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Cleanup Duty

by Humming Maid

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Olivia was in a hurry. It'd been a while since she decided to move to the capital to look for a better job, but she was still unemployed. Sadly, she lost her family during her childhood and left all her friends when she moved away. Now she was searching desperately and was even open for minor jobs. One day she was walking down the street and heard a conversation about a billionaire that moved to a huge mansion nearby and was looking for a full-time employee.

*sigh* Fine. That's my chance. It's now or never!

Immediately she hailed a taxi towards the only mansion of the city. As she arrived she noticed that there wasn't any money left in her pocket to get back home.

"Damn! Wonder if they would mind giving me some coins.."

When the taxi drove away, she noticed how far the house was from the city. It was a HUGE (like a hundred times her tiny apartment) white house in the hills with an enormous front garden. The entrance gate itself was an art piece, stunning whoever stared at it. Suddenly, a masculine voice coming from the interphone woke her up from her trance:

"Hi there, beauty! Are you here for the job opportunity?"

"Oh.. Hello? Hm.. Ye- Yes, I guess"

What did I just say? Say clearly, otherwise I'm going to lose it, she said to herself.

"Oh Thank God! Finally a candidate!.. Well.. I mean.. Great! Please, come in"

As the gate opened, Olivia walked slowly in, crossing the garden. That guy looked desperate too. *phew* I'm practically in. She was about to knock on the door when a blue-eyed, red headed, young man opened it. He was wearing a dark red robe and slippers.

"Well well well.. What do we have here? What's your name, little doll? Please, come in and make yourself at home!" he said, inviting her with a big smile.

What did he just call me? ‘Little doll’? Hope he's not one of those snob playboys...

Olivia has never known such an entrance hall. The floor was made of marble, there was a black divan in every corner, there were two red columns with spiral stairs leading to a second floor and an expensive-looking crystal chandelier illuminating the whole room.

"Thank you, sir. My name is Olivia. I-"

"Wow! Olivia? I've never met anyone named Olivia! I have a good feeling about you, my dear. Come on, I'll show you the house."

As she began to walk on the shiny marble floor, her rubber shoe soles started to squeak violently.

"AARGHH! THAT SOUND! STOP IT! DON'T MOVE!" Shouted the young man, trying to cover his ears with his hands.

"Oh my.. I'm so sorry! Please, forgive me! I didn't mean to.. I'm taking them off!"

"Ouch!... It's OK, I forgot to mention it. Please get rid of those abominations. I'm going to bring you real shoes, wait here."

He walked toward the stairs and went up to the second floor.

What the hell are you doing? It's possibly your last chance, don't ruin it! After a minute, he came back carrying a pair of black stockings and a pair of black laced high pumps.

"Here you go. They feel better when used with the best stockings. Do you like them? Please bear in mind that I won't let you change them afterwards."

Uhh? What kind of person offers a pair of high pumps to a guest? And what does he mean by ‘you won't be able to change them later’? she thought as she stared at the shoes.

"Well, I'll assume you liked them. Go on! I promise you'll love the way they feel!"

Olivia remained quiet, removed her socks and began to slide her legs into the stockings. They were one of the softest things she had ever touched. When she finished putting on both of them, they instantly started to get tighter and tighter, compressing her legs and eliminating any space left between the silk and her skin, feeling like latex. Then, they started to expand and tighten cyclically very fast, almost vibrating. She tried to take them off, but she couldn't even move them.

"What have you done to me!? It looks like my legs are now made of silk! How am I supposed to remove them?"

"Calm down, dolly. If you don't wish to accept my job offer, let me take care of them."

"N- No.. I just.. I'm sorry."

"No problem. Put the heels on so we can continue our business."

Olivia always used to hate high heels but this time she obeyed, putting her feet into them and tying two knots with the laces. The shoe's interior was covered by an extremely comfortable and sticky material. Suddenly, the material expanded, wrapping around her feet and (just like the stockings) started to vibrate, massaging her skin.

"Comfy, aren't they?"

"Y- Yes, sir." She had to admit it, she had never thought that wearing high pumps would be so pleasurable.

Where did he get those? I didn't even know about such technology or whatever it is.. Hmmmm.. God they feel amazing! But how are they supposed to work? There isn't any visible movement and those vibrations are getting even stronger! Hmmm.. They're already driving me crazy!... Olivia began to slowly fondle her new silky legs as a big growing smile popped up in her face.

"Olivia, my dear? Do you hear me? I just need a bit more of your attention. Afterwards you'll be able to enjoy yourself as long as you want."

Surprised, she immediately realized that she was still in front of the man and blushed with shame.

"Oh my God.. I'm so distracted.. These things.. Feel so... Weird.."

"Trust me, baby. I know how you feel. I designed them myself. Now, hold yourself and please come with me."

He designed them? Is he something like a scientist?

While she followed him, a loud sound of heels hitting the marble permeated the whole room.

"Aww yeah.. That's it.. That's the sound we were looking for... I missed that sound A LOT. You'll learn to love it too."

What is that guy talking about? All of this stuff is getting really strange.. A young guy living alone in a huge empty mansion with weird clothes and I don't even know his name!

"Excuse me sir, I don't want to be rude or anything but I still don't know your name."

"You won't need that information for a while. Just call me 'sir' before we sign a contract."

O.K. Fine. Why not? Now it's official. I've got a bad feeling about this. Sadly, I think I have no choice but to work for this maniac.

They entered a room that appeared to be the kitchen. It was surprisingly small compared to the mansion's size. It was designed to look like a classical kitchen of the 50's, based on a retro style but with all the modern equipment. However, Olivia wasn't a very good cook.

"Sir, sorry to say this but I'm afraid I won't be able to work in the kitchen... You know, I'm not a cooking expert.."

"Don't worry about it, babe. I don't ask for any skills at all."

After passing through a laundry room, a living room, a library, a lot of corridors, a swimming pool, a garage with five cars and a lot of doors on the second floor that he didn't allow her to enter, the man's phone suddenly rang.

"Sorry dear, guess somebody needs me --- Hello?.. Yeah, it's me... Seriously?... That same shit again?.. OK tell them to wait, I'm coming. --- *sigh* Well, I got myself busy again.. Need to leave for a moment, could you wait here, Olivia?"

"Ahmm.. Sure thing, sir. I've got nothing to do anyway."

"Wonderful! It won't last very long. I'll already give you the contract for you to read so we can make it quicker. And.. let us 'turn your shoes off' so you can take a break, the first contact with them may be exhausting. Please take a seat, I'll be right back."

Again, the man went up to the second floor, leaving her alone with her ‘new legs’.

Hmmm.. I can't stop touching myself.. Maybe I'll learn not to hate working as a cleaning lady. But I still feel like there's something wrong about this place.

After a couple minutes, the man came back wearing a suit, carrying a lot of papers and something that looked like a tiny remote control.

"Here we go, these are the terms I want you to agree to, feel free to make any appointments. I'm open to negotiate some of them. Please read it carefully. I'd like you to be done when I'm back."

"Of course, sir. I'll do it. Please, don't worry about me."

"Great! Now I need to leave. Oh I almost forgot. *click* This way you'll be able to rest from them. Well, see you later!"

The man pressed a button, turning off the compressing stockings and pumps, then went out and drove his car away. Suddenly, Olivia felt like all the caffeine she had in the morning disappeared from her body, making her surprisingly tired. First she tried to remove her new clothes, but they still were stuck in her legs and feet.

Stupid... Beautiful... High pumps... *yawn* Why won't they come off?.. Gosh why do I feel so sleepy?.. And look at the amount of pages this damn contract has!.. Well, I think there's enough time to take a nap first. Then I'll read the contract... *yawn*

Forgetting to set an alarm, she laid on a couch nearby and immediately fell asleep. Since she finally found a job, she slept comfortably and deeply. Hours passed and the daylight went down. She was still sleeping at 8 o'clock when his car passed through the front gate. Immediately, she heard the engine noise and woke up.

Humm.. *yawn* What was that noise?.. Wait.. It is already dark outside? OH SHIT! HE'S HERE! I didn't even touch the papers... I can't risk looking lazy anymore!

In a hurry, Olivia tried to read as much information as possible as fast as she could, but she didn't pay enough attention to understand any words' meaning. So she decided to merely sign the document without knowledge about any conditions to which she would be subjected. After that she tidied up the couch to hide the fact that she was sleeping. At that moment, the front door opened and the redhead came in.

*phew* "Good evening, Olivia! So sorry, it took way more time than I expected. So.. How are we doing? Do you want to make any objections? You finished reading it, right?"

"Good evening, si-sir! I-I already signed it!"

"Wonderf- Wait.. What? Really? Let me see." Olivia gave him the documents. "Wow! I didn't expect anyone to agree with all these terms! I'm curious. Well then! Let's start the fun part! Now that you're mine, give me your personal data and bank accounts so I can transfer them all and then we'll start the remodeling process! You'll love it, my toy!"

"Wait a minute, sir. Did you just call me 'your toy'? And what do you mean saying 'give me all your goods'? This ain't right! And we didn't even talk about salary!"

"Oh, I see... You're such a little fool, my dear. And useless ignorants don't deserve anything but to serve their master. Guess what? You just became my property. You didn't read anything, did you? Well, it only makes things more enjoyable for me..."

"A-are you serious? Stop kidding.. You can't own me! It's illegal!"

"Not anymore, my slave. You see, since I've got some judicial friends and you agreed with the contract, through the eyes of the government you simply moved into my house and shared your goods by free will. This way I'm going to 'erase' you from the world you once knew. Now listen, if you're still not interested in following my orders, I'll give you one choice: first, you can live with me being my servant and I'll make you enjoy it - you can take that for sure; second, I send you to jail without your money, properties and identity and I probably accuse you of invading my house."

"YOU MONSTER! You can't do this to me! It's not fair! I'm a human being and have my rights!"

"FAIR? I am going to tell you what's fair! I OFFERED you a possibility, you came in VOLUNTARILY, I made you a CONTRACT and, guess what, you ACCEPTED it by free will. Now you're saying I'm oppressing you? *sigh* So, how is it going to be? How do you want to live the rest of your life?"

Olivia remained quiet for a few minutes, full of anger and fear. Then she began to cry and fell on her knees.

"WHY? Why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong? Please, I just want to go home..."

"Oh.. Olivia, my dear. Didn't mean to make you cry. You're already at home. And I can't allow my servants to feel sadness. Please, bear in mind that here you'll be valued and I will never be cruel, you'll see. Please, tell me. I saw in your face the pleasure you felt when you tried your new shoes for the first time. Is that correct?"

*sniff* "Ye-yes, s-sir..."

"See? Stay with me and I'll make sure to please you all the time. Here you can embrace a whole new life, away from fear and worries. All you have to do is to give up on them and I will take care of you. Much better than prison, don't you think?"

Seduced by his words, lying on the floor, still full of anger, poor and with nowhere to go, Olivia had no choice but to nod. She got up from the floor, stood on her high pumps and gave him all her personal data, still carrying a face full of anger.

"I knew you would make the right decision, slave. From now on, you call me 'Master', understood?"

*sigh* "O.K. Sure. Why not?"

"Make sure to choose your words wisely, my beloved. Otherwise I'll have to gag you until you learn to use the right vocabulary. I would hate to fill those pretty lips and mouth with latex... Now, answer my question properly, slave."

*hmph* "Yes, master.."

"That's it. Good girl. Well, it's getting pretty late. Let's prepare the process to remodel your body in a proper way so you can rest and start your new life in the morning. Take all your clothes off, including bra and panties."

"Seriously? I'm not going t-"

"Who gave you permission to talk? I demand complete obedience, you little slut. I'm not going to rape you or anything. You didn't sign the sexdoll contract."

"Sorry, master."

Olivia unbuttoned her jeans shorts, letting them fall through her legs. Then she took her t-shirt off, revealing her pink bra. When she was about to unbutton her bra, she hesitated and blushed, feeling insecure.

"Hmm.. Very good, my dear. You've got such a beautiful healthy body! Deep modifications won't be necessary. Now, give me your underwear." The man held out his open hand, wanting to have the pink panties and bra.

She obeyed, taking them off and giving them to her master. Now she was completely naked, but still wearing the stockings and the high pumps he gave her earlier.

"You're such a good girl! Before we can proceed to your training, I need to ask you a question. How many times did you masturbate in your life? Tell me the truth, otherwise you might get hurt during the process."

"What kind of question is that? What are you going to do with me?"

"Well, since you haven't read the contract, I'll keep it a secret. Now, answer the question properly, my pet."

*sigh* "About four or five times a week, master..."

The man laughed, taking her by her hand. "Then, you're just the little slut I thought you were. Don't worry, I'm going to give you exactly what you want and even more. Follow me and say goodbye to your past, it's time to get it started."

After finally realizing what she had gotten into, her feelings collapsed. She started to cry in a way she never had before, but he just ignored her, taking her to the second floor.

"Leave me alone... I don't want this... Leave me... Please... You can't keep me here... You can't own me... Own me..."

They crossed the hallway until they reached a white padded door. Olivia saw him putting his right thumb into some kind of device on the wall and heard the door unlocking. He pushed the door handle and used his fingerprint to operate another device that turned the lights on. It was an empty small room with pure white walls, ceiling and floor.

"That's it, my slave! This is going to be your personal room. It's completely automated and will fulfill all of your corporal needs."

"The-there's no-nothing here.."

"Faithless woman! Since it's an automated room, its components only appear to functional cleaning units that are in need of one of them. In this case, I'll activate them manually. 'Code 339. Activate components'."

Immediately, furniture began to emerge from behind the walls and floor.

"See? This is your shower AND closet. It will supply all your personal hygiene needs, undress and dress you for work." He pointed at a vertical pod with glass walls in the corner of the room.

"This is your toilet." Olivia saw a white curved chair designed to fit perfectly into the female crotch with two pink erect dildos on it.

"So this is how you're going to take care of me? My toilet is a fucking DILDO CHAIR!"

"Sorry, but it was in the contract. Don't worry, you're going to love it. And this will be your bed," he said, pointing to a stretched and lubed horizontal layer of black latex hanging from the wall. "You will soon see how it works."

"E-excuse me, s-sir. I-"


"M-master, I'm hungry."

"Oh, of course. You will feed yourself there." He pointed at a dripping pink dildo coming through a circular hole on the wall. "Kneel down and serve yourself. There you'll get all the water and nutrients that a healthy body needs. From now on, you're drinking a special delicious nutritive mixture that replaces regular food and is much healthier. Don't worry, it tastes just like and is even better than food. Three meals a day."

"Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Are you fucking serious? There's no way I'm going to suck that thing three times a day for the rest of my life!"

"Very well then, you are allowed to starve. Finally, we have your 'toy box'." He gave his attention to a monitor on the wall. "'Code 339. Introducing unit #01. *beep* Olivia, now say 'Unit #01 vocalizing'."

"Uhh... u-unit #01 vocalizing.."

*beep beep*

"Perfect. With this, you'll be able to request any toy you want whenever you're feeling horny. Mouth gags, vibrators, latex bodysuits, tight body cocoons, self bondage, anything. If you want to play with another person, just ask for 'Master'. Please, just don't masturbate with the toilet or the feeder."

"*hmph* I'm never going to use it."

"Well, did you like it?"

"You're gross.."

"Hahaha! I knew you'd love it! Now, if you don't wish to drink your dinner, you should go to bed. Go and take a shower, my doll. I'm going to get the 'potion'."

After leaving his new slave alone in her new room, the man locked the door.

*sigh* Maybe a shower can help me relax a bit. I just hope that that 'potion' is not just another dildo.

When Olivia approached the pod, its glass walls opened and she entered. As the glass closed behind her back, her stockings and pumps loosened and detached from her skin, becoming easily removable. Then a pair of mechanical arms came from the pod's ceiling and grabbed her wrists, holding them over her head. What the...?! Get off me! She struggled, but couldn't even move them. Another pair of arms appeared and began to remove her shoes and stockings, taking them to the machine's inside. When the arms finished undressing her, they also grabbed her ankles and forced her to open her arms and legs, leaving her in a X position. More arms came and forced a metallic helmet onto her head and a metallic mask with a dildo gag into her face.

"NO! STOP! I don't want one of those in my mou- HMMMPGH!"

As the machine finished getting Olivia ready, water jets rubbed against her skin, producing something that felt like soap suds. The mask in her face suddenly began to "melt", adapting to her face's format, solidifying again and finally heating up. The dildo inside her mouth started to "ejaculate" a sticky liquid that has spread all over her mouth, making her swallow it.

HMPGH! *gulp* Hmmm.. *gulp*

After 3 minutes of heating up, rubbing and strange fluids, the machine stopped. The arms released her and removed the helmet and mask. Waiting for the machine to dry her, Olivia noticed that she wasn't wet at all. Her body instantly absorbed all the liquids in her skin, mouth and throat. Feeling refreshed, she went out when the pod opened and started to fondle herself in front of a mirror.

Mmmm... I have to admit.. The best bath I've ever taken.. Why does my skin feel so sensitive?.. Look at my hair! It's perfect!.. Wait a moment, have my breasts enlarged? Why am I wearing pink lipstick? I can't take it off!.. Mmmmm... Am I.. Feeling... Horny..?

Suddenly, the door opened, her master came in and she got caught fondling her body.

"Hmm.. Very well, my pet. Already enjoying yourself? But we haven't even started yet!"

"S-sir! I mean, m-master! Please, I'm still naked! Can't I have a moment of privacy?"

"What a silly girl! Objects don't need privacy, do they? Let's get you ready so you can sleep. It's getting late! Please lay down," he said, pointing at the latex sheet on the wall.

Olivia obeyed and tried to make herself comfortable in the latex.

"Can I have a pillow and a blanket?"

"You won't need them," he said, preparing a syringe full of a transparent liquid.

"Wait, what is that for? What are you going to inject in my body?"

"Again, it was in the contract. Every night before sleeping you are going to have one dose during the first week. Just part of the remodeling process. Don't worry, it's just a couple of enzymes."

"But.. What is going to happen to me?"

"Taking the daily dose will permanently allow (and force) your body to upgrade and even build new sensory neurons, rearrange your body fat, make your brain produce a lot of endorphins and, most importantly, it will remove your 'sexual sickness'. In other words, your skin will become intensely sensitive, your breasts, butt and sexual organs will increase, you will be able to orgasm uninterruptedly in every part of your body and, finally, it will make you love your new life!"

"Goddamn! You're going to turn me into a fuck doll! I don't want to live like this!"

"You're being rude.. I made this only for your own pleasure. In addition, I won't force you to do any sexual acts without your consent. Now, give me your arm."

Reluctantly, she gave him her right arm and he injected the liquid.

"Good girl. The drugs will help you to sleep. See you tomorrow. Sweet dreams! Code 339. Initiate unit #01's new life.'" After giving the command to the room's system, he opened the door and left her alone. Immediately, the furniture disappeared behind movable walls and the light turned off, leaving her in the room's corner with her suspended latex sheet.

How am I supposed to sleep in this? It's so uncomfortable... *click* What was that?

She couldn't see anything, but heard something moving above her head. Then, she felt something cold touching her skin coming from above and it was spreading through her body. Immediately, she realized that it was another latex sheet compressing against her, trapping her between both sheets, just like a latex vacuum bed. She couldn't find any hole for her mouth or nose to allow her to breathe, so she went desperate, trying to make some room between the sheets and eventually escape. But the latex was much stronger, holding her in a fixed position.

"Hhmmmm! Hmmph! Mmmmm..."

Luckily, the 'bed' wasn't made of regular latex. The material in contact with her face 'melted', remodeling itself to create tiny ducts that were inserted in her nostrils, isolating the inside air from the outside air and allowing her to breathe. In addition, the latex glued her lips together and forced her eyelids to close tightly. Then a powerful machine pumped all the inner air out, leaving a perfect vacuum between the sheets that completely immobilized her, making her skin and the latex look like they were one. Finally the machine rotated the bed, leaving the latex statue Olivia in a vertical position.

"Mmmmm..." Well, I've always wondered how it is to sleep in a vacbed. Gosh.. The latex is compressing my crotch... It feels so good... I'm already falling asleep.. I.. can.. barely.. think..

In the morning, at 7 o'clock, the room turned back to life. The lights turned on and the bed started to release and wake her up. Without a warning, the two latex sheets separated from each other, making Olivia's sleeping body fall to the ground.

*bump* "Uungh.. Ouch! Did I fall.. From bed? Where.. Am I? Was it all a dream?"

She looks around and sees the same white room.

*sigh* So.. This is how I'm going to spend my life? I can't believe it's happening... It's.. It's.. Mmmm... So good... Why am I feeling... Sooo gooood?... Olivia unconsciously began to desperately fondle herself, almost masturbating.

Ohhh... Mmmm... Why do I feel like a dirty bimbo? That fucking thing he injected into me... My skin is so sensitive... Mmmm... Oh no... Shit, I gotta use the toilet! She stood up and walked slowly towards the 'toilet', holding her breasts. The dildos weren't there anymore, so she could just sit normally.

"How does it work? There ain't any holes!" Suddenly, Olivia felt the two dildos rubbing against her crotch. Before she could protest, they penetrated deeply into her butt and vagina, ejaculating a cold liquid and rubbing themselves against her inner walls. "AAAwnn... OOOhhh... Mmmmm.."God, is this a TOILET!? Mmmm.. I can feel them inside me.. Then, the dildo in her anus inflated violently, forming a duct that sucked all her solid waste; the dildo in her vagina absorbed the released liquids just like a sponge. After that, they ejaculated intensely, cleaning her inner parts. Finally, they removed themselves from her inner parts, leaving her perfectly clean.

Unngh.. Why does it feel like I liked it? The drug from last night must have something to do with that... I'm getting horny so easily!

Olivia looks around and sees her 'feeder' dripping. Her stomach growls.

*sigh* Looks like I've got no choice... she thinks, walking timidly to the erect dildo hanging on the wall. Feeling like starving, she kneels down and licks the fluid. Umm.. Ain't bad at all.. Reluctant, she starts to suck it in order to obtain more food. However, she notices that the more she sucked, the less fluid she received from the dildo. Hypnotized by the pleasant taste, she was forced to suck even harder and harder. Without realizing it, she starts to suck rapidly and vigorously, almost swallowing the dildo.

Mmmm... Feel good... Unnngh... Must... Please... Feels good..

The more she sucked, Olivia realized that, in fact, she was masturbating. She felt sexual pleasure in her lips and tongue, as if she could have an "oral orgasm" (and she was about to reach it). Sucking harder and harder, she couldn't give up and decided to reach whatever she was trying to reach. However when she was about to cum, the dildo ejaculated intensely, depositing in her mouth and throat a large amount of that pink liquid which, this time, was more sticky. Then the dildo drew back, leaving her mouth and returning to its compartment on the room's wall.

Was I about to orgasm with my mouth? What have I just done here? I couldn't stop myself! That fucking drug is trying to take over me!

*beep* "Unit #01 detected nearby. First meal completed. Starting service period." said a robotic voice coming from the "shower". Then metal arms emerged from the machine and grabbed Olivia by the wrists and ankles, pulling her into the pod. Without much struggle, they held her in a X position and closed the glass walls. Just like the other day, the machine put a helmet and a mask on her and began to clean her whole body. After the bath, two metal pieces appeared and fit into her crotch, compressing it. More metal pieces appeared, this time covering her breasts. The metal began to heat up.

"Stop it! It's hot! Ouch!"

*pssss..* After a few seconds, the metallic parts released her crotch and breasts, emitting a sound of depressurizing air. Olivia noticed that the machine had put a thin layer of latex on her breasts and crotch. The latex was so stuck to his skin that it looked like they were one. She could even see the curves and the relief of the skin. It looked like she was wearing a bra and panties which were "painted" on her body, but her skin had acquired a shiny latex texture. However, she was still naked, since the latex had just settled on her skin, leaving her holes uncovered.

More arms came from the machine's inside, beginning to dress her up. First, they put on her the same stockings and high pumps from the other day. Immediately they compressed against her skin. Then two large metal body molds appeared and compressed themselves against her. They almost covered her whole body: her whole arms, chest, abdomen, waist and legs. Again, they started to heat up and apply latex on her. After a minute, the mold released her body, revealing a dress. Olivia was now wearing a black long-sleeved tight latex mini dress that, suddenly, started to shrink, becoming even more tight and squeezing her body.

Unngh... So tight!.. It feels like a corset and even tighter!.. Look at my cleavage! It looks like my boobs became even bigger and are about to pop out of the dress! I can't see my own belly!... There ain't no zipper... At this point, it's already irremovable!

Then the machine added maid-style white latex details to the sleeves of the dress and tied a black-and-white latex mini apron to her waist. In addition, a detailed tight black-and-white neck corset was tightly fixed to her in order to correct her posture, as a symbol of her submission. Finally, the machine tied a black-and-white maid bonnet to her head, placing some kind of device underneath. Without warning, wires with suction cups came from beneath the cap and stuck to her forehead. Two of them fixed themselves on her ears.

What's that in my face? Are those wires? Wha- Wait... I can't move! I can't even struggle anymore!


*beep* "Unit #01 dressed properly. Enjoy your service period." The metal arms released her wrists and ankles and the glass walls opened. Olivia couldn't move herself, but her body walked out of the pod on its own.

That bonnet... It's controlling my movements...

After leaving the pod, she felt her stockings and shoes vibrating, just like the first time. However, now everything was vibrating. Her panties started to squeeze her vagina cyclically (as if it were vibrating) and to open and close her anus very fast (as if there was a dildo coming in and out). Her bra started to tighten her nipples cyclically (also as if it were vibrating) and her dress started to shrink cyclically, massaging her skin.

"OOOHH... unnngh.." What the.. My... whole... body... Am I being... raped? It feels so good! I feel like... I can't move.. But I can FEEL!

Olivia's body walked towards the door. *beep* "Unit #01's status: functional. Access granted." The door opens and Olivia walks to the kitchen.

Mmmmm.. Every step that I take.. I feel like masturbating..

Being just a passenger inside her own body, Olivia watches her body start cooking breakfast while her maid's uniform forces her to accept her new job. The feeling of not knowing what her body would do next and the fact that her provocative clothes were raping her made her feel like a mere prisoner, without a chance to escape. When she finished preparing eggs and bacon, her master came in wearing a blue suit and her body reacted standing straight and holding her hands together in front of her apron, greeting him.

"Good morning, my new toy! I see you've already been introduced to your uniform. Tell me, how's your skin reacting to the latex vibrations after the first dose I gave you last night? Does it already feel like there's someone fondling your body?"

Olivia couldn't move, but she could still talk.

"Uunnng... You... pervert.. I can feel much more than just fondling... Mmmmm.. That fucking room you gave me.. Why are there so many dildos?.. Why can't I just have a regular bed and a regular toilet?"

"Hahahahha... You see, my dear: I could give you a regular room and a regular uniform, but... Okay, now that you're already mine, I will tell you the truth. I want you to be my trophy wife, a happy servant, my personal sexual pleasure object. Therefore you have to feel dependent, feel like you’re unable to fight against my will. This drug I'm giving you will make you accept and learn to love being my property. It will suppress your fear and anger, replacing them with pleasure, happiness and obedience. Your uniform will teach you to like being my slave. And, about your room, everything is designed to reeducate your mind, to make you forget the life you knew, to make you think that living like this is normal and that you've never known anything beyond. Your bed is designed to force your whole skin to act like sexual organ, allowing you to orgasm in every part of your body at once. It will also remind you even in your dreams who you belong to. Any more silly questions, you slut?"

"Nnnghh.. Please, don't do this.. I can't... I can't even endure my body now and you want to give me that drug for a whole week! Mmmmm.. My God... Nnngh.. I.. I'm going to permanently live my life stuck in an orgasm! How... How am I supposed to work?"

"That's the point! You'll be stuck in an eternal need for sexual pleasure. You'll never be satisfied and will always beg for more! Unfortunately, if I want to preserve your physical health, I can't administer the injections for more than a week. And about your work, don't worry about it. That's why you're going to use that neural device, otherwise you wouldn't stop fondling yourself! Well, thanks for the meal. I gotta go. Have fun!"

Ohhh... Awnnn... Fuck! Goddamn latex! I.. I can't believe it's happening to me! What am I going to do? Unngh... Those panties... Feel... so.. GOOD!... NO! STOP IT! I... can't resist... I... want.. more... Mmmmmm...

Olivia spent the whole day cleaning and enjoying herself, noticing that there was something wrong with her mind. While she was dusting the living room's furniture, she could feel her movements accelerating and her uniform following her rhythm, driving her to some kind of trance and almost like rewarding her for not fighting against. In that moment, the more she dusted, the more she approached her climax. After a minute obsessively dusting, Olivia had an orgasm that ran all over her body. However, the orgasm didn't seem to have an end. The vigorous and continuous sensation hypnotized her, giving her an urge for more. She didn't want to fight against it anymore and felt herself again synchronized with her body, though she still could not control it. Her orgasm lasted until nightfall, when her period of service ended and she headed to her room.

That night, she was not reluctant to use the toilet or to use her feeder, satisfying her personal needs with pleasure. Before going to bed, her master gave her the second dose and she fell asleep.

On the second day, her skin was twice as sensitive and she already reached her climax early in the morning, twice as powerful.

On the third day, she had an orgasm with her feet, walking to the kitchen.

On the fourth and fifth days, she lost any sense of time. She wasn't angry anymore and worked with a big smile stuck in her face. Suddenly, her relationship with her master looked like husband-wife. She obeyed his orders without complaining, always calling him ‘my master’.

On the sixth day, she couldn't even think about anything anymore. She had been addicted to taking orders, always seeking a stronger orgasm than the other. During the night, her master came to her room to give her the last dose.

"Well well... You learn fast, I'm proud that you have finally embraced your new life. This here will be your last injection. It is the most powerful, because it forces the sensory neurons to the maximum that the human body can handle. After this night, you will be forced to live the rest of your life stuck in the most powerful orgasm that your body can handle. Ready, my slave?"

*giggles* "Would you really do this for me, my owner?"

"Of course, my dear," he said, injecting the liquid into her bloodstream. "Unfortunately you won't be able to have a normal night sleep tonight. For the drug to take effect, I'm going to make your bed vibrate randomly without warning at night, forcing your body to reach a climax that you've never dreamed of. Are you going to take it?"

"I'd do anything for more!.. PLEASE DO IT, MASTER!"

"Very well.. Sweet dreams, my dear!"

Her master went out and the latex sheets encased her tightly, starting to vibrate violently and torture her through the night.

Olivia woke up with the tongue out. She couldn't get her hands off her, desperately wanting to touch every part of her body. She could even feel her heartbeats exciting her. Every slight movement felt like masturbating. Stuck in an eternal orgasm and wanting to test her new body, she remembered her 'toy box'. Forcing herself to stand up, she walked towards the monitor on the wall and pressed the button.

*beep* "Good morning, Unit #01. What would you like?"

"HHmmmm... Master, please!"


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