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by PhoenixianSirenanna

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Storycodes: MF/f; F2doll; maid-bot; transform; oral; sex; cons; X

I stopped in my wandering through the mall as I saw the marquee above. It was something I had been hoping would come to our city so I wouldn’t have to pay the costs of traveling to the next nearest one more than fifty miles away. I walked in and was greeted immediately by a saleswoman. She asked what I was looking for, so I told her I wanted a Remote Piloted Surrogate-Bot. She walked me over to the display wall showing me all the possible features, and the various options for the type of Control Rig I would use to pilot the Surrogate-Bot. From the most basic utilitarian models to the deluxe auto cleaning ones with the cushioning designed to cradle and support the human body for maximum comfort.

I opted for the best Control Rig for the auto cleaning feature and the maximum comfort, and for G cup size breasts that defy gravity but don’t look or feel like those old implant fakes of last century but all natural. I selected my own body shape, appearance, and butt for how the Surrogate-Bot would appear. I decided to upgrade the butt to a slightly more bubbled look, and to have the hair be bright blue, and changed my mind about the skin tones to be metallic silver but with matching bright blue lips and nipples that matched my blue hair.

I opted for the MaidBot, SexBot, and CookingBot control modules. I paid with the money I had been setting aside just for this day. I even paid a little extra for same day delivery. I watched as she was built, packaged, and readied for shipping. I headed home with the delivery truck following me home. They set it up in the spare bedroom in the attic where there was plenty of space, and hooked it up to the water mains, and the sewer line. They filled the nutrient paste for my use while I was immersed in the SurrogateBot while loading the software that would make sure my body was fed, watered, and flushed while in the Rig. The nice thing is I wouldn’t be aware of any of it as I would be piloting my new surrogate.

Once they left after they had explained everything and left the manual on the table next to the Rig, I got in. I activated the Rig as everything hooked itself up to me. I felt the intruders connect to me so I wouldn’t need to leave to go to the bathroom, as they would keep me flushed out for that. Then the nutrient and water tube entered my mouth, depressing my tongue in the process. Finally the control Rig lowered and attached itself to my head. The startup menu came online, as I set my preferences.

I opened my eyes in my surrogate’s body, seeing myself in the control Rig. Before anything else could happen I felt my programming assert itself. I got dressed in my uniform, and started to clean and dust, then went downstairs to do more of the same all throughout the house. At precisely seven pm I started dinner for my family. My husbands and my wife arrived home from their jobs from seven thirty to eight, as I greeted each one at the door. They seemed surprised to see my Botself but they adapted to the sight of me, and my serving presence. I served them all dinner, and waited on them hand and foot. My husband Terrence asked for a blowjob, so I crawled under the table and took him into my mouth as I bobbed up and down his length until my Master came down my throat as I swallowed down every drop. As I was coming out, my wife Serena ordered me to go down on her eating out her vagina. She had slid down her panties to the floor, so I crawled towards her. I started to lick, tongue-bang, and otherwise eat out her vagina. I brought my Mistress to multiple orgasms before she ordered me to stop in satisfied exhaustion.

Once they had finished dinner, I brought all the dirty dishes to the dishwasher and started the washing cycle. As I came before my spouses, my Owners now sat upon the living room couch, my husband and Master Shelton ordered me to the bedroom as my Master Terrance and Mistress Serena sat snuggled on the couch watching a movie. I followed my Master to the bedroom. Once there he proceeded to start fondling my cybernetic breasts, as he simultaneously stripped me of my maids uniform. Once stripped naked he bent me over and took me from behind, in my cybernetic vagina.

I had multiple orgasms as he used me for his pleasure as he pounded my vagina, and then my butt with his manhood till he came inside me. He collapsed upon me, cuddling with me for three point five hours before my other owners, my wife and my other husband joined us in the bedroom. They put me to good use for several hours until they collapsed into the bliss of well satisfied slumber. I carefully extricated myself from their sleeping forms, and proceeded to my charger, as I entered my charger I felt a warm glow of pleasure and rapture as I felt myself plug in. Then everything went dark and I awoke within the rig as it retracted from my head as I smiled happily. I got up and out, and went to the bedroom to join my beloveds in the bliss of slumber. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow and all the days ahead whereby I could serve and please them as their Bot by day, and snuggle with them as a human at night. Maybe some vacation time ahead would allow me to be their Bot for days at a time, but that is for the future I thought to myself as I drifted asleep into the bliss of dreamland as I dreamt of my first day as a Bot that I had made at the Build-A-Bot store.

The End.


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