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The Collar Experiment

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; M2f; transform; sissy; cd; maid; maid-bot; oral; anal; mind-control; nc; XX

An unknown scientist is conducting a sexual experiment using a new high tech collar that interacts with the brain. Roderick is a 55 year old male who placed an ad for his secret underground sexual experiment and offered a large amount of money to any male subjects. He finally found the right candidate, a young, single, straight male who needs money to pay off his college debts.

Jerry, a small man only 5 ft 5 inches tall, 24 years old, sees the ad and likes the money. He meets with Roderick and a young sexy nurse assistant, Molly. Jerry understands some of the details of the sexual experiment which includes some surgery for the computer chip that will be inserted into his brain and many months of controlled sexual experiments. Plus there is a promise of more cash incentives in the future.

The next day Jerry arrives at the small medical lab where Molly, dressed in a very short nurse outfit, will assist with Jerry's computer chip surgery and other procedures that Jerry is not aware of. After a week of medical procedures, Jerry finally awakes and is now fully aware of his strange situation...he sees that he has large breasts! Jerry screams and then realizes his voice has changed...he now has a soft feminine voice.

Molly walks in.

"Hello Tiffany, I'm glad you are awake. Roderick wants to begin the sexual experiments right away."

As Jerry tries to cover up his bare breasts, his cock begins to have an erection just by seeing the sexy nurse Molly.

"My name is not Tiffany! Why did you give me tits? What is going on?"

Molly quickly shows Jerry a special remote control.

"This remote control is linked to the locked collar around your neck. By selecting various settings we can control you and make you do anything...and I mean anything."

"Take a look at the sexy French maid outfit that is hanging in the will freely put it on."

As Jerry gets up and tries to find a way out, Molly selects the neutral setting on the remote control and Jerry freezes. Then the submissive sissy setting is selected.

"Hello Mistress Molly, how may this sissy serve you?"

"You can begin by putting on that short, sexy, french-maid outfit."

As Tiffany puts on the sexy French maid outfit Roderick walks in and observes. Molly then adds the tiny padlocks to Tiffany's heels and maid outfit.

Molly then selects the normal setting and Jerry is stunned to see himself dressed as a French maid in front of Roderick.

"What the Fuck? How and why am I dressed in this ridiculous maids outfit?" Jerry notices that Roderick is staring at his sexy legs and he tries to pull down the hem of his short, satin french-maid dress.

"Tiffany, are you ready to begin our sexual experiments and to serve me and my huge Rod?"

Tiffany backs away from Roderick who stands tall at 6 ft 5 inches.

"Hell no! I will never suck your cock! Get this silly French maid outfit off of me."

Roderick selects the submissive sissy setting and Tiffany holds the hem of her sexy skirt and does a pretty sissy curtsey for her Master as Molly video records everything.

"Hello Master Roderick, how may this sissy French maid please you?"

"You may begin by kneeling in front of me and giving me a blow job."

French maid Tiffany kneels in front of her Master.

"Yes Master, I am here to please you and make all your fantasies reality."

After the blow job Roderick selects the normal setting.

"What happened? Why do I feel strange?"

Roderick then motions Molly to show the video to Tiffany.

"You just gave me an amazing blow job and you still have some of my cum on the side of your mouth." Tiffany is shocked and feels the disgusting cum but does not believe it until she sees the video. Tiffany sees herself freely undoing Roderick's belt, then unzipping him and finally taking his cock out.

"Master you have a wonderful cock," as Tiffany slowly strokes his cock before opening up her sexy red lips to take in his cock.

"Mmmm I love my Master and I want to taste your wonderful cum in my mouth."

Tiffany is shocked by what she heard and saw as Roderick stands over her.

"Next, you will allow me to fuck you...and I can't wait to fuck my new sissy French maid."

Tiffany tries to run away in her sexy high heels before it's too late but the submissive sissy setting is selected again. French maid Tiffany now runs towards her Master and jumps into his strong arms.

"Oh Master, I have missed you so much! Please fuck your sissy French maid and make me your gurl forever!"

Roderick then orders French maid Tiffany to get on all fours. Roderick's cock is a good 8 inches and is now ready to penetrate his sissy French maid. The cock goes into her virgin sissy hole as she moans from the pleasure. His cock is going deeper and then he slowly fucks his French maid.

"Ohhh Master, fuck me harder! Fuck your sissy French maid!"

Then suddenly Molly changes the setting to normal!

Jerry looks back and sees Roderick behind him....fucking him

"Stop! Let me go! Oh shit....that hurts....your cock is too big."

Tiffany is feeling every inch of Roderick's cock going in and out of her sissy hole. She can see the intensity and passion in Roderick's eyes and the way he holds her hips as he brutally fucks her. Jerry then notices his own erection as he gets fucked hard by a Man! Then suddenly Roderick pulls out before Jerry can have an orgasm.

Later that evening Jerry wakes up and sees the sexy nurse teasing him. Jerry is getting hard and realizes something is wrong as the nurse reaches under his petticoat. That's when he sees his cock is locked up in a pink chastity device. The nurse does a quick lick of his locked cock.

"Don't you remember you asked to have your cock placed in a chastity device?"

Jerry can only shake his head and say no.

Roderick returns.

"Time for bed Tiffany, you are the best cock sucker ever!"

Tiffany is crying, "Please return me back to my normal self...I don't want to be with a man...I don't like being a sissy French maid!"

Roderick then kisses the scared French maid and selects the submissive sissy setting again and for good.

"Master I love you so much! I never want to be apart from you ever! Please make this obedient sissy French maid your bride! I will serve and please you like a good proper sissy French maid should."


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