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A Budding Film Star

by Robotunit8

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Stephanie had been the star of drama school, getting the highest honours possible, however her career in films was not moving quite in the direction she desired. Ironically being 22, blonde, very pretty and exceedingly big breasted, meant all she seemed to get was offers to work in adult movies which wasnt what she wanted to do. Don't get me wrong she was no prude, but she just wanted to get herself a meaningful acting career.

Finally her manager rang her up with a serious job offer, a sci-fi film about a woman transformed into a female robot by scientists on Earth to save her planet from attack by beings from another planet. The story would tell of her adaption from human to robot, her being victorious in the battle to save Earth, and living her life contentedly afterwards as ‘Robo-girl’, a new superheroine looking after the Earth after returning home victoriously when they are unable to return her to a human form as planned. As her manager told her it was a major acting task for such a young woman, as she would have to be able to perform like a robot would for much of the film, but he thought she was up to the role, and if she was good in the part it would almost certainly lead to more serious acting roles in the future. She didnt even have to do an audition as the studio wanted her so much for the role.

“Well in that case, it sounds a fascinating role and I would love to take it on. What do I have to do and when?“ she asked him.

“I’m glad you agreed, as I had already arranged for you to go to the studios. Tomorrow morning you are to report to the ‘Mark Cohen Studios’ for a sizing for your robot outfit as it has to fit your body like a second skin, so they need millimetric measurements of your body which they are going to do with a body scanner, so take a leotard with you to protect your modesty while they do it. You can't miss the place as there is a big MC above the entrance.“ he replied.

“Fine.“ she said noting down the address as he gave it to her, “What time do I report?”

“10am, I gather the scan will take about an hour or so to complete, just let me know the outcome. They will also explain the plot further and show you the fembot outfit that you will be wearing, or the design of it anyway.“ he replied.

“I will,“ Stephanie said happily, “I’m so glad to finally get a serious job offer.”

“So am I.“ said the manager after he had put the phone down, “She just needs one break to make it as a true star and hopefully this will be it.”

The next morning at 9.55 Stephanie was reporting to reception at the studios, judging by the size of the studio the film was going to be made mainly on location which would be very exciting for her as it would be the first time she would do that. She was greeted by the producer of the film and he ran through the plot briefly with her.

She would be playing a young woman, Laura Stevens, a computer expert who would be cybernetically enhanced by scientists and transformed into a powerful fembot machine after volunteering to help save the Earth from invasion. This silver clad fembot would then be given a special spaceship in which to carry out her mission. The reasoning behind her cybernetic transformation was that the spaceship was totally computer controlled and she would be directly linked into the computer and operate everything through her fembot circuitry. Of course as the ‘All American’ heroine she would succeed single handedly in her mission and return to Earth a heroine. Unfortunately on her return to Earth the scientists are unable to reverse the fembotic process as they had thought they would be able to, and Laura has to live out her life as ‘Robo-girl’, a highly intelligent and powerful superheroine helping to fight evil both on Earth and throughout the solar system in her spacecraft, while showing the world the illusion of Laura, by wearing clothing over her new silver body. The rest of the film would show her life as Laura, and her regular missions as Robo-girl throughout the universe, with any luck the film would be the start of Stephanie’s blossoming career.

“Are you interested in this role, there wouldn't be too many young and pretty female actresses who would be prepared to wear such a skin tight outfit, especially with your figure, and we will understand if you don't want to do it.“ the producer asked her, “You will be naked under the suit but we will be removing your nipples from the image by computer effect, so that it looks like your body has breasts but no nipples much as a robot would.”

Stephanie thought briefly, then smiling at him said, “Yes I would love to make the film, and though I’m slightly nervous about the film crew seeing my nipples through the outfit I will do it, it's still a lot better than the adult film offers I get, when I would have to show everything! What will this suit be made of by the way?”

“Its a very special formula of latex, quite thin but far easier than normal latex to put on and far more comfortable to wear for long periods of time as its a breathable polymer of rubber. You will be able to slip it on in moments, and wear it for days at a time if it were necessary to do so. This is a picture of the suit by the way.“ he said showing Stephanie a picture.

She gasped in amazement, it was a complete silver body suit, including a thin hood for her face, she really was going to be sealed into this suit for filming. It had long black gloves and black knee length boots and a true fembot look to the outfit. She thought to herself, ’This is going to test my method acting skills!’ but just smiled at the director. It looked really tight and she wondered just how much her breasts would stand out in this really tight outfit.

“Can I ask a few things?“ Stephanie said after a few minutes.

“Of course,“ said the director, “fire away. ”

“If I’m going to be wearing this suit all day, how do I eat and drink and err, how do I put this, relieve myself! Also if my face is always behind the hood, how will people know its me in there and not a computer image?”

“To answer your questions, the hood pulls back for eating and drinking, and we will fit a tiny zip in the crotch for toilet duties. We don't really plan for you to be in it for days anyway!“ he said laughing, “and it will only be when you are in full robotic mode that the hood will be over your face, every scene as Laura will clearly show your very pretty face.”

“That's OK then.“ Stephanie said happily, “I gather I have to be measured for the suit by a body scanner or something? When and where is that to be done?”

“Here and now if you are willing, it would be better done in the nude to get the suit absolutely skin tight, but if you want to wear a thin leotard I would understand, we can provide a suitable one if you do.“ he said, “However the only person who would see you would be the technician doing the scan.”

Stephanie thought carefully for a moment, this was her big acting chance and she didn't want to upset anyone, then said slightly nervously, “If thats the case I will do it in the nude as you wish, where do I have to go?”

The director smiled at her, “In that case Stephanie I think we can say you have the role, my names Paul by the way. Just follow me. ”

Paul led Stephanie down a passageway and through a door into what looked like a Doctors room. He introduced Stephanie to the technician who would be doing the scan and showed her the booth where it would be done. He pointed out where she had to stand and what would happen, and she nodded happily as he told her all the details. A beam of light would pass over her whole body taking millimetric measurements of every part of her body and that the whole process would take about 30 minutes and she wouldn't be able to move during that time, or it would affect the measurements. He then showed her a booth where she could strip and gave her a towel to ‘cover her modesty’ until she was in the scanner chamber. Stephanie removed all her clothes, wrapped the towel around her and walked past the 2 men into the scanner room, hung up the towel and stood where she had been told to. She looked herself over, her big breasts sitting proudly on her chest, eyed the scanning device nervously and then pressed the button on the pad in front of her, and spoke through the intercom,

“I’m ready. ”

“Thank you Stephanie,“ said Paul, “I will leave you in the hands of the technician and see you in about 30 minutes. Scan commencing in 30 seconds. ”

Paul left the room and Stephanie took a look at the walls of the booth, there wasn't even a window to see anything through, the light in the room went out and then all she could see was a red beam of light approaching the top of her head. She tried to stand as still as a models dummy, while at the same time trying to see what was happening to her. She felt a very slight warm tingle as it commenced its journey down her body, but nothing more, as it passed her eyes she blinked, but that was her only reaction. Meanwhile in the lab area where the scan was being controlled, Paul had returned with 3 other men. They looked at her through the camera and one of the men said, “She will be perfect, just the woman we need for this role. ”

“I agree,“ said another, “just the girl we are seeking for Robo-girl. Increase scan sensitivity for body area accordingly. ”

“Scan sensitivity setting to maximum as requested.“ said the technician, and Stephanie thought she felt the beam heating up against her skin, but just put it down to her imagination! As the beam passed over her breasts her nipples grew hard and she giggled to herself, hoping it wouldn't mess up her measurements. She even felt the heat of the beam in her pussy as it passed under that area, and giggled again wondering what on earth they wanted a measurement there for. As the beam reached her feet, it began its journey upwards again, she presumed just checking the measurements. After it had completed its journey the light was again turned on in the room, and after she had wrapped the towel around herself, she opened the door and was greeted by Paul. He told her everything had gone perfectly and that she was to return in 3 days time for a test fitting, and that filming would start a week or 2 after that. Stephanie nodded excitedly, this could be her big break in the movie world and she was determined to take it.

Three days later she arrived at the studio, looking forward to seeing the finished article, though nervous at how she would look in such a skintight outfit. When she was taken to Paul’s office to await him she could see the outfit in the corner, and decided to sneak a quick look at it while she waited. She gasped when she saw it, it was virtually seamless, a complete bodysuit that would cover her from her head to her toes! She couldn't even see how she possibly got into it, but assumed there must be a way. She heard the door click behind her, and there was Paul standing smiling at her.

“You like it?“ he asked her.

“Truly amazing,“ Stephanie replied, “but how do I get into it, I can't get my whole body through that head hole!“ she added laughing.

Paul smiled at her, “There's a fastening running down the back of the suit, you undo the seal like so,“ and he showed her how, “and then do it back up in the same manner after you are in it, its designed to make it look like a true fembot body with no obvious way of ‘human’ entry into it. Then you simply pull the hood over your head, lower the face mask and seal that onto the suit as well. Then at the end of the days filming you are released in the same manner. ”

Stephanie just said, “Wow, thats amazing. So I assume you would like me to try it on and make sure its OK?”

“Yes please Stephanie,“ said Paul, “my female assistant will show you to the changing area, and then seal you in and bring you back here for me to see", and calling on the intercom, “Susan, will you show Stephanie to the changing area and help her into her suit please.”

Susan walked in and smiled, “Of course Paul, Stephanie if you will follow me. ”

Stephanie trotted happily after Susan carrying the suit, Susan was a little older than Stephanie, about 30 she guessed, but blonde and buxom just like her. The suit surprised Stephanie as to how light it was, it really would be like wearing a second skin. In the meanwhile Paul got out a control box, there was a dial with 0-10 on it and a lever between off, temporary and permanent, and an on/off switch to the whole box. He set it to temporary level 10 and placed it back on his desk. Meanwhile Susan was helping Stephanie into the suit after she had stripped naked, it was remarkably easy to get into, but so clingy and tight, Stephanie could see her big breasts standing out proudly, and her nipples erect as she climbed in. It was amazing she had thought she would at least need a bra, but Paul had told her no, her flesh had to touch the suit everywhere and she would be fine, not to even wear panties. She felt the suit slide neatly into her slit, filling that hole tightly as well. Then the moment of truth, Susan sealed her in at the back, she pulled the hood up and dropped the face mask over her face and Susan sealed that down for her. She gasped in amazement as she saw her image in the mirror, a perfect form in silver from head to toe. She climbed into the black knee boots and they fitted as tightly as everything else, she slid the long gloves on her arms, and looked again, what an amazing sight, Paul would be delighted with her. She walked proudly back to Paul’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in Stephanie.“ he said, and she strode in, “How does it feel. ”

“Absolutely fantastic,“ she said, “Laura Stevens, or is that Robo-girl reporting for duty!”

“That's great Stephanie, just one last check then.“ he said and picked up the control unit.

“What's th...“ Stephanie started to say as she was temporarily frozen in position, then standing bolt upright said, “Temporary fembot level 10 download initiated, also downloading all other levels in the process. Permanent download levels not yet initiated. Download will complete in 41.6 seconds.”

After the designated time she spoke again, “All temporary fembot levels downloaded and activated, fembot unit Laura-1 now operational as commanded at level 10. ”

Paul smiled and picked up the phone, “Roger, the suit works perfectly I have set her to all temporary levels as requested so she will only be controlled while wearing the suit, we will activate permanent downloads when we are ‘making the movie’ with her, then she and the suit will become as one. She will then be indistinguishable from normal humans.”

“Excellent,“ said the voice at the end of the phone, “give her the commands to not remember this event, then reset the suit to level 0 and release her for now, tell her that filming the movie will commence one week from now, and she is to report to the studio then. Tell her we will be filming the internal scenes here before going on location and that the first scenes filmed will be her cybernetic transformation. Congratulations by the way.”

Paul put down the phone and turned to the frozen Stephanie, “Laura-1 will not be activated within this body unless suit is activated at level 1 or higher, at all other times Stephanie must be permitted to act as herself, in all non critical matters. She will not remember the time lapse involved, but will simply remember having the suit checked over for her comfort and being told about her co-stars. Unit Laura-1 confirms?”

“Laura-1 confirms these details Sir, programmed and downloaded. When will permanent transfer be made into this female body?”

“One week from now, Laura-1 will absorb Stephanie King’s body, full data linkage will be activated on that day. Until then Stephanie must live primary lifestyle.“ Paul said.

“Laura-1 confirms and obeys.”

“Activate Stephanie memory bank.”

“Activating, Laura-1 becoming secondary body lifestyle.”

Paul spoke, “Stephanie, you will not remember any of this, all you will remember is being checked for the comfort of the suit, and being informed of when you will meet your co stars. Please confirm. ”

Stephanie spoke, “Details confirmed Sir. ”

“Excellent.“ said Paul and turned the dial back to level 0, and Stephanie bounced back to life, “Stephanie as you know the suit fits you perfectly, filming will commence a week today with the studio shots, the first of which will be Laura’s cybernetic enhancement scenes, I look forward to seeing you then.“ Then calling in Susan she took Stephanie back to the changing room and she took off the suit and put on her normal clothes. She admitted to Susan that she was really looking forward to making the film and couldn't wait for next week to come.

Meanwhile back in his office Paul was on the phone again, “Yes everything went perfectly, all we need to do now is make up all the paperwork for Laura Stevens, and delete all records of Stephanie King as of next Monday. We need to ensure that the new name of the woman is fully prepared for the day of cybernetic transfer to a fembot type body to bring Laura to life.”

A week later Stephanie woke up excitedly, this was the day that the film that would make her name in movies was starting to be filmed, and even if she was playing a fembot, and her face would be hidden some of the time, she knew that if she impressed the critics it could only lead to better and brighter things in the future. At least thats what Stephanie thought would happen! She would make sure she was at the studio bright and early to get ready for her big day.

Chapter Two

Stephanie made sure she was up bright and early for her first day and on set for what she was calling ‘The start of her big movie career’, so she could enjoy the build up to her first big scene.

Paul was there to greet her on her arrival, and introduce her to the other actors who would be taking part in the scene and Stephanie chatted politely and happily to them until she was called into make-up. She was slightly surprised when all they did was unclip her blonde hair so it hung to her shoulders, and put a little eye shadow on her to enhance her big blue eyes. It was explained to her that the suit would look better with her hair hung down, and that as most of her would be covered up by the suit today there was little need for any more make up than that.

After she was finished and ‘looking beautiful’ as Paul put it, he explained the scene they would be shooting today, it would be the scene where Laura was sealed into her body suit, then with various cybernetic enhancement treatments she would be transformed into a fembot being capable of being linked to her spaceship’s computers directly and to be able to control the craft simply through her cybernetic linkage. This scene would first involve Laura being given various injections, ’Water of course’, Paul told her, then being linked electronically to various machines to carry out her transformation, and a helmet being lowered over her head so that it would look like her mind was being enhanced with special data, and then with computer imaging skills the whole suit would glow a bright white as Laura was fembotised. He handed Stephanie a brief script which told her what to say when the process was completed and hoped as it was only a few lines that she would have little trouble remembering it. He did jokingly say that her first days filming would mainly involve her laying down tightly restrained saying nothing, so it would give her an easy introduction to filming, but that after today life would become a lot more exciting.

Stephanie giggled and blushed, saying that it was alright, and that a fairly non active day would at least give her some idea of how a days filming on a major film would go. Paul explained to her that she would have to walk into the lab, agree to put on the suit so that the work could be carried out, and then change and come back wearing the suit. She would then declare that the cybernetic enhancements could begin, lay on the table while she was prepared and then just answer the questions her fellow actors asked her, remembering of course her name was Laura. Stephanie nodded keenly, she was just dying to get on with the filming! He asked if Stephanie was ready to start and she nodded keenly, this was the moment she had been waiting for!

The scene was set, Paul gave everyone their instructions, and then the call Stephanie had been waiting for, “Action. ". Stephanie walked onto set and greeted the ‘Doctors’ who were waiting for her.

“Laura, we are simply so grateful that you have agreed to this mission and all it entails. As you know we have already tested the cybernisation suit in temporary mode and returned you safely afterwards, but as this has obviously never been done with a full download before on a human we can only promise you that as far as we know after the mission we will be able to return you to human status afterwards.", the head doctor said to her.

Laura gulped slightly then spoke quietly but firmly, “Yes I understand this risk, but for the survival of Earth I am willing to take the chance involved. By doing this to myself, and enabling my mind and body to be linked directly into the spaceship’s computers it will enable me to succeed in my mission and save my planet. ”

“In that case Laura, I think we should begin the process as time is strictly limited.", the doctor replied.

“I know.“ said Laura firmly, “Where is my cyber suit, I will go and prepare myself?”

“In the changing room through there, just return here when you are ready.”

Laura nodded and left the room.

“Cut.“ said Paul, “That went perfectly, so Stephanie if you will now go and get ready?", Stephanie nodded and went to where the suit was awaiting her. This was going to be a very big scene as she was going to have to act in a slightly robotic manner once the work had been carried out, but as Paul had told her, not excessively so, as Laura would still have a human appearance within the suit.

She stripped and climbed into the suit, and one of the make up girls helped seal it up for her, then she walked back on set where Paul and the ‘doctors’ were waiting to greet her.

“Do you want to run through the script at all Stephanie before we start?", Paul asked her, “Or just get down to business?”

“How will I know when the scene is completed and I say my lines, its not quite clear in the script?“ she asked.

“When the last of the machines are lifted off you, that's when you say your lines, OK?“ Paul replied, “Don't worry it will be easy to know when its right to do so, it will just come instinctively.”

Stephanie just nodded.

“In that case,“ Paul said, “shall we get started?”

“Yes, lets.“ said Stephanie keenly.

“OK everyone to their positions, and action.“ said Paul.

The head of the mission greeted Laura on her return, and said, “Thank you for this, as without you Earth may well have been doomed. ”

Laura shook his hand, “My pleasure Sir, where do I lay, on this table?”

“Yes Laura, you do.“ he said, and then she climbed up onto the metal table, she was locked into position by the assistant doctors, and a chamber lowered over her body and a helmet lowered over her head.

The head doctor then said to the other doctors, “Commence cybernetic adaption preparations, raise computers and electrical powers to the levels required.”

“Commencing preparations.“ One of them sitting at a nearby computer said. Stephanie thought she could feel an electrical tingling throughout the suit, and a gentle buzzing in her head, but didn't say anything that might ruin the shot. A few moments later she heard the same man say, “Preparations completed, we are ready to commence cybernetic and fembotic adaptions on Laura.", and then Stephanie felt the tingling and buzzing grow greatly in intensity as the head of the mission said, “Commence all processes at maximum power. ”

Just as Stephanie was going to cry out in pain at all the electricity pulsing through her, her body became motionless and she went silent, the suit glowed a white light of great intensity and the chamber containing her body lit up as many thousands of volts of electricity surged through it, the only thing that stopped Stephanie’s body being evaporated was the cyber suit she was wearing. In the meanwhile 2 razor sharp needles injected themselves into her skull and then directly into her brain, and passed more massive pulses of electricity through her mind wiping away all Stephanie’s identity, and replacing it with all Laura Stevens details. This process went on for 20 minutes or more, as every semblance of Stephanie disappeared and was replaced entirely by an identity of Laura Stevens.

In the meanwhile Paul turned to the man acting as the head of the mission and said, “I assume that all the necessary paperwork and documentation for Laura Stevens is ready, and all evidence that Stephanie King ever existed has been deleted?”

The man nodded, “Yes it has, as far as the world is now concerned Stephanie King was never born, but Laura Stevens was, even though up to now she has never existed beyond a computer system, albeit the most advanced one ever known. Tell me, how will we know if the programme has worked, because presumably she would claim to be Laura Stevens anyway? Oh, and the cheque has been sent to her manager to keep him quiet about things!”

“They have different scripts.“ said Paul, “Their status designations are completely different depending on whether the process worked or not, we will soon know one way or the other. ”

Shortly after this the men carrying out the operation informed them that the process should now be completed, all permanent downloads were within her newly created data bank and that the machinery and helmet could now be removed. Once the assistants had removed it all and released Laura from her restraints, the head of the mission asked her a question, “Laura, are you alright, inform me of all designated statuses within your system. ”

Laura sat up, and spoke, “I am fine Sir, and it's nice to have a body of my own instead of being a mere virtual being after all this time. Unit Laura-1 reports all downloads have functioned perfectly, and are permanently set in my systems. Neural transfers are all completed, and all traces of the previous occupant of this body have been deleted accordingly, unit name is now Laura Stevens as designated. All circuitry and wiring fully activated and operational. I am ready and prepared to serve my duty as soon as you wish", then looking down at her ample curves, she added smiling, “You’ve selected a nice figure for me!”

“And blonde and very pretty too.“ Paul added handing her a mirror, and Laura smiled in delight at what she saw.

“Might try it out later!", Laura grinned, “I trust I’ve been programmed that way!”

“Of course!", said Paul, “We wouldn't do anything less for you. We ought to test the sensitivity of your sexual areas anyway, purely for informative purposes. ”

“Of course you would!", grinned Laura,“ It will be interesting to discover what real sex is like anyway rather than just having a program run through your virtual body. When does my mission commence anyway?”

“3 days time.“ the head of the project said, “Until then you are to get used to the ways of your new body, and for the body to get used to you as its been strengthened considerably and your IQ reading would be about 4 times higher than the most intelligent human so the whole body will have to get used to reacting far more quickly and adeptly than before", then handing Laura a batch of cards and books, “You will need these when moving around, they have all been prepared especially for you with all your personal details and pictures of the former occupant of this body, all details of her have been removed from every file, as far as the world is now concerned she never existed! I suggest you just relax, enjoy your new body and prepare yourself for 3 days time.”

Laura spent the rest of the day discovering how a ‘human’ body reacted to things, though a cybernetically enhanced version of one, it was the same shape and form and Laura found it fascinating and quite arousing as her big breasts moved gently on her chest as she breathed, and even more so as she walked for the first time, even in flat shoes, and she giggled at the thought of wearing heels in the future. Though she had no need to do so, as Stephanie had a substantial clothes and shoe collection of her own (which had mysteriously disappeared from Stephanie’s flat that morning!) and many outfits had been provided for her as well, Laura found looking round clothes shops that afternoon a fascinating experience, though she didn't plan to buy anything for now. However like most young ladies of her age she couldn't resist a little ‘retail therapy’ when she saw a pair of silver knee length boots which she thought absolutely divine. She also discovered that quality chocolate ice cream is something that most girls love!

Paul smiled when he saw Laura returning shopping bag in hand, thinking she was picking up female human habits quite easily! Paul greeted Laura as she entered the building, “Laura, we need to run a few tests on you before your mission, make sure there is no sign of rejection and to make sure all your mechanisms are functioning fully. You also mentioned something about experiencing real sex I believe?”

“I certainly did!“ grinned Laura, “It will be interesting to see what humans see in it for myself!”

Paul and the other Doctors checked Laura over in the lab, she was fine, Stephanie’s body was showing no signs of rejecting the new being now controlling it, and all her circuitry and other functioning units were working perfectly, no antibodies were trying to destroy all the circuitry within Stephanie’s former body shell. Then Laura with a wicked grin on her face said, “Well who’s going to show me what sex is like and test to see if that part of me is working then?”

Well funnily enough there was no shortage of volunteers to make love to a good looking buxom blonde, but Laura selected a young, slightly nervous looking guy as her ‘victim’, but Laura promised to be gentle with him! She removed the clothes she had put on after the processing had been completed, and made a fine sight, something akin to a buxom Scandinavian amazon I would guess, long blonde hair, a massive bosom and a well shaped but very feminine body structure, and of course a pussy dying to be filled. He removed his clothes steadily until he stood naked before her, the sight of her fine strong body having the desired effect on his cock. Laura climbed on the transforming bed and signalled him to mount her which he did nervously, but once there he worked superbly. Soon Laura was panting with delight as he worked on her breasts and clit, the doctors admitting surprise at how sensitive her genitals were and how aroused a fembot girl could become, they had assumed that these feelings would be deadened by the circuitry within her, but they were being proved wrong.

Soon Laura had had enough foreplay and teased his very erect, and by now damp cock into her body, she had to admit the sensation was nice but not overly arousing to her. The young lad however was having a marvellous time and after a short while all the stimulation he was receiving from Laura resulted in him exploding the most massive climax he had ever had inside her, bringing a resultant grin from Laura, “No way was he not coming!“ smiled Laura, “I’ve got some powerful muscles down there and this computer has taught me how to use them!“ Looking at his now limp cock, she smiled and asked, “Is that it, I could keep going all night!”

“Yes you could Laura, but unfortunately we human men can't do the same!” smiled the head of the mission.

Over the next couple of days Laura’s ‘mind and body’ were given a full workout by the computer at the centre and passed every test, and so everything was readied and prepared for her mission to begin the next day. Laura said goodbye to everyone and climbed on board her space ship and tested that the hyperspace engines were fully functional, then she prepared herself for the big moment. The tight black spacesuit she was wearing had jack-plug sockets on both of her breasts and a similar one for her pussy hole, and she connected herself to the ships computer banks by plugging wiring into these 3 sockets. She then lowered the helmet over her head and 4 electrodes sealed themselves onto her head, 2 on her temples, and 2 on her forehead and the computer activated them, at this stage Laura and the spaceships computers became as one, and her processors could activate any of the ships controls simply by thought, or indeed if the computer deemed it necessary to control her as well.

She called through to mission control, “All spaceship data feeds now registering as part of Laura-1, my neural override system operating in same manner. Will switch on hyperspace engines when clear of Earth’s atmosphere, until then craft will operate on rocket engines. Spacecraft and Laura-1 both fully operational for mission Sir. ”

“Thank you Laura, switch on rocket engines and take off sequence will commence in 30 seconds,“ the voice said back to her.

“Laura-1 obeys.“ she said.

Paul and the other man heading mission control turned to each other and Paul said, “If this works she will return a heroine, and if it doesn't then Earth will probably be destroyed but no one will ever know what we did to the human woman she was either way, which is probably just as well!”

The other man smiled, “It probably will, there would be great concern if they knew it was possible to erase a womans identity and turn her into a virtual computer being, and control her accordingly!”

Laura’s craft took off perfectly, and once clear of the Earth’s atmosphere she switched on the hyperspace engines and blasted away from Earth at great speed. She would be on the edge of the solar system in a matter of hours, and would meet her target very shortly after that, she just hoped that the computers special weapons would still operate then as they had on Earth in computerised tests. The computers selected to place her in dormant mode for most of the flight and Laura never saw the spectacular sight of all the other planets as she sailed past them. She was brought back to full awareness as the craft passed Neptune and readied for her mission, as masses of data whizzed into her neural circuitry. Soon after her radar type units picked up her target for the first time, and she instructed the computer by thought to set a collision course with it, and the craft changed course accordingly, slowing down ever so slightly so that she would not actually collide with it.

Within 15 minutes or so, she could see for herself what would destroy Earth if her mission wasnt successful, a massive comet on a collision course with Earth. Using her deflection beams, and if necessary her nuclear blasters she had to either deflect its course through 1% or to evaporate it completely and save the planet of her HBU as she termed it (human body unit) which was all Stephanie had been to her. She closed in on the comet, and simply activated the deflector beams by thought control and began her programmed duty. At first the powerful deflector beams had little effect on the comet, and Laura even felt a slight ‘headache’ with the strain of so much power passing through her mind from the computer as they set out to complete the task.

Just as Laura began to despair that the task would be successfully completed and to try to destroy the comet with the nuclear blasters, there was a buzzing in her head as the computer registered a growing course deflection reading on the comet, and when Laura was downloaded with the vital detail that the deflection necessary had been achieved she switched off the deflector beams, and simply tracked the comet for 50,000 miles or so to make sure it didn't change course again, which of course it didn't. The mission was successful and it was time for her to change course and return to Earth. The moment she even thought about this, the ships computers set a course for Earth from her position and started out on the journey back to Earth, this time the computer leaving her fully functional so she could enjoy the sight of the planets as she passed by them at hyperspace speed. In time she saw Earth coming into sight and she prepared the craft for landing, and between her and the computer she landed safely back on Earth, and was greeted happily by the men behind her mission. In time as predicted, the comet sailed past Earth at a considerable distance and most people never knew what a danger it had created.

The ‘powerful people’ who had created this situation in the first place decided that it was better for people not to know what had happened, and therefore the whole mission remained top secret. By the time Laura returned to Earth her new life had been created for her. She was ‘hyped up’ to the general public as the latest in a line of beautiful young film stars, and offered a long term, multi million pound contract to make films for MC studios, though none were ever likely to be made in a studio that didn't truly exist! She duly ‘purchased’ a luxury home with the money from the contract, which was provided with a large garage area where the hyper drive spaceship she had used on the mission mysteriously arrived soon after. The world soon after discovered a genuine super heroine in their midst, a pretty and buxom young woman calling herself Robo-girl who seemed to help the authorities every time they needed her. Of course in between these duties Robo girl would help ordinary people whenever she had the time to. Her special talents were an amazing mind, and superhuman strength and she could travel anywhere in the world rapidly in her high speed transporter shuttle. She also used the spacecraft on special missions throughout the solar system, though these were all hidden from the general public on Earth, including exploratory missions to Mars as of course she didn't actually need to breathe in a human manner.

Laura meanwhile had a normal human social life as well, relevant to a pretty 22 year old girl, though of course none of her beaus ever knew her secret identity, or her physical and mental capabilities. She enjoyed an active sex life, though admitting her disappointment at human mens incapability to keep erect after sex continued to be a blow to her. Naturally the fact that she knew she couldn't get pregnant, or catch any diseases as her body shell was not human flesh made this a safe matter for her which would not be relevant to a human woman.

She didn't however remain a single woman all her life, as after a few years of single life a male companion arrived in her life, Steve, a friend found for her by Paul and his friends. As to whether he was a ‘true’ young man or another cybernetically enhanced unit I will leave that matter for you to decide upon, but lets just say he managed to keep Laura sexually satisfied! They did live happily together for many, many years and he must surely have discovered Laura’s ‘little secret’ in time, if he wasn't of course a CEU himself.

In time Robo-girl was given the ultimate honour for a super heroine, her own computer animated series about her adventures, slightly ironic I guess considering the way she was ‘born’!


(Yes the mission scenario and the hyper drive spaceship are extremely far-fetched, but after all it is only fiction! The concept of a super heroine called Robo-girl however is an interesting one, and I’m surprised no one has done it yet, maybe I should copyright the name! My main reason for leaving it like this is because it gives me the scope to use the characters again, Laura and Steve, Robo-girl and I guess Robo-boy maybe in the future, so didn't want to tie up the ends too tightly. As usual comments, criticisms and real life roleplay opportunities (for a UK based author) to the usual address )

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