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A Kidnapping Gone Oh So Right and Oh So Wrong

by PhoenixianSirenanna

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© Copyright 2020 - PhoenixianSirenanna - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; MF/f+; maid-bot; kidnap; transform; sex; oral; anal; scifi; reluct; X

It started off as a simple plan between the three friends Leia, Marina and Bianca who comprised one of the three popular kids clicks in the senior year class at Gladsden High School. It was the last month of school before graduation and the three friends were looking for one last quick score that could help set them up for life without leaving a trace. They planned to kidnap the two most popular girls who came from very wealthy families at school, who were in the remaining two popular cliques in school and ransom them for a crap ton of money from their families. Brianna Bhadu a third generation Punjabi-American girl, and Illyana Proznick a second generation Ukrainian-American girl. Both were very beautiful, with Breanna having the bigger breasts and reddish-brown hair; while Illyanna had the bubblier booty yet sexy narrow hips with yellowish-orange hair.

The plan was simple. Marina and Leia worked part time at the Gynoid Store, and had access to Gynoid control collars; while Bianca was interning at a biotech company specializing in easily implanted nonsurgical chips that allowed humans to indirectly interact with computers and mobile devices and some video game systems. Utilizing their knowledge of how something can be marked defective and recycled, they acquired two control collars and two chips for use on their kidnap victims. They modified their programming so as to prevent the kidnapees from being able to recognize nor remember their faces, though they neglected to include anyone else in their programming of facial recognition and remembrance protocols.

They watched the patterns of their soon to be ransomed kidnapees, until they knew their schedules to a T. Sneaking up on Breanna and Illyana was easy, though they were almost seen when taking Illyana near the back alley of a restaurant near her home. They gently yet firmly jabbed each girl in the butt with a sterilized dart coated in a strong anesthetic Bianca had gotten her hands on, during a previous caper, and they passed out unconscious before they knew what had happened. They got both girls back to their hideout in an abandoned home in their neighborhood. Once there they used the non-surgical insertion device to implant the chips deep beneath the flesh of their necks next to their spines without severing or damaging the surrounding tissues or nerves.

Once they were sure what little bleeding there was had stopped, they fitted each girl with the modified Gynoid Control Collars and activated them. The collars almost immediately linked with the chips, then began to interface with Breanna and Illyana’s brains and minds. With the modifications they would be awake and aware but passengers in their own bodies, and their brains/minds would be unable to process the audio-visual information of their kidnappers who would be their temporary owners during their ordeal. That complete they ordered their new BioBots to start cleaning and repairing the interior of the house while they sent in the ransom demands to the girls respective parents.

Unfortunately the girls’ choice of ransom kidnap victims were ill-advised, because unlike the other rich girls in the high school, these girls were the daughters of a powerful crime lord and a military industrialist with black-ops connections respectively. Upon hearing of their daughter Illyana being kidnapped, her parents assumed it was their enemies, the parents of Breanna; and in turn Breanna’s parents assumed it was the crime lord’s family. Their hometown erupted in so much violence that the state’s national guard was called up. Both Breanna and Illyana’s parents and immediate family and friends involved in their activities were killed. Of the three friends only Marina survived the chaos, and all the assets owned by the families they had hoped to make a fortune from were seized by federal authorities. After a year and a half of violence, things started to calm down, as those most responsible for the killing died or fled to other organizations in other states.

The authorities were never able to figure out what had triggered the war, and they had no certainty as to any surviving family members, as some had disappeared without a trace even though they were in fact killed in the violence. Wishing to disassociate herself from the disaster she and her friends had unleashed, Marina took what assets she and her friends had stashed away and quietly sold it all for enough funds to buy the house they had used as a hideout at a dirt cheap price. With all the upgrades and repairs the BioBots had completed she was able to sell the house for five and a half times the price, once everything had calmed down and the national guard stood down. 

Which left her with the only remaining evidence, Breanna and Illyana themselves. She immediately dismissed the idea of killing them as she was no murderer, and still grieving the loss of her friends she didn’t want to add anymore bloodshed to what had happened. After reading an article three days before she sold the house, about the life extending anti-aging and nontoxic pregnancy stopping Gynoid Cleaning solutions she realized the solution was obvious. They were already little more than Gynoids thanks to their collars, and with the direct link to their brains she could have Gynoid programming installed directly into them instead of just letting the collars control their bodies. Once installed what they were should fully integrate with their programming, so even if they were ever discovered as truly human instead of one of those advanced SynthFlesh Gynoids that needed nutrients and water instead of electricity they would still not be able to remember the faces of her and her friends. Not only that, but as a bit of revenge against them for what their families did they may possibly have a permanent insatiable need to serve, to clean, and to have sex with those they serve and clean for.

The next day she bought some SynthFlesh Gynoid charging stations and NanoPaste, packed up all her possessions, and arranged for her childhood home to also go on sale, as she had no surviving immediate family to take possession of the house from her. She left her hometown in Wisconsin without looking back. Arriving in Oregon a week later. She held a raffle for them, advertising for it for about a month, and to her pleasant surprise someone from a neighboring state won them who was on vacation visiting family.

The winner's name was Finn, a young man who was in his last year of college. Clueless as to their true nature, he took them home, and had their software and programs updated over the course of the day on Friday. For Breanna and Illyana this was the first time they had been able to think even a little bit for themselves as they felt the updates loading directly into their brains instead of just to their collars like previously as before the collars had prevented them from being able to think for themselves until Marina made the last change to their collars. Suddenly they felt a need to serve their owner, to clean for him, to please him with their bodies; that need filled their thoughts and feelings, their desires and needs, their fantasies, their very reason for existing.

Once updated, Finn gave them new names which caused all previous associations with their old names to dissolve. Intellectually they knew what their real names were but they no longer had any meaning any more to them when they thought of themselves it would be by the names he gave them. Breanna became HarlaBot, and Illyana became KiraBot. That night the now nineteen year old girls lost all three of their virginities as HarlaBot and KiraBot pleased their owner throughout the weekend. The following twenty years saw the graduation of their owner from school, his working in his field until the recent economic collapse just three years later. They continued to serve their owner, cleaning and organizing his various residences over those years as he would move around the county for more affordable rent in different cities for his work, as well as continuing to please him in the bedroom. Then a windfall of a new job for their owner, ten years into their service, that would take him cross country allowed him to buy a structurally reinforced and well insulated manufactured home in the state of Minnesota. Packing everything up including them, he moved cross country to Minnesota. 

Once there, and with KiraBot and HarlaBot’s assistance in moving in, Finn felt like with such a change in his life, his Gynoids should also be updated. Contacting the local synthflesh upgrade company, TechBots came out and proceeded to take the girls to their customization van. HarlaBot went in first and was put into sleep mode so she didn’t feel a thing, her hair was removed by simple expedient of electrolysis which left her completely and permanently bald both for the hair on her head and for her eyebrows. Then little surgical devices attached color changing SynthHair that still feels like the real thing, into the old hair follicle slots upon her scalp, sealing it with a SynthFlesh sealant to keep it securely attached to her head. The hair was synched to the collar, with a flash of colors in the hair cycling rapidly throughout the color spectrum until it settled on a purple color.

Her finger and toenails were likewise replaced with SynthNails that would never grow longer then a normal clipped length, with the same customizable color spectrum which also settled on purple. Finally a permanent seal of a subtle makeup that enhanced her natural beauty without looking like it was done by makeup was applied.

HarlaBot was sent the awaken command, and as she walked to exit the van she saw a mirror leaning against the van wall for some reason she did not understand, but upon seeing herself HarlaBot was taken aback at how beautiful she now looked. She exited the van, and KiraBot entered to emerge a short time later from the process with pink hair, eyebrows, and nails on her fingers and toes. KiraBot had also seen herself, and had felt pleased with her new look as she looked forward to pleasing her owner with her new looks. Once the upgrades were complete, the TechBots escorted them back to the house, where Finn completed the payment, then took his naked Noids back to his bedroom to break in his new bed in his new bedroom in his new home, excited to never again have to pay rent. HarlaBot and KiraBot experienced many orgasms that weekend just like they always did whenever they served their Master.

Ten years later of continued service to their owner, saw him only start to take his anti-aging meds once he started having back and knee issues, but even then he had to start taking it easy so the tasks of HarlaBot and KiraBot increased as well. At the age of forty one, Finn looked to be about thirty, and though the girls were forty, they still looked to be about twenty. Finn met a beautiful woman going by the name of Mara who looked no older than twenty five. They started out slow, then after five months they went back to his place for intimate relations, she was briefly taken aback at the sight of the girls but quickly dismissed them as Gynoids her boyfriend owned. Over the next few weeks HarlaBot and KiraBot went unused for their sexual services, which left them feeling unfulfilled and horny until one night their owner invited them into the bedroom to service them both. There was oral, vaginal, sixty-nining, and anal sex a plenty with multiple orgasms for all participants. After that Mara moved in with Finn, and he gave her co-ownership rights. Their Mistress was quick to use them for her pleasure just as often as their Owner.

Five years later Finn and Mara were married, and while they went on their honeymoon, at Mara’s request they were sent in to undergo further upgrades. Their breasts were to undergo enlargement, though only KiraBot would really undergo a massive enlargement while HarlaBot underwent a slight upgrade in size though her booty was to be given some slight subtle bubblidge of her booty. Upon arrival at the heavy duty synthflesh upgrade facility the limited automated A.I. took control of their collars remotely, and had them report to the SynthFlesh enlargement chambers.

The computer had them go into sleep mode, and proceeded to inject their breasts and HarlaBot’s Booty with the correct dosage of SynthFlesh growth formula, but nothing except an increase in the sexual arousal of the Noids occurred which awoke the units. Confused the computer ran diagnostics on the Noids and everything came back in the clear, except for the unusual reactions of the units failing to be enlarged but instead becoming horny.

After running through diagnostics, it began to look at alternate ways to upgrade them but dismissed the old fashion method of surgically installing the modern day equivalent of nontoxic breast implants, then it checked its supply of NanoBots that are standard tools of upgrading older models to be more in sync with current technology with artificial nervous systems comprised of nanobots. However it knew that these were synthflesh units, so they shouldn’t be so outdated as to need an infusion of nanobots. It then ran through its authorized protocols to try and find any solution it could use. Not finding anything, and knowing that no human technicians would be available till Monday, it arrived at the only solution it could find. It reprogramed some nanobots to go in and manually make the enlargements of the synthflesh, with another load of nanobots to become these units' nanobot nervous system.

The computer waited until their arousal calmed down which took five hours, then it commanded them to sleep mode. It then injected the areas set for enlargement with the reprogrammed nanobots, and then injected the regular nervous system upgrade nanobots into their spines. As the modified nanobots spread throughout their breasts and HarlaBot’s booty they set to the task of convincing the SynthFlesh to start replicating at the proper rate to naturally enlarge their sexual parts per their programming. As the nanobots started enlarging their breasts, and HarlaBot’s booty they took note of some peculiarities of the SynthFlesh. They transmitted their findings to the computer as they worked, the information just further confused the computer as to what type of SynthFlesh Gynoids these models were supposed to be.

The computer took note of these abnormalities, then once all the upgrades were completed, ordered the units to the holding area charger stations to await a final check by the human technicians on Monday morning before they would be shipped back to their owners on the following Friday when they returned from their honeymoon. As they sat in the holding area synthflesh chargers getting their daily allotments of nanopaste, water, and getting flushed out just like they did at their home chargers; their owners were having the time of their lives in Greece and Egypt. Monday morning came soon enough, with the human technicians going about their duties checking everything to make sure everything went correctly over the weekend. They found two bots who had the wrong breast size installed, and one with the wrong hair color and makeup. It was almost the end of the day when they finally got to the last row, when they were about to start checking out HarlaBot and KiraBot the call went out for the end of the day. Instead they would be checked the next day, after all they are just Gynoids, they thought, and their owners wouldn’t know the difference as they would still get back to them on Friday evening.

The next morning the technicians came back in and started to review the logs for these Noid’s. They noted the weird abnormalities listed as they didn’t make sense so they decided to send out research requests to all the SynthFlesh ‘bot and ‘noid manufacturers for any custom special units ever manufactured, then moved to check out other units while they awaited the results. The results came back during lunch showing they matched no records on file for a manufacturing date matching their abnormalities, though they showed an ownership being assigned to Finn upon winning a mysterious raffle back in Oregon twenty years ago, and a previous mobile upgrade company having come out to do what was considered superficial surface upgrades.

After the results came back and reviewed by the two technicians assigned to them from yesterday and today, they went to consult with management. The supervisor said to check their handprints and footprints against any records for any type of artificial, and then on a hunch just as the technicians were exiting the room called after them to run them on human record databases for any missing persons in case this was a couple of humans who accidentally or purposefully became Gynoids. The results took most of the remainder of the day and the night to come back the next morning. The results still showed a negative for any artificials beyond what they were registered as from the raffle winnings, however they were a match for two individuals listed as missing and presumed dead by the name of Breanna Bhadu and llyana Proznick who had disappeared right around the start of the violence in their hometown.

Immediately the authorities were called and the women were called for by the facilities computer. Upon the authorities arrival they ordered them to be hooked up to examine their memory files, only to find some sort of block on the facial and audio recognition software from those memory files that prevented any data on their kidnappers being recorded or remembered. Realizing they had been kidnapped and been intended to be ransomed for money, they realized what had caused the violence back then was a simple kidnapping by some very tech savvy kidnappers. Seeing that they wouldn’t get anywhere with that beyond the apocryphal data item of what caused the violence they looked into the memories of the raffle to see that one of the kidnappers had been responsible for these women becoming Finn’s property. They found old records in Oregon regarding the raffle from a woman called Marina Popadopolis who had moved there from Wisconsin.

They put out an all points bulletin for her, but the authorities found she had died in a boating accident off the California coast more the fifteen years ago. Now that they knew who was one of the kidnappers, they ordered the FemBots to access their memories of their high school years, which they barely were able to complete as their memories from before their kidnapping was fuzzy. They learned that Marina was friends with two other girls and determined that she and her friends had set up their own little criminal operation as teenagers, and had decided to do one last operation to set themselves up for life before graduation.

After scouring their memories and other data files from the collar, they ordered the collar removed, and the biochip to be deactivated. By this time, after all the investigations had been completed and the order gone out to release them it was now Thursday evening, and they were trying to decide what to tell Fin and Mara. HarlaBot and KiraBot were put into sleep mode and the biochip was deactivated at the same time the collar was powered down and deactivated. Still in the sleep mode they had been commanded into they did not respond to attempts to awaken them, though they did note a spike in brain activity whenever someone gave them the command to awaken.Afraid they might never awaken they decided that perhaps they might awaken if given a command by their former owners. The police and FBI were awaiting the happy couples return telling them they had to come with them, and an agent would drive their car for them. Once they arrived at the facility they were told what was going on. Upon hearing this Finn became despondent that he had used a fellow human being without their true consent and was afraid of going to jail, while Mara’s face became utterly still and seriously neutral in expression. 

While still shocked and afraid Fin was led with his wife Mara holding his hand and shoulder in moral support and love to HarlaBot and KiraBot. After taking a shuddering breath he commanded them to awaken, and to the relief of everyone they did but it was apparent they were not themselves as they looked up at Finn and Mara saying things tentatively like, “Master, Mistress what's going on. Why do I feel so odd? What is my name, no what is my designation, no that's not right. Who am I?” in no particular order to everyone listening and much much more.

For the first few months they continued in their Master and Mistresses home under supervision by therapists, councilors, psychologists, social workers, and judicial officers who would stop in from time to time. Breanna and Illyana felt strange, they felt this insatiable need to serve Finn and Mara but they didn’t have to if they didn’t want to, which didn’t feel right. Eventually they moved into a government therapy center for the next five years, but they never truly recovered. To fill their need to serve they each got two different part time jobs working as waitresses and maids. They still couldn’t sleep in a bed or use a toilet easily so they still defaulted to their charging stations to take care of their bodily needs for flushing. It was the one concession they were allowed in an attempt to recover, but ultimately were allowed to keep as they never recovered enough to go without. By now five years had gone by when Mara their former Mistress ran into them at the restaurant where they worked at. They had a conversation, and the next day they moved out of the Center, and quit their jobs, and moved back in with Finn and Mara where they remain to this very day. 

“Why did they decide to go back to them and stay there, Ma’am?” her favorite pupil Lara asked without raising her hand.

“If I knew that I would include it in the story, as this is all that is known about them from before they were uploaded into CyberBrains in Android and Gynoid bodies respectively fifty five years ago according to public records.”

“Is it true they changed their names after they were uploaded?” Derek asked.

“Yes, though what those names are due to any name change after uploading nowadays is private, and legally protected after all sorts of mishaps with others despite the recent loss of some rights,” the teacher explained. “Well that’s all the time we have for today, class,” she announced, “we will continue with the advent of the ServiceBots Corps and the consequences of the declaration of financial rights over rights to live regarding Uploading into a CyberBrain upon the poor and middle classes.”

She watched as her students stood and dispersed, smiling sadly as she watched Lara huddle near her friend Tonya, thinking how sad it was that - as into Tonya as Lara was - Tonya only had a passing attachment to her.

With that she gathered her syllabus and supplies and headed home, where she was greeted by her devoted SlaveBot. “Greetings Mistress. How may Harleena serve you?”

Turning her head she saw her beloved husband getting a blowjob from their other devoted SlaveBot Kria. Looking back at Harleena she ordered her to come to the bedroom to scissor with her for her pleasure. With a devotionally loving look she followed her Mistress to the bedroom for many hours of pleasure.

The End


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