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Basement Junk

by MaidToWrite

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Storycodes: Solo-F; discovery; box; fembot; shock; Fembot/f; capture; insert; encase; program; control; transform; F2fembot; nc; X

Rachel was searching through the basement of her new home for anything the old owner could have left behind. She found a box, about her height, amongst a pile of rubbish. The label on it had been scratched off mostly; she could only just make out the words "MA10".

She opened up the box, and flinched back, clutching her chest in surprise. Inside was silver Fembot. Rachel had heard of such robots, but never seen one herself. She ran her hand against the Fembots cheek, it remained in a cold dead-like state. The Fembots green eyes seemed to stare aimlessly at Rachel when they locked eyes. The girl was disturbed, and shut the box.

That evening, Rachel had gone upstairs for her nightly shower before bed. From the basement in its box, the Fembots green eyes flickered back to life, powering itself back up. It burst through the box looking around it. It heard the sound of Rachel's singing, and walked up the stairs to her, it's metallic high heels stamping against the ground.

Rachel heard the sound of footsteps faintly coming up her stairs, her heart began to race. She stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her naked form.

The Fembot approached the bathroom, closer and closer. It opened the door slowly. Rachel screamed and fell back. The Fembot stepped into the doorway, covering it and blocking Rachel in. It extended one of its metallic arms and ripped the towel from Rachel. It froze, beginning to scan the naked girl.

Rachel panted faster and faster. She covered herself with her arms in a futile attempt. The Fembot hissed, as its body plates began to move, and it opened up, to reveal it was in fact a Fembot Suit!

Tiny robotic arms emerged from inside the suit and grabbed Rachel by the ankles. The arms crossed over, and flipped the girl around so she had her back to the suit. Two more arms grabbed her by the wrists and began to pull her closer to the suit, which was now open fully to receive her.

"Stop! Let me go! Nooo!" Rachel screamed as she saw herself from the bathroom mirror be pulled into the suit.

Her feet slotted in to the open high heeled boots, the back of her legs pressed up against the metal plates, her spine forced into the cushioned robotic torso, her head being forced into the robotic skull, where tiny razors began to shave her head and toss out the strands.

"Let me go! Please! Oww!" Rachel screamed even louder as wires began to plug into her all over her body, mostly at her head and neck.

"I'm not a robot! I'm a human! Noo-hmmgh!" Rachel's screams became muffled as the robotic suit slowly closed up sealing her in permanently.

The Fembot began to send data through the wires into Rachel's brain, programming her, and taking full control.

"Upgrade successful, free will destroyed." Spoke the Fembot Rachel, she turned and stepped out of the bathroom, her transformation complete.


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