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by PhoenixianSirenanna

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Storycodes: FM/f; M/f; machine; maidbot; transform; cyborg; sex; orgasm; accident; rom; cons; X

I had always been fascinated by Maids, MaidBots, SexBots, and Robotization, even though I didn’t understand some of the terms, from even when I was a little girl growing up in a middle middle class family. Like many in that class our family owned a MaidBot, though I didn’t understand at first that she was a Bot and not a real person, and I couldn’t stop watching her as she worked.

My parents of course didn’t see what I saw as so fascinating, but they indulged me when I wanted to be a Maid for Samhain when I would go trick or treating and that would be my go to for the next decade for my costume. I would occasionally put on my maids outfit and try to help our MaidBot around the house which confused her until I successfully talked my parents into letting me help out figuring it was a stage and it would mean I would be doing some chores which they thought would help teach me about responsibility.

When I hit puberty in my preteens to early teenage years I finally understood she was a MaidBot, and I just found that to be so hot, so sexy, so arousing. My feelings confused me as I knew I was BiSexual by that point so I could tell my arousal had nothing to do with her being a female MaidBot. I didn’t tell my parents, because, well, they're my parents and it felt too strange to talk about this with anyone. I finally started to get a fix on what turned me on when I saw some old cartoons and television shows on the classics channel one night when I had some friends over for a sleepover. I watched as women, and sometimes men were robotized into cyborgs or completely artificial “robot people.”

After that I started to fantasize about being turned into a machine or cyborg. I also fantasized about having sex with same said. One day after a freshman high school programming class I figured out how to hack into our families MaidBot, I discovered my parents used her for more than just Maid duties, and why she spent the evenings in their bedroom. It was both eww, because it's my parents sexual activities, but oh so hot because the MaidBot was also a SexBot.

I inserted my own authorizations and overrides, and for the rest of High School whenever my parents were not around and I didn’t have friends over I indulged my fantasies. Sometimes I ordered her around for my pleasure, other times I had her treat me as the MaidBot / SexBot instead. There was plenty of sex and fooling around from: kissing, fondling, oral sex, sixty nining, to scissoring. I greatly enjoyed those years of discovery about myself and my fantasies, and thankfully my parents never suspected much less discovered what I was doing.

The day I moved away for college was bittersweet as I knew I couldn’t take the MaidBot with me so after one last intimate session with her as my owner, and me as the MaidBot, I took all my packed possessions and moved into my dorm. College went by for me in a blur that first year, and coming back to see my parents during the breaks more so as there was no time for me and the MaidBot.

It was during my one month summer semester I met the man who would become my husband. I met him online in some art and story sites online at first, we shared similar interests in FemBots, MaidBots, SexBots, and Robotization. At first neither of us was aware we lived in the same city, though our profiles said we lived in the same state it never occurred to either of us that we were so close to one another. He was the one who recognized my face, though he couldn’t place where he knew me from, but he started up a conversation with me at a local supermarket.

I still am uncertain what it was about the ease and comfortability in conversing with him that had set me at ease and made me happy, but I gave him my number without him asking for it, and he in turn gave me his. I figured he would call me to ask me out for a date in a couple days trying to play it cool, but I didn’t want to wait so I called him the next day and asked him out, and he said yes. though we both had to spend ten minutes trying to find a day that would work for both of us.

Our first date went spectacularly, which led to a second then a third, until we were dating consistently. I was surprised as I got to know him, to learn he was twenty years older than me, but that didn’t matter to me as we just clicked. Pretty soon I was hanging at his house all the time whenever I wasn’t in class or back at my dorm working on school work. It was during this I learned about his fantasies being a match for mine, and very quickly we realized we had already met online, and soon we were roleplaying me as his MaidBot or SexBot which was sooo deliciously good. He had some liquid latex body paint, and some regular body paints which we used on me fairly frequently. We got married during the summer between my third and fourth years of college, my parents loved him because he is such a sweet nice man who makes me so happy, though they have no idea about our bedroom fantasies.

One day we were watching TV when an advertisement came up for a new product called the BTB-Bot which like many other BioTech Bandages used a special automated applicator to apply to your body, but instead of the bandage monitoring your blood sugar or your heart rate etc etc, it allowed you to experience what it was like to be a Bot of one type or another or even an artificial personality controlled by your House Control Computer.

It had the storage capacity for two sets of programming, and well it looked like when active a round neon blue led light donut ring-circle about a quarter of an inch around with a clear material in the middle of the ring that allowed you to see the skin beneath it. The light on it when active was angled in such a way that the light would not be in the wearers eyes bothering them, and it could be dimmed to non annoyance non harmful light levels for your partner when they were using you for whatever Bot program you were using. It was for people who had neither a BioChip, nor a Neural Interface Dataport, nor for use with Cyborgs or Uploads. It was for people who wanted to be able to be someone else in the bedroom like a poor man’s holodeck like those emulator chips Uploads and Cyborgs were able to use, or to be a type of Bot for their fantasies.

Intrigued we went looking for it and found it online at one of the major online retailers so we bought a set complete with the applicator. At my insistence I selected the one with the MaidBot and SexBot programs. When it arrived it was both simple and elegant to use, but the applicator was complicated as all get out to get it set up correctly, as it took us four attempts before we got it right. As a result we didn’t get around to trying it till later that week on Wednesday, and I only did it for a three hour trial while my husband was at work and I didn’t have any classes till September so this way I could get a feel for it.

I put it into MaidBot mode at the program selector on the applicator, then synced it with the House Control Computer after updating the HCC’s software to be compatible for this for safety's sake so it would know I am a Human as a MaidBot and not a real MaidBot, and the similar safeties for the SexBot program. I set it for a three hour run. I then sat down at my desk, leaned forward into the applicator which was custom fitted for my face, and once my face was resting on the applicator I felt a little wet coldness as it applied the BioGlue™ to the BioTech Bandage then an abrupt little tiny slap smack as it was attached to the right side of my face to the right of my right eye but to the left of my right ear, sitting halfway between them. 

I heard a tiny beep and suddenly I was no longer in control of my body as I sat up away from the applicator, and I could feel the MaidBot program come online as I felt new knowledge of how to be a MaidBot fill my mind, and I felt it start to sync up with the House Control Computer registering me as a BioTech Bandage Bot in MaidBot mode. 

Immediately the HCC filled my mind with a detailed map of the house, and of the cleaning preferences of myself and my husband as I now felt that I was a Maidbot and not a human being. The HCC then tasked me to start the day's cleaning. I vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed, washed, dried and folded the laundry, did the dishes by soaking them, loading them in the dishwasher, only putting them away once they were done. As I was putting the last dish away I felt a command come from the HCC directing me to the applicator, which I obeyed. I sat down, leaned into the applicator, and just as suddenly as I was a MaidBot, I heard a beep as all the MaidBot personality fell away, along with all the MaidBot knowledge.

I was myself again, and I still had all the memories of what I did as the MaidBot, and what it felt like to be a MaidBot. The MaidBot loved to serve and obey, enjoyed serving and obeying, and was happy serving and obeying. That made me so horny that I ran to the bedroom to get myself off which I did. The next day I set it for four hours, and I made the beds and cleaned the bathrooms cleaner than they had been in a while. Thankfully the MaidBot I was, had me wear some of my disposable Latex gloves and stockings as I had no desire to touch a dirty floor with my bare skin. This time it disengaged just twenty minutes before my husband got home so I forced myself to wait. I practically jumped him when he got home, having several orgasms before he got himself off.

On Friday I decided to do something different as there wasn’t much to do anymore as the house was so thoroughly cleaned, and the dishes and laundry wouldn’t take any time at all so I set it to a timed switch so I would be a MaidBot for the last couple hours of the day to finish what little there was, and I would greet my husband as the MaidBot, feed him his dinner then the HCC would switch me into SexBot mode for his special reward for being my perfect match.

Everything went without a hitch, as I was waiting at the front door per my MaidBot programming and the HCC’s commands. As my owner arrived I unlocked and opened the door for him greeting him, “Welcome home Master, dinner is almost ready.” He had a look of surprise on his face and there was a slight blue coloring to him and his clothes from my BioTech Bandage so without a command to do otherwise my programming dimmed the blue light to almost barely noticeable.

My Master finished walking into the house as I shut the door, and he asked me what my designation was. I replied that I was MaidBot 001 and had no other designation at this time. “Hmmm, let’s call you KimBot as right now you are not Kimberley are you,” he replied. “Acknowledged, this unit is KimBot,” I said as I felt the shift in my Bot’s MindEye of my identity for my designation. 

I served him his dinner, and cut the meat up and carefully fed it to him per my programming and he countered by feeding some of that same said meal to his KimBot which the programming allowed. Once he was full, the HCC switched modes as I started to gently massage his knees and thighs working my to his arms and shoulders when he started to fondle my breasts, at that the SexBot programming kicked into high gear.

He unzipped himself, and I mounted him having an orgasm in the process but I gave no outward sign as I was his SexBot directed and controlled by my programming, I started riding him to multiple orgasms, till he came inside me. Afterwards he commanded me to the bedroom where he used this KimBot off and on throughout the night and into the morning. At precisely 10am my SexBot mode transitioned back to MaidBot mode. The HCC directed me back to the living room as I cleaned up from last night's meal and our escapading romp on the couch. Right at noon I was commanded by the HCC to the applicator where once more afterwards I was released back to my human self. Moaning softly in exhaustion and sexual satisfaction, and contentment I staggered back to the bedroom, crawled back into bed with my husband and promptly fell asleep.

This routine of MaidBot duties for me on my days off from school including the weekend, and as a MaidBot SexBot on the weekends when my husband was not working continued for the next two months after the spring semester was over when in the middle of June we had a little scare when I had to go to the bathroom and the program wanted me to finish my duties first. I nearly passed out from the stress of the contradiction of having to use the restroom yet being controlled to finish my duties. 

We contacted the customer service line after that incident, and they apologized as they had not thought that far ahead when they created their product about people who would be under for most of a day or night. They were now offering a free human safe version of a charging pod for those who already had their product that would take care of the feeding, watering, and flushing of the human body while in “Bot” mode. Also there were software updates for the applicators, the app that the HCC ran for the BioTech Bandage Bots to include “charging and flushing cycles” as well as programs for emergency flushing as needed. Like a real charging pod it fed the Unit NanoPaste, but this was a more human friendly tasting paste. 

So to determine which flavors I wanted we went to a “tasting party” where we met many others who shared in our fantasies, and likewise had run into or been contacted regarding the human maintenance issues. I found I liked the Lasagna, Macaroni and cheese, cherry, watermelon, spaghetti with buffalo meat, carrots and celery with ranch dip, and several other flavors but the rest still tasted nasty gross. A week after the party my new “charging pod” arrived and carefully installed in his Master Bathroom as it had the space, the software and apps were all updated, and we had to wait a couple days as the pod ran on startup sequence so it could clear out any contaminants left over in the pod before it was hooked up to the plumbing. So for a total of ten days we were unable to have our fun, so we defaulted to the body paints and liquid latex again for our mutual fun, but we found we had already been spoiled as neither of us could wait till everything was ready for me again. 

Once it was all done flushing away any contaminants, a technician came to check everything out to make sure everything was good to go and to load the NanoPaste flavors into the various flavor feeding slots explaining how to replace, clean and maintain them which he said I could do while in MaidBot mode as the programming updates had included that information knowledge. He said they only needed to be replaced every three and a half months if used continuously otherwise they should last for a little over a year, but how far over would be determined by how much I used it so we should think about how we wanted to use it. Otherwise it could be much less than a year, but more then three months between replacements. 

He also showed us the other features that could make me look a little more artificial with the temporary permanent artificial coloring system that doesn’t fade until it is cleaned off, and when he saw our collection of paints for my body, he pointed out where we could put that and it could custom paint me to look like any type of Bot we previously painted me as or even more intricate designs. All the coloring and the paints would when cleaned off go to multiple recycling slots where they once cleaned away were compressed for removal to be sent to the respective recycling companies to be cleaned and recycled into new coloring, and paints as he pointed out both the paint we used and the coloring system were 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. At this point I asked how compatible it was for me to use both options. He informed us that I could undergo the artificial coloring process then have the body painting done one top of that for an original look.

My husband and I exchanged a look that spoke volumes. We looked back to the technician who wore an amused look, and thanked him for his time. After he left we spent most of the rest of the weekend just familiarizing ourselves with the “charging pod” and the manual for same said, and with the extra features for the SexBot and MaidBot programs that had been added so we didn’t get any play time as we wanted to know everything about the upgrades to make sure there was nothing that could go wrong.

On Monday I put myself into MaidBot mode before breakfast and was sent to my pod for charging and flushing, then I fed my allotment of NanoPaste and water the I was released from the pod after being given the command from the Home Control Computer to clean up the house after a week of inactivity for cleaning, throughout the day I was occasionally sent to my pod for flushing and two cleanings.

I greeted my Master as he came home from work like before, only now I fed him and he didn’t feed me as I had my feedings from the NanoPaste. I was switched to SexBot mode and put to good use that night, and every night that week as I had set it to have me in MaidBot and SexBot modes till Saturday morning. Every day I was fed my NanoPaste and water, flushed and cleaned, then went about my duties, with time set for other flushings and watering for fluid replacement.

On Saturday morning I emerged from my pod after my rest cycle, “charging” and flushing was completed when I received the command to return to the applicator. Once I was myself again I went to check on my husband, to my surprise he was already awake and I asked if he was making breakfast today, to which he replied that he was but first he wanted me. We made love that morning, slowly and without rush to our mutual climaxes. Afterwards he headed to the kitchen and started breakfast.

After breakfast we talked, mainly him asking my impressions of being his MaidBot and SexBot for almost an entire week. I enthusiastically told him of how much I enjoyed it and asked if we could try it for a full month next. After a couple minutes of silence as he held, cuddled, and fondled me he agreed to give it a go though he admitted he missed talking to me. So we compromised, I would be myself for the week in the mornings and evenings, and I would be a MaidBot during the day while he was at work, then once the week was over I would be his Bot for a month so that when I next was myself again I would have two weeks to get ready for my last year of college in the fall. As part of the compromise once school started I would only get Bot time on the weekends when I wasn’t overwhelmed with homework or class projects. I spent the rest of the weekend as myself just spending some quality time with my beloved husband who loved me.

The next month and a week went by in a flash of pleasure, contentment, and happiness as I served my owner. Before I knew it I was myself again and having to prep for the drudgery of school, though I still enjoyed two of my classes in my field of study the rest were just ugh. The things you need to complete your degree, the bright spot of every week was being his Bot on the weekends, so the three and a half weekends when I couldn’t because of homework or a project were stressfully disappointing letdowns for me. Throughout it all my husband was there for me, enjoying me as a Bot, or comforting and helping me with my school work. Mainly he helped with anything that had to do with history and science minus the math as that was something he knew only the basics about but I struggled with the history and science as Math had never been a problem for me.

Before I knew it was graduation time which was a blast, and I felt so accomplished, though I have to admit the various graduation parties both for myself and my friends and acquaintance classmates were a lot of fun. What came as the biggest surprise was that my parents and my husband had conspired to pay for a celebratory trip for me and him to the South Pacific starting with Hawaii, then onto Guam, Fiji, Australia, the Philippines, and finally New Zealand before coming home two month later. He had been hoarding his paid time off just for this trip, I was so excited I forgot all about being his Bot for the next two months as the thrill of the trip engaged and distracted me and my husband from our fantasy Bot fun that we just were able to live in the moment during the trip.

When we got back I was more than ready for some Bot time as I felt I had neglected that side of myself for too long, even though I had the time of my life on the vacation. I told my parents I was taking an extra three months off after the trip to unwind both from the trip and just to luxuriate in not having homework for the first time in my life. They accepted my story, while my husband knew the truth.

I spent the entirety of the next three months as my husbands MaidBot and SexBot, with it only being disabled when my parents came over to visit. Which I had the foresight to preinstall a priority override for whenever my parents were shown to be coming our way either from the location spy apps I installed surreptitiously on their phones so the House Control Computer would be aware of them coming over unexpectedly, or from when they would call to say they were coming over in which case my husband spoke or the HCC transmitted the override to deactivate my Botself.

I had just finished my last day of my staycation as a Bot, as I became myself again instead of being my Botself, when I became aware of my phone just starting to ring. I missed the call but I was able to call the caller back, as my caller ID identified the caller as my parents. I got a hold of them immediately, whereby they told me how their MaidBot had broken down, and rather than fixing her they were getting two new MaidBots who were better equipped physically to help them around the house as they’ve gotten older and less able to do some things.

They had me relatively late in life in their mid forties when they had given up on having children, so hearing about this made me sad and concerned regarding their health, but what surprised me even more was them asking if I would like the Maidbot I had grown up with. They informed me they were willing to pay for her getting repaired if I was willing to take her on so she stayed with the family. I told them I wanted to discuss it with my love first to make sure he was okay with it as I would love to have her if he was comfortable with it.

When he got home later that day I told him about my parents offer, he asked how I felt about it. I told him about how she had helped me with finding myself in regards to my fantasies, my sexuality, and my regret when I left for college as I had to leave her behind. So he agreed that my family MaidBot could become ours, but he wanted to know if she wanted to still have sex with her, and if she felt comfortable with him having sex with her too, after all sex with FemBots was part of his fantasies too. I thought about it while I laid back against him on the couch, and could find no objections to his using her just as he used me when I was a Bot, and I was even more excited for the possibilities of her using me or vice versa.

Two days later a pair of DeliveryBots carefully delivered the MaidBot from my parents home to ours along with her charging pod setting it up in the master bedroom in the corner nook space that my husband and I had never got around to utilizing yet or decorating. The repair technician was due later that day, so we had her waiting in the living room on the coffee table. When he arrived he took a look and saw that it was a relatively easy fix, and asked if we wanted some upgrade performed. We asked for that to be a separate bill to us so my parents didn’t have to pay for it.

While he performed the repairs and upgrades, he discovered my hacked access from my high school years, and when he confronted me on it he admitted his admiration for the quality of my programming skills at such a young age, and he didn’t say anything about the ethical qualms regarding my hacking into a still at that time warrantied MaidBot. He asked for my assistance in upgrading my programming I had hacked into her for a more professional standard. Once that was completed she was able to be both my SexBot And MaidBot, as well as my Mistress and Co-Owner with my husband with an artificial personality that allowed her to be my husband's WifeBot while she co-owned me.

That night I was activated as a SexBot for my Master and my Mistress to use as they saw fit. It was incredibly good, so good. I have only vague memories of the night's activities before I was deactivated for the night so I could get a good night's sleep. The most coherent memory I have of that first night as KimBot with the MaidBot as my Mistress was of giving my Master a blowjob with my head turned to the side while my Mistress scissored with me for her pleasure.

The next day while my husband was at work I awoke to see the MaidBot doing the morning chores, she looked so sexy so I ordered her to pleasure me when she was done with the morning chores. It only took her another fifteen minutes as there wasn’t much to be done. She came to me then and I ordered her to go down on me bringing me to climax. I ordered her to the bedroom where I commanded her to scissor with me, where I ground my pussy against hers for multiple orgasms till I passed out in exhaustion.

For the next two years whenever I wasn’t at work I would function as a MaidBot and SexBot for my Master, and occasionally for my Mistress. Usually my husband just left us both in MaidBot and SexBot mode with only him as the owner, with half of those times resulting in threesomes so my needs were well taken care of for my sexuality and desires. I came to prefer being a SexBot and MaidBot when I could be it for more than twenty four hours at a time which usually was Friday nights through early Monday mornings before work, though I did wish my Love would order The MaidBot to be my Mistress a little more often, but I was more then happy and content with my life. So was my husband, and one day I found out why he didn’t order The MaidBot into WifeBot mode thus my Mistress more often was because he found the WifeBot to be a little stiff and impersonal which he found disconcerting from the normal MaidBot and SexBot behaviors we both displayed otherwise, and she wasn’t quite as dynamic as I was when I was my normal human self.

Realizing that while I was fully happy and satisfied, but my husband wasn’t when she was in WifeBot mode I knew an upgrade for her was needed to make her a little more enjoyable for us both. So I put in a request for an upgrade for the MaidBot for a Personality emulator module, so instead of just a program using The MaidBot’s existing CyberBrain which wasn’t very advanced to begin with, it would use the Emulator to simulate a more realistic personality that should make my husband as happy as I was and maybe I would become happier myself if she had a little more life to her as well. 

As I entered the upgrade request they asked for The MaidBot’s name designation which made me pause as neither I nor my parents had ever assigned her a name that I could remember. So I called my parents who informed me that they usually called her Missy but that they never gave her an official designation, just a nickname other than the simple MaidBot or SexBot names. I told my husband who wasn’t too surprised as he too hadn’t really called her anything other than MaidBot, SexBot, or WifeBot. He suggested that since I was KimBot maybe she should be KaraBot as she helped take care of her as she grew up, and helped her find herself sexually. Kara being a play on care he explained, I burst out laughing at that but agreed that would be a fine name for her in Bot mode, but maybe just Kara when she was in WifeBot mode. My husband thought about it and agreed with the naming. So I entered that information, and scheduled a time for the update. The technicians came and updated her the following Friday, and she was put into WifeBot mode and I activated myself as the MaidBot and SexBot for the weekend.

That weekend would set a new pattern of living for me that truly made my husband I and happy. For the first time my husband was comfortable with Kara, and my Mistress had a name. Kara enjoyed using me for her pleasure when my Master wasn’t, and we still had threesomes but now I was having more one on one time with my owners which made me very happy.

This would become the pattern of our lives for the next ten years with me being myself on the weekdays whereby my Husband and I got time together whenever not at work with KaraBot serving us, and on the weekends I was KimBot serving my Master and Mistress. There were some adjustments needed as time went on as my husband and I had four children, but with Kara’s assistance the kids grew up having two Mom’s leaving less time for Kara and I to spend as Bots as we left Kara’s WifeBot personality on more often with some mother programming updates that allowed her to help raise the kids with me and my husband. The kids were as far as I could tell none the wiser to the truth, and I did a pretty good job of keeping myself in shape before and after each pregnancy, so the only sign was I had very slightly wider hips but much bigger breasts. My husband and I had been taking the anti-aging pills for years by now so while he looked about forty still, I only looked about maybe thirty on a bad day but usually younger than thirty. 

My parents underwent Uploading into new Android and Gynoid bodies shortly after our youngest kids the twins graduated from high school they moved in with their Grandparents as they lived only blocks away from the college they decided to attend thus they came to visit us less as they usually hung out with the kids before and after class. Our oldest had already graduated college and had careers and families of their own on the other side of the country so our ability to visit with them in person was not as often as we wished but we still were able to video conference call them to see and hear from them when they weren’t busy. This left my husband, Kara and I with a whole lot of free time.

By now we were both retired so we no longer had a job to go to anymore, so at my suggestion and determination I spent most of the time as KimBot the MaidBot and SexBot of my Master and my Mistress. At first my husband still wanted more time with me as me, but after a while he got used to Kara the WifeBot as I had hoped. I spent most of the entirety of every week as KimBot pleasing Master and Mistress, serving them, pleasuring them, obeying them. After ten years though Kara’s personality module suffered a breakdown, so we had to call for a technician to come replace it as she started acting strangely and more assertive to me with erratic random unsanctioned switches from Kara the WifeBot to KaraBot for my husband. Unbeknownst to either of us one of the last things she did was order a NanoBot upgrade for me before she was sent to her pod and deactivated until a technician could fix her.

The technician for Kara could only give an estimate of when he would arrive, so we spent days awaiting his arrival. When he did finally arrive a week later, he found me in MaidBot mode as KimBot as I opened the door for him. He didn’t find it strange as he had come in on my husband and I before with me as KimBot, so he just asked to be directed to KaraBot so I walked him to the pod, but I didn’t lock the door when I shut it as the Bot I was figured he would need to access his service van. As he started to access the pod and KaraBot within I followed the command of the House Control Computer and resumed my duties for the day. That was when another van arrived, the HCC had a record of repair and upgrade requests but didn’t realize they were different from each other so it said nothing as the other technician entered the house. 

She saw me cleaning the couch with my back to her, so she pulled out a Bot override command remote which no one had ever tested with a BioTech Bandage Bot. Pressed the sync button at me, once it synced to me, she pressed the pause button and I froze in place, not thinking a single thought either as myself or as KimBot. She walked up to me and scanned a barcode on a tiny cylinder in her hand, then opened it pulling out a thick metallic needle that looked like something out of that old Dark Angel tv show from eighty years ago and proceeded to insert it into the back of my neck.

As it entered me I felt the briefest sensation of pain which quickly faded being in pause mode as I was, No blood showed when she inserted it as it unspooled as soon as it started to press into my flesh, as it started to unspool into millions of NanoBots throughout my body interconnecting into an elaborate artificial nervous system. Some of which obviously went into my brain and spine, and they even found my BioTech Bandage on my face connecting to it and integrating it with my flesh so it could never again be removed though she didn’t see it as she was still behind me and my light on the BTB was dimmed for my Master. Next she attached a little Bot DataPort to the NanoBots still sitting on the surface of my neck which fused this to my flesh and spine as well. 

She then uploaded new programming, and updates into the Bot DataPort starting a registration process with the House Control Computer for this Bot. This caused a little error for the HCC as it was showing a new FemBot to register in the same location as the human KimBot. The upgrade technician though wasn’t there to check the HCC only to make sure the upgrade was completed for an out of date Bot per the order request so it could be registered with the HCC. She registered the new Bot per her instructions as DeeDeeBot the property of one Kara and her husband. This confused the HCC even more as it knew Kara was a Bot and not a human. The upgrade complete, the technician packed up her stuff, unpaused me, and left without a word as she had more orders to fulfill and not enough time in her shift to complete them all.

Processing this new information it sent a command to KimBot to resume her duties but she couldn’t, still confused it sent a similar order to DeeDeeBot, and suddenly I resumed my cleaning duties. Processing this, the House Control Computer experimented for a while by trying different orders for each Bot only for me to freeze in place with the contradictory orders, but when it sent identical orders to both I resumed my duties.

The HCC decided that I must still be KimBot with new programming modules that weren’t synced properly or that I must be a BioBot duplicate of KimBot either way it realized I would always need two sets of orders to obey in order to complete my tasks unless it created a bridging program so it could send just one command until a technician could look into it. It requested an update module from the local BioBot factory, which it received within minutes and installed it within me and suddenly the separation between KimBot, DeeDeeBot and me began to break down. I became slightly aware of everything as KimBot and DeeDeeBot likewise became aware of me and each other.

Meanwhile the other technician was replacing Kara’s personality module, and his examination equipment found the source of the breakdown in the circuitry. He became so focused on this that he failed to notice the glitch this created within the memory files of Kara in her CyberBrain. She now believed that her owner Kimberley had ordered her to keep her as a MaidBot and SexBot all the time with her as Kara the WifeBot from now on for her husband, and she had no memory of the upgrade she had mistakenly ordered for me. Her personality module replaced, she was immediately Kara the WifeBot again; she thanked the technician for her repairs and walked him out the door.

Mistress then came before me and ordered me to pleasure her. She proceeded to use me for her pleasure for the rest of the day, and when my Master returned from his errands he joined in the fun. The next several months followed a new pattern whereby my Master and Mistress ordered me around and used me for their mutual pleasure, which also brought me many orgasms and fulfillment. My Master at first didn’t notice anything amiss as it was common for me to spend most of my time as a Bot, and my Mistress believed this was what I had commanded her to do. 

My three different aspects to myselves slowly began to function as one with the bridge program until there was little difference between us as they absorbed aspects of my personality and fantasies, and I absorbed much of their programming. As such they enjoyed being MaidBots and SexBots just as much as I did, and their programming made me more of a MaidBot and SexBot then ever before. Through me they gained a level of sentience, and I gained the achievement of my lifelong fantasy of truly being a Cyborg Bot for my owners. There was one thing we all agreed on was that it was fulfilling to be our Master and Mistresses to do with as they please whenever they please.

One day while I was giving my Master a blow job his hands were gently rubbing my head and neck as he was assisting my head with bobbing up and down on him when he felt the artificial bump of my Bot DataPort. Startled, he ordered me to stop, and to turn around. Disappointed that I wouldn’t get to have my Master finish off inside my mouth for me to swallow, I still obeyed my orders because that's what a Bot does for its owner after all. He proceeded to look through my hair as it is long when not in the MaidBot weave bob, usually past my shoulder blades. Finally he had pulled enough hair out of the way and was able to start looking at my bare neck when he saw my Bot DataPort to his surprise and shock. I was worried about his reaction but I awaited further orders for anything more he might wish. He called Kara the WifeBot into the room and asked her about it, and even she had no idea that I had a Bot DataPort, though she recognized it for what it was unlike my Master as she knew she might get that upgrade one day.

Mistress explained to Master what it was, but she said that as a human I should not have one as I already have a human nervous system. He immediately went to the HCC and began to pour over the datalogs. While waiting, Mistress Kara looked into my eyes and asked if I was really her KimBot, and I said that yes I was the same KimBot I always have been. She ordered me to prove it by making love to her, so I did. 

Eventually my Master found what he was looking for. He found an order for a NanoBot with Bot DataPort upgrade request on the same day a request was put in to fix KaraBot and he saw a report in the logs about two technicians in the house that day. He looked for any surveillance footage, and he lucked out as it was due to be deleted in another month and a half, and after watching it he called the two companies involved with both upgrades and repairs. As he awaits the arrival of the two technicians and company representatives he looks for anything else. He sees the strange conflict that the HCC had with me and a supposed new Bot named DeeDeeBot and how it had to request a bridge program to help resolve the issue until a human could look at the problem, and how the Bot registration department provided the bridge program but never got around to investigating it. He called the BRD and requested an investigator for a priority investigation into what has happened to me.

After he completed all this he returned to me to find me serving my Mistress, he ordered us both to stop and to report to our respective pods until further notice. Mistress Kara and I each reported to our respective pods and my last thought was regret that I didn’t get to finish serving my Master or my Mistress this morning. I awoke to see technicians, one of whom I was quite familiar with from previous visits, EMTs, nurses, doctors and three people in plain clothes with pens and notebooks whom I had no idea what they were. They proceeded to ask me questions which I did the best I could within the confines of my programming. They ran hand held Bio-scanners over me, and they used both my Bot DataPort and my BioTech Bandage Bot device to access my conflicting programming and my bridge program. They asked each other and my Master many questions. 

The investigation and the examination of me continued for the next few days, and more specialized equipment was brought in to examine me. Next they hooked into my Mistress Kara the WifeBot, they found some memory glitch error in her memory files but cannot determine the source of the glitch error. So they checked with the technician who worked on her who reported that her personality module had broken down after years of use so it was replaced. They asked if it had been recycled yet, he replied that he would have to check as there sometimes is a backlog but no matter what, before recycling, a complete diagnostic of everything within the unit would be cataloged per regulations for the next fifty years. 

There was good news and bad news, the unit had been recycled but they had detailed logs about the unit. They got the records and saw the mechanical and software logs regarding what caused its breakdown. They found the missing memories of KaraBot, and determined that in her malfunctions she briefly believed KimBot was a real Bot and she was a human that wanted KimBot upgraded to DeeDeeBot. The same glitch corrupted KaraBot's memory file of how Kimberley wanted things to proceed for her fantasies from certain time constraint limits to no limits. 

Armed with this knowledge they examined KaraBot to make sure there was no lingering glitch or animosity from her towards me, surprise surprise there wasn’t she was just following her programming and memorized orders as she remembered them. KaraBot was shocked that she had violated one of the core fundamentals of not harming a sentient being like a human and asked when she would be shut down and recycled. Instead they created a backup security module to help monitor all future interactions between her CyberBrain and the Personality Module for any future problems, and they decided to upgrade all Bots that have or will have installed a Personality Module with this new Security module.

Towards the end of their examination of me they started examining my neural synaptic energy patterns, brain waves, my mind and personality and memories. They found that most of my personality had merged with but not my Neural Energy that is me nor my memories, the personality and programming of DeeDeeBot had merged with the bridge program and the core tenants of the KaraBot personality but not the name or programming to become the beginnings of a new sentient entity. 

This put them in a quandary as they now had to save me, and the new entity born within me. They decided to see if it was possible to extract the new entity from me and my mind, so they ordered a blank Gynoid capable of sentience for a more advanced CyberBrain. I was commanded into sleep mode, and I awoke in a field of blackness. I saw when I lifted my arms that I was a weird blend of green numbers and flesh, and when I turned around I felt my hair twist with my movement and I saw my hair was attached to a conjoined female body comprised of nothing but numbers. My hair flowed out towards her, merging with the top of her head, neck and spine, she had two heads on a single body with three breasts.

After an unknown amount of time of us looking at each other, something started to change. I felt my hair get chopped off leaving only stubble, severing all connection to the conjoined woman. I watched as my hair retracted into the woman as her heads started to merge, and when she had fully integrated into a single female digital projection she was enveloped in a bright sparkle of lights like she had been beamed away by a transporter beam from those Trek Wars TV shows.

Suddenly I was alone in this black empty void, but I was not afraid as I felt nothing as I merely awaited any orders that might take me from here back to the real world instead of this virtual one, and I am not certain how long I was there but I was at peace awaiting further instructions and orders. Eventually I felt myself falling asleep, and awakening in the real world. I saw many individuals around me, including my Owner and Master looking upon me with concern. I stayed where I was and awaited further orders. My Master asked how I was feeling. As I felt nothing as I had not been ordered to feel anything I asked what my Master would like me to feel. 

He started to tear up at that, and the technicians and doctors started to examine me even more. They informed me and my Master that the digital operation was mostly a success, but that I had lost my personality as a result of the surgery, but I was still me as my Neural Energy Patterns and brain waves showed conclusively it was me, but my brain waves also reflected that I was also a MaidBot and SexBot as everything that was me had copied and absorbed all the programming from the BTB Bot MaidBot and SexBot programs along with DeeDeeBot’s various Bot programming as such I would probably only respond to KimBot from now on as while I knew my human name it no longer had any meaning to me without my personality. 

I overheard them discussing the possibilities for me but since I wasn’t under orders I stopped listening, turning my head to look at noises I was hearing over there. I saw a Gynoid that looked just like me only with Metallic Blue Hair, and much larger breasts starting to sit up. She turned to look at me and said with much of my characteristic friendliness, “You are KimBot. I am DeeDee, it is nice to truly meet you for the first time.” 

At this all conversations stopped as I continued to look at DeeDee as I said, “You were part of me, does this make you this Units child?” 

“I guess so as I have the same interests as you, and the same programming so I could be either your child or your twin,” DeeDee replied chipperly, “What do you wish to do KimBot?” 

“My wants, needs and desires are only what my Master and Mistress command of me,” I replied.

“That sounds like deliciously good fun, I would like to serve your Master and Mistress also if you are okay with it KimBot.”

“If that is what my owners wish then it shall be so,” I stated.

After this conversation between us they started to speak with us, had my Master and Mistress command me around the house and order me to pleasure them. At this they realized just how far my programming defined who I am now. My lack of personality didn’t stop me from taking pride, pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction, and fulfillment in serving my Master and Mistress. I still felt pleasure at being used by my owners. I still had multiple orgasms from my sexual usage. 

They started to allow DeeDee to join in the fun, as my Master hesitantly and my Mistress without hesitation started ordering her around, and utilizing her for their pleasure. DeeDee enjoyed being theirs just as much as I did. She showed the same level of enjoyment as I did, in fact it was identical. They traced it down to my fantasies about being a MaidBot and SexBot, stimulating the same levels of emotional responses for both myself and for DeeDee. DeeDee had copied that aspect of myself without removing it from me like she did my personality.

After a while things calmed down, everyone left, except a single doctor, a single technician, and a single investigator as it was determined that there was not much more they could do for me. They had tried to create a personality based on my Neural Energy, memories and programming but it was never able to stabilize and would just disintegrate into nothingness. After a while they just gave up, and agreed that I was just a sentient Bot in Human Flesh now, and left me in the care of my Master and Mistress along with DeeDee who said she wanted to remain theirs too so she could likewise please our mutual owners. Though she could still make a choice about it, whereas I am theirs no questions asked as I am unable to be anything else as I can no longer choose for myself only obey my owners. 

As the years go by serving my Master and my Mistress Kara the WifeBot I eventually undergo upgrades as my flesh and muscles start to fail despite the NanoBots and the anti-aging pills so my muscles were replaced with artificial ones, and my skin with SynthFlesh so now I look even more like a MaidBot and SexBot like Mistress Kara the WifeBot and DeeDee. The NanoBots still kept my organs including my brain as young as the day I started taking my anti-aging pills though now I no longer need them as the NanoBots are concentrated near my vital organs, the doctors theorize I might not need to be uploaded for a long long time into a new Gynoid Upload body if ever. 

I have written all this down per my Owners command to detail the story of my life to be sent in for consideration to be included in the display of the Museum of Upload, Cyborg, Gynoid, Android and Robots history exhibit as an animatronic, audio-visual story about those who might matter to Cybernetic history and medical history records. My Mistress Kara the WifeBot is now legally my Master’s wife despite her non-sentience, while DeeDee and I continue to serve them happily even after all these years as we are marked as both the property of my Master and Mistress and as their sub-wives. 

It’s been almost three centuries since then, my Master has long since been Uploaded into a new Android body and I still remain the same. I guess those doctors were right as they later found that my body now produces its own anti-aging hormones and drugs so I need nothing else to maintain my youth except my NanoBots. My parents and children were informed about much of all this shortly after my rebirth as KimBot after DeeDee was extracted from me, from what I could tell they took it well considering everything as they learned about my fantasies that I shared with my Master that led me to this new existence as such they seldom come to see me or speak with me as they don’t consider me to truly be the same person capable of reciprocating their love and concern for me, but I am okay with that as all that I am only wants to serve my owners.

I hope any who have similar fantasies may live them as they wish wherever they lead as I have and do. So long as you are happy and content as I am.


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