitting in my living room with me enjoying a little tv. We knew that my package would be arriving today, and they had brought over their suits and would put them on in the bedroom while I put mine on. Soon the doorbell rang and I jumped up and opened the door. I signed for the delivery as Bree and Sarah carried it in.

“Ok we will leave you to it, have fun!”

With that Bree and Sarah left to go change as I opened up the box. As I laid out the pieces, I was amazed by how cool the metal felt. The insides were padded, and would form around the user’s body. After all of the pieces were laid out, I took off all of my clothing as the instructions said and sat down with my naked body facing what would become my new look. The heels on the boot were of an amazing height, and as I held the two pieces near each other the magnets connected and my foot and lower leg was sealed into the suit. The process repeated on the other leg and I got up to walk around.

I was amazed at how light they felt on my feet, and the surprising ease of walking in them. I groaned as the knee and thigh pieces came on, making my legs beautiful, sleek pieces of silver chrome beauty. The private area came next and I was amazed at the intricateness of the part. The butt piece was shaped as such with a small piece that would enter me. The front had a complex vagina replica, which the online brochure said would negate the male feelings, making the user feel only what woman would feel. After taking the anti erection pill that came with it, I attached it, feeling excited about how this was going

The corset came on next, and fit somewhat loosely since the power had not been turned on yet. As I put on my arms, I felt my whole body tingling in excitement. The arms went on like the legs did, and as I put the gloves on I could feel my body becoming robotic. I flexed my fingers and was amazed at how much dexterity existed with them. The back piece, containing battery packs that allowed for a week duration and the “brain” of the suit came on next. The Front piece was flat on the inside to accommodate my chest, but the outside had two perfectly sized breasts that matched the weight of real ones. As I attached it on I had to hold onto something to stabilize myself as I wasn’t use to the weight of these breasts. Looking down and seeing them there was a great experience, and I couldn’t wait to finish up the process.

After covering up the shoulders, the next corset came on next, helping to cover it up. Next came the lower part of the helmet, which covered the lower jaw and left it ready for the dome. As I lowered it onto my head, I could feel the smoothness of my robotic dome as it snapped into place. I felt the cool metal on top of my head, wishing I had known about this sooner. As I lifted up the faceplate, I noticed that the eyes were pink and allowed the user to look robotic while the mouth followed the movements of the user. I pressed it up against my face and felt it click.

Suddenly all of the air was expelled from the suit and I felt my body get compressed slightly everywhere. All of the sensors went off as I sat down and enjoyed my first female pleasure. Minute after minute passed by and all I could do was be happy. After it stopped I got up and was amazed to find that I couldn’t feel my human body anymore. Rather I was picking up the feelings from my feminine body, including the artificial parts. I smiled huge in glee that I could finally look in the mirror and see myself as a woman. I walked over to the bedroom door, the slight amount of programming allowing me to function in the suit, and the door opened. Bree was standing there in her suit wearing a hot pink latex dress with a dark red corset while Sarah wore a black latex cat suit, corset and leather jacket over.

“Hello Colleenbot, are you ready to try out your suit?”

“O yes”

I moved into the room and closed the door behind me, ready for the adventures I would have as a Fembot.


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