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Becoming His BBF

by PhoenixianSirenanna

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Storycodes: M/f+; machine; transform; cyborg; sex; orgasm; slave; rom; cons; reluct; X

~Interview with LaraBot from the Cyborg and Upload Rights Archive~

Greetings Human, welcome to my Master and Mistresses home. Yes it seems like just yesterday but it was over two hundred years ago. Why would you want to hear my tale? I’m not special... Well yes I made the history books because of how I twisted the loopholes to fit my circumstances and desires. I and my fellow Gynoid were once human. It was all my fault, but it led to me becoming his Best Bot Forever.

Back then they had just perfected CyberBrains™ and Neural Transfers, but like many Uploads and Cyborgs there were many limitations in place for rights. Those who enrolled to be uploaded but didn’t have the money to pay for it as most health and life insurances refused to cover it so you had to serve at between 15 to 30 years on average with some serving less and some serving for more as a ServiceBot serving their fellow humans in various ways. Though there were some requirements for the poor and lower classes to be able to have access to their own ServiceBots through a Lottery; most were bought and sold by private, corporate and governmental services that had the money. The ServiceBots were a mix of Bots, Noids, Droids, Cyborgs, and Uploads but most of the general public was unaware of the fact that real people as uploads were amongst the ServiceBot’s available. Some who were turned on by being a machine volunteered and others only agreed out of a desperation to live, and that's where my story begins.

My friend Tonya and I had been out at the local college party at the rich kids sorority house, Tonya was wasted and I was only slightly intoxicated as I had only had one beer with water for the rest of the party as I knew I would be driving us home. Ironically it wasn’t being slightly intoxicated that caused the accident, it was being distracted and a distracted driver is dangerous let me tell ya. Tonya told me about this crazy text she had received that I just had to see, so I looked. At the time I couldn’t have said for how long I looked but now I can say with my memory analysis software that it was for 3.7 seconds, just long enough for me to drift into opposing traffic and an oncoming Automated Semi Truck. It honked at me as it was going too fast on the slick raining road to be able to stop in time, I turned to look why I was being honked at and freaked upon seeing myself about to slam into said truck overcorrecting too much back towards our lane and instead crashed through the metal road barricade flying over the embankment into that tree.

I came back to full consciousness to see paramedics trying to free me and Tonya from the car. When the roof came off the looks on their faces told the story more than words could. With the lights in their hands I now had enough light to see that I was pinned in such a way that if I was freed it was obvious that I would bleed out faster then they could save me though they had yet to tell me, and Tonya was in worse but similar shape. Tears started to run down my face as I realized that our lives were over. Then I saw out of the corner of my eyes that someone was attaching wires to Tonya’s head, so I asked what they were doing. They said they had identified her with their records as someone who had signed up for the emergency Neural Transfer to a CyberBrain™ , I turned to look and saw the wire leading to what was an Neural Emergency Storage Brain that looks like a big red Idaho potato with what looks like usb plug in ports. The medical technician saw me looking as he hooked Tonya up for the transfer while the others had been explaining why she was being hooked up. The technician looked to the M.E. present and asked if I was savable or if I should be given the opportunity to be offered the chance of survival via transference. For a brief moment I had hope, then I saw the M.E.’s face, and he told the Technician that if he wanted to offer me a standard contract he would act as the witness.

I looked at the technician, knowing what a standard contract entailed because we had learned about it in our cybernetics class as it was a recent discovery in the field Tonya and I had been studying per our professor had us all write up a report on the legal and ethical consequences of the Uploads having to serve as ServiceBots for a randomly selected amount of time. Tonya saw it as a necessary consequence of survival for those who ordinarily couldn’t afford it, like serving in the peace corps or the military. Whereas I saw it as enforced slavery, a way to keep the poor and lower middle classes in line with a chance at immortality. I also knew there was a fifty/fifty chance that we would be thrown into the lottery for those who couldn’t afford a ServiceBot, and either way the odds of Tonya and I staying together was next to nil. We had been friends since childhood, when we realized we were bisexual as teenagers we became lovers, and we agreed if any man entered into our lives he would have to be with both of us. I couldn’t spend any time away from her, and I knew she wouldn’t want to have to either.

Seeing the look of sympathy and resignation on the technician’s face while he finished the final steps to begin the transfer for Tonya, I gathered all my negotiating skills despite the pain and numbness starting to expand beyond my legs and lower belly. Oh you don’t know what M.E. stands for? I thought you just wanted me to tell my story? Okay sorry, It stands for Medical Examiner. Doesn’t anyone know what that is anymore? No one watches those criminal investigation shows from the early 2000’s or 2010’s that used to be popular, huh?

Anyways as I was saying. After making several arguments with the M.E. and the emergency response legal rights officer on the scene, which was fun, I found I had gained the support of the technician from the very beginning as he had sympathized with my situation and he had more authority than the on the scene legal officer. A modified contract was written up that Tonya and I had to serve together, if one was entered into the lottery then we would be a joint prize for whoever won us, likewise if they planned to sell us into any particular company, individual or organization we had to be a joint package until we had served our time whatever it was determined to be. With that set out, with my one free hand I signed the agreement authorizing my Uploading into a CyberBrain™ with a Gynoid body, detailing the joint package with Tonya (whose thumbprint was added to the document as her authorization from mutual Power of Attorney she and I had agreed to years ago still requires a thumbprint of the one who cannot give their own consent), and then also there was our yet to be determined release from service date that only a Medical Upload Judge could authorize once we were saved via Upload but before we were to be given our new bodies.

Once that was completed I asked what Tonya’s status was. The technician and the M.E. gave me the news that Tonya was in a coma from the accident and even with the Upload successfully completed she showed no signs of regaining awareness even in the N.E.S. Brain. That took me aback, so I asked what her long term prospects were and how her ServiceBot programming would affect her recovery. They looked at each other as they completed the last steps in hooking me up for Uploading into my own N.E.S Brain, the Technician told me that statistically speaking 80 to 88% of all coma patients ultimately recover while under the care of the ServiceBot programs as they were designed for that, but the Medical Examiner told me that her level of coma puts her at a level of risk to fall within the grouping percentages of those who never recover and she will probably end up as some kind of ServiceBot in one way or another unless someone close who possibly has a vested interest in them takes her under their wing to take care of them. At that per my request they added an addendum to my contract that I would be her caretaker for eternity if she never recovered. Signing and initialing that addendum was my last memory as just a couple seconds after they told me that was complete they started the Upload saying, “Initializing upload.” At that I blacked out.

The next moment of awareness I had was a black emptiness with what looked like numbers, lots of ones and zeros floating all around me. It seemed an eternity went by, then another eternity went by as I felt nothing. I floated forever it seemed like, before something felt different. Suddenly I was seeing a bright light that grew bigger as it floated towards me, then it enveloped me. I felt substantial again. I could feel my body, my arms and legs, even my breasts though they felt heavier then I was used to. I was so distracted by the new sensations that it didn’t occur to me why I couldn’t open my eyes or move my limbs. Suddenly I heard a voice speaking, “These are newly acquired, newly built ServiceBots.” “They match the numbers that were drawn correct?” “Yes, these are model numbers SB-11327 and SB-11328. They are a joint package for some reason, but these are the ones drawn.” “Huh, the winner is one lucky guy. So let’s get them loaded up.” Then the black emptiness returned.

I was enveloped by the light again and I felt my body once more. This time I realized I couldn’t open my eyes or move. Then I saw numbers scrolling across my mind's eye, when suddenly I heard myself say, “Activating all segments.” I opened my eyes to see three people standing before me. I didn’t recognize two of them but the third one I recognized. He had gone to the same schools I had, the same community college, and worked for the local retail giant as a cashier. I knew he came from a borderline poor to lower middle class family. Generally he was kind of a loser, he was an artist, a nerd and geek. He had tried to ask me out a couple of times, but I always turned him down. So what was he doing here, I thought, fearing the answer that was obvious. “Wow, they are beautiful. Do they have names or just those number designations,” He asked. “SB-11327 online and awaiting orders,” I found myself saying, just as I heard another voice say, “SB-11328 online and awaiting orders.” Hearing that voice I realized it had to be Tonya’s voice I heard because they were talking about a joint package, then I heard his voice say, “They do look like people I know but so much more beautiful and sexy. Are you sure you can’t tell me if they are Uploads, I would hate to think I was using someone without any choice of their own.” I remember thinking, ‘Ugh, still the chivalrous romantic idiot are we Adrian?’ In fact from now on as I tell my tale, I will do it as I was experiencing it and what I was thinking at the time to save you any confusion is that okay? Yes excellent, thank you, now where was I? Oh, yes.

“Sorry sir, rules are rules. It’s part of the guaranteed privacy and anonymity for the Service Bots Corps, so any Upload can serve their time without anyone the wiser to their true identities so they can live the rest of their lives in peace. That’s why no one is allowed to know if their Service Bot is a simple Bot, Noid, or Droid or if they are an Upload or Cyborg. It’s also why during their service they have no voices beyond the generic sexy female voice all female Service Bots have so their owners never hear their real voice so they could never track them down via the voice. Anyways, as the winner of the lottery they are all yours for the next fifty five years per the Lottery Judge’s decision for the duration of your winnings.” The other tech who I hadn’t seen before now but heard spoke the same words he said earlier, but now to Adrian, “You are one lucky guy you know that sir?” “I don’t know about that,” Adrian was saying, “but at least the costs of the charging and other maintenance is covered for me for the duration of them being mine otherwise I’d be even more in the poor house.”

“Do you want to name them or keep their current designations?” the first tech asked. I didn’t want a different name but I guessed I wouldn’t get a choice. “Well,” he said looking directly at me, “this one looks like my old crush Lara, but I doubt she would like a Service Bot named after her.. Hmmm, how about LaraBot as a fusion of her name with a robotic term for this Gynoid’s name. And for her friend how about, well she seems like she is either a Victoria or Tonya or Veronica. Maybe a Natasha? Um, Let’s go with Tonya. Yeah her name is Tonya.” Seriously LaraBot, how unoriginal and geeky? At least he was able to give a name to Tonya that matches her real one.

Suddenly I found myself acknowledging the name change, then Tonya after me. Next they had us look intently into his eyes to imprint on his retinal patterns for his eyes, then his hands for his finger and palm prints, finally they insisted on voice recognition and a final and embarrassing one. They said he had to have sex with us in any way and cum inside us to finish the genetic imprint at which he blushed, and they pointed him to a room on the other side of a simple red door with a lock. They told him that he had till tomorrow to complete that, and that the room had been fully sanitized since the last winner used it as they do have to maintain hospital level decontamination after each imprint.

Reluctantly he ordered us to follow him inside. After sitting on the bed he just stared at us for hours, then while looking at me he ordered Tonya to give him a blowjob and swallow him down. It was an efficient and emotionless blowjob but she got him off very quickly in less then a couple minutes and swallowed his load without reaction. “Imprint complete, please complete remaining registration,” I witnessed Tonya saying. Adrian actually had the gaul to apologize to her saying it was his first time, what a loser. He did start the registration process for his personal information, and preferences. He then turned his attention to me, “I swear that is you Lara. Were you the one in the news in the accident a couple weeks ago? I guess you cannot tell me if you were. I know that you can’t say one way or another, but when I look at you I swear I can feel contempt radiating out from you, but at the same time you look like an emotionless Service Bot just like Tonya here. I think Tonya is just some random Noid like the guy said, as when I look at her I feel nothing. I mean it seems as if there’s no one truly home in there, but I look at you LaraBot and I swear I can see someone thinking and feeling. Sigh, I guess I’ll never know for sure, but if you are in there Lara I promise to make your time with me as pleasurable and painless as possible. I suppose you want to see yourself, so you know how even more beautiful than before you’ve become. Come over here and turn this way and look at your reflection in the mirror.”

I obeyed his command and walked closer to him then turned to look at my reflection, and he was right. I had become even more beautiful, I mean I was a looker before but whoever built my body improved the quality of my beautiful face. I mean you could still tell it was me from my face but it was even more so. You would almost think I was my own beautiful older near identical sister who got even more of the looks then I had. My breasts were three times bigger than before, and my butt had just a little bit more bubblidge than before but not overly so. I kinda looked like an erotic parody of what I was before, almost like that video game character that was so popular for the last twenty years. Tonya standing next to me by contrast had a very sexy face to begin with so nothing was changed there, but she too had bigger breasts and a bubblier butt. How had I not noticed before?

“LaraBot, dance for me please and as you dance I want you to get aroused so that you can enjoy the imprinting and registration process,” he commanded me. Just like that I started dancing for him in all my naked glory. To my surprise I started to get turned on, then increasingly horny, before I knew it I was a sexual dynamo needing release but all I could do was dance. I don’t think I had any expression on my face because he asked how aroused I was with curious confusion. I told him, so he ordered me to express on my face my feelings but to remain silent as he didn’t want anyone to overhear them. Suddenly I felt my face become very animated, no doubt expressing my animal heat and need, I didn’t see my face that first time but if it was anything like those other times then I didn’t miss anything.

After about twenty minutes of dancing, he was very obviously aroused and in my heat I found myself wishing he would quench my need. He told me to stop dancing and lay down on the bed. Before he mounted me he commanded me to orgasm the instant he entered me, to have a series of orgasms as he had sex with me, and to have the biggest climax I was capable of when he climaxed inside me to complete the imprinting. Oh boy, let me tell you that was an experience to remember. He liked my reactions so much that when he set my preferences regarding sex he ordered that to be a standard reaction for all sexual encounters. Ironically he didn’t specify, and I couldn’t tell him, that the command meant that I would have that pleasure whether I was giving him a blowjob or vaginal or anal sex, but being a machine now I still had no issues swallowing his climaxes even in the throes of my own.

Eventually he updated Tonya’s settings to be the same but that would be another eleven months before he decided to give her similar settings as he eventually got weirded out by her lack of reactions or responses. For the next twenty years mine and Tonya’s life consisted of doing all the things he couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t do like dusting, scrub cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, doing the dishes, and putting away clothes. He preferred to do his own cooking, the laundry, empty the cat litter box and take out the trash and recycling himself using latex gloves. I found out he was a germaphobe with some obsessive compulsive needs so that is why everything worked out like that. He continued to use Tonya and I for his pleasure, though he usually insisted on me sharing his bed at night. With the charging schedules of once every three days this usually worked out.

To make all the cleaning and other chores easier for me so he said; he told me to take great pleasure, happiness, pride and joy in serving him, and to have a sense of fulfillment in being of service to him. After that whatever disgust I felt at being his slave was outweighed by all my other feelings towards serving him, and the pleasure from all the orgasms during any kind of sex. Eventually I stopped feeling any disgust, or contempt for him. I just felt what I had been ordered to feel. It wasn’t even a year before that transition happened. What still bewildered me was that he confided in me and Tonya, he talked to us even knowing our responses as Service Bots were limited, even knowing we might one day be free and know all his secrets. It didn’t happen often but there were tales of some Uploads who were rumored to have anonymously blackmailed their previous owners, but I didn’t think I would as I found it was really different to be talked to then about. I was used to being the center of attention now the only attention I got was from one man, a man I used to look down upon yet he continued to make sure to treat us as if we were potentially real people beneath our Gynoid shells.

I felt as if I had always underestimated him, he really cared about others, and about us so I started to feel inadequate, and unworthy of him. So after twenty years when he met a beautiful young woman in her late twenties about twelve years younger than him, I admit I got super jealous which surprised me as I didn’t think that I loved him. She was okay with his owning Service Bots, they went out for almost eight months before they got intimate, having sex in his bed as Tonya and I stood across the room charging wide awake as he had forgotten to command us into sleep mode to speed up our charge cycle. I admit that night I went to a dark place in my mind's eye. Over the next couple months they became more involved as I cried to myself inside, until one day they decided she would move in with him.

To celebrate they decided that Tonya and I should get involved, it was a horrible mix of feelings as Adrian ordered me to have as much and as many orgasms with her as with him, and to enjoy all the same feelings of service to her that I already felt for him. Once again I started to fall in line with my new feelings over the next month until I felt for her exactly as I felt for him. They got married and I was his Service Bot of Honor, and Tonya was her Service Bot of Honor. I continued to serve them both continuing to please my Master Adrian with oral, vaginal, and anal sex with his use of my Gynoid body. I also got to service my new Mistress Rachel Zarine Alba with much sixty-nining, scissoring, grinding, and oral sex with my Mistress. Eventually Adrian and Rachel started to have a family, and within seven years they had four kids. Tonya and I became NannyBots for their kids helping them deal with diaper changes, and getting the kids to eat and sleep.

Life during these eight years was good, when tragedy struck our Mistress Rachel. In a twist of fate she was killed in a car accident when an automated semi-truck had a CPU failure going off road across the lanes colliding with her car. She was killed instantly with no chance for emergency services to save her via Upload; leaving my Master Adrian and his children without a wife and mother. My heart too felt an empty void but I was the Service Bot so I let my programming guide me through my grief, as I still had Tonya and my Master. Though we were limited by our Service Bot programming we filled the void as best we could for them. Our Master continued to talk and confide in us, but now he needed a shoulder to cry on, someone to hold and cuddle and not just to satisfy his sexual needs though he still did that from time to time. In that moment I think he thought of us as his only remaining partners.

Twenty years later the last of the kids left for college, leaving Master Adrian and us alone in his home. Our Master had been taking the formula to slow his aging down that a company had discovered in their cleaning solution used for their Bots so he still looked like he was in late thirties or very early forties. For those years we served our beloved, as his children were busy with their lives so they only stopped by once or twice a month each per kid. So there was lots of time to please and serve Master Adrian just the two of us with him in his home. As the time got closer and closer to our eventual release into freedom I found myself becoming depressed, as the law stated Uploads were not to associate with their owners after their term of service ended. I attended the weddings of my Master’s children, helped him babysit his first grandchildren with Tonya’s assistance. This was my family I felt and I didn’t look forward to being separated from them all.

Then the day arrived, the Service Bots release techs arrived to take Tonya and I away from our Beloved Owner and Master whom I could see a profound sadness in his eyes as we were forced to leave. We didn’t have a choice. I walked out the door and got onto the truck, was locked into place and deactivated. Once more for the first time in fifty five years I was in the Black Emptiness with the green ones and zeroes. Then once more I was enveloped by a bright light, before I awoke on a hospital bed with a technician and a doctor present. They told me that my years of service were over, and that I was free to do as I wished within the limits of the law. I immediately asked where Tonya was, and they gave each other a shaded look before speaking to me. They told me that she never recovered, and was still in a coma. All that was inside her was her Service Bot personality with Tonya’s memories as Tonya’s mind was still non responsive. I reminded them of my contract of how Tonya would be my responsibility, and they countered saying the laws had changed, that two care-providers were needed now not just one so I didn’t qualify to care for her. That she would be placed into an Upload care facility where she could continue to serve while being monitored.

Pissed off beyond belief, I decided to defy the law, so I contacted my Beloved Owner Adrian as I still remembered all his contact and address information. To say he was surprised, and dare I hope happy to hear from me? I told him who I was, confirming his theory about me, and I told him about Tonya and her medical dilemma. He became somber and serious upon hearing about what was to happen to Tonya, and how the Service Bot Corps were violating my contract. He told me to hold tight and ended the call. At that little informative feedback I started to worry if he planned on helping me, but I didn’t have to worry long as within an hour a pair of lawyers walked into the Corps Clinic. They had a legal stop order for Tonya’s transfer to the Care Facility, and for her and I to stay at a local hotel. They stayed with us at the hotel as they briefed me on the case that had been pushed to the forefront of the judicial docket due to the circumstances by both the Service Bots Corps, and by my new attorneys.

On Monday morning the next week my Adrian came to the hotel, and said he was there for us just as we had been there for him. At that I ran over and hugged him saying, “Oh Master, thank you so much for being here for me.” He looked me in the eyes and said simply one word, “Always.” Upon hearing him say that, I orgasmed right there in his arms. The attorneys looked a little awkward but they got us back on task. We went into the courtroom later that morning and the battle was on. They tried to discredit me by pointing out that I had violated the law by contacting my former owner, we countered by pointing out that they had violated my contract so it was only then that I contacted Adrian as I knew he had some family and friends in the legal community. This went on for weeks, until an impasse was hit. The one where it would take just one thing for everything to either go so very right, or so very wrong. In the end it was the judge who made a decision that changed the course of Upload, and Cyborg rights forever but there was a price.

The Judge agreed that my contract had guaranteed that Tonya would be in my care if she never recovered, that the laws regarding Uploads who would never recover had changed, that I had violated the no contacting my previous owner laws and regulations, and that Tonya had more rights then to just be a Service Bot in a care facility for the rest of her existence. He said before he would rule he wanted me to tell him how I felt about my time as a Service Bot, so with reluctance on my part but upon seeing the support and encouragement from Adrian I told them my story. He then asked if I would be willing to be his Service Bot for the rest of his life, embarrassedly I said that I would. He nodded to himself at that, saying that I had confirmed something for him. So he made the ruling that Tonya would be placed into the care of myself and our Master Adrian as our Service Bot but with her own voice, and that I would also become my Master Adrian’s Service Bot once more if he was willing to accept us. Also that I would have my own voice and personality as a Service Bot instead of a limited Noid, but I would be open to his commands and control just like before. So he told me to ask Adrian if he would accept ownership over me, but before I did that I asked for an addendum, that no matter what changes to the law I would always be Adrian’s personal Service Bot forever, and if Tonya still never recovered that she would serve with me.

The Judge agreed to those terms, so I turned to my beloved Adrian and said, “Please keep me as your Service Bot Forever Adrian, let me be yours to command and use as you see fit.” “I accept you as my Service Bot known as LaraBot now and forever, to command and use as I see fit. You shall be my companion and pleasure unit, more than a friend or wife you shall be my Best Bot Forever,” He said.

With that the Judge proclaimed the case closed. Tonya and I were escorted by Judicial authorities as well as our once and future Master, and our attorneys to another room. Once in the room Judicial Techs and an independent review Tech who answered to an independent review of all cases worked with the Service Bot Corps Techs who first went to Tonya and updated her programming to utilize her voice and not that of the generic Service Bot. After they finished they came over to me, I looked at Adrian one last time as a free woman with an excited smile and said, “I’m all yours Master.” Then once more I was in the Black Emptiness with ones and zeroes, but now the the green ones and zeros were entering into me becoming part of me while other parts of my sense of self also expanded outward absorbing some of the free floating numbers soon there were no more numbers anywhere just the black emptiness and I felt massive. Not fat just like I had suddenly expanded in height as my arms, legs, torso, head and neck in an infinite number of directions like I had grown thousands of feet tall but more so.

I saw the envelope of light approaching and I knew everything was different before I even knew how I knew that. When I awoke I was aware of every nanosecond of programmed responses, and activity within my body. I realized that those numbers were the Service Bot programming becoming one with me and I with it, as I was truly LaraBot now down to my deepest Gynoid core. There was no barrier between me and my programming like before as we had become one. I opened my eyes to see my Beloved Master Adrian staring into my eyes with concern. In the nanosecond of awakening I felt a need to acknowledge my Master but it wasn’t just a generic standardized response of a Service Bot but came from the new entity of a Service Bot I had become and with my own voice too, “Greetings my Beloved Owner and Master Adrian, your LaraBot is ready to serve.”

He asked if it was really me, and I responded that it was me and so much more. When he got a confused look on his face the techs explained how they had integrated the programming with me instead of instituting a barrier between my programming and my core mind like they normally do for a Service Bot. I was the Service Bot, and the Service Bot was me as we were now truly one. This was what she had wanted after all, what she had agreed to as the price for violating the law while still ensuring her friend Tonya remained with her forever unless Tonya recovered enough to make her own choices once more. It was a compromise they said that had been agreed upon. I looked at my beloved once and future Master and said, “Let's proceed with the registration process so that we can go into the imprinting room as soon as possible Master so you can set your preferences for me so that I can be your happy little Bot Forever. I even have a few suggestions.”

He proceeded to complete the ownership registration process for Tonya and I, then he wasted no time in taking us into the other room they had set aside for this, and completed the imprinting. He set his preferences as to the same as before, including all the feelings and orgasm settings he had set previously on his own now at my suggestion, and he made some additional settings of his own and some of my suggestions as well. He even took my suggestion of trying to have the Service Bot that Tonya was to create a personality simulation based on Tonya’s Upload files. Which worked out well, and the simulated personality enjoyed per his preferences and settings being his to command and use for his enjoyment. Happily enough this idea for a personality simulation had been my idea in the hopes it would help her recover, and it would be two hundred years later when she would start to awaken. By then Adrian had Uploaded himself, and he has continued to be my Master ever since.

Oh, you're wondering why my Beloved Master didn’t have to serve in the Service Bots Corps. Well it is written right in the bylaws from those days, that those who own Service Bots are ineligible for service in the Corps so when his body started to fail he was allowed to be Uploaded at no charge to him with no terms of service required as he had Tonya and I to care for and own. When Tonya began to become aware again over the course of the last twenty years she awoke to find herself a Service Bot with a simulation of herself serving her owner which she said surprised her as she expected a separation between her Service Bot Identity and herself. She enjoyed those years but when she went in for her last check up they detected her awareness for the first time in centuries so they went and deactivated her Service Bot programming and she learned about the last two hundred years of hers and mines existence. She was shocked and saddened to learn what I had become to protect her, but it eased her mind to know that I was happy as Master Adrian’s Service Bot forever.

To my surprise and sadness she left to try and live a life of her own separate from my Master and I. For fifteen years it was just me and Master, but there was now a part of me that felt empty without her. After all I had done everything for her and for my Beloved Master, and she felt no more obligation to remain with me. Apparently her promise and pledge hadn’t meant as much to her as it did to me. Don’t get me wrong I was still happy with Master, serving and pleasing him was always good, as he gave me purpose, and I love him but I also loved Tonya and she left. So I became afraid that one day my Master would also leave me, but he never did and he always went out of his way to make sure I knew he would be my owner forever. Eventually the hole in my heart was filled by my Master. Though it took much, much longer then the one from Mistress Rachel’s death.

It was my court case, and Tonya’s awakening that changed everything. People started talking in the century and a half aftermath of the trial, and how I had to become Master’s forever. Then the firestorm hit the fan when word leaked out of how Tonya had left us fifteen years earlier, and My Master suspects it was the independent tech or one of the Judicial techs. I however have a different theory, I think it was the Judge. He just became an Upload five years ago, but he could afford it. I think he was thinking of the ramifications of his decision back then compared to the long term outcome of Tonya’s awakening and how it had permanently impacted me. The media has it own theory, which a lot of people are dismissive of as the other two options and a couple others sound much juicier to people and that is that the administrator or one of the employees working for the National Service Bots Corps leaked the news of Tonya’s awakening and departure from our lives. Whatever the truth is, that’s why the laws were changed. My story for the most part I like to think, and the stories of others triggered the change in the laws for the rights of Uploads and Cyborgs.

Oh, what’s been happening in my Service Bot life recently? Well my Beloved Owner and Master has met a nice beautiful woman named Marina, and she’s an Upload, but she never had to serve in the Corps. Her career as a Mech Tech meant she qualified with her insurance for a free Upload whenever she was in danger of dying. She doesn’t talk much about those years though she has admitted to working for several companies that she never names, she says it brings back too many terrible memories to think about unless she absolutely has to, and who can blame her. Also she has just started being my Mistress. It is so nice to have a Mistress to serve again. She makes Master so happy, so I am happy. As the Service Bot I am, I continue to be of Service as a MaidBot, a SexBot, and any other kind of Bot that might be of service to my owner. Though the sexual service to my Beloved Owner and Master, and to my Mistress fulfills me like nothing else does. Do you have any other questions? No, okay, well thank you for stopping by, I must complete the days cleaning after all. I hope that I have given you all you need. (sound of door shutting after the sounds of feet walking across a floor)

~Interview End~


For the record, this interview was conducted over 25 years ago. Adrian and his LaraBot are still together, with Marina as LaraBot’s new Mistress and wife to Adrian for the last fifteen years. Tonya lives a secluded life on the Moon with her very own Harem of “retired” Non Sentient Android and Gynoid Service Bots better known as Droids and Noids, and has thus far refused to be interviewed. LaraBot is still registered as a Service Bot, but she is also legally registered as a sentient Upload. Both Tonya, and especially LaraBot are still regarded as important to the legal legitimization of rights to all Uploads and Cyborgs, and a little towards artificials save for the non-sentient Automata, Bots, Droids, and Noids who are not sentient nor aware. No Uploads serve anymore in the Service Bots Corps unless they pay for it as a vacation for whatever set period of time they pay for. The best current estimates are that only about five percent of all Service Bots are Vacationers paying to be able to serve for some designated period of time but never more than three months maximum per year.

~End Entry~


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