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Emma-bot on Display

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; fpov; sexbot; public; display; objectify; F2doll; doll; collar; machine; costume; frame; mind-control; programmed; oral; climax; cons; X

Loosely based on the , and just a fun exercise in writing for me, and no vore… just sexbots - enjoy.

Emma was currently studying advanced robotics, her first minor degree allowed her to find a research fellowship to continue her postgraduate studies, this had been her last semester at college before the holiday break, and being an unpaid research graduate she didn’t have the funds to go away anywhere, like her fellow college mates, and even her family where away themselves, so she was left alone, bored and wondering what to do with herself. She thought about whiling away her boredom with one of her favourite toys, either in the bath or the bedroom, but even that didn’t seem to appeal to her.

Getting herself out of her tiny apartment was the best idea that she could come up with, get her mind out of the gutter, that and maybe visit her old friend Nick, she had held a tiny glimmer of hope that he felt about her the way that she felt about him, but during their time in college together he had always seemed more interested in the robots and not in her. She was really surprised when Nick had dropped out of his studies and had taken up owning one of those sexbot stores that seemed to be springing up everywhere.

Nick had been an exception she had thought, his ideas were more advanced than some of the things that she was currently working on, and to her it seemed a real waste of his talents to be maintaining sexbots, even if it was much more profitable, as he had told her in one of her previous visits. The actual sexbots weren’t that interesting to her, they were mainly female anyway, and she was more into males, and they at least had to have a pulse, she did have some standards after all. No, what intrigued her the most was the way that the sexbots were dressed and displayed.

Nick always had one or two in the windows, allowing passers-by to view the merchandise, and maybe come in and make an offer to either purchase or rent one. There were usually several others displayed inside the store as well, each one dressed in an outfit that she would have considered very risqué, though some seemed dressed in party wear, but not something that she would ever consider wearing herself, although when alone in her fantasies, they were the very thing that she always found herself wearing.

Emma like to stand outside the store and watch from a safe distance, she would see the display in the window, and then notice the reaction of the people walking past, some stopping to see the display, while others just hurried passed the window, though she could see that they had indeed taken in the view before looking away. She loved seeing that reaction from them, it amused her to witness the way that they reacted. But Emma also had a darker, deeper reason for seeing the sexbots in the window, she would imagine herself in their place, with Nick dressing her and placing her on display.

But today there were no sexbots to be seen, the display windows were empty, and upon entering the store she found the other displays were vacant as well. Her fantasy life was dashed, the sight of the sexbots usually feeding into her sexual fantasies later on in the bedroom, alone with her trusty toys, her playtime habits now denied her. Slightly frustrated but perplexed as to why there was no display to be seen and admired, she decided to find out from Nick what was going on with the sexbots or lack of them.

Finding Nick behind the counter on the phone, she waited until he had finished, he had seemed frustrated on the call, apparently the lack of sexbots was his main concern. Hanging up on the call he turned and spoke to Emma.

“Hi Em, great to see you again.” Nick said, his face beaming that cheeky smile that she so loved about him, though she hated him shortening her already short name even further.

“Hi Nick, thought I’d pop by and see you…” Emma started to say, but was interrupted by Nick.

“And the sexbots!” Nick laughed, knowing just how much she loved seeing them, whether it was for her studies or as he suspected something else.

“Yes, and the sexbots.” Emma blushed, “But where are they?”

“All gone.” Nick replied, leaving Emma to wonder what had happened to them.

“All gone, surely not, have you sold them all?” Emma asked.

“No, well some were sold but the others are over across town, there’s a big convention and they hired them all, along with several from other stores to attend to the conference members.” Nick explained.

“Literally!” Emma remarked, knowing what they were being used for.

“Well of course, that’s what they’re for.” Nick laughed, “The clue is in the name ‘sexbots’”.

“Yes, well…” Emma blushed at the thought of the sexbots attending to the people at the conference, her thoughts drifting to her as one of them doing some of the ‘attending to the members’.

“But with no sexbots on display, things have been a bit slow around here this week.” Nick replied, interrupting Emma’s thoughts. “I was just on to a supplier to order some fresh ones when you came in.”

“Anyhow, that’s not good, the only enjoyment I seem to get these days is seeing the sexbots on display.” She replied without thought, then added, “Oh and to see you as well.”

“Surely you have much better things to do than hang about here, free from the everyday humdrum of existence that us mere mortals live, college life must be keeping you busy?” Nick asked.

“No, everyone is either away or on a break, my current work is completed, and I’m stuck here alone, bored and looking for something to do.” Emma told him.

“Well, that’s depressing,” Nick said, his mind lost for the moment, then he said, “Mmm! It would seem that we both have a problem, something that could be solved by each of us helping the other out.”

“What? Don’t just tease me like that,“ Emma replied, frustrated by what she heard.

“The window is empty, as you can see, I don’t have a display to attract the customers….” He started to say to Emma.

“Yes, I can see that, what are you getting at?” Emma asked.

“Well, I really need a display model, and you are looking for some way to relieve your boredom, we can both help each other out…” Nick was saying to Emma, but was interrupted.

“What! You want me to display myself in the window just so you can sell more sexbots…” Emma was angry at Nick for suggesting it, even though she had seen herself figuratively standing there on display many times in her own mind.

“Sorry Emma, but I thought that you might have liked it, just going by your reaction to seeing them in the past, you looked like you saw yourself… up there.” Nick pointed to the display.

Emma turned beet red, her face flushed, ‘had it been that obvious’, she thought. She guessed that it had, as clearly Nick knew about her little secret.

“My apologies Emma if I’ve upset you with my suggestion, I was in no way suggesting that you were a sexbot, but you did seem to like the displays.” Nick stated. “Tell me that I’m wrong.”

Emma face blushed again, and a flight of butterflies started to move about in her tummy, the thought of her being on display, one of her most secret of her fantasies, were suddenly revealed in all of their glory by Nick, who at this moment stood there in silence watching her. She had been caught, she felt like a deer in the headlights, wishing for the ground beneath her to open, but there was no escape it seemed to her.

“No, Nick, you’re not wrong.” Emma hid her face as she felt her heat build-up, not only in her face but further south as well. That strange tingly feeling, between her legs and spreading up deep inside of her. She looked up to see Nick smiling his cheeky little grin at her, her defences falling with each passing moment.

“I figured as much, you’d spend hours watching them out there, seeing the passers-by, and them looking at the display.” Nick told her.

“You saw me!” Emma replied, her face again a deep shade of red.

“Of course, how could I miss such a pretty face…” Nick replied. “And you always dress so nice.”

Emma felt embarrassed at being caught, but she also liked to hear that she had caught his attention when she visited, she had always worn her favourite summer dresses when coming to the store, she loved the way they looked on her and felt against her skin, she wore nothing underneath such was the delight she got from the feel of the material, and she thought it daring and sexy to be naked under the confines of the dress.

“Well thank you Master Nick, flattery will get you everywhere,” Emma blushed, then realised what she had said, revealing her true reason for coming to see Nick.

“But will it get me a display girl?” Nick asked, his cheeky grin again disarming any barrier that Emma had.

“It sounds okay, but…” Emma started to say, “I don’t want to turn myself into a sexbot just to entertain others.” Then thought, ‘But for you Nick…’ her vision of being his personal plaything interrupted.

“Well, I’m not asking for you to be a sexbot, I just want to display you as one. There’s no way that I want anyone else to get to play with such a beautiful, delicate model like you.” Nick said, his charm offensive he hoped would persuade Emma. “Plus, I’d like to see what you’d look like up there on the display. I’m sure that you would too.”

“You seem to have discovered my secret Master Nick, you wicked villain.” Laughed Emma, “My Achilles heel, my fate is sealed…”

“So, you’ll do it?” Nick asked, still not sure if Emma was playing with him, which she was but wanted Nick to ask her.

“The way that you’ve put it, it does sound like something that I would be willing to consider, but I would need to be rewarded.” Emma stated.

“How about dinner?” Nick asked, finally getting the courage to ask Emma out.

“Okay, that sounds about right.” Emma replied, inside her mind was shouting for joy, finally she had gotten him to ask her out, but she wanted to appear calm and collected, though deep down she was a mess of emotions. “Dinner sounds great. But…”

“But what?” Nick asked, thinking that he had done as Emma had wanted.

“If I’m to be on display, I want you to treat me like I was a real sexbot when customers come in, but I don’t want to lose control of my own mind and actually become one, and definitely I’m not for sale.” Emma laid out her desires.

“Of course, that is totally understandable, I wouldn’t want to sell you anyway.” Nick replied, ‘But I wouldn’t mind taking you home and playing with you myself,’ he thought.

“And I don’t want to end up at the convention either.” Emma stated, her thoughts on seeing several ‘members’ running through her mind.

“Okay, that’s fine. What about clothing?” Nick asked.

Emma hadn’t thought that far, obviously the dress that she currently wore wasn’t suitable for a sexbot, they dressed in more, let’s say, revealing clothing, sometimes too revealing but they had to be decent enough to be seen in public, whatever they were dressed as in private was another matter, and another one of Emma’s fevered fantasies.

“I’ll leave that up to you Master Nick,” she teased, “I trust you to dress me up in some fairly decent clothing, but still remain sexy, slightly decadent and turn heads. After all, I am your display model, and you need to attract the customers.”

“Well, I have had many visions of what I’d like to have seen you in, but I can think of one that is… well let’s leave it as a surprise shall we.” Nick teased Emma. “Shall we start?”

“Lead on Master. I am yours to command…. Beep.” Emma replied, her voice slightly robotic in tone, taking his hand as he led her towards the back end of the store.

Reaching the part that the customers never saw, the room looked bare, the cabinets that usually stored the sexbots empty, there was just a computer panel and some large machine to one side away from the storage pods. Emma looked at them and saw herself held inside one of the cabinets; thoughts of her spending time stuck inside one of them sending delightful shivers down her spine, stuck inside until released by Nick.

Nick watched Emma as she looked at the pods, he could see that she saw herself inside one of them, he loved the way that she saw herself, but tried to hide the fact that she so desperately wanted to experience being a sexbot. But he needed to get things moving before Emma had second thoughts. He was looking forward to spending some time seeing her on his display, he had often imagined her on display himself, dreaming of the vision of loveliness that she would present, now he was to live out his own fantasy.

“Emma, you need to get undressed.” Nick said, seeing Emma was still distracted.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Emma realised that she was staring for far too long at the cabinets. And quickly undressed, her shoes and dress were laid on a nearby chair. She enjoyed the shocked look on Nick’s face when she revealed that she never wore underwear, she only wore the dress and nothing else, and she smiled inwardly at his reaction, she wiggled slightly teasing him with her naked body.

Nick upon seeing Emma in all of her glory was slightly nervous, even though he was used to seeing naked female bodies, they were all robots, this was something else. Nick cleared his throat, “Well Emma I have the outfit programmed into the dresser.” He turned and highlighted the large machine, and then said, “You’ll need to enter and stand still while the machine applies your outfit.”

“Okay, Master.” Emma purred, she felt like she had been commanded by Nick, her own inner submissive being loving this. Then she was even more surprised when he said.

“And you’ll need to wear this collar.” He told her holding the item in his hand.

Well, a collar to a normal person would probably be the end of the matter, but to a submissive person like Emma it was simply music to her ears, her Master had required her to be collared by him to continue, which again started the butterflies, the deep down warm, fuzziness and the start of her arousal building even higher inside of her, she was already turned on just by standing here naked in front of Nick, now he had asked her this.

“Yes, my Master,” was all that Emma responded with and moved closer to Nick, and surprised both herself and Nick when she dropped to her knees to allow him to fit it.

Nick was astounded with the way Emma had reacted to her wearing the collar, he had expected her to maybe back out, refuse to wear the collar and he would have to explain that it was necessary for the machine to recognise her as a sexbot to allow her to be dressed by it. But when she fell to her knees and allowed him to wrap the collar around her slender neck, all thoughts of having to say why had flown out the window, she seemed very happy and content to wear the collar.

Still slightly confused at what had just happened, he helped Emma stand, and watched as her hands explored the collar, feeling it around her neck. He thought that she would want to rip it off, but again he was surprised by her reaction. Emma, meanwhile, was very happy to wear the collar, as long as her Master Nick had applied it to her neck, she would willingly and proudly wear it, she felt that much closer to him when wearing it. She was brought out of her submissive thoughts when Nick spoke.

“Don’t worry, it’s inactive, the machine needs the barcode to scan you, before dressing you in the outfit I have ready for you.” Nick told her.

Emma at the moment didn’t care if it was active or not, though once the fog of submissive delight started to wear off, she realised that she was thankful that she could retain her mind and bodily functions, and get to enjoy her time on the display, that was why she had agreed to do this after all. Being under the system's control, she would just remain a sexbot, her body no longer her own, her mind trapped and at the mercy of the controlling system that ran all of the sexbots.

“Okay Emma, it’s time to enter the machine.” Nick said to her, his hands guiding her naked body into the waiting machine.

The feeling of his hands on her naked skin sending little waves of pleasure throughout her body, and all culminating down below, the build up of moisture there felt chilled in the cold air of the room and let her know it was there. She would have liked to just turn around and take Nick for herself, right here, right now, but her desire to find out what being on display felt like slightly outweighed her urgent need, and she figured that later, she would have plenty of time to burn off all this pent-up sexual energy, either with Nick or her toys with fresh batteries.

The machine stood by ready for the next sexbot to be dressed, it didn’t know or care about the desires of whatever entered its empty space, it had one task and that was to prepare as efficiently as possible, and without damage, the next sexbot that entered it. The pressure pad sensing the next sexbot to be dressed started the machine, it then scanned the collar for the barcode, and then the body of the sexbot for sizing.

Emma stood still as the machine started, its scanner running the light over her naked body, it felt like many hands had just run gently over her flesh, and slight goosebumps appeared on her skin. Not that the machine seemed to recognize this, and just continued in its tasks. A slight tremor of fear went through her body, was she doing the right thing, would she be hurt by this machine, but all fears were soon in the past as the machine started applying the clothing that Nick had selected.

The machine, having scanned the collar barcode, searched its memory for the required programmed clothing that this one was to be dressed in, finding the file that had been placed there then began to start dressing the current sexbot. Several items were either placed or fabricated on the body of the sexbot by the machine, it was capable of making the entire outfit from the supplies inside of the machine, it was designed to efficiently use the required resources to achieve the outcome programmed into it.

Emma wondered what she was being dressed in, it certainly felt very tight, especially around her waist and she had felt the machine tug on something behind her and then the closing of the material around her waist, closing even tighter against her, her breathing becoming more laboured with each tightening. Her legs felt like several spiders had crawled over them, if she hadn’t been concerned about damaging either herself or the machine, she would have jumped out at that point. But it was over very quickly, and the machine seemed to be finished, with that part at least.

Just as she was about to move the machine had another surprise in store, a facemask came down and covered her face, holding her in place, then she felt several liquids applied to various parts of her face, which she guessed was make-up, she wondered what she would look like, and could she get one of these for her own personal use. As the facemask went about its business, another thing started to do things with her hair, not that she had much as she kept it fairly short, working in robotics she found that long hair got in the way, and wearing hats to keep it out of the sensitive machinery that she worked with soon grew too bothersome.

Once the facemask moved away, she opened her eyes to see Nick standing there, he gestured for her to step out from the machine, his face a picture letting her know that even he was stunned at the results. Taking her hand, he guided her out of the backroom and into the store. She was reluctant at first to enter the store dressed as she was, but Nick assured her that he wanted her to see just how good she looked, and the only large full-sized mirror was in the store.

She was shocked when she looked at the reflection in the mirror, for standing there looking back at her was a sexbot in all its glory, the make-up, hair, and clothing screamed sexbot, though it covered her more girly bits, it still was very revealing and sexy. She felt every inch the part, it turned her on seeing the way that she was dressed and even she could have admitted that she would have hired this sexbot for a pleasant afternoon of delight, even though she wasn’t into that sort of thing. Nick had done an excellent job in picking just the right outfit for Emma, it fitted really well, almost like a second skin, especially the shorts, or more like very tight hotpants.

The dark blue satin material of the shorts that clung to every part of her lower body, she could clearly see her own sexual cleft outlined by the material, but it felt really nice snuggled tightly against her soft tender parts, even more so when she moved. She then looked at her waist to see what was causing her to take short breaths, the black corset was firmly wrapped around her waist, pulling her into a wonderful hourglass shape, the corset was finished off with matching blue lace highlights, it looked very pretty and she would have bought one like this herself, that was if she ever got the courage up to venture out to buy one, her shyness overcoming any desire, luckily for her she had found an online delivery service for her toys, otherwise she would have missed out on many hours of pleasure.

The spider crawling on her legs was the machine making the black fishnets stockings that she now wore, the seemed to go from the bottom of the shorts all the way down her legs to… the wonderful shiny black boots that she now sported on her feet, they came up to meet the fishnets at her knees. She loved boots, and always looked forward to winter when she thought that she had an excuse to wear them in public, though in summer they stayed in the bedroom and the high heels had worn a hole in some of her sheets.

Her arms she noticed now were covered from just below her shoulders and flowed down over her slender fingers, the dark blue satin matched the shorts, she thought them hotter than that, and then referred to them by their proper name of hotpants, for not only did they make her look hot, but it also made her feel that way inside of them as well. The overwhelming urge to grab hold of Nick’s hand and drag him forcefully out to the rear again was again rearing inside of her, but seeing Nick move towards the display, she knew that playtime would come later, like she hoped, many times over…

The display stand was just a chrome pole attached to a square base, there were a couple of semi-circular rings around it to hold the sexbot in place and a bar that seemed to be where the sexbot's crotch rested. Unfortunately, there were no toys to keep her entertained like she had often dreamed of, it was just plain and simple, so she was slightly disappointed when Nick asked her to step up and climb on the display.

Standing there as Nick adjusted the height of the pole, the small solid bar resting against her between her legs, something that she could use to rest her legs Nick had told her. Standing next to her Nick then fastened the metal collar around her neck, her chin resting on the lip, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but certainly wasn’t what she had imagined it to be like. Her ankles were placed in the lowest ring, she imagined Nick placing metal shackles on her body to fix her in place. Though she wasn’t too far wrong as when Nick had finished Emma found that she had very little movement.

The rings had been fastened and were tight against her body, the one around her waist fitted just around her, the corset holding in her waist helping contain her. She found that Nick had even used ones on her wrists, her hands were held behind her now, the metal rings holding them to the pole that she rested her back against. Even the collar seemed to be more than holding her head in place, she found it difficult to speak coherently, the collar allowed only limited movement. She was now truly stuck until Nick released her.

Making the final adjustments to his new display sexbot, Nick was happy with the way it had been dressed, the outfit turned out much better than he had expected on the display model. He certainly liked the way that it looked and thought that Emma looked every part the sexbot that she so wanted to be, but always felt too afraid to try. But he had made a promise to her to treat her like a sexbot once she was on display, and he had every intention of carrying out her wishes. So, he now thought of her only as another sexbot on the display stand.

“There sexbot, all ready for the day, now let's just start the motor.” Nick said to himself, but letting Emma know that she was nothing more than a sexbot now.

Emma felt thrilled when Nick called her a sexbot, it sent wonderful shivers throughout her body, intensified by the fact that she was bound to the display stand and wearing the very tight, revealing clothing of a sexbot. She felt that she had looked like nothing more than part of the stock when she saw herself in the mirror, her vision had been filled with the sexbot version of herself. She now felt like one of them, held on to the display and felt the motor start and she started rotating around in the display window.

She looked out to see if anyone was currently watching her, and was disappointed not to see anyone, it was only Nick watching her at the moment, so she would have to be content with that. But it didn’t take long for people walking past the window to see the newest sexbot on display, some stopped to check out the way it was dressed, others just admiring the whole package. While others seemed to look up and then quickly walk on, again Emma found this amusing, even more so from her prominent place in the window, she could see their faces close up and see their reactions.

Several customers had come in enquiring about hiring the latest model but were told that it was a special display advanced model on loan, currently unavailable for the moment, but that they could have one of the others arriving later that day, even dressed the same as the window display, which pleased some, while others were displeased that they couldn’t have the one in the window but settled on the replacements. Nick was pleased by the number of customers that Emma seemed to bring in, more than if a normal sexbot was up in the display.

Emma happily spun slowly around in the window for the rest of the day, Nick had offered to take her down, reluctantly on his part as he loved seeing her in the window as well, but each time she had rejected and wanted to stay longer. So, he was very happy to leave her up there and carried on with his business, arranging for several sexbots to be sent out dressed much like Emma currently was later that day, that was when they returned from either the convention or other clients, or were part of the latest batch to be delivered.

Eventually the truck arrived with the new sexbots that Nick had ordered this morning, it was getting late in the day when they arrived, and Nick knew that he had his work cut out for him to get these new ones ready and out to their clients by this evening. Leaving Emma where she was rotating as just another sexbot on display, he started helping the delivery guy unload the new sexbots, taking them out to the back room and leaving them until most of them had been unloaded.

Nick had taken one into the back room and started to get it ready, plugging it in to charge the battery, each one had needed a charge before being made ready for use. It was a pain that they didn’t come already charged but for now he would have to get on otherwise he would be here until late tonight. And he would also have several disgruntled customers complaining that their sexbot hadn’t turned up on time, so he needed to prioritise his tasks, leaving the rest of the unloading to the delivery guy.

To move things forward Nick had started to push through the sexbots into the dressing machine, they would be charged up afterwards he reasoned, while some of the others were currently charging would follow on after, he could have some dressed and ready to leave straight after their charge. It was one way that he found to speed things along, but it meant that he was totally occupied out the back and leaving the delivery guy to continue unloading and also watching the store. The bonus offered by Nick helped sway any concerns that the delivery guy had.

With nearly the last of the sexbots unloaded from his vehicle and waiting inside the store for Nick to either prepare or store away for later, the delivery guy had been distracted by the sexbot in the display window. Handling the naked female sexbots all day had made him feel slightly aroused, the touch of their soft skin as he handled them, the curves of their bodies driving his mind to having some wicked thoughts, but he knew that he couldn’t touch the delivery stock, that was a definite no-no, and others had been sacked when they were discovered.

But the model in the window seemed to be available, and it was the only one in the store that hadn’t been delivered by him, so he reasoned that it was available to be hired by him to ease the built-up tension that he felt. Reaching for his phone he opened the app to the sexbot rental site, and then held the phone against the collar to scan the barcode….

Emma had watched from her vantage point as the truck arrived with the new sexbots, she saw as she rotated around the interior of the vehicle, the sexbots standing inside a frame, and watched as each one was lifted out and carried into the store by both Nick and the delivery guy. It fascinated her to see them being delivered like this, her mind imagining her inside of the truck being delivered, carried in and placed in the back room inside one of those cabinets, maybe even stored in the basement in the other pods that Nick had down there.

A shiver went through her body at the thought of her being carried from the truck, she was just another sexbot, currently inactive and waiting to be taken through to be stored away, left alone in her storage pod, and maybe even moved down to the basement store, where she would remain in the darkness until needed by a client, to be charged, dressed, and sent out to them to use. Only to return later, be cleaned and stored away again. The minor orgasm as she rubbed herself on the bar now firmly wedged between her thighs relieving the built-up sexual tension she had been experiencing while on the display stand.

Her thoughts returned to the here and now when she saw the delivery guy get close to her and hold his phone up to her neck, she thought that maybe he was taking a picture to order her later online and thought that he would be disappointed when a regular sexbot turned up in her place. But then things suddenly changed, her mind went blank for a moment, then several sexual thoughts were flooded into her brain, positions, ways of doing several sexual acts, some of which she had thought impossible went by as though they were images flashed into her memory, which they were. The instructions continued to flow into her opened mind, with little to no resistance.

The delivery guy had scanned her collar, and though it had been inactive when placed on her neck by Nick, now seemed to be working as intended. Once he had scanned it, and the system had recognised the barcode on the collar and it had automatically activated it, so now Emma was really just a sexbot, not just pretending and it seemed that she was about to have to service her first client. The stand that she was on also automatically released her, the betrayer stand that had held her prisoner had allowed her purchaser to remove her from its tight grasp.

Emma found herself moving from the display over towards the waiting guy, he seemed very eager to use the sexbot, it clearly showed judging by the bulge in his pants, she got a much closer look than she bargained for when she bent down on her knees as she got closer to him. Her mouth started salivating, not of her own doing but under the control of the system she had little choice, it was making her mouth water in preparation for what she was about to perform on her client, the lubricant needed to service the guy. Edging closer on her knees she now sat with the clients’ crotch taking her full vision, so close was she to him.

Her arms moving all by themselves reached up to find the zipper of the guy’s trousers, her gloved fingers reaching in to pull out the growing appendage that she found hidden inside. She moved slightly upwards, her body adjusting to the correct height needed, her mouth now primed and ready, just a slight movement and his member would be inside of her warm, wet lips.

Emma wondered what was happening to her, and where was Nick? Surely, he would put a stop to this, she had told him that she wasn’t for sale, her final thought before she acted was that maybe she should have added rental as well to the contract.

Her lips parted as she took the young guy into her mouth, his erect member pushing past her lips and finding her wet tongue eagerly waiting to assist him in his desires. Emma could only ride along as a passenger in her own body, she had lost all control by now and had accepted that this was her current client, and she wondered if there would be more now that she was active, and thought back to the many others that had enquired about her during the day, and if they had her barcode number stored away on their phones to use on her later.

Meanwhile Nick was still busy out the back, he had seen the delivery guy unloading the last remaining sexbots and had left him to get on with things, satisfied that he knew what he was doing with them, which he certainly did, as Emma was currently finding out. The delivery guy relaxed as he let the sexbot take his now fully erect member into its warm, wet mouth, it seemed different to some of the other models he had tried, this one appeared much more realistic, not that he had any experience of that, his sexual needs where solely confined to the less troublesome robotic variety, not the demanding females that he had dated and been left unsated with.

The system controlling the Emma-bot had giving the sexbot the necessary instructions to provide its current client with what had been paid and asked for, this was just another transaction, one of many that the system was currently operating, the many sexbots that Nick owned where all controlled by the same system that Emma was being manipulated by. The collar around her neck sent commands to her brain, and feedback flowed back out to the system to ensure that the client was getting what they had paid for.

Emma found herself rubbing her tongue on the underside of the solid piece of flesh currently occupying her mouth, she had given oral before, but this seemed much more advanced and the techniques that had been flashed into her mind certainly seemed to be having an effect on the young man using her as his sexbot. She felt him start to grow bigger inside of her mouth, her breathing becoming laboured as he pushed himself forwards and into the throat of the sexbot, he was about to climax and he wanted to make sure that he got his money's worth, which he was certainly getting without realising.

The build up finally reach its eventual conclusion and Emma felt the first spurts of his spending hit the back of her mouth, normally she would have choked at this moment, she had never been able to take any guy this far back and for this long, and then to hold him there in place while he did his naughty deed deep down in her mouth, nearly down her throat at this point as she relaxed to allow him to push himself deeper. His knees started to shake such was the intensity of what he had done with this sexbot, he would have to make a note of the number to book this one again he thought.

Emma had ridden along with the instructions her body had been given, she was a passenger in the whole affair. There was nothing that she could have done at this point to stop what was happening, and a switch seemed to flick in her head, and she started to enjoy what she was doing, driving herself slightly more than the system had asked for, lost in her own sexual desire she continued to caress, suck and roll her tongue over the offered member inside of her mouth, it didn’t matter at that point who it belonged to, it was just an object for her to gain satisfaction from.

And satisfaction she did get, not only the submissive side of her bringing this stranger off in her mouth, but her own deep inner sexual being, the sultry tiger hidden deep within her, her wanton side long suppressed down and kept locked away from fear that she would be seen as a harlot, her reputation the talk of the campus or one of those girls who seemed to be an easy lay, but not someone that the guy would ever take home to meet his family.

Plus, on top of the joy that she got from her completed task, her own unexpected orgasm that had come out of nowhere had taken her by complete surprise, never before had she indulged in oral foreplay, and found herself climaxing from it, that was just to tease the guys she had long thought, it was never even considered by her a way of finding pleasure for her own sexual needs, other than the submissive act, and she always found men reluctant to reciprocate the favour.

Having finished the delivery guy was just about to remove himself from the still pulsing mouth of the now used sexbot, he had thought of maybe tapping it again but that would be more money, which he didn’t have at the moment, blowing literally his last few bucks on the oral sex from this particular sexbot. It was still continuing to suck and clean the last remaining parts of his seed, something that she had been instructed to do by the system, when Nick walked out to witness the scene before him. There was a sexbot on her knees giving the delivery guy some oral attention, which at first, he thought funny, though using one of the sexbots in the store was not something that he wanted people to do, anyone could walk in and see what he was currently seeing.

Then he looked over at the now empty display stand, and then looked back and saw that the sexbot was Emma, dressed in her sexbot outfit, at the moment the how and why seemed at a loss to him. How had she gotten from the display stand and over to the delivery guy, and why was she currently face deep in the guy’s crotch clearly still having the guy firmly inside her mouth. He was about to say something, but then again recalled his promise to her by not revealing anything about Emma not being a sexbot, it wouldn’t go down too well with either the embarrassment that Emma would face or the guy who had used what he thought was another sexbot.

Nick fought deeply inside trying to hold down that someone had been using his girlfriend for his own pleasure, and in his store, in public view. And that she wasn’t really a sexbot, and anyhow in what way in hell was he supposed to feel at the moment, so all he could do was chastise the guy for using the sexbot in the store, where anyone could have walked in and seen what he was doing with it. By now the delivery guy had lost any desire to continue playing with the sexbot, and put himself away, having another guy seeing his junk was not his thing, shy as he was about his own body and any imagined inadequacies that he felt that he had.

Not that Emma had found any, she had enjoyed being used by him whether it was the endorphin rush as she climaxed herself in the end, or the wickedness of her actions, her wantonness of giving the guy pleasure far outweighing her previous concerns about being used like this. The control system fed her mind with positive endorsements on the job well done, the flood of chemicals going through her body and mind making her feel very sexy and special. Even the appearance of Nick, her owner and Master, didn’t sway her mind from the way that she currently felt.

The delivery guy quickly left, and Nick locked the door behind him, now closed for the night. He would find out what the hell happened while he was in the rear. Checking his computer tablet he saw that the collar that Emma was currently wearing was now active, working out that the guy must have scanned it and using the app had activated it and then the system took control of Emma and made her do what the guy had paid for. He saw that there was another booking currently in progress for the same barcode that Emma was now registered under.

Quickly he deactivated it, he couldn’t allow her to be used again like this, he had made a promise to look after her and under his care he had allowed this to happen, and he wondered what her reaction would be once she was no longer under the systems control. Emma felt her faculties start to return to her, the slower process took longer for her to come back, her mind began to clear and now that her connection to the system was no longer there, she missed being connected, it seemed really nice and safe, comfortable and friendly, part of the family. She wondered why it had gone, but then saw Nick standing there, the collar in his hand and knew that something had gone wrong.

She then recalled the events out in the store, she had been standing there spending a pleasant day on display as a sexbot, the outfit that Nick had picked out for her felt really nice on her body, and she found the more that she wore it the more that she liked wearing it, wondering if she could take it home with her at the end of the day. Then she recollected the many people who watched her, some touching and admiring her as she slowly rotated on the display, with Nick talking to the customer like she was really just another sexbot, her body tingled every time she was referred to by them as a sexbot.

Then the truck arrived, it was becoming clearer in her mind as if a fog had started to lift, she had watched as Nick and the delivery guy had started bringing in the new sexbots, she told Nick about her thoughts of her being one of those being delivered, which he smiled at.

Pleased at the memory, she carried on with recalling what happened, then she remembered the guy coming close to her neck and then things changed, she told Nick that she found that she no longer had any control of her body, and then she had the vision appear in her mind of her on her knees and her memories of that event flooded back to her.

Her face flushed as she recalled the special service that she had given to the delivery guy, but even went a deeper shade when she recollected her very own climax that had gone through her body when she had finished with her client. Emma didn’t know where to look at this point and started to apologise to Nick for what she had done with the delivery guy. It had felt like a dream at one point but only to awaken to the nightmare ending. Nick held her close, hugged her as she sobbed, her tears running down and wetting his shirt.

“It wasn’t your fault, Emma, it was mine for leaving you out here alone.” Nick told her, trying to reassure her.

“But, I was the one doing that…” Emma tried to say but was cut off by Nick.

“No, that was the control system. Once the collar was activated you had no choice but to follow along, your mind and body taken over by the sexbot control system that runs all of my sexbots.” Nick explained, “The collar was supposed to remain inactive; it had all day been that way, it was only when scanned and used by the phone app did it become live.”

“So, the collar was real then?” Emma asked, originally thinking that the collar was just a prop used by Nick.

“Yes, it was, and I’m sorry that I asked you to wear the damn thing now.” Nick felt really angry at letting himself allow Emma to be placed in this situation.

“The collar controlled me?” Emma asked Nick, “And still can?”

“No, I have removed it Emma, see here it is.” Nick held out the collar to show her.

But was then stunned when she picked it up from his hands, turning it over and examining it. He thought that she would have never wanted to see the bloody thing again.

“So, if I wear it, I will be under your control?” Emma asked, then started to place it around her neck. “Like this?”

“Yes, but please don’t…” Nick tried to say but watched on in shock as she fastened the collar around her pretty neck.

“It doesn’t seem to feel like it did?” Emma asked Nick, still unsure why she was still able to move and talk.

“It’s not switched on, I deactivated it before taking it off.” Nick replied, showing her collar on the control system via the computer tablet in his hand.

“And if you activate it again, I will be yours to command, is that right master?” Emma said.

“Yes, but…” Nick started to say, only to watch Emma reach over and press the activate button for her own collar.

“Use me well Master.” Was all Emma could say before falling back under the control of the system, the voice of her long lost friend was back with her, as more instructions flooded her brain, and she felt that deep inner comfort again, she felt at home, her mind untroubled by the outside world, this felt like her place.


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