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The Birth of AndroidGirl

by lckdnrbbr

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© Copyright 2010 - lckdnrbbr - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; rubber; bond; transformation; cyborg; doll; sex; cons; X

The Birth of AndroidGirl lckdnrbbr F/f; rubber; bond; transformation; cyborg; doll; sex; cons; X

For @AndroidGirl2k

They call it the singularity.... This wonderful moment when humankind becomes something so totally different, we can't conceive the future beyond that point. When uploading your consciousness to a new body is as easy as restoring from backup, and nearly everything comes with an undo button. When we all become immortal.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. 

Turns out a great big chunk of our culture is built on the impermanence of life. We pick partners, have families, and behave as rational people because we're reasonably assured that we get one shot at this, and life is short.

I lived my first life well. I got married, worked hard, and obeyed social norms. Sure, i was a bit of a pervert, but who isn't? A rubbery romp here and there with my husband didn't hurt anyone, and it kept some of my darker fantasies at bay. 

I took the upload at 45. It seemed like the thing to do - everyone was making backups, in case anything happened. 

My husband left a few years after we both uploaded. He just didn't see the point anymore, and without life providing us the "endgame" he decided to call it early. He thought we'd had a fun run, and he wanted to go around again. He snuffed his old body, took up residence in the form of a busty 20 year old girl, and I haven't heard from him (her?) since. 

That was over 100 years ago. Nearly 200 now actually.

I jumped bodies a few times, fell in love my fair share, and tried just about everything one could try. I've been a gutter punk in london, written a few books, rebooted a few times as fresh young fetish models, and even worked my way into parliament in one of my incarnations, during my "boring" period.

Eventually, though, the only constant calling to me across lives and bodies were my darker urges. Rubber and fetish were fun, but I longed for something deeper. I spent a bunch of years serving as a slave in various houses, trying different masters and mistresses on for size. One or two lasted a decade, and we found every form of sex, slavery and debauchery you can think of, and quite a few more. 

And then I met Her. 

Dominique wasn't just remarkable, it was as if she was made for me. I lusted the moment I saw her body. Her smell made me drunk and wet. Her sensual, sarcastic voice sent shivers down my spine, and her laugh. Oh god her wicked laugh... 

She owned me the moment we met. 

We danced around it for a while, but there was no resisting the magnetism between us, and eventually I found myself tied to her bed, locked in my rubber gear, panting for breath (a function of both my 3rd orgasm and the loose breathplay hood I was wearing)

I could feel her get up and go over to her terminal. 

I couldn't see through the golden haze of the transparent latex, but I could see the glow of text and glyphs, and see her shiny, voluptuous shape moving objects made of light through the air. She was programming again.

She was a backup programmer - designing bodies for people to restore their backups into, and making modifications as they asked for them. Tinkering with backups was still a black art, forbidden in all but the most brazen of circles, because once you made a new instance from a changed backup, it could never be the same as another backup of you restored from the original, and was, in essence, a new life. Destroying an "essence" was the only true crime left, so once that separate copy was made, it would exist forever, and there would be 2 "yous" running around.

I'd never screwed around with my backup - I was already messed up enough... but here she was, throwing around bodies, memories, desires,  and... She was playing with something new. 

I felt more than saw her slink back onto the bed. She closed the airhole on my latex hood, and I sucked for air, the sweaty, cool latex of the front of my hood straining against my face and into my mouth. She fondled my rubber-covered clit as she held the air hole closed, and pushed me, bucking for air, to my 4th orgasm of the night.

I slumped, and felt air rush into my lungs, then felt her rubber-covered breasts press against my own as she straddled me and reached behind my head to pull the latex hood off. 

Sweaty and matted and exhausted, I caught my breath for a moment, and then grinned wickedly up at her.

"Aww, why'd you take it off?"

She smiled back. "You're an insatiable rubber slut, you know that right?" 

"I do"

"Tell me what you want most"

"Again? I tell you every night." I said, smiling, but only half joking. Every night, she asked this same question, and every night it drove her to distraction to hear the words. 

"Please" she said in a hush, her voice dripping with desire. She leaned back, resting her butt on my thighs, and grinding into me, allowing her hand to travel to her sex. "I love to hear it"

"Alright then" I sighed, smiling. I spoke slowly, softly, whispering to her my secret, as I'd done many times before, since the first time she got me to admit it. "I want to be yours.. but not just like this. My deepest desire, the need that's followed me across lives and centuries, is to let go and really belong to someone. To be completely at their will, a full-time sexy rubber plaything that's used and tossed aside."

"Ohhh ya" she said, blissing out as she listened, eyes closed, rubbing herself.

"One more thing" I said, as I always do

"Tell me. Tell me what you want."

"I want it to be forever"

"Ohhhhhh!" she moaned as she came, on cue. 

Most nights, she peaks, and then slumps on top of me, cuddling until she falls asleep, both of us wrapped in rubber.

Tonight though, she peaked, but kept rubbing herself to another building climax, and lowered herself down. She unzipped my catsuit, and began to go to work on my clit. I was so worked up from the scene playing out on top of me that it barely took me a minute before I was panting again. 

I felt her stop, and climb back up to me. She was still massaging my sex, playing with me, keeping me on the edge, and grinding into my leg, keeping herself on the edge of climax as well.

"What if I could make it real" she said

"I.. I'd... " was all I managed before I exploded into the biggest orgasm of the night. She came in a crash as well, and we finally slumped down together onto the bed. 

We cuddled for a while, and I thought on it. She might actually be able to do it. Maybe she could tweak my backup, or keep rebooting me into new bodies, never letting them loose? I didn't know how, but if there was someone to make my undying fantasy real, it might be her.

"I'd do it" I said. 

She raised her head up, to look at me - looking uncertain.

"Really? You'd give yourself to me, forever? You'd be my rubber plaything"

"Yes. I trust you. I love you. And I want to be your rubber toy"

"Come with me," she said, rolling off the bed. With a wave of her hand, the manacles holding my wrists unlocked and unwound, leaving me free to follow her out of the bedroom.


"It's remarkable" I said, looking at what appeared to be a limp, lifeless rubber woman. She was 5'8" or so, made entirely of shiny black rubber, inside and out, and it was gorgeous. I walked over to where it sat against the wall, and lifted it's arm. It was lighter than a humans, but had some heft to it. 

Dominique sat down at a console and pulled something down over her head and flipped a few switches. A second later, the rubber woman came to life. She turned her head looked at me, and in that second I knew. It was Her. Somehow, Dom was projecting herself into the rubber girl, animating it with her presence. It wasn't just mimicking her, it was her. She kissed me, held me tight, and then went limp once more. 

Over at the console, Dominique raised the hood off her head, and grinned at me. "You've got to try this" she said.

I wasted no time sitting in the console, and pulled the helmet down over my head. I felt tiny electrodes poke through my hair touching my scalp and then...

I was the rubber girl. I looked around and moved my arms tentatively. They swung as surely as my own, and I felt my skin with my new rubber fingers. Oh god - the sensation... It was like all of my skin was a giant erogenous zone. Dom strode towards me and took me in her arms. I was flooded with emotion and sensation. Touching was sex. Kissing was sex. I was sex... Oh... it was almost too much.  Passion overtook me, and I ground against her, wanting to throw her to the floor and ravish her, but she pushed back, and broke the kiss. 

"Ah ah ah - this is my dance, I lead." she said smiling devilishly, and waved her hand in a circle, then closed her fist. I felt my wrists pull down, and then it was as if they were locked to my sides. 

"How'd you do that" I asked, pulling curiously against my invisible bonds.

"Hmm. Dollies shouldn't be able to speak should they? she said, and then kissed me. I felt her exhale into my mouth slightly, and then it was as if part if my mouth was inflating. It continued to grow, gagging me, and then filling my mouth completely. I felt my jaw close around it, and then my lips sealed together.

"That's better, isn't it?" 

I was falling headlong into a lovely subspace now, and nodded, mute. This was some serious fun.

She lead me back to the bedroom once more, and had her way with me again. This time, she did fall asleep, cuddling her mute, bound latex doll.


When I awoke I could move again, but I was still in the latex body. The silk sheet on the bed was doing naughty things to my skin, and I brushed my hand against my now truly rubber sex, but I wanted to find Dom. 

I padded down to the kitchen, feeling spry and sleek in this body. She was finishing a bowl of cereal, and motioned for me to sit across from her. 

"I'd offer you some, but, well, eating's not exactly what that body is designed for" she said, and we both laughed.

"So, are you comfortable" she asked

"That's one word for it" I said, laughing

"Oh? How else would you describe it" she asked

"Let's see... intoxicated, blissful, incredibly horny, and... I don't know - this just feels like home."

"So I guess you like it" she said, smiling as she stood and strode towards me. She snuggled up behind me and wrapped her arms around my thin waist, and whispered in my ear. "so here's the deal..."

"You can wear this body any time you want," she continued, "but we still have to take care of your real body. As it is, right now your butt's going to be very sore. Also, I have to warn you, addictive is a very good word for this body. It'll take a while for this experience to wear off, and your own skin will feel numb and lifeless comparatively. I can only wear this body for a few seconds before I have to jump back out, but you took right to it. The truth is, I'm already worried about you taking it off. We need to get you back in your own body and give you some time to process."

"What if I don't want to take it off"

"Well, if we leave things as they are, eventually your real body will complain a lot, and you'll wake up there with a powerful urge to pee, and some serious withdrawal."

"Is there anything we can do? I don't want to leave this"

"There is one option. Right now, you're maintaining two bodies - your real one, and its bioelectric connection to this shell. If you were to end your real body now, you'll be dumped back to your backup. There's nothing we can do to stop that..."

"But?" I asked

"But, we can catch the backup while it's being transfered, and load it into the neural net of this shell"

"So, there will be a copy of me on backup somewhere, and a copy in this body."? I asked, trying to wrap my head around it.

"Yes - the you that's copied into this shell will be a new essence, and a new life, staring with who you are now. There's one other catch"

"That essence will be stuck in this body" I said. I'd read the stories - humans had made the jump to computer brains before, but it was a one-way trip. Once we learned anything in that brain, it wasn't applicable to organic structures any more. 

"Right. Well not necessarily this body, but machine bodies. at least. Also, finding someone who will move consciousnesses around inside machines is dodgy. It's very illegal and I'm one of the only people who'll do it. I'll have to create backups for you and move you... so you really will be my prisoner."

I stood up and turned towards her, feeling her heat against my latex body. This was it. I'd waited hundreds of years for this to be possible - for it to really happen. There was no question in my mind. "This body is yours. You own it, you control it." I said, as I pressed myself against her. "This body is my home, it's just been waiting for me all this time. Keep me here. I'm yours. Forever"

I kissed her, and she kissed me back passionately. When we finally broke the kiss, there were tears in her eyes, and she hugged me. "I love you" she said. 

"I love you too"

She led me by the hand upstairs, back into the room where I was born, where the husk I used to call home was wired to this body. 

"You'll have to go back one last time, to give the command to back up to disk and sleep".

"Okay." I said, scared now. If something went wrong, my backup would go to disk with no orders to be rewritten to another body. Dom would have to port me to another organic body. If things went right, I'd wake up back home in my latex shell.

"I'm ready" I said. Dom was already busy preparing her console, getting ready to intercept and copy my backup.

"Okay... Here we go" she said

I woke up sitting at the Android control terminal. My body felt wrong. If felt numb, and painful, and holy hell I really had to pee. I looked across the room, and Dom was waiting intently, arms in the air, ready to enter the commands to intercept my essence and slide me into my new body. I wasted no time, and keyed the command for remote backup and immediate sleep into my personal console. I looked over at dom and smiled. I mouthed "i love you" once more, and hit the switch.

The familiar seizure sensation of backups came over me, and then just like that, I went to sleep.


I opened my eyes, looking up at a bright light. I was lying on my back. Did it work? Was I in a new body in a restore center, or had Dom managed to put me in the AndroidGirl body?

I looked up and saw Dom's smiling face, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Oh - oh thank god. I almost lost you - it's such a huge backup, all your years... I almost couldn't process it in time, but I got it. I got you! You're in your new body."

I closed my eyes and smiled. I felt her body pressed against mine as she hugged me there on the floor, breathing sobs of relief.

She lifted herself off me after a while and looked into my eyes, holding herself up. 

"Tell me what you want most?" She said. It was our ritual... Only this time it was real.

"I want to be yours. My deepest desire, the need that's followed me across lives and centuries, is to let go and really belong to someone. To be completely at their will, a full-time rubber sex toy that's used and tossed aside."

"Well, what do you think?" she said, laughing now, admiring her own handiwork

"I want it to be forever."

"You just got your wish!"

With that, she kissed me, and started the inflation of my gag. She stood and helped me up, and then triggered my arms locking to my sides, and as a new trick, ran her hands over my hands. An outer skin of latex followed where she touched, and then snugged around my hands, binding them into useless latex balls. The rush of subpace and the reality of my new body washed over me and I was aglow with pleasure. As I followed her into the bedroom, one blissful word echoed through my head. 



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